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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and a horrific crash overnight in the east bay. you can see a car pinned under a semi truck. what we know at this hour. >> a lot going on on this friday, august 24th. it is 5:00 a.m. jessica is here, natasha has the day off. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco also here. >> he is. >> hey, mike. >> what also is here and not as good as having us here, it's the poor air quality unfortunately. it's bad once again. and it's out there right now. especially down in the south bay. we have moderate to poor air quality for those most sensitive in our east bay valleys and also from about the san mateo bridge southward also possibly even all the way up to say the bay bridge. that's something we're monitoring again today. let's take a look at what's going to happen as far as our temperatures and our cloud cover. we're going to peel back the clouds, but then the haze is going to hang around and make it for murky sunshine and below average temperatures once again. i don't think it's going to be
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as hazy as yesterday but you will still notice it hanging in the air. here's alexis. >> my eyes were burning yesterday afternoon. that was mount pleasant, mike. right now we are looking at the south bay where mike talked about that air quality that is not great this morning. traffic wise, we are looking good. this is 280 and 17. we had a rough commute here yesterday with a rollover crash on the northbound side. in fact, the south bay has been quiet. we'll take it while it lasts. a check of mass transit, we're fine, no issues, but big head's up we have major track repairs this weekend between 19th street and west oakland stations. no trains will run between those two, so a free bus bridge will be provided. that will add time to your trip and that is all day this saturday and sunday. so keeping an eye on that as well. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. >> thank you. also new this morning, a serious crash in richmond. the contra costa sheriff's office is investigating this wreck on richmond parkway at san pablo avenue. see a dark colored sedan pinned
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underneath a semi truck. we've reached out to the sh sheriff's office to find out if anybody was hurt. the chp says the intersection is blocked and drives will need to take an alternate route an international flight from sfo was forced to make an emergency landing. >> the united airlines plane turned around over the pacific after passengers say they hit a flock of birds. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at sfo this hollyfield is live at sfo this morning with more details. >> hi. the paeerforms are very delayed but are safe. they were headed to singapore when the pilot announced they were turning around. the plane hit a flock of birds. when you look at the plane, travelers say it looks fine but the pilot was concerned the engine could be impacted. it was about 1:30. we asked if it was tense on board. >> to be perfectly honest it wasn't the mood on the flight
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was not of an emergency flight. it was handled pretty well. >> we were in delay for about six hours. they're washing the blood splats on the plane after we left. >> reporter: united provided snacks while they rebooked the passengers. they tell us they are leaving again for singapore around 8:00 this morning, a long night but they are safe. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this morning several flights to maui and honolulu from three bay area airports are canceled or delayed because of hurricane lane. >> going to show you a live picture from honolulu. it is only 2:00 a.m. still dark. the hurricane has weaked on to a category 3 storm with sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. however, the hurricane is moving northwest very slowly over the pacific, south of the hawaiian islands. a hurricane watch is in effect
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for maui and oahu. because it is a slow-moving hurricane it's expected to bring rain for an extended period of time. we're talking about the rain lingering, saturating the land and causing landslides. shelters have opened up on kauai where my sister lives and we talked to her yesterday. here she is. >> it's been clearly made known to the public that there are not enough shelters and so people are encouraged to, you know, stay in their own homes if they can make it safe enough to do so. >> that is what she's doing. she tells me they've been ready for a couple days now and if you try to get water on the island forget about it. it's been gone for quite a while. now an abc 7 news live desk update. >> this morning at the live desk, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hitting in eastern peru overnight. that's right near the border with brazil and bolivia. it happened just after: 2:30.
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no word on damage or casualties. in the south bay investigators are looking for more young victims after s se arrested and charged a music teacher with an indecent exposure. >> bill culvert accused of exposing himself to three girls between august 2017 and august of 2018. two of them were 10 years old and the other one was 8. detectives say he was a music teacher at the school of music and art in san jose for the past decade. if you or anyone you know were a victim call police new details about why the public health director resigned. according to the examiner barbara gars sa accused of using her authority toward a company that paid her wife. sources say the city's attorney's office and department of human resources had been investigating for months. they say she was given the choice to resign or be fired dangerous narcotics may have
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killed a woman after she was released from jail. jessica st. louis was found dead at the dublin bart station on july 28th. toxicology tests detected fentanyl laced heroin. her death sparked outrage and protests. activists want the sheriff to stop releasing inmates when public transit doesn't run during late night and early morning hours. police have released these photos of a stabbing outside the warm springs bart station. investigators are hoping someone recognizes this man and police say the victim is a 39-year-old transient who thought he was being robbed around 2:00 yesterday morning. the victim stabbed in the chest and buttocks. officials say he will survive. the bart station was closed at the time. today marks four years since a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit napa and killed one and caused more than $500 million in losses. it struck at 3:20 in the morning on august 24th, 2014. today renovation is in high gear
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for the city's courthouse. according to the napa valley register workers this week began removing the metal beams jammed against the outside front walls. the giant supports are no longer needed to keep the building from tumbling on to brown street if another quake. the renovations are expected to be done by the end of this year. it's the biggest earthquake i've been in and that's the day i still remember very vividly being woken up, shook out of bed if you will like a lot of folks were. let's talk about what's going on, want to focus on lane real quick and get back to our local forecast. 120-mile-per-hour winds tracking to the north at 5. that's the key, this thing is moving so slowly that the inundation of rain and then the constant pounding by the winds, that's why i think we're going to have flooding and power outages as the biggest issue. look how long this thing has been around, 3700 miles we've been watching lane. thankfully at the surface the strongest winds are still offshore but that's going to change as we head into today and
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the higher elevations already feeling winds 60 to 65 miles per hour on the big island. see where it goes. still making that beeline for oahu and darts off to the left. almost an unheard of turning, 90 degree angle turn of a tropical storm. and then it keeps moving out away and by sunday night into monday, things will start to get back to average. storm surge at 2 to 4 feet, wave heights could be 30. we could have definitely beach erosion and low-lying flooding around the beaches. for our activity planner, everything kind of focuses around the poor air quality today. exercising, yeah, you may want to do it inside or skip it because of the unhealthy air. we will have some cleaner breezes blow down the beaches this afternoon. like yesterday, the visibility if you're out playing on the bay will be pretty low. let's take a look at the -- i'll take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. i want to head back to the richmond area. jessica was talking about this crash a few minutes ago.
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we've got a crash investigation and we're working on confirming details from contra costa county sheriff's office, but we do know for sure that richmond parkway is closed at san pablo avenue for the crash investigation. no estimate on when the roadway will reopen but looks like we have delays in the area. in the meantime if you want to stick to 880 that works fine. you're cruising at 53 miles an hour and i'm not seeing any significant delays. so better commute along that stretch than yesterday and i would avoid the surface streets if possible here this morning. we'll take a look at drive times coming up around 5:20. >> thanks. today's "gma" first look, new details in the killings of a mother and two daughters in colorado. video has surfaced of her husband, the suspect, offering relationship advice. here's eva pilgrim. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, six years before he was charged for the murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters, chris watts posted this video on
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his youtube channel. a presentation he gave about why relationships fail for a communications class. in the nine-minute video watts hits on some of the issues police say plagued his own marriage with shanann like his alleged infidelity with a co-worker. also this morning, new images of the watts' family said to be on a myrtle beach vacation just two weeks before the murders. michele greer snapped these photos and spoke with shanann while their children played. >> looks like he was more interested in the phone versus watching his daughter jump on the trampoline. >> coming up at 7:00, dan and nancy weigh in live with your "gma" first look, i'm eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. companies are trying to get creative when it comes to targeting millennials but procter & gamble may have gone too far. >> how do we slow down the devastating wildfires? governor jerry brown has a new proposal
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." it's a foggy august friday in the forecast center. the temperatures about five to eight degrees below average once again. comfortable outside temperature wise. it's going to be a spare the air day. i will let you know how much longer the poor air is going to last. to reggie in light of all the recent
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wildfires governor jerry brown has a proposal, ease up on logging rules to thin forests and reduce fire risks. the changes would allow land owners to cut large trees up to 36 inches in diameter and build temporary roads without a permit. lawmakers are still negotiating the details with the governor's office and yet to formally introduce a bill a bay area landlord and its property manager accused of price gouging after the north bay wildfires. richmond park and pamela kelly charged with raising the rent in a novato home by 58%. earlier this month the landlord was charged with price gouging. california law states a rent increase can't exceed 10% during a declared state of emergency the state senate passed a bill to build more housing at bart stations. the measure lets bart override local city and county zoning standards to fast track development and allows housing to be built at some station parking lots in san francisco and the east bay. people who commute to bart stations say they are worried
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about parking spaces being eliminated but a last-minute change to the bill requires a replacement parking policy. >> this is not to take away the parking. this is to add the homes. you can do that through design at bart parking lots. >> carl with the silicon valley leadership group says if people can live near bart stations there will be less traffic congestion. the bill must pass a vote before heading to the governor's desk give me 90 days to improve. that is what san francisco's muni chief ed is asking of mayor london breed. the chronicle published a letter rice can address to the mayor in response to her criticism of the department. in it he vows to reduce muni bus and rail delays within three months. he says after the death of a construction worker future contract bids will go through rigorous evaluation. he also says sfmta will review day bis performance ns frome le
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review. hardware is shutting down. here's what you need to know. gift cards will be honored and all sales final starting today and if you made a purchase before yesterday you can return the items as long as you get it done by september 5th. the sales will vary by store depending on the inventory. we all use them in texting like lol for laugh out loud and nbd for no big deal. >> procter & gamble is trying to trademark the acronyms. p&g owns many brands including crest, charmin, tide. according to an advertising trade site the company filed several trademark applications to name household products for sale and they include rights to lol, nbd and two more acronyms you've heard, but we can't say on the air. p&g couldn't be reached for comment. >> can you trademark that?
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>> i don't know. i think this is going to be a tough one for them. >> yeah. >> if you have a dollar in your pocket go watch horse races in the east bay this weekend. >> dollar day is returning on sunday and that means parking entry, programs, hot dogs, even beers and mimosas are all just $1 each. dollar days will run every sunday through september 30th. it's quite the deal. a cheap date. >> yes. it is inexpensive. i don't want to use the word cheap because my wife wanted to go there for mother's day and we did and it was dollar day. >> she had a great time. tried to put on her kentucky derby hat and pretend she was there. people are nice there too. >> my question is, are we going to have to wear a mask to that? >> especially this morning. things will get better as we head towards the evening and overnight hours. yes, you need to exercise caution when you're exercising or outside at any time today. i mean alexis talked about her
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eyes, my eyes are burning and i didn't spend much time outside and the smoke usually doesn't bother me that bad. give you an idea of how bad it was and still out there right now. be careful. all right. overcast, patchy drizzle tonight and a slight weekend warming in our inland neighborhoods. a look at the cloud cover we will go from gray to kind of brownish murky haze and still a lot of cloud cover hanging around the bay during the lunch hour and then by 3:00, it's about as bright as it's going to get. starting then yeah, the clouds start to come back for the overnight hours. all right. a look at our temperaures, we'll start into santa cruz, 71 degrees and we have 81 at los gatos and drop down to about 75 in santa clara. head up to pence, 70 to 73 about the spread, cooler in millbrae, 68 degrees. low to mid 60s along the coast, mid 60s in downtown and south san francisco and across the golden gate and sausalito. low 60s for the north bay coast and mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. see orange as you head farther north that signifies 80s around cloverdale and clearlake.
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see green around berkeley and oakland. upper 60s. everybody else around 70 to 73 along the east bay shore and upper 70s in the san ramon valley and low 80s for the east bay valleys. my accuweather seven-day forecast, even when we warm a couple degrees this weekend we're still going to stay below average and next week the sea breeze keeps most of us in the 60s and even 70s. a touch of fall there, alexis. >> okay. sound good. checking out the roads this morning, we don't have any major issues. we are looking at some slow spots in the usual areas. one of those is getting out of tracy, westbound 205 to 580 about the same averaging around 12 miles an hour there on either corridor. yep, definitely heavy for several miles. the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge still nice and light as you approach the toll plaza. everything looking good on the east bay side there as well. and drive times overall in the green, one or two that is yellow. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze 18 minutes. eight minute drive across the
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bay bridge, south bay san francisco to sfo wide open at nine minutes. >> thank you. well, the top of san jose's communications hill has a very different view lately. the drive up the hill currently surrounded by baron hillsides but some neighbors say they see plenty of potential for a unique type of development and that's vineyards. reporter amanda del castillo has the details. >> reporter: views and vineyards that's what leaders hope will soon be a reality for its residents. >> the undeveloped slope of the hill that is planned to be undeveloped, nonlandscaped area, is what we're targeting to put this vineyard in. >> reporter: an area where ten acres burned last july in a wind driven grass fire captured by sky 7. >> that was one of the big eye-opening experiences that we had and from that we took and said what can we do with the dead grass around here and we
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brain stormed and saidnes on th >> reporter: the hope once grape vines are grown, the vineyards would eliminate the dry grass serving as a fire break. projects leaders are petitioning to get the measure on a ball lot. neighborhoods will vote on whether to use existing tax funds to support the new infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. >> the first time the city of san jose has had this kind of projects come forward. it's innovative and we look forward to working on it. >> reporter: thursday the grand opening of william manly park is part of a development obligation made growth on the hill easy to see but it will be time before vines start growing here as projects managers are only beginning to the plant the seeds of possibility. >> it's never been done before. it's a little challenryay the idea is to eventually have a somewhat functional vineyard, though operational aspects like harvesting haven't been decided just yet. i'm here on communications hill,
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amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. the operator of the angel island ferry is reportedly ending its long-time service to the island. according to the marine ig the company is bowing out of bidding to provide ferry service for the state parks department saying a 20-year contract request places an unfair financial burden on their family business. officials say they're obviously gatsds to put public contracts tout bids to get the best price. the deadline to submit a bid is today at 2:00 p.m. scientists say there is no amount of liquor, wine or beer safe for your health. >> a large new global study published has confirmed previous research showing there's no safe level of alcohol consumption. researchers looked at a massive amount of alcohol studies and death records and found alcohol was the leading risk factor for disease and premature death, almost no one is exempt. the study found the risk existed for men and women between the ages of 15 and 49.
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i guess there goes happy hour for us today. >> on a friday, we have to tell people this. couldn't wait until monday. >> sorry, folks. >> coming up seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> a spike in women being sexually assaulted after ordering lyft and uber rides. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620 for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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but allstate actually helps you drivsafely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know e truth... are you in good hands? mom: okay we need to get all your school supplies today. school... grade... done. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long.
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like these for only $2 or less at office depot officemax. like these for only $2 or less if you spit blood you may have gum problems,s and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically provento r, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. 5:25. just joining us here are seven things to know before you go. number one, a united airlines flight to singapore safely made an emergency landing at sfo early this morning. passengers say they were told the plane's nose hit a flock of round. the flight is scheduled to take off again at 8:45. >> number two, san jose police say they have six in custody accused of carjacking and under 18. they were arrested after an officer spotted the car and launched a pursuit. >> number three, a car pinned under a semi truck in richmond after an overnight pursuit.
5:26 am
deputies have blocked off richmond parkway and san pablo avenue while they investigate. >> number four, officials say hurricane lane is causing flooding on the big island. the slow moving hurricane has been downgraded to a category 3 storm. a hurricane warning in effect for maui and oahu. flash flooding and mudslides are expected. >> definitely seeing the potential damage to that is going to continue as we head through the next 24 to 48 hours. i'll have more of that on-line and sprinkled through the show. let's talk about our poor air quality. it's out there right now. it's a spare the air day. be careful it's unhealthy for all of us. >> our main highways are looking okay. friday light so far. the bay bridge toll plaza from our emeryville camera, no metering lights yet, so everyone is cruising through. >> and number seven, as if you needed the money, apple's ceo tim cook slated to become $120 million richer today. cook is in line to receive
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560,000 shares of apple stock. >> not bad. >> coming back with another 90 minutes of news. facebook, twitter, and other companies ramping up security for the elections. the big meeting happening today. >> families that lost everything >> families that lost everything in the carr fire are becoming
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>> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> a carjacking in pursuit, a massive structure fire and emergency landing at sfo, and a spare the air alert. it's been a very busy morning. we're following all these for you. >> that's not all. state lawmakers are stepping into the controversy after verizon throttled data of local firefighters. >> plus take a live look from our exploratorium camera, there is fog and it's august. if only there was a word that could describe the two things. >> i know. >> summer. >> no.
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>> nope. >> no. >> something better than that. >> smog august. >> fog august. >> yesterday was more smog august. it was just disgusting yesterday. we've got a spare the air alert today. the current weather and current air quality and you can see the orange, that's where it's unhealthy for those most sensitive and the red where it's unhealthy for all of us. the marine layer is helping, starting to push in deeper away from us but it will return later during the afternoon hours and we're under the tenth spare the air of the summer season. let's take a look at what's going on. you can see the breeze kicking up a little bit, the flags unfurling on the ferry building on the embarcadero. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s through 7:00 under an overcast sky and mist and drizzle near the coast. we'll be mainly in the 60s at noon and then hazy sunshine, 60s and 70s at 4:00. we'll take a look at what's going on with lane coming up next.
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here's alexis. >> all right. good morning, mike. not too much going on in the traffic center this morning. slowly filling in all of our typical areas. that's about it. here's walnut creek, southbound 680 around north main street. we can see folks hitting their brakes but nothing significant so far today. our drive times really looking good too. golden gate bridge just a six-minute drive, westbound across the bay bridge ten minutes and 92, a 12-minute drive across the san mateo bridge. next traffic update coming up around 5:40. >> new this morning, smoke and flames consume a home in the south bay. santa clara county firefighters responded to the fire on hurst near willow crest around 2:30 this morning on the campbell and san jose border. you can see these big flames rising from the back of that one-story home. fire officials say the house was under construction and no one was living there. they evacuated several neighboring houses and those families have been allowed to go
5:32 am
back home. developing news out of sfo where there was an emergency landing. united flight 1 from san francisco to singapore was forced to turn around passengers safely made it back to sfo and were also given refreshments and snacks about 1:30 this morning. they were told the plane hit a flock of birds during the flight. new this morning, san jose police chase a group of young people suspected in a carjacking. >> what started as a car chase ended on foot. reporter matt keller is live in san jose. matt? >> good morning, jessica and reggie. local authorities say juvenile crime is on the rise and these kids are getting bolder and bolder. overnight another major incident where six juveniles ended up getting arrested. take a look at the video. this is the scene of where it all ended. this is in the area of mclaughlin avenue, lupe and tourist road in san jose. the carjacking took place before 10:00 last night. five suspects involved. get this, the officer taking the
5:33 am
report was then driving down when he spotted the car. he tried to get them to stop but the driver took off. san jose's police helicopter helped out. police say eventually they jumped out and ran. canines were brought in. six ended up being arrested, two bitten by the dogs, taken away on a gurney and put into ambulances. the others were handcuffed and put in the back of patrol cars. police say the carjacking victim will get their vehicle back. reporting live here in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. if you stepped outside yesterday afternoon you probably saw poor air quality impacting much of the bay area. smoke from wildfires is prompting a spare the air alert. sky 7 flew over san francisco yesterday and you're going to see how poor the visibility was because of the smoke. health officials issued a red alert yesterday describing the air quality as unhealthy. >> avoid any outdoor activities especially if you suffer from a
5:34 am
respiratory condition or are a child or elderly person. >> and all that bad air is having an impact at flights at sfo. there were two-hour delays on arrivals last night because of the smoke. airport officials warn that we could see more of that today. hurricane lane slowly churning towards hawaii. >> it's delivering large amounts of rain and surf to maui and the big island. officials are reporting catastrophic flooding on the big island. the storm has been downgraded to a category 3 storm, although it's still packing maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. a hurricane warning is in effect for maui and oahu. flash flooding and mudslides are expected throughout the hawaiian islands. >> the only place i would evacuate would be to the main land. anywhere you go on the island you're going to get the same. >> several flights to maui and honolulu from three bay area airports are canceled or delayed because of hurricane lane. sacramento lawmakers will
5:35 am
hold an informational hearing on verizon's throttling of the south bay firefighters' data during the mendocino complex fires. santa clara fire officials say their efforts on the fire lines were impacted when verizon restricted their internet use because they had exceeded the department's plan limit. verizon has called it a customer support mistake. happening now firefighters are watching for flare-ups from a fire outside the tesla factory in fremont. new cell phone video from an abc 7 viewer shows what flames look like from the ground. a tesla spokesperson says some cardboard material prepped for recycling caught fire and the flames spread to a patch of grass. nobody was hurt and none of the factory buildings were damaged. investigators think a san francisco man started the deadly klamathon fire on the oregon border last month and that suspect is now in jail. >> john skoda turned himself. in prosecutors say skoda set a
5:36 am
debris fire and it quickly spread. he called 911. the klamathon fire burned more than 38,000 acres. thousands of people had to evacuate and dozens of homes were destroyed. one person was killed scammers targeting fire victims are at it again after the carr fire. the sacramento be reports authorities are cracking down on scam artists. on monday police arrested a man they say offered bids to repair homes without a license. federal authorities are warning fire victims scammers may try to steal their identities to claim funding. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's see what lane did while we were sleeping. very symmetrical and strong storm yesterday but notice it's starting to get a little asymmetrical and starting to pull it apart and that's a good sign. a sign that hopefully things are starting to weaken as we've been talking about. they will do later on today and through tomorrow. still the latest observation,
5:37 am
category 3 with those 120-mile-per-hour winds. the weakening should continue. you can see through this evening down to a 1 as it heads straight for oahu and then just at the last second makes that left-hand turn, goes south of kauai and then through sunday. plenty of leftover showers behind but not the steady rain with heavy downpours we're going to dieeal with. the color coding yellow and orange, around 30 feet and that's going to be the highest we'll build today through tomorrow morning and then they will start to taper. at the same time, that's also when the fastest winds start to head towards maui and oahu. the wind and wave damage and the mow terrible flash flooding is all ahead of us starting later this afternoon through tomorrow and will taper and head over to kauai where saturday it will be an issue but after that it's gone. if you have plans to be there
5:38 am
sunday great. if you have plans to get there today and tomorrow don't do it. look at all that damage that's coming your way. so that was your hurricane lane update. as far as your commute this morning, i ran into a little drizzle across the bay bridge. i don't know, did you also? >> just a tiny bit. didn't have to turn my wipers on. >> wasn't much. >> that could be just a small little factor for your commute. not a widespread issue this morning and nothing major that really will slow you down. really, all of our main highways have looked good this morning. i am taking you into the richmond area where we still have a travel advisory for richmond parkway that is a full closure at the intersection of san pablo avenue due to a police investigation. we are waiting for confirmation from contra costa sheriff but sounds like that is the end of police pursuit and we have that investigation ongoing. no estimate on when that roadway will reopen but i am seeing some delays on the surface streets. you can use hilltop drive or interstate 80. 59-mile-per-hour average.
5:39 am
that is not slow this morning. in the meantime bay bridge metering lights have been turned on. that happened around 5:25 this morning. delays, though, not significant into the maze. really fairly light so far today. if you're using the carpool lanes those guys are cruising fine. mass transit coming up next. >> thank you. in the east bay one of the two men arrested for the murder of a restaurant owner is scheduled to be arraigned. 39-year-old dante holloway and 38-year-old paul piaz from oakland were arrested monday and charged with murdering cindy lee in april. surveillance video shows a struggle that ended the 61-year-old's death. the district attorney says the two men were trying to steal her purse. police say they hope their arrests will bring closure to the family. >> this incident changed their lives forever. they don't have a loved one, a wife, a mother, anymore. >> holloway is scheduled to be in court at 9:00 a.m. piaz waived arainment and will
5:40 am
be in court next month. both could face the death penalty a ride share app meant to make women feel safer. how the program is redefining ride sharing. >> not just bay area cities pushing to ban plastic straws. the new effort to get rid of them all across the state. it's 5:40. look outside. look outside. abc 7 the only place
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> reports of dry conditions along the san mateo bridge towards the peninsula where you may run into mist this morning and that's what's going to be the caution for the commute planner. calm and hazy for a ferry ride, mass transit spare the air today. in fact, we have poor air quality down to our south. same area that has had it the last two weeks that will continue today heading down. 84 in sacramento and chico 86. 81 yosemite. breezy in tahoe at 77. 106 with afternoon sunshine and mostly sunny and 83 in l.a. here's a look at the tahoe forecast. it's going to be a little breezy today and tomorrow but the fire danger will be the highest sunday and temperatures will fall below average next week. jessica? >> thank you. this fall san francisco commuters will have a new choice when it comes to ride share companies and it's called safer. the company's ceo says the app offers commuters the option of choosing a female driver and gives the drivers a say as well.
5:44 am
women can make a choice on who they want to pick up and who they don't want to pick up. reaction to the new ride share alternatives depends on who you ask. >> yeah. just the cultural shift, yeah. >> i don't -- i still feel safe with men but i would prefer a female driver. >> safer says its drivers are background checked and rides are real-time monitored and an s.o.s. button on the app. new details in the death of mollie tibbetts. her family will hold her funeral on sunday. the preliminary autopsy released said she died of multiple force injuries. she grew up in oakland and moved to iowa 11 years ago and went missing last month. the suspect in her murder led police to her body in an iowa cornfield on tuesday. that man cristhian rivera is an undocumented immigrant. dozens of sears and kmart stores will be closing nationwide, including two in northern california.
5:45 am
the kmart in antioch and a sears in santa cruz are among 46 stores listed in the latest wave of closures. sears holdings corporation announced liquidation sales will start as soon as thursday. the stores are expected to close by november. in july the company announced more than 70 other stores will be shutting down. happening today, tech companies are getting together to discuss the upcoming midterm elections. buzzfeed news reports an e-mail about a private meeting in san francisco. dozens of tech companies including google, facebook, microsoft, snapchat, plan to gather at twitter's headquarters and discuss cyber security among other problems. facebook and twitter have faced public scrutiny over how they reacted over reports of foreign intelligence manipulating users if you want a straw in a restaurant in california you may have to ask for one. under a new bill sent to jerry brown, restaurants would not be able to give out plastic straws unless a customer asks for one
5:46 am
and would apply to dine-in restaurants, fast food places and cafes and delis and takeout orders are exempt some breaking news just coming in right now from southern california, a tanker fire in hawthorne in los angeles county near l.a.x. live pictures just coming in. you see the flames there. if you are familiar with the area, westbound interstate 105 in the area is shut down and that's a big deal. the 105 leads to l.a.x. it's a very important freeway for a lot of l.a. commuters. as many of you know the l.a. commute not easy in the morning. we will keep our eye on live images throughout the morning for you and have an update as soon as possible. steve kerr ready for the warriors' move to san francisco he's packing up and moving to presidio heights. the cost, 7.5 -- $7.3 million, more than $1.5 million over the asking. the home on the southern border of presidio heights has four
5:47 am
bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms. this is the view. he gets to see the golden gate bridge. i finally did read the, quote, he's going to have to work the next 20 years to pay for it. at least we know he's going to stick around. >> yeah. all right. >> some insurance there for the warriors' fans. >> every three out of four years he wins a championship, great for the next 20 years. >> shouldn't be a problem. >> shouldn't be an issue. >> party at steve's house. >> oh, yeah. >> i would like that. yeah. let's do that. today we'll stay inside, though, because of poor air quality and the view not quite as good as it's going to be other days. he'll like it the other days. the golden gate bridge, not much fog out there, a little haze because of the poor air quality and the little bit of mist near the coast. that's it. we're going to transition from an overcast morning to a hazy, sunny afternoon, but it's going to happen around the lunch hour into the afternoon hours and the slow sunshine means below average highs once again. clouds will return to most neighborhoods, maybe not quite as overcast as it has been. a little drizzle near the coast
5:48 am
possible. now no extreme weather coming, but we have a little bit of a warming trend this weekend. start by taking a look at a little push of cleaner air that's going to come in late this afternoon and overnight. that's why the spare the air is for today but doesn't linger into tomorrow. temperatures, 72 in milpitas, 71 santa cruz, gilroy at 86. peninsula from 68 to 73 degrees. kind of a narrow range there. narrow along the coast about 61 to 64. we'll have 64 in downtown san francisco today. up in the north bay 74 to about 78 until you get north of santa rosa and we start to hit 80s. along the east bay shore low 70s in most neighborhoods, berkeley and oakland can't make it, 69. and comfortable air in our east bay valleys upper 70s to mid 80s. a slight warming trend, couple degrees around the bay and inland saturday and then again we get the sea breeze to come back and temperatures fall back below average. 60s and 70s next week. alexis? >> i'm not complaining. i know some people are, but i
5:49 am
will take it. on the roads we are looking okay and got one new issue in. one of our only crashes of the morning. this one westbound 4 just before you get to san marco boulevard. sounds like a couple vehicles involved and the far left lane is blocked. again, just getting these initial calls to chp, but we are seeing a backup into the bay point area. i will follow up and hopefully we will have more information. in the meantime a head's up major track repairs for bart once again this weekend. definitely expect delays if you're going to be traveling between 19th and west oakland stations going to have to get off the train and on a free bus bridge inside due to the track work that lasts all day tomorrow and sunday. >> thanks. new at 6:00, more fallout from the miss america bullying controversy. the reason miss denver has resigned her position. >> the midterm elections will be stressful for everyone. how one ride share company is now helping out. >> plus some people had to wrangle flamingos before hurricane lane moved in and it
5:50 am
didn't go as planned. >> a live look at the bay bridge. still early this morning for your commute, but we have your your commute, but we have your commute information and weath still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it.
5:51 am
5:52 am
you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> open the weather window and what's going on. that's where our unhealthy air is right now for all of us. now from about the bay bridge southward, eastward into the inland east bay neighborhoods that's what that general geographical area is. you have unhealthy area. the north bay and the coast are seeing a little bit of a break thanks to the sea breeze this morning. more on this coming up. >> now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> that breaking news happening
5:53 am
in southern california. lock at this big fire in hawthorne near l.a.x. if you're familiar with the area, 105 is shut down happening on the highway. westbound 105 is a popular way to get to l.a.x. this could impact folks headed to los angeles international airport this morning. we're keeping our eye on things as firefighters put out the flames. >> new details surrounding the queen of soul's funeral. the service for aretha franklin includes an all-star lineup. her publicist released a list of performers that include stevie wonder, faith hill and jennifer hudson. her funeral is next friday in detroit. he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 67 parents you want to check your medicine cabinet. there is a recall for babies and young children. king bio is recalling medicines due to possible contamination
5:54 am
that could cause infection used to treat bed wetting, chicken pox and colic. they were sold between august 2017 and july of this year and a full list of the recalled medication on our website there have been no reports of anyone getting sick so far lyft is going to offer rides for the november midterm elections. riders will be able to enter location codes to get half priced rides to the polls on election day which is tuesday, november 6th. customers in underserved communities lyft is working with non-profit groups to offer free rides and launching an effort to get people to register to vote so drives will have handouts with information available from now until september 25th lots of light is in, big bedrooms out, the takeaway from the 2018 idea house in los gatos. it takes a classic design and adds modern touches. >> a look inside in the 2900 square foot home with three bedrooms although i'm told with the light and windows makes it
5:55 am
feel like 4,000 feet. that's what a realtor would say. it has folding glass doors in the living room and a great room creates a natural extension to the outdoor eating area and yard. a glass railing allows you to see through the us. >> it lives more like a 4,000 square foot house because nof dead-end rooms you can see straight through. even the basement has flow in and out. >> i think you could get a job as a realtor. >> i said it and he repeated it. >> noon home control -- i don't know what that means. noon home controls, whatever that is, they have them. there are different settings for entertainment and more intimate lighting. what? as for how much a home like this will cost, $3.6 million. >> it is a beautiful home, alexis. >> i was with you, jessica, i was going to say reggie may have a future as a real estate agent until the end. >> it got bad. >> it went downhill quickly. >> i would never say more intimate lighting. that's not something that realtor reggie would say. >> i don't know.
5:56 am
keep practicing. it will roll off the tongue more easily. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on at 5:25 this morning. it's not terrible as you approach the maze there. so pretty typical friday morning commute. our only drive time in the yellow, tracy to dublin, you're coming in at 47 minutes. southbound 680 or northbound 5 through the south bay. >> an event to partner with the taylor family to support camp arroyo. they in turn help children in northern california with life threatening and chronic illness, development disabilities, youth at risk. it's a phenomenal camp and a life-changing camp and we're happy to help them raise moneyoo tse.h joy temre arod61, dropping down to 58. take a look at this. humans are being rushed to safety right now as hurricane
5:57 am
lane gets closer to landfall and also this is happening, a you were to rist filming a worker a maui trying to corral flamingos and swans to get them inside yesterday. they were not very cooperative. at one point the worker is able to chase down one of the big birds, catch it in his arms, but oh, some concern for those animals this morning. coming up next at 6:00, the developing news at sfo. the united flight hit a flock of birds four years ago today the devastating earthquake brought napa to the ground. an update on the rebuilding happening. happening. >> pun alert, the new
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> now at 6:00, emergency landing, a united flight out of
6:00 am
overnight. we are tracking the state of emergency in hawaii as hurricane lane bears down on the islands and the nasty air quality in the bay area. good morning, friday, august 24th. a lot going on at 6:00 a.m. thanks for joining us. natasha has the day off. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco and is that air quality going to improve soon? >> it is improving in some areas. you can see the yellow right there and that's because of the marine layer and its influence to bring in cleaner air over the ocean unlike the dirt owe area yesterday and shoving some of the dirty air down into the east bay valleys around livermore and then down into the south bay. the red is unhealthy for us, the orange unhealthy for the most sensitive. we are under a spare the air monitor because the smoke could mix back in into the afternoon hours. if your eyes were burning yesterday and heart to breathe, stay inside. starting in the mid to upper 50s and ending up in the office


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