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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 17, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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at any minute president trump is expected to make comments about his controversial news conference in helsinki. we will air those comments live in a special abc news report. president trump is back in washington and facing growing outrage across the political spectrum for not forcefully confronting russian president vladimir putin on election meddling. as abc news reporter maggie ruly is telling us some lawmakers are calling it bizarre and a disgrace, one even accusing the president of treason. >> reporter: after a press conference that stunned the world president trump was
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welcomed home to protests. near universal shock from politicians to the this moment, the president seeming to side with russian president vladimir putin over the findings of his own intelligence community. >> president putin denied having anything to do with the election interference in 2016. every u.s. intelligence agency has concluded russia did. who do you believe? >> dan coats came to me and others and said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> reporter: the president doubling down on fox news. >> we get questions on the witch hunt. and i don't think the people out in the country buy it. >> reporter: the criticism pouring in from democrats. >> yesterday's summit was one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory.
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>> reporter: to fellow republicans. >> that was just a shameful performance. it really was. >> reporter: and on fox news. >> that's what made his performance, disgusting. it's not a right or left thing. it's wrong. >> reporter: as for the president, he's taken to twitter to praise the one politician who came to his defense, senator rand paul who calls the blow back trump derangement syndrome from the left. saying that russia interfered in the 2016 election and that their attacks are ongoing and continue even today. abc news, new york. developing news in the south bay. a world renowned restaurant is closed after a late night fire damaged the building, and this isn't the first time. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the restaurant. >> reporter: hi, yeah, you had crews here all moorning long cleaning up here. this is discouraging for them.
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the fire causing damage and the restaurant closed indefinitely. one of just 13 three-star restaurants in the united states. unfortunately, it appears no gourmet meals will be served here for a while. mark was walking down when he saw the flames around 9:00 last night. >> it was roaring and so my wife and her friend kim ran to the fire department and ran in and notified them it was on fire. >> got here. they saw the exterior wall of the restaurant and the adjoining fence on fire. we were able to knock down the fire in about 15 minutes. >> reporter: it shows the flames on the outside. firefighters say there's some damage to the roof and inside the restaurant. >> the scene has been released back to the owner. you're going to see crews out here cleaning up very quickly. again, the goal is to get the business back open as soon as possible. >> reporter: this is not the first time it's been damaged by a fire. it was closed for several months
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in 2014 after it was hit by the cause of this fire is under investigation, but it did start in the same place as it did four years ago. >> i'm sure it'll be similarly disappointing for people with reservations now because people come from all over the world. >> reporter: the executive chef david kent released a statement saying the restaurant is currently closed and they'll provide updates as they become available. developing news this morning from truckee, one person is dead after a single engine plane crash. the faa says three people were onboard the plane when it crashed on the west side of the highway near 267 shortly after 7:40 this morning. the pilot reported engine problems and was trying to return to the truckee airport. one person was killed and the other two were taken to the as
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share driver and sexually assaulting several women is due in court. 36-year-old orlando was arrested last week. police say he posed as a ride share driver, picked his victims up, drove them to another location and raped them. he's here illegally. it released a statement slamming sanctuary city policy saying in part, the jail not only provides a refuge for illegal aliens, but it also shields criminal aliens who prey on people in the community. new at 11:00 local gun activists have gathered calling for change. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, alexis. the campaign to prevent gun violence often speaks at the cal palace board meetings. today these activists are trying
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to make a link between the las vegas shooter and gun shows and the possibility that someone could do this here. here's a look at that board. this board will not be taking action anytime soon. the cow palace is under construct through 2018 to host seven more gun shows. the las gaer was accused of being illegal bullets at the gun show from a vendor connected to the operator of gun shows at the cow palace. so they're asking what if this happened here? the ceo of the cow palace briefed the board on all they do to be safe. >> we want to ask the board, you know this same thing could happen here. how would you have felt if you learned that the federal indictment against the same person had happened from a connection made at the cow palace rather than in phoenix or las vegas? >> we always have a doj person
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here under cover, so they're either roaming the parking lot, roaming the event, inside in the rest rooms, you know, around the grounds. that's in addition to our police department that we have here. >> reporter: there is a bill in the state legislator to ban gun shows at the cow palace, a state owned property. it is making progress in sacramento. but if it passes it wouldn't go into effect until after the cow palace honors the contract that it has to hold seven more shows here. so this board isn't discussing a stance at this point instead taking the wait and see approach. watching that bill to see whether it will pass, if it becomes law and says no gun shows will be allowed here anymore. thanks, amy. a speeding big rig caused a headache.
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the truck was loaded a 80,000 pounds of lettuce when it overturned last night. the weight of the lettuce is what made it difficult to operate that truck. and one tow truck actually broke during that operation. the driver was not hurt but the ramp was closed for nearly nine hours. the santa clara county sheriff's office wants to find this guy. this is the sketch of a man who apparently hit someone with a car during a fight over parking. the sheriff's office says the victim was trying to keep this man from parking on sierra road. the two of them got into a fight and the man ended up hitting the person with a 2007 corolla. the man told investigators the car was gray or silver. happening today, tour buses could officially be banned outside the full house house in san francisco prch the sfa board of directors will decide whether to ban the wouldmpact
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commercial vehicles with nine or more seats. more and more people have been visiting the house since fuller house debuted ago. the city council voted unanimously late yesterday for the cannabis business tax on the ballot. the tax could generate more than $2 million in revenue annually for the city. recreational cannabis is not yet legal in santa clara. california lawmakers want answers about the wait times you experience at the dmv. the state approved they combined a $69 million so the dmv could hire more employees this year and last year. but despite more staff the lines are still long. now requesting a formal audit into the how the agency is spending had money, that will happen when he appears before
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the joint legislative audit committee next month. new this morning in san francisco voters will decide whether to tax businesses to help the homeless. a measure on the november ballot would add an average revenue. that's double what the city spends right now on homelessness. that money would be spent on more shelter beds and housing for the homeless. and confirmed supporters have enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot. former president obama just gave his first major speech since leaving office. the thinly veiled jab to be taking at president trump. and opening fire through his wilgs and thelehing recorded on his body camera. it was a cloudy start to our tuesday morning but
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an intense shootout between las vegas police and two murder suspects ends with one suspect dead and the other in custody. yesterday police released this body cam footage of that chase which happened on wednesday. they say the suspects fired at officers 34 times forcing one officer to return fire through his own windshield. >> when you look at this video it paints a clear picture of what those officers were dealing with that day.
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the officer could have backed off, but he didn't. he stuck with that individual knowing what type of individual he was dealing with. >> the suspects crashed their car and then tried to reverse towards the officers. police shot and killed the driver. the other suspect ran to a nearby elementary school where he was eventually caught and arrested. former president barack obama went on the offensive today against president trump without mentioning him by name. obama spoke in johannesburg at an annual event honoring nelson mandela at what would have been his 100th birthday and took a playful jab of politics and what he called the objective truth. >> people just make stuff up. they just make stuff up. we see the utter loss of shame among political leaders where they're caught in the lie and they just double down and lie some more. >> the former president issued
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warnings against some of mr. trump's key policies including protectionism, climate change denial and closed borders. but he also tried to paint a brighter picture of the future. >> i believe we have no choice but to move forward, that those of us who believe in democracy and civil rights and the common humanity have a better story to tell. and i believe this not just based on sentiment. i believe it based on hard evidence. >> mr. obama also tried to reassure the audience by saying that the world has seen darker times. california senator ckamala harris will publish a book next year. it will publish the truth behold, an american journey in january 2019. the memoir will touch on the senator's upbringing in oakland and touch on many principles and the question on will she run in
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2020. and she says he's focus ogon current issues and not thinking about the 2020 race. all right, is the bread in your kitchen past its sell by date, if it is it's not as old. researchers believe the remains were baked 14,400 years ago. in fact, experts say it's the oldest direct evidence of bread. well, it's the video you expect to see on a big screen blockbuster but it happened in real life. a sightseeing tour in hawaii that turned dangerous when molten lava went shooting into the air. and we are tracking sunnier skies in the afternoon. a
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we have an update to that developing news out of truckee. two people are now dead after a single engine plane crash. the faa says three people were onboard the plane when it crashed othen west side of highway 267 near mercer flats and helped before 7:30 this morning. the pilot reported engine problems and was trying to return to the truckee airport when that happened. one person is in the hospital. as we said earlier the faa and mtsb have now launched an investigation. scary. this is new video of the moment a lava bomb hit a tour boat off the coast of hawaii's big island. nearly two dozen people viewing
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the lava flow were hurt. the lava ball punched a hole right through the boat roof. one suffered a broken leg and the others suffered minor injuries including steam burns. hawaii's kilauea volcano erupted early may and as of sunday eruptions were still happening. and sunshine is prevailing after some morning cloud. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now showing you that coastal cloud cover still in full effect and satellite ati will show you that cloud cover, that gray shading you see on your screen has been compressing and moving back to the coastline. a picture outside, pier 15 right now showing you decreasing clouds, increasing sunshine. san jose a live look right now at the shark tank. you've seen the sunshine much quicker this morning and that means temperatures in the south
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bay already into the 70s. right now at 71 in an jose. where we've had that sunshine from the get go brentwood already at 90 degrees. 60 right now in san francisco with clearing skies, and santa rosa right now coming in with a temperature of 64 degrees. so highs on your tuesday and microclimates, start in the south bay. it'll be a warm afternoon. a lot of sunshine, 87 for santa clara. morgan hill it will be hot at 94 degrees. palo alto, a lot of sunshine this afternoon. but the cloud will hang close to the coast, so half moon bay partly sunny, cooler at 65 degrees. downtown san francisco on our way to 69 today. it will be breezy and cooler too. a temperature of 65 later on today. into the north bay 90, nevada. look at lake port. into the east bay today a lot of sunshine, a beautiful looking afternoon.
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76 in oakland, about 82 for union city. and inland we're going into the 90s later today. 96 the high in brentwood, 92 in san ramon and pleasanton, 94 degrees. look at the heat increasing across much of california. you can see later today fresno and the central valley will be baking at 107 and even reading close to 110 degrees later this afternoon. mid-50s close to the water tonight. our warmest spot inland will hold into the lower 6 as we get into wednesday. today we have that afternoon sunshine. it will be hot inland. tomorrow a few degrees warmer, near upper 90s inland. but by thursday and friday we'll be increasing the humidity, so o we'll feel muggy, too. it's going to be a really nice afternoon out there.
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>> okay, perfect. and not nearly as hothe rest of the state, right? okay, thanks so much, drew. and hopefully you have not maxed out your credit card, my friends, because amazon prime day is still under way. but it got off to a rocky start. the site temporarily crashed yesterday just as the sale began. some shoppers were met with these images of dogs and error images. but amazon is already breaking records. it says customers ordered more items in the first ten hours of prime day than they did last year. top sellers include the amazon echo, kindle and fire tablets. >> plus this old favorite the insta pot seven in one programmable pressure cooker. it can slow cook, steam, saute and even makes yogurt and it's 40% off. >> it's on sale for $58.99.
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okay, it is world emoji day and that means there are cool new images to text your friends. we will have a
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in case you didn't know today is world emoji day. apple's new additions include super heroes and lobsters.
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there's also a lot of ra v v variations and also there's food emojis including a mango, a cupcake and some lettuce. so what's your favorite emoji, drew? >> my most right now is the guy doing the face palm, a lot of that and a lot of hahas, like the crying eyes. >> we can talk about emojis all c day, but from all of us here, thank you for joining us. we will break in with an abc news special report as soon as that happens. and leave you now with a
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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>> coming to you from caesar's entertainment studios, it's celebrity week las vegas. today, magician piff the magic dragon from the flamingo las vegas is going to use all his powers to try to win $1 million for charity. let's see if he can do it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hi, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to go? [cheers and applause] today's celebrity contestant is a proud loser... of "america's got talent," and now performs in vegas at the flamingo from las vegas, nevada, piff the magic dragon. [cheers and applause] >> wow. >> that's just what it says. i was just reading what it-- >> i've been here 3 minutes, and, like, "loser" already.


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