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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 3, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the severe storm threat, flash flood watches up and down the east coast. fears a dam could give way. residents told to evacuate. plus, the tornado confirmed here in new york city. 50 million americans now in the storm zone heading into the weekend. also breaking tonight, planting evidence? the video obtained by abc news. an officer in plain clothes and off duty shooting a man in the face, then appearing to place something on the ground. was he caught on camera trying to cover up a crime? the bombshell interview tonight in the ohio state coach scandal. the assistant coach accused of domestic abuse now saying head coach urban meyer knew about the allegations. just moments ago, meyer
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responding. also tonight, police cornering the suspect wanted for murdering a prominent doctor. what he did when officers moved in, and the chilling discovery made by detectives. plus, the wild encounter. a man caught on camera in yellowstone taunting a bison. the massive animal at one point, lunging at him. why that tourist is now facing charges. and good evening. it's great to have you with us on a busy friday night. i'm tom llamas in for david, and we begin tonight with dangerous storm threats as we come on the air. flash flooding alerts for 50 million people from georgia all the way to maine. in lynchburg, virginia, take a look at this. emergency crews looking at the college lake dam now crippled and under repair. 0 mes evacuated could destruction from a rare confirmed ef-0 tornado.
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downing at least 50 trees. powerful storms forcing ground stops at major airports in the northeast. abc's eva pilgrim leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, fears in virginia that a dam could breach. officials in lynchburg issued a warning that the college lake dam was at risk of imminent failure. a failure could send up to 17 feet of water into parts of the city of 80,000 people. some 150 homes evacuated. >> with pending weather coming in again this evening, we are still concerned about its overall stability. >> reporter: tonight, crews gaining an upper hand in the race to stabilize it. heavy downpours now hammering more than 50 million across the east. up to half a foot of rain causing major flash flooding in central virginia. residents rescued from their stranded vehicles. high water boats bringing families to safety. >> my latest count, they've gotten about ten people out. >> reporter: to the north, a rare tornado touching down in
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new york city. winds up to 85 miles per hour tearing through this queens neighborhood. went >> reporter: toppling trees and power lines, ripping siding off of homes. storms now causing thousands of delays and hundreds of cancellations at airports across the northeast. >> and eva joins us now live from laguardia airport, and eva, passengers all along the east coast could be in for a long night. >> reporter: that's right, tom. there have been ground stops in boston, newark and here at laguardia. at least seven airports looking at major cancellations. it's not going to get better any time soon. rain is in the forecast for tomorrow morning, tom. >> all right, eva pilgrim leading us off. eva, thank you. let's get right to senior meteorologist rob marciano along new york's westside highway with an update on those flash flood watches. rob, good evening. >> reporter: hey, good evening, tom. they have been expanded basically and eva is right.
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we have more rain in the forecast over some saturated soil. we have had some severe weather and the tornado warning. over three inches per hour, so those watches remain up with that continued flow. most of it is west of i-95, but that will change over the next 24 hours, and we're looking for another 3 to 4 plus inches of rainfall. a couple of more rounds coming through. two last night and this afternoon, and then more tonight and then another one tomorrow morning through new york and into boston. drier behind that, and after that, it could get a little bit rough. >> rob for us tonight. rob, thank you. we turn to a developing story here in new york. abc news obtaining video of an off-duty police officer allegedly shooting a man in the face, then trying to plant something on him before authorities arrive. the confrontation caught on surveillance. the officer wounding the victim and what happens when he appears to notice the camera. abc's erielle reshef with that video. >> reporter: tonight, this disturbing new video obtained by abc news from the new york city
3:35 pm
police department capturing the moment an off-duty officer shoots a man in the face. then allegedly tries to cover it up. that sergeant, ritchard blake wearing the backpack. you can see the two men appearing to argue in the street before blake opens fire. the officer hovering over 21-year-old thayvone santana. it looks like he places an object by his side. but when he appears to notice the camera, he bends down to remove it. investigators say the cop initially claimed santana tried to rob him. >> we think there may have been some sort of dispute prior to this incident. >> reporter: but police sources say the two knew each other and may have been fighting over a girlfriend. authorities are not revealing if santana was armed, but did say this -- >> just to clarify there is no firearm found at the scene. no firearm recovered. >> reporter: the nypd now looking into the actions of the 40-year-old officer. >> there are certain things that we saw in this investigations that we have questions that are unanswered at this point. >> reporter: tonight santana's mother calling for justice.
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>> i want justice for my son. for my family. >> erielle reshef joins us now live tonight, and that video apparently somewhat damaging to that off-duty police officer. has the nypd taken action with that sergeant, and how's the victim doing tonight? >> reporter: well, tom, santana is in the hospital in stable condition. as for sergeant blake, he was placed on modified duty within hours of that incident as both his department and the fda investigate. >> thank you. now the scandal rocking college football and ohio state university. a fired assistant coach accused of domestic abuse breaking his silence tonight. at the same time, his former boss, led coach urban meyer also speaking out after he was placed on leave. the school investigating whether meyer knew about the allegations and stayed quiet. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> listen. we had a toxic relationship. >> reporter: tonight, fired ohio state assistant football coach zach smith breaking his silence. after being accused of domestic
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abuse by his ex-wife, courtney. >> there was aggression in the relationship but anything i ever did to her was a defensive action. all i know is i never hit my wife. i never hit her. i never beat her. nothing. >> i was scared. >> reporter: but courtney telling stadium sports network he was abusive as of 2009. >> he picked me up by the neck and threw me down on the ground in our bathroom, and screamed at me, 'look what you turned me into.' >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with espn smith also delivering this bombshell, that head coach urban meyer knew about the allegations in 2015. >> he said, 'what the hell is going on? what is this? what is this?' and i told him. i laid it all out for him. i said apparently my ex-wife is trying to get me charged with domestic abuse. >> how did he respond to that? >> he looked at me and said, i swear to got, zach, if i find out you hit her, you're done. you're fired. >> reporter: meyer denied any previous knowledge about the allegation. >> i was never told
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and nothing ever came to light. i was never told about anything. i never had a conversation about it. i know nothing about it. >> reporter: tonight, coach meyer just releasing a statement saying he failed when he made those very remarks. writing, quote, my intention was not to say anything inaccurate or misleading. however, i was not adequately prepared to discuss these sensitive personal issues with the media, and i apologize. >> kayna joins us now, and with meyer now admitting he knew, is he in danger of losing his job? >> reporter: well, tom, meyer recently signed a new contract that reportedly has a clause on gating him to report any potential misconduct by members of his staff. meyer is now currently on paid administration leave. >> thank you. we turn onto the new developments in the urgent manhunt for a murder dr 20-year grudge, confronted by police this morning taking his own life. authorities say he was wearing a
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bulletproof vest. a list of a dozen names including the doctors were found at his home. so who else was on the list? abc's marcus moore is in houston. >> reporter: the hunt for the man who gunned down a prominent houston doctor riding his bike to work ending police say in this southwest houston neighborhood. >> it's going to be the suspect. he's walking. he's down. >> reporter: with a dramatic showdown between two police officers and 62 year-old suspect joseph pappas. police say pappas took his own life as officers approached him this morning. >> without the public, we wouldn't be standing here today. >> reporter: the death marking the end of a nearly two week long manhunt, police say pappas had a long held grudge against prominent cardiologist dr. mark hausknecht who once treated president george h.w. bush, and according to police, pappas' mother when she died on the operating table 20 years ago. investigators say in their hunt for a motive a disturbing picture emerged revealing just how much planning allegedly went into dr. house hausknecht's july
3:40 pm
20th murder. >> officers and investigators other employees at the texas pol medical center. but it's unclear tonight whether or not they were targets too. we have learned tonight that a camera on a city bus captured the entire murder. the police chief told me it is the most chilling video he has ever seen. and he says he is grateful the community helped catch a killer. tom. >> marcus moore for us. marcus, thank you. news tonight about the desperate search for that missing student in iowa. authorities looking through ditches and farms for mollie tibbetts who vanished while jogging two weeks ago. the reward jumped to more than $230,000. abc's alex perez is in iowa. >> reporter: tonight, mollie tibbetts' father, begging for help. >> we're all in this together. we're all trying to bring molly back. >> reporter: her boyfriend dalton jack making an emotional plea to mollie's possible abductor. >> just try to put yourself in our shoes. what is somebody had taken somebody you love so much. just have the courage to come forward. >> reporter: it's been more than
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two weeks since the university of iowa student vanished, last spotted going for a run july 18th. authorities have searched nearby properties, investigated a report of a possible sighting in missouri, and are following up, they say, on hundreds of tips. authorities have remained tight-lipped about the investigation, but investigators say they do have a solid base of evidence they are working from. >> we come to work every day with an attitude that we're going to find mollie today and we hope to be able do that and report that to you soon. >> reporter: the reward for information on her whereabouts growing. now topping $200,000. tom, investigators say they are working this case around the clock. there are signs like this one just about everywhere you look across town. authorities are hoping that increased reward will motivate anyone with information to come forward. tom? >> and that reward still growing tonight. all right, alex. thank yo he new headline about the las vegas massacre tonight. the motive behind the worst mass shooting in modern american history will remain a history.
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the police department releasing its final report on the killing spree last october. they kwh he opened fire at the mandalay bay hotel. the sheriff calling paddock, quote, an unremarkable man with a troubled mind. next tonight, president trump in china stoking the flames of their trade war. china warning it will hit the u.s. with $60 billion worth of new tariffs. in response to the president's threat of a $200 billion tariff on chinese products. americans already caught in the middle. here's abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl. >> reporter: a new front in the escalating trade war with china which today threatened to impose $60 billion in new tariffs on a wide range of american products. the move comes after the president moved to dramatically increase u.s. tariffs on chinese goods. the president talked about his >> rht now chi
3:43 pm
y orin the history of the world. we got ripped off. >> reporter: the new chinese tariffs would cover over 5,000 american products. new taxes on honey, coffee, wine, american beef, salmon, vegetables and much more. many of the targeted products come from areas that voted overwhelmingly for donald trump in 2016 election. the president's top economic adviser offered an ominous warning today to china. >> the message here is do not underestimate president trump's determination to follow through on the china trade reform campaign. they better take president trump seriously. >> reporter: today's escalation comes after tit-for-tat moves where the united states and china each imposed new tariffs on $34 billion worth of imports last month. an expanding war that could hit
3:44 pm
>> jon karl joins us now live from the white house, and jon, how's the administration reacting tonight to the those new threats from china? >> reporter: the message to china tonight comes from the white house press secretary, sarah sanders who says, instead of retaliating, china should address longstanding concerns about its unfair trading practices. in other words, tom, the white house is not backing down. >> jonathan karl first tonight. jon, thank you. and a late immigration headlight coming in tonight. a federal judge ruling the trump administration must fully restore daca. the program for dreamers, it allows greats brought to the u.s. as children to remain in the country. they are giving the administration 20 days tory peel. there i mh more had hn "world news tonight" this friday. the dramatic rescue. a child choking on a marble, no longer breathing when the officer arrived. what he did to save her life. plus harvey weinstein fighting back. the legal play by the disgraced mogul. alleged e-mails he says show he
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. back now with the scary standoff with a wild animal in yellowstone national park. the man who is lucky he wasn't injured when the animal charged, now facing charges in court. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this bison-baiting video, the latest example of a wildlife encounter gone wrong. >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> reporter: the man in the road taunting this giant yellowstone bison, soon found himself in handcuffs. 55-year-old raymond reinke, arrested last night 900 miles away at glacier national park in montana. this now-viral video, joining a long list of legal trouble for reinke. his multiple run-ins with rangers started july 28th at
3:48 pm
grand national park, busted for allegedly being drunk and disorderly. then in yellowstone tuesday, reinke was cited for intoxication and harassing wildlife. then he was on to glacier, but when authorities saw this video, a warrant was issued for his arrest. >> oh, god. >> reporter: wild animals are of course, wild, and experts warn getting too close could kill you. >> these are not elsie the cow. this is a wild animal that fights for aggression, fights for territory. >> reporter: last night, rangers at glacier national park caught up with reinke. he is still in custody, facing several charges including disturbing wildlife. he has not erntded a plae. tom. >> a wild trip for him. thank you. when we come back, a man overboard. the urgent search tonight in the oceans off alaska after a cruise ship crew member disappeared. and call them the lucky 11. the california co-workers who have 543 million reasons to celebrate tonight. stay with us. ith us. this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage.
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play to throw out two indictments against him. lawyers for the disgraced movie mogul arguing for the district attorney fail to present the grand jury dozens of e-mail they say show the alleged rape victim was a con tensual partner in a long-term relationship. he has not pleaded guilty. and to a man who has fallen off a use ship. last seen last night before going overboard on the chus ship in amsterdam in alaska. the boat retracing its path, and the coast guard also assisting in that search tonight. and a fast-acting texas police officer is being praised for saving a choking child. veteran police officer troy clements dispatched to a home where a 1-year-old girl had swallowed a marble. it was later removed. and the officer reunited with the little girl. her family calls him a hero. and in california, the group of officer workers with a reason
3:53 pm
to party tonight. 11 co-workers at a company in santa clara county coming forward claiminghe the the th $543 milli $543 million megamillions jackpot. each player will collect $29 million before taxes. no one in the group planning to quit their day job, at least just yet. all right. when we come back, the country song catching fire and that moment on stage so many are sharing. tonight, it's america strong. stay with us. ith us. -we're in a small room. what?! -welcome. -[ gasps ] a bigger room?! -how many of you use car insurance? -oh. -well, what if i showed you this? -[ laughing ] ho-ho-ho! -wow. -it's a computer. -we compare rates to help you get the price and coverage that's right for you. -that's amazing! the only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... to improhort-term e me trembe. with advil liqui-gels, what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels finally tonight, america strong. a new country song that's become an instant hit, and that
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inspiring moment on stage. ♪ >> reporter: for all the country singers that have sung songs about their mothers, blank stares by jay allen is one that hits your soul. ♪ ♪ you come and go so fast ♪ >> reporter: nearly a million people have shared this cell phone video of allen singing to his mom, sherry right in his arms on stage. sherry just 53 years old, battling early onset alzheimer's. ♪ wish i didn't feel so helpless when it comes to helping you ♪ ♪ >> reporter: allen hoping to not only reach his mom through the sorngs but also the millions of others dealing with alzheimer's in their families. allen says while growing up his mom worked two to three jobs to support their family and taught them to think about others. he is now pledging all proceeds from the song go to abe's garden, an alzheimer's care center in nashville ♪ i know you're still in there,
3:58 pm
deep down somewhere i swear i still ♪ >> reporter: and though there is no cure to alzheimer's, allen says country music is the only thing that brings his mom back. watch how she smiles right here. allen now hoping by sharing his song and story he can help others. [ cheers and applause ] >> that song, "blank stares," you can find it on tie tunes. thank you for watching on a friday night. i'm tom llamas. i'll see you back here tomorrow. omorrow. li
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it's everywhere. it is everywhere. >> dramatic new video from the crr fire, one week after it began. this as new warnings were issued today about fire danger. good afternoon, and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> here's the latest. i'm larry beil, on the mendocino complex fires, new mandatory evacuation orders from the community of potter valley. the two fires have burned 153,000 acres, 30% contained. firefighters expect to have them fully contained in 12 days. that could be a long 12 days. >> firefighters are having a hard time accessing the fire from the ground. so air support is key. petaluma fire posted this video showing a 747 making an air drop to slow the fire's spread.
4:00 pm
747s hold 18,000 gallons, drawing a line of retardant more than a mile long. >> hot, dry, windy conditions threaten to feed new fires. >> a red flag warning has been issued today through saturday for a huge part of northern california, mendocino, lake and sonoma and napa county. >> eric thomas is live for us in napa county right now. >> reporter: as you said the high fire danger due to the red flag warning, lower humidities, higher temperatures, the possibility of gusty winds. firefighters in napa say they are geared up and ready, but there are not as many of them to be ready as they would like. there are strike teams frommer working on other fires. their bags are packed and loaded. now it's just a matter of monitoring the radio for any new fires that have broken out. >> the red flag warning means that the conditions are going to
4:01 pm