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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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before all of this is over. >> a live look at diamondhead on the island of oahu. see the darkening skies and palm trees blowing around and surf picking up there. >> more than 19 inches of rain in the northeastern section in the big island of oahu in 24 hours and it could be devastated. >> in the newsroom to explain, why could this storm do so much damage? >> because it is a slow moving hurricane. sluggish. it's expected to bring bring brg an extended period of time, saturating and causing landslides. if it would move quickly it wouldn't cause so much damage. lingering hurricanes is the new
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normal. hurricane lane is expected to impact other hawaiian islands and the question is how bad will they be affected. speak us to his home in maui. >> most of the places are boarded up and sandbagged. only a couple of restaurants open. >> reporter: kathryn said the shelters are opened this morning. >> it has been made clear to the public there are not enough shelters. people are encouraged to make it safe enough to make it do so. >> she's worried about the north shore still recovering following last april's devastating flood. hurricane lane is moving slowly at 7 miles an hour, which means residents will experience prolonged heavy rainfall. that according to abc7's meteorologist is more dangerous than heavy
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>> storms are moving slower with more energy and water in them and over a longer duration of time it adds up. >> hurricanes are hovering in one place for longer. in the past 70 years, hurricane speeds have declined worldwide. and responsible for more deaths during a hurricane. >> i'm hoping it changes course. we can't assume that and then have a major problem and say we are hoping. so a storm moving at 5 miles an hour could dump 31 inches of rainfall. one moving at 20 miles an hour usually produces much smaller rain totals. those people on those islands are praying hurricane lane makes a sharp left-hand turn. in the newsroom, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. it could be days before the storm's wrath finally subsides. >> tracking lane's path. >> although it's lost some fury, downgraded to a category 3, it is still very dangerous, maximum sustained winds, 120 miles an hour. 200 miles southwest of the big island expected to move northward and make a turn northwest tomorrow morning just southwest of maui is a category 2 storm and category 1 by saturday morning moving south of oahu and then continuing to move westward outside to sea and then it will weaken. it's likely to dump tremendous rainfall on the islands producing widespread flooding and wind damage as well. we have a hurricane in effect for most of the two-thirds of the island chain. more updates as more comes in. >> we have breaking news right
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now. sky 7 is in fremont, live over the plant where you can see a fire is burning right now. firefighters putting water on what is burning, we're told a cardboard pile at the tesla complex in fremont and also started a brush fire. >> that's right. the fire department told us they have contained this fire, a photo tweeted by dave gutierrez, shows the height of the flames. the fire department says it started in a cardboard pile and threatening a structure outside. it has spread to grass as well. >> another live look as firefighters are there on scene trying to put out that fire. you can see a structure burning. we do have all that smoke rising into the sky now adding to the ready poor air quality we've been talking about coming from all the wildfires. >> if it is cardboard as we believe it is, it will create a lot of smoke and burn quickly. good news we are told by
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firefighters flames are contained and we do still seem to have this controlled. a fire burning at the tesla plant in fremont. >> they're working to put out a small brush fire in east way this one burning on mt. diablo. it is in mt. diablo state park near the juniper campground and showing you summit road running through the area. the fire broke out around 3:30 this afternoon and burned about 5 acres of heavy brush, relatively contained and small, appears crews are getting a handle on it. they are getting bulldozers. we will check back if we get new information and if it spreads, looks like they are getting containment on it. that fire is adding to bad air quality as well. capturing this view of unhealthy
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smoke this afternoon. the haze because of fires in the pacific northwest and western canada as well. right now, the bay area's air quality level is in red and does mean it can be harmful to breathe. the bay area air quality district has issued an advisory that will last at least through sunday. now, for the latest on the golden state killer case, a sacramento judge read off the more than two dozen felony charges now filed against joseph deangelo. laura anthony was there. >> reporter: accused golden state killer, joseph deangelangl loss stood stone-faced as the judge read through 20 felony counts half in the 1980s often included rape with the use of a knife or gun. after 13 murders, the judge read through 13 additional felonies, each aggravated kidnapping for
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robbery, cases investigators say included rape but not charged as such because of the statute of limitation. >> deangelo could face four life sentences. >> reporter: the 72-year-old deangelo was silent after the hearing but outside court his alleged victims had plenty to say. >> the victims should also be represented and i think they have now. >> reporter: margaret, 13, when i tacked in her sacramento bedroom in 1977. >> to me, he's always been like a phantom. to have it be an individual i can put my eyes on, too scary. >> it was tough to hear it line by line and crime by crime. >> reporter: jennifer carroll was 18 in 1980 when her father and his wife were murdered in ventura, allegedly by deangelo. >> they were heinous and what they went through was horrible.
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to hear it in black and white was harder than i thought. >> one of the issues to be worked out, whether he is indigent and entitled to a public defender or has enough money to hire his own attorney. abc7 news. the iowa state medical examiner released the autopsy on mollie tibbetts. she died from multiple sharp force injuries. she moved at second grade. her body was found under cornstalks. this man, an undocumented immigrant, who fooled the e verify system with a stolen id to work at a dairy farm for four years. old-fashioned legwork and modern technology together helped solve the killing of a restaurant owner during an attempted robbery at her business.
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eric has the latest. eric. >> that included computer databases and lots of surveillance video. the two suspects were supposed to appear in court today. paul paez did and was ordered to come back next month for dante holloway did not. the family says they are relieved that two men they believed to be responsible are off the streets. >> it's a heinous devastating crime. >> reporter: the lieutenant talking about the killing of cindy lee outside the restaurant she owned on webster street. these two men, both of oakland, were arrested monday and charged in her killing. he says he hopes their arrest will bring the families some closure. >> this incident changed their lives forever. they don't have a loved one, wife or mother anymore.
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>> reporter: this surveillance video taken from a business next door shows the struggle that ended in lee's death. the suspects attacked lee outside the business trying to steal her purse. holloway allegedly used a steel pipe and paez accused of punching her and causing her to fall and hit her head on the pavement causing a fatal injury. her daughter's boyfriend was also injured trying to help. police studied this video and other surveillance video and automobile databases trying to find the person responsible. >> trying to identify the people around this and everything occurring around her. >> reporter: the suspects followed her waiting for the right time to attack. under california law lying in wait before a killing is a special circumstance that could result in a death penalty. lee's family released a statement saying while we heard
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the suspects have been arrested this just gives us a small sense of closure. our family is still grieving over the sudden and violent loss of our beautiful mother, wife and sister. we talked to cindy lee's husband. he did not want to go on camera and in an emotional talk, talked about how everything revolved around her and said wherever cindy is now she's undoubtedly pleased arrests have been made. abc7 news. in the south bay we're getting a few new details into the kidnapping and robbery of a santa fe state university student. the student told police he was kidnapped at gunpoint at a 711 and forced to withdraw money from atms. the student returned to his
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residence before his roommates told him to call police. building more housing at bart stations, opponents say it would give bart unprecedented land authority at a time it should focus on running its trains. chris is live in fremont tonight with the story. >> dan, supporters say there's no time to waste. tonight, that proposal is one step closer to becoming law. assembly 2923 would give bart control over the bart land to override local city and/or county zoning standards to fast track development. to allow surface parking lots to be replaced with housing in san francisco and the east bay. opponents say cities and counties, not bart, should oversee really planning and approval. >> we are responsible for the general plan and have the staffing and the overall insight to look at not just the planning
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of the housing for that site but infrastructure and other pieces important. planning for budget and public safety. >> reporter: fremont mayor believes it ignores transient development and housing units coming online at the warm springs bart station in the coming years. some riders have expressed concerns about parking spaces possibly being eliminated. a last minute change was made requiring a parking policy to make sure people could still park specifically at suburban stations. our biggest challenge to life and economic health is the crisis we have around affordable homes and traffic congestion. >> reporter: carl, with the silicon valley leadership group calls it a no-brainer. >> the cost of homes have spun out of control not only in the bay area, throughout california. this is a way to provide homes
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near transit. >> reporter: the bill now goes to the state assemblies for a vote where it is expected to passes. if approved, governor brown would be able to sign that into law. he will have until september 30th to do so. live in fremont tonight. chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thank you. coming up. a new ride sharing service is about to hit the road in the bay area. who it's targeting and why it says it's safer than the competition. she was informed it was a pop-up and wrote her sece seecce desist order. >> they had big dreams but just dealt a serious blow. what happened to a couple wanting to open a pop-up
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a new ride share company headed to san francisco this fall wants to turn it into sisterhood, based on gender. live at pier 17 on the embarcadero with more. melanie. >> reporter: exactly, it will not only allow you to pick the gender of your driver, if you have a great ride share experience, you can also select that driver as a trusted driver and ride with them specifically again. they will be here this fall and commuters we spoke with say they understand why.
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this fall, san francisco commuters will have a choice when it comes to ride share companies. the app offers c offers c offerc option of choosing a female driver. kathy chang talks about her latest experience. >> he was very flirty and got too close to me and unwanted physical contact. >> reporter: she reported the driver. meantime san francisco police recently arrested man they dubbed the ride share rapist. he raped four people between 2013 and 2018 by posing as a ride share driver as his victims left night clubs and bars downtown. lyft says they deactivated his account. last week, union city arrested a man who picked up a common in july and ordered a ride share
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and mistakenly got in his car and helted her. when asked if they want a female driver it gives the female drivers a choice as well. >> they can make a choice who they want to pick up or not. >> reporter: the reaction depends who you ask. >> i prefer a female driver. >> reporter: they say its rides are real-time monitored and sos button on the app in case of emergencies. >> reporter: safer is already in boston, orlando and pakistan. san francisco is one of several big cities slated for this fall. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. a permitting issue has forced a popular pop-up restaurant in oakland to close its doors. >> here to talk about what it means. >> in breaking into this bay area restaurant scene it is not easy for sure, you can blame it
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on high margins and pop-ups are a way to borrow space for one day and serve the customers. for one that opportunity was taken away this week. at his home in oakland, the chef and his business partner are trying to sort out what happened at their pop-up restaurant on tuesday. >> our staff member came up to me and told me the health inspector is here. >> reporter: the health inspector from the almeida county health department happened to be passing by wondering why it was open on a tuesday and soon learned about their pop-up. >> she immediately grabbed a seat and started writing up a notice. >> reporter: ordered to cease and desist immediately and told pop-ups are illegal. >> if we do not comply the owner's permit could be in jeopardy. >> reporter: jackie greenwood was unable to comment on camera due to an all day meeting but say as permit for a restaurant
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is non-transferable and only for the restaurant it's issued to. san francisco tells us pop-ups are allowed with the proper license. $191 and plans about the operation. for many chefs like this they are a vital way to test the market. >> let people decide whether you are worthy of having a restaurant. >> reporter: for now, they will forge ahead hoping to have a conversation with the health department about ways to continue operating legally. >> as you can tell, pop-ups can make or break a chef's career. oakland chef, he has never had a brick and mortar restaurant ever. >> really? >> but a because he has held pop-ups he has been on top chef and other restaurants and whole foods. >> it's important. >> absolutely. big deal. >> one look outside you know why there is an advisory.
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look at this picture. that is haze not >> spencer christian is here. it's not pretty. >> losing my voice, probably because of the pollutants in the air. the haze will be with us for a while. another view of it from the suit row to tower and we have another advisory through sunday as the smoke and pollutants are likely to linger. 66, 68 mountain view, morgan hill, 76, 63 at half moon bay. this is emoryville looking westward and over an hour to sunset this is the setting sun. 67 degrees in santa rosa, napa, 71 in livermore, here's a view from the rooftop. the sky looked a little bluer looking in this direction.
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forecast future, low cast fog and drizzle, hazy skies continue through the weekend and below average temperatures into next week. it shows the surge of low clouds and fog overnight across the bay and inland and spotty drizzle. we will see the clouds drift away and pull away from the coastline in the afternoon hours. low temperatures mid to upper 50s, another mild day for us. highs tomorrow range from low to mid 60s at the coast, relatively mild for the coast considering others have low average temperatures. the bay, upper 60s to low 70s and bay, upper 70s to low 80s. a little warmer in the far northern reaches at lakefront. let's look at air quality. moderate air quality in all regions. good air quality in the south
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central bay on saturday and sunday. that's good news even though our air quality is not expected to drop into the poor range, we have that air quality advisory in effect. bear that in mind. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. it quill be a little warmer saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the mid-80s. it will -- it will cool down monday and temperatures will remain on a steady below average pattern. >> good weather for going back to school. the mormon church is known to be on the conservative side.
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the church of jesus day latter day saints has taken a position on medical marijuana. they had said they're opposed to it but came this statement, they're not opposed to medicinal dose if doctor prescribed in license form from a licensed pharmacy. from the jesus christ of latter dy saints. a landmark study says marijuana abuse speeds up brain aging. the largest brain images study ever. today, shows several behaviors
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and brain disorders can accelerate brain aging. the paper's author says the marijuana finding is important because people think the drug doesn't do much harm. the abuse can do about three years of premature brain aging. a robbery in the north bay. >> hitting an apple store and walked right out. a congressman and his wife have their day in court. >> the terse response from one of the defendants. a home remodeling project, welcome to the idea
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we have new video tonight of the robbery of an apple store. >> unbelievable. central marin police released these photos of the suspects last night. they say five people entered the store about noon yesterday. >> abc7 news got this video
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showing the two suspects from those pictures walking out of the store before the robbery. a security guard actually holds the door open as they leave. >> the video shows those same suspects coming back to the store and see people with them all wearing black hoodies, some hold the door for them and two security guards stand outside. >> they start grabbing items from the display table and the security guard stays outside. >> you could see cords hanging on their pockets. they drove away in a black honda with tape covering the license plate covering it. they got away with about $19,000. congressman duncan hunter was in court with his wife today. >> he says the charges are politically motivated.
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>> reporter: u.s. congressman duncan hunter didn't say much as he walked into federal court in downtown san diego today. his wife arrived separately. she didn't say a thing. they're both accused of spending more than a quarter million dollars of campaign contributions or themselves, groceries, video games, a campaign treasurer gave them multiple warnings they shouldn't be doing this but the hunters ignored those warnings calling campaign finance rules silly. a couple dozen protesters showed up as well. >> it betrayed the sacred trust he had when he was elected. >> the hearing was short, only 10 minutes both pleading not guilty. the congressman's attorney spoke afterwards. now this investigation we believe was politically motivated. it was started by prosecutors
6:34 pm
that attended a democratic fund-raiser. >> reporter: speaking of democrats, hunter's opponent in the upcoming election showed up outside court as well. >> congressman hunter served our country honorably abroad. i happen to think that man who served our country never made it home from the battlefield. i think washington chewed him up and spat him out and engulfed him in the corruption that plagued washington too long. >> reporter: congressman hunter has agreed to step down from his three committee assignments in congress. he said this yesterday. >> this is the new department of justice. this is the democrats arm of law enforcement. that's what's happening right now. it's happening with trump and with me. >> reporter: bob mcmillan, abc7 news. new developments with the reported hacking attempt with the democratic committee, it turns out to be a false alarm with the michigan democratic party. they were running a cyber test but did not tell the committee
6:35 pm
about it. they said look out for what appeared to be a phishing attempt from a fake website that was shut down before it could be launched. dozens of youtube channels. the company said its own investigators discovered the link and some date back to january of last year. google says the accounts violated its policies, a total of 39 video channels were taken down. google said it told the senate intelligence committee and law enforcement about its findings. >> cindy chavez scheduled a special hearing after a fire chief says verizon put his crews in danger. in a story we told you earlier this week, santa clara's fire department joined a lawsuit targeting verizon saying during the deadly mendocino complex fires the company slowed down
6:36 pm
data on customers phones because they had gone over data limits. the company said they would have lifted the restriction but it was a mistake. jackie sphere has written her detailing the difficulties she faced. she was shot five times in jonestown. it was to help people escape in guyana and also helped crafting legislation on how sexual harassment and assault are dealt with on capitol hill. the book is set to be released november 6th, the same day as the midterm elections. a drug tunnel was discovered and narrow only 8 inches in
6:37 pm
diameter. only 20 feet deep. it ends at a home in mexico. investigators seized a huge stash of drugs including 260 pounds of meth amphetamines. >> imagine how much time it took to build. on the outside, it looks like a nice new house. wait until you see what's on the inside.
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. steve kerr is ready for the warriors move to san francisco. he and his wife just bought this home in precidio heights for $7.5 million, $1.5 million over the asking price. it has four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and views of the golden gate bridge. >> very nice. no ordinary house, the 2019 idea house. >> why didn't he buy this one? takes a classic design and adds modern touches for today. david louie gives you a tour. >> who doesn't like to tour a house and discover interesting ideas, designs and features.
6:41 pm
the idea house looks like a craftsman but with a modern interpretation. on the lower level difficult to understand the inside from outside because of folding glass doors where the eating area and yard seem to be a natural extension of the house. even the staircase let's light through. >> what the craftsman house would have would be a rail. it allows us to see through the house. >> the house at 2900 square feet, three bedrooms plus a study. >> it lives like a 4,000 square foot house. it flows straight through and even the basement has flow in and out. >> reporter: the basement has a media room because of the bars and light leads up to the yard. whole house lighting controls by new home. if you're cooking, lights are brighter, entertaining, set it to entertaining mode and they will be dimmer, more intimate.
6:42 pm
>> you might notice the bedrooms are not oversized. >> i think smaller bedrooms and larger communal spaces are what people are after right now. >> reporter: ticketed tours will provide peopl with construction. it took 13 months to build this house from the ground up. the question burning in your mind, how much will this idea house go for once it's up for sale? the answer, $3.6 million. abc7 news. kids are heading back to school. computers are popular on many lists. >> what's the key to
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if you want a straw in a california restaurant you may soon have to ask for one. the assembly passed legislation to restrict the distribution of plastic straws to customers unless they are specifically asking for a straw. the bill is on governor brown's desk. >> computers are among the most expensive items we buy and to keep our finances on track.
6:46 pm
>> when you buy anything and it's not on sale, do you feel ripped off? >> yes. >> absolutely. i know i do. nowhere is that more true than when you're laying down the big bucks for a computer. what do you do? talk to those in fronts of an electronics store and they will tell you how to get a deal. >> especially shopping a pc, always some kind of deal to be had. >> rick kerr is a san francisco i.t. progressive. >> if you have your wits about you and look for coupons and watch the ads, you can do pretty well pretty much any time of the year. >> reporter: jonathanees yi of what the computer companies are offering. >> especially the manufacturers, they have daily deals or weekly deals. >> reporter: the deal is when and where you find it. as back to school shopping is
6:47 pm
wrapping, "consumer reports" ofers this. >> just around the corner, christmas is coming. you start to see new models and new stuff and means the old stuff gets discounted. waiting until as late as october to get you substantially lower prices. >> want to save even more, think outside the box, the new product box. >> there's no shame buying refurbished as long as you get a used model from a reputable retailer, amazon or new egg or the manufacturer. a lot of people do that with phones or laptops. >> reporter: another way to save on overall computing costs is buy a reservoir tank style computer. >> it will cost you $300 up front, which may seem like a lot but you won't have to buy those pricey replacement cartridges. according to our exclusive
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estimates it will cost you $10 a year to run that versus with ink jets, you spend hundreds of sometimes. >> before buying a back to school computer, make sure you know which operating system the school requires. sometimes, it's a mac and other times a pc. i want to hear from you on the hotline. my telephone number is 415-954-815 and reach me on my facebook page at the operating system really matters. a lot of schools you have to download software to take tests. it almost cost me a fortune at law school. continue to check with spencer on the forecast and air quality. >> unbelievable. you were with us last time standing in front of the big board, i couldn't believe it. >> we have an update. tomorrow is spare the air day, official now.
6:49 pm
all regions of the bay area as smoke and pollutants continue to build up from the smoke of the wildfires and tomorrow is the spare the air day. overnight lows are mild, mainly upper 50s and tomorrow, burns back to the coastline by midday afternoon. highs low mid-atlantic 60s at the coast to just around 70s at the bay and accuweather 70s forecast show as little warm-up over the weekend by a fudegrees, mainly inland and -- few degrees, mainly inland and drofs off next week. raiders and niners making significant moves getting rid of guys who didn't make an impact.
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degrom good evening, there's a say ing the nfl the best ability ismailability. we have a saying about that. >> raiders getting the 2017 second-round pick, nfl network insider, rapoport said he didn't love football enough. meanwhile, i need vacation, dan.
6:53 pm
trading linebacker lions in 2020, the third rounder in virginia. played in 48 games, had a lot of reps but didn't make much of an impact, a total of only five sacks. >> i love eli and got to know him the last year and how the final 53 will work out and we have numbers to turn spots and saw how it was probably going to do and do what's best for eli and the organization. >> the as open a big seven-game road trip in minnesota. three encounters with the twins followed by four games with astros, an epic battle for first place. that's khris davis, nice rendition there. let's check out the real life version, crush. blast off cole stewart. twins tie this up in the third.
6:54 pm
jorge with a base hit. the shift, both runs coming with a 2-2 game. mitch carver to the gap. two runs, 4-2 twins, 5-3, twins leading. astros off. giants in the big apple taking on metz. jacob degrom on the hill. that look like strike three, didn't it? the umpire disagreed. i wonder where this pitch is, right down the middle, right down broadway. anyway, he walks, the next batter is madison b b b b b b b dedrom voicing his displeasure -- degrom voicing his displeasure. evan longoria capping out the win with his 14th run in the
6:55 pm
season. giants split a four-game series and next up, tax rangers. giants pitcher did thehehehe ballad brothers and brought up the massage therapist and tried a couple of jokes and did not go well and holland has since apologized for his stunt regarded racially incentive for some. > tiger, 60th,h,h,h,h,h, he and phil have that match coming up. sean o'hare birdie putting around 4. tied with kevin and jamie and vaughn taylor.
6:56 pm
that's a wrap on sports. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee table channel 13. bringing a dog back to the united states with a bigger price tag and more personality. he can tell you how you're feeling. >> reducing the risk of grass fires with wine. the novel proposal for one south bay neighborhood. tonight's primetime lineup, you can watch the gong show, and then the second night of abc and people's magazine special, the story of the royals, if you watched last night, terrific. followed by "abc7 news at 11":00. >> "jimmy kimmel live," guests actresses and more coming up.
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>> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen. how long will we have this air quality. >> a haze in effect until later. >> we will see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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