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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 8, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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for jailing immigrants during the deportation crisis, and a lawsuit against the navy with navy hurt asbestos. reggie, thank you very much, jessica, everybody. temperatures are up in sheltered valleys. 58 in santa rosa. same thing in san ramon. 57 in concord. everybody else pretty much in the 60s. you can see the camera bouncing from the east bay hills because we had the wind advisory until 9:00. miles temstart. we head from noon to 4:00. breezes will taper throughout the rest of the day. the fire danger will wane. the rest of us in the low to mid-80s. 7:00 tonight, low to mid-70s.
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>> a lot of gaps in between those headlights. that means nice flow of traffic as you make your way toward macarthur and bay bridge. so far so good. just a couple of cars stacked up in the cash-paying lanes. otherwise, no metering lights yet. a quick look outside to our maps as you make your way towards the altamonte pass or up and over with slowing speeds about 40 to 30 miles per hour. again, about 45-minute drive westbound on 580 into dublin/pleasanton. sue, thank you. a fast-moving wildfire scorched thousands of acres and september smoke drifting across the bay area. sky 7 captured a few building going up in flames. >> 4,000 acres burned. containment is at 70%.
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>> reporter: high winds whipped across 4,000 acres in a few hours. >> you know, that wind didn't have a chance. it started by the air base. it jumped the road and took off. and then there was no stopping it. >> the winds at the top of the ridges are 40 to 50 miles per hour. it's been difficult to keep up with the fire spread. >> roxanne and tim wellman evacuated their horses and 70 to 80 held of cattle. they had an ominous feeling before the fire started around 11: 11:00. >> tim, my husband, said that darned north wind. i hope there's no fires. and it was like the curse. that did it. it built and built and built >> one home and a barn burped, as well as some cars. people had to be evacuated from the duck clubs.
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30 people are still sheltered in place on grizzly island. >> if you have to leave, find a firefighter and we will get them escorted off the island. more than two dozen agencies assisted with this fire. in will be fire watch crews and teams available through there be be any flare-ups. >> we could be be out many days or a week possibly. >> reporter: no word yet on the cause of the fire. the landscape is blackened. people and animals are safe to return home. kat katie outis, abc 7 news. that fire reminding us of the other fires that handled a year ago today. the deadly wildfires. >> flamesighbho 44killed. 22 from sonoma county. hundreds of people attended prayer died. the fires destroyed and damaged
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parts of the campus. >> the shock and the pain and the fear and the trauma are the same for well wrough that. >> i think we are underinsured, so they are able to rebuild their homes. for the most part, santa rosa is strong. it will always be be strong. our people come together and we support each other. >> the fire chief there says new safeguards are in place. the department has the ability to send long tropbg alerts in the entire community in the event of an emergency. >> top emergency officials suspect north bay wildfire cleanup involved fraud. the emergency services director sent to the u.s. army corps of engineers. they complained crews damaged their property. the army paid contractors by the ton. some are accused of taking too much dirt and damaging driveways
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and retaining walls so they the army corps said there is no reported evidence of fraud. abc 7 news is erroring live team coverage throughout the day to the wildfires one later. we will look how they changed the lives of so many people and how they met the challenge of rebuilding and moving ahead. developing news this morning, the ntsb is investigating a limousine crash in upstate new york. 20 people died in the deadliest transportation accident in nine years. state troopers believe the limo driver ran a stop sign before plowing into an suv in a parking lot saturday. all 18 passengers died, along with two other adults who were walking in the parking lot. >> at this point in time we look at everything. we look at the vehicle factors, the roadway, survival factors. we look at the condition of the drivers, the licensing of the driver. we look at the operator itself,
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the company. the company. we look at everything. >> it included four sisters and a newlywed couple going to a 30th birthday party. there was a limousine crash on the san mateo bridge that killed five he women celebrating an upcoming women. one was of the bride-to-be. mechanical failure caused the vehicle to go up in flames, trapping the women inside. two years later, governor brown signed a law requiring they have two rear side doors and a pop-out window. a baby escaped injury after a identicalist crashed into the car the infant was in and wentc.
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san francisco police vice president determied who was to blame for the crash. two americans win the nobel prize in economics. it was awarded to william nordhaus and paul wilmer. he is a professor at yale university recognized for integrating change and to economic models. romer is at i professor at new york university. before teaching at nyu he sought at stanford and uc berkeley. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's look at specifically the
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east bay valleys, concord, livermore. 10 to 11 degrees cooler. the winds in the valley slower. they are allowing heavier air to sink in. highway 4, the winds are a little bit faster. mid to upper 60s. i just checked the winds. they are gusting to 45 miles per hour on mount diablo. when the sun comes up, they will pick up. they will taper throughout the day and the fire danger will lessen. here's a look at south beach. the western span of the bay bridge. above 1500 feet. hazy sunshine if you're going to be on the ferry today. mass transit, warm this afternoon. north bay from 58 this morning, 79 at noon. mid-80s in the afternoon hours. 6 at 8:00. look the at san francisco. did you like yesterday? won't be quites warm. but we'll have mid-70s throughout the afternoon hours. cooler at the coast, upper 60s.
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in the south bay, 59 at 8:00 to low 80s during the afternoon hours. and very comfortable 67 under monday morning. >> good morning. what are you seeing this morning? >> so far so good. pretty light. that's good news. good news for your monday morning drive. go to san jose. the traffic flowing on 87 past the airport is at the limit. 4:39 on this monday morning. we'll take a look across town at 280, 17/880 overcrossing. drive from cupertino to san jose, eight-minute drive. overall, traffic maps are showing a typical slowdown out of the central valley. your drive times this monday morning. 33in st driverom mar io san
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francisco, also not a problem across the golden gate. tation, hero north bay fires rage. see the fires through the eyes of those who rushed through the inferno to save lives. facebook hit with a new
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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we're not the only ones dealing with a high fire danger. look at the central valley. 3.5 million people under a red flag warning until later this morning. coming up about 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. low to mid-80s. afternoon sunshine. 88 in palm springs. 72 in yosemite. here a look atta hoe. a chance of showers wednesday. otherwise, a whole lot of sunshine with freezy mornings and warmer than average afternoons >> today marks one year since the wildfires that killed hundreds of people and damaged thousands of home. abc news reporter clayton sendell gives us a glimpse into what it was like for officer in santo rosa.
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>> it was literally structure after structure. thousands in a matter of hours. >> he is dispatched to one of the city's retirement communities. he arrives to a multitude of helpless faces peering out from the darkness. >> the power is out everywhere. and i remember i walked into the lobby of this facility and there's just a sea of elderly folks. i kind of at that point said, all right, what are we supposed to do now? >> the clock is ticking. the fire has surrounded the facility. >> for anybody to say they weren't squared, lying through your teeth. >> with police and fire on the scene, there is no way other first responders can get all of these people safely evacuated. then a call comes and an unlikely cavalry is on the way. bus drivers volunteering their services. they risked their own lives to
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rescue the masses of the stranded and the vulnerable. >> the true heroes are the bus drivers. i took an oath. those guys didn't. that was of awesome. i just started grabbing people and trying to help them out of the bus as fast as possible. but as calm as possible too. >> i'm your escort service. >> there's always a calm amongst the storm that if you're a voice of reason, people tend to resonate towards that. >> grab onto my shoulders like we're dancing, okay? i'm going to treat everybody like my family. that lady working at me in the wheelchair could be my mom. how would i want someone to treat my mom? i would want somebody to dance with her >> they are driven to an evacuation center. behind them, a neighboring complex burns to the ground e..
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incredible to see that footage. when the atlas peak fire broke out in napa, flames spread quickly, destroying homes and businesses. and that is what white rock vineyard looked like before the fire. here is drone view 7 showing us afterwards. seeral homes above the property were also leveled by the blaze. the winery dates back to the 1870s. making it one of the oldest in california. three generations made it out safely. when the family returned to the ruins, they found their livestock and dog survived but they lost 20% of their total wine inventory. today there are signs of recovery. new buildings are going up. but the houses on the hill are vacant lots, reminders of how much work still needs to be done. stay with abc 7 news for live coverage of the north bay wildfires one year later. we look at how communities are still recovering from the devastation and the lessons
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thaeufpl learn they've learned. you can watch on air and online at we all remember what a long ordeal that was. how many had to evacuate, how many were impacted by that. it is stun to go see the devastation. >> they're coming back though. it is nice to see. >> coming back. but still a lot of people who decided they were done, they weren't going to return. so it's such a complex story of ppls some people pulling out at the same time. >> there's so many different things i remember, whether the humanitarian sailed or the meteorological side. we had winds gusting to hurricane levels. 70 miles per hour, faster than that. that's why it spread so rapidly. that's one of the big things i remember >> and the smell of smoke definite states people. it's terrifying. >> it was so c gi iormation abouthi ig d. the happening squickly.
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yh. was it the retirement home or the hospital where amy hollyfield was. you could see the flames coming right at her. they were trying to evacuate everybody. how scary that was. that's just a few of hours. i'm sure you have some too. we will talk about them on social media. let's get to the weather and talk about what's going on. fire danger until 9:00. we have a little bit of a different breeze. a little bit of app onshore breeze. it will feel cooler than everybody else. for sure the coast. it is well relaxed. that will take away the fire danger for now. we have building warmth that could increase the fire danger thursday and friday. microclimate. 79 milpitas. everybody else pretty much in the low to mid-80s. 76 to 80 on the peninsula. rapid city, 80. upper 60s along the coast.
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70 in sunset. mid-70s downtown is south san francisco. sausalito, 80. mid 80s all throughout the rest of the north bay valleys. we'lling right around 70 in richmond and berkeley. 80 to 83 on the east bay shore. inland, 80 to 84. tonight temperatures will fall to the low to upper 50s. did you notice the clouds creeping along the coast? we know cooler weather is coming in. that will hit all neighborhoods wednesday. see the rebound thursday. the temperatures like today for friday, saturday, sunday, we'll be be watching that time for fire danger once again. here's sue. >> if your travels take you from novato, san rafael, past the north gate mall, tail lights in the southbound direction. you can see everybody is moving at the limit this early monday morning. quick check of the richmond san rafael toll plaza, one set of headlights headed over towards
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the cash paying lanes. otherwise, light drive into san rafael. overall, 35 minute drive westbound 580 from tracy to altamonte pass. green is good. that is what we are seeing on all sensors. we have a stalled big rig blocking the slow lane on pinole. a warning from facebook a new been cloned. a new hoax on facebook. >> messages saying duplicate friend requests. the bogus message tells you to forward it to other users. facebook said to ignore them and delete them. google will be unveiling new products tomorrow. >> they are expected to show off
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a new home assistant with a screen. the company's answer to amazon echo. rolls-royce is out with its first ever 4 x 4. >> it has a champagne fridge with matching flutes, whiskey decanter and tumblers of crystal. >> it's about $355,000. i guess you can afford to have someone drive you if that's the amount you're able to pay. >> that's true. >> enjoy. in case you haven't noticed you're paying more at the pump, the one thing driving prices up. a sudden stop to
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>> temperatures today, anywhere from 3 to 9 degrees warmer than average with a lot of 70s and 80s in the forecast. >> thanks, mike. in the east bay, alameda county supervisors will hear an update how the county will regulate pop-up restaurants. they will have a timeline for when it will be implemented. in august, they shut down several pop-ups because they lacked proper permits. last month officials stopped closing pop-ups as long as they followed food safety laws >> happening today, san francisco is marking two
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holidays. it is indigenous people's day and italian heritage peoples day. it was filled for the 1 150th. today was columbus day until january when the board of supervisors voted to rename it after i honored amon who colonized land belonging to native americans. incident was opposed by the italian-american community. they declared italian heritage today >> never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. heightened fire danger above 1500 feet in areas in run, diablo range, north bay mountains. winds this morning, at least at 7:00, gusting to 25, possibly 30 miles per hour. but look how quickly things taper towards lunch. down to about 18 miles per hour in our fastest neighborhoods. as we head into the afternoon hours, into the evening hours, we fall back below 10 miles per
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hour in most neighborhoods.neigb here's sue. a couple incidents to tell you about. 4:56 on this monday morning. we've got an accident in martinez, highway 4 near pine street. chp is saying the westbound direction. you can see by the sensors it looks like it may be on the eastbound side of things. we will check back in a little bit. a stalled big rig is leaning in the slow lane. there might be a little delay there. just a heads-up. we have a two-car crash blocking the two left lanes, northbound 101 before 80. minor slowing past the scene. sue, thank you. gas prices are going up. the average price across the country is getting close to $3 3 gallon. $2.97 nationwide average is 40
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cents more than this same time last year. rising crude oil prices are the main reason. according to a aaa staourbaourbd average price is $3.80. in san francisco, $3.95 a gallon. >> almost a whole buck more. yes. 70th birthday of a facility that is about to make the world a little bit smaller. united's annual family day yesterday. mechanics showed how landing gear works. and look at this. teams competed to see how long they could pull an airliner. center serve as ther' rs. >> it took a lot of folks to pull that thing. >> really fun idea. >> bart plans to test its earthquake early morning system
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today. we'll see when it happened and how it could impact your commute >> mystery in the sky, temperatures out it was of an alien invasion. a sure sign halloween is around the corn
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good morning. it's a.m. on this monday, october 8th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. gusty in the mountains and the hills.


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