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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 20, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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will be a duck that has capsized. >> taken inside another duck boat out on the lake at the same time. the waves violently rocking the people inside, the wind whipping around at 60 miles an hour. that group made it back to shore. but the other duck boat capsized with 31 people on board. killing 17, including children. the captain made it out alive. >> myself and the first lady, our thoughts and prayers right now with these family members. >> when the boat capsized a thunderstorm warning was in effect. and witnesses say the severe weather was strong and swift. >> debris was flying everywhere, and just the waves were really rough. >> reporter: the company that owns the buck dote ride, a popular tourist attraction that takes passengers on land and water says its had an impeccable safety record during 47 years of operation, telling abc news this incident has deeply affected all of us. we will continue to do all we can to assist the families
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involved and the authorities as they continue the search and rescue. the ntsb and coast guard are on the scene investigating. >> we'll do everything within my powers to make sure they all have the resources they need to come to a conclusion on this incident. >> reporter: and the boat sank after it capsized last night. the sheriff here told me that they plan to pull it out of the water sometime early next week. larry and ama? >> emily, what else have we learned about the victims? what more do we know? >> reporter: well, again, 31 people total on board. 17 of those 31 had died. we also know six people are still in the hospital. today the governor of missouri, mike parson, was in town here, in branson and spent a lot of time at the hospital visiting with the families of all 31 of these families now affected. >> all right, emily, live in missouri, thank you. the incident in missouri is similar to one in arkansas back in 1999, a duck boat sank on a lake in hot springs, and 13 people, including three
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children, died. investigators say the passengers got trapped by the roof. five people died in '69, others injured when a duck boat collided with a bus in seattle in 2015. an axle on the boat broke, causing the driver to lose control and hit the bus. in 2010, two people died when a barge hit a duck boat on the delaware river in philadelphia. the pilot of the tug boat pulling the barge admitted to being distracted by his cell phone and laptop prior to the collision. and duck boat stopped operating in san francisco bay in 2015, operators say the city made it difficult for them to do business. there was a minor incident here in 2013 when a duck boat caught fire. no one was hurt in that incident. a crash involving a big rig on highway 92 at sky lawn, a huge delay for drivers, they were parked dead stop for more than an hour in both directions. >> matt kelly was there at the height of the ordeal. >> reporter: almost made ita
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afc s not done with you just yet. >> i'll have to be positive. i'll get to work. >> this morning drivers on highway 92 west of 280 were literally parked on the road in both directions. the chp says about 4:45 a.m. a pickup truck crashed into a big rig, both vehicles ended up off the road and into brush and trees. after that happened drivers were stuck. >> traffic -- >> reporter: we drove up in our news truck about 6:15 a.m. an hour and a half after the crash and people waited and waited and waited. vehicles stood still while the commute time went up and up. >> i've got to go to work, but my boss knows i'll be late. >> bobby haskell and his boat were to be in the water. >> his friends called him to tell him they already caught some fish. >> they're on another boat so -- >> they're already catching fish. >> yeah, i'm sitting here stewing. >> the chp opened up both lanes about 7:15 a.m. and cars finally went from park to drive.
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in the end, it's amazing with all the damage done to these mattr, abc 7 news. new mandatory eions went into effect this morning for the wildfire burning near yosemite, more than a dozen fires are burning in california right now. the ferguson fire is 7% contained and it's burned nearly 23,000 acres. officials urge the residents in the trailer court area to evacuate as soon as possible. highway 140 west to mariposa remains closed. they need to use highway 480 east. the park is impacted by smoke. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. the smoky skies continue there along with the potential for thunderstorms, we're already seeing some east of the yosemite area. check on live doppler 7 right now, it's fog and high, thin wispy clouds in the triggering
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thunderstorms from south of tahoe heading towards the central sierra there. kgo roof camera, showing you cluds, adding the stickiness factor to our weather. low 70s from san francisco to oakland right now. 85 in san jose. and this is a nice view of san francisco, with fog, in the picture. temperatures right now anywhere from 80 in santa rosa to the low 90s in concord and livermore. i'll be back to let you know how your weekend is shaping up coming right up. >> all right, thank you, sandhya. if you're fed up with bay area traffic, you're definitely not alone. but now there's a new campaign under way to solicit ideas big and small to solve the bay area's commuting woes. >> melanie woodrow is live in san francisco with the latest. save us, melanie, we need to be rescued from the traffic. >> reporter: well, we all have a chance to save one another because really anybody can submit an idea for this campaign, and there is no price tag limit on this one.
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even if your idea would cost a billion dollars or more, mtc wants to hear from you. the bay area is booming. >> gotta love the bay. people come here and don't leave. >> reporter: and they all have to get around somehow. >> what about theeporter: that' reasons they would think twice about living here though. why the metropolitan transportation commission wants your ideas, a campaign under way, the ask, for ideas to improve mobility across the bay area. campaign organizers will consider ideas from individuals, companies, public agencies and non-governmental organizations. >> be big, be bold, be brilliant. >> reporter: metropolitan transportation commission spokesperson john goodwin says no idea is too expensive. >> let's worry about getting our arms around the project and then we can go chase the money. >> reporter: big projects approved, a bart extension, the electrify cation of caltrain.
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they need more big ideas. >> 580 is a disaster, 101 is horrible, a 680 corridor going through san ramon, that completely sucks. >> reporter: their solutions? >> more public transit. >> more commuting with carpooling. >> the bridge tolls, if they drop the prices a bit, it might be better too. >> reporter: the deadline for applications is september 6th. the winner will receive a $500 gift card, not to mention the possible joy and gratitude from commuters, bay areawide. all right, so how do you do this? well, you can submit your proposal online. we'll put a link on the winner will be announced in 2019. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, melanie. well, abc 7 was on crissy field avenue as it closed down permanently to vehicles, it's being converted into a trail for pedestrians and bicyclists.
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cyclists will be able to go uphill for a few months while changes are made. >> tesla is fending off reports that customers are cancelling their model 3 preorders and doing so in droves. >> that word comes as tesla wraps up its first week of allowing public test drives of its mass market sedan. kristen sze is here with the details. >> until this week yout go to a tesla cld showroom and to test drive a model three. now you can. we're going to show you how in a moment. but fit, sewe adtesla shares tumbled again toy after its stock was downgraded based on reports that customers were cancelling their model three orders in large numbers. analysts say refunds on existing orders are outpacing deposits for new orders. they blame long waits due to slow production, and the $7,500 federal tax credit expiring at the end of the year. tesla's ceo elon musk responded tweeting dunno where this is
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coming from, who knows about the future, but last week we had over 2,000 s/x and x, and 5,000 model 3 new net orders. silicon valley venture capitalist says the cancellations are not a big worry. >> so many people had place holders in for their orders. tesla is playing into a large trend, lexrification of cars. this is incredibly important for them. >> part of going mass market is making test drives available. which, until this week, wasn't really possible, unless you had put down a $1,000 deposit. today, lots of people dropped in on a los angeles showroom to take one out for a ride. yesterday, wall street journal reporter drove a model 3 and called it magnificent. so how do you sign up? well, you go to, click on test drive right there, and then enter your information. you'll be given a slot at a showroom near you. lara and ama?
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>> thank you, kristen, you can buy a lot of teslas if you win the lotto tonight. the jackpot is now up to $422 million. that's a $254 million cash payout if you want to go that way. this is the sixth largest jackpot in the game's history and the seventh time it's exceeded $400 million. are you in on the office pool? >> of course. i will not be left behind. >> well, i'm in. early and often. now it's up to $433 million. that was accounting for ama's latest contribution. get the winning numbers sent directly to your phone. download the abc 7 news app and enable the push alerts. all right, well, a helping hand for bay area renters. >> housing is one of those issues clearly here in the bay area it's a big problem. >> the effort in the senate that could put more money back in your pocket. and big crowds for rugby, t
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weekend world cup event that is drawing fans from all over. plus -- >> you get up here and you're on top of the world. it's incredible. >> on top of the world too too t enjoy this view. >> nobody enjoying this view. this is the metro areaing lights going to the bay bring. the metro areaing lights are just a nightmare. it's my personal belief they slow things down, not bring congestion relief. anyway, you can see even the fast track lanes are pretty bottled up at this point. it's slow going if you're heading into san francisco this afternoon. back with more on abc 7 news right now, you can get my spicy chicken club combo with fries and a drink for just $5.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack!
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rugby seven world cup began. drawing a lot of fans. >> this should be fun. wayne freedman and live outside the stadium capturing the international flavor. >> reporter: it's exciting, which is to be expected when you have 40 teams from 28 countries, they call it rugby sevens, you have seven-player teams playing seven-minute halve,s, and it's all over. that's what we hear anyway. they say it's an international experience. if you seek the subtle nuances of international relations, at&t park might be a good place to visit this weekend. but don't be surprised when conversations expose inconceivable cultural gaps. >> who is l lee mays, say hello international rugby sevens fans. >> what position did willie mays play? >> first. >> we would love to be able to
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show you up close how layout of this already historic baseball stadium, but due to contractual restrictions this aerial sky 7 view will have to do. as to what's going on down there -- >> there's no planning, we just hit each other. >> reporter: and then you go to counseling? >> no, then we go to the pub. >> forward passes for one in america where they say our beer is weak, even when consumed from an ox horn, as for our sausages barely worth discussing. >> what is that. >> a special south african sausage. >> do they have that here? >> no. >> they do have sausage here. >> not the good ones. >> reporter: there are the games. as for the costumes, well, the united nations has nothing on at&t this weekend. if thehose comfortable? >> absolutely. >> depends on whether it's too hot. >> you know the next question,
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right? >> do we wear something underneath it. i knew that was coming. >> i'm not going to show you, but no, i don't >> reporter: summarize what we've learned. they don't like our beer or our sausages, they walk around in kilts and they read our minds. 32 games today alone. it goes on all weekend. see you in an hour. live at at&t park, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, i get the sense they think americans are a little soft. >> i think so too. how did our american teams actually do, though? >> we don't wear helmets. we don't need pads, we try to hide it when we're hurt, we don't flop around in the dirt like we're all injured or anything like that. no, this is a tough sport. tough, tough sport, yes. >> about the american teams? >> reporter: the american team did okay today. the american w eylagain attogh i'm not sure against whom because their website is not updated yet. and then the american men play
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at 9:30 this evening. and they're actually worth watching. everybody's worth watching, but the american men especially, they finished third in this tournament four years ago, the fiji fans have their own ideas. >> thank you, wayne. the president is weighing in again on the latest controversy over the national anthem in the nfl. the league put its anthem policy on hold this weekend after details of the miami dolphins plan to potentially suspend players were made public. an hour ago trump tweeted the nfl national anthem debate is alive and well again. dnt can't believe it. isn't it in contract that the players must stand at attention, hand on heart? first time kneeling out for games, out for a season, no pay. >> for nearly a century, a guardian has stood tall in kings canyon national park. >> the historic puck rock lookout offers you a view of the
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sierra like no other. warren arm strong has a closer look. >> reporter: the top of buck rock stands at more than 8,500 feet. the views are -- >> breathtaking. you get up here and it's like you're on top of the world, incredible. >> the spectacular view makes buck rock a perfect and critical location for detecting smoke and forest fires. >> when there is lightning strike or people being careless with fire, you know, we can see that smoke pop up quite quickly. >> reporter: buck rock became a fire observation point in 1912, with smoke chasers scurrying up and down the -- to locate wildfires. in 1921, work began on a small cabin at the peak. >> we found out that the builder and the forest service hoisted hedre. the timber and the lumbet they cable hoisted it up and built it right on theck. >> completedro in 1923, the cabs one of the few and oldest of its
4:19 pm
kind. and remains a working lookout that you can visit. >> oh, i think it's just amazing. i think it would be so cool to sleep up here. >> reporter: however, making the journey up to the summit is half the fun. the adventure starts driving along the tall trees of the generals highway in king's canyon national park and then turns to the bumpy and rocky forest service roads. >> you definitely want a four-wheel drive or at least a high profile vehicle if you're coming up this way this last two and a half miles up to the lookout. >> the next challenge is a 300 foot climb up the dirt path >>ow more?eps built in >> actually, you should stop at the landings to catch your breath. and admire the amazing scenery that most people only see fromt realize every step was worth it. a 360 degrestern divide.
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>> park ridge lookout, buck rock, r-5. >> reporter: inside the cab, you'll find michigan, she spends five days a week as a fire spotter, working, eating and sleeping on the mountain in basically a glass house. she keeps an eye out for smoke using the same fire finder that's been in the lookout for more than 80 years. >> i use this every day, even when i'm not spotting smoke, i use it to determine the location of a landmark when i'm trying to learn my territory. >> volunteers like tom gooden take over the lookout on her days off. >> there's a lot of people that pay a lot of money for these kind of views, and i get to do it for free. >> a nonprofit foundation supplies the volunteers, maintenance and money to keep the historic lookout operating during fire season and accessible to visitors. >> i think that being in a place like this connects you to nature, to the land, i think that's a rlly importa views. >> yeah, that's neat. >> that lookout is open to
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visitors from 0:3 5:00 p.m. seven days a week. >> you can find more information about the buck rock lookout at >> that's quite a hike though. you've got to want it. >> don't be scared of heights, those steps, crazy. >> or heat. >> at least they have the railings if you're hiking up those stairs and the views, i can only imagine. we have some beautiful views here. let's check out live doppler 7 right now and yes, we have the typical fog. what's not so typical is the muggy to humid conditions right now. look at the dew points, it's a measure of the moisture in the air, low 60s from napa to mount mountain view, to livermore, san jose, reports on social media it is definitely feeling a bit humid out there. live look as you look along the embarcadero there, here's your six hour planner, 6:00 tonight, muggy conditions, 8:00 p.m., fog and high clouds, and nighttime hours, mild inland but cool near the coast and breezy. and it is socked i frohe
4:22 pm
golden gatem bridge camera, notice the fog overhead. muggy tonight with high clouds and fog. typical weather for this weekend, we'll get rid of the stick yness. hour by hour, 7:00 tonight, look for the fog and a few clouds tomorrow morning. as you will notice, tomorrow afternoon the fog will sit near the coast until the evening hours and come back in over the bay. the morning will begin with leftover humidity in the valleys and south bay. temperatures will begin in the low to mid-60s there as look around the bay and along the coast, mid to upper 50s and a bit on the foggy side. the weather looks fantastic for the weekend, wide range of temperatures, low 90s in livermore, 88 in84 in san joseon,co, oakland, richmo mid-70s. 63 in half moon bay. it will be breezy at times. you can download the accuweather app and check out temperatures anytime you want.
4:23 pm
sierra under a thunderstorm threat again, like today, and as you take a look at the forecast for tahoe, in case you're doing any outdoor activities, heading up to the mountains, if you're hiking be aware of the fact the weather will behans ueebl o f thunderstorms, low 80s in the afternoon, low 50s in the morning hours. accuweather seven-day forecast, you're looking at mild to warm conditions for your saturday, wide range of temperatures continues on sunday. in the very accuweather seven-day forecast, low 60s to low 90s to start off the rkwo s.eklight uptick in th temperatures around the bay, especially, and inland. but really not a huge change there, the hot weather we were expecting the middle of next week, models want to back off on that idea. at this point, i think this is what we typically see. so we'll just keep it that way. ama and larry? >> thank you, sandhya. the secret to free food at chick-fil-a, one family -- ended with someone getting free food for life.
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plus -- >> i thought the [ bleep ] was live.
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additional damage. she's losing her temper while talking about her tweet where she compared former obama adviser valerie jar et al. to a cross between the muslim brotherhood and an ape. >> i thought the [ bleep ] was live -- i thought the [ bleep ] was -- >> barr's tweets in may prompted abc to cancel her popular reboot of her series, the 65-year-old promised earlier this month to release a video with her explanation of the controversy. >> artwork and memorabilia owned by robin williams is heading for auction this fall.
4:27 pm
sotheby's announced today the collection will be auctioned in new york on october 4th. it will include autographed scripts, awards and props as well as street art, and 40 watches from williams' personal collection, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the -- he died by suicide at his home back in 2014. artifacts from neil armstrong's private collection going up for bid, pieces of a wing and propeller from the wright brothers 1903 flight he took with him to the moon. the planning of the 1969 apollo 11 mission where armstrong was the first to walk on the moon. possible recordings from president trump's former attorney. >> there's more than one. there's multiple recordings. and all of them should be released. >> what those recordings may
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>> announcer: live where you this is abc 7 news. and here are t making 4:30.ncluding nine the se adft a boatmissouri. there were 31 people on that duck boat when it hit a squall with large waves, the victims range in age from 1 to 70.
4:31 pm
world news tweeted a secretary of state mike pompeo wants the united nations to be more strict in enforcing sanctions gengs north korea. north korea has illegally smuggled in oil 89 times this year in defiance of the sanctions. he called out russia and china for blocking an attempt by the u.s. to bring forth a complaint to the un. raiding property -- investigators found a secret recording. they say then candidate donald trump and his attorney michael cohen are heard discussing a possible payment to a former playboy model. abc news reporter janae norman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: sources confirmed to abc news president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen recorded a conversation with then candidate donald trump about payments to a former playboy play meat. micha michael avenatti on cnn. >> there's more than one, multiple recordings, and all of them should be released. >> reporter: the former playboy model karen mcdougal had a
4:32 pm
fine-month affair with trump after his son was born. >> were you in love with him? >> i was, yeah. >> she was tricked into signing an agreement to sell her story to the "national enquirer," the tabloid magazine published by american media, inc. the enquirer never published the story, their accusations it was a tactic known as catch and kill and it's raised questions of whether the $150,000 was paid as hush money days before the election, similar to the $130,000 cohen admitted to paying to porn star stormy daniels. >> why cohen make it if -- >> you'd have to ask michael cohen, he's my attorney. >> fbi agents dis covered the recording during raids at the hotel in april. they say it catches a conversation by a plan devised by cohen to pay about $150,000 to ami and attempt to purchase the rights of mcdougal's story.
4:33 pm
>> the president's attorney, rudy giuliani confirms president trump did have a conversation with michael cohen about a payment to mcdougal. he says the payment was never made. cohen recently said he puts family and country first. reporting in washington, janae norman, abc 7 news, back to you. the white house is dealing with backlash after revealing that president trump plans to invite vladimir putin to the white house in the fall. nancy pelosi is asking paul ryan to make it clear putin will not be receiving an invitation to address congress when he comes to washington. pelosi has been a staunch critic of the russian leader. mike pompeo sees benefit to a second summit. >> it is incredibly valuable to the people of the united states of america, the president putin and president trump continue to engage in dialogue to resolve the difficult issues our countries face between each other. >> should the next summit take
4:34 pm
place, national security is at the top of the list. this according to a white house official. and that would include russian meddling in the 2016 election. the site is now set for the 2020 republican convention. today, members of the republican national committee voted unanimously to hold the convention in charlotte, north carolina, the vote captured a dramatic week in which city council agreed to host the convention by a single vote. they hosted the 2012 democratic convention. >> violent weather is pounding the central part of the country once again today. authorities are assessing the damage from this tornado that rolled through middleton, indiana this afternoon. the weather -- or that area is just west of the border with kentucky. meanwhile, officials say it will take days to determine the exact strength and number of twisters, that devastated three towns in iowa yesterday afternoon. forecasters say at least five tornadoes touched down, injuring at least 17 people, flattening buildings and forcing the evacuation of a hospital.
4:35 pm
several people hospitalized after a string of bee attacks. killer bees stung a woman hundreds of times. >> reporter: beware of bees, coming from authorities across the country, from california to new hampshire, at least three people were sent to the hospital after being attacked by a swarm of bees. in new hampshire -- >> he was stuck in a bucket. >> a tree trimmer strapped into his bucket hit a hive releasing countless bees, and all six people were stung. the worker was unable to get away until a neighbor came to his rescue. >> i went running into the middle of everything and unhooked him, took him down, brought him over there, and hosed him down. >> in the process, the neighbor was stung nearly 20 times. >> you've got to do what you've got to do to save a person. in skotsdale, arizona, two separate attacks on landscapers, sending one victim to the hospital. officials are now on the hunt to find the hive. a critical component to stopping
4:36 pm
future attacks. earlier this week -- >> the bees are attacking and stinging her. oh, my god, it's atrocious. >> a california woman was seemingly swallowed up by thousands of so-called killer bees as she was getting a mop out the trunk of her car. >> she kept trying to cover her head with her hair, but then they started stinging her head. >> she was literally covered from head to toe, her face was completely covered with bees. >> the woman who was stung nearly 200 times was rushed to the hospital, authorities say she is recovering well. experts say if you are attacked run away as far and as fast as you can. cover your face, and do not swat or flail your arms, because that could actually attract more bees. abc news, los angeles. new details today about that wedding ring that was found on a bay area beach. what we found out about its owner. plus, it's almost back to school time, and not just for kids, school that adults might
4:37 pm
enjoy just ahead. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel, while you're seeing the
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all right, it's time to start thinking about back to school already. not talking about your kids yet. more time for that, this is for adults. we start with wine 101. >> yes. >> are we learning about wine or just drinking wine? >> a little bit of both.
4:40 pm
you can't really fail at this class. you're going to go to sf wine school, and in this two-hour class you will taste five different types of wine and they're going to teach you how to describe them, what kind of foods pair well with them, and how to also decipher the labels. next time you're out shopping you know what will fit your palate or price point. >> or the restaurant. give me the house wine, i don't know. >> it's intimidating. it takes away the mystique of wine tasting. you'll be more confident and have more fun at dinner parties. >> beyonce dance chances. >> the choreographers have learned the choreography so her music videos. you'll go to a two-hour class, teach you six to eight counts of one of her music videos. and you'll have video tutorials to study along the way. at the end of the your seven weeks of courses you can then perform it at a nightclub here
4:41 pm
in san francisco. >> you've done these. did you do this class? >> i haven't done the beyonce ones. i did the brittany class and the bruno mars class and the janet jackson class, and they're really fun. >> they have a wide array, interesting. podcasts, seems like there's a lot of podcasts out there. but for the novice. >> for the novice, if you have something to say and you really want to get it out there, there is a diy podcasting class fi harvey milk center for the arts. in this class they will teach you the technical details to producing a podcast from beginning to end. all you need to bring is a laptop computer or some sort of audio recording device, and they see a lot of success from things like comedy podcasts, true crime is really popular. but you could also do things as, you know, local san francisco topics. >> tell me what boat life is all about. >> boat life, who doesn't want to enjoy boat life? well, proper summer is coming. so it's going to get hot and you can get out on the boat with ocsc sailing. they will teach you sailing 101.
4:42 pm
it's really introductory level class to see if this is something you want to pursue. one persona six-person crew. you go out across the bay and learn a lot of the high level parts of identifying the different parts of the boat, from there, take more intensive levels of sailing courses, and enjoy the boat life. >> that sounds like fun. >> it's a lot of fun. wear your sunscreen. >> ceramics class, if you're into pottery. >> there's a ceramics class you can take at dusted and blue in knob hill. they will show you how to throw the clay. you're going to get messy. i can't promise it will be as exciting as the movie "ghost," but you will have the spinning wheel and create something like a bowl or cup or, if you're me, a terrible mound of clay that i call a ring holder. and, yeah, they're going to teach you all of that. and then you can again take more advanced level courses or just have a really good time.
4:43 pm
>> real quick, knitting. >> yeah, knitting it's hipster chic right now. everybody wants to learn it. >> it is? >> yes, it is, you're seeing a lot of 20-year-olds doing it. get ahead of the holidays, learn how to knit scarves and ponchos. they will teach you over the course of three different classes how to make some really great creations. >> i'm not hipster chic, that's not breaking news. desiree, thank you for coming in. i think larry needs to take that hobby up. here's a look at live doppler 7. monsoo moisture, which has resulted in sticky conditions in the bay area. we will get rid of the humidity tomorrow, back to the usual pattern, warm conditions inland, upper 80s to low 90s, right along the coast, temperatures in the 60s. a nice looking saturday for you, near average temperature frs this time of year. if you're heading to the menlo fest, weather looks fantastic.
4:44 pm
mild and sunny, 79 on saturday, a change on sunday, 78 degrees. and the mornings will start out in the 60s. here's a look at the seven-day forecast, low 60s to low 90s the next two days and heading into monday, starting off that way. and then inland and bayside communities will begin to see the temperatures come up a few degrees, even the coast comes up on tuesday. but not much change going into the rest of the workweek. so pleasant summer weather, a wide range of conditions, something for everyone. larry and ama? >> sounds great, thank you, sandhya. some possible relief for high bay area rents. the bill that was just introduced in the senate that could give a tax break to renters. i'm "7 on your side's" michael f
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senator camilla harris is generating a lot of buzz for a proposal she unveiled that would give federal tax credits to millions of families who rent their homes. how feasible is the idea? abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has more. buying a home is out of reach for many americans, but a proposal from camilla harris would give federal tax credits to certain households who pay
4:48 pm
more than 30% of pretax incom onthelan would help households earning up to $100,000 annually, but in high cost regions such s.a.t. bay area, go up to 125,000. republican strategists say the proposal is unlikely to pass. politically, republicans are not in a mood to give democrats any policy wins, particularly in an election air, or a presidential election. >> harris has not ruled out a run in 2020. this lil' be ensure no family is priced out of the basic security of a place to live. bolstering the economic security would -- >> some real estate economists believe the proep sl is misguide relative to wages. that's the basic problem. so this will increase rents even more, making the cause of the problem that much worse. >> housing advocates say
4:49 pm
something needs to be done. >> ideally this is something that will be part of the solution of addressing the housing affordability crisis that leads to family instability and community instability and homelessness. >> reporter: many homeowners receive a federal tax deduction, but no such credit exists for renters. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. very low income residents would receive a dollar in tax credits for every dollar they spend in the 30% mark, moderate earners receive less. >> there is another proposal, state level, boosting protections for california tenants who can't pay the rent. rent in the city is astronomical. michael finney has more. >> it's an interesting proposal. the bill would require landlords to accept payments from not the renters. a third party, anybody. social service agencies would be allowed to pay rent for another person who may be sick or low on cash or just low income.
4:50 pm
lawmakers say in many cases landlords are refusing to accept rent payments from third parties. often trying to evict their tenants so they can charge more rent for the next guy. assemblyman phil ting of san francisco believes legislation is one way to combat the housing crisis. 90 people sickened by raw turkey since november. it's affected people in 26 states, including six in california, no deaths fortunately have been reported. so far investigators have not located the source of the contamination. however, investigators believe it could be related to improper handling of the raw birds. the cdc has not advised against eating turkey, but urges ca it, consumer groups demanding why it's taking so long for the cdc and department of agriculture to warning. by the end of the year no longer selling or distributing the assure permanent birth
4:51 pm
control device. the decision comes after the food and drug administration restricted sale of essure in april. the permanently implanted device is linked to health problems, persistent pain, allergic reactions, the piercing of the uterus. patients currently have the device implanted and are having problems, contact the physician right away and figure out the appropriate steps to take. >> thank you so much, michael. fans of a popular japanese anime series are blocking to san francisco. abc 7 news was there as the den of rage popup store opened. people lined up to buy exclusive from the main character, for the red panda. people came to see more than just what items they coul up. >> the special thing today is the fact that the creator will be here for the first time ever. she's so elusive, i guess you
4:52 pm
would say, you can't even find a picture of her online. i tried for a week and couldn't find one. >> the character was created by the same company behind hello kitty, huge obviously. the store will be open through the end of the month. >> a texas baby is getting free food for life and a guaranteed job after being delivered in the bathroom of a chick-fil-a. the parents were on their way to the hospital tuesday night but decided to drop off their other two children with a family friend. they met in the parking lot of a restaurant. the baby -- the couple banged on the door begging the staff -- >> i'm about to dial 911. she's screaming. >> we're doing something great, we're going to do it right here and do it right now. >> i had no hesitation. >> i delivered her at 10:30. >> so strange to me to hear, sorry. my husband delivered my baby. >> she's precious. that little nugget is named gracelynn, h parents bought
4:53 pm
her that onesie three months ago, not knowing how appropriate. >> people ask, what hospital were you born in? i was born in chick-fil-a. a missing wedding ring, lost and found. >> it's one of those stories you always hear about. but, you know, this romantic story. >> and now we may have tracked down the owner of that lost wedding ring. details are coming up next. right now kristen is here with what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. new at 5:00, car burglary conviction, san francisco's district attorney says its team is starting to solve a big problem. kids and weight gain, it's possible that video games could actually solve the problem.
4:54 pm
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young professional women are invited to an inspiring afternoon designed for personal and career growth. learn from the confidence coach shantelle anderson. invest in the power of you. coming up tonight on abc 7, in primetime at 8:00, a new episode of quantity co, followed by what would you do? at 9:00. >> and then at 10:00, 20/20. then do not miss abc 7 news at 11:00. it was a story that captured attention across the country, all because of one single tweet. >> a wedding ring found along the shoreline in richmond, and the quest to reunite it with its
4:57 pm
owner. >> abc 7 news anchor first intr richard garcetti who discovered the treasure. >> as soon as i picked it up, it looks like a wedding ring. >> not just any wedding ring, one with an inscription that read from now to eternity. it bore the name lily. >> how it got to this beach is really a mystery. >> reporter: so many people from around the country shared the story on social media, many with offers to help. historians, genealogists, even wanna be detectives, it all led us to this come named lily and her granddaughter. >> if it is theirs, that would be amazing. >> her father was the son of lillian ernest -- they were married may 1st, dlsh married 60 years until his death in 2011. >> it's one of those stories you always hear about. but, you know, those romantic stories. >> reporter: according to family friends they were fishermen and originally immigrated from italy
4:58 pm
to the bay area to fish for sardines. >> so he could have lost it while fishing. >> with both of her grandparents deceased and two out of three of their children gone as well, the mystery continues. hopefully not for eternity. >> it would mean a lot to her, i know it would. >> i spoke to -- he is skeptical the ring is his father's, since he never wore a ring, but is open to the possibility of it being his. he's digging through archives to find additional clues. in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> we hope we find the answer to that mystery. >> getting closer. >> you can get the latest news anytime with the abc 7 news app, enhanced live video features, personalized push alerts to get more of the news that you want, delivered to your phone in realtime. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. she had contacted the
4:59 pm
website, and requested to have three people killed. >> a novato man becomes a do it yourself investigator, how his website practically invites contract killer wanna bes. a city leader is in the cross hairs, why local police say he is biased and needs to step down. a lot of talk about the royal couple possibly coming to the bay area, digging in to what that visit would look like, plus -- >> the first time at a sevens. good times, good times. the world descends on san francisco for both fun and games. >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 ns. website is ca despite its name it's not meant to have anything to do with killing anyone. but some people think it does. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. abc 7 news reporter laura
5:00 pm
noh bay. s the story from the >> the original intention of the domain was information technology purposes. >> it's a websit that started adds one thing. meaning hirt-hie us, a hit, as web hit, men, the group of us. >> reporter: and turned into quite another. >> these are e-mailed solicitations from -- >> he origi origi origi origi oi over the years some inquiries have been frightening, even criminal. >> there were a few that were soliciting to have others harmed. >> reporter: in one e-mail under services requested, a man from los angeles writes, kill two people i hate, and take the car keys and deliver the


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