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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 31, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> august 7, 2017, will forever be a day recording the memories for george they were going to visit their children in nantucket. george dropped his wife off at the ferry. she was going to buy tickets he was going to park the car except he never came back. after he was parking the car, walking back, he suffered a heart attack. mark adams, linda beckett and austin davis. >> i ran outside and i saw mark adams performing cpr. i relieved mark and then austin ran out. >> austin just kept providing cpr. he did not give up until emergency services had arrived, george's heart had stopped for 28 minutes. >> oh, good grief. >> wow. >> so, you can imagine just how grateful this family is that
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these people kept george alive. >> so, the next day, their daughter jodie decided to come back to the street where that call came from. she spots the man, austin davis said, hey, my dad had a heart attack here. he's in the hospital, she's still alive. >> this man burst out crying and started screaming. the man's alive, everyone, the man's alive. >> i have chills. is this so amazing. >> everyone, she said, came out of the house to celebrate. that house is known as the champ house. it provides transitional housing for homeless people. mark and linda are members at this house. austin is one of those homeless people that live there. he's been homeless for two years. they wanted to make a huge impact in his life. and they started a gofundme page to help austin out. so they started, they already raised over $40,000. enough to pay for a vehicle for him and insurance for an entire
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year. they also learned he had a part-time job at a hotel. jodie decides to work and lobby to get him a full-time job. >> the vegas family to me is a new family. >> off then is part of the family, yes, he is. >> and austin days went out to document this story because it's so beautiful. click on for the link or grab that on our mobile app. ♪ police in china received a call for an intruder in a home. this is body cam footage of them going into the home, searching it, trying to find the suspect that may be inside. suddenly, they open up this cover, sure enough, they're talking as an intruder because the wife who had left earlier for work came back because she forgot something.
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when she came back, somebody inside had locked the door and she knew there was trouble. that's when she called police. however this isn't as scary as it sounds. shethey pulled the man out closet and -- >> it turns out the man inside was her husband. >> ooh. >> here's the story, they both left at the same time. he went back because he was playing hooky from work. he wanted to stay home and play video games all day. >> play video games. >> i thought he was playing rooky with a chick. >> yes. so, once police pulls the man out of the closet. the wife says, wait, wait, wait, i know this guy. >> she doesn't immediately say -- >> she's like, what are you doing here? >> it was so funny, he went as
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far as hiding inside the closet. that's how desperate he was to have the time by himself. >> he didn't want to be found out by her because he knew she wouldn't approve. >> why didn't he just say, i left my lunch? >> she was supposed to be at work like he was. >> he jushe just happened to co back. there was no chick. the lone kayaker said because he was out first in the morning on the water that he got a little play time with this seal. this seal is one of the most playful fish you'd ever see in the water. it's cute. he said for a half hour they were eyeing each other. the seal was like, who's that guy, i'm going to approach. and says, hey, i'm going to climb up in your kayak. >> i want a ride too. let me get on. >> that's adorable. >> the lone kayaker says he wasn't really worried about this turning over. he was most interested in getting the video.
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i love the look on his face like what? what am i doing? >> hey, that's what the seal was trying to do. come swimming with me, you want a video. >> the lone kayaker said that little guy was swimming under the boat, chomping at the rudder. he had to basically negotiate himself to the shore. we go from cute to just majestic. this video captured by benjamin lewis. he's a neighborhood lobbyist and photojournalist. but when he was back home in september he captured this video. this is montana. >> this is stunning. >> not only did he get this elk, he got these beautiful vistas. this is lovely. kids have instincts. they play with anything they can
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get their hands on. that's what's happening with the kids here in china. this is a cabinet. notice the flapping back and forth. >> as a kid climbing on everything, i know what's coming. >> well, the kids are climbing on this -- boom. >> is that like a bed? >> reports are this is a cabinet that has small doors on it. >> oh, my gosh, it's probably heavier. >> and right before your eyes then there's -- boom. the other kids are looking like, uh-oh, this isn't good. that's when adults rush in. they lift the cabinet. >> oh, poor baby. >> the little one just lays there. >> that many kids around there was that a school or day care. that cabinet has to be secured to the wall. >> it doesn't tell the exact location. it looks like a community space. it looks like a housing unit. they pick the little boy up. reports are they did take him to the hospital and he was not
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seriously injured. it's one of those kidthings, ki will be kids. and adults got to keep an eye on them. a monkey runs off with a new bike. and this monkey is like i'm going to have fun just like the little girl. >> and this spin turns into a hilarious chase. >> like what are you going, monkey? and you got to catch those waves. >> dive into the rushing river, bringing in some serious surf. >> yeah. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. ♪ wouldn't it be great if you're a surfer and didn't have to go out and chase those waves. what if you could go right to
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the river and just jump on the river. >> yeah. >> and you can. they call this the break the body boarders. all take turns, jump on in and just enjoy this natural wave being formed right there in front of them. >> right. if you're afraid of the ocean, you can still kind of surf in ocean water? thinking, oh, wait, that's a great place for people to learn how to surf but that's not exactly a little bitty wave. >> no, i was thinking the same thing, gayle. maybe you can just go to laguna beach. instead of paddling out you can go right up to the surf. he captures that wave, whips it around and rides it right back to shore, thank you very much. >> yes, hell yes. she jumped on it, did a 360 and rolled back in.
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that's what you kaalcall legit. >> and a nose breaker for most of us. >> you go, girl. >> pretty cool video put out there by jukeis. so many techniques out there to stretch your veteran jeans. put them in the dryer with an abrasive pumice stone -- or this. >> oh, laser. >> yes, you see it's happening through a laser that has been designed to not only add the fading but also the actual distressed cut marks. and then at the end, they cut the outline of the pants out. with a laser. >> that was 30 seconds. >> yes. >> $300. >> we're in the wrong business. i love that they even add the branding up at the top as well.
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>> wow. >> isn't that pretty cool? >> hey, talk about working hard but not hardest. and justin crabtree, he's the owner. he calls himself an environmentally conscious designer. >> it's overtime, and this monkey tries to have fun just like the little boys and girls. that monkey picked up that bike. >> where are you going, monkey? >> it's got ahold of the handlebars and it's running rough and manages to figure out how to hop on but watch this after coming behind the truck -- >> no! >> and that dog is chasing it. and barking. and if that dog wasn't there, this monkey would be gone, put him in the tour de france! >> hold on. this is fake -- is this even possible? >> yes, actually. >> nick. >> i know, but it took me longer
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to learn. >> this is the most incredible thing ever. i love this. and then there's this. check this out. >> a human. >> with a power tool. >> there's something going wrong. >> all right. animal control. >> animal control is a drill and a pitchfork, they get to it. >> squirrel. squirrel nest. squirrel! >> it's like he should have listened to his own words when he did that. >> ahh! >> it's right on me! >> wow. >> it happened so fast -- >> yes! >> yeah, it jumped right on him. >> that is all. >> i never wanted a monkey so bad in my life. ♪
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justin is turning heads with his beautiful orange 720 -- >> that dude's got it from coast to coast. >> how unsuspecting strangers get the ride of their lives. >> they might start charging you. and look at these beautiful beaches. >> it's pretty pretty. >> where you can find the perfect paradise. next. >> as soon as i saw her waving, i was like ah -- >> bring me with you. nt
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excellence crème from l'oréal paris. ♪ promotional considerations provided by -- symptoms. get back to the moment with allegra. gentle exfoliants and 7 moisturizersoth. keep feet sandal ready up to 2 weeks. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. where in the world are tree s in forests? well, it's very pretty. the white sand, the beautiful beaches. knack, they're going to be traveling for the entire year.
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obviously,t obviously, their journey has started. mau mauritius. >> where is it? >> on the southeast coast of the african continent. >> like a pin dot in of the middle of the ocean. >> they took this to capture these beautiful beaches. >> oh, man, you know what, that's a long flight to get there but it's worth it. >> they are going to be traveling different parts of the world. so you can follow along if you want to be part of their journey. >> yeah, this is undoubtedly one of most stunning on location videos we've seen. taking a little off the top. ♪ ♪ >> this beautiful orange 720x.
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>> give it away -- >> no. >> give rides away? >> instead, ooh, he's going to give people rides, yes, ma'am. >> let's go. >> would you like to take a ride? >> people ride up on these dudes and he's like, yeah. >> what's your name? nice to meet you. >> one by one, they hop in the car and they're off. well if certain stuff is legal you got to be careful who you pick up there. >> right. >> they might start charging you. i'm just saying. >> whoa. >> it's like randy maoman. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> and really, they pull out their phones.
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they got to get it for the gram. >> yeah. most people would. >> this is also dangerous for dawson here. you get in an accident, somebody else in your car, liability is scary. that dude's got a grand from coast to coast. >> whoo! >> most of the time he's awkward, in this episode, helping people have a little fun. a daughter finds just what she wants for her formal. >> but it came with a pretty hefty price tag. >> how dad makes sure his princess is the best dressed at the ball. >> and this
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from bouvards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. ekwipequ equipped to take care of this fella. >> yeah, this is a perk of the job. ♪
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92 ♪ ♪ the space is pretty typical for most eighth graders. they just can't be bothered. it looks like she's at a restaurant and someone's recorded a video of her because her dad has just walked in with a formal dress for her. she's got her eighth grade formal coming up. he tells her that grandma's picked it out. she wanted a two-piece -- is it a two-piece -- >> ain't no two-piece around here. >> and the second he opens it up, she loves it. >> oh. >> the story behind thisisve co.
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i would say priceless because she has found her dream dress. but it came with a pretty hefty price tag. her dad works three jobs and he had told her it's not really a financial option but he was still going to get her a dress. what she didn't know, he worked hard and he did what he could to actually get her the dress. the exact dress she wanted for her eighth grade formal. and that's why in that moment, you see that she ignores the dress. because that's cool. it's amazing. but she appreciates so much what they are dad did to make sure she had her dream dress. >> that's so beautiful. especially with children, they work so hard to try to make happen that we want to happen. her dad went above and beyond. this is just so sweet. >> it is a very beautiful ove about it.
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we were being funny about it being a two-piece. it's nice and girlie and feminine and it's age appropriate. you go, girl, and you go, dad. >> that's it for today's show. remember, no repeats, all new show next time. against two indianapolis police officers who shot and killed a black man. prosecutors say 1st force was justified because he turned towards the officers with a loaded gun. blevins family says he didn't deserve to die. several people are facing charges after a bizarre kidnapping at a texas aquarium. the animal that was kidnapped. a shark. >> my favorite. under surveillance from the san antonio aquarium shows the man lifting the shark out of water
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and it was placed in a baby stroller. what? police say they found him at one suspect's home. she under arrest and confessed. a man and woman are facing charges. >> he confessed because he was caught red handed. no no no that thing, that was into the shark. former president obama and vice president joe biden may be out of office, but their bromance is clearly living on the democratic duo stunned customers when they met up at actually one of my favorite spots in george town the dog town bakery, try to get scones when are you there. they met up in khakis and buttoned down blue shirts. >> they shook hands with the crowd, posed for selfies and grabbed a booth for some one-on-one time. >> there are plenty of selfies that came out of that meeting in george town. coming up, lebron's ptingof
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