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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ridgeline with a chrome roof rack. the license plate on the vehicle is 7y51010. anyone who sees this car, the victim, or the suspect, please call 911 immediately. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. now to tonight's top story. one teenager's death has triggered a community's outrage and renewed scrutiny on the safety of one of the bay area's busiest transit agencies. >> as you may have heard, sunday night 18-year-old nia wilson and her sister were attacked at macarthur station by a knife-wielding man for no reason. wilson died. her sister was wounded. the suspect, 27-year-old transient john cowell, this man, was arrested yesterday afternoon at the pleasant hill bart station. >> today we have a team of reporters working the story from all angles. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley spoke to some of bart's top leaders about what it would take to make the system safer. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow followed up with the victim's family to get their reaction to the suspect's
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arrest. >> but first, let's hear from abc 7 reporter vic lee about the suspect's history and his long criminal record. >> well, dan, of course we don't know anything about his juvenile record, but it is clear from his adult criminal record that he's been in and out of trouble since he was 18. john lee coko cowell just 27 ye old. when he was 18 his record included misdemeanor drug offenses, obstruction of a peace officer and assault. on the assault charge, cowell was convicted and released on probation. when he was 22, cowell was convicted of battery. two years later in 2015, another conviction for using drugs. then in 2016, more misdemeanor charges. this time at the contra costa county. cowell was caught shoplifting and carrying drug paraphernalia.
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contra costa d.a. spokesman scott alonzo says police also found him with this. >> i believe he had a tear gas canister. so a wide variety of charges in that one, all misdemeanors. >> in may 2016, cowell's most serious crime back then, second-degree robbery. cowell was known to be a shoplifter here. this time he was dmaut the act. >> the loss prevention officer attempted to confront him, detain him, and that's when the defendant reached out with a gun, a handgun. >> it turned out to be a toy gun, but he also had a box cutter, a real weapon. kyle ran from the store. guess where police caught him, here at the el cerrito plaza bart station. >> our prosecutors sought that felony charge, and he ultimately was sentenced to state prison for two years in october of 2016. >> cowell completed his sentence and was paroled thought may 2018. he also has a record in contra costa's civil courts. in 2015, a concord woman filed this restraining order against cowell. the following year, another
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restraining order, this one from kaiser hospital in richmond stating he had repeatedly threatened staff members. you may be asking what about his mental state. >> he was evaluated by a doctor in the robbery case in 2016. he was found competent to stand trial. >> well, cowell also has a record in neighboring alameda county. a lot of misdemeanors, misdemeanor vandalism, petty theft, and of course drug use. and by the way, bart authorities are telling us that cowell has deep ties to north concord. he's got tattoos on his body. one tattoo says north concord. the other one is on his neck, and that one says 925. and of course 925 is the area code for concord. and that, by the way, was the tattoo that the tipster told police about when he called them, and that's the tip that led to his arrest. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right, vic, thank you.
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oakland police say six of their officers suffered nonlife threatening injuries when at least two m-80 firecrackers were thrown at them during last night's march and vigil. the department says a thousand marchers took part in the remembrance. two people were detained by officers when some in the crowd grew disruptive as well as violent. tear gas was used after the m-80s were thrown. police are still looking for that suspect. the woman who was killed, nia wilson, was just 18 years old. her sister was with her at the time of the attack and was wounded but survived. a memorial in nia's honor continues to grow at the macarthur bart station, the scene of the crime. that's where melanie woodrow is live now to continue our team coverage after speaking with the sister who did survive. melanie? >> yeah, some relief from family tonight about that arrest. more on that in just a moment. but first, i do want to show you this growing memorial here at the macarthur bart station. you can see there are lots of
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candles, flowers, and lots of notes of support for the wilson family. it was last night -- rather during last night's vigil that the news broke of the arrest of john cowl. by phone today, stabbing victim latifah wilson, the sister of nia wilson told me that she and family members were shocked that cowell was still riding bart when he was arrested. the family had planned to get together today to make funeral arrangements for nia. yet latifah wilson described what she said to her sister in the final moments of her life. >> i love her and we're going to get through this. i got you. you're my baby sister. she was my heart. no matter our ups and downs, we still make each other come back to each other like it was nothing. love and caring and help anybody and everybody >> and the lingering question
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from this family is why. what was the motive, why did this happen. that is what they are continuing to ask. they say that they do plan on attending cowell's arraignment, which is scheduled for tomorrow. live in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> all right. melanie, thank you so much. and wilson's death is the third in five days on a bart train or at a bart station. about an hour ago, bart police released these new pictures of a suspect in another recent deadly attack. police say this man punched another man on the bayfair station platform around 1:00 in the morning on saturday, knocking the victim to the ground where he hit his head. the victim later died at the hospital. police hope these pictures of the suspect will help them find him. let's continue our live team coverage tonight with abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley. she spoke with the bart board president one-on-one and asked tough questions about what the agency is doing to keep those riders safe. leslie? >> well, they say that a lot of their cameras are really helping
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improve safety. cameras on the trains, cameras in the stations, and on this case a body cam shot taken by an officer when he encountered the suspect wanted for the murder of the 18-year-old earlier. previously, in talking about an invalid ticket. that they say ended up leading to his arrest. bart police say last night a male rider called dispatch directly from a cell phone to say i think i saw the guy you want on a richmond bound train. john lee cowell was arrested at the pleasant hill station. he had just transferred at the same macarthur station where the murder had taken place the day before, according to bart police. bart says in their report that the stations with the most violent crime include richmond, macarthur, coliseum, san leandro and daly city. bart's security advisory committee met this morning. the board president talked to me about rider safety. why not have bart put an officer on every single train? >> budget. >> how much would it cost to put an officer on every single
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train? >> we don't have enough officers to deploy them in every single station. >> bart runs 75 trains a day through 48 stations. they are short-staffed on police, down 25 officers right now, but new recruits are slated to start soon. >> our marching orders to our patrol officer is to get out of the car and walk the stations and get on the trains and be visible. >> bart encourages riders to report crime, especially weapons, threats, and violence by using their bart app or calling in. there is no way to text. things they want riders to report include people urinating on trains and people fondling themselves. they generally do not want reports of things like solicitation, loud music, or bad smells. >> someone swearing or ranting on a train, there is nothing that can be done about that? >> no. i would report. that's disruptive behavior, and it often escalates. >> safety tips include being
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extra vigilant after hours, at night and on weekends. don't be staring at your phone. don't pull out your wallet if you can help it. get a clip or card. and have the bart dispatch number on speed dial on your cell phone. and if you ride bart even occasionally, it's a good idea, bart says, to have this number, this in your contact list on your cell phone, 510-464-7000. they say get away out of the car or off the platform. make a phone call to them, provide details. they said it's faster than 911. reporting live in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> okay, leslie, thanks a lot. and while riders can call bart police, texting is not an option. the only way to discreetly report criminal behavior is by using the bart watch app. and officials are now making a new push for riders to download it so they're prepared. abc 7 reporter chris nguyen tested it out. >> when it comes to feeling safe on bart --
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>> you're always kind of on your toes and feeling like a little nervous, you know. i actually stopped taking bart during commute hours. >> there has been mixed reaction from passengers following sunday's deadly stabbing at the macarthur bart station. >> generally speak, i feel relatively safe. there are some concerns with safety. >> but with nearly 450,000 riders on a daily basis, bart is now urging the public to install the bart watch app, if they haven't already done. so in just under three minutes, we downloaded the app, followed the prompts, and filed a test report, all while t a train this afternoon. however, depending on where you're at in the bart system, you may be in a spot with no reception. so that's why it's important to download the app before you get on board. but if time is critical, you can't call police or safely use the on board intercom or use the app itself -- >> get up. leave the train car if you think somebody is violent. you're not going to walk by and say hold it, i'm going to go tell on you. just leave.
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>> passenger jennifer clooney has bart police on speed dial, but is skeptical about using the app. >> maybe quieter to just report something on an app than to pick up phone and talk to a person. but you never know. what's the response once it gets to bart? >> right now riders can't text police, but can send a note directly to dispatch through the app. bart officials did not release response rates, but say the app has been downloaded nearly 46,000 times since launching in august of 2014. in san francisco, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> now we want to hear your concerns about safety on bart so we can follow up with bart officials and ask them about it. we are reviving the #dearbart, which we launched five years ago during the bart strike. you can voice your concerns on twitter or facebook, and as long as you see that dearbart hash tag, we'll be able to find your comments. ada -- ada is expressing what we heard from so many riders.
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she tweets it is so unsafe riding because i never see security anywhere. it would be nice to have security presence walking around the platforms and trains just to monitor so bad people are at least a bit hesitant to commit crimes. ada, we appreciate your comment. n new video released today show that's an innocent woman caught in the crossfire outside a trader joes was killed by a polce bullet. tonight see and hear the chaos officers faced as they tried to capture an armed suspect. and next, the argument to overturn brock turner's conviction for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman near stanford. and i'm meteorlogist drew tuma, wrapping up a bright and warm afternoon away from the coast. now tracking even
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new at 6:00, a woman's family has settled a lawsuit after she was killed by police gunfire during a bank robbery in stockton. misty holtsing died in july of 2014 after three bank robbers took her hostage. the robbers then sped away from the bank with her inside their car and used her as a human shield. 32 stockton police officers fired more than 600 times into the getaway car. two suspects died. the sole surviving suspect is serving a life sentence. holtsing's family won't say how much money they received. breaking news on that amber alert we talked about at the top of the broadcast. the suspect has been found, the man you're looking at. you can see the tweet by alameda county sheriff's office announcing it. the suspect's car has also been found, however, the girl is still missing. isabelle epps is 16 and was reportedly kidnapped this afternoon in hayward. police believe these two knew
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one another. two years ago, former stanford student brock turner was convicted of sexual assault. now his attorney is back this court, trying to get that verdict overturned. abc 7 news reporter david louie was in court to hear firsthand the argument that turner wasn't given a fair trial. >> the attorney for brock turner used a new word he hopes will ultimately overturner broadcastinger's sexual assault conviction. the word is outercourse and stumped the panel of three appellate justices who asked for an explanation. attorney eric multhaup said it was gratification with clothes on. the defendant was discovered with his clothes on in 2015 while his victim who goes by emily doe was partially nude. the attorney says there was no intent to rape emily doe. the three justices allowed 15 minutes for turner's attorney to speak and the same time for deputy attorney general elisa carlisle who said that sufficient evidence had been
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presented to jury. turner was sentenced to six months in county jail and given three months' probation. however, he was released in september 2016 after three months. critics called the sentence too lenient. protests were lodged against the trial judge, aaron persky, and a successful recall removed him from the bench in june. turner was a 19-year-old freshman in 2019 when the crime was committed. emily doe is 22. neither would comment or do interviews with reporters as they left the office tower that houses the sixth district court of appeals. it's the role of the appellate court to see if any errors were made during the trial that would have impacted the outcome. the three appellate justices will now have 90 days to render their decision. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. a monorail that caught fire at the california state fair over the weekend is back up and running now. cal osha found the shoe that connects the train to the third rail melted, causing it to short
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out. no one was riding the tram at the time of this fire. no one was hurt. inspectors rewired the faulty train as well as the other two trains, just to be extra safe. san francisco's biggest summer music festival is returning in just a couple of weeks with a new twist. >> that's right. the outside lands festival is embracing the recreational marijuana culture since it became legalized in california at the start of the year. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with the details announced today. kristen? >> dan and ama, outside lands has become a major event for san francisco, bringing more than 200,000 people over three days to golden gate park to enjoy music, food, and arts. as the festival celebrates its 11th year, organizers hope to cash in on the growing interest in legalized recreational cannabis. at a special area called grasslands, visitors will be able to learn more about marijuana, though they can't buy anything actually containing cannabis. organizers unveiled a glimpse on instagram today at the greenhouse visitors can talk to
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bud tenders about all things cannabis. at the confection area, people can buy sweet treats from vendors that also make them with marijuana. at the lemonade stand there will be regular lemonade made by venders that also make the infused variety. at the flower shop, people can pick up wearable weed flower crown. and at the smell wall, growers can explain the different scents that come with different types of cannabis. again, it's all just information. there will be no actual buying or selling of anything with weed. outside lands takes place from august 10th through the 12th in golden gate park. dan and ama? >> kristen, thank you so much. time to turn our attention to the weather. it is heating up. >> boy, it sure is. drew tuma is here for spencer >> gu.ell into90s. tomorrow even warmer air. could have a couple of cities hit the century mark. live doppler seven along with satellite tonight showing you we have mainly clear skies away from the coast, but we're seeing the fog building back. in so take you outside.
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sutro tower camera. live look. you can see the fog descending over san francisco, coolsing us off along the coast. typical to have a really wide range in temperatures. a nearly 40-degree spread from the coast to inland. we are sizzling at 98. half moon bay with the fog much cooler at 59. san jose is warm at 80. 78 in santa rosa. oakland 66. but clear lake still at 100 degrees at this hour. here is a qualifrom accuweather. overnight tonight you do have the fog building right now along the coast, spilling into the bay, probably after midnight. mid toumer 50s for bayshore line. away fom the coast, you can see we are mild inland, there the mid to low 60s the next 12 hours. so we take a look at the 12-hour day planner on wednesday. we have the gray skies early on. sunnier skies prevail by noon. and by 4:00, it's a sunny afternoon, but it's hot once again away from the coast, especially inland, we're going into the upper 90s. track these temperatures as they warm very quickly on your wednesday. highs 95 for concord.
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97 in antioch. 74 in oakland. san jose will be warm tomorrow afternoon, 87 degrees. but cloverdale even warmer than that, a high of 105. so it's for that fact we do have a heat advisory in effect for parts of mendocino and lake county. this lasting until thursday night where temperatures could reach as high as 110 degrees. so take it easy if you live in the orange shaded area. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow it is very hot inland. the coast is cool with that fog, but by thursday, we start to see that heat ease a bit as we head into the weekend. and by saturday and sunday, a really comfortable weekend around here, no matter where you are inland. we're out of the 90s, book is the 80s at each and every afternoon. we have that sunshine breaking out. really nice weekend, but a hot day tomorrow. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. coming up next, a new space
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[ closing bell ] stocks are ending mostly higher after several big u.s. companies turned in strong quarterly results. the dow added almost 200 points. the nasdaq was essentially flat, and the s&p saw a 13 point gain. a milestone in the billions leads tonight's bay area business watch. uber announced today that it has surpassed 10 billion completed trips and put together this
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animation showing its global growth. the san francisco-based company has struggled with issues, including sexual harassment, but remains the dominant leader in the ride share market. streaming content company netflix with headquarters in los gatos is going to open its first european production hub in spain near madrid. the studios should be up and running in september and will help netflix produce more spanish language original content. and the world's biggest social media network, facebook, of course, banned in china, but it's still going to open up a subsidiary there. facebook calls it an innovation hub to provide training and workshops for entrepreneurs. the menlo park based companies has hubs in other countries including france, south korea, india, and brazil. new at 6:00, google announced its strengthening its cloud service for businesses at the google cloud next event today. the cloud services platform will provide more tools for business owners to do more of their computing on the cloud. google said that many companies do most computing on their own
6:26 pm
equipment on-site, which is expensive and difficult to maintain. they hoped creating more services on the google cloud will allow companies' flexibility to manage their work load. >> we want to make it possible for you to apply google's years of advanced research and investment to problems that matter to you and to your customers. >> google cloud next runs through thursday at san francisco's moscone center. mystery surrounds the disappearance of a 20-year-old college student who grew up in the bay area. >> tonight, hear from the missing woman's boyfriend and the clues he has about her last known whereabouts. plus, the worst wildfires in decades sweep through greece with the death toll that's nearly double that of
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and you're looking live at that breaking news. a soldier who went awol this morning at fort hunter liggett in san luis obispo. >> the soldier reportedly stole that military humvee you see pulled over by the chp on highway 92 and 35 near the crystal springs reservoir.
6:30 pm
the fort confirmed on its facebook page that a soldier went awol and that army leaders are concerned for his welfare. >> here is one more live look at the scene from sky 7 where the soldier was located within the last 30 minutes. sky map 7 on sky 7 shows exactly where. you see san mateo road there. we will continue to monitor the situation and we'll share updates with you here on tv and through the abc 7 news app. >> and now to our other breaking story we're following closely for you. the amber alert in the east bay. police continue to search for the victim of a suspected kidnapping. the victim is 16-year-old isabelle epps. >> she is described as being 5'2" with red hair wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans. her suspected kidnapper was captured in the last 30 minutes by pittsburg police. >> authorities say antonio aguilarelzarrag abducted her around 2:00 this afternoon from hayward. the two do know each other, we're told. they do know each other. police also recovered the suspect's car, but if you've seen isabelle, you're urged to please contact police immediately. now to tragic new
6:31 pm
information about the shooting and hostage situation at a los angeles trader joes this past weekend. >> today we learned it was a police bullet that hit and killed the store manager, an innocent woman caught in the crossfire. >> the lapd released both dash cam and body cam video publicly. we are going to show it to you. so we do want to warn you, you may find this disturbing. >> but you'll see what happened. abc news reporter danya bacchus takes you through what took place. >> los angeles police releasing dramatic video, showing the shoot-out with 28-year-old gene atkins. police first started pursuing atkins after receiving a call he shot his grandmother and kidnapped his girlfriend. for 15 minutes, they say he led them on a chase, firing at officers through his back window. >> shots fired. >> eventually he crashes into a pole outside the grocery store, jumps out the vehicle, according to lapd, firing again at officers. that's when body camera video
6:32 pm
shows the officer fire back. this officer running behind a concrete wall for cover, protecting himself from what sounds like bullets ricochetting off a nearby pole. police say in the midst of the gun battle, 27-year-old melita corrado, the assistant manager of the store was hit and killed by police gunfire. >> one of the officer's rounds struck ms. corada as she was exiting the market and was in close proximity to atkins. >> once inside the store police say atkins held employees and customers for nearly three hours. some were able to use a ladder to climb out of a window to escape, others running frantically. atkins eventually surrendered to police. tuesday, the chief of police defending his officers. >> i believe my officers' actions were taken to defend themselves. >> more than 30 counts have been filed against atkins, including murder and attempted murder. his bail is now set at more than $18 million. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles.
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wildfires in greece are the deadliest that country has seen in decades. the coast guard rescued more than 700 people who fled to the sea to escape the flames. >> thankfully, the sea was there and we went into the sea, because the flames were chasing us all the way to the water. it burned our backs and we dove into the water. >> flames near athens have torched homes, cars and forests killing at least 74 people. the car fire theththe california fire. it forced evacuations in whiskeytown. a malfunctioning trailer is the most likely source of that fire. so far it's burned 3500 acres and is 15% contained. yosemite valley and wawona at yosemite national park will be closed to all visitors at noon tomorrow buzz of the ferguson fire. that includes all hotels and campgrounds, and those campers that are still at their campsites will be asked to leave. luckily, the fire only grew a few hundred acres overnight. it's now at 36,500 acres and is
6:34 pm
25% contained. tomorrow it will be one week since a 20-year-old college student with ties to the bay area disappeared while out on a run. mol molly tibbett spent part of the glenview area before moving to iowa. maggie rulli has the latest on the search. >> the search is growing more desperate for molly tibbetts, the missing university of iowa student who police say disappeared while out on a jog last wednesday. >> she is kind, sweet, caring, she'll do anything for anybody. >> her boyfriend, dalton jack told abc news that tibbetts was dog sitting on the night she does appeared while he was working a construction job about 50 miles away. >> she was by herself. so she was watching the dogs. >> the next morning, she never showed up for work, and jack says he realized she had never opened his texts. >> i said well, that's not like her. >> the worry quickly closing,
6:35 pm
tibbetts' mother says her daughter was excited about her upcoming sophomore year, telling abc news, the uncertainty has been excruciating, and there are no words to strike how you feel when you don't know where or how your child is. so far the most investigators have to go on, what they say the psychology major was wearing last wednesday night, gym shorts, a black sports bra and running shoes. her wallet and identification all left behind at the apartment she shares with jack. >> got the state patrol airplane up, and we've had some helicopters from local hospitals helping us out as well. >> officials are monitoring her cell phone. it's the only real possession she's believed to have had on her at the time. and now the fbi is expected to help in the search. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. well, it certainly is hard to compete with free food. that's a battle san francisco restaurants are fighting. >> coming up next, a look at how the city could start helping them out. also ahead -- >> a woman accepts a deal to buy one iphone and get one free, but
6:36 pm
gets charged for free phone. i'm michael finney. ahead on
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you know the old expression. there is no such thing as a free lunch. well, in san francisco there is. >> and some lawmakers say the
6:39 pm
practice is hurting local restaurants. they've introduced a measure to ban any new employee cafeterias in the city. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> thousands of high-tech workers are within walking distance of the perennial restaurant, but the owner doesn't expect many will come check out his new lunch service. >> it's pretty hard to compete with good and free. >> free food son the menu inside the gourmet cafeterias at companies like twitter. >> it's like it's not just lunch. it's, you know, every meal and snacks and drinks and everything. >> back in the 1990s, we reported on what was then a new recruiting tool, google was the first. now san francisco leaders say at least 51 companies have in-house cafeterias. supervisors asha siafa new zoning codes and nudge workers into the community. >> this is about getting them out. this is about adding to vibrancy
6:40 pm
and the exchange that happens in any great city. and supporting those local small businesses. >> the late mayor ed lee hoped to revitalize the mid market area when he proposed a tax break for high-tech companies like twitter. it would at retail and restaurant establishments, but actually, because of the cafeteria phenomenon, the opposite happened. >> ryan says he dines out for some meals. >> i don't know if i would give up all my free food. but i think generally trying to incentivize workers to eat at local restaurants is a good thing. >> the legislation would not affect current businesses, but the head of the golden gate restaurant association hopes to start a conversation. >> free food is wonderful amenity and it's great for those companies who can afford it, but it doesn't do anything to extend the community around it. >> the proposal now moves through the legislative process. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, >> wow. interesting. >> yes, certainly. and free food really is an all
6:41 pm
money for books to travel and even to freeze your eggs. check out the perks at bay area tech companies. look for this video on or our abc 7 news facebook page. we're moving on. tomorrow is likely to be the hottest day of the week. some parts of the bay area could see triple-digits. drew explains wha
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we have breaking news now. missing girl isabelle epps has been found and she is safe. she was the subject of an amber alert this afternoon. we reported earlier that the suspect in the case and the car had been found. now we're happy to they'd she too has been found safe, located a the pleasant hill bart station by bart police. all right. let's move on. tonight's mega millions jackpot is over a half billion. at $522 million, it is the fifth biggest jackpot in the game's history. $2 gets you a ticket until 7:45 tonight. the drawing is at 8:00 p.m. we'll send the winning numbers to you. just download the abc 7 news app and enable the push alerts. don't get your hopes up. we've got an office pool. we are convinced the wing numbers are coming our way tonight. >> this time. well, it's hard to resist the promotions to buy one, get one free, but are you really getting a deal?
6:45 pm
>> good question. a san francisco viewer snapped up an offer for a free iphone, but needed help from 7 on your side's michael finney thinking is a deal that had a few catches. you had to trade in an old iphone, then buy a new one to get one free. this viewer did all of that, but then realized he never did get that free phone. >> they said iphone 8. >> pauline has a verizon for just about everyone in her family. >> my mother has an iphone 5. >> she hasn't stopped yet. >> i needed a new phone for my brother. >> one day after she bought him an iphone 8, she found a verizon deal online. >> and there is a promotion comes up for buy one, get one free. >> so she returned to the verizon store. could she still get the deal? >> yes, you know, what you need to do is bring in another iphone as a trade-in. >> she had plenty of old phones. so she brought one to click away, an authorized verizon retailer. >> trade in iphone and in the sign all the documents.
6:46 pm
everything is fine. so i left. >> later, the clickaway store called. she would have to do the trade-in at a verizon-owned store instead. >> oh, yeah, we'll take your iphone and connect it to your sale. >> she was told to pay $29 a month for two months for that free phone. but then verizon would reimburse her. >> and then from there i don't have to pay any monthly. >> great, except it didn't happen that way. >> and i look at my bill, and i didn't get any reimbursement for the previous two months i pay in. >> not only, that she says verizon kept charging her $29 a month for that free phone. >> and supposed to be no charge on that phone. >> she contacted verizon. >> i am going to give you a case number. a couple weeks later, nobody has called me. >> just more bills for that free phone. >> so i finally decided i'm going to call 7 on your side. >> she did. we contacted verizon. >> the next day, i got an executive -- i got executive office in new york. >> verizon refunded the charges,
6:47 pm
telling us we apologize for any inconvenience, and we are grateful to ms. wan for giving us the opportunity to continue earning her loyalty. >> michael, i really appreciate you having this program and helping the community. >> we appreciate channel 7 doing all of this. pauline tells us nothing about the special deal was spelled out in her contract. a lesson learned. so if you accept a special deal, make sure it's in writing. now i want to hear from you, my 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. telephone number is 415-954-815 one. and my page through >> thank you. let's update the weather forecast for you in just a moment. >> yes. rising temperatures across california actually mean rising costs for lemons. lemon crops have been struggling because of this month's heatwave. new numbers from the usda show a decline in lemon crops has driven wholesale prices up almost 40%. >> oh, brother. and more heat is. cog by the way.
6:48 pm
>> drew tuma is here with the latest on that. >> and wile t warmest afternoon tomorrow, all week for folks inland. we're seeing numbers soar into the 90s if not close to the century mark by afternoon. overnight the fog slowly pulling into the coast and the bay. mid- to upper 50s there. but mild away from the coast. we're holding into the 60s. that's the launching pad to get you warm pretty quickly on your wednesday. here is a 12-hour day plan. to break it down, sunny skies. but by 4:00, all about that intense heat. and then we're in the upper 90s in a lot of spots. so highs on your wednesday. beat the heat, go to the coast. 63 for half moon bay. 87 in san jose on your wednesday afternoon. 74 in oakland. about 68 in san francisco. but you're look in the north bay. santa rosa and napa in the low 90s. even farther to north, cloverdale and lake port in the triple-digits. the coast certainly a cool spot. but it will have a beach hazard today and tomorrow, thanks to a southerly swell. could have strong rip currents and sneaker waves. across much of california, though, a heat advisory or an
6:49 pm
excessive heat warning is in effect, lasting through thursday. so much of the state is dealing with very hot air the next couple of days. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow all about that hot air inland. good news. we gradually kuehl off thursday into friday. the heat will ease over the weekend. saturday and sunday are shaping up to be nice here. and for the san francisco marathon on sunday morning. looking good for all the runners. >> perfect. thanks, drew. >> all right. on to sports. >> yeah, larry beil, what do you have for us? >> we have the a's continuing the baltimore away in arlington in the heat. and nfl training camps open this week. raiders going to be in napa. but where will khalil
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the a's and rangers are playing in 95 degree heat in arlington, texas, and that's actually cool. it was 108 degrees this past weekend in arlington. it's going to be 102 on thursday. traffic and weather here on the 7s. the a's' bats are just as hot. drew is getting nervous. larry is doing forecasting. uh-oh. no score in the first. elvis andrews singles. stephen piscotty with the throw. that gets away. fwho w.h.o. is backing up the play? nobody. mark khanna can do, cuts the lead in half. the a's have a major league leading 90 road home runs. 2-1 game. make that 91 road homers. jed lowry, the all star, deep
6:53 pm
off of mike miner. larry, 17 homers this season. but the rangers also have some pop. willie calhoun, this is launched to the second deck. rangers take a 3-2 lead. right now it is 4-2, rangers leading and they are into the sixth. the a's are wing despite another major blow to their pitching staff. the opening day starter kendall graveman will undergo tommy john surgery. he was 1-5 with a 7.6 era this season. he joins jharel cotton and aj who are expected to be key members of the starting rotation. they've undergone the same procedure. giants playing seattle tonight. the raiders set to report to camp on thursday, practice friday, but nobody is expecting defensive star khalil mack to be there. mack, the 2016 defensive player of the year looking for a new contract, and so far there is no deal. mack had 10 1/2 sacks last season. he is a monster threat to opposing quarterbacks. this may be a lengthy holdout mack is looking for a deal worth
6:54 pm
$20 million per season, and what complicates the situation is that aaron donald is looking for a similar offer from the rams. so this might be a question of who gets the deal done first and what does the other guy want in relation to the first guy. you know what i mean. mack's teammate max irvin wants to siamak get paid even if it means his former seahawks teammate earl thomas does not come to oakland. thomas reportedly has shown some interest in joining the raiders. back to the rams. they took care of todd gurley today. a four-year deal reportedly worth $60 million, 45 million guaranteed. gurley just a beast. ran for 16 touchdowns, caught 6 more last year. this contract, by the way, really resets the running back market because they've been seen as disposable in recent years. with lebron james gone to l.a., the cleveland cavaliers are now kevin love's team, and the cavs showed him some love today, a new four-year, $120 million extension. like every story i'm doing today is all about these huge contracts. love joined cleveland in 2014.
6:55 pm
had some rocky times blending in initially. averaged 17 points and 10 boards in cleveland, but he really needs to turn back the clock to the timberwolves version of kevin love that guy would go for 30 and 20 on a lot of nights. he knows a fifth straight cavs trip to the finals, that's unlikely, i got traded here a few years back. we had an idea of what was cleveland cavaliers basketball. we got a little bit spoiled with four years in a row the finals. but now we get to build this thing again. so we're definitely excited about who we have and moving forward. we know we are going to add some new paste pieces. but we feel like things are going to head in the right direction. will the real dance cam mom please stand up. robin scriber was on to tell the truth this weekend. >> i am the warriors dance cam mom. >> i am the warriors dance cam mom. >> i am the warriors dance cam mom. >> now the deal here is the celebrities have to guess who is the real dance cam mom and which two are the impostors. they all figured out robin was the one who had the moves.
6:56 pm
and then it turned into dance party. and then it got crazy. yck by popular demand from lase r in philadelphia. franco homers. look at the dad, holding a baby. >> oh, no. >> outreaches the other fans, bare hands with the toddler in the left hand. i could see ama doing this, actually. no question. no problem. >> not even a toddler. that's a still a little baby infant, baby. >> he made the catch, with the baby. if your husband, ama -- >> he better be turning around, shielding that baby. >> you don't care about the baseball. >> john! >> that's exactly what i sound like. thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv cable channel 13 and abc 7 news at 11. an amber alert comes to a quick end. how police captured the suspect and found the victim. >> that's right, dan. the woman whordhe sct srt before
6:57 pm
was arrested described to abc 7 news what he said that gave her an uneasy feeling. >> we'll see you later tonight. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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