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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 24, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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we're getting our first look this morning at the b.a.r.t. stabbing suspect since he was booked into jail. he now has a court date on charges he stabbed a teenager to death and wounded her sister at an oakland station. as his long criminal history comes to light investigators are asking why this stabbing, why those victims and why the suspect was able to walk out of the station. amy hollyfield is live at the alameda county jail in dublin where cowell iscowell iscowell l
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>> reporter: they also just released his mug slot thhot thi morning. accused of stabbing a woman to death on a b.a.r.t. platform sunday night, now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, violating parole. this video was taken by a b.a.r.t. passenger. police say he was not armed when they arrested him. they still don't know the motive behind the violent attack that killed the 18-year-old. she was attacked from behind, stabbed in the neck. her sister was also stabbed but survived the attack. she says they were surprised from behind by a maniac. no bail has been set. he will be arraigned or is scheduled to be arraign said on thursday morning. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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>> we have more reaction to the b.a.r.t. stabbing our website. you can watch the vigil for wilson and the father. san rafael police just lifted a shelter in place order. officers say because they were investigating an incident on pennyroyal lane residents were being asked to stay in their homes. again, the shelter in place has just been lifted. san francisco police are looking for the person who shot two men overnight killing one of them. the shooting happened at 3:00 this morning at the corner of 16th and mission streets in the city's mission district. both men were taken to zuckerberg san francisco general hospital where one wunts wounds and the other is being treated for life threatening
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injuries. police were still on the scene early this morning. mission street was closed for hours but reopened to traffic and pedestrians a couple of hours ago. new this morning brock turner is back in the spotlight. he began appealing his sexual assault conviction by arguing he didn't get a fair trial. the state appellate court heard arguments oh sid. each side had 15 minutes to sate its case. turner was convicted of sexual assault in 2016. he was released from jail after serving three months of his six month sentence. happening now, fire crews are battling a fire. it's charred 2,500 acres of land since it began yesterday afternoon. it's 5% contained. structures in the town of french gulch are threatened and the entire town is an a mandatory vacation order.
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a stretch of 299 is closed. there are more than a dozen fires burning across the state right now. you can see where they are on this map we're going to show you. firefighters are also struggling to contain a big one burning near yosemite national park. the weather is about to make the fight more challenging. a heat wave is expected to last through thursday. one firefighter died in a bulldozi bulldozing accident on the fire line. six others have been hurt. and due to high throughout the state this week cal iso has issued a flex alert. customers have been ordered to cut back on electricity from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. that's when energy hits a peak. you can turn off unnecessary lights, delay using major
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appliances and set air-conditioners to 78 degrees or higher. we are relatively cool here in the bay area, but that is certainly not the case inland and elsewhere. let's get the latest on this dangerous heat. >> you can see in orange that's a heat advisory and down in red that's an excessive heat warning. that means the temperatures are going to soar even higher down there and create a potential for more than 15 million people. and here in san francisco you're going why, it's 69. but you know the marine influence is pretty much locked into us. if you look around the state and also nevada and arizona look at the temperatures soaring up to 120. and also part of our power grid at times and that's we have the flex alert. from noon today until 11:00 thursday evening upper 90s to
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nearly 110 degrees with temperatures in the hills during the overnight hours, kristen, still in the 70s and 80s. so no relief at night, either. the death toll is growing in the greek resort town. dozens of people are declared dead. emergency crews are finding heart breaking scenes among families who couldn't escape. jessica castro is here with the latest on the inferno. >> at least 74 people have been killed, more than 160 others have been hurt. this is the deadliest fire season to hit grease in more than a decade and all happening right now in a tourist and seaside resort area east of the capital of athens. the red cross say they found 26 bodies huddled together between two homes and a cliff above the beach. the fires broke out yesterday and in the last 24 hours hundreds of people have been trying to flee the area.
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some were even evacuated on boats overnight. >> translator: thankfully the sea was there, and we wept into the sea because the flames were chasing us all the way to the water. it burned our backs and we dove into the water. it reminded me of the eruption at pompeii. >> reporter: neighboring countries have offered to help. the greek prime minister has already declared three days of national mourning for the loss of those people killed. the los angeles police department now says the store employee killed in a gun battle saturday outside a trader joe's died from a police bullet. the patrol released video today of the high-speed chase and shootout. he opened fire as he ran from his car. officers fired back. one bullet hit and killed
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27-year-old melyda corado. police chief michael moore expressed his sympathy today to corado's family and says the officers involved are just devastated. >> it's a reminder of the split second decisions officers must make every day and also a sobering reminder of the destruction a lone individual with a handgun can create. >> atkins held several people hostage for three hours before he surrendered. he'll be arraigned this afternoon. two key members of president trump's administration are in the bay area this morning. secretary of state mike pompeo and defense secretary jim mattis made a joint appearance at
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stanford. >> reporter: yeah, a press conference between australian leaders and u.s. leaders wrapped up about an hour ago. both sides touted a strong relationship and desire to work togetherglobal issues. here's video at the hoover university here. talking about the annual australia u.s. ministerial consultations. they say they discussed key economic and security issues facing the endo >> i think one of the things that gets lost is the determination this administration has had in pushing back against russian maligned behavior around the world that is unequaled in the history of the united states in terms of when there was a post cold war conflict in pushing agi
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look forward to testifying about that tomorrow as well. >> a protest by several groups calling for the impeachment of president trump. as for the summit, next year it'll take place in australia. just ahead ivanka trump c l calls it quits plus the way her
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we have breaking news from lafayette. you're looking at a live picture from sky 7. see that chp cruiser? it caught fire this morning on highway 24. they are just about to tow the wreckage away but you can see how burnt it is. no word if anybody was hurt. it is on the side of the road now. ammunition or i should say ammunition that was inside really started to explode according to lafayette police. now, this is near st. stevens drive off of highway 24. there are some delays, backup getting to the area even though it's been moved off to the side so please be aware of that this morning in lafayette. now to a new threat from the white house. president trump has now threatened to reswroek security clearances from former top national security officials who have criticized him. abc's serena marshal explains why some say it might be
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retaliation. >> reporter: a new presidential threat. >> not only is the the president looking to take away brennen's security clearance but comey, clapper, hayden, rice and mccabe. >> reporter: the white house press secretary saying president trump may strip former top obama and bush national security officials of their security clearances because they politicized and monetized their positions but also because -- >> being influenced by russia against the president is extremely appropriate. >> reporter: the former officials haven't been quiet in their opposition to the commander in chief's recent russia summit. >> i used the term this is nothing sort of treasonous because it is a betrayal of the nation. >> reporter: but two people on sanders list don't even have clearances anymore. typically former officials keep their clearances in order to quickly advise successors in an emergency and only use it based
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on wrongdoing. michael flynn kept his even after leaving the republican convention. on cnn former intelligence chief james clapper not parsing his words. >> this is kind of a petty way of retribution, i suppose. >> reporter: while house speaker paul ryan described it as. >> i think it's trolling people, honestly zblsh democrats say it's all a distraction while those who have been threatened say even without security clearance they'll still be speaking out. new this midday help may soon be on the way by u.s. farmers hit by tariffs on their goods. the trump administration is reportedby preparing to send billions of dollars in emergency aid to farmers caught in the cross fires. it would include direct assistance and other temporary
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relief for farmers being hit by retaliatory tariffs on goods like soybeans and pork. new this morning ivanka trump is closing her namesake fashion brand according to "the wall street journal." the president of the brand informed employees this morning that her company would be shutting down. according to sources ms. trump was frustrated by restrictions put in place to avoid conflicts of interests while he serves in her father's administration. in a statement ms. trump said in part i do not know or if i'll ever return to the business. but i do know my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work i'm doing here in washington. stripping down and getting naked in the gym? the reason one man says he didn't give a second thought to his nude work out. >> that paints a picture, doesn't it? let me see if i can show you another picture that may be pleasing on the eyes. some people heard the memo to
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got big temperature spread brewing not only from the coast to inland today but from this morning to the afternoon hours. check out the time lapse i put together from our east bay hills camera. it was a cool and quiet morning in the valleys where the temperatures dropped into the upper 50s. you're on your way to mid and upper 90s and even warmer weather coming tomorrow. you can see just haze and a lot of brownout there because it is wouldn't it be nice to get some rain? not going to happen. you know this time of year.
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it's very difficult. look at the temperature spread, though. already those low to mid-80s in the east bay we were looking at. it was 59 like a minute ago, so you can see there is quite a contrast developing. and here's the reason why we're having a hard time warming at the coast. the cloud is being very, very stubborn. you can see as you cross the golden gate bridge unlike the fog advisory we had for a while. still cool at the coast, limited sunshine. warmest today through thursday, and then those highs will pull back closerer to average levels as we head into the weekend. we've got two areas of pressure we're watching. one level with a clockwise flow and they're lifting all that heat from the desert and pushing it close to us, so they're acting like a heat pump. the only thing saving us is is the sea breeze. most of it bay and coast is going to be while ininin
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we've got a small craft advisory. and you can see the influence of the bay down to the south bay temperatures when you get close to the water, start to head inland 8 then hit the mid to upper 90s. wave got about a 10 degree spread on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the coast with upper 60s to low 70s, pretty close to average down in san francisco. and warm in the north bay and there are your 100s, the most dangerous weather around lake port and ucaya. hercules and union city and fremont a little there. we do have the beach hazards, the southerly swells. it's not heights but
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the rip currents and sneaker waves and energy in those waves that's really going to be dangerous. so if you're going to dip your toes in the water don't turn your back on those waves. you can see 60, 70s, 80s at noon. andli all of us getting comfortable by midnight. all the way to mid-50s to mid-60s just about everywhere. antioch and brentwood the warm spots as usual. and also up in the hills it'll stay mostly 70s in the overnight. it gets even warmer tomorrow inland but notice the coasts of the bay stay pretty consistent and by saturday and sunday we'll have our most comfortable days with mainly 70s and 80s. >> many people will be looking forward to that including firefighters. >> they need a break. >> this one is interesting to say the least. for those familiar with gyms you
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know planet fitness prides itself as being a judgment free zone. one massachusetts man put that to the test. he got naked inside a new hampshire location for a little yoga session. someone called police. when they got there he attempted to rationalize his actions by referring to the slogan painted on the wall. it didn't work. he was arrested. as we are well aware when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. the way a 5-year-old girl's lemons will make someone else's day.
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a little girl from nevada is bringing her love of lemonade and helping others to a another bay area law enforcement her love with lemons mission raises money for police and childrens groups. last night she visited san rafael police. this morning she was at marin count asheriff's office. she also has stops in menlo park, san francisco and san suletas this week. so far she's raised $2,100.
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but beyond that she's certainly bringing smiles to police officers and hopefully inspiring others to do good. >> and priceless adorability. >> is that a word? >> it should be. >> from all of us here thank you for joining us.
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>> hey, everybody, you're invited to sit back and watch as our players today are faced with some of the most important decisions of their lives. 14 questions, 14 answers, and $1 million in the balance. this is "who wants to be a millionaire". [cheers and applause] matic music] ♪ >> she's back. >> [laughs] >> welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] let's welcome back our returning contestant, a teacher from los angeles, california-- rakefet abergel. >> yes. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> welcome back. >> thank you, thank you. >> you feeling all right? >> yes, and i'm gonna hug you every chance i can. so i'm sorry, i just-- >> i'm good with that. i'm all right with that. >> okay, i asked if it was all right. >> light petting is fine. >> okay. [laughs] >> we're in the middle of your game, and we're actually very much in the middle of this game. 'cause you're halfway to


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