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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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to get out. and people living along morgan territory and leon drive south of marsh creek have also been ordered to evacuate. >> sky 7 is live overhead, showing you this firefight that has been ongoing for about three hours right now. we've seen airplanes, helicopters, and crews on the ground as well. you can see a lot of smoke coming off of this fire in several spots as it spread around in the wind. there are still some active flames. you can see right there in the center of your screen there some flames burning near what looks like a building. >> maybe a structure. >> maybe a structure, maybe a home. we've seen even bigger flames in the last several hours as well. >> joining us on the phone now is cal fire spokesperson pam tamarmand. pam, what is the latest situation on this fire? >> the most current situation is 200 to 225 acres we're looking at. and of course you just announced the evacuations that they've announced as well. >> now, pam, when you were on with me about an hour ago, that
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figure was 125 acres, up from about 50 just a short time ago. so it's doubled in size yet again it sounds like. >> yeah, it has, unfortunately. >> do you expect that to continue? is this going to continue to grow for the time being, or are you starting to get it under control? >> well, i think for right now it's going to -- it may continue to grow. hopefully it's not going to happen. we'll just have to wait and see what happens. hopefully the wind will die down and will be more in our favor. circumstances that the biggest concern right now? obviously the dry conditions make it worse as well. >> oh, very much so. between the dry conditions, the low humidities and the high temps, it makes it critical fire weather. >> and pam, give us an idea, if you can, how many homes are still in the line of fire, are in danger. still a great number of homes, or not so many? >> well, obviously, any home is significant, but when you look at the map out, there is not as
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many homes as you would find up in places. but i would say there is 100 if not 150 homes and outbuildings in the area. >> so there is still quite a few homes potentially in danger here? >> yeah, oh, exactly. the imminent danger of the homes in the area, and that's been the case since we first responded out there. >> all right. pam, thank you so much for giing us some of the latest information. sky 7 continues to give us a live view of what's happening in clayton from the air as we watch thistimermand, thank you for coming on. now leslie brinkley live at wha on the ground level there. leslie? >> that's right, dan, i'm hearing the same thing here from cal fire. zero percent containment, 225 acres. the smoke they say is making it difficult to fight the fire on the ground, obscuring the crews. they basically can't see each other. there is a brisk west wind about
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101 degrees. and you can see up on the hill there, a 3,000-square-foot home. it's covered in fire retardant. it was spared, but the fire consumed one house so far. it's threatening other homes here southeast of clayton. so at least two tankers are dropping retardant. helicopters are dropping water on this vegetation fire that burned down an auto repair barn, an atv, a tractor, a chicken coop on one family's property. they told me their house was spared, their four dogs, kodak, gracie, boaten and max got out just in the nick of time. the fire started about 3:05 this afternoon. crews from east contra st fire protection district were calling for aid from con fire and cal fire. the fire is burning on state land as well as private pr coming and going from here, urgent
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situation with zero percent containment, and the weather as it, is this is likely to be burning for quite a while. reporting live outside of clayton, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> leslie, thank you very much. >> let's take another live look from sky 7. actually, let's get right to weather anchor spencer christian. spencer? >> okay, ama and dan. here is a look at conditions in the area of the fire right now. it is currently really hot and very, very dry. temperature reading right now is 100 degrees. relative humidity is quite low, 14%. and the wind is relatively calm. gusts just under 10 miles per hour. so the wind isn't a big factor at the moment, but certainly the heat and the low humidity. are you can see that it's quite warm all around the bay area right now. we have numerous locations in the north and the inland east bay at or above 100 degrees. lots of lower to mid-90s as well right around the bay it's much cooler and much more pleasant conditions there. i'll keep an eye on conditions near the fire and i'll give you a look at when we can expect a cooldown and an improvement in
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current conditions in just a few minutes. dan and ama? >> spencer, thank you. let's take another live look at the scene from sky 7. you can see the flames there, and what appears to be left of some sort of structure that was there. we know a couple of those have burned. you can see some of the flames still there. there is smoke in the area a, heavy smoke in some spots. we've been sending out updates through the abc 7 news app about conditions as well as evacuations. the app also gives you access to a live stream of the fire. abc 7 news app is free to download. we have versions for both apple and android devices. so download it so you can stay informed. let's move on. we'll stay on top of the fire, of course. but to the latest developments now on that deadly attack on bart on sunday night. a random and brutal stabbing which left one woman dead and her sister wounded. john cowell, the man charged with murder and attempted murder made his first appearance in court today. abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow was there. >> dozens of grieving family members wearing pictures of nia
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wilson. >> i'm just so sad for my baby. that's all i know. >> alicia grayson says nia was her youngest. >> she was smart, energetic. she loved doing her makeup. hair and makeup, hair and makeup. hair and makeup got on my nerves. i'm going miss that makeup. >> john cowell's arraignment got put over, but not before wilson's family got a chance the see him face-to-face, i don't want to hear he was crazy. he ain't that. he is playing crazy. >> it's a brutal, horrific murder and attempted murder. >> alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley wouldn't comment on the evidence, but says she believes cowell will be competent to stand trial. according to the charging documents, cowell discarded his backpack with items that had his name and date of birth. o'malley said her office is still investigating whether the stack was a hate crime. >> there has to be evidence to show that it was motivated by hate, and in this case whether it was motived by their gender or by their race.
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we're still gathering evidence to look at that. >> justice, whatever it is, i don't know, but he still get to breathe. >> my daughter was everything to me, you know. she was so beautiful, so inspirational, had dreams, you know. i'm not supposed to -- i'm supposed to be planning her graduation, not her funeral. >> the family is calling on bart to do more. >> they need to step it up. my baby died on a slab, man. nobody else to happen. >> cowell's arraignment was moved to august. if convicted, he faces a life sentence. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> now we want to hear your kesha about safety on bart so we can follow up with bart officials. we're reviving the #dearbart which we launched five years ago during the bart strike. you can voice your concerns on twitter or facebook. and as long as you use that
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we'll be able to find your comments. today marks one week since a college student mysteriously
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large parts of yosemite national park are now closed to visitors because of the ferguson fire. those areas will remain closed until at least sunday. flames have not entered yosemite, but firefighters plan on attacking the fire from highway 41. that's a major artery for visitors entering and leaving yosemite, as you probably know. it has burn in order than 60 square miles so far and is 25% contained. so the battle is still raging. the closure of yosemite is a big disappointment, obviously, to a lot of tourists in the bay area
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who were looking forward to visiting that popular and beautiful national park. abc 7 news reporter vic lee with the impact it's having on our tourism industry. >> the peak of the tourist season. yosemite is blanketed by a thick haze of smoke, fire closing large sections of the park, including popular yosemite valley. campgrounds and many hotels have closed. tourists are leaving. others, like sandra from holland are, not going. >> yesterday we saw on the news there was a fire. >> many yosemite tours have canceled. extra nomical tours is not one of them. >> because it's so big we're going to different areas. >> during the peak summer months, they take about 5,000 visitors to yosemite. so instead of cancelling -- >> yesterday we invented an alternative tour that explores the wilderness area in the northern part of the yosemite valley, which is still open. >> there was one snag yesterday. six of their guests were forced to leave their hotels in
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yosemite. lillian bussed them back here. the tour company found last-minute hotel rooms for everyone, except for one couple. now lillian was gracious enough to bring this blow-up mattress to his office. and this is where the two slept last night. and by the way, they gave this a five-star rating. it wasn't hard to fine tourists who had to cancel their trip. most of those we spoke with understood why. susan and graeme mcdonald are from australia. >> we're used to bush fires. forest fires happen. it's c'est la vie. >> the hansons are from new hampshire. cancelling was tough, especially for their little ones. >> we had somebody crying in tear last night because he really wants to go. >> littl logan told me why. >> there are bear. >> there are bears? >> and wolves. >> maybe a good reason to stay put in the city. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> and now we go back to the breaking news in clayton. sky 7 is over this grass fire
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that's now at 225 acres with zero percent containment. >> evacuations are in place in the mrsh creek area between deer valley road and morgan territory road. cal fire is using air drops to surround the blaze with retardant. the rugged terrain making it very difficult to fight. at least two structres have burned. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larsen is on the phone. and kate, what can you tell us about the situation? >> well, dan, ama, we're trying to get to the scene. we were actually stuck in traffic on marsh creek road, trying to get into clayton for quite a while. we just got to the intersection of marsh creek and morgan territory road. and that is where they're turning everyone around, unless you are a first responder or media. we had to show our badges, and they just let us through about a minute ago, and we're headed to the fire station to try and gather more information. i can tell you the majority of the concern of people who i have spoken to this afternoon who are stuck in traffic are people who live in the area and have a lot of livestock and animals. people with horses, cattle, goats, dogs, you name it.
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i've seen horse trailer after horse trailer, some of them residents, some of them just good samaritans who know there is a fire, who knows there are animals in the area and trying to do anything to get equipment in there to get the animals out. the problem, like i said, they're turning cars around. so it's difficult for people to get to where they need to go. on top of that, i spoke to one woman who said that she is trying to get ahold of her husband who is stuck at home with his animals in an evacuation area, and she said that because of poor cell reception, she is not able to get ahold of him. so there is a lot of people who are understandably very stressed out right now, worried about their loved ones and their animals. we're just pulling up to one of the fire stations where there is obviously a lot of firefighters. news crews here ready to bring everyone the latest information while we sort of stare at a hillside covered in hot pink phos-chek with all of the air force that we've been showing
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all afternoon. >> i used to live in that area, kate, for a number of years. and for those who don't know, morgan territory road, those are two-lane roads, very narrow, very windy. so not easy to get in and out when there is a lot of people trying to get. in and it is horse country. a lot of people have ranches out there. let me ask you this. are you seeing more people trying to get into the fire zone to reach their homes or their livestock or coming out? >> i've seen way more people coming in. in fact, there is no traffic on the other side of the road. >> interesting. >> leaving the clayton area unless it's people who have realized that the traffic is so bad they're not getting through, and they sort of make a u-turn in the middle of the road and go around. the one woman, dorothy i spoke to who is worried about her husband and animal, when i found her, she was actually going car to car, talking to people, and trying to get people who don't live in clayton and who aren't dealing with a potential emergency right now to voluntarily turn around, because she was trying to essentially solve the traffic jam by herself, because she realizes
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that it's potentially desperate situation for herself and for her husband who has got medical conditions and may not be able to get out of his home by himself. >> goodness. okay. kate, thanks very much. she's on the ground there getting closer to the fire lines with every moment, and we will get back with you, kate, as soon as we. thanks very much. we're also following another breaking story in the south bay. a 25-acre brushfire has broken out in the san martin area near church avenue. it's forced the closure of southbound 101. cal fire officials tell us some structures are involved in this baze. we have a crew on the way that scene, and we will bring you updates as they become available as well. a north bay family is challenging a school district's recommendation to prevent their daughter with a rare disease from attending school. the problemheedicion she needyou. the video you're about to see is incredibly difficult to watch. it shows the young girl having a seizure. the family gave it to us with the intent to make it public so
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people see the heartbreaking position that they are in. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo explains. >> reporter: the video is difficult to watch. 5-year-old brook adams having a seizure while on a recent family vacation. mom jana administers medicinal cannabis oil into her mouth. minutes later, the trembling stops. the cannabis oil has helped treat brook's rare life threatening condition. >> it's a medication for her, just like any other kid, an epipen, asthma, inhaler. it's life-saving for her. >> mom started giving brook cannabis-based medication after other prescribed medications were having negative side effects. but the cannabis used is keeping brook at home, not able to attend public schools. >> just having her stay home all the time. what life would that be? >> the rincon valley union school district is adhering to state and federal law, which bans illegal drugs like marijuana. so they propose home schooling instead. brook's mom is fighting the school district's policy of not
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allowing cannabis on campus, even for medical purposes. a judge is now stepping in. that judge held a hearing today behind this door to get both sides. >> we want to educate every child in our community. this is a lovely little girl. we just -- we have two different laws, and we're stuck in the middle. >> the rule willing be specific to brook's case, but could have larger implications >> there needs to be a bill, an amendment to the bill to allow kids to access their medical marijuana that's legal in california. >> the district says they're fully committed to implementing any decision the judge rules on next month, any decision that will impact brook's young life. in santa rosa, carlos salcedo, abc news. >> beautiful little girl. >> what a sweetie. okay. let's focus again on the weather conditions. we're following obviously what's happening on the fire lines. >> yes. spencer christian is here with the latest conditions. spencer? >> okay, ama, it looks like the heat and low humidity will
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persist for one more day. the fire danger remains with us. live doppler. sunny skies, a little fog at the coast. it doesn't look like much of the fog is going to reach across the bay tonight. we're looking at clear skies northward from sutro tower. mainly clear. 61 in. 67 in oakland. mountain view, 69. 81 at san jose. 99 at gilroy. 59 at half moon bay. here is another view of mainly clear skies, looking westward from emeryville. 73 degrees at santa rosa. napa 78. 90 at fairfield. low to mid-90s at concord and livermore. and at santa cruz beach, it's nice and sunny and mild. the temperature -- our temperature readings. our forecast features are these. we'll see limit fog near the coast overnight. it will be hot inland again tomorrow. temperatures will moderate a bit over the weekend. we have a heat advisory still in effect until 8:00 friday evening for much of the east bay and down to the south bay where high temperatures will range from about 98 degrees to 104. and up in lake county and parts of mendocino county, highs there will range from 95 to 105.
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once again, that heat advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. friday. we have rough surf right now. beach hazard statements in effect until 11:00 tonight. wave heights are elevated, large breakers. there is a danger of rip currents and sneaker waves. bear in mind. the coastline is probably not a great place to be. a legal fog and fog along parts of the coastline. overnight lows will be in the very mild range, mainly upper 50s to mid-60s. tomorrow's highs, 63 in san francisco -- 68 in san francisco, rather. 63 in half moon bay. mid- to upper 70s right around the bay, and upper 90s in the warmest inland locations once again. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the heat won't ease up much on friday. we'll still see some mid- to upper 90s. slightly cooler around the bay. over the weekend or by sunday we'll see temperatures drop do you think to about 90 in the warmest inland spots. upper 50s on the coast, and then starts to gradually warm up again early next week. so we get sort of a one or two-day break there on sunday and monday from the intense
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heat. >> thanks, spencer. the united states is a country where you can realize your dreams really well. >> dreams coming true. there is only one winning ticket for the massive mega millions jackpo
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india said selling the mega millions ticket worth just over a half billion is really a dream come true. >> it's a great story. lottery officials presented them with a replica check for $1 million today. but the big winner has not yet come forward. >> no. david louie was at ernie's liquors when the big check arrived. >> like many others, this family had a dream that hard work would pay off. they emigrated 37 years ago from india. the payoff came in this help ca of a $1 million check, their commission for selling the mega millions ticket worth $543 million. the fifth largest jackp in the game's history. >> we feel today as a family and friends that we have realized our dream which we longed for. >> the jackpot rolled over 22 numbers. californian alone pumped $124 million into mega millions tickets during that time. the state lottery commission asked the family's son amal to help them hang a banner out
6:25 pm
front that a millionaire was made here. new and regular customers flocked to ernie's liquors to take photos and to buy lottery tickets, hoping the luck of tuesday night's draw would rub off on them. >> i know lightning can't strike two time at the same place. but who knows! >> no one knows who has the winning ticket that person has a year to step forward. the jackpot grew by $21 million after the numbers were drawn as final ticket sales were tabulated. so the jackpot now stands at $543 million. a lump sum payment option would pay out just over $320 million after federal taxes. california does not collect state taxes on the jackpot. california schools will also benefit, getting a $50 million infusion just from the single mega millions game. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> good for them. >> wonderful. all right. well, a gift interest one president to another may include a hidden tech. >> yep. find out what could be inside the soccer ball that president putin gifted to president trump last week. and next, a convicted rapist
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and killer may be innocent because the crimes could be the work of the golden state killer. plus, a family's plea for your support. can you help them get the justice they've waited almost two years for? that story and a lot more as we continue.
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> we continue to follow that breaking news in the east bay. sky over marsh creek road outside clayton. a grass fire that's burned 225 acres is still at zero percent containment. >> evacuations have been ordered in the marsh creek area between deer valley and morgan territory road. at least two structures that we know have burned. cal fire says winds are minimal, and that's a good thing, but the intense heat and those dry conditions paired with the rugged terrain are really makings it a tough fight. on t bze y a live picture ofr the podium near the fire lines along marsh creek road in few minutes when they begin to spk.ishe podium. we're still waiting for the officials to take to the microphones and give us the very latest that they have from those
6:30 pm
conditions along the fire lines on marsh creek road, just outside of clayton. >> and we are following a lot of breaking news today. this other breaking news we have is out of the south bay. a 25-acre brushfire has broken out in san martin near church avenue, and that has forced the closure of southbound 101. we believe it's burning at grass farms garden accents. >> this is a live look now from our chopper. cal fire officials tell us that some structures are involved in this blaze. we have a crew on the way to the scene on the ground. we'll bring you updates as they become available. >> and that picture froze. well apologize for that. now to a story that you can help for a family that has been grieving for almost two years over the murder of their son, which remains unsolved. >> his birthday is on saturday, and his killer is still out there. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze has the story. >> san francisco police say the man riding on the handlebars of this bicycle could well be a killer. just a short time earlier, they believe he shot 24-year-old mitchell warren who died from
6:31 pm
his wounds. the shooting happened on ellis street near polk, an area with a heavy concentration of security cameras. but while they have the suspect's image, they don't have his name. >> we think this is an extremely solvable crime. a horrific crime that took the life of a member of our community. and we think with the public's assistance, we can take that perpetrator off the street. >> the murder happened nearly two years ago in september of 2016. warren's father remembers having to break the news to the victim's older sister, just days before her wedling. >> the hardest thing ever ever had to do my life is to call my daughters and tell them that their baby brother had been shot and killed. >> he had rented his tux. he was supposed to be there. and not having him there and still knowing that the individual that did this to him and that has shaken my family to their core is still out walking around free has to come to an end. >> police have images from
6:32 pm
several angles. one shot from behind shows the suspect wearing a giants cap and a dark color sweat swhieatshirt with the word "fringe" on the back. the murder happened early in the morning and have not disclosed a motive dpoept say that mitchell warren had argued with the man. they believe with the right tip. >> please help us to bring justice to mitchell warren, and for some closure to his still grieving family. thank you. >> kristen sze reporting for us. now to get another look at the suspect's pictures go, to and look for this story as soon as you can. >> let's listen in. >> numerous helicopters as well. the response right now is including most of the bay area counties, napa county, alameda, contra costa agencies from across the bay in san mateo county, as well as some out
6:33 pm
towards the sacramento valley as well. right now there are mandatory evacuation orders from the marsh creek and morgan territory road intersection going kind of to the northeast and east from that location. contra costa county sheriff's department is managing the evacuation orders for that area, and as we encourage everybody, if they see smoke, if they smell smoke or if they see fire or they have needs that require them some extra time to get out in those areas, to get out while they can safely. it is windy. there is a fire established in this area. and getting out early really is the key right now. the road is closed here on marsh creek road. so if anyone is coming in or out of this area or uses this as a commuter belt, please be advised it is completely shut. there is quite a traffic jam on both sides. so please avoid the area. stay out of the area. and it's probably going to be an extended amount of time for the closure due to the heavy amount of fire equipment we have on the road. in addition, we have over 150
6:34 pm
personnel on the ground here on this fire. that includes bulldozers, engines, water tenders. it's a multiagency, all hands kind of a situation here, and as you can imagine, these temperatures right now, this wind as well as this weather pattern is really what we're fighting against. we can confirm that multiple structures have been destroyedful we don't know the exact type, and we don't know the number of those structures specifically yet. so that survey is being done. as soon as that is complete we'll get the numbers and specific information out there for you. really, the priority right now for us is to protect structures and really stop the progression of this fire. the cause is under investigation. our fire investigators will investigate this fire and determine the cause. it's too early at this time to draw any conclusions about what that might be. at this time, i'll take any questions. >> so it'st direction kind of
6:35 pm
along marsh creek road here there are homes scattered in here, and that's why the mandatory evacuation order is in place, because it's -- there are sporadic homes in this area, some of them on large plots of land, some of them on smaller plots. the evacuation order is in place for a reason, because there are homes threatened. there are structures that have been destroyed. we encourage everyone if you're still in that evacuation zone to get out. we never know how these conditions are going to play out based on the wind and the weather. >> so a lot of people who are stuck in traffic actually had horse trailers because they were trying to get into the area whether they live heard or whether they were good samaritans trying to help. >> right. >> what should people do if they're trying get in to help their love ones and their animals get out? >> right. as soon as we have the exact number as far as the large animal rescue, when they come in and get horses out, large animal, we'll publish that and make sure that those are taken care of. that's a consideration in the areas because there are large animals. >> i guess, are you turning away horse trailers who are trying to get their animals or help with
6:36 pm
their animals? >> i can follow up and get specifics on it. it's a great question. >> a couple of hours of daylight, and then you won't be able to do the air attack. what are the prospects then? whether it's going lay down or not. >> it's a double edged sword when the sun goes down. our air attacks, aircraft and helicopters obviously go back to base at night. but hopefully some additional field moistures will come in. some cooler temperatures which should help firefighters. and hopefully after the sun goes down, the wind dying down. so the anticipation is that the cooler temperatures should help, but right now we just have a large air force up there trying to really put some stop to the progression on the front of this thing. >> one of the things people who are stuck back there want to know living here is how long before they might go back to their homes. what do you say to those folks? >> i wish i could give an exact time and amount of time. a couple of things have to take place. one, the actual infrastructure has to be back in place there may be power poles down there.
6:37 pm
may be culverts that have burned out. there may be heavy equipment blocking their road. so that has to all be dealt with before we can let residents back in. we don't want to let people into an unsafe environment. that's the last thing we want to do. and we also put repopulation as one of our top priorities. so as soon as that is safe for people to reenter, we'll make sure that that word gets out. >> how many people have evacuated right now? >> yeah, i don't have an exact. in we have an exact area, not a number. we have no reported injuries yet. we do have a confirmed evacuation center on the west side of this fire, and that's at the clayton library meeting room. and that's at 6125 clayton road. the clayton library meeting room at 6125 clayton road, and that is the evacuation center for this fire so far. >> do you have enough resources that you can put engines at structures for basically structure protection through the evening everywhere you need to be?
6:38 pm
>> we have obviously a large cal fire response, a large local government response, and additional strike teams have been ordered. not only of engines, of crews, of bulldozers. throughout the night we'll see more equipment tom come in and we'll place them in our top and highest priorities. the firefighters are going to be here at the very least all night. the firefighters aren't going anywhere. we have a large number of firefighters out there. additional firefighters coming in. and we'll be out here until this thing is 100% contained. >> how many firefighters, how many fire apparatus? >> so as far as numbers, we're over 150 firefighters. we'll get an exact number of the type and kind probably later in the evening. >> what about containment? >> containment is zero percent right now. >> we're four and a half hours in and still zero? >> still zero percent. right now resources are really trying to slow the fire down. structure protection a sw the. we willee on that that containment number will go up. but right now you can see these helicopters above us just really trying to stop the progression
6:39 pm
of this. as we protect structures a the same time. as we do that, we'll get into the perimeter control and really get a solid containment in there. but right now we're really just trying to stop the fire. >> john cox, spokesman for cal fire giving us really a very comprehensive and complete update with a lot of information about what is going on there on marsh creek road, morgan territory road, that area outside of the town of clayton in the east bay where this fire has really exploded in the last couple of hours to probably pushing 250 acres now. last word there was 225 acres. but it's at zero percent contained. this area, by the way, is not far at all from the contra costa law enforcement training center where law enforcement is regularly. so perhaps they were able to provide some quick assistance to the scene thinking is a live look from sky 7 and sky map 7. it shows us the roads that are impacted. there are evacuations going on right now.
6:40 pm
you can see fire apparatus still there in the area. they say about 150 firefighters right now fighting this, and firefighters will stay on scene throughout the night, although the planes and the helicopters. that will have to go back to base when it gets dark outside. >> they'll probably have maybe another hour and a half or so to be able to fight from the air. several structures we're told by john cox moments ago have burned. but we'll stay on top of this at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a rea such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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all right. let's update that breaking news again, that wildfire burning in the morgan territory road, marsh creek road area outside of clayton in eastern contra costa. sky map 7 above showing you some of the roads that are involved here. marsh creek road, the major one that we're talking about here. . all of these areas have been told to evacuate. there is a huge traffic jam. these are just two-lane marsh creek road and morgan territory road. it's pretty sticky getting in and out of there right now. the fire is at 225 ne week sinc an iowa college student with bay area ties was last seen in, and the fbi is now joining in the
6:44 pm
search for molly tibbetts. >> the 20-year-old disappeared after going out for a jog in brooklyn, iowa last wednesday evening. she was wearing a fit bit. local police have reportedly received information from the san francisco company, but have not specified what that information is precisely. >> authorities say they have not ruled out the possibility that she was abducted. tibbetts spent part of her childhood in oakland's glenview neighborhood before moving to iowa. as we continue, here is a live look from our tower camera at pier 39. you can see the smoke off the in the distance,
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
now to another update on our breaking news from the south bay. a 25-acre brushfire has broken out in san martin near church avenue. >> this is a live look from our chopper. the image has frozen, but we hope it will resume normal transmission in a moment. but you can see several structures and flames. the fire briefly forced a closure of southbound highway 101. it appears to be back open right now. which do have a crew on the way to the scene on the ground, and we'll bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> so on both sides of the bay, we're watching a fire conditions very closely tonight. >> here is spencer with the spcer? on our f >> lete uateonons near
6:48 pm
we'll go from live doppler 7 right to the area of the fire. and you see that it is still hot and very dry, 96 degrees right now relative humidity. only 16%. if there is any encouraging news right now, it is that the wind is calm. overnight it's going to be very mild across the region. overnight lows from upper 50s to low 60s. this little fog at the coast. and tomorrow is going to be another hot day inland with high temperatures in the upper 90s at livermore, antioch, fairfield. mid-90s at concord. up in the north bay, the farthest north in our viewing area, look for temperatures of 101 at cloverdale. 104 lake port. tomorrow will be a spare the air day. the poorest quality will be in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. statewide it's going to be hot. 108 at fresno, 107 at fresno. 119 palm springs. 113 at redding. the heat is not just here in the bay area.
6:49 pm
here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see temperatures just gradually dropping through saturday. there will be a sharper drop in temperatures on sunday as it will be cooler in all areas, and we'll get a little warm-up again at the beginning of next week. we're not getting much of a break if this heat, not for a while. >> the firefighters need a break. thank you, spencer. all right, sports. the 49ers version of the bachelor. >> yeah, larry is here with that. >> a quite eligible bachelor, and wealthy bachelor. niners and raiders getting ready for the start of training camp. jimmy g. in the spotlight. >> yes. >> questions about his dating preferences. we're all about the x's and o's here. sports is next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the 49ers reported for training camp today. first practice will be tomorrow. this will be jimmy garoppolo's first full season in red and gold. he is already getting an idea of what the spotlight is going to be like after reports of his date with a porn star lit up social media last week. garoppolo was tom brady's understudy in new england for 3 1/2 years. joined the niners and led them to a five-game winning streak at the end of the season. all eyes are on jimmy g. now, on and off the field. head coach kyle shanahan said he has never before commented on one of his player's dating lives, and he is not about to start right now. but you know tmz will be watching. let's get to baseball. the a's are hitting home runs a at ridiculous pace, and they are
6:53 pm
not shy about celebrating. they posted this picture today on twit were a caption, it's bat flipping season. sorry -- not sorry. are you sorry? i'm not sorry. none of us are sorry! first inning, runners at the corners. matt olson down the line. that is a fair ball. check out the replay. right on the line. marcus semien scores, 1-0 a's. high, deep and aloha means goodbye. get the ball, kid. the rangers take a 3-1 lead. later in the second, jackson gets the strike him out, throw him out double play. shin-soo choo goes down swinging. begley has thrown out a couple rit now there inning and texas is leading, former ryon healy with the mariners getting a little revenge here. 1-0 mariners in the second. and took derek holland to deep center. 21 homers on the year. one-run game in the seventh. hunter pence hit his first homer
6:54 pm
of the year last night. a little bloop base hit. broken bat single ties the game at two apiece. pence safe at second. still 2-2 in the eighth. gives up a single to gene duggar, just a bit outside. that would be the game winning run. so the mariners win it, 3-2. and they split this mini two-game series with the giants. college football season right around the corner. the pac-12 held media day today in l.a. stanford picked second in the north behind washington. that's in the preseason polling. and cal was selected fourth. stanford really fortunate to have bryce love back this season. he could have easily jumped to the nfl. decided instead to return to the cardinal for his senior season. in fact, love skipped media day to go to class. he'd rather go to class than talk to us? love ran for more than 2,000 yards last year. >> can't be about stats. broke a lot of records last year, did some phenomenal things last year. this year is about him getting
6:55 pm
bigger, stronger, being more versatile. different things adding to his game. we're not going to do the bryce love stat watch. at's to be in our thinking. just preparing him for those questions because that's not going to be our focus. >> david is not going to do the bryce love stat watch. we are. warriors forward kevin durant surprised a group of kids. they were headed to las vegas for an aau basketball tournament. hopped on the plane, surprised them all with gifts and autographs. kd sponsors alaska teamed up to make it happen. and then talked about the recent signing of demarcus cousins. >> well, it was expected. nobody likes a great thing. greatness is rare. , ,ert. people don't like different. so i get it. but i think for demarcus, i liked his approach. i like our approach to it. justceouoot it that way, then it works out perfectly. >> it is an embarrassment of
6:56 pm
riches for the warriors who will start five all-stars once demarcus cousins gets healthy. >> has that ever been done? >> no, not even close. >> something else. >> this absolutly. hall of famers. one more note on richard sherman who is not mega millions, but collected a $2 million signing bonus today because he came back surgery, and he'll be ready for his first practice tomorrow. >> wow. >> he worked hard. >> all right. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy table 13. ew video of the claonc 7 news at gin we' covag iriger g it nervous what happens to their thoehomes. a popular supermarket employ was found dead. why his coworker has been arrested for now coming up tonight on abc 7, here is the lineup at 8:00.
6:57 pm
back-to-back episodes of the goldbergs followed by modern family and american housewife. at 10:00, shark tank. then stay with us for abc news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight henry cavville and jeff rocks. >> look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for all of us here at abc 7 news, have a great evening.
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