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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ michael is one of the most
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destructive hurricanes to ever hit the united states. an air force crew from northern california is headed to the storm zone loaded with supplies and ready to help. i'm spencer christian tracking powerful hurricane michael. i will show you where it is now and where it is headed next. it has been more than two weeks since cracked steel beams shut down the salesforce transit center and the first milestone on the roadmap of repairs is being delayed by days live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." hurricane michael turning deadly as it tears apart the florida panhandle. new video shows homes, stores and entire city blocks destroyed. the worst of the storm still to come. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. we've been tracking michael all day. it first made landfall on the florida panhandle this morning. >> one person has now been confirmed dead in the storm. a tree fell and hit a man. just hours ago, florida's governor gave an update pleading with residents to stay safe as the storm continues to wreak
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havoc. >> we're turning 100% of our focus on search and rescue and recovery. but we need every family to help with this. listen to local officials. we could still have flash flooding and tornados. >> governor rick scott says he has received reports of at least two tornados already. more than 190,000 homes and businesses are without power. >> all right. let's bewin here with "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian to see where the worst of the storm is now, spencer. >> dan, this is an incredibly powerful storm which made landfall earlier today around the florida panhandle near the town of panama city gi category 5, two miles per hour shy of category 5. it has maintained its strength moving inland. it has recently weakened to category 1 hurricane. three hours ago it still had sustained winds of 120 miles per
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hour. over the next 12 hours it is expected to move through georgia into south carolina, weakening to tropical storm strength, but it is expected to maintain tropical storm strength through both carolinas and into southeastern virginia over the next two days before moving out to sea early friday morning, still as a tropical storm. that's just remarkable that a tropical system would maintain that kind of strength over land areas, over so much land area. we have hurricane warning over much of the florida panhandle and southern georgia. we have tropical storm warning over the remainder of georgia and the carolinas. the hardest-hit areas could receive five to eight inches of rainfall from this storm, and it is still a have more on this a little later. ama. >> spencer, thank you. a group from travis flying giant c-17 cargo plane that will be full of supplies. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow was there before they took off. >> reporter: travis air force base is the largest mobility air
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force base within the aforce according to officials here. think of it as the ups of the air force. officials say they receivd word at 11:30 this morning they needed to have a c-17 ready to depart within three hours. you can take a look inside. lots of empty space that soon will be filled when the c-17 picks up supplies at davis air force base in arizona before flying to mississippi. earlier today travis air force base also sent two teams on commercial flights to scott air force base in illinois. each consisting of a physician, critical care nurse and respiratory therapist. >> i think not knowing what we're walking into is part of the excitement of all, knowing that our training has prepared us for anything that we may encounter, whether it is a medical emergency or a military emergency, we're ready. >> it is a point of pride for travis air force base we are able to support our civil authorities for any kind of natural disaster, whether it is a fire locally or a hurricane hitting the southeast.
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>> reporter: officials say what the aircraft here at travis air force base do is shrink the country where they can be just about anywhere in 12 hours. officials tell us they're not certain what supplies they will be picking up in with a missio. at travis air force base, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." >> thank you, melanie. airbnb is also providing help. the san francisco-based home sharing company has activated its open homes program in parts of florida, alabama and georgia. it allows hosts to rent their homes free of charge to people displaced by disaster. >> a lot of people are posting hurricane ordeals on social media, of course. "abc 7 news" anchor kristen sze is here with videos people are sharing from frightening to a little bit of fun, surprisingly, kristen. >> that's right. let's start with the frightening. this one was posted by a man in panama city, florida. take a look at all of the flying debris in the parking lot, whipped up by merciless wind as michael made landfall earlier
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today. also, lots of rescues today. take a look at this one. i will play it for you. an arizona police chief who is actually on vacation in florida, bryan jarrell, posted this video of his wife and ots rescuing a pelican that washed ashore. they got the bird to a hospital okay. i want to show you this one. people trying to make the best of the storm. despite the huge waves in tampa bay, aryn luna tweeted this photo of trying to get the perfect hurricane video. back up. not so safe. officials would not advise this because surf this high could be dangerous. dan and ama. >> thank you. you can keep track of hurricane michael with the "abc 7 news" app. download the app and be sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. a multi-million dollar verdict in a case against a pesticide giant is under review tonight. a judge in san francisco held a hearing today, saying she is questioning the jury's award in
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a lawsuit against monsanto, the makers of weederlain the pesticide caused his terminal cancer. he received $289 million. today in a tentative ruling the judge threw out of some the punitive damages award. >> there's nothing i heard that suggested the judge was persuaded otherwise on the quesion of punitive damages. that tentative ruling is probably going to stand. >> the judge could also eliminate or reduce the $39 million in compensatory damages. both sides in the case have until the end of the week to submit written arguments. neither side commented after today's hearing. in the south bay an attack in the parking lot of levi stadium after sunday's 49ers game left a man hospitalized. the central valley suspect has been arrest. "abc 7 news" reporter carlos saucedo is live outside with what could have initiated
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this attack. >> reporter: we know that the game was over and fans were leaving the stadium when the incident proek out in the parking lot behind me involving two 49ers' fans and things quickly escalated between the two over a beer bottle. 34-year-old david aguilera gonzales faces two felony count for a levi's stadium. the violence unfolded after sunday's game. police say the victim kicked a beer bottle in the parking lot which came close to the suspect. >> i don't know the reason that the victim would have kicked that both, but in any event i can say it probably upset or frustrated the suspect, which is what caused him to walk over and punch the victim out. >> reporter: police say gonzales then punched the victim a second time in the head as he was trying to get away. the suspect left before police and paramedics responded. the 33-year-old victim from san jose was taken to a nearby hospital where his condition worsened. police reviewed securityllsurve
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lot, showing the violent assault. they were able to track down gonzales at his home and arrest him tuesday. >> violence cannot be tolerated at any level. in an incident like this, you know, kicking a bottle does not equate to getting punched and dropped to the ground two times. >> reporter: it is unclear if both men were intoxicated at the time. football fans expressed sorrow over the tragedy. >> i think it is awful. i think it is sad people get that aggressive at a football game. >> yeah, it happens, you know. tempers flare up. people are drinking at the game. people are having a fun time. so you never know. >> reporter: and the 49ers team is aware of this incident and are looking at ways of improving their security measures. as for the victim, he remains in critical condition tonight. police are asking for more witnesses to come forward to help with their ongoing investigation. in santa clara, carlos saucedo,
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"abc 7 news." >> thank you very much. of course we wish that manuel. this attack has similarities to what happened to brian stowe, the san francisco giants fan who was beat be while leaving daujers stadium in 2011. he suffered a traumatic brain injury and went through a lengthy rehabilitation. two men pleaded guilty to that attack. coming up next, a not in my backyard battle. we are live in walnut creek over a proposed mental health treatment facility. stocks suffered their worst one-day losses since february, and
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happening now, traffic is a real mess on the dunbarton bridge. sky 7 was overhead after a crash between a charter bus and a large truck west of the toll plaza in fremont. the accident happened about 2:00 p.m., and within an hour two eastbound lanes were shut down. they are still closed tonight. the backup extends from the bridge along the peninsula as you look from sky 7 on highway 101 for several miles. it is bad as you can see here. drivers are being asked to use alternate routes if you can avoid this area. there is a battle brewing in the east bay over a proposed mental health facility in a residential neighborhood. the would-be operator says it would be perfectly safe, however, some residents of walnut creek's tice valley neighborhood started a petition drive to keep it out. "abc 7 news" reporter laura anthony joins us live from walnut creek with the debate. laura. >> reporter: well, hi, ama. even the neighbors who oppose this project told me they are
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sympathetic to the mission of this facility, they just feel the proposed location in this quiet residential neighborhood is off the mark. >> all it takes is one bad incident. >> reporter: residents of a walnut creek neighborhood say they don't want it, not here. it is a proposed residential treatment center in a converted home for people recovering from mental health issues. everything from depression to post traumatic stress. >> we think the residential situation is the wrong place. too many children, too many vulnerable elderly. this is just not the place. >> we're very concerned that these people in the state of mind, that they could, you know, inflict damage upon themselves or others in the community. >> reporter: the proposed facility, operated by a private company called national psychiatric care and rehabilitation services, would house up to 16 patients at a time for two to three weeks, a transitional step the company calls residential social rehabilitation. the company already operates similar care centers in
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sacramento and san jose and gets many of its referrals from kaiser permanentee. >> they are not aggressive. they're not dangerous. they're not allowed to be registered sexual offenders. they're not allowed to be active criminals. tlaems no danger. >> there is a high percentage of patients that will go through this successfully, but we are worried about the, you know, the outliers. >> reporter: npcrs claims no patients with a violent history or current substance abusers would be placed here. some could be medicated and all would be prescreened. now, the owner of ncprs told me he would even put 24-hour security at this site if it would make neighbors feel better about having this facility here. opponents though have gathered more than 200 signatures on an online petition. contra costa county's planning
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administrator plans to have a public hearing on the issue on monday afternoon. in walnut creek, laura anthony, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. local dtricts recently adopted lower lead limits for water, but the american academy of small amoun dangerous. "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez is live from the district offices in san francisco with what has been found in city schools. >> reporter: that's right. san francisco public schools are not the only ones, dan, with lead in their water. oakland, los angeles, and that's because california's lead testing law was passed earlier this year. the colored dots on the map represent each of the 136 schools in the san francisco unified school district and their lead levels. if you go by the state and federal limits of 15 parts per billion, most schools passed. only sixstan they're the ones in the red. >> the federal and state
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standards for lead in drinking water were never intended to be a health standard. >> reporter: it is a consumer group that looks out for our health. that nonprofit says those standards are outdated. >> the american academy of pediatrics has recommended that we really limit lead levels to no more than one part per billion. >> reporter: when you take that recommendation and apply it to san francisco's schools, only 65 of the 136 have lead levels in their drinking water of less than one part per billion. san francisco unified quickly expanded its water testing, flushed all of their pipes and installed filters in most schools. the six schools with the highest levels of lead were west portal elementary, international study high school, new school of san francisco, downtown high school, malcolm x elementary and life learning academic charter on treasure island.
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>> those have all been mitigated and we're waiting for the test results from the psc which will confirm our efforts have been successful. >> reporter: oakland public schools also went through the same kind of testing and now that district has decided to adopt a lower lead limits than what is required by the state and federal government. and so oakland's goal is to never exceed five parts per billion, and that is exactly the federal limit for bottled water. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> interesting. thanks very much. all right. it is time to check on our weather today. >> we of course have been tracking hurricane michael, and our local forecast as well. spencer christian is back. >> we will start with the local forecast right now. we have mainly sunny skies still over the bay and our land areas, but fog is developing along the coastline, beginning the make a bit of a push over the bay right now. this is a spectacular view of the setting sun from our east bay his camera.
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a big, bright setting sun there in the western sky. 60 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 63. mid 60s, mid to upper 60s at mountain view and san jose. morgan hill, 62 degrees. 57 at pa sick au. here is a view of the setting sun from emeryville. 62 at santa rosa. 66 in novato. vacaville, 71. concord, 68. 63 in livermore. check out this view from the abc 7 exploratorium camera, looking at blue skies over the san francisco skyline. we will see low clouds expanding overnight. sunny and milder tomorrow afternoon and a warmer pattern will come in on friday and continue into next week. overnight, look for widespread areas of low clouds and fog across the bay and locally inland. overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid 50s, but in the north bay will be chilly with lows in the mid to upper 40s. our 12-hour planner for tomorrow looks like this. 7:00 in the morning, as the sun is about to rise, we'll see lots of lingering low clouds.
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by noon, much brighter skies but a few clouds around, especially near the coast and maybe near the bay as well. later in the afternoon, sunny skies just about everywhere. it will start to get milder, but we probably won't see any inland temperatures hitting 80 degrees tomorrow. as the sun begins to set tomorrow evening, we will see clear skies. 79 at cloverdale tomorrow. oakland, 71. at fremont, a high of 72. the inland east bay, milder. mid to upper 70s there from livermore to concord and fairfield. look for san jose to top out at about 73 degrees. san francisco expects a high of 65. half moon bay, 62 degrees. let's talk about the tropical pacific. this is tropical storm sergio which doesn't seem to pose a threat to populated areas, but it is generating large swells in the pacific. the result is we have a beach hazard statement in effect for the bay area beaches from 5:00 a.m. tomorrow until 5:00 p.m.
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friday. we will see wave heights rising up to perhaps ten feet or more, and there's a possibility of dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. bear that in mind. here is a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. after a relatively cool but slightly milder day tomorrow than today, we will see much warmer weather developing on friday. in fact, going into the weekend, look for a high temperature inland to reach upper 80s to near 90. low 80s around the bay shoreline. up to about 70 degrees on the coast. they will just be gradual cooling as we go into next week. back to hurricane michael in just a few minutes, meteorologist drew tuma will be here to give us a look at the historic nature of the storm. it is a huge one. >> things we don't see very often, if ever. >> that's true. >> thanks, spencer. commuters hoping to get relief driving in san francisco this week instead got disappointment today. >> these si
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new developments now. a crimp in the commute caused by cracks in the salesforce transit center are going to last longer than first expected. >> it has now been more than two weeks since cracks were found in steel beams at the center. the agency that over sees it says t under the hub will remai closed until october 17th because of ongoing work at the center. >> the street was expected the open this friday.
6:25 pm
there's no work when it is expected to reopen. bus service is in operation out of the temporary trans bay terminal. we will keep you updated on that. b.a.r.t saw an increase in passengers the week that the transit center closed. it was also the week of the salesforce dream force convention keep in mind, which brought thousands to the city. not as many people rode b.a.r.t last week. on average b.a.r.t sees about 420,000 riders each weekday. ridership on the san francisco bay ferry remains high for the second week in a row. the number of passengers traveling between san francisco and oakland oral ro 7% the firs transit center was closed. ridership changed less than 1% from that week to the following week. it is worth noting here that the week of october 1st included additional ferry service for fleet week. waze wants to help more people catch a ride. the navigation app announced it is expanding its carpool service. it has been testing for more than a year now. if you haven't heard of it,
6:26 pm
drivers can sign up to offer rides using the regular weighs act. if you want a ride, you can download t downlo download the waze app. you can only use it twice a day. >> stay with us. hurricane michael is making history. the records it is breaking as it moves from florida into georgia tonight. today stocks suffer their worst loss since february. tech stocks were hit hardest. see how
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." continuing our coverage of hurricane michael in the florida panhandle where it made landfall this morning, building after building after building was destroyed. >> one man was killed by a falling tree. search and rescue crews will soon be fanning out to check for other victims or survivors. >> one woman and her boyfriend, they rode out the storm in their apartment but it was a close call. the building's roof and some walls were ripped off. >> the door blew open. it blew off the hinges, blew open, so i was trying to put a chair under it and that's when he told me to move out of the way. he's like move, move, move, and
6:30 pm
the door just -- and the roof flew off. >> hurricane michael is now a category 1 storm moving toward georgia. >> take a look. this is how the size of michael compared to the state of california. at its peak the storm pretty much would have spanned our entire state. >> it is a huge storm and so powerful. abc 7 storm meteorologist drew tuma has been tracking how hurricane michael made history as it moved across florida's panhandle. >> yeah, dan and ama, this storm strengthened so quickly in the gulf of mexico it is going down in the record books. its wind at maximum speed at 155 miles per hour this morning. it puts in fourth place in terms of land-falling hurricanes on the continental united states, just shy of andrew in 1992 which de devastated other parts of florida. the third lowest pressure of 919
6:31 pm
millibars. the lower the number is, the stronger the storms. records go back to 1851, so a very long time. it is the first and only category 4 landfall in the panhandle of florida has ever seen. it was the warm waters of the gulf and the calm conditions that allowed the storm to quickly intensify. it was a monster. >> so quickly. >> 48 hours it went from a tropical storm to category 4 storm. that's quick. >> all right. thanks, drew. >> yeah. the dow jones plunged more than 800 points today. it is the worst drop in eight months. sharp declines in technology stocks led the way. >> the dow dropped 831 points total. the s&p 500, the benchmark for many index funds, lost nearly 100 points, more than 3%. the nasdaq dropped more than 300 point, equal to a loss of 4%. >> some silicon valley giants fared well. apple as well as app pta bet lost 4.6% value each. each. e
6:32 pm
netflix went down more than 8%. >> facebook didn't like today's trading either. the company lost more than 4%. >> investors can't seem to pinpoint a specific reason for today's big sell-off. >> they describe a combination of factors from trade with china to the long run of the bull market. >> abc 7 reporter wayne freedman spoke with a local expert to try to get perspective on this. >> reporter: you are looking at main street usa, napa in this shot, on a day when the stock market plunged 832 points, its worst drop in eight months. you might note nobody here jumped from a window. what do you tell chicken little? >> i tell them to hang in here? >> reporter: are you buying tomorrow? >> i am buying tomorrow, in my own account. >> reporter: ken and mark edwards of novato, two investment advisers who watched the market fall by more than 3% today, who said they had been waiting for this. no big surprise. >> if you take all of the octobers since 1970 and you
6:33 pm
averaged it out, it is the second worst overall monthly performance of any stock, and that's on the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500. >> what is worst? >> september is typically worse. >> reporter: if you are looking for a mechanical explanation of what happened today, financial experts describe it as a change in balance. stocks have been high for a very long time. interest rates have been low. today a change in equilibrium. >> as interest rates go ups it reprices bond. bond put pressure temporarily on stock. >> s&p is 4% off its all-time high. this is not the kind of stuff you panic about. >> reporter: that even applies to people with fixed incomes counting or 401(k)s. the good news for them, that while september and october trend historically lower, november, december and january, higher. in short, don't panic even if the market opens down tomorrow. from novato, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news."
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new developments in a cold case dating back more than four decades. a man received a sentence of life in princeon for raping and murdering a teenager and young woman in san mateo county. 70-year-old rodney helbauer was sentenced in the deaths of two women. investigators believe he killed at least four others in the 1970s. dna evidence led to his arrest in 2014. he was in prison in oregon at the time for attempted murder. a bay area man was formally charged today in connection twh rally in virginia. he is accused of going to virginia to intentionally spark a riot and attack counter-protesters. authorities in los angeles county plan to speak with a burglary suspect now in custody about the killing of tristan bodett who was shot in his tent in june while camping with his two daughters. the burglaries took place near
6:35 pm
malibu creek state park in calabasas where bodett was murdered. while there's no official link between the burglaries and the shooting, detectives are baffled by this incident and anxious to see if the burglary suspect can shed any light on this very tragic and troubling case. well, a 10-year-old girl's mystery illness has been identified thanks to doctors at stanford. >> she is not the only patient giving hope to people searching for answers and treatment. the glass shelf spontaneously explodes in
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well, flu season is here and doctors expect it to be here again. the chief medical officer for doctor on demand joined us today. he suggests getting the flu shot to protect yourself, also stock up on some key supplies. >> i would recommend people pick up those things in the dru store that can help them keep their hands sanitized. purchase those wipes. i make sure if anyone is sick in my office we wipe down the desk. >> i did the same thing. didn't help me though, i was
6:39 pm
still sick. experts say before the best protection, consider getting flu shot before the end of the month. in cooperation with the national institutes of health a sp stanford is helping families whose loved one are afflicted with unknown diseases. >> more on how they're making a global impact on the peninsula. >> reporter: for this ten-year-old, stanford children's health has become a second home. the visits here have been part of her routine since she was born. >> we want to know what she has, but the doctors tell us, they think she has this, but they don't know what exactly. so it makes it worse. >> reporter: but this year doctors figured out why the young girl from pittsburgh was experiencing life-threatening episodes of lactic acidosis, a dangerous build up of lactic acid in the body. in fact, she is only one of two people in the world known to have the rare genetic disorder that causes this condition. >> i know she has something special and i know she has a lot to give to other people. >> reporter: the diagnosis came
6:40 pm
as a result of her involvement with the stanford center for undiagnosed diseases. it is just one of seven clinical sites worldwide with a team of doctors dedicated to investigating unidentified diseases. >> our team here was carefully going back through the data, trying to look at every genetic change she had as carefully as they could and paying attention to her symptoms. >> reporter: more than 130 patients including anihy have been diagnosed through the program. the findings will be released in a new study tomorrow morning in the new england journal of medicine. >> the technology and tools that empowered us to figure out what was going on with her weren't invented or were barely used at the time she was born. >> reporter: her family can now better understand their options for future treatment. >> i love her. she's my whole world, my son too. she's unique. >> reporter: at stanford, chris wynn, "abc 7 news." >> and sweet. >> she is unique and in great hands. >> absolutely. all right. well, expect the weather to start warming up soon.
6:41 pm
spencer will be back with the seven day forecast next.
6:42 pm
minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there
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when you or your love one need it. (music throughout) a loud explosion in an early woman shocked a campbell woman out of a deep sleep. >> sure did.
6:44 pm
she was more startled when she learned it was her tv stand that exploded. >> eventually after months of frustration, trying to get a refund, she turned to "7 on your side" michael finney for help. >> so weird. >> it is odd. most of us would not expect a glass shelf to shatter spontaneously, but that's what happened and on of all days 4th of july. the top shelf of carla turner's television stand is no longer there. she recalls the night it shattered into seemingly thousands of little pieces. >> not only did we hear it, but our neighbors across the street heard it and our neighbors on either side heard it. >> reporter: she said she assumed something hit the side of the house. when she didn't find anything there, she went back to sleep. the next morning she discovered glass all over her living room. >> it was under everything. it was under all of the couches, all of the chairs. it was -- like i said, even today when i clean, sometimes i
6:45 pm
will find a piece or twof it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time something like this has happened. in 2011, we reported that a sun roof of a vehicle shattered spontaneously, sending glass fragments on top of a san jose woman's head. then in 2013, we told you about the shower door that exploded without warning at a south bay home. all three times the incidents involved tempered glass. carl carla asked us for help getting answers. we contacted wayland furniture, the manufacturinger of the tv stand. the spokesperson told us tempered glass is meant to track tour into tiny pieces because they're less likely to call injury. he called sus incidents rare but speculated it could have been caused by overloading or tension on the shelf. carla says there was no warning anything like this could happen. >> i never saw anything wrong. it was just like spontaneous combustion.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: she tried for months to get a refund for her tv stand which she bought four years ago. after we contacted wayland, it agreed. it told us the incident with ms. turner is very unfortunate and we're thankful that no one was hurt. >> michael finney is amazing, and "7 on your side" is amazing. i mean i just -- i watch it every night. >> look how smart she is. thank you, carla. that's very nice. we really appreciate it. i want to hear from you. the "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. my number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through "abc 7 news." >> good work. >> thank you, michael. hurricane michael is spinning across the southeastern united states right now. when it made landfall this morning, abc news broke into regular programming to provide live coverage. >> check out this segment where a house was ripped off its
6:47 pm
foundation. >> my heart is racing. i have never again, george, seen something like an entire home, a well-built home rolling down the street, exempt we made this 3d graphic to explain to people after sandy happened what storm surge does to a structure, what it can do to your home and how quickly it can come in. we just watched it happen in real-time. i will tell you right now, it makes you shake. >> i can hear it in your voice. it is just staggering. >> spencer joins us now because spencer has, of course, been in many hurricanes. >> i have as well on the east coast and their terrifying. >> they are terrifying and so many aspects about this one defy conventional wisdom. generally they weaken over land because of the friction of moving over land, encountering trees, hills, mountains or buildings. this one maintained its strength for hours after making landfall. it will be studied for a long time by hurricane experts.
6:48 pm
overnight we will see increasing clouds, low clouds from the bay moving inland. tomorrow we will see mainly sunny skies by afternoon. we will see lingering clouds in the morning hours. afternoon highs range from low 60s at the cost to around 70 near the bay and mid an upper 70s inland, and the accuweather seven day forecast looks like this. a big warm-up coming our way beginning on friday, especially over the weekend. we will see highs at almost summer-like levels inland and around the bay and on the coast, and temperatures are only going to gradually taper off going into next week. >> spencer, we were talking. you were saying experts are so confounded by hurricane michael that it may become the prototype for the new storms. >> oh, it could be. as warmer global atmosphere conditions persist and warmer ocean temperatures, we'll see likely more storms, more frequent storms, more intense storms, more erratic storms and storms of greater duration. >> that don't die off so quickly
6:49 pm
when they hit lantd. that was so strange. >> that was remarkable. i don't know if we will see another behave that way for a long time, but we will watch for it. >> thank you, spencer. on to sports. a lot to talk about tonight. >> larry has it all for us. >> you are talking what might be the new normal. this is the new normal. get ready for this for the next fewiers, warriors and the west fewiers, warriors and the west coast rivals, california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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fe now abc 7 sportsd wi with l beil. >> the warriors get their first look at lebron james in a lakers uniform in vegas tonight. only a preseason game, but it will be fun to see the rivalry with james. they're going to meet at t-mobile arena in vegas. lakers have been largely irrelevant for the last few years. that changes with james. lebron to l.a. adds spice to this rivalry. >> i think it ramps up because it is a rivalry between nor cal and so cal and there's talent on both teams. but i don't think it will be at the level of us and the cavs because we play each other at the highest level for four straight years. >> it is cool for lakers fans and west coast fans to see lebron on the west side. coach basketball here, especially in l.a., i been down on the coast, so pretty fun. >> there's an extra sentiment there, so to see -- it doesn't
6:53 pm
mean i cheer for them, but, you know, it is just -- that was my team growing up, so they've always had a lot of star power. >> kevin durant gets crushed on social media all the time. he still has a sense of humor about it. reacting to this post on bar stools sports of a giant snake on a golf course. his reaction, my bad, let me get out of your way. a lot of people still call him a name. you a name! for leaving okc for the warriors. durant jumping in on that. jimmy butler demanded ara before training camp. the team has yet to make a deal. it is hard to get value back for him. so he showed up at practice today, just dominated everybody, curse it out a whole bunch of people including the coach, who is also the gm, and then he sat down more calmly with espn's rachel nichols. >> i love the game and i don't it for any other reason except to compete and go up against the best to try to prove that i can hang. all of my emotion came out at one time. was it the right way to do it?
6:54 pm
no, but i can't control that when i'm out there competing. like that's my love of the game. that's raw me. me at my finest, me at my purest. that's what you're going to get inside the lines. >> when i yell in the newsroom, that's me at my finest and my purest. it is my passion for tv. nothing to do with management. the raiders will fly to oakland to take on the seahawks, but today at home their focus was on their car troubles, and they got plenty of them. this season derek carr has thrown a league high three picks into the end zone. entering this year he had four, four picks in the end zone in his entire four-year career. jon gruden is supposed to be the quarterback whisperer. it is not working. meanwhile, offensive coordinator greg olsen thinks carr is pressing. >> last week obviously first and goal at that point, there's no need to press to try to make a play in that situation. some of the turnovers he has had this year, he's been pressing, trying to make a play. we like that part about him, that he is a competitive guy and he wants to make every play. just making better decisions
6:55 pm
here moving forward. >> just give it to marshawn on the one. big honor for one of our friend at sonoma raceway. their president and gm steve paige, one of the three finalists for the 2018 comcast nascar community champion of the year award. paige, whose family was evacuated in the sonoma fires, sprang into action. he opened up the raceway, hosting more than 100 residents displaced by the fires, also spearheading a fundraiser that raised $72,000 to help the victims of the fires. so hopefully steve will win that award. he's going up against a couple of drivers, so a little bit tough in terms of notoriety and stuff. >> good for him. >> outstanding work in the community for sure. draymond green not going the play tonight for the warriors. his knee is ailing, but precautionary. >> thanks, larry. developing all news, all lanes on the dumbarton bridge is open. a crash between a charter bus and large truck around 2:00 p.m. shut down two of the east bay lanes and caused a big backup.
6:56 pm
it is still slow on the bridge and extending along 101 on the peninsula, but with any luck it will get moving now. >> join us on kofi tv 13. jackpots up for grabs tonight, winning both with $839 million in your pocket. the chance of that happening at 9:00. >> let's win both. on news at 11, we get a frightening firsthand look at the haunting experience in downtown san francisco. we promise it will be fun. >> starting at wr78, catch "the goldbergs" "the american housewife" and "modern family." stay with us for "abc 7 news" at 11:00. at 11:35 it is "jimmy kimmel live." of course. tonight's guest are jamie lee curtis and olivia hamilton. be sure to tune in. >> watch for breaking news any time on the "abc 7 news" app. i'm all. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. we will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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