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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 24, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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"good morning america" and have a great tuesday. making news in america this morning, an unprecedented move. president trump considers revoking the security clearances of some of his fiercest critics. this morning, the white house explanation and the backlash. plus, the president's legal team making a new offer to sit down with special counsel robert mueller, but there's a catch. an urgent warning. millions of people on alert for life-threatening flash floods. record-setting rains turning roads into rivers closing a famous amusement park while in the west, temperatures soaring past 120 degrees. the new images and where conditions will be the most dangerous today. a political candidate accused of buying votes hands out $200,000 in checks at an event. so, is it legal? plus, new information in the
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search for a missing iowa college student. the social media post she made and what her boyfriend is saying. the debate over whether we need public libraries anymore. why an economist argues they should be replaced by amazon stores. and two demolition disasters, one in florida and one in new england. what went wrong? the caption contest being whoops for both. >> yes, indeed. >> as we say good morning on this tuesday we're going to start with president trump facing pushback for allegedly trying to punish some of his most vocal critics. >> the white house says six are politicizing political service but democrats call it an enemies list saying the president is threatening to revoke their security clearance and calling this petty, ugly and un-american. abc's arlette saenz has the latest from washington. arlette, good morning.
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>> reporter: diane, kendis, good morning. president trump appears to be taking aim at some of his top critics. senator rand paul was among those urging the president to revoke the security clearances of a former cia director and what he called other partisans. an unprecedented threat is under way as president trump considers revoking the security clearances of multiple former national security officials. >> not only is the president looking to take away brennan's security clearance, he's also looking into the clearances of comey, clapper, hayden, rice and mccabe. >> reporter: these six members of the obama and bush administrations all critics of the current president including former cia director john brennan who on msnbc blasted the president's summit with vladimir putin. >> i use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous because it is a betrayal of the nation. >> they politicized and in some cases actually monetized their public service and their security clearances and making baseless accusations of improper contact with
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russia or being influenced by russia against the president is extremely inappropriate. >> their free speech he doesn't like and he wants to punish them for it. >> i think you are creating your own story. >> reporter: two people on that list, former fbi director james comey and his former deputy andrew mccabe, lost their clearance after they were fired. on cnn former intelligence chief james clapper reacted to the president's threat. >> this is a real abuse of the clearance system, just to use it to attack political opponents or people that have been critical of the president. >> reporter: some legal experts say the president has the authority to revoke those clearances based on supreme court precedent and other federal law, but there's a question over whether the president should use that authority to go after his critics. diane and kendis. >> certainly triggering a big debate. arlette saenz from washington, d.c. for us, thanks, arlette. the president's legal team has submitted an offer to special counsel robert mueller regarding a possible interview.
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this after months of negotiations, the president's attorney rudy giuliani says they're willing to answer questions about collusion but they're less willing to have the president questioned about obstruction of justice. giuliani says they're waiting for a response from mueller's office. there's new concerns about russian hackers this morning who reportedly gained access to u.s. electrical utilities. "the wall street journal" reports hackers penetrated the control rooms of hundreds of facilities last year. u.s. homeland security officials say those hackers could have caused blackouts. some companies may be unaware that they were part of that breach because the hackers may have broken into their systems using stolen credentials. north korea appears to be dismantling some key facilities at its main satellite launch site. this is a possible step toward keeping the promise that kim jong-un made to president trump. a u.s. research group says satellite images show a rocket engine test location has been taken apart. new details about the suspect in the mass shooting in toronto. the family of 29-year-old faisal
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hussain says he suffered from severe mental health problems. police are working on a motive for the shooting spree. they gathered evidence from hussain's home late last night. he was killed during the exchange of gunfire with police. two people died in the attack, an 18-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl. more than a dozen others were injured. back here at home authorities are warning about life-threatening flooding along the east coast today and dangerous heat waves in the west. some americans are bracing for a rare heat wave while record-setting rainfall in the east shows no sign of letting up. this morning, 24 million americans are under flash flood watches as relenting rain pounds the east coast. near harrisburg, pennsylvania, hershey park is closed after a nearby creek overflowed. >> we showed up today for my mom's birthday. on the ned it for awcot' creek overwhelmed this road forcing evacuations.
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in nearby pine grove, this is the highway that leads into town. after days of heavy rain soaked the ground in virginia, a 60-foot tree fell onto this home in fairfax county killing a woman inside. >> this is pretty rare for us but obviously with all the rain in the past couple of days, things of that nature, the roots of these trees have really loosened up. >> reporter: and it's not just the east coast. hail and heavy rain pounded the colorado springs area. >> hold on. >> reporter: an hour after an officer posted a warning and video showing fast-moving water on a road, crews had to rescue a woman from a flooded ditch nearby. farther west the dry and hot conditions continue to fuel a wildfire near yosemite. the fire is threatening 3500 buildings and the terrain burning is so rugged, it's making the firefight even more challenging. >> witalthe hazards and standing dead trees, i've never seen anything like this in 20 years of firefighting. >> reporter: the heat is now spreading into the northwest where people in seattle are bracing for a rare experience,
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90-degree temperatures for seven consecutive days. lots of heat and now let's take a closer look at your forecast for this tuesday. good morning. days of downpours with dangerous rain travel disruptions, flash flooding from atlanta to pittsburgh down to new york. severe storms, large hail, damaging winds from happened city, aberdeen, south dakota going into nebraska and the southwest, dangerous heat, desert, the hottest this year, airline restrictions, locally 120 degrees and high fire danger from santa barbara, winds sustained at 25 to 35 miles per hour. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the democrat possibly running for president in 2020 who you've likely never heard of. also ahead, a popular snack being recalled. the concern about some goldfish crackers. and the jumbo jackpot that is now up for grabs tonight.
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we're following breaking news near athens, greece. authorities now confirm at least 49 people have died in wildfires burning along the coast. nearly half the victims were found huddled together right there next to a beach. fishing boats have joined navy ships in rescuing people from the resorts there. but a boat carrying ten tourists who fled the fires has been reported missing. turning to politics, there's some new buzz about the 2020 presidential race focused on a congressman from ohio. democrat tim ryan has hired a veteran political operative who served as bernie sanders' campaign coordinator in iowa to be his adviser in iowa this year.
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ryan has made several trips to iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. the news website the intercept says he's been building a team for a possible presidential campaign. now, ryan's spokesperson declined to comment. a candidate for mayor in chicago is insisting he did nothing wrong when he handed out cash to prospective voters. willie wilson gave away more than $200,000 at a church event on sunday. he says that he organized the event to help people who are struggling to pay their property taxes and that he's done similar giveaways in the past. the illinois attorney general is investigating, but wilson, he's not worried. >> doesn't really matter to me what people think because look at my record, it proves that i've been doing it for years. and people have to make their own decision from that. but certainly i'm not going to do anything that will break any laws. >> well, the board of elections says wilson did not break any campaign finance laws because the money came from his
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nonprofit foundation. wilson says he did not ask anyone for their vote. >> i'll be happy to cover that one in person at the next event. >> you got to love chicago politics. it's consistent. we have a food safety recall to get to this morning. goldfish snack crackers are being pulled off store shelves because of possible salmonella contamination. the voluntary recall affects four goldfish variety, extra cheddar, sour cream and onion, whole grain extra cheddar and pretzel. powders may have been contaminated. no illnesses reported. the jumbo jackpot up for grabs during the mega millions tonight just got bigger. it's now worth an estimated $512 million. >> whoo. >> at least that amount. >> yeah, baby. >> it is the fifth largest jackpot in the game's history. nobody has won since may 4th. >> lucky numbers. all right, coming up, a thrilling comeback story after a major league baseball player returns from brain surgery. see what he did to stun the crowd. but first the desperate search for a missing college
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your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. a criminal investigation is under way in miami beach this morning after this demolition disaster. a construction worker suffered critical injuries when that 12-story building collapsed. some of the debris actually hit him in the chest. the building was supposed to be brought down one section at a time. one worker blames poor planning. and in connecticut a home that survived two hurricanes including superstorm sandy was destroyed during this attempt to raze it. the house was being lifted onto concrete pilings. one worker was injured. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the mishap. >> they were doing that to protect the house. >> yes. and survivors of the las vegas concert massacre say they will not back down in their legal fight against the owner of
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the hotel where the gunman staged that attack. >> their strong reaction opposing mgm resorts comes as the company sues the victims. all in a bid to avoid liability. abc's danya bacchus with the details. >> reporter: outrage and anger. >> i'm disgusted, in fact, that i've already lost my son and now they want to sue me. >> reporter: survivors of the las vegas massacre are in disbelief that they are being sued by mgm, which owns the mandalay bay where stephen paddock carried out the worst shooting in u.s. history killing 58. >> to find out that this huge company, mgm resorts, is suing me, how do you deal with that. >> reporter: mgm resorts international is suing nearly 1,000 victims in at least seven states. the hotel attempting to use an obscure post 9/11 law for acts of terror that could protect them from liability. in a statement, mgm saying we are not asking for money or attorneys' fees but what they
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are seeking, a preemptive ruling to not be held liable against people who may sue. >> it enrages me to think this company can just try to skip out on their responsibilities and their liability. >> reporter: jason mcmillen, a sheriff's deputy who was shot and paralyzed during the attack says the lawsuit is forcing him to relive the worst night of his life., says the lawsuit is forcing him to relive the worst night of his life. the victims now vowing to continue their legal fight. >> they're not going to get away with anything. we'll keep this going as long as it takes. >> reporter: mgm is arguing that the shooting qualifies as an act of terrorism and that federally certified security services were used at the concert venue. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. >> danya, thank you. a utah teen who fell to his death off an australian cliff was reportedly taking a selfie with friends at the time. the body of 19-year-old mormon missionary gavin zimmerman has been recovered from the ocean south of sydney.
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authorities say thteen lost his balae before plunging 30 another man fell to his death at that same location just last month. investigators are trying to establish a digital footprint as they search for a missing college student in rural iowa. 20-year-old mollie tibbetts was last seen last wednesday. her boyfriend says he got a message on snapchat thursday around 10:00 p.m. saying she had returned from jogging. her disappearance has family and friends puzzled and concerned. >> this is her running off. this is just nobody would have seen it coming. nobody in the world. not her family, not me. nobody would have ever guessed that she would just take off and not tell anybody. >> now tibbetts' wallet had her i.d.s and her i.d.s were found at the home of her boyfriend's brother where she was dog sitting.
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but her phone and fitbit device are missing. 12-time olympic medalist ryan lochte has been suspended again. the swimmer is in trouble because of a picture that he posted that shows him receiving vitamins through an i.v., however, he received more than doping rules allow. lochte is now banned until next july. a thrilling comeback for the st. louis cardinals pitcher who suffered a brain injury 14 months ago when he took a line drive to the head while playing in the minor leagues. he was fighting for his life and underwent brain surgery, and last night daniel poncedeleon made his big league debut, and stunning the crowd he threw seven innings of no-hit ball against the reds. he says he didn't even realize that he had a no-hitter going until the sixth inning. the cardinals lost the game but certainly felt like they were winners. >> what a comeback for him. next in "the pulse," the debate over whether we need public libraries anymore. and also ahead, one man's junk is another's treasure. the shocking discovery inside a storage locker. and a random act of kindness from a police officer to a homeless man hoping to get a job.
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nuedexta. ♪ all right time to check time to check "the and start with the debate over whether we need public libraries anymore. >> "forbes" recently published an editorial saying libraries should be replaced by amazon book stores to save tax money. an economist argued libraries don't have the same value they used to. the functions of the library have been replaced. community wi-fi are provided by starbucks. video rentals by netflix and amazon prime and books by amazon. >> well, those are fighting words. that triggered an uproar and "forbes" actually pulled the editorial off its website. supporters argued libraries provide internet service for those who don't have it as well as important services for children and the elderly. one man's trash is another man's treasure and that was just
4:23 am
proven correct in new jersey. anealer bought an abandoned storage unit stuffed with paintings for 75 bucks apiece. he was just looking for some filler for art auctions but turns out some of those paintings are by dutch-american artist willem de kooning. >> now, each is worth millions. he's taking his time cataloging them savoring this moment. >> i've had friends who said let's go and open all those pieces, and i said, no, i said, every time i feel down, then i'm going to open one and it's a christmas day all over. >> he calls finding the treasure trove a miracle. >> and he plans to begin selling the paintings sometime this fall. now to an example of community policing at its best. one officer's heartwarming act of kindness. >> tallahassee officer tony carlson saw a homeless man at a gas station struggling to shave his beard without a mirror. so he grabbed some clippers and shaved it for him. the man said he needed to be clean cut because he was applying soon for a job at
4:24 am
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good morning,ing, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> it's tuesday, july 24th. >> 4:27 in the morning. thanks for being there. you're never seven minutes away from your forecast. >> the warming trend is going to ramp up. it's going to be one of those summer spreads that could be 30 to 40 degrees from the coast to the inland neighborhoods. we have 60s out there, san hoseies, morgan hill. fairfield, 60. mid to upper 60s in concord, brentwood, ukiah, and 70s in los gatos and clear lake. this afternoon, 65 at half moon bay to nearly 100, lakeport. we'll talk more about the microclimates coming up. here's alexis. >> so far so good here for the tuesday morning drive. we're looking at a stack-up, no surprise in the cash lanes for
4:28 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad on either the right or left side so far this morning and no metering lights yet. we have under an hour to go until those are turned on and a slight delay out of tracy, too. 15 miles per hour on westbound 580. next traffic update in a couple minutes. >> thank you. developing news. b.a.r.t. police have caught the man they think is responsible for a random and deadly stabbing at macarthur station. >> he's in jail this morning after a nearly 21-hour manhunt. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in oakland with details on how police found him. >> hi, reggie. first, i want to show you this impressive sight. look at this memorial that's been created here at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. it's full of candles and flowers and balloons. and now look over here at this partition, these windows where people have taken to writing messages. we see, we need to protect each
4:29 am
other. rest in peace. nia wilson. a lot of love and support for the victim and her family at this station. now on to the investigation. there is cell phone video from a b.a.r.t. rider of the arrest of 27-year-old john cowell. he was found at the pleasant hills station. they were able to track him down because of tips from b.a.r.t. passengers. he is accused of stabbing nia wilson to death sunday night at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. also of stabbing her sister who did survive. police are calling this so far, it looks like, a random attack. they say they do not have a motive. >> we haven't connected him with any type of radical group or white supremacist group of anything like that. >> cowell does have a lengthy rap sheet, according to our media partner the east bay times. that includes a restraining order from kaiser, which said he had threatened to kill an
4:30 am
employee there. he has also served two years for robbery. unty jail. is in the alameda reporting live from oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> there's a lot of relief in the community because of that. thank you. >> i'm her protector and i feel like i didn't protect her. that's what latifah wilson told us about her sister, nia. latifah was also stabbed and still has no idea why. wilson said she and two of her sisters were on their way home from a family gathering saturday night when 27-year-old john cowell attacked them with a knife. latifah says cowell stabbed her 18-year-old sister nia in the neck first and he didn't say a word. >> i look back, and he was wiping off his knife and stood at the stairs and just looked. she didn't do nothing to nobody. i didn't


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