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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 24, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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offenses, obstruction of a peace officer, and assault. on the assault charge he was quicked and released on probation. when he was 22, he was convicted of battery. two years later in 2015, another conviction for using drugs. then in 2016, more misdemeanor charges. this time at the target store in contra costa county. cowell was caught shoplifting and carrying drug paraphernalia. scott alonzo says police also found him with this. >> a tear gas canister, i believe he was found with. >> in may 2016, his most serious crime back then, second degree robbery at lucky in el >> the loss prevention officer attempted to confront and detain, and that's when the defendant reached out with a handgun. >> reporter: it turned out to be
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a toy gun. he ran from the store, and he was caught here at the bart station. >> our prosecutors sought that felony charge and he ultimately was sentenced to state prison for two years in october of 2016. >> reporter: well, cowell served a sentence and was released on parole. incidentally we're told by bart authorities that cowell has deep roots to north concord. he has tattoos on one that says north concord, another one on his neck which says 925. of course that is the area code for concord, as well as all of contra costa county. and that was the tattoo which the tipster told police about when he called officers saying that he had just seen cowell. that, of course, was the tip that led to his arrest. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you.
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the family of the stabbing victim is reacting to the news of an arrest in that case. >> 18-year-old nia wilson was coming home from a family pool party with her two sisters when they were attacked. melanie woodrow has been talking to their family today. what was their reaction, melanie? >> reporter: they were, of course, relieved, but they were also rather shocked. more on that in a moment. but first i want to show you this growing memorial here at the mcarthur bart station, this is one of two. in this first one you can see people have been leaving candles and flowers as well as balloons, notes for nia's family, and also to the right of this one is another extensive one, lots of candles there, lots of notes for her family. they tell me that they were rather shocked that picked up and arrested while still riding bart. the family had planned to get together today to make funeral arrangements for nia wilson
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yesterday. her sister also a stabbing victim in this attack, latifah wilson, told me she and her sisters rarely took bart. >> they don't ride bart, she hated bart, she would not sit on bart, she will just stand there. she will not catch bart only if we really have to go somewhere. we just coming from a family function, you know, and going on our way home like we usually -- don't talk to nobody, just listening to our music. and all of a sudden we transfer and just to get blindsided by a maniac. for what? i don't know why. >> reporter: and that is the lingering question that this family has, why? back live now, we do want to show you that memorial. i know you weren't able to see that just a moment ago because of the video running. you can see here a number of candles, flowers, notes for this family, posters that say rest in
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peace, nia, and a lot of calls for justice. again, the family says that this has been quite an ordeal for them. and mostly because they really don't understand the motive. that is their big question is why. they do tell me that they are planning on attending cowell's arraignment. >> melanie, it's so hard having all those questions still, such unimaginable pain for this family. how are they coping? >> reporter: well, really with the support of one another. when we met them yesterday in person, we met dozens of cousins, aunts, so many siblings, so many family members and they were holding each other up, both figuratively and literally. nia was one of five siblings. there are four sisters, one brother. and the family sort of joked that she really loved getting dolled up. if you've seen some of her photos, she really enjoyed getting put together. they joked she would often make
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them late for family functions. that was something they really grew to love about her, so much so they nicknamed her pg, short for pretty girl. >> melanie woodrow, thank you for threport. bart police said today despite the rash of homicides the last several days, the system is safe. they urge riders, particularly those who ride at night and on weekends when there are fewer people on the trains to stay vigilant. police officers can't be on every train. but the agency is working to fill dozens of vacancies. >> we currently have 35 officer candidates in the process of getting hired with us. in addition to that we also have ten recruits in our training program. so once they get off the program, that's ten more officers that will be available to patrol the bart system. >> police recommend riders download the bart watch app and store the transit police dispatch number on their cell phones, and to report crimes. the dispatch number is
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510-464-7000. abc 7 news reporter lesley brinkley looks at the issue of crime at bart stations, and we'll have her story coming up at 5:00. want to hear your concerns about safety on bart. so we can follow up with bart officials. we're reviving the #dearbart which we launched five years ago during the bart strike. as long as you use that #dearbettthat #dea that #dearbart, we will be able to find your comments to get answers for you. yosemite will close tomorrow at noon because of the growing threats posed by the ferguson fire. it will be closed to visitors because of heavy smoke and flames clo flames closing in now on popular areas. rangers are evacuating hotels and camp sites. visitors need to leave by noon tomorrow. mariposa grove will also be closed, that closure expected to last until sunday. highway 141 toll tunnel entry
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will also close tomorrow at noon. firefighters intend to create a fire break along the highway to keep the 36,000 acre ferguson fire from spreading any farther. that fire is now 25% contained. high temperatures across the state this week have prompted california's independent system operator to issue a flex alert. the alert encourages electricity conservation today and tomorrow, specifically from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. to say void possible power outages during the flex alert, turn off unnecessary lights, avoid using major appliances and set air conditioners to 78 degrees or higher. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> much of california is experiencing very hot temperatures. look at the advisories and the warnings we have across the state, a heat advisory for much of the state, but even more severe, excessive heat warning is in effect for southern california. you see the reason why. look at current temperatures right now. we're at 119 in palm springs. 102 in bakersfield, 88 that current temperature in l.a., but
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for us here locally, you can thank that sea breeze keeping san francisco on the cool side, only 64. so no advisories here around the bay at this hour. lookinlan look inland, we're at 90 right now. but clear lake has exceeded the century mark at this hour. close to the coast, we are much cooler. future weather is showing you the fog will regroup along the coastline. it will be a foggy start to wednesday. however, tomorrow will be warmer than today. we'll have the numbers and the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you so much, drew. the los angeles police department now says the trader joe's employee killed in a gun battle outside a store on saturday died from an officer's bullet. today the department released patrol car and body camera video of the high speed chase and then the shootout. the chase ended in front of the store, and l.a.'s silver lake neighborhood, the suspect 28-year-old gene atkins hit a light pole. he started shooting as he ran from his car and officers fired back. one bullet hit and killed
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27-year-old mellody corado. police chief michael moore expressed his sympathy today. he says the is heartbreaking reminder of the split second decisions officers must make every day. and it's also a sobering reminder of the destruction that a lone individual with a handgun can create. >> atkins held several people hostage for three hours before he surrendered. he was arraigned this afternoon on 30 felony accounts, including the attempted murder of his 76-year-old grandmother. that's the incident that started the deadly chain of events. san francisco police are looking for the killer of a 33-year-old man shot in the mission district overnight. a 36-year-old man was also wounded at 16th and mission streets. it happened at 3:00 in the morning. both victims were rushed to the hospital, where the 33-year-old passed away. no arrests have been made. a california highway patrol
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cruiser caught fire along the westbound lanes of highway 24. sty 7 was overhead. the fire caused spare ammunition in the suv to go off, leading highway patrol officers to shut down the freeway to keep other drivers safe. the officer got out safely. the freeway reopened around 11:00 a.m. happening now, commuters facing delays in san jose because of a wreck that bad badly injured the driver of a big rig. two large tow trucks are working with a bulldozer to try to clear the scene along southbound u.s. 101 at the interstate 880 interchange. it overturned before 1:30 this afternoon. the driver told them he lost control of the rig along the ramp from southbound 880 to 101. he's being treated at a trauma center. here's the live picture. the chp tells us they do not know when the three right lanes will reopen on 101. tens of thousands of dollars
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in leggings stolen in just seconds. >> i was just shocked. and i froze. like i didn't know robberies at lululemon stores all over the by. what the tracking tags are telling police. actress demi lovato hospitalized, her very public
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a robbery was caught on surveillance video. you can see these women leaving a fresno lululemon store after grabbing thousands of dollars in
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merchandise. >> police believe the thieves are responsible for 13 other thefts around the bay area over a two-week period. stores in gilroy, walnut creek, stanford and berkeley were all hit, multiple times, days apart. lyanne melendez is there. how many times has that particular store been hit? >> reporter: four times. the first time it was hit was back on july 11th. recently on july 20th. so last friday. now, police here in berkeley say this has been a real challenge for them. now, of course, there is the highway close by. so that makes for a quick getaway. but other than that police say they have no idea why this particular store is being targeted. here's surveillance video released today by berkeley police helping it will help solve the four robberies that have occurred this month inside the lululemon store on fourth street. the robbers have taking more
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than $50,000. each of these leggings costs on average $100. >> they will enter the store in a group of two or three and they'll come in with a bag and start filling the bags with items. >> they have a policy that once a thief has walked outside, employees are not allowed to chase after them. >> we know that many of them are related. i cannot say that they're all related, but many of them are. >> walnut creek store has been robbed twice. the second time police managed to grab the three people allegedly involved. two women and a man, a block away, in front of this restaurant. inside the getaway car police also found items from the berkeley store. they know because each tag has a tracking device that tells them what store the item came from. this past sunday fresno police responded to a robbery at the lululemon store. the surveillance video shows three women stashing 148 pairs of leggings into tote bags. the manager did nothing to stop
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them. christine brown, a yoga instructor was inside at the time. >> i froze. like i didn't know what to do.i anything i could do. >> is this robbery connected to the other ones? it appears so. >> they believe it's related to a crew that has hit lululemon in the bay area. >> reporter: so fresno police say they think the three people arrested in walnut creek were eventually released and started committing all these crimes all over again. now, we reached out to lululemon, but they never responded. ama? >> and lyanne, why can't police do more to patrol the store and actually keep it safe? >> reporter: well, you know, i asked that same question. and police here in berkeley told me that they have had surveillance on that store. but that staffing doesn't always allow for that. but get this, that store has a security guard inside. but that security guard is not
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allowed to stop the thieves. they are not allowed to run after anybody. they are only there to act as appant not working. i'm live in berkeley, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> clearly. >> yeah, clearly not, goodness. demi lovato is reportedly in a los angeles hospital after an apparent heroin overdose. the paramedics found the 25-year-old unconscious inside her hollywood hills home this morning. she was treated with narcan, which is a drug used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. lovato has led a public battle with substance abuse, and recently revealed she had suffered a relapse. much needed help is on the way for the poor and homeless in santa clara county. google announced the million to construction of a kitchen and laundry facility at trinity united methodist church.
4:18 pm
the new facilities are a major expansion of services to the homeless already provided by the church and a nonprofit called hope's corner. >> we've been working on plans for several years. we've got our building merpermi ready to issue and we're ready to go going with the project. >> construction on the new facilities will begin next month and they should be open by next year. the sounds of a san francisco tradition will go silent this year. that's a familiar sound. well, the 55th annual cable car bell ringing contest has been cancelled. this is video from previous competitions. the mta hasn't confirmed a reason, but many operators say they're boycotting the event because late night cable car service has been scaled back causing a dozen people to lose shifts. they hope the bring the contest back next year. >> that's too bad, a long tradition of that event. you have a chance to win more than half a being dollars tonight, $522 million on the line in the megamillions
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drawing, the 11th largest drawing in the history, according to california lottery. your odds of winning are one in 258 million, so not great. >> i'm trying to break it down for you. the drawing is at 8:00 tonight if you want the winning numbers sent directly to your phone, download the abc 7 news app and enable the push alerts. ama and i already have thoughts about how we'd be money. >> odds be darned. >> they keep getting bigger and bigger, nice if you win it. >> 522 will be okay. >> you'll settle for that? >> you're a simple man. >> there you go. >> a lot of folks are happy that heat in socal is not here right now. the sea breeze is in effect. the marine layer along the coast will creep on back in later on tonight. take you outside. it's a beautiful picture from our south bay camera, san jose
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soaked in sunshine at this hour. but you take a look at the coast, and sutro tower showing you the fog is moving on back in at this hour. that fog is keeping us on the cool side. we have no intense heat here locally. but we do have issues along the beach. the beach hazard statement still in effect, lasting until tomorrow night at 11:00. we have the active ocean current right now, a southerly swell has been building. so eight to perhaps eleven foot breakers, rip currents and sneaker waves on the coastline the next couple days. temperaturewise, we have a full range of temperatures, something for everybody. the coast is cool, in the '60s right now, but you hop inland, we are warm, brentwood at 98 degrees. 94 in concord, warm in the south bay right now, 81 in south bay, 84 in fremont, up north, they've exceeded the century mark, doing so again tomorrow. hot in spots. overnight tonight, here's the call, clouds building on the coastline as we speak, spilling into the bay.
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mid to upper 50s along the bay shoreline. away from the coast, you'll be mild, holding to midif not low 60s, and that will create a launching pad for a warm day inland. future weather, 6:00 in the morning, we have the fog over san francisco stretching into the east bay. by 9:00, clouds are pulling back to the coast. we have a rapid warmup by midday, lunchtime, already spots in the low 90s. inland tomorrow, it will be another hot day, but a heat advisory is in effect for parts of mendocino and lake county. this lasting until thursday night at 11:00 where temperatures in the orange shaded areas could reach up to 110 degrees. it will be hot in parts of the region. highs tomorrow, starting in the south bay, sunny and warm for san jose, 87. but morgan hill and gilroy, upper 90s. 85 the high for cupertino. along the peninsula, 75 for cool on the coast, 63. downtown san francisco, cooler
4:22 pm
in daly city, 63. into the north bay, the heat is extreme. 105 for cloverdale. 90 is the high in napa. east bay, tomorrow, 70s and 80s with afternoon sunshine. 82 in fremont. inland, warmer than that. and tomorrow, our inland cities will see the hottest day all week. 98 brentwood, 96 walnut creek. we'll plan the next seven days for you, very hot inland tomorrow and then we'll gradually cool off with gray mornings, bright sunshine in the afternoon and by saturday and sunday, this will be nice, the heat eases for near average inland temps in the upper 80s. that will be nice. >> thank you, drew. >> sure. there's something no eck out at ts year's toldouut t eck out at ts year's toldouut t efforte t food you could save energy
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san francisco's biggest summer music festival returns with a twist. >> embracing the recreational marijuana culture since it became legalized in california as of the start of the year. >> kristen sze is now here with the details announced today. >> larry and ama, outside lands has become a major event for san francisco, bringing more than 200,000 people over three days to golden gate park to enjoy music, food and arts. as the festival celebrates its eleventh year, organizers hope to cash in on the growing interest in legalized recreational cannabis. at a special area called grasslands, visitors will be able to learn more about marijuana, though they won't be able to smoke anything in a public park. organizers unveiled the glimpse on instagram today. at the greenhouse visitors with talk to bud tenders.
4:26 pm
at the confectionery, a range of sweet treats. lemonade stand, the flower shop, people can pick up a wearable weed flower crown. the smell wall, they can explain the different scents. and there will also be a cannabis themed farmer's market. it's all informational. there will be no actual buying or selling of anything with weed. outside lands takes place from august 10th through the 12th in golden gate park. larry and ama? >> kristen, thank you. paul mccartney made a surprise appearance at the site of a famous spot in beatles history. mccartney strolled through the crosswalk of abbie road in london. came 49 years after he and his beatles crossed the street for their legendary album. in this video, he's walking in the opposite direction from the walk on the album cover and he's
4:27 pm
also not barefoot. after that, he invited fans into the studios for a concert. these victims speak out today on capitol hill. >> one person abused is too many. >> the demands they're making to be sure people are held accountable for not helping victims. and the death toll continuing to rise
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30, learning about the long rap sheet of a man accused of stabbing a bart passenger to death sunday night. he's been convicted of obstruction of a peace officer and assault. abc 7 news reporter tweeted advice for bart riders on how to stay safe. they recommend having the police dispatch number in your cell phone and downloading the bart watch app to report crimes. yosemite will close tomorrom at noon because of the threat posed by the ferguson fire. more than 80 women who are survivors of former michigan state university physician larry nassar's sex abuse scandal were recognized for their courage at a senate hearing today. abc news reporter maggie rulli is live in washington. >> reporter: those 80 women spoke before for a press
4:31 pm
conference in what turned into a very emotional day for both the women and many of the politicians who were there. these women have been fighting for years to get justice. today they brought their battle to capitol hill. >> usag, usoc, and msu, you have failed me. have all failed me. >> you have failed me. >> all failed me. >> all failed me. >> today the survivors are speaking out. >> one person abused is too many. >> not letting the world forget what larry nassar did to them. or to the hundreds of women who came forward alleging sexual abuse during his time as team doctor for usa gymnastics and while working at michigan state university. they're demanding that the people who kept nassar in power be held accountable. >> the governing bodies whose job it was to protect us failed to do so. >> they do not have a p.r. problem. they have a sexual abuse problem. >> reporter: they've taken their
4:32 pm
fight to washington, d.c. >> welcome to today's subcommittee hearing. >> reporter: where a senate subcommittee is meeting to investigate the abuse of athletes. standing beside them this afternoon politicians vowing to take action. >> we have to stop this from going on so they don't have to come forward again. >> this problem is not limited to larry nassar. it was a failure at all levels. >> reporter: as politicians fight to get answers, many continue to thank the women who made this investigation possible. >> and i know it's not easy at times. but what you are doing today is making a difference. in the lives, not just your lives, but the lives of others who come after you. >> reporter: and the scandal has already led to fallout with top executives at both michigan state university and usa gymnastics stepping down. but those survivors say that is not enough and they're going to keep fighting until they're sure what happened to them will never happen again. in new york, maggie rulli, abc 7 news. >> are these hearings a bipartisan effort from the senate?
4:33 pm
>> reporter: ama, it's been pretty incredible, in a day that's so politically divided, these hearings have been incredibly bipartisan, hearing from both democrats and republicans, many high ranking in the senate, really standing up for these women. we heard again and again today they are standing beside these women. in this hearing and in past hearings, many politicians have become emotional talking about their own children, talking about many people in their districts that have reached out to them speinbout theen. iss pers take seriously. at least for now it seems like they're fighting to get to the bottom of what happened. potentially placing more blame on someone. >> maggie rulli live from new york, thank you, maggie. pennsylvania's sexual offender's assessment board is recommending bill cosby be classified as a sexually violent predator. he was convicted in april on sexual assault charges related to accusations he had drugged and assaulted andrea constand in 2004. he's required to register as a
4:34 pm
the death toll from forest h fires that raged through seaside resorts has increased to 74. two main fires broke out yesterday, fanned by gale force winds. molly hunter with the story. >> reporter: there are two ways out by road or by sea. the coast guard says they've rescued more than 700 people from beaches, picking up more swimmers out in the water. >> thankfully the sea was there and we went into the sea because the flames were chasing us all the way to the water. >> reporter: they're the worst wildfires greece has seen in years, killing dozens of people already. the red cross found 26 bodies huddled together between two homes on a cliff above the beach. firefighters doing battle with heavy winds reaching 50 miles per hour, rapidly sending the flames over mountains and into
4:35 pm
homes, the greek prime minister urged unity, today declaring three days of mourning. >> translator: we must at this moment all be in a constant state of alert. >> reporter: but so many unable to escape by road. a death trap. here are the abandoned cars now incinerated. the metal from one motor bike melted into the ground, the scorched earth and skeleton structures left behind, here the mati 15 miles out of athens. molly hunter, abc news, london. and hundreds of people are missing, thousands homeless after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in south eastern laos, released large amounts of water and sweeping away houses, leaving more than 6,600 people homeless. the trump administration is sending billions in aid to help farmers with the trade war in china. ergcyofcial s package will
4:36 pm
not require congressional approval. earlier today the president proclaimed on twitter that "tariffs are the greatest." he released tariffs on china, and beijing responded with tariffs on soybeans. the hoover institution released the video of secretary of state mike pompeo and jim mattis with their australian counterparts, and we're told economic and security issues were discussed, as well as north korea and russia. afterwards secretary pompeo defended president trump and his controversial comments last week about vladimir putin and russian interference in the 2016 election. >> i think one of the things that gets lost is the determination that this administration has had in pushing back against ussia-maligned behavior aroune >>ever turne out tootest they
4:37 pm
pompeo and mattis, and calling for the impeachment of president trump. more people drop cable and satellite. shakespeare to the masses, and young kids too, the the bar. a live look at our traffic situation, this is our san jose traffic camera looking at 101 southbound on the right-hand side. where you can see there was an accident earlier. >> big rig crash. >> yes, exactly. so only a couple lanes getting by there. but it does seem to be moving on the northbound side. it seems to be looking pretty
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. it's time to add culture to the program. to be or not to be. that is the question in hamlet. here were the answers, actor aaron murphy and katy marcel with the livermore shakespeare festival. >> it's been around for 16 years. we are a professional performing company, and arts educational organization out in livermore, out in the tri-valley, the sunny side of the bay as we like to call it. >> okay. >> and our flagship program livermore shakespeare festival is two shows out in the middle of the vineyard. we do the shows in the round, you can sip your award-winning wine and catch a fantastic
4:41 pm
production while the sun sets over the vineyard. >> you offer several performances. >> yes, we're doing this year "the importance of being ernest," and shakespeare's second to last play "the winter's tale," more like a fairy tale. >> what character are you? >> i am playing the jealous king, leonti's in the "winter's tale". >> to you rule with an iron fist? >> i rule with a fickle and iron fist. >> i like that. the festival raises money for so wise, so young, an in-school literacy program. what does that entail? what's it all about? >> we have a second grade program in all the public second grade classrooms in livermore. we have discovered that second graders have no shakes-fear. all words are new words to second graders. we do ten weeks, an hour a week,
4:42 pm
with the secondrm e they pfo a li of adream, our hope is that they grow up loving, learning and not being afraid of shakespeare at all. >> they send back questions. some of the actors are teaching them on stage at the festival, and some of the obscure words, the little kids will be like what does this mean? and so we break it down for them. >> yeah. >> i have some shakes-fear. that's why i only do to be or not to be, that's as far as i go. your last performances are happening this weekend. are tickets still available? what's the process? >> we do have tickets available. we have a 300-seat house. we've got shows thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, 7:30 in the evening. >> livermoreshakes is the website? >> yeah, keep it fun. >> you have a construction project in the works here for the long run.
4:43 pm
>> we do. the city of livermore just chose livermore shakespeare festival as the developer of a multiuse black box theater site in downtown livermore. we have a new development called stockman park. and it's going to be built in about five years and it will allow us to perform year round and work with some other cultural groups in liver mother or father, give them a small space to launch their work. >> that's exciting. what will capacity be in that theater? >> about 150 seats. >> it's going to be cozy. >> a small, intimate, casual little black box. >> aaron, we have a few seconds left. give me a little shakespeare, right here, right now. be the mad king, if you will. >> there may be in the cup a spider steeped, and one may drink, his knowledge is not infected, but if one present the abhorred ingredient to his eye, make known how he drunk his gorge asides, with violent hefts, larry, i have drunk and
4:44 pm
seen the spider. >> i don't want to see the spider. i don't want to see the spider. aaron, katy, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> learn more, livermore shakespeare festival, go to, or livermore shakes. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having us. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. it will be a mild and clear night away from the coast. warmest spot holding in the 60s. you have coastal drizzle cooler in the mid-50s. 12 hour day planner on wednesday, kind of stuck in this pattern, not having the morning cloud cover. but by 4:00, what you'll really notice inland we're very hot tomorrow, near the century mark, even around the bay, upper 70s to lower 80s. good idea to download the accuweather app, drag the temperatures hour by hour. here's the seven-day forecast, planning for you, very hot inland tomorrow, and then we'll begin to see the temperatures ease inland. by the weekend, saturday and sunday, this will feel nice, you're stuck in the upper 80s
4:45 pm
before we turn a little bit warmer early parts of next week. hot away from the coast tomorrow, guys. well, smoke and your health, a simple at-home trick you can do to help clean the air without breaking the bank. "7 on your side" michael finney, yelp is adding a new this is long distance with the best wifi experience, long-distance relationship.
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at the height of the tourist season you semitee valley is choked in smoke from the ferguson fire, that smoke is spreading and causing health problems. but there is a way to keep safe anytime the air gets too bad. reporter gene haegenson from our sister station in fresno has tips. >> reporter: with the ferguson fire blanketing the valleys and mountains with smoke, the best health advice is -- >> when they see smoke or smell smoke, to stay indoors. >> reporter: but the smoke can still seep in. >> i don't open up at night anymore. but the smoke comes in anyway. >> reporter: the most effective way to deal with inside smoke is to make sure the filter on your air-conditioning system is clean and replace it the hardwareariposa
4:49 pm
are seeing a run on air filters. >> it's a huge problem, huge problem right now. everybody's houses are filled with smoke, and not everybody has an air-conditioning unit. >> one way to keep the air in your house clean is to get an air purifier. but the health department is recommending something simpler. take a standard air filter and use a little duct tape, attach it to the back of a box fan. >> those are effective for a room-size air filtration system. >> reporter: the home maid systems are even being used in county offices. the air may not look bad inside. but as you can see this filter is turning brown after running for just a couple of hours. instructions on how to make your own air filter are available online at the mariposa county website. dean haganson, abc 7 news. consumer news, if you bought one of apple's newest macbooks, is it working as fast as you expected? >> michael finney has more on a
4:50 pm
problem for some macbook owners. >> there's so many complaints about this. apple has blamed a software glitch for the slowdown of its new macbook pros, and starting today there's a fix to speed up the computer. cupertino-based apple told consumer reports the fix is included in today's mac, 10.13.6 update. it will combat a glitch called thermal tl thermal throttling. it heats up during intensive operation and the computer slows everything down so the chip can cool down safely. millions more americans are expected to join the growing number of cord cut es of cable and satellitetive. 6 illion additional consumers will ditch cable or satellite this year alone. now, this as services like youtube, netflix and am son keep
4:51 pm
picking up more customers. emarketer says the transition is coming about because those services are streamly original content and have lower costs. when you go on yelp to check out a restaurant, you see rankings of the food, atmosphere and service, and now, starting today, you can find hygiene scores for eateries here in california, along with those in texas, illinois, new york and washington, d.c. yelp plans to expand it to 750,000 restaurants all across america. yelp worked with local governments to make this often hard to find information more accessible to consumers. rising temperatures across california will cost you more when you go to the grocery store to buy lemons. lemon crops have been struggling due to this month's heat wave. the delesale prices nearly 40%. in southern california, pardon me, carton prices average $52 to
4:52 pm
$55 last wee cre to just $36 to $39 in june. yikes. >> wow. >> lemonade is going to be costly. >> it is. >> thank you, michael. if sparkling water may be your go-to beverage, you're in luck. a recent study found sparkling water is just as hydrating as still water. researchers have found carbonation in beverages has little impact on hydration. although carbonated water might run through you faster. some feel the carbonation encourages them to drink more, while others get full and bloated faster. a new study finds dogs really are man's best friend. the study published in the journal learning and behavior suggests dogs can tell when their owner is in need. they move quickly to help. make crying sounds rather than when they hum a tune. the data
4:53 pm
an dozen dogs joined the study. it's not just mountain view that is banning free lunch. up next, the new effort to get tech workers out of their buildings and into the community. and now how san francisco is taking it one step further. dan is here with what's ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. dan? >> ama, a new twist in a case that sparked national outrage, new at 5:00, a hail mary pass from a former stanford. reporting crime on bart. how easy is it to use the app? it's a dirty job, someone has to do it. the can that city leaders hope leads to cleaner streets in san francisco. and your luggage, boy, it can take a real beating. which bags are best for
4:54 pm
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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tonight on abc 7 as 8:00, back to back episodes of the middle. blackish at 9:00 and 9:30. the last defense at 10:00. a day after mountain view unveiled their plan, forcing high tech workers off their campus and into the community. san francisco lawmakers introduced a measure with the goal today. >> reporteerenalstra isn e ll be frwi in san francisco's midmarket area.
4:57 pm
yet few of their employees ever eat here. >> it's hard to compete with good and free. >> perennial's owner anthony miat is talking about the gourmetia inside the companies. >> it's not just lunch. it's, you know, every meal, and snacks and drinks and everything. >> back in the 1990s, we reported on what was then a new recruiting tool. now san francisco leaders say at least 51 companies, not all high tech, have in-house cafeterias. supervisor asha -- wants to prohibit new businesses with that perk. >> think about your businesses -- >> the late mayor ed lee hoped to revitalize the midmarket area when he proposed a tax break for high tech companies like twitter. >> it would increase patronage atestais allecse
4:58 pm
fete opposite happened. >> we eat breakfast at the office, eat something small and go out for lunch. >> the legislation is aimed at future businesses, but the hope is also to start a conversation with those already here. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. and the supervisors wish existing companies would follow the lead of square, which voluntarily closes its kitchen twice a month to encourage employees to support the community. >> moments ago, san francisco became the latest city in the country to ban the use of plastic straws into their takeout containers made of plastic. the board of supervisors unanimously approved this measure. supervisor katy tang says the negative environmental impacts of single use plastics are astronomical. this new law will take effect in july of next year. the opponents of the ban say straws are sometimes necessary items used by the disabled to sip drinks and consume food. l
4:59 pm
heading in this direction with regard to plastic. >> they certainly are. >> that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. news at 5:00 starts now. bart rere veals how police found a man who killed a teenager on a train. >> many people want the answer to that question, plus the five stations with most violent crimes, also -- >> i've never seen anything like this in 20 years of fire fighting. >> it's a big statement. a growing wildfire at the height of tourist season, park officials now telling people near yosemite to get out while they can. and targeting retailer lululemon, a gang of thieves may be hard at work. >> announcer: live ywhere you live. here's his mug shot, john cowell, the man police say killed a teenager on bart. he's now being questioned and will be in court tomorrow. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm kristen sze. bart riders are nervous about being on the train. nia wilson was one of three people killed on the system in five days. >> lesley brinkley talked with the bart board president one on one and asked tough questions about what riders can do to be safe. >> she's live at bart headquarters in oakland. lesley? >> reporter: bart police told me they are not going to be releasing the video of that 18-year-old being stabbed at the mcarthur station, it's too bloody and vicious to share with the public. they do say really clear cut camera shots they have of the suspect ended up -- it was shots from a previous encounter he had with bart police over not having a valid ticket. that's what led to bart police say last night a male rider called dispatch directly from his cell phone to say i think i saw the guy you want on a richmond bound train. he described him as having a 925 tattoo on his neck, a reference


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