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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 30, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, as we come on the air, the president's controversial visit. landing late today in pittsburgh, the president and the first lady, as the funerals are now under way for the 11 people lost in that synagogue. a sea of protesters, signs reading "words matter." some neighbors yelling from their front yards. >> let the families grieve! in is our neighborhood! >> the president deciding to visit, even as some local leaders said it was too soon. also breaking tonight, the notorious boston crime boss whitey bulger is killed in prison. after living in hiding for years, he was serving life in prison. was it a hit inside those walls? the deadly school bus horror today. a pickup truck hitting four children, three members of the same family are killed. there is breaking news tonight involving robert mueller. an alleged plot to level
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accusations of sexual misconduct against him, turned over to federal investigators. were women offered money to make false claims? the deadly helicopter crash. the chopper slamming into a home and erupting into flames. and just as we come on the air tonight, word of another crash. the images coming in now. and america strong tonight. our amy robach, five years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, climbing mt. kilimanjaro. >> how do you feel, amy? >> i'm okay. >> the grueling trip at high altitude and darkness, and her message tonight to all of the women she climbed for. >>go evening. great to have you us here on a tuesday night. and we begin tonight with the somber day in pittsburgh. the deeply painful task of burying their loved ones. late today, the president arrived, and he was greeted by protest protesters. today, the first three victims were laid to rest. two brothers and a doctor who ran back in to help.
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there were long lines of mourners, including members of the pittsburgh steelers. late today, the president and first lady arriving at the synagogue, against the wishes of some community leaders who said it was too soon. and there were protessors as far as you could see, holding those signs, "words matter" and "renounce white nationalism." abc's cecilia vega leading us off tonight from pittsburgh. >> reporter: in pittsburgh today, scenes of unspeakable grief. a line of mourners wrapping around the block for the funeral of cecil and david rosenthal, the brothers who never missed a service at tree of life relayers .ir from the brothers' beloved steelers. today, president trump and the first lady, his jewish son-in-law, jared kushner, and daughter there to greet them. the first family following the jewish custom of leaving stones to honor the dead. but it is a much different trip than the white house had planned.
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just a half block away, this scene. neighbors shouting down the president. >> it's not about you! let the families grieve! this is our neighborhood! you are not welcome here! >> reporter: nearby, more than a thousand protesters carrying signs, saying "words matter", "stop encouraging hate." and, "you are not welcome in pittsburgh until you fully denounce white nationalism." the mayor of pittsburgh had asked the president not to come until the funerals were over, citing security concerns. >> i do believe it would be best to put the attention on the families this week, and if he were to visit, choose a different time to be able to do it. our focus is the city. >> reporter: the white house invited top congressional leaders in both parties to accompany the president. leader mitch mcconnell, speaker paul ryan among those who declined. citing scheduling issues. the family of one victim, daniel stein, making it clear
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they have no interest in meeting with president trump. they were angered by his words when he said armed guards at the synagogue could have prevented the shooting. ha if you take a look, if they >> reporter: stein's nephew happened to them. >> and cecilia vega with us live tonight from pittsburgh. and cecilia, we know the president also went to the hospital to visit survivors, but the president and first lady were obviously aware as they were there of the many who did not want this visit? >> reporter: yeah, david. i was standing just a few feet away from the president when those neighbors right here next to me were shouting those words at him, words matter, i heard those words clearly. i can't imagine the president did not hear them. he probably did. david, when he left, he told those reporters including me who were standing right there that this scene is very sad, he said, quote, hopefully we will learn a lot of what happened here. >> all right, cecilia vega in front of the tree of life synagogue tonight. cecilia, thank you. now, to the breaking news tonight. the notorious boston crime boss
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who was on the run for years, caught, then sent to prison for life, whitey bulger, he's now been killed behind bars. was it a mob hit? abc's gio benitez from boston tonight. >> reporter: he was the notorious boston gangster. famous for a life of crime, including a role in at least 11 murders. and those 16 years on the run with his girlfriend until their capture in 2011. and tonight, another twist. the crime boss' life coming to a violent end. whitey bulger, found dead at 8:20 this morning in his west virginia prison cell. he had just been transferred there in the last 24 hours. >> you're going to be responding to the maximum security. they advise cpr in progress. >> reporter: law enforcement officials now telling abc news bulger was killed. it was in south boston where a young james bulger earned that infamous nickname, whitey, because of his light hair. he spent time in alcatraz, returning to boston, where he would rule the streets. in 1994, a corrupt fbi agent
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tipped bulger off, telling him he was about to be indicted. he disappeared. authorities searching for him for more than a decade, releasing surveillance video and this recording of his voice. >> how are you doing? did he order any sandwiches? >> reporter: ultimately tracking him down through his girlfriend, catherine grieg. >> have you seen this woman? >> reporter: the couple found living in this santa monica apartment. >> the arrests mark the end of a long and exhaustive hunt for america's most wanted men, for one of america's most wanted men. >> reporter: some of the families of bulger's victims, who relived the tragedies during bulger's trial -- >> he's a destroyer of families. >> reporter: tonight -- struggling to process that the man responsible for so much pain is finally gone. >> i knew this day was going to come and i knew this was going to happen. it's, like, surreal. >> gio benitez live with us tonight from boston. and we're hearing from whitey bulger's attorney, gio? >> reporter: yeah, his attorney tells us this in a statement. "he was sentenced to life in prison, but as a result of decisions by the federal bureau
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of prisons, that sentence has been changed to the death penalty." and tonight, the u.s. attorney here in massachusetts says his thoughts are with the victims and the families. david? >> gio, thank you. we also learned late today that a driver 0 of a pickup truck will face charges after a horrifying scene this morning in indiana. three children, all from the same family, were killed as they were crossing the road to their school bus. s 9-year-old olivia staal her 6-year-old brothers. a fourth child was rushed to the hospital. abc's alex perez is in indiana tonight. >> reporter: tonight, one family living a nightmare, losing three children at once. >> children that were getting on the bus have been struck by a vehicle. >> the school bus had a stop arm extended. had emergency lighting activated. as the children entered the road, unfortunately, they were struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: the driver, identified by police as 24-year-old alyssa shepard.
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killed, 6-year-old twin boys xavier and mason ingle and their 9-year-old sister, olivia. their uncle says their family can't imagine life without them. >> he lost all of his kids. what do you tell your little brother, how do you tell your little brother it's going to get better? you can't? >> david, the driver of that vehicle that struck the kids is in police custody. she's facing a number of charges, including three counts of reckless homicide. david? >> alex, thank you. there is also a developing headline tonight involving the special counsel, robert mueller. tonight, there is word of an alleged plot to lievel accusations of sexual misconduct against him. were women offered money to make false claims? abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas reports tonight, it's now been turned over to the fbi. >> reporter: tonight, allegations of a possible smear
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campaign against special counsel robert mueller to frame him with lies about sexual harassment. several reporters saying a woman contacted them, claiming to have been offered $20,000 to make false accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment against robert mueller. and today, a rare statement issued in response from special counsel spokesman peter carr, "when we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the special counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the fbi for investigation." "the atlantic" says a woman contacted reporters and claimed she received a call from a man who said he represented known right wing conspiracy peddler jack burkman. burkman on social media has in recent days claimed to have damaging information coming soon on mueller. david, one woman told reporters she rarely saw mueller, but when she did, he was never inappropriate. a second woman says she never had any encounters with mueller. david? >> pierre thomas with us tonight from washington. pierre, thank you. one week from tonight, of
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course, the crucial midterms, and president trump now upping the stakes on immigration, saying he now wants to end birthright citizenship, but can he do that? abc's jonathan karl with a reality check tonight. he has the state of the race, with one week to go. >> reporter: just seven days before the midterm elections, president trump is determined to make immigration a central issue, today vowing to singlehandedly end the constitution's guarantee of citizenship to anyone born in the united states. >> you can definitely do it with an act of congress, but now they're saying i can do it just with an executive order. it's in process, it'll happen. >> reporter: but today, the top republican in congress said the president simply does not have that power. >> well, you obviously cannot do that. you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. we didn't like it when obama tried changing immigration laws via executive action. i think in this case, the 14th amendment is pretty clear. >> reporter: as the election approaches, the president focused on the caravan of
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migrants fleeing poverty and traveling by foot to the u.s./mexico border. >> i wish i could just tell them -- and i say it, "caravan, turn around. you're not coming in. you're not coming in, i'm sorry." >> reporter: now, the president is sending more than 5,000 active duty troops to the border, he says, to stop the caravan, something an anchor on the president's favorite cable news channel called a political stunt. >> tomorrow is one week before the midterm election, which is what all of this is about. there is no invasion. no one's coming to get you. there's nothing at all to worry about. >> reporter: in fact, the migrant caravan is still some 900 miles from the border. and those troops, under u.s. law, are restrained in what they can do. they can't arrest migrants or take part in law enforcement. instead, they can support border patrol by helping transport agents, and by doing things like building tents. >> jon karl with us live tonight
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from the white house. and we know in september, there were more arrests at the border than at any point during the trump presidency. but bottom line, you did digging on this today, does he really have that power? >> reporter: you heard paul ryan say he doesn't believe he has the power to do that. most constitutional experts would agree with that. in fact, back in 1995, the justice department said very forcefully in an opinion that is still enforced today, still operative today, that the only way to change birthright citizenship is, quote, by amending the constitution. david? >> all right, jon karl with us again tonight. thank you, jon. just as millions of families prepare for halloween, a powerful storm system is moving east tonight. it already spawned this tornado in oregon. and another. and for halloween, there could be severe weather and flooding from texas, all the way up to ohio. chief meteorologist ginger zee is live with us tonight. >> reporter: hey there, david. more than four inches of snow
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has dropped from that system in colorado. it should bring enough cold air to give new mexico its coldest halloween in 27 years. but then it gets downright scary from beaumont, texas, over into louisiana, because severe storms, i'm talking damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible. looking at that line, it moves east, mobile, montgomery and even december tin, florida, have to look out on thursday. david? >> ginger zee with us tonight. ginger, thank you. and tonight, right here for the first time, we are now hearing from the fiance of "washington post" writer jamal khashoggi, murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul 28 days ago. he was last seen walking into the consulate. she was waiting outside. she waited there into the night, never to see him again. well, now in her first interview with american television, telling abc's ian pannell that khashoggi had actually visited the consulate just four days beforehand without incident. >> reporter: "washington post" writer jamal khashoggi was living in exile when he met a young woman from turkey and fell
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in love. this video shows the happy couple going to get paperwork for their wedding. this was september 28, four days before he was killed and he was afraid. so, he didn't want to go into the saudi consulate that day? "yes," she says. "he was worried he could be captured and sent back to saudi arabia." but instead, he was greeted warmly that day. so, when he went back four days later, his guard was lowered. she waited outside. but the man she was to marry the following day never reappeared. at what point did you know he'd been killed? "i wanted to believe he was alive until the end," she says. "it wasn't until the saudis confessed they killed him that i acknowledged the horrible tragedy of what had happened." david, almost a month after the killing, she's demanding to know where the body is so she can bury her fiance. and also wanting to know who
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ordered the killing. david? >> ian pannell with us again tonight. thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the day care outrage, and you'll see this here. the disturbing video. preschoolers allegedly encouraged to fight one another. what we've now learned tonight about the teachers involved. also, the deadly helicopter crash today. one helicopter slamming into a home in florida, bursting into flames. and then late today, a second helicopter going down in the northeast. we have late details on that. and the big reveal from apple today, a new ipad. what's different about it? and big changes to facetime, involving your ipad and your iphone. just how many people can you talk with at sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th.
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next tonight here, growing outrage after disturbing video surfaced showing preschoolers allegedly encouraged to fight one another inside a st. louis day care. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: disturbing questions about this video shows preschoolers at a st. louis day care fighting, as teachers look
3:48 pm
on. caught on camera by a 10-year-old after the family says his little brother was forced to fight, ending up in tears. the mother is now suing, calling that incident, seen here on a day care camera, part of a fight club. >> i don't know any parent that can watch their children go through this and not be upset. >> reporter: one teacher appears to be jumping enthusiastically, as another helps the children put on hulk fists. nicole merseal reported the incident back in 2016 and both teachers kwr quickly fired. one teacher told investigators she let the kids fight as a stress release after the day care's heater broke. >> no one is being held accountable. and if i'm not a voice for my children, who will be? >> repte david, those two teachers never faced criminal charges. the department of health and senior services tells us they did conduct an investigation and they required the facility to do additional training. david? >> linsey davis, thank you. when we come back, two separate helicopter crashes, one chopper slamming into a home, bursting into flames.
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and then late today, word of a second helicopter going down in the northeast. new reporting on both c
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to the index and a deadly helicopter crash in florida. at least two people were killed when the chopper slammed into a mobile home park in seabring. both fatalities believed to be from the helicopter. one person on the ground was injured. the faa investigating. and in update new york, one person was reportedly killed in a helicopter crash there late today. video from new york showing a power line and debris on the ground on fire. authorities say there were four people onboard. the other three were injured. and the big reveal from apple tonight. tim cook was in brooklyn today to show off a new slimmer ipad pro that replaces the home button with facial recognition. and the new free sopt ware update for ipads and iphones including group facetime. up to 32 people at once. when we come back, word on someone you see often, right here on
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our amy robach, who was cancer, and nonow, her triumph. >> reporter: it was october 2013 when my world collapsed and my security shattered. now five years later, i've asked family and friends to help celebrate my survival with something big, 19,341 feet big. africa's tallest peak, mt. kilimanjaro. it just made sense for me, because i had another mountain that i had to climb five years ago. i had to battle breast cancer. go through a year of hell, as so many women have had and then ve wfear. fear of recurrence. and instead of living in fear, i decide to live defying fear. we've got ten. who here is making it to the top? we are! half of the 35,000 people who attempt to summit kilimanjaro each year don't make it to the top. the number one reason? altitude sickness. all right, guys, we're at 9,000
3:57 pm
feet. as we spend the next day adjusting, the first signs hit our group. my 12-year-old analise is first up. >> we don feel but we're still hiking, right? slow and steady. the air getting thinner as the trail gets steeper. our grueling hike in freezings temperatures in total darkness is disorienting. >> how you feel, amy? >> i'm okay. i'm okay. taking it really slow. trying to just look down. not feeling good. >> i know. you can do it. just catch your breath. >> but we still had to reach the peak. >> 50% less oxygen up here than at sea level and this last hour has been really hard. finally -- i can see the peak!
3:58 pm
getting emotional. because i knew that we've all worked really hard. >> one, two, three -- >> it's about who you're with and the journey up and the lessons you learn along the way. >>
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