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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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and helicopters to do retardant and water drops on the neighborhood. it is stipulated to be at least 100 acres. this map shows you where the fire is burning. fire crews including from as far away uc davis are being called. we'll bring you more as updates are available. >> i'm eric thomas. dion lim will be joining us from the fire zone in reading. the massive car fire in the reading area of shasta county, the fire nearly doubled in size and burned more than 80,000 acres and only 5% contained. at least 500 structures including several homes have been destroyed. president trump approved an emergency declaration and ordered fer assistance for the firefighting efforts. the number of dead jumped to five people, two children and their great grandmother died in the fire. abc7 news anchor dion lim joins us live from reading with what she's learned about the
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family. hi, dion lim. >> reporter: eric, good evening. this is certainly not the news anyone wanted to hear. yesterday, the call went out on social media to look for there great grandmother and her two small great grand children, ages 4 and 5. today saturday afternoon, we're now standing in front of yellow police tape where investigators are sifting through what they tell me are bone fragments. while authorities have not confirmed their deaths, one officer tells me he is 99% certain based on evidence. family confirming the passing of 70-year-old mel dil bledsoe and her great grandchildren james and emily roberts. it is near chest which can estates. a gas main that runs through several homes ignited sending flames into the air as late as saturday afternoon. melody's husband ed went out to pick up supplies on thursday and he was turned away by police. his home was engulfed in flames.
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the sheriff zribds the conditions. >> the site after the fire burned through there was unsafe. there was a number of downed utility wires. there were still some active fire going on to a gas leak. and the area was still very hot temperaturewise. >> reporter: back out here live, the shasta county sheriff's captain tells me they'll work through the night to gather remaining evidence. they are officially in recovery mode. in reading, california, dion lim, abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you. this video from shasta county and looks like what we saw in santa rosa last year. is the flames leveled everything on one side of the street. on the other untoucheded as if nothing happened. kes which can is northwest of reading. the fire fight is in full force to the west of redding. news reporter laura anthony is in the community of lake reading
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estates with that part of the story. prosecutor well, hi. we'll get to the fire fight in a minute. we wanted to show you a different kind of damage and destruction here in this neighborhood. we're a couple of blocks from where dozens of homes burned but we can show you a vivid istration of what the winds did. more than 70 miles per hour that took these trees down, toppled them as the fire was raging just a couple blocks away. in this case, this tree actually hit the house. it's an inferno that doubled in size overnight the kind that destroys nearly everything in its path. so far the carr fire shows no signs of letting up. fire crews focused squarely on protecting lives and property like this home on a hill where the residents evacuated overnight. this is what it's all about, just outside i go tonight setting back fires trying to save the homes in this fire's
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path. in northwest reading it, appears all but a few homes have been destroyed along swas decease drive leavinging a few remnants of life here before the fire. near ono, the scramble to save animals continued. a horse named good boy in this case. >> how grateful are you for the help? >> very grateful. >> i had a house fire in '97. and lost everything. and i've been wanting to pay back and this is the way that i'm able to pay back. >> we're out here doing our "lear." >> reporter: volunteer tucker zimmerman told us he's helped save dozens of animals and one man. >> i actually went into the neighborhood and every house was on fire. got him pulled out. protected him with a garden hose until an engine could come by and they took over from there. and got his american flag and gave it to his wife. i promised that to her.
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>> reporter: and here's another look at the wind damage next to the fire damage here in lake reading staes. these folks will return to their homes in the next several days. hopefully they're going to be grateful their homes didn't burn but also surprised about what the damage was left, the damage that was left and the clean-up that they have ahead of them. live near reading, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you. from the air now with the wildfires in northern california, what they look like. a man traveling from sacramento to seattle took pictures of the plumes billowing high into the air. several agencies held a joint news conference this afternoon to update the fire fight. >> wow. >> the fire ran with such ferocity. >> veteran firefighters says the carr fire's behavior has been unprecedented. >> it's burning in every direction all at the same time. uphill, downhill. it's burning as if it's got a santa ana wind. >> hundreds of homes lost, even
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those belonging to first responderses including the reading police chief. national guard troops and police agencies from other areas of northern california have been sent to help patrol the area. >> people driving through neighborhoods going around roadblocks, shouldering doors, getting into residents that maybe haven't been burnt. >> the message from first responders is for residents to heed evacuation orders, not doing so puts neighbors and firefighters at risk. the worst thing that happens is people refuse to leave and then the fire is coming. >> so far, 12 to 13 people have been reported missing or unaccounted for. the sheriff is asking anyone who evacuated to check in with friends and family. the hot line to report missing people is up on your screen right there. and we'll have the latest on the carr fire throughout the weekend. stay with abc7 news for live
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reports from laura anthony and from dion lim him. >> smoke from the fires has been drifting down our way. look at this video of mount diablo. smoke is also reported in the north bay especially in marin county. with a look at conditions let's collect inning with drew tuma. >> around each of these fires it is hot, it is dry. we will begin looking at the fire most recently started around lake berryessa. it is about 97 near the latest fire. relative humidity is bone dry. winds out of the southwest blowing smoke away from downtown napa. we'll tick you into the ranch fire and river fire winds as high as 20 miles an hour blowing smoke towards lake county. to the north around reading, the carr fire you can see 99 degrees right now. bone dry relative humidity and it's for that fact that a red flag warning continues till monday morning where winds around reading higher than 30 miles an hour and low relative
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humidity. fire conditions remain very high the next couple of days. air quality locally over the next 24 hours in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much. volunteers from the north bay are rallying support and donations for animals and owners near reading launched by the very folks who lost everything during last year's devastating fires. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live with details. core snell? >> reporter: hi, in fact some of the hay you see could be on the way to shasta county for so many horses displaced by the fire one survivor from last year's wildfire is paying it forward after so many people reached out to her. >> we feel their pain. we truly do. >> reporter: barbara knows what it's like to run from a fire. she nearly lost her prize horses moose and boomer last okay when the wildfires destroyed their stable and her riding school. >> it's time to pay it forward. i had so many people come out and help me during the fire.
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>> reporter: she and other volunteers want to help evacuees and their animals by collecting donations an of food to send up north. >> horses, cats, goats, whatever, they all need to eat. >> reporter: she put out the word for help and donations on her facebook page and making pleas in person. >> anything you can think of that someone would need for their pet or live stock is what we're looking for. >> reporter: br of brocc o's stepping up with donations of hay. >> been in this "lear." i know a lot of wonderful people that are always happy to help. >> my inbox is flood. >> reporter: so far the response has been positive from a community that's truly been there. >> just knowing that people care. it's one of the worst times of your life. and you just feel so frightened and worried. we can't put the fire out for them. but we can at least take some of the worry out of their heart.
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>> reporter: logistics being worked out. she plans to send supplies to shastas over the next couple of days. cornell bernard. >> thank you. in lake county evacuations have been odded for people living in the lake port area because of a fast-moving wildfire. the river fire which started in mendocino county has burned its way to the south and east. the wildfire has destroyed at least one home so far and scorched 6,000 acres. another fire in mendocino county is the ranch fire near ukiah. we're updating all the evacuation orders. you can find them on our website we're following other news this saturday as if cal fire hadn't had enough to deal with, find out what happenedjail. >> plus, we're learning details about the constructi
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a man remains in jail today after authorities say he led them on a high speed chase from monterey county to santa braush barbara county in a stolen pickup. donald cell lynn jer is accused of stealing the truck friday morning. deputies say he led them on a chase down highway 1 reaching 100 miles an hour. he was stopped when he tried to make a u-turn where he was arrested by santa barbara deputies. >> a family grieving the loss of
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a construction work when a trench collapsed yesterday burying him in dirt. friends have identified the victim as 34-year-old able saucedo quinonez. the rescue took 12 hours. he was one of two workers trapped in a job site. cal ho shah is investigating the incident. a go fund me page set up to benefit his family raised $1700 of its $15,000 goal. family members say he leaves behind four young children ranging from 13 to 1. friends say the money will be use the to take the victim's body back to his native mexico where he will be laid to rest. >> we continue to follow raging wildfires in northern california. there's a new one in napa county. we got new pictures into newsroom. an update on the areas being evacuated. and a meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. >> dreaming of a title. livermore is hosting the little
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league intermediate world series.
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breaking news update now on the fire burning south of lake
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berryessa. this is from reporter carlos saucedo. you can see residents and visitors gathering nearby. mandatory evacuations issued for steel canyon drive between head lands and rim rock drive. ten structures have burned in the last hour and a half. the fire is estimated to be at least 100 acres. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> accuweather near the fire in lake berryessa, temperatures near 100 with winds out of the southwest blowing smoke away from napa. live doppler raydor showing the marine layer close to the coast. inland another issue. outside we go, our east bay hills camera pointed towards the east. you can see that layer of haze and smoke in our atmosphere because of the fires to our north. they're sending their smoke south and it is moving into the bay area. so the air quality over the next
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24 hours will take you into sunday. a lot of yellow dots over the north bay an inland. there will be moek and haze in our atmosphere. moderate air quality forecast. as you move towards concentrate, you can see unhealthy air quality, the smoke will get trapped in the central valley. do take care if you're headed towards sacramento tomorrow as the air quality will decline. winds now certainly an issue near our fires. that wind coming off that ocean that is cool. in san francisco, we barely made it out of the 50s today. cool long the coast. it is rather warm inland. a typical somersetup. 93 in brentwood. 57 in san francisco. into the north bay, 79. clover dale 96. san jose at a mild 7 degrees. overnight tonight, here's the call. we'll have the winds 5 to 15 miles an hour. that marine layer will thicken. it will just about the shoreline. that's where the fog will stay. mid 50s there. away from the coast our warmest
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spots will hold in the low 60s overnight tonight. the san francisco marathon gets under way early tomorrow morning. 5:00 in the morning, we'll have fog, a little bit of drizzle for the early morning runners taking in the first half part of the mayor hon. by 9:00, a fair amount of cloud cover. by 11:00, winds gusting close to 20 miles an hour. enjoy if you're taking part in the race tomorrow morning. sunup at 6:10 in the morning. a fair amount of cloud cover. and then into the afternoon, it's all about the sunshine. hot temperatures inland, that air quality is declining thanks to the smoke away from the coast. high sunday a little bit of haze in concord, 91. 84 in san 84 in, santa rosa. the beaches will have cloud cover early on giving way to some sunshine. the uv index running high. ocean beach only 59, santa cruz
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only 6. the forecast sun tomorrow. still hot inland on sunday before we see slightly cooler air. by wednesday, only stuck in the upper 80s inland. >> now sports from abc7 news. ruben foster spoke publicly for the first time since a judge dismissed two felony domestic charges against him in may. foster speaking after the 49ers full padded practice of training camp. foster is suspended for first two games of the season for violating the nfl's personal conduct code and substance abuse poses. foster says he has a better appreciation for football after everything he's been through this past offseason. >> big learning experience. i learned from every mistake, everything that has been said. you know, all my flaws. you know, learned from a lot of things. i grew from it. it was crazy. football could be gone but you
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know, getting back on this field with my brothers and the copy ofs is a blessing. >> to the raiders and doug martin is hoping for a bounceback year with the silver and black. he signed with the raiders this offseason after playing his entire six-year career with tampa bay. the 29-year-old oakland native is expected to add dep there to a running back group that will likely feature mar shon lynch. >> i modeled my game after mar shon. i don't think he knows that but he will. he's definitely great back whether he it cops to the game and how knowledgeable he is and how to share tackles, how to read an all that tough. he's been a great help to me. >> a big weekend of baseball. the little league intermediate world series takes place florida state livermore starting tomorrow. teams from across the globe ranging in ages from 11 through 13 will be playing in the tournament. as sports director larry beil
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reports for the first time in five years, the home team is taking center stage. ♪ >> punching a ticket to the little league intermediate world series is an unforgettable moment. >> it brought a tear to my eye. >> we all piled up on him. screaming. > hugging everybody. giving everybody a slap on the back. >> emotions going through like we made it. >> the celebration made sweeter knowing that nothing livermore team has ever reached this level. >> normally it's a danville team or pleasantville team. these kids, they're unbelievable. despite the fact the fields are within walking distance, the livermore kids have to stay at the hotel with the other teams. >> we have kids that live 500 yards from the field. and they're going to be bussed in from another city. that is the best part of the experience. they're getting the full world
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series experience. >> it's a good feeling knowing you're hosting a bunch of international and regional teams. >> it's pretty cool because all the teams are to stay together. >> they begin on sunday with the final rounds airing on espn. >> i think it's going to be something that she'll cherish the rest of their lives. >> larry beil, abc7 sports. to golf, third round of the rbc canadian open. kevin tway is now in a tie for the lead. easy chip and birdie on 3. he shot a 4 under 68. dustin johnson also on top finishing with a 7 under 65 rolls in the eagle on 16 to get to 17 under. and beyong one back till 18 he makes the long birdie putt. he's also at 17 under par. baseball notes, the a's just under way in colorado after a rain delay. the giants and brewers just
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getting started at at&t. that is a look at sports. >> thank you very much. >> a little bit of art and a little bit of soul today in oakland. the huge festival that draws thousands of people ever
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tens of thousands were drawn to the sights and sounds of this year's art and soul festival in downtown oakland. abc7 news was there, as well taking in some of the incredible displays of music, art, dance and food. it's the 18th year of the festival considered to be oakland's flagship civic celebration. it continues can tomorrow. >> and that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll be keeping track of the wildfires
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