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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 1, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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america this morning. >> all right, set. wednesday. making news in america this morning, the miracle in mexico. a passenger jet carrying more than 100 people crashes. the engine is torn off. the plane bursting floriing flog the new images and the terrifying firsthand account from passengers including children about how they managed to escape with their lives. president trump at a campaign rally in florida makes a surprising claim about grocery shopping. >> you know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. you need i.d. >> this morning the debate over i.d.s at the supermarket. the home improvement website helping americans hire everyone from painters to plumbers under fire this morning being sued. why angie's list is accused of deceiving customers. also, a warning about dry
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ice after an ice cream deliveryman's mother ends up dead. plus, the wall street whopper. the stock that turned a 12 million percent profit and who got the cash. a major defeat in the major leagues. the worst loss ever for one team and just how bad it got. ♪ tell me don't lie bad season for the mets. >> yeah, it's a bad day for the mets. we hope yours goes a little bit better on this wednesday. but we're going to start things off with what's being called the miracle in mexico. all 103 people on board a passenger plane have survived a terrifying crash. >> a reverend from the united states is among them. authorities say a gust of wind from a passing storm struck the plane. you see the storm there, and this morning, those who lived through it are describing what happ the aeromexico jetliner crashed while taking off in durango
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smacking down in a field only a few hundred yards from the end of the runway. video from the scene shows smoke billowing from the wreckage. the plane is relatively intact lying on its belly. [ speaking a foreign language ] this passenger says after the crash, she and her son were able to jump out of a hole that opened in the plane's fuselage. in the chaos some passengers were even able to walk back to the airport as firefighters raced to the scene to extinguish the flames. also on board, a chicago reverend, ezequiel sanchez. the archdiocese of chicago says the reverend is injured but is alert and resting. abc's victor oquendo is in mexico city where the plane was heading. >> the company that made the plane embraer air says it's sending a team of technicians to help in the investigation. the locals here calling it nothing short of a miracle. >> reporter: the most seriously injured is the pilot, in critical condition after the plane came down nose first. officials are looking into weather as a possible factor. passengers say hail was falling at the time of takeoff. and this video shows a severe
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storm rolling through durango at the same time the plane crashed. the cause and the investigation in the early stages right now. the airline's ceo says the plane that crashed was perfectly maintained. and we might get some new details this morning about paul manafort's lavish lifestyle as his fraud trial resumes. the president's former campaign chairman is accused of funneling millions through offshore millions through offshore accounts. we're also getting a glimpse of his expensive tastes including a $15,000 jacket made from ostrich. abc's stephanie ramos has more. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: hey, diane. good morning. i really want to see that jacket, that ostrich jacket. even though the charges against paul manafort have to do with his business dealings instead of russian interference in the last presidential election, if there's a conviction in this trial, it would be a big boost for prosecutors as they move forward in their investigation. paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager, left the federal courthouse in alexandria, virginia, after
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seven hours in court for the first day of his criminal trial. prosecutors say manafort believed he was above the law and that he lied to the irs and knowingly filed false tax returns failing to report tens of millions of dollars he made working for a ukrainian political party with deep ties to russia. prosecutors accuse manafort of hiding the money in offshore bank accounts, opening more than 30 accounts in 3 countries and using the cash to bankroll his lavish lifestyle that included luxury real estate, tailored suits and a $15,000 custom jacket made from an ostrich. in all manafort faces 18 counts of financial crimes. this is the first trial stemming from the special counsel's investigation into potential ties between trump's presidential campaign and russia, but prosecutors say the issue of russian involvement in the election will not come up. the president now distancing himself from the man who once ran his campaign. >> paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time.
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>> reporter: special counsel robert mueller's star witness is manafort's former business partner, rick gates, who also served as the president's deputy campaign manager through the election. gates pleading guilty to conspiracy and making false statements in exchange for his testimony. manafort's lawyer said tuesday gates is willing to say anything to save himself. manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges. but if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison or he could very well receive a pardon from his former boss, the president. now, kendis and diane, the white house says they have not discussed that. back over to you. >> all right, lots of possibilities here. stephanie, we'll make sure your ostrich jacket gets on your christmas list this year. >> you know it. all right, well, the president, in the meantime, was at a rally in tampa making headlines over his comments about grocery shopping. the president was attempting to make the case for a voter i.d.
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law requiring voters to show picture identification when he compared voting to food shopping. >> you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. you need i.d. you go out and you want to buy anything, you need i.d., and you need your picture. >> of course, a photo i.d. is not needed to buy groceries, although it is needed at some big box stores and may also be necessary to buy alcohol and some medications. the president also called for improved border security but did not repeat his threat to shut down the government. and the white house may be ready to escalate the tariff dispute with china. bloomberg reports the trump administration is considering raising tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports to 25%. now, that's more than double the current plan of 10%. the move has not yet been finalized. new sexual assault allegations are surfacing against cbs chairman les moonves. a woman filed a report with police in los angeles claiming moonves assaulted her three times back in the 1980s. the district attorney's office
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says the statute of limitations had expired. the woman joins six others alleging sexual misconduct. moonves denies assaulting anne. nearly 20,000 homes are under threat this morning as out-of-control wildfires burn across california. at least seven major fires are still out of control, and crews are worried two of them could combine. the so-called carr fire around the city of redding has now burned 175 square miles. abc's kayna whitworth is there. >> reporter: the carr fire now one of the most destructive in the history of the state destroying more than 1,200 structures and flattening entire neighborhoods like this one. people here were sent running after the fire jumped that road and raced up the hill. >> incredible, kayna. and nearly 50,000 residents of the state have now been forced to evacuate because of those fires. well, let's take a look now at your weather for this wednesday morning. terior heacontinues to
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zzle, although we'll have spotty storms in portions of nevada going into arizona, new mexico, spotty showers that will help but not really stop the fires. and then for the northwest, still staying hot although the high pressure system keeping it dry starting to weaken. what's not weakening thunderstorms through the ohio region and northeast as well as the southeast with steamy air continuing to push out of the southwest and then by the end of the week still warm in the center part of the country. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. from paper towels to toilet paper, some common household greucts a extipensivnge.or we'll tell you why next. also ahead, the controversy over a boy and his lemonade stand shut down by the government. were his prices too low? and later, the new research on head injuries in soccer and who is most vulnerable.
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we're back now with video of a parking garage collapsing in irving, texas, crushing dozens of cars. thankfully nobody was injured in this incident. officials say parts of the garage still standing may be too unstable to pull out all those other cars that weren't damaged. some top immigration officials defended the trump administration's policy of separating immigrant families during what was a contentious hearing on capitol hill. one i.c.e. director compared family detention centers to summer camp because of the various forms of recreation. but an official at health and human services said his agency actually warned the administration that separating families would be dangerous for kids. senators had tough questions and sometimes did not get answers. >> who thinks that the family separation policy has been a
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success. raise your hand. which member of this administration is responsible for zero tolerance and family separation? >> well, the president just discontinued the separation policy more than a month ago. hundreds of kids, though, remain in federal custody for a variety of reasons. prepare to pay more for products made by procter & gamble raising the price of pamper diapers, bounty paper towel, charmin toilet paper and puffs tissues by 5%. they blame rising prices. apple is once again making investors happy with a big profit jump last quarter thanks to people spending more money on iphones. apple is approaching $1 trillion in market value. the first lawsuit has been filed in the latest food poisoning outbreak at chipotle. the plaintiff claimed he got sick after buying three chicken tacos from the restaurant north of colums, ohio. more than 350 people have now complained about getting sick after eating at that location.
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new york's governor is getting involved in a controversy over a 7-year-old's lemonade stand. brendan mulvaney was selling lemonade for 75 cents along with soda and snow cones. brendan was selling lemonade when he was shut down by the health inspectorho said he needs a $30 permit if he sells more than just lemonade. vendors at the local fairgrounds who also sell lemonade for about $7 reportedly turned him in. the governor has now offered to pay for brendan's permit. >> those snitches over there. >> he was undercutting them and they did not like it allegedly. >> they were price gouging allegedly. >> 7 bucks for just a little lemon, a little water and some sugar. coming up, the two losses in sports. one of them including serena williams. but first, a major decision in the battle over guns made with 3d printers. a man loses both his hands and his legs. doctors say it's all because of his dog. we'll tell you why. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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we're back now with a major development in the fight over plastic homemade guns that work like regular ones. >> a federal judge blocked a plan to post blueprints for them online. critics argue they are easy to conceal. and they're difficult to trace. eight states have already sued to stop the release of these downloads and abc's maggie rulli has details. >> reporter: stopped with just hours to spare. >> to say we feel good about the outcome is a significant understatement. >> reporter: a federal judge in washington state issues a temporary restraining order blocking the release of downloadable instructions for how to make a 3d printed gun saying the weapons could cause irreparable harm. >> that means for them to post that online is illegal under federal law. >> reporter: a texas group
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called defense distributed is behind the blueprints. on their website the countdown to what they thought would be a victory at midnight. the age of the downloadable gun formally begins. they claim the files are protected speech and they have the right to share them with whoever they want thanks to the first amendment. the founder cody wilson makes his case to wired. >> the people have a right to this kind of data. is it the end of gun control? i think it is in an essential sense. >> reporter: for years the obama administration fought them in court citing international concerns. but the trump administration recently backed down clearing the way for the gun blueprints to be posted. on capitol hill, democrats are holding the president personally responsible. >> the blood is going to be on his hands. >> plastic downloadable guns stop at donald trump's desk. >> reporter: and the president himself seeming to contradict his own white house tweeting that he already spoke to the nra and i'm looking into 3d plastic guns. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. a washington state woman is dead after a bizarre incident involving dry ice.
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an ice cream deliveryman had four coolers of the ice in the back of his car when his wife borrowed the car to drive his mother home. now, during that trip vapors from the die ice leaked out of the coolers flooding the car with carbon dioxide. the man's 77-year-old mother was killed and his wife is in critical condition. >> possibly because it was so hot outside and had a newer car which probably had better seals probably had better seals and less ventilation and just a combination of things went terribly wrong. >> dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. experts say the effect of its evaporation depends on quantity and concentration in the air. a man in wisconsin has lost both of his hands and his legs to a rare blood infection apparently triggered after his dog licked him. doctors discovered 48-year-old greg manteufel had been infected by a bacteria found in the saliva of healthy dogs and cats and he had to have his legs amputated up to his knees and his arms up to his midforearms.
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doctors stress, however, this is a rare case. his immune sysm weakened and more than 99% of dog owners will never have this issue. head injuries in soccer. head butting the ball appears to harm women's brains more than men's. the brn scans showed distinct padottns odama soccer players are more likely to report concussion symptoms. symptoms, that is is. i played soccer for eight years. by the way, i'm fine, right? no symptoms. right? >> no quite. so, the home improvement website angie's list is being sued accused of making false claims about background checks. a district attorney in san francisco said the company has been misleading customers by only checking the background of business owners, not the individual workers who come to customers' homes. angie's list says it stands by its process. the new york mets played a game for the record books but not in a good way. they were hammered by the at t most runs the
4:20 am
nationals have ever scored and the worst defeat in mets history. things got so bad that shortstop jose reyes pitched the final inning. he gave up six runs. >> so it was a light day for any other pitcher. tennis fans in california saw history in san jose. serena williams suffered the worst loss of her career and won just one game while losing in straight sets to a player from the uk. well, coming up, meet the identical twins who married identical twins. also, ahead, too hot, too cold. the new battle over the temperature on airplanes. and up next, the investment that returned a $12 million percent profit. (woman) we'd been counting down to his retirement. it was our tresiba® reason. profit. 12 million percent profit.
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pulse" with a pretty good investment. >> bloomberg news reports the parents of amazon founder parents of jeff bezos gave their son $250,000 to invest in his tiny e-commerce site back in 1995. >> it could be worth up to $30 billion today at 12 million percent return on their investment. not bad. >> good one. >> yeah. all right, let's turn now to the wide bannati on smartphones in schools across france. >> lawmakers there have just passed a law banning all internet connected devices for students under 16. they'll have to keep them switched off during school hours. >> the french president has promised to rid schools of smartphones. he calls them a distraction and a bullying tool. >> all right. next to a new effort by flight attendants to find a temperature that's just right on airplanes. a big part of that effort is a new app called 2 hot2cold and allows flight attendants and passengers to file reports about cabin temperatures. >> it will help inform th
4:24 am
government about guidelines for conditions on board. >> too cold. >> too hot. wedding guests may be doing a double take in michigan. >> on friday krissie bevier and zack lewan walked down the aisle. they're identical twins. kassie and nick head to the altar, they're having a shared reception saturday night and then they move in together. >> what? >> to a two-bedroom apartment. >> both couples, both identical twins, they're all going to live together. >> yeah. >> all right. two hot to handle too cold to hold. they call us ghostbusters but they're in control. >> you're in and you're out. you're up and you're down. inests and spices. it's the reason we partner with sustainable farmers. and pollinate our vanilla orchids by hand on the day they bloom. it's why we obsess over the balance of savory, sweet and heat in a seasoning mix. but, you don't need to know all that. you just need your food to taste great. which, we
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." hi, good morning. it's wednesday, august 1st. we're already in august. >> we are. rent is due. >> yep. >> mortgage needs to be paid. >> oh, man. >> that's why we're here. i'm assuming that's why you're up. you are never n seven minutes away from your accuweather fomorecast. mike nicco, what do you say? >> i say the electric bill hasn't come for those who have been inland suffering in the 90s for the last couple weeks. here's what's going on on the other side of our weather spectrum. look from the exploratorium camera, another misty morning outside as temperatures are running in the 50s. here's a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner increasing clouds through the morning, staying in the 50s at the coast, notice a little cooler today, 68 to 79 at noon, 74 to 87 around the bay and inland and back in
4:28 am
the 60s and 70s, comfortable evening on the way. find out about the commute. >> good morning, mike. we are starting off with an issue in the south bay. sounds like it began as a two-car crash, one vehicle facing sideways in the middle of the road hit by another vehicle and injuries. northbound 0,68 b ramp to hostetter, they're calling for a tow truck and ambulance. keeping an eye on that one. heavy approaching that. bay bridge toll plaza heavy in the cash lanes this morning but, of course, no metering lights. we should have about an hour until those are flipped on. >> thanks. this morning, some people living in mendocino and lake counties are back home after they got evacuated by two separate wildfires. >> combined the fires are known as the mendocino complex. the ranch fire has burned more than 51,000 acres and is 10% contained. the river fire has burned more than 28,000 acres and 12% contained. evacuation orders were lifted for finley and kelseyville in
4:29 am
lake county. abc 7 news was in kelseyville as some of the first cs returned back to tarown and we spoke to e person who lives on the border of kelseyville and lakeport, he returned home monday only to get trapped on his property while he tried to put out hot spots. >> i had flames to the left and flames to the right. i felt i could be surrounded by flames so i got out of there. >> many. people returning home last night said they were more worried about looters than the fire. firefighters in redding working around the clock to put out the carr fire which is now burned more than 112,000 acres. it is 30% contained. this is drone view 7 showing you the river ridge neighborhood where home after home burned to the ground. cal fire gave drone view 7 pilots special permission to fly over the fire zone yesterday. a growing emphasis on the
4:30 am
trinity side of the carr fire now that flames have reached over the county line. >> the wildfire in redding is forcing hundreds to leave their homes. a man in the back of a pick-up truck recorded his harrowing escape. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my god. >> just tin recorded the scene as his family evate waited. flames burning homes and a fire looming in the background. he and his family are safe. unfortunately his home was destroyed. >> i feel like that is the best view we have seen yet of what people are experiencing there having to get out so fast. >> it gives me chill. >> just waking up, good morning. let's get a look at your weather and traffic, what the firefighters will be facing today. >> the pain, the anguish, wow, all that they're going through. that's terrible. see what the firefighters have to deal with. first head


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