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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 4, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it's happened again. another brazen attack on bart in broad daylight. this receipt incident has bart taking major action. >> since the death of nia wilson was killed at the mac arthur station nearly two weeks ago, two more apparently random attacks. >> the latest involves a college student and the other two men with a box cutter. abc's katie has details as police ask for your help. >> it don't make no sense. >> people are using drugs and stuff. >> why someone would attack a state student trying to go home for the weekend.
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as he tried to transfer trains around 10:00, someone attacks him from behind at the richmond station. >> you don't know what can happen at any time. you just got to be careful. >> the attacker ran off and the victim called police. >> medics transferred the victim to kaiser hospital where he was treated for broken teeth and possibly a broken jaw and concussion. >> bart police are looking for surveillance images. in another case kapt ras did capture shotses of this man. solomon espinoza. he attacked two men with a box cutter on a richmond-bound train. both men will be okay. >> there is no known connection between the suspect and the victims and the motive is unknown. >> espinoza ran away and is believed to be a transient.
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>> the homelessless price say regional issue and we are working to address that within bart, but it's a regional issue. >> it deplayed more officers on overtime. if you see espinoza, contact bart police. abc 7 news. >> last night's stabbing followed the funeral service for another woman fatally stabbed at the mac arthur station july 22nd. the body of 18-year-old nia wilson thursday morning. she was attackeded at the station more than a week ago. wilson's heartbroken sister read a poem about who she called her baby girl. >> the love she gives without no expression. nia's love when you may not have a sense of direction. nia's love, the love when you need protection. >> wilson's family is suing the agency saying more should have
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been done to protect her and her sister who was stand, but survived. our website is full of resources on bart safety. we have a special page for tips on how to stay safe on bart and how to help nia wilson's family. >> president trump has a disaster declaration for the carr fire. new evacuations at mendocino county. the ranch fire, the larger of the two jumped by 45 acres in a 12-hour period. it scorched 181,000 acres. containment is 22%. the river fire which is threatening lake county grew by 2500 acres overnight and it's 50% evacuati evacuati evacuations are in effect.
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those are the largest fires in the state. the evacuation areas are as we come in. and mike is keeping track of the latest conditions on the fire lines. what's happening now, mike? >> i have good news, eric. good evening. don't be surprised that i'm here at 11:00 here on a saturday night in for drew. the red flag warning just expired, but i have observtions from the higher elevations around the fires that are disturbing. that river fire, the current conditions and the winds are 15 to 21. that's at 2100 feet. the ranch fire is lower. the winds are calm. the temperatures are dropping into the 60s and the humidity level is rising. we do have winds that are going to come down overnight. we blow from northwest to southeast. most of the smoke is going to miss us, but conditions will be gusty, but not like they have been. what i'm worried about is what's
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going to happen later in the week. check out the 100 degree temperatures. we will see that also in the seven-day forecast. >> sounds good, mike. thanks. >> more people are escaping from the ferguson fire inside yosemite national park. smoke is making it hard to breathe and see. here's vanessa from our sister station in fresno. >> the lights membership a typical sight in the peak season, but this time they don't belong to tourists eager to see the views. >> in the burping they have been doing, you have the pink on know one side and fire on the right. >> yosemite valley resident dakota snyder took this video when he was forced to evacuate. >> it wasn't long after we made it out when they announced it had blown over the highway. >> they are staying until it's safe to drive back to their homes. most had their bags packed when
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evacuations were issued last week. >> the smoke has been intense. we had fires and evacuations before, but this expetended approximate period of unbreathable area. >> it was sold out with tourists and they are at 30% occupancy. now they can do their part to help the community. >> we are honored to house some of the firefighters and some of the local evacuees from yosemite. >> they are close to 3,000 firefighters are working to strengthen containment. it grew by 3500 and overnight crews were successful at keeping them away from the communities. >> that was vanessa with our sister station in fresno. that ferguson fire is being blamed for two deaths since breaking out more than weeks ago
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and burn up to 125 square miles. >> the smoke from the wildfires is visible from space. nasa put out this image this morning and you can she there, the heavy clouds from the major fires. the red triangles represent the location of the fire. >> relief is under way for hungry animals impacted in lake and shasta counties thanks to a huge response and our abc 7 viewers. the drive was launched by one woman impacted by the devastating fires last october. cornell bernard has the story. >> it started off small and came to this. i'm very proud of her. >> tim is praising his wife for helping make all this happen. palettes and palettes of pet food and hay are being loaded up and headed to lake and mendocino counties to help fire evacuees and animals.
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>> it has been put together on the road and the animals can be fed. >> this volunteer told abc 7 news about her idea to help the victims. after seeing so many horrific images from the fireses in redding and so many stranded horses and pets. she put out the call and the response was amazing. >> we have about 18 tons of pet food and hay up there. i want to thank everyone and the community of sonoma and everyone who donated. >> the old bar feed store is donating ped supplies and hay. it collected $3,000 in cash donations. >> my heart goes out to the people, but i'm glad we can donate. >> they are helping victims and their animals impacted by the carr fire. we have water, food, even toys for pets. brash is helping others the way
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she was helped after the north bay wildfires destroyed her horse barn and riding school. >> i didn't know if my horse were alive for four days. i can't pay back the people that helped me, but i can pay it forward. >> she told fire victims sonoma county cares. abc 7 news. >> much more ahead on this busy saturday night. ♪ >> the benefit concert for north bay fire victims is taking on new meaning tonight. plus -- >> chaos in portland at a right wing rally. the worry about antifa. >> the south bay coworker who is won mega
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as the fires rage throughout california the communities affected by the wildfires continue to recover. tonight a reconcert was held to help the fire victims. the headliner, one of country music's biggest stars. abc 7 reporter carlos sal seedo has more from the event. >> brad paisley lent his voice to help the fire victim who is lost everything. an issue thousands are dealing with. >> it's more important we do this now. people will follow suit with each of these that are ravaging areas now. >> he shared the stage with bonnie hunt to bring cheer to
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the crowd, knowing the seriousness of these destructive fires. >> as a community, you have to come together and that's beautiful to see. >> they both have family members on the frontlines and know what it's like to be a first responder. more than 2,000 people attended the indoor and outdoor venue here at sonoma state with all proceeds going to the sonoma county resilience fund. it will help with recoveriests and some victims themselves, including the president of sonoma state university. >> my husband and i ran for our lives. >> thanks to the firefighter and tony neal who helped save their lives hours after losing his own home. >> it makes you think about what you have and what you lost. >> their message for the victims and the ongoing fires, be strong. >> we are resilient. we will come back. >> a community banding together
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through song and laughter, knowing that they are not alone. at sonoma state, abc 7 news. >> hundreds of marin county residents practiced evacuating their homes in case a wildfire gets too close. in sleepy hollow after reverse 911 calls went out with instructions to evacuate. text messages urge people to follow escape routes. today's exercise included tips on being prepared before a wildfire starts. >> it's very useful. we all need reminders of what we have to take the time to do. >> we need to be prepared. the fire protect district is educating us on how to create defensive space around our homes and how to be ready to go if we need to go. >> sleepy hollow residents saw how a wildfire would move if it broke out near their homes.
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>> a few people including a reporter suffered minor injury when is they separated left and right wing groups in portland, oregon. you just heard them. officers fired flash bang antifa groups were there. >> they left this right here. they are just out here to fight. they are out here to attack people. >> police did make arrests, but didn't say how many. local media reported this prayer rally was more previously than the two previous times they marched. >> berkeley residents are bracing for what might happen when a right leaning group plans to rally. the counter protests are planned. you are looking at when patriot
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plan marched last year. they arrested 13 people when clashes broke out. leaders have banned sticks and poles and certain streets as a safety precaution for tomorrow. >> a southern sea otter who has been recuperating has a name. 4500 people get to name this sea otter sprout. she was rescued after being strand. she had a severe parasite infection and suffering seizures. she was malnourished and suffered from biotoxin exposure. sprout won out abby, harry, otter, harper and zoey. you surprised that the 11 coworkers who will share $543 million didn't show up for work today? abc 7 news was at the wells fargo branch in san jose where it was closed. a sign on the door said the branch will reopen as soon as
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possible. last week they claimed their multimillion mega millions jackpot after taxes and each person will walk away with $19 million. >> they are only taking one day off? they can take the rest of their days off. >> that's good. they know where they can put their money. they work at a bank. >> ha ha. save me. >> that was good. >> you know they are. that's big commission. good evening to you. the weather window on the east bay hills cameras. stunning night out there. let's talk about what's going to happen. the clouds are going push into parts of the bay. cool once again. for tomorrow we will have clouds turn to sunshine except at the clouds where the clouds hang around more than they did today.
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it's going to be a little breezy. as we look at the triple-digit heat for the inland neighborhoods. talk about what's going on outside. well off the highs for the day in the 50s and 60s. 70 right you in in san jose. concord 71. still 78 in brentwood. temperatures drop into the low to mid 50s and we will have exceptions. san jose at about 60. still nice. antioch is 63. some of the coastal valleys up in the north bay fill in with low clouds and fog and that could push into petaluma tomorrow morning. you can see it moving through the heart of the bay through the morning hours, but heading throughout day, it turns out sunny except for at the coast. everywhere but here. did you see santa cruz earlier? it was packed. get there early. if you are going to be out and about, sunglasses needed.
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it's going to be cloudier and breezy. we have a small craft advisory. the fastest winds tomorrow. you see shaded yellow. 30 to 35 miles per hour. a break down with the temperatures 55 to 60 becoming breezy at noon. you can see the temperatures head into the afternoon hours. almost the same as it was yesterday. let's move on and take a look at what's going on as far as the cloud cover. there it goes all the way back to the coast by noon. there is your warmest and brightest spot. up the peninsula, a lot of 80s. we will have 70s. low to mid 60s and mid- to upper
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60s with more sunshine around downtown and south san francisco. sausalito up to bodega bay. sonoma 82 and 90 in santa rosa. that's the spread. low to mid 70s in the upper 70s. we will have upper 80s in san ramone and pleasanton. here's my seven-day forecast. temperatures are going to run in the 90s to 100 wednesday and thursday. mid 80s around the bay. the 60s at the coast for the air congress. you holding up okay? >> i had a diet mountain you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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take a look at this. dogs catch sticks and the pups prefer catching waves. the world dog surfing championships. thousands turned out to watch the special environment. it went to environmental nonprofit groups. >> now the lesser sports. >> why terrell owens decided not to join his
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>> the a's are at their best with wins in a single run. the amazing spread at the coliseum. a's down 1-0 in the third. not anymore. a line drive home to dead center and that ties it at one. his 14th of the year. two batters later, it's time to crush it. with the 30th of the season. the a's up 2-1. this is for the third straight year. making another gold glove caliber play. so hard to make on the run and seems to do it nightly. he has his 28th s year. they won straight to get it 11 in a row against the tigers. former giant and d-back randy johnson. second straight night the starters give up five runs in the first. this time it's flores with a
11:31 pm
two-run bottom. the giants highlights come co t courtesy of steven dugger. that made it 5-2. gets the silent treatment entering the dugout and they said great. nice home run. the bottom 6th. the deep fly. check out dugger. they converge and dugger somehow makes the catch. peralta thought he had a triple, but the third base coach said he caught it. incredible catch. the giants are hammered. they lose 9-3 and win 5-5 in the loss. terrell owens had the stage to himself just the way he likes it. the receiver decided to skip the hall of fame induction and hold his own ceremony at the university of tennessee, chattanooga. the crowd at his alma mater gave
11:32 pm
him a huge ovation. it took him three times to get voted into the hall. he decided not to go because he wanted to take a stand against sports reporters and writer who is he said are not in alignment with the core values. he's the only living inductee. >> i love you, too. but i love me more. i'm a man of conviction. a man of faith. a man of hume ility. a man of character and integrity. a man of charisma and discipline. i am a man of courage. courageous enough to choose chattanooga over canton. >> he is one of eight inductees. this is the sports report sponsored by river rock casino. more
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good evening. thanks for joining us. >> in tonight's headlines, you may see more bart police officers on trains and stations following two more violent crimes. a college student said someone attacked him from behind at the richmond station this morning. police are looking for a man who slashed two other men with a box cutter aboard a train in oakland last night. >> evacuation orders went to clear lake and they threatened communities in three counties.
11:37 pm
what officials call the mendocino complex is the largest group of fires burning. 350 square miles. >> country music superstar headlined a benefit of last fall's wine country wildfires. the money raised will go to the sonoma county resilience fund. >> president trump was campaigning less than 24 hours after attacking the state's favorite native son. >> a slew of nba stars came to his defense and then there is the reaction from melania trump. >> elizabeth has the story. >> hitting all the usual note, roizing his base in columbus, ohio. >> we are building the wall. >> strikingly absent is war of
11:38 pm
words with lebron james, less than 24 hours before taking the stage, the president tweeting lebron james was interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made lebron look smart, which is not easy to do and adding i like mike, a rrchs to michael jordan. earlier james spoke with don lemon about a school for at risk children he is opening in akron. james accused using sports to drive people apart. >> he is using sports to divide us. sports has never been something that divides. it's always something that brings people together. >> don lemon tweeted who is the real dummy? a man who puts kids in classrooms or puts kids in cages? he added #be best, a reference to the 50 late's anti-bullying
11:39 pm
campaign. she was speaking out, praising james saying it looks like lebron james is looking to do good things on behalf of our next generation and that she would be open to visiting the i promise school in akron. >> venezuela's president accused people in ma'am of trying to kill him. soldiers scattered when drones carrying explosives detonated while he was giving a speech. the blast injured several people, but maduro unharmed. >> some parents looking to refill their epipen prescriptions before school starts are discovering it's in short supply. one mother in dallas said she was forced to pay $700 for a brand name version that her
11:40 pm
insurance does not cover. a nationwide shortage was first reported in early may. fda officials blame manufacturing delays. >> the new brand is sharing inspiring stories of people who coming to to build unexpected relationships. it's called more in common. they look at the unlikely friendship between a syrian refugee and a former kkk member. >> they are so divided that we forgot who makes us strong. we tell the story and it's like you are a refugee from syria and worked your way into med school. it felt unjustified. >> you can watch the episode on facebook watch today. >> now to the housing market crunch. many americans asking to buy or not to buy. rebecca jarvis has more on how to answer that question. >> worry home prices at record
11:41 pm
highs, rising mortgage rates and sweeping changes to the tax law, answering the question, should i rent or buy has rarely been trickier. >> you might offer $300,000 for the home, but if someone comes in at 320, your offer account escalate. >> that makes sure no one will outbid you. >> sales of existing and newly built homes fell in june as did mortgage applications. a shortage of houses for sale has driven out valleys and priced up would be buyers. if you do want to buy in this market, be prepared for bidding wars. depending on where you live, it may not make sense to own. >> if you will be there two years or more, buy, not rent. where the break even horizon is much longer. seven years. >> zillow and nerd wallet will help you to calculate whether
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it's smarter to own or rent based on your location. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> as you know, one of the top issues for the bay area is transportation. how to get where you want without being stuck in traffic. >> the many options under consideration including a hyper loop. >> here's a live look from the exploratorium. it's clear temperatures will be clear. hot temperatures coming in in the seven-day you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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11:46 pm
can take 26 minutes to drive to cupertino, home to the spaceship offices and apple park. double that, one full hour to go by bus. how do you get across faster and smarter. the answer could be a hyper loop in a low pressure tube at speeds about as fast as a commercial jed liner. it came up at cupertino's council meeting. >> you come to a realization, you will only take five minutes. >> it's just one of several ideas to address congestion. they have a center median that could support the path for hyper loop or road for awe tonnuous vehicles. >> it needs to be broader. hyper loop is not something that would produce benefit. it needs to be more of a regional solution. >> no one bothered to crunch the
11:47 pm
numbers yet. they cost in the billions and billions of dollars. to help pay, they are thinking about a public history private partnership. they said they had not had discussions about the initiative. they have built a working hyper loop system. >> it's possible to see the most optimistic somewhere in the neighborhood of five to eight eg years. abc 7 news. >> you should never let age get in the way of what makes you happy. >> avis stiles is made it years old and a bowling pro. she and her teammates traveled and she picked up a bowling ball when she turned 55 and has no plans to stop any time soon. >> i will bowl until i'm 100. it's just over a year and a half. it shouldn't be a problem.
11:48 pm
>> she looks amazing! >> she does indeed. >> that's the anchorman who never gets fluster and intimidates members of opposing teams. >> slow clap. another check of the weather situation. bring your sunglasses and manners because it's law enforcement day at the a's game. look at the temperature near 70. 10 to 15 degrees warmer if you are in the sunshine. heading out to the sonoma county fair, low 90s for the better part of the afternoon. hurricane hector, a category four major hurricane. it is going to weaken as it heads towards hawaii. it will cause squawly weather with the afternoon thunderstorms. breezy conditions in the 30s and 40s and dangerous surf tuesday through about thursday.
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>> looking good. thanks. >> the wide receivers. >> it was. going into the hall. randy moss was inducted into the pro football hall of fame and what he had to say about both teams. buster posey didn't play when they expected him bac designed to save you money. wireless network even when you've got serious binging to do. wherever your phone takes you, your wireless bill is about to cost a whole lot less.
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buster posey will be back in the lineup when the giants wrap up their series in arizona. he passed his concussion test after doing cardio. posey was held out after leaving friday's game a few innings after getting hit in the mask by a foul tip. the manager said he plans to play buster at first base. >> buster is feeling a lot better. he worked out and did his
11:53 pm
cardio. he will take swings and he will run them outside. we are really optimistic because of how he feels right now. >> the end of an era in anaheim. he is in his 19th season with the angels and he led the angels to the world series title in 2002 over the giants. the angels haven't made the playoffs in nine years. they are currently 15.5 games behind first place houston in the al west. earlier in the newscast, we showed you terrell owens staging his hall of fame ceremony as for the rest of the inducks, the new members to the hall include jerry kramer, brian urlach brian dawkins, lewis and randy
11:54 pm
moss. the super bowl win over the niners happened to be moss's last chance to get a ring. >> to the raider nation and to the late mr. al davis, i want to thank you for letting me experience what the silver and black was all b. >> they want to give us the last one. i want to thank you for giving me the opportunity. your family. >> mls on paper. the last place earthquakes didn't have a chance with fc dallas. that's where they did the game. a great effort to keep the ball inbounds. sliding home for a second goal
11:55 pm
of the game. that's in three straight matches. at levi stadium. julian luigi. keeping it scoreless with a tremendous diving fingertip save. still scoreless and final seconds on the last kick. 1-0, delighting their fans at levis. they are down 4-1 in the second. in the third, all match points with the strong forehand winner to take it in three sets to make the first wta finals and her statements hope it stung because
11:56 pm
the finals of tomorrow are at 2:00 p.m. after losing the first set by taking a net game here and cooling off with the frozen towel. they had arm trouble in the third and taking a 6-1 set in the third. to golf in the third round, tiger woods, this choip 11 says it all. they roll right back at you. plus three, 73 today for tiger and falls all the way back to 28. he's at minus three, well back in the pack. a three under 67 today. his worst round so far. this is going in on 12.
11:57 pm
he is three up on mcilroy with a few lurking. this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. this is the final tune up before the last major of the year. >> jerry kramer was drafted in 1958. 60 years after he entered the nfl. he should have got in for the ice ball on loan. played the cowboys 15 below zero at lambeau field. >> he was making jokes with something like $8,000. >> have a great night. >> have a great night. >> bye-bye.this is not a bed. it's a high-tech sleep revolution. the sleep number 360 smart bed intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to run the world. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies
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