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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 25, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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this one sent to robert de niro. what else we're learning at this hour. >> turning to the weather, fog in the bay area this morning. and i'm no meteorologist, but that typically means a warmup is o way. well, luckily, we happen to have one on staff. >> do we? >> we do. good morning on this thursday, october 25th. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. of just kidding. we know you're a meteorologist. >> i have five years and a diploma to prove it.a seal too n meteorological society. you can see from our east bay hills camera, just barely see the top of the salesforce camera there. our fog is widespread. santa rosa, livermore, napa at least less than a mile there. it is thick in other areas. it's not just hitting reporting stations. widespread fog through 7:00. it is much warmer this morning. low to mid-40s.
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by noon, we'll stay at 60 at the coast. 66 to 71 inland. by 4:00, we have 64 at the coast. 74 around the bay. 80 inland. back in the 50s and 60s by 7:00. all right. so we will get sue in here to find out what's going on with the morning commute. as you said, it's foggy out there. extra caution advised if you're in one of those areas. e'll pop down to 87 in san tail lights in the northbound direction. you can see the runway lights up there. you kind of get an idea where you are. traffic is moving nicely there. road work, southbound 880 at 23rd has been picked up. it's a nightly thing. they are demolishing an overpass. or constructing an overpass. that he wants what caltrans is up to. earlier accident by 66 has been cleared. guys? thank you, sue. in the east bay, a team of 20 atf agents will comb through piles of charred construction material down. they are searching for evidence that could lead to a cause for the fire at a west oakland
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residential construction site is. those federal agents will work alongside investigators from oakland. droneview7 is giving you a look at what they will be searching through. half the units in that 126-unit complex were destroyed in the inferno. new developments about this house fire in the south bay. a man has turned himself in after police say he starred a fire at his ex-partner's home. richard castillo is on jail and $150,000 bail. he was upset with his ex, so he lit the house on fire. it broke out 1:00 monday morning, hamilton park drive in san jose. no one was hurt. your voice, your vote. a poll is giving us a better idea how california races are shaping up. this is coming from the non-profit think tank public policy institute of california. the race for governor is getting a little bit tighter. gavin newsome is ahead of john cox, 49% to 38%.
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u.s. senator dianne feinstein leads deleon by 16 points to retain her seat. one in four voters polled said they will not even vote for this race. and proposition 6, voting yes would repeal the 12 cent gas tank. 41% will vote yes. 48% do not want the gas tax repealed. we posted a breakdown of all the pop seu propositions and local races. do you recognize the area where i'm standing in? traffic is part of our commitment to building a better bay area. new data by regional transportation officials found these are the top local congestion spots. and as you can see, a lot of them are in the east bay. number one is 101 northbound from cesar chavez in san francisco going across the western span of the bay bridge. if you drive that, you will not be surprised. so that story gave us an idea to
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try and find the fastest way to get from the city to the east bay. and there are four options. of course you can drive. there's parking lot. ac transit. and casual carpool. so pick your horse. the starting line to abc 7 studios. the finishing point, downtown berkeley's bart station. the start time was 5:04 p.m. we september leigh-ann medical lessen easy by news van. let's meet our other three competitors who all work with us here at the station. >> everyone will introduce ourselves quickly. >> tom. carpool. >> justin, i'll be taking bart. >> we are monitoring everybody's proceeding. four folks taking four different forms of transportation. >> approximate everybody is betting against me, and i don't know why. >> 12 minutes in and leigh-ann has moved through feet, guysju thk bt mehe quickest
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straw. we took him to casual carpool. as of 5:48, it's been a half hour since i showed up and no one has stopped to pick him up. we have leonard. he's taking ac transit at 6:01. he made it over the bay bridge but still on 80 at this hour. here's a thomas update. we wanted an idea of what's going on. he's done. i'm still standing on the sidewalk of spear and howard waiting for casual carpool to pick him up. >> we are moving, but i have a feeling i'm not going to win this race. >> in the time it took leigh-ann just top get on the bay bridge in san francisco, we had a winner. i don't want to toot my own bart horn. barcadero into berkeley. in a matter of 54 minutes, he made it. he's the number one in our commute challenge. the other three are in the thick of it >> we are enough making great progress.
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>> thomas is still stuck in san francisco. >> not a single car came to pick up the view. >> but he made a friend. >> okay. so i came in second. let me tell you. i got here at 6:23. justin, you got here at what time? >> 5:45. >> i was getting on the bridge at 5:54. transit, how long did it take you? >> i just got here. ive got here at 6:27. >> did you make any friends? >> i didn't. incident was quiet. but incident was nice. >> public transportation is the way to go, definitely. bart. >> okay. i love this entire experiment. >> me too. >> did the winner have a piece of cake? he got cake for winning. he also got cake. i love it. >> also, thomas, no one picked him up. thomas is such a sweet guy. i think it's the mustache. >> he was waiting for casual carpool. he is very sweet. maybe it has something to do with no
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ato you thk? >> i feel bad for him. did he get a consolation prize for being last? >> i don't know. >> that was fun. i hope we see more stuff like that. i'll tell you what, you have a fine line to get onto the bay bridge. you usually leave a little bit before i do. if i get late, it took me 35 minutes to get to the bay bridge and that was at 1:30. so it's tough. let's look at what's going on around. it's much warmer this morning. that led to humid and foggy conditions. up in the north bay, 49, mill valley. 47, ukiah. low 50s. na for everybody else. 52, napa. if you're outer on the wlece 0 e peninsula, starting off with fog at 56.
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hazy sunshine. tpre comfortable at noon, 66. low to mid-70s this afternoon. down to 61 at 8:00. east bay valleys, 52 this morning with fog. 71 at noon. near 80 during the afternoon hours. comfortable 64 at 8:00. last stop the east bay shore. foggy and 57 this morning. 66 at noon. low 70s this afternoon. we'll take a look at a warm weekend, at least for one day, coming up. here's sue. coming up at 5:09 on your thursday morning. tail lights westbound section. 18-minute ride now from 880 towards 101. generally slow out of the central valley. up and over the altamont pass for a 50-minute drive. it is 44 minutes from tracy into dublin. highway 4 into concord westbound is moving at the limit. san rafael through the city, across a foggy gold especially gate bridge, less than 20 minutes. thank you, sue.
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without warning, a restaurant in the east bay suddenly shut its doors for good after 128 years of being in business. >> this project in the north bay would cost nearly $400 million. wait until you hear what it could bring to the area. and holy steph! spoiler alert. he is good at basketball. i'm not sure if you knew
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sadly, i want to show you something very depressing. this is the rain season so far is. we are 24 days into it. oakla oakland, livermore, and san jose. 9%, 5%, 6% of average. that's it. santa rosa with we need some rain. i don't have it coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. back to breaking news. police found two new possible explosive devices this morning. >> this one addressed to actor robert de niro. cornell bernard is live with us here in the studio with o corne cornell. >> we are getting new information about a possible device sent to former vice president joe biden. there is a large police presence at a pofs office in newcastle county, delaware.
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delaware is mr. bide especially's home state. the the suspicious package sent to robert de niro. new york police responded to a building in the tribeca neighborhood, the tribeca film center and tribeca grill or associated with mr. de niro, an outspoken critic of president trump. the bomb truck took that away. two pipe bombs were found last night addressed to maxine waters. and devices were sent to the clintons, obamas, former attorney general eric holder, and the new york studios of cnn. the president calling for unity, before blaming the media, which he often attacks. >> the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility. >> we will not let terrorism win. not today, not ever. >> now, one of the devices deck examined at an
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fbi lab in virginia. >> all right, cornell, we will continue to follow this. thank you. in the east bay, customers left stunned after a landmark seafood restaurant shut its doors with no explanation. >> abc 7 news was there as people showed up for dinner last night. they had been in business 128 years with nothing more than a sign taped to the front door. they wonder if the implementation of the new $15 minimum wage was not sustainable for the restaurant. diners said they would no idea this was happening. >> just like that. >> no. i had no idea. >> they had been here for years. i just always spexpected them t be here. >> this notice posted by the california department of alcoholic beverage control says the parent company for joe's crab shack applied to open a restaurant at the
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location. a 79-year-old was of last seen 9:30 yesterday morning. he was wearing a gray oakland baseball hat, green jacket and blue jeeps. he speaks limited english. he has dementia. this will bring thousands of jobs. this is what the old state farm building will look like once construction is complete. there are plans to build hundreds of new apartments, offices and shops as well as a new hotel. it could be demolished by year end with construction starting early next year. >> building a better bay area isn't just about defining problems. it is also about solutions. and zillow says it takes nearly 22 years to save up the 20% down payment for a median price san jose's why the sil ps
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solutions. ha we are sponsoring conversations like these to get a broad base and diverse representation. we had two conversations this morning with artists. >> n upcoming midterm election, voters will be asked to consider two propositions and a local san jose measure to raise funds for affordable housing. hey alexis? >> yes. >> steph curry should be treated for burns thorpg. >> why? >> because he was on fire at oracle. >> okay. steph scored 51 points in three-quarters last night, making 11 three-pointers. he didn't need to play in the fourth because the warriors had such a big lead. steph is still trending.
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shaquille o'neal posted this. he has flames for hands. it is from lumiere from "beauty and the beast". or is it just me? >> you're the only one who thought of it. >> he writes my favorite player is on fire tonight, mvp status. #greatestshooterever. >> i think he's living up to that name. also also in the east bay, he women with spread flower power as a random act of congress. >> volunteers stopped strangers to give them flowers yesterday. each person got two bouquets, one to keep and one to share. they were donated by growers from the san francisco flower mart. the owner of jay miller flowers organized the giveaway. >> giving back to the community and seeing people's faces light up with smiles just with a bouquet of flowers. >> the women gave about 300 bouquets in toetal. proceeds went to a
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children's hospital. >> can i tell you a secret? >> sure. >> i love flowers. >> you like getting them yourself. >> i take care of the roses in our yard. i will you them in a vase for my wife, around the house. i love the smell. i love the colors. i just like to landscape too. >> look at that. we are learning new things about our friend mike nicco. now that i spilled the beans on that, let's look at what's going on outside. do a little gardening under the warm, hazy sunshine. 280 and 17. so far in the south bay, not much in the way of fog. we'll keep an eye on you. ist is hazy and foggy about everywhere else. it will turn over to a warm afternoon. it will be milder tonight. a little less fog. here's a look at the cloud cover this morning. watch. as we head towards the lunch hour, there is stim plenty on of
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haze around san francisco bay. a little bit along the coast. since we head into the afternoon hours, that turns over to just sunshine and a little bit of haze. 73, milpitas. los gatos, 79. 82 in gilroy. 73 around menlo park. san mateo, 72. mid-60s along the coast. we will touch 70 in a few neighborhoods around downtown san francisco. north bay, 76 in san rafael and vallejo. 80 in closer detail. upper 40s to fog in the north bay. a little bit around the bay itself. inland valleys, like the east bay, that's having a lot of fog, probably not as much tomorrow morning. our two coolest days sunday and monday. two days that are just about average. going to be a warm one, sue. >> if your travels take you
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along the 80 corridor, amy hollyfield will later this hour take us on a drive there to see about the commute. we will definitely show you the filling in of those headlights between golden gate fields, macarthur maze. give yourself phrepbtd of time heading to the bay bridge tolls. we will check on that to see if the metering lights are on. coming into san francisco for oracle open world, that is ongoing again today. howard street, purple is closed between 3rd and 4th a at moscone center. take mass transit if you can. it is very congested with normal construction in the area as well. it's been a rough go getting around that part of town. we will check on the tolls in just a few. in gma's first look, police stopped an alleged school attack from two middle school students planning to stab and kill classmates. in this morning's gma first look, two girls, just 11 and 12 years old, brought these knives
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and this pizza cutter to school and were moments away to plot to kill their classmates. ? we are afraid. she's afraid. >> the girls were discovered together in a bathroom after first period. allegedly planning to overpower and stab other students who came inside. according to investigators, the plan was of hatched while watching scary movies during a sleepover. police say their investigation revealed disturbing communication between the girls. child-like drawings of the school and this handwritten note that says go to kill in bathroom. there were rumors about a possible school attack. we will hear from the bartow police chief with new details on the suspects at 7:00 a.m.look, victory okindo, bartow, florida. according to our partners, demolition is expected to begin
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in december. between 15th and 16th streets will be closed next month and replaced with 157 new affordable rental homes. smta will show upgrades to the embarcadero. this is a view from droneview7. you can see renderings at the ferry building today. it is open between 5:00 and 7:30 tonight. construction isn't specked to start until 2022. >> when it does, that will be a little bit of a mess. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. >> coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you start your day. >> and this thief turns into a worldwide meme. now the celebrity is trying doe among the most
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these are the 7 things you need to know before you go. new york has disposed of another suspicious device this morning. it was addressed to robert de niro at tribeca film center.cent >> joe biden has been mailed a suspicious device. >> number three, firefighters put out a tanker fire on 680. nobody was hurt. the situation could have been much worse if the tanker was carrying flammable liquid. >> number four, we have widespread thick fog from our roof camera in san francisco. it is just about everywhere this morning. that's the warmer air coming in that will push our temperatures into the 70s and 80s everywhere today. two to six degrees warmer than average. >> number five, we're following first reports of an accident in san jose possibly involving inv
5:26 am
seven vehicles. northbound 101 near mckee and another near story. >> as if we didn't already know, we spend too much time stuck in traffic. a new report from the mtc shows the commute with the most delays in the morning is interstate 880 from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and number two, no one won the powerball jackpot. the jackpot for saturday night's drawing climbs to a $750 million. too bad. have you seen that viral photo of a suspected thief in england that went viral? >> blackpool police posted this online trying to identify the suspect. does he look like someone you have seen on tv before? maybe david schwimmer, most famous for his role as ross in "friends." the internet certainly agreed with you. so did schwimmer. he said, officers, i swear it wasn't me. now, that is cute. clearly having a good sense of humor.
5:27 am
he recreated the photo. he added the hashtag it wasn't me. he wished investigators good luck in finding the thief. that is a pretty amazing look-ali look-alike. the police had a clever retort, thanks for being there for us. >> it looks like he got the same kind of beer. >> david schwimmer has a few minutes of time. >> okay. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. families still struggle to go find homes after the north bay wildfires are about to get much needed help from washington.
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we are following breaking news about the suspicious packages being september to high-profile democrats. police just discovered this.
5:30 am
a ninth one addressed to robert de niro. >> santa clara's mayor is up for re-election in two weeks. why she is being sued. we are not encouraging this but breaking your hip may be your best chance at winning the lottery. >> what? >> you have to take the bad, take them both and there you have the facts of life. >> a painful way, isn't it? oh, boy. it is wednesday, october 25th. and you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco. >> odds of me breaking a hip are much higher than me winning the powerball. no. let's go on. i can't wait to hear that one. walnut creek, an area that is pretty foggy. look at this. altamont pass, livermore, boom, you run into a solid wall of visibility, less than an eighth of a mile. this is the way it looks in san rafael. it is justify the warmer, more
5:31 am
humid air mass coming in. this morning you will notice temperatures in the low to mid-50s. milder at 7:00. 60 to 64 around the coast from noon to 4:00. 66 to 74 around the bay. the 80s are back. by 4:00. after a comfortable 71 at noon. sue, what's going on? >> a major accident. we mentioned it briefly in "7 things." north 101 near mckee. they had to shut down the entire freeway to get debris cleared out of lanes. we will check back. earlier report of an one same. jammed right now. we will check back in a few. and winton. trying to change a tire. very dangerous situation there. so heads-up. all right. thank you, sue. back to our breaking news. former vice president joe biden may have been mailed a suspicious device. >> there is a large police presence in newcastle county,
5:32 am
delaware. also this morning, nypd removed a suspicious package addressed to robert de niro at the tribeca film center in manhattan. the device is similar in appearance to eight others found yesterday. and x-rays show a similar device inside. the device was taken in an nypd bomb containment vehicle. you see it there. it goes to the bronx. that's where it will be destroyed. abc news reporter kenneth moaten has details on all of this. . >> reporter: hi. that's the concern. federal authorities on high letter. he is promising to bring just the nationwide manhunt for the person responsible for these pipe bomb packages. former presidents, high-profile political figures, and cnn.
5:33 am
>> reporter: the network surprised on air. they evacuated. after, terror unfolding. >> we will not let terrorism win. not today, not ever. >> reporter: overnight federal authorities looking into a possible eighth suspicious package sent to former vp joe biden. a ninth to robert de niro in tribeca. nypd carried it away in a bomb containment truck. suspicious packages sent to the homes or offices of the clintons, obamas, california representative maxine waters, and former attorney general eric holder. the pipe bomb discovered in the cnn mail room addressed to john brennan. a similar pipe bomb sent to donor george soros monday. >> the federal government is investatn. an aggressive >> d y foreaming thmedia, which he
5:34 am
often attacks. >> the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone. and to stop the endless hostility. >> reporter: the devices didn't detonate. they are being examined at a lab in virginia. sources say they contain the similar components, the same packaging and return address was office of congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. authorities don't believe she's involved. and the fbi also doesn't believe that those packages were delivered by the u.s. postal service. they are looking for possible couriers. it is likely they have a treasure trove of evidence to find this suspect. kenneth moton, abc 7 news. kenneth, thank you. now this live shot from the philadelphia area, newcastle county, delaware. this is that suspicious device that we have been talking about that may have been sent to former vice priden joeyou sehat
5:35 am
ba wre putsi to safyit. this is facility where i will then be taken care of. the live picture from delaware. for the latest suspicious device we believe may have been sent to joe biden. we sent out a push alert. be the first to learn about breaking news by downloading our abc 7 news app and especially ailing push alerts. trying to identify a man driving around and exposing himself to women in a south san jose neighborhood. >> investigators believe a man resembling this sketch is involved in at least three indecent exposure cases. between september and october, a expose bay, a
5:36 am
potentially hazardous situation avoid. firefighters found a big rig on berryessa avenue. the fire began underneath the truck and burned a hole into the the situation could have been much worse if the tanker was carrying flammable liquid. your commute is a big part of the commitment to building a better bay area. >> it is no secret we have some of the worst traffic congestion in the area. once again the bay area has ranked the most dreadful commutes. interstate 80, the drive from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. amy hollyfield is live with more details on that report. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi. good morning, alexis. yes, we are driving what it ranks as the worst morning commute right now. take a look. it isn't awful right now. i would recommend leaving at this time if you can pull it off. we are on interstate 08, going
5:37 am
from hercules toward san francisco. we are going about 50 miles per hour. so not terrible. if you can swing it, this is a good time leave. mtc just came out with the list of 10 worst commutes in the bay area. they are using this as a time to talk about solutions. they are kicking around ideas like expanding bart, adding more hov toll lanes and bus lanes. commuters have nothing nice to say about traffic but do have ideas how to improve traffic flow. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. >> i would limit the cars that they have in certain cities. >> reporter: here is a map showing you the top three worst offenders as your commute on this list. number one is an afternoon drive. that is eastbound from cesar chavez to treasure island tunnel in the evening. that is the worst. the second is where i'm
5:38 am
standing, the morning commute, interstate 80 from hercules to the toll plaza. number three is in the south bay. highway 101. marin, you didn't make the top three. congratulations i guess. send me a tweet or facebook note if you disagree. i would like to know what you think of your drive from marin to san francisco. we have a list of the top 10 worst drives on our website at reporting live from interstate 80, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. glad it's going well for you so far. we welcome your thoughts on the commute challenges that you face. use the #betterbayarea to join the conversation. >> fremont, hayward, oakland, 53 cop cord, liver moore.
5:39 am
58 in antioch. santa rosa, 49.a. the closer you get to the hills on the east bay shore, the more likely you will fall into some fog. and as you head eastbound away from hayward towards i should say west bound towards foster city, you are going to follow into fog on the san mateo. it will be around through the entire morning commute. give way to a warmer afternoon on mass transit. a little breezy on the bay. richmond, san rafael, bay bridge. for the north bay, fog and 49. 70, hazy sunshine at noon. 78 at 4:00. 61 at 8:00. for san francisco, we're going to flirt with the upper 60s this afternoon. even 70s possible around dwntown. 58 by 8:00. let's take a look at your temperature swing in the south bay. 55 this morning to 67 at noon. mid-60s by 4:00. down to 63 by 8:00. sue has, unfortunately, a sig-alert. that's the worst kind of
5:40 am
>> a special traffic alert named after mr. sig. northbound traffic sig-alert right near -- after santa clara near mckee where they first reported. unclear how many vehicles involved. they started with seven, then amended that to two. i would take 680, 280 to avoid north 101 at this point. they don't have any estimated time of reopening at this point. two left lanes blocked there. 880 near winton, a car changing a tire, partially blocking the left lane. slow traffic beginning to build. very dangerous situation. >> thank you, sue. san francisco police say there is a decrease in car break-ins.
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5:43 am
have you ever traveled to mexico, a lot of times you see those large river, dry river basins. this is the reason why they are so large. this is what tropical storm willa is doing to mexico. this is south of mazatlan. it made landfall tuesday. it continues to bring life threat epping rainfall. it is three-quarters to a mile wide. that's how much rain they have received. that's why you see the ginormous
5:44 am
dry river beds. they need them whenever something like that happens. back here at home, too much rain down there, no rain here. that's the case once again. 73 in san diego. 80, l.a. 94 in palm springs. increasing sunshine in aoeureka. check out my 7-day forecast for tahoe. they won't be making much snow. record highs in the afternoons. lows above freezing. next week, lows in the 20s. they will start making snow again then >> thanks, mike. san francisco police say they have seen a drop in the number of car break-ins this year. year to date car break-ins are down 14%. most parts of the city have seen a drop. but the police district covering noe valley, the mission has seen an uptick. district attorney george gascon
5:45 am
says less than 2% of car break-ins actually get arrested. >> every car break-in is personal. >> sfpd plans toakns. it has dedicated officers focusing on property crimes. in the south bay, the mayor of santa clara is being sued just weeks before the midterm election. our media partner, the mercury news, reports the lawsuit filed yesterday claims lisa gilmore did not disclose $100,000 in income. they claim she made 180,000 at public property advisers. politicians are required to disclose where they make money so voters can identify potential conflicts of interest. gilmore is up for re-election next month. in the north bay, federal officials approved more funding for areas devastated by last year's wildfires. the department of housing and
5:46 am
urban development will give public housing agencies nearly $3.5 million in vouchers. santa rosa will receive the bulk at $2.1 million. sonoma county will get $800,000. ukiah will get $517,000. car buyers should take safety and car dependability into account when buying a new car. researchers looked at more than 500,000 vehicles. here are the results. lexus, toyota, and mazda top the list of most reliable brands. on the other end of the spectrum, tesla, cadillac, and volvo ranked the least reliable brands. speaking of tesla, shares soar odd a surprising third quarter earnings report. a surprise profit reported after tesla reported better than expected sales and a faster production timeline for its popular model 3.
5:47 am
shares soared more than 12% in after-hours trading. this is ceo elon musk's last earnings report as chairman for at least three years. he's being forced by federal regulators to step down from the role in response to the tweet that he sent about taking tesla private >> google is making it easier for you to delete search history and find privacy controls. it gives you the ability to review and delete your history within google search itself, rather a than logging into your account. google will also let you control the ads that you see and choose the information google saves. the features are now available to desktop and mobile web and be expanded to ios and mobile in the coming weeks. >> no one won the jackpot in last night's drawing. the winning numbers 3-21-45-53-56, powerball 22. the jackpot for saturday night's drawing climbs to an estimated $750 million.
5:48 am
that is the fourth largest lottery jackpot in the u.s. call it a lucky break. an 87-year-old new jer man fell and broke his hip while walking to buy a lottery ticket for this week's massive mega millions jackpot. >> this is a a fascinating story. earl livingstone had to go to the hospital. he will need a hip replacement. that's the bad news. he was invited to join their pool after finding out he was disappoint indeed not getting the ticket. that pool netted a winning $1 million ticket he will still have to split it with 141 other people. it is a little more than $7,000. and the hip surge relative is probably a lot more than that. >> oh, no. >> hopefully it's covered by insurance. >> oh, that wasn't quite the happy ending. >> not really good news. >> i know. i thought he was goingalf a mil something. >> it is $7,000. however, the aspirin he just took is $6,500.
5:49 am
>> seriously. >> right? that's how it seems to work. >> i remember when my wife gave birth -- yeah. many years ago. a can of soda was like $5. i'm like, really? i could have gone down to the vending machine and -- hey, i guess that's the tip, for the nurse to deliver it. let's talk about what's going on as far as your forecast. a look at sfo. it is foggy this morning. that means delays will develop. right now they are not reportino tracking potential fire danger monday night as an on shore breeze will develop. that will lead us to anot warming trend. we are only going to be cool sunday and monday. the other five days, warmer than average. look at the jet streams. high pressure bulges in, it pushes the nane storm track well to our north. so you can see rain around portland and seattle, but
5:50 am
nothing for us but warming conditions. 73 in milmilpitas. 78 in gilroy. 74, palo alto today. mid-60s along the coast. nearing 70 in downtown san francisco. 76, san rafael. and also vallejo. upper 70s to low 80s for the rest of the north bay. east bay, 72 in berkeley. everybody else in the mid-70s. east bay valleys, upper 70s to low 80s. tonight will be another mild one. the fog will be in the usual spots along the coast, north bay valleys, around the san francisco bay. i don't think it will be as widespread inland, especially the east bay as it is this morning. our two coolest days. sunday and monday. halloween looks great, though. sue. excellent. thanks to our photographer ian for getting to this location of this accident. a sig-alert is issued north 101, san jose after santa clara street. and the two left lanes remain
5:51 am
blocked. a big rig is involved and several vehicles. scars are getting by in the right-hand lanes. freeway entrance with the cars whizzing by the camera. don't be fooled by that. at the limit they are mergeing into slow traffic. it is backed to actually. let's look at our traffic maps. it is backing up past actually in the northbound direction. if you mop every to the other side of the bay, southbound 101 near marsh, overturned vehicle blocking the slow lane there. we will keep our eye on both of these as we go along. guys? all right. thank you, sue. certainly getting busy. new at 6:00, muni is rolling out the nice new trains. one big problem riders are noticing when they sit down. >> first, innovation and the bay area go hand in hand. this teenager is leading the bay in the east bay. his app that is getting national attention. plus,
5:52 am
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5:54 am
so far since the rain season began in october, we had one storm. it really soaked the north bay. look at that. one and a quarter inch of rain in santa rosa. that is 95% of average. it just gets worse. san francisco, downtown, 30% of average. sfo, 27%. the rest of our neighbrhood, 9%, 6%, and 5%. the rain just not in the offing right now. a hayward teen may have the next big idea. >> he is creating an app that is gaining national attention. he beat out 23,000 students.
5:55 am
joseph franco created an app dedicated to connecting foster youth to a peer network and the tools needed for college. it's called f connect. the app finds information on college applications, housing, and even a study buddy. all from the foster community. >> from housing to school is, they need the support. >> you'll find knit our app store in just about four months. congrats to him. the fda approved the first new drug to fight the flu in almost 20 years. it is called ofluza. you have to take it within 48 hours of when you start feeling the first symptoms of the flu. fda officials say it provides an important treatment option but you should not consider this a substitute for a yearly flu shot.
5:56 am
the pill will cost 150 bucks according to # genentech which will sell in the u.s. big changes for very day's future. they are reportedly ready to cut employee salaries by 20%, some losing their jobs entirely. according to the verge, the austerity measures were announce indeed an e-mail to staff and will go into effect next week. the number of positions being laid off, as matt disclosed. it could be a serious blow to the company's overall goal of shipping the first production version of its luxury suv by the end of the year. let's check in with sue hall. how are we looking? >> not good in san jose. a special traffic alert in san jose. it is north 10 at santa clara street. the two left lanes are blocked there. and the right lanes are getting by. but it's just creeping by slowly. our alternate would be to take 85 to 87 if you can.
5:57 am
the backup is extending past capitol expressway. mike? thank you, sue. let's take a look at super typhoon in supan. quite a devastating storm there. 165, tracking west at 12 miles per hour. it's over the open ocean. if it keeps its track, it will get between taiwan and the philippines. it will weaken down to 125-mile-per-hour winds with. just another example of how active the tropics have been this year. yutu. we're almost to the end of the alphabet. thank you, mike. new at 6:00, meghan markle's rare fashion misstep overnight that everyone is talking about. >> the first ever navigation center about to be demolished. plus, still tracking breaking news. another suspicious package
5:58 am
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