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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 31, 2018 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a highly skilled trainer is putting on her performance. >> this guy. >> how the tables turn when somebody is chopped down. >> ahh! >> a couple tackle their money trouble. how they reined in their lifestyle to pay off a huge debt. >> when olympic medalist brian boitano announces the win of great garlic cookoff. >> the crowd goes wild!
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>> see the moment he real someins g. >> i think they should have gotten steve harvey. >> question got nickolly christian breaking down the best. >> see the day to make this mom's the best day ever. >> yes! >> now, we all know when you mess with the bulls, you get -- >> yeah. >> guess what happens when you put your own shoulder deep inside of a crocodile. >> why would you do that? >> this guy is sure he's got it all down. almost like he's trying to clean the esophagus of this crocodile. >> his left his watch. >> maybe. >> ah! the crack cocodile is just wait for the right moment. >> yeah!
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>> i don't know, it's just that his shoulder has basically come level with the front of that crocodile's jaw. >> he decides to chow on down. >> the thing let go quickly. >> he didn't want to eat the man. he just wanted to cook the man. get your hand out of my mouth. >> more like out of my stomach. >> what are you doing, man. >> i like this, like ah, ah. >> finally, the guy is okay. >> once again -- >> he decided to -- that we all carry on our cell phones. and suddenly, the bird flies away. this guy has the same reaction that i have whenever they fly away, it's gone. he made sure he got a much
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better shot of it, when it kicks in again. awesome. >> so many of us have great women behind us. moms. moms that we can count on. and our buddy sean, sean is no different. >> it's 6:30 in the evening right now. look at these two. >> hey, what are you doing? >> that's sean's mom in the red shirt. >> mom is always here helping she's just done so much for us. she has no idea in about one hour she's getting the best surprise of her life. >> all right. get ready. get all the friends, all the people in the backyard. >> looks like they're having a cookout. >> they're going to have a cookout along with the surprise. here come all the boxes. they load them on the tarp. >> mama is going to freak out. she thinks like you're building a gazebo. >> is that what she told you? >> they come up with a fun way
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to unveil the surprise. >> the eagle has landed. >> what are you up to? >> as soon as she opens the door -- >> she knows -- >> surprise! >> surprise! >> like, it's not my birthday, what are you guys doing here? >> you have been such a big help to everyone out here lately. i love you so much and i appreciate you so much. so does every single person here. >> unveil your surprise -- >> that's really cool. >> yes! >> mom loves to swim. however, old pool had to be demolished recently. didn't think she was getting a new one until this. >> mama -- >> yeah! >> all right. >> it's the big one.
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and just look at that beauty. saying this is the longest ever ridden in over 20 years. >> insane. >> run, man. >> it just keeps going and going and going and going. >> the photographer says he's been in western australia for eight years since florida, the waves weren't big enough there and he moved. he got word that a big wave was moving. he said he got lorenzo out there and he captured the entire moment. >> he's riding the wave, look at the other one in the back, right? a smash of waves chasing after these guys. >> yes, that's right. it's phenomenal footage. he's clearly a phenomenal su hs it
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out there and he got the shot of all shots. it happened at the miss universe pageant. it happened at the oscars. this year it was at the 2018 great garlic cookoff as pat of the garlic festival. >> ooh, wrong winner. >> in california. >> this cookoff was hosted by brian boitano, gold medalist. ♪ >> he announces the winner. they look good, don't they. they were cooked by this guy. todd. that's who he announces as the winner. crowd goes wild, everybody was cheering. >> oh, my god, i think i had one of those moments. he admits a mistake was made.oh. >> the winner is actually -- he
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made his garlic recipe. this is a huge deal. for those who are not from that part of california it may seem small. people invest a lot of time and money and they get there and they heat up and they cook up. the top three finishers in this cookoff get big money prizes. will got a $5,000 purse. todd didn't even finish in the top three. now todd said he should be compensated. we reached out to brian boitano and didn't hear back by the deadline. but we did reach out. they said brian just read the wrong list. this is a charity event. you can't -- >> todd will hopefully get more exposure and maybe next time he'll win some. a glammed up mama asks her
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3-year-old to take her picture. >> things can't go wrong. >> the adorably unfiltered moment as she tries to get the snap. and it's the new discovery show that puts one brave man's life on the life. >> show the world what it takes. will he survive? >> now, the dude who's done it all tells us what it takes. >> scared is just failure. brought to you by olay, ageless. feels amazing. i really really love this. i will 100% swap up my moisturizer. can i have it? olay whips. (roosevelt)smoking just messed thaup your lungs. i never thought that at only 45 it would give me a heart attack. my tip is; do your heart a favor, and quit now. (announcer) you can quit. for free help,
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forces sniper. but, wait, there's more. a top five and then a fighter, i would say tim kennedy is an all around tough dude, that's why he got a brand-new tv show. >> show the world what it takes to do these jobs. >> the show is called "hard to kill" on discovery. think of it as dirty jobs, but tough jobs. >> what's the craziest thing he's had to do or survive? >> we've got some clips offen episode. tim goes along to see what it is like to survive a bailout situation at 20,000 feet. >> this is not bail out. this is trying to execute a pilot there. >> and it can be even more accurate, the conditions the pilot is facing, to simulate what it's like when it freezes
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over. >> at that altitude, you're going to have a frozen-over visor. will he survive? joining us right now, here on "right this minute," how's it going, brother? >> so far, so good. >> i like this, this is good. >> tim, you've been in many dangerous situations as part of your life. why continue to put yourself in dangerous situations? >> i'm trying to let other people admit how amazing and remarkable and how they are. the american dream is only possible because of these men and women. >> we saw you bail out of a plane. >> with a car, you can do that. with a plane, there's no way to do that. most of time the men and women sit inside the cockpit and say
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screw it, we'll fly. we try to create the worst case scenario for a pilot. having to bail out. >> what scares you? >> what scares me is failure. there's going to be people watching this. it's not me failing. you're going to see that. but my objective, my mission here, is to show what these men and women every day and why they're hard to kill. >> i'm trying to figure out if you're phenomenal or crazy. >> maybe i'm neither. maybe i'm just really, really, really dumb. is that an option? >> tim, thank you for joining us today and sharing clips from your show. you can check out "hard to kill" premieres tuesday, july 31st, on discovery at 10:00 p.m. knew ong fine. so, handed her phone to her
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3-year-old riley to take a picture. riley swiped into one of those interesting features. >> there's a girl behind you. >> okay. >> does my body look like that? >> what are you doing? >> get this thing right, are you taking a picture yet. >> not yet, it's load. >> it's load. >> you're looking incredible. instead, you got these two videos. >> not yet, it's still loading. >> what you promised your children. it has not been going well. so, dad, had a great time here. if you get the next one, i'll give you 500 bucks. >> yeah.
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500, that's australian. 370 u.s. dollars. >> what are the odds? >> oh! >> you got to the deliver. >> yeah, now only the entire world has seen this video now. >> wow, that was amazing. >> yeah! ♪ daniel is making a change to his car. >> what! >> yeah, see what he does, next "right this minute." and still to come -- this guy is strolling in a street until a truck -- >> -- comes swerving around traffic. >> how he keeps his cool when it gets a little too close for comfort. >> ooh! >> oh, my. >> gosh. >> plus, a double ray hitches a ride. >> why they are taking it out to sea. >> why rescuers are going the distance to give it a lift. he m.
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what you're watching is a rescue and what you're seeing is a giant devil ray on a stretcher. it was spotted, a biologist said, hey, we got to rescue it. they put it on a stretcher and taking it out to sea. >> we're taking to you a place where you can live and breathe. >> it's normally much deeper. >> it does seem kind of unusual to go into the ocean and pull an animal out of it. >> i feel like a biologist, it is strange to us but i'm sure they're on top of it. >> meanwhile, the string ray just wanted some time away from the crowd. but it is an endangered species. the best thing for it to be closer to where it needs to be. >> they call tell an angel ray and people will like it. >> yeah. i want you guys to place your bets. right here, that's
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the one on the right, that's brand. they're off and tourio is clearly ahead. and then here comes brant. they're stopping and they were rescued by seal rescue ireland. tourio came to them about six weeks ago back in november. and then they got brant. they were having a sculpture festival on the beach and figured this was the time they were going to release them, and guess what? it was kind of a tie. >> you have to be one calm son of a gun to be able to do this? oh, my -- >> oh, my gosh. >> strolling down, crossing the street when a truck whose brakes
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have given out -- >> okay, that explains the crazy driving. >> -- comes swerving around traffic, nearly hitting him but he's cool, doesn't even appear to take his hands out of his pocket. >> whoa, whoa, whoa -- >> the truck overturns spilling the load. >> there were other people nearby, anybody hurt? >> fortunately, everybody managed to get out of the way without any injuries. that near his to this one that is a cruise ship, attempting to go under that bridge. >> wow. >> the problem is it's a little tighter than they thought. and before you know it -- >> yeah. >> oh. >> suddenly you start hearing metal against metal. >> oh. >> no. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> looks like it's the railings on top of the cruise ship that are getting clipped, huh?
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>> yeah. some reports say that the water was eight inches higher than it usually is so that may have been what contributed to this. but it still looks like even eight inches was not even clearance. no reports of any injuries but they're going to be extra careful next time. ♪ this couple's getting real about their finance because -- >> they were $124,000 in debt. >> ooh. >> it just got bigger and bigger. >> now, they're revealing the money saving secret that totally paid
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>> what do you mean? >> i'm chris. >> hi, i'm morgan, and we've been married almost seven years coming up next month. >> ah, yeah, chris and morgan. they're all smiles -- now. they weren't all smiles a few years ago in 2015. they were $124,000 in debt. >> ooh. >> they owed 8 grand in debt. 29 grand in car debt. 5200 in credit card debt. and 1100 on the wedding. >> unfortunately, it's so easy to get into that hole. >> why? >> but if they are the typical american couple, they're about to show how easy it is to get out of that hole. >> go from smallest to biggest. >> they made minimum payments on
3:27 pm
all of the other ones. once you clear a debt, you focus on the on the next one on the list. >> make a budget and hold each other accountable. the hardest part is saying no. >> no to what? >> friends. >> can't go out to eat. >> taco night at our house. >> it was a lot of compromise. >> in three year, their debt is now zero. >> how nice. >> they paid off their desire debt. during that time their pay did go up from $128,000. it was strictly taking down the debts one by one. what do you do to on vacation. >> they took a vacation to cancun, pre-paid in cash. >> oh!
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