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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 2, 2018 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, sky-fall survival. heart-pounding video from inside a plane crash. the cabin filling with smoke. passengers running for their lives. incredibly, everyone on board survived. why they say this flight should never have taken off. plus profile of a killer. an internet date turning to obsession. >> he would sleep outside my house. i look out my window, he's still in front of my house. >> psychosis. allegedly threatened, choked, nearly killed her online admirer a specced killer. how she escaped her dating nightmare and how you can protect yourself online.
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good evening. we begin here tonight with a miraculous story of survival. an spire planeload of passengers and crew escaping a fiery crash in mexico. but as you're about to see from video shot during and after the crash, it came very close to catastrophe. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: this is a terrifying look inside the aeromexico passenger plane seconds before the doomed takeoff into a hailstorm. the plane bouncing off the runway, smoke quickly filling the cabin. confused passengers running for their lives. this woman coughing, trying to catch her breath, and find a loved one. >> jessica! >> reporter: parts of the plane sheared off, engulfed in flames. an engine on the runway as emergency responders arrive on the scene, racing the injured to
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local hospitals. yet somehow all 99 passengers and four crew members on board that durango to mexico city flight escaping with their lives. tonight are speaking out. >> the plane starts climbing up. it was almost whiteout conditions. and -- >> what could you see out of the window? >> nothing. >> reporter: father ezekiel sanchez of chicago one of at least 65 americans on board recovering from a broken arm says he thought the plane never should have taken off. >> it was a strong, heavy bump. that i could actually feel the landing gear buckle. >> reporter: passengers crediting the actions of the flight crew with helping get people on board to safety and away from the burning plane. mexican officials say they've recovered the plane's black boxes. the pilot is in stable condition and his statement to investigators will be crucial. while the investigation continues, father sanchez summing it up -- >> i couldn't identify it in any other way except a miracle. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm victor oquendo in durango,
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mexico. we turn to the harrowing tale of a woman who came face to face with an alleged kill history police say recruited his victims through online dating apps. abc's ariel refshev on how she e escaped the killer's hands. >> reporter: he swept her off her feet. he almost seemed like the dream guy? >> yeah, it felt like a wonderland with him. >> reporter: she was he was a handsome, charismatic conversationalist she met on a dating app. >> we talked so much, we had so much in common. seemed like a real good guy. >> she had no idea her life was in danger. >> you never wake up one day and be like, my boyfriend i'm dating is going to try to kill me. >> reporter: the man she thought she was falling for allegedly stalking her, threatening her. >> i'll kidnap that [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: and her son. >> i'll do anything! >> reporter: nearly choking her
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to death. we're learning daniel drayton is a suspected murderer and rapist, accused of killing 29-year-old nurse samantha stewart last month, and luring a number of women he met on dating sites into a string of heinous assaults. zenea says dranton contacted her on the app plenty fish november last year. she says she wasn't even looking for love. >> he hit me up for two days straight, didn't pay it mind. i finally replied. from there our conversations went every day. >> reporter: they struck up a fast friendship that quickly turned to romance. >> he wanted a lot in life, he had goals. no red flags, nothing to complain about. it was a delight to talk to him at that time. >> how often did you see each other? >> every day. it was not a day we didn't see each other. >> reporter: they dated six months. drayton met her young son. >> the perfect guy. that's how he was pretending to be. >> reporter: alarm bells went off when she saw another woman
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calling his phone. she picked up. >> see, i was like, how did you meet him? she said, through the app. i said, plenty of fish? she said, yes. i was like, okay, did he mention to you he has a girlfriend? no, he didn't mention that at all. i told him to get out of my car. that was how things started going left from that point on. >> reporter: she says she broke it off. but he persisted, pleading to get her back. even trying to contact her on social media using multiple aliases. how did things start to spiral? >> every day he'll keep hitting me up. wait outside my house, sleep outside my house, spend the night up watch ambiguous window. >> when did you start realizing there might an threat to you? >> the night he waited outside my house, i don't know the particular day, it was in june. >> reporter: she says he started throwing rocks at her window. at one point sneaking inside. >> that's when he placed the latter through my window because i wouldn't let him in. >> reporter: another night she filmed drayton waiting out
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front. she claims she began to receive killing texts and calls threatening to harm her son. >> i'll kidnap that [ bleep ]! >> that's what you're going to do? >> i'll do anything! word to my [ bleep ] grave, my [ bleep ]. >> you will do what? >> i called you to [ bleep ] the [ bleep ] -- >> you're going to do what to my son? >> i'm going to kill him! like i warned you today, i said sit next to me and i'm going to [ bleep ], [ bleep ] pick up my calls and [ bleep ] -- >> that's when i knew, he has to go. >> reporter: june 13th, things escalated. >> the day started off with his blowing my phone up as usual. calling me, calling me. he was like, can we link up? i just want to talk to you, i'm about to go to california for a job. >> reporter: she reluctantly agreed to see him off. they met for lunch. he didn't eat. but he asked if she could drop him at a nearby park. >> i come into the park. i'm driving like this. i actually pull up exactly right here.
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that's when he proceeded to say, are we still going to be together, are we going to be back together? i said no. >> reporter: she says he refused to get out of the car. >> that's when he looked at me and jumped across. had body his knees on top of my knees while my seat belt was still on. he got to his hands and stuck his thumb in my throat and i've got a mark to this day. >> did you think, this is it? >> when he was choking me, i can't describe the feeling. i kept feeling, this is it. i kept thinking about my son. i have to live for my son, i have to get out. >> reporter: in the very spot where it happened, she shows us how she narrowly escaped. >> so i couldn't breathe. at that moment i had no choice but to just use my door and open it. and i got out. i got out, fell like this on the floor. as i looked up i seen three men come out the parking lot. >> reporter: three workers, seeing her in distress, rush to help. >> they asked me i was all right, trying to save me from
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him. he viciously came around the car trying to attack me again. he kept saying he was going to kill me. >> reporter: the men call police but drayton takes off. >> those three men didn't appear, i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: days later he was arrested and eventually charged with trespassing and strangulation. but a nassau county judge later granting his release. turns out drayton had already served four years in a connecticut prison on multiple charges. including second-degree strangulation, unlawful restraint, and violating a restraining order. the nassau county court telling abc news there was no way the judge could have known. the judge didn't know there was an out-of-state criminal history. weeks after his release, that new york nurse, samantha stewart, is found dead in her home. another 23-year-old woman, raped. police uncover both had gone on a date with drayton. >> common denominator in these cases, one being a murder, one being a rape, is dating
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websites. >> how concerned were you when you found out he had been released after that incident with do yyou? >> i was scared. i found out he was released when they pronounced he may have murdered that young lady. what can a mother do to protect her son? >> reporter: the hunt leads investigators all the way to california. >> two independent investigations, as they progressed, led our detectives to one and the same individual. that individual was tracked across the country. >> reporter: a fugitive task force and los angeles police eventually tracking him down in north hollywood. arresting him last week in a hotel where they say he had raped and attempted to kill a woman he was holding hostage. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. drayton allegedly told investigators he had committed as many as seven murders. thoughts now investigating. >> at this point in time any comments that he's made to us about his participation in other crimes has not been verified
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yet. but there is a lot of work to do. >> reporter: in an interview with "the new york daily news," drayton speaking out from behind bars, admitting he did choke z zenea, calling himself a good person but saying voices in his head made him do these things. he claimed he was hoping to get caught because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt. but zenea says that man she once fell for should not be underestimated. >> no, i literally believe he would kill. his eyes -- everything he did to me. i believe he's capable of anything. >> do you feel guilt? >> i felt guilty in the beginning because i kept feeling like, how could i not see the signs? >> reporter: zenea says she's swearing offal all those dating apps for good. has this changed your outlook on online dating apps? >> completely. i deleted every single one. >> reporter: los angeles detective trent thur burr investigates criminals using online dating to prey on their victims.
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>> ordinanline dating makes it r to trick somebody. >> reporter: his advice when dating online, take things slow, do your research. >> checking the internet, there's a lot of information out there, background checks are good if you're willing to go the extra mile. >> reporter: experts say you can reverse image search your date to see where else their photo pops up. and trust your gut. if something feels off. >> our instinct maybe needs to come into play. if you get one of those nervous feelings, maybe that's the time to cut it off and move on. >> reporter: for zenea, her harrowing experience has forced painful reflection. and conviction to share her story as a warning for others. do you feel lucky to have survived? >> i feel highly blessed. i thank god every day about it. because -- i relive it every day, you know. it just doesn't go away.
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♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. now to the viral dance trend that has the federal government so worried that they've gone so far as to tell people what should be obvious. please don't jump out of moving cars. this online craze which is
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called the kiki challenge among other things is part of a larger phenomenon of internet risk-taking that has proven at times to be downright deadly. this falls into the category of "we shouldn't have to tell you not to do it." yet the newest viral video sensation features people jumping out of moving cars to dance in the middle of the street. perhaps unspecializingly, it doesn't always work out. ♪ hey kiki >> reporter: this latest social media craze took over the internet in part thanks to this guy, shiggy. the internet comedian posting himself dancing to the soundtrack of drake's popular song "in my feelings." he hash tagged it #dotheshiggy and it took off. >> he has 1.8 million followers. so it spread pretty quickly. there's been thousands and thousands of videos of people doing it. >> reporter: do the shiggy morphed into what's being called the in my feelings or kiki
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challenge. ♪ kiki do you love me >> reporter: named for the lyrics in drake'song. more than half a million hash tags used on twitter of people participating, including celebrities such as ciara and nfl quarterback husband russell wilson. and will smith, who took the trend to new heights doing the dance atop a bridge in budapest. and it's not just humans. even animals getting shiggy with it. but things got dangerous when people started inexplicably jumping out of moving vehicles. >> it ran over my leg. >> people are trying to go viral, upping the ante, trying to make their video unique. >> reporter: the results as disastrous as you might expect. some of the videos shocking. look at this guy, jalen norwood. don't worry, he's okay. norwood appeared on jimmy kimmel after the. >> how are you doing? >> pretty good, living life. the plan was, he was supposed to come slow.
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slow speed. and i was going to jump on the hood and continue dancing. >> you risked your life for a meme, you realize that, right? are people recognizing you now. >> i'm the most famous guy in florida. >> you want to walk on your own? >> reporter: this young woman from iowa not so lucky. >> the last thing i remember is opening my car door. >> reporter: anna, 18 years old, treated for skull fracture, blood clots, bleeding in the brain. now she's relearning how to walk. >> it may sound fun and seem like it's easy. but at the same time they could be so dangerous. >> reporter: law enforcement is so worried about this viral trend that the national transportation safety board put out a warning for drivers not to participate. the history of online stunts goes back years. there have been good-hearted challenges featuring celebrities raising money for charity, like the hot pepper challenge. >> oh my god, oh my god!
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>> reporter: stupid stuff like teenagers trying the cinnamon challenge. or the kylie jenner lips challenge. but these amateur attempts at virality are nothing compared to professional thrill-seekers whose livelihoods often depend on the amount of clicks they can get. and the more daring the stunts, the more eyeballs on their posts. >> when you put money into the equation, when you put fame into the equation, people are willing to do it seems like almost anything to get those things. >> reporter: the group high on life is part of this new wave of internet adventurers, creating slick, highly produced, thrill-seeking videos that they say celebrate life. high on life has more than 1 million followers on instagram, more than 560,000 on youtube. >> their job is to go around and travel and have a good time. isn't that what we all want? >> reporter: the group's members post videos frequently highlighting high-risk
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activities. for example, this daring balcony dive. earlier this summer, high on life member alexi liak posted this video. a daredevil walk down a 300-high-foot abandoned train trestle. shortly after, another online expedition took a tragic turn. alexi liak, along with his girlfriend megan and another high on life member reicher, died after they plunged 100 feet from one of canada's tallest waterfalls. when you consider this tragedy, along with the apparent dangers of the new kiki challenge, it all raises questions about whether internet stars and wannabes are going too far to achieve viral fame. then of course there's this question. what could they possibly do next? next here, he might look tough, but watch this muscle-bound stunt man breakdown
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finally, in the words of the rock's character from the movie "moana," what can he say except, you're welcome. how's this for a hollywood twist? dwayne "the rock" johnson setting up a sneaky vise for his cousin and stuntman of 17 years. staging a fake interview, then gifting tanawai reid with a giant token of appreciation. >> i love you. i thank you. and enjoy your new truck. >> oh, no! dog! >> very cool. thank you for watching "nightline" tonight. as always we're online 24/7 on
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