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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 21, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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well, of course, have an update on abc 7 news at 6:00. also feel free to tonight -- to breaking news. as we come on in the west. the violent and danger royce standoff unfolding at a trader joe's in southern california. officers in s.w.a.t. gear, surrounding the store. a person being dragged out unconscious. an an. also breaking tonight the ntsb just revealing new information in that tourist boat disaster. the vessel was facing near-hurricane-force wind gusts. plus, we go inside the final moments onboard the sinking tourist boat. from her hospital bed, the devastating memory of her drowning sister-in-law begging, grab the baby, and the shocking things she said they were told
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about the life vests onboard. tornado outbreak. plus, the flash flood fears tonight. more than 38 million people at risk. trump versus cohen. the major development. for the first time, the president taking public aim at his former fixer, michael cohen. plus, the violent parking lot confrontation. a man shoved to the ground. taking out his gun and killing the man who pushed him. that man, a father, dying in front of his 5-year-old son. why police say the shooter had the right to pull the trigger. and high-flying crash. the circus performer shot from a cannon, missing his safety net, slamming into the crowd below. tonight, why the stunt was doomed from the start. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. as we come on in west. we begin with that breaking news at trade joe's in southern california. the armed showdown with police at that store in silver lake, los angeles. aerial image showing an intense
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and dramatic scene playing out with at least one woman being dragged out of the store. police in s.w.a.t. gear and people escaping through windows. police say a suspect they were chasing ran into the store and is now barricaded inside. >> reporter: tonight, swath weather teams surrounding a los angeles-area trader joe's. a suspected car thief crashing near the store and reportedly opening up fire on authorities before running inside after a police chase. >> i didn't see him. you could hear the pop, pop. >> reporter: police seen running out down the street out of the store to safety. to help people escape out of the window. one person seen dragged out of the front door as the s.w.a.t. team stood with guns drawn. one 20-year-old female transported to a hospital in fair condition. a witness saying he saw the gunman exchange fire with
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police. the heavily armed teen setting up the perimeter. authorities moving in armored personnel carrier to front of the store. >> liz hur joins now. it looks like police may be trying to establish communication with that suspect inside the store. we have a piece of video we want to roll now. police threw something there. that may or may not have been a cell phone and the suspect there appears, he doesn't have his shirt on, picking it up. >> we don't know what was thrown into the store. we do know from police the suspect is still barricaded inside. negotiations are still continuing. . the goal here is to end this peacefully. >> the president just tweeting about the situation. he's monitoring it from the white house. other big story. the new developments. the ntsb now saying that ship faced near-hurricane-force wind gusts. the boat caught in that dangerous storm. wave after wave flooding the
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vessel. at least 17 people killed. what we're now learning about the chaotic and heartbreaking final moments. tonight, that bedside interview from inside the hospital, the mother who somehow survived sharing the devastating memory of losing essentially her entire family and the shocking instructions she says they were given about the life vests onboard. abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, haunting words of a survivor, recalling the tragic final moments of much of her family and how she struggled to survive. >> i couldn't see anybody. i couldn't hear anything. i could hear screams. i just -- i felt like i was out there on her own. >> reporter: tia coleman speaking from her hospital bed. was on an annual vacation with ten other family members when disaster struck. >> finally, i said, lord, just let me die. let me die. i can't keep drowning. i just can't keep drowning. i fell in. and then i just let go. >> reporter: coleman says when the waters on that missouri lake became choppy, people grew nervous. >> everybody started getting like, hey, this is a little too much.
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>> reporter: the duck tour boat tossed around by strong winds caused by a severe thunderstorm. finally capsizing and sinking. >> the last thing i heard my sister-in-law yell, grab the baby. >> reporter: coleman losing her husband and three children. the youngest, just a year old. her 13-year-old nephew donovan, her only relative on board to survive. her family, 9 of the 17 killed that day. >> i said, jesus, please keep me so i can get to my children. keep me, lord. and i was swimming -- i was swimming as fast i could and i couldn't -- i could not reach the life jackets. >> reporter: coleman claims her boat had life jackets but nobody grabbed them. >> they showed us where they were. they said don't worry about it you won't need it. >> reporter: something the ntsb and the coast guard may hone in during the investigation. >> the real objective is to find out what kind of information they had when they made the decision.
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>> we went out to table rock lake to the sport where that duck boat comes down that road right there. the ride is really short. it goes around this way. around duck island right there, and then it's right back to shore. at 6:30 p.m. a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the area, including table rock lake. 30 minutes later, that storm turning deadly for passengers on the boat. >> we gathered information about the weather conditions at the time. we've got recorded readings of 53 -- i'm sorry, 73 miles per hour. put that in context, hurricane-force winds are usually considered starting at 75. that's only two miles an hour difference. >> reporter: tonight, one of tia's relatives desperate to know why did the boat go out. >> my biggest question, why did that boat go out? >> reporter: for tia, now out of that hospital bed, the thought of going home is overwhelming. >> since i've had a home it's always been filled. it's always been filled with
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little feet and laughter, and my husband. i don't know how i'm going to do it. >> tom, that duck boat won't be pulled from the bottom of this lake until early next week. they also pud a recorder from that sunken boat. it tom. >> victor, thank you. now to severe weather sweeping across the country. more than 40 million in the storm zone tonight. two confirmed tornadoes touching down in indiana. plus another in kentucky last night. about 3 dozen reported tornadoes slamming at least six states since wednesday. look at that. these incredible images from iowa, and the big worry tonight, flash flooding. this high water in savannah, drenching rains sweeping from florida all the way to nj. abc's rob marciano has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, mother nature flexing her muscle from coast to coast, putting nearly 40 million people in harm's way. storms rattling the southeast.
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knocking down power lines if in atlanta. this one setting the hillside ablaze. over 45,000 people at one point without power. 300 reports of severe weather in the last 24 hours, including two tornadoes in indiana. this twister near indianapolis, obliterating a barn in mere seconds. >> what you see behind me is damage from a storm. >> reporter: in madison county, an ef-1 tossing this mobile home like a toy. wheels that were once planted on the ground flying in the air. as many as 35 reported tornadoes in 6 states since wednesday. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: iowa residents still recovering from three destructive tornadoes there. an ef-3 with 1044 mile per hour winds devastating marshalltown. transforming much of main street into a wasteland. aerials revealing destruction as far as the eye can see. >> and on the ground, those images so devastating. rob is joining us now the
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studio. so much extreme weather out there. you're saying people in the southeast need to be on alert. >> yeah, another round. they got hurt early this morning. a new watch box is out for much of georgia, including atlanta. could be in for a rough night. meanwhile, we have seen flooding rains. that will continue as will the winds will begin to ramp up. going to be a rough saturday night. that low settles in, unusual for july. we're looking at heat across for the southwest. tomorrow, another hot day in texas. today, a record high of 109. might be nearly as hot, tom. >> rob, thank you. we turn now to politics and the clear split between president trump and his former fixer michael cohen. the president taking aim at cohen publicly for the first time. following reports that cohen recorded a conversation before the election about buying silence from a former playboy playmate. abc's david wright with the president tonight, picks up the story.
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>> reporter: today, for the first time ever, president trump publicly smacked down his longtime lawyer and fixer, michael cohen, after learning that cohen secretly recorded him in the final days of the 2016 campaign as the two discussed a highly sensitive issue -- specifically, a scheme to buy the silence of former playboy playmate karen mcdougal. who alleges she had a ten-month affair with trump back in 2006. that recording now in the hands of federal prosecutors. trump tweeted today, inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer's office, early in the morning, almost unheard of. even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client -- totally unheard of, and perhaps illegal. the roughly two-minute recording was among the trove of documents, hard drives and the recordings the fbi seized from cohen's office, home, hotel. in an early morning raid back in april, according to sources.
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at the time, trump was outraged about the raid. >> and it's disgrace. it's frankly a real disgrace. it's an attack on our country in a true sense, an attack on what we all stand for. >> reporter: and according to sources, trump wasn't even aware yet that cohen had recorded him in person. on the recording, sources say, the two men discussed reimbursing the publisher of "the national enquirer" $150,000 for buying the rights to mcdougal's story and agreeing to bury it. sources familiar with the tape which abc has not heard, say trump tells cohen to make sure any payment is properly documented. perhaps with that in mind, trump concluded today's tweet with, the good news is, your favorite president did nothing wrong. but that tweet would appear to signal a break between trump and his most trusted fixer, the two haven't spoken in months. but until today, trump has always publicly stood by cohen.
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>> i've always liked michael. >> david wright joins us now. trump is describing that recording as possibly illegal, does he have a case? >> not really, tom. legally, michael cohen is in the clear here. new york, where this was recorded is a one-party consent state. ethically, he is on shakier ground. this recording is almost certainly covered by attorney-clint privilege. but what's interesting, we have learned that trump's legal team waived the prif ledger for this recording. suggest they see this as something they can spin, tom. >> david wright, thank you. and this programming note, tomorrow on "this week," george goes one-on-one with adam the top democrat on the house intelligence committee. make sure to tune in. next to the search for 20-year-old college student. investigators said she disappeared wednesday night when out for a jog, east of des moines.
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here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, still no sign of 20-year-old university of iowa student molly tibbetts. >> this is not like her at all. she's a very responsible young woman. >> reporter: hundreds of friends and volunteers out today, combing the cornfields where she's known to run in brooklyn, iowa. >> we just really hope that we can get her found and brought back home to people who love her. >> reporter: investigators say mollie was last seen jobbing wednesday night wearing gym shorts, black sports bra and running shoes. her wallet and i.d.s all left behind at the home she shares with her boyfriend. >> she might have a fitbit on. and she might her cell phone. obviously, we tried just calling her. it's either off or dead. so, it goes straight to voice mail. >> reporter: but tonight, officials are now calling off a following other leads. >> we miss you. we're looking for you. and we will never stop. >> reporter: mollie's boyfriend tells us that she would have never just run off.
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he says she even sent him a picture of herself over snapchat that same night she disappeared. tom. stephanie, thank you. there's much more ahead. the growing sex abuse scandal at ohio state university. more than a hundred former students saying they are victims. the right to kill. the parking lot confrontation that ended into gun fire. a man dying radioit if front of his 5-year-old. why police they won't press any charges. and take a look at this video. wra you're seeing is the real thing. a flying suit, how much it cost may be even more amazing. stay with us. and now is the best time to buy. preparing classic campfire trout. say what? trout. trout. all right. you don't think i need both? why does he have that axe? make summer go right with ford america's best selling brand.
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>> reporter: is this death captured on surveillance of a father gunned down justified? the controversial stand-your-ground law in florida, says yes. it took place outside a convenience store in florida. the driver of that car is britany jacobs, she pulls up and parks illegally in a handicap space. then her boyfriend, 28-year-old black male runs into a store with their son while she waits in the car. detectives say that's when a 47-year-old white man michael drejka apparently upset the car's parked illegally jumps out of his vehicle and inspects the car for handicap decals. when he doesn't see any, he starts arguing. shortly after he leaves the store to defend his girlfriend, shoves drejka, falls back, grabs his gun and opens fire.
5:48 pm
>> the only thing we can look at here is, was he in fear of further bodily harm? >> reporter: the stand your ground law gives floridians the right to protect themselves if they feel threatened and because of it, police declined to press charges. >> how is this stand your ground? how? >> reporter: but police are defending their decision. >> he had to shoot to defend himself. those are the facts and that's the law. >> prosecutors have the case on their desk and ultimately will decide charges are warranted. as for the victim, according to the clerk inside, he was inside the store buying snacks for his son. when we come back -- police called on a mother who was breastfeeding her infant at a public pool. why? the story and the growing concern from other moms coming up. and how-flying circus crash. take a look at this. why this human cannonball stunt went incredibly wrong. an update on that performance tonight. stay with us. as you and your rheumatologist consider treatments,
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welcome back. time now for our index and the growing sex abuse scandal at ohio state. more than a hundred former students stepping forward alleging sexual misconduct by a team doctor, dr. richard strauss. provided medical care for more than a dozen men's sports at ohio state. he's now accused of decades of abuse from the late '70s through the '90s. strauss died back in 2005. the university remains committed to, quote, uncovering the truth. in chile, circus goers witnessing a stunt gone wrong. a performer shot from a human cannon. soaring through the air. missing the safety net, crash-landing in the stands as the audience looked on. the performer fracturing his jaw
5:53 pm
and knees. he's now reportedly in critical but stable condition. what happened, the cannon operator saying too much pressure had been used leading to that accident. back here at home, the growing uproar over a woman calling police because two women were breast-feeding at a public pool. they were confronted by the woman who asked them to cover up or get out of the pool. tempers heated up when that woman refused. >> apparently, there's a mother breastfeeding in the shallow end and not being very discreet about it. >> one of the moms posted about this incident on social media. hundreds responded. even organizing a nurse-in. to london now, a dream come true for so many wishing they could fly. five miniature jet engines and 3-d printed parts. new suit by british startup by gravity industries has a speed record of 200 miles per hour. flying as high as 1200 feet. now with the superhero price
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knees, and lower back. that's why she wears dr. scholl's orthotics. they're clinically proven to relieve pain and give you the comfort to move more. dr. scholl's, born to move. finally tonight, one boy's new best friend. their backyard ball and the fence that brought them together. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: a fence and a ball and kid and a dog. 20 seconds of video that some 12 million people have watched and shared in just the past three days. says the dad who posted it on twitter -- >> it's great that people have found some happiness in the joy that he had that day. >> reporter: yeah, but why, is it the unexpected, that conway the 2-year-old can wing it like that? >> nice throw.
5:58 pm
>> he saw a ball and he just wanted to chuck it. >> reporter: or, more likely, is it that dozer the dog send it back? that's unexpected. like the fact that this happened on a visit to a neighbor's backyard. conway's own two dogs at home they don't fetch at all -- yet. but isn't it something else that got so many to watch. that it's just so simple, so innocent, so playful. >> you want to watch the video of the dog? >> okay. who's that? >> that's dozer. >> that's dozer. >> that's dozer. >> reporter: nothing to argue about here. seems we needed that. john donvan, abc news. >> dozer's one good dog. we thank you john donvan for that story. thank you for watching. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have great evening. good night.
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a . tonight out at actions 7 news at 6:00. traffic backed up for hours. what led up to a deadly crash that shut down the ooebs bay freeway. the team's president as they prepare to welcome one of the largest quads to watch a game at the coliseum. abc 7 news good evening everybody i'm deion limb, eric has the night off. you're looking at abc 7 viewer video showing that smoke rising into the air there. the lake county's sheriff's
6:00 pm
department has issued an evacuation order. the fire has burned 60 acres. we saw the win blowing in lake county. a look for what firefighters could be dealing with right now. >> it's breezy up there in lake county and it's hot as well. current conditions 91 in the vicinity of kelsey vil. low humid. the winds, next 24 hours will continue to be out of the west southwest between 10 and 15-mile-an-hour. you look at the coming days and that heat will increase rapidly early next week tuesday and wednesday. we're looking at triple digits. it will get hot in lake county. the forecast in just a few minutes. deion. >> sounds good drew, thanks. highway 4 open again after a deadly police criminal cashase,r