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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 1, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- julia roberts -- science bob pflugfelder -- the results of our youtube halloween challenge -- and music from tenacious d. and now if that's not enough -- here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you very much. thanks. thanks for coming. thanks. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here. i hope you had a happy halloween. how many of you -- did you dress up or go to parties for
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halloween last night, any of you? no? nobody? my kind of people if you didn't, by the way. we had a good time. we took the kids trick or treating last night. our son, billy, was batman and our daughter, jane, who is four years old was wonder woman for the third year in a row. i don't know if she knows she can be something else. she might think you choose one character, you're locked in for life, but fine, and of course you got a lot of treats. she weighs about 35 pounds. she brought home 40, 45 pounds of candy, and we've been planning, my wife and i, to do the thing where we tell her we ate all her candy and she bursts into tears. we tried it last year and she didn't react. so last night, i overheard her warning her friend, charlie. i just hear, last year, my mom and dad told me they ate all my candy but they really didn't. somehow she remembered that. she was ready for us. so this morning i tried it and she didn't buy it at all but a
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lot of kids did and we love the, hey, jimmy kimmel, i told my kids we ate their halloween candy just moments from now. i ask parents to break sacred trust with their children for cheap laughs and thousands of you do it. thank you for your betrayal. meanwhile, our pumpkin-headed president had his -- has his fun-sized hands pretty full right now but he did make time for an interview this morning on gma. and you know, some people criticize donald trump for not always or ever telling the truth, but jonathan carl of abc news was somehow able to get him to give what might be his most honest answer to date. >> and finally, you remember well on the campaign, you made a prise. wever li illlhing i do not believe. >> can you tell me now, honestly, have you kept that promise at all times? have you always? >> well, i try. i mean, i do try. i think you try too.
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you say things about me that are not necessarily correct. i do try. and i always want to tell the truth. when i can, i tell the truth. >> jimmy: when he can, he tells the truth. he just can't a lot. same way i work out when i can. the only time donald trump isn't lying is when he's eating. let's be totally blunt about it and by the way, three minutes before he talked about telling the truth he was telling lies about this caravan of nonwhite walkers. >> you're talking about active duty to the border, more than we have fighting the taliban in afghanistan, more than we have fighting isis in syria. you really -- you're going to do that? >> we have to have a wall of people, very highly trained people, terrific, dedicated patriots. that's what they are. you have caravans coming up that look lot larger than it's reported, i mean, i'm pretty good at estimating crowd size and i will tell you, they look bigger than people would think.
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>> now he's just screwing with us, right? >> jimmy: he's good at estimating crowds? he is the only person in the world that i know for sure is not good at estimating crowd size. what a thing to be proud of, by the way. i look around a room, i can tell how many people are in it. the truth of the matter is, it's not the foreigners we need to be worried about stealing our jobs. it's the robots. pizza hut, for instance, has a new tool to help cut down on delivery time. it's a robot pizza truck. it was built by toyota. it's called the tundra pie pro, and one day it will be president of the united states. this is a truck with a robot in it that makes pizzas on the way to your house. you know, when future generations ask us why we allowed climate change to destroy the planet, we're going to look back and say, well, we did want to cut down on using fossil fuels so we could save the earth for your generation, but then they came out with a robot pizza truck and what are you going to do. the midterm elections are five
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days away. i hope you're planning to vote. there are close races in a number of states, including the sunshine one, where we highlight that tonight in misbehaving mayor edition of this week in florida. >> this is a letter that sparked a nine-month investigation. in it, catherine wrote to the stay of florida commission on ethics that lantana mayor dave stewart sexually harassed her and asked her for sex in exchange for speed bumps in her neighborhood. >> jimmy: well, who among us deep down hasn't traded sex for speed bumps at some point. another close race in the midterms will be happening in arizona. it's very lovely in arizona this time of year, so we sent our crew on a field trip to the arizona state fair in phoenix to conduct an informal poll. we asked fair goers, tell us which candidates you voted for. the candidates we asked them about were not on the ballot, nor were they candidates but did that stop people from claiming to support them?
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let's find out in tonight's arizona edition of lie witness news. >> you guys have a big election coming up in arizona on november 6th. will you be supporting republican incumbent dorothy or democrat blanch. >> republican. >> you guys have a big election coming up, november 6th. will you be voting for the republican, rose or the democrat leslie knope? >> i shouldn't say. >> well, nick jonas did endorse the democrat. >> that's incredible. >> do you vote in the midterm every year. >> yes, ever since i turned 18-great. how many years have you been voting in the midterm now? >> yeah. so probably -- i'm 24. so i'm not good at math. >> have you already voted? oh, great.
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perfect. were you -- did you cast a vote for the republican, elaine, or the democrat, selena meyer? >> that might be a different district than i'm in. >> you know what? you were probably -- sorry, sorry. republican cliff or democrat sam malone? >> the republican. >> republican cliff claven. >> great. cheers. that's excellent. are you voting for republican stephanie tanner or democrat knell carter. >> tanner. >> all for stephanie tanner. >> yes, ma'am. >> what do you like most about stephanie tanner? >> i like her policies and her idea on how to run the department. >> cut it out. that's amazing. are you voting for the republican, stephanie tanner or the democrat, nell carter? >> um, neither one of those people are running. they sound like movie stars, right? >> i love you so much. thank you so much for knowing
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stuff. >> are they running? >> no. >> jimmy: and we're doomed. guillermo, how you holding up? guillermo had a root canal today. this morning. you in pain from that? >> guillermo: so-so. >> jimmy: i noticed you have a cocktail sitting on the camera. >> guillermo: that's for pain. >> jimmy: do you need a visit from the tequila fairy? do you think it was because of candy that your teeth are rotten? >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: well guillermo, part of our ongoing effort to educate families about dental health, we asked parents to tell their kids they ate all their candy. this is our eighth year doing this and once again, you really answered answered the call. we got over 1,000 videos. now it's time to find out just how easy it is to take candy from babies in our 2018 youtube challenge, hey, jimmy kimmel, i told my kids i ate their halloween candy.
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>> mommy and daddy ate all your halloween candy. >> you could get sick. >> i could get sick because we ate too much halloween candy. >> then you can't poop. >> oh, really? >> yeah. and then daddy can't poop. >> because we ate too much candy, we're going to have to poop? >> all over the floor. >> you think so? >> mommy and daddy got really hungry last night and we ate all your candy. it's all gone. >> but it's -- but it was in there! >> we got really hungry, so mommy and daddy ate it all. >> no! >> i ate all of your halloween candy last night. >> oh. i'm so disappointed at you.
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>> what happened? >> no! we're so sad! no! >> i ate all your sweets when you were in the bath. >> mommy. >> i ate all your candy. >> are you mad? you're not mad i ate all your candy? >> i'm not mad at all. >> okay. >> i wouldn't be mad at you because you're my mom. >> you're too sweet.
11:46 pm
it's gross. >> i hate you, mommy! >> did you say you hate your mommy? >> yes. you're ate all my candy. no one's coming in! >> oh, cameron. >> unless they have all my candy. >> i ate all your halloween wan candy. >> i'm very disappointed in you, mommy. >> i'm sorry. i love you. >> i love you too, but i'm very disappointed. >> you can still have m&ms. >> i ate all the m&ms. >> that's sad. i wanted to eat the other star burst. >> you wanted to eat the other starburst? i know. i'm sorry. >> you like jimmy kimmel? >> yeah. no. >> okay. >> jimmy kimmel told me to eat all your candy. >> he's an idiot. >> he's a freaking idiot. >> guess what, we have some
11:47 pm
broccoli in the fridge. do you want broccoli? >> i don't want that. >> you want carrots? >> no! >> did you know i ate all your candy? >> no. >> yeah, i did. >> i forgive you, mommy. >> you do? >> i love you. >> oh. thank you. >> you still love me if i eat it all? >> yeah. >> oh, i love you too. >> i'm telling you, candy is not that special. >> do you still love me? >> well, not anymore, because you ate all my candy. >> go to your room. go to your room. >> why? >> because you ate my candy! now, go to your room. >> mommy's sorry she ate all your candy. >> that's okay. >> that's okay? you're so sweet. >> i can share with you. >> you can? >> we ate all of your halloween candy.
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>> oh, no, this is fake. i know this. >> okay, but where's all your candy, then? you don't believe that i ate it? >> yeah, because you have showed us the videos. >> i know. >> wait. jimmy kimmel? do you know how many years you think you're going to get away with this? >> i don't know how -- sorry, kids. i guess we'll find out. thanks to all the parents who participated. we got a great show for you tonight. tenacious d is here. science guy pflugfelder is here and we'll be right back with julia roberts, so stay with us. h us. i tell everyonif you want to get ancestrydna tethe most details about your family history. my pie chart showed that i'm from all over europe, but then it got super specific. i learned my people came from a small region in poland, and even a little bit of the history about why they might
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recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools. join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first.
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>> jimmy: tonight, he's a man of mystery and science and a teacher too science bob pflugfelder is here. to do stuff like this -- some crazy stuff. tonight we have an enormous ping-pong cannon and some other good stuff. then later, they are a dynamic duo indeed. their new album comes out tomorrow. it's called "post-apocalypto" tenacious d from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. you can see the final installment of their "post apocalypto" animated series tomorrow on youtube. by the way, i will be in las vegas tomorrow night, downtown
11:54 pm
las vegas tomorrow night with brandon flowers of the killers to encourage nevadans to get out and vote on tuesday. everyone is invited. i would love to see you there. and on tuesday night we will be live after the voting for our midterm election night special with los angeles mayor eric garcetti. also next week, melissa mccarthy, anthony anderson, taraji p henson, sebastian maniscalco, dennis miller, sebastian stan and we'll have music from the milk carton kids, jeff goldblum with hayley reinhart and imagine dragons on hollywood boulevard. so, join us for all that next week. our first guest tonight is an oscar winning actor who starred in so many great movies, i boiled them all down to pretty mystic magnolia's best friend enemy eat pray love's ocean's eleven. she stars
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streaming now on amazon prime. please welcome julia roberts. how are you? very good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> jimmy: how's life? everything good? >> yes. yes. >> jimmy: everything is positive with you? >> yes, everything is. hi. >> jimmy: that's guillermo. >> guillermo: welcome back. >> jimmy: a little boracho tonight. >> i think we might need to -- >> guillermo: yeah, here, i owe you $5. >> jimmy: what is this? >> is it $5 or $6? >> guillermo: i think it was $5. >> he made bets with my boys about the world cup. i think it was -- well, what do you think? >> jimmy: are you running a child gambling ring? >> no. we make a bet, i pick brazil to win the world cup. her son pick france.
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: in what -- wait. hold on a second. where are you guys hanging out together? >> guillermo: we were hanging out taylor swift concert. >> jimmy: oh, the taylor swift concert, as if that's better in a way. >> this story just gets better and better. >> jimmy: bring the money over here, will you? >> guillermo: do you want singles? a $5? i got quarters in case you're going to do laundry. >> okay. i'm going to take a $5 for finn but you and henry had a $1 bet. >> guillermo: here. >> you need -- i am going to take that. >> guillermo: thank you. >> jimmy: that's good. >> got to keep him honest. >> jimmy: a lot of times they'll send a guy to break people's legs. >> well, i did call the dentist earlier. i said -- >> guillermo: oh, it was you. >> jimmy: wasn't the world cup like six months ago? >> guillermo: yeah. >> well, we -- >> guillermo: we haven't seen
11:57 pm
each other. >> jimmy: okay. all right. you haven't, really? that surprises me too. you haven't been by the house for cocktails? you're -- did you go trick or treating last night or answer the door? >> i did. no -- well, i went trick or treating with my kids. >> jimmy: do you disguise yourself? >> like everybody on halloween. >> jimmy: that's the way to go, yeah. i didn't. i just -- ic was just -- my wif was like, this would be a good time for you to wear a mask. >> you didn't wear a costume at all? you never do for trick or treating? >> jimmy: i don't like halloween. >> well, i don't like to be scared, but i -- i was a flamingo. >> jimmy: you were? >> about four to six weeks, i think i'm -- >> jimmy: is that why you have a little bit of pink in the hair? >> and i had a lot more last night but i thought there would be a lot less right now. >> jimmy: a flamingo. that's serious. that's a no kidding around costume. was it one of those -- was it a
11:58 pm
great flamingo costume or one of those store flamingo costumes. >> it was a little bit of imagination and a little bit of purchasing. >> jimmy: i see. i see. so you did some of it yourself? >> i did this myself. >> jimmy: you did that yourself and that's why it's still in. >> and i'm taking bookings now for -- >> jimmy: can i tell you something? it looks good and it matches your outfit perfectly. did the outfit come first? or did you match the outfit? >> i don't want to disclose my secret. >> jimmy: all right. the kids had fun? did they get a lot of candy? do you let them eat it? >> you know, not -- henry probably got the most candy. he was the most devoted to the begging for candy, which is really what halloween is, you just go beg. >> jimmy: it is begging, yeah. it is. it's begging, but it works is the thing about the begging. and then do you go through it all and make sure nobody's done anything weird and separate it into piles? >> sure.
11:59 pm
that's terrible that i didn't -- >> jimmy: i think in a way -- >> i mean, we used to go to the hospital and have it x-rayed. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> i didn't even look at it. but it was the sweetest thing ever, because this morning, when i got up, they were sitting on the kitchen table was my favorite candy, and henry had written, "mom" on it. so that one had been -- >> jimmy: he knew. he set that one aside for you. may i ask what it was. >> i had it for breakfast. it was, you know, reese's peanut butter cups. >> jimmy: those are the best. yeah. of course. he gave you his reese's. he must really love you. >> i think he does. >> jimmy: this is something i want to ask you about, if you don't mind. this is a "harper's bazaar" magazine for this month and you are on the side of a cliff, but are you really? were you really in this dress on the side of a cliff? >> as opposed to being naked and they put the dress on me? >> jimmy: no but as opposed to
12:00 am
being on the dress on a green screen in a studio. >> no, we were out in the world up on the rock, and that stunning dress -- it seems like i have a pink thing happening. >> jimmy: yeah, you do, but in this one, you have a different color. that one looks more like you actually are on the rock and you have on the rock. >> thank you for the kind of gasping sounds because i don't know that i was technically insured to do this photo shoot, but -- >> jimmy: who pitched this to you? >> you know, "harper's" pitched it and i went right for it. they were like, you know, maybe some rock climbing and i said, oh, sounds great. >> jimmy: do you do that? >> no and i'm afraid of heights and all these things and i was like, that sounds like a fun idea. >> jimmy: yeah, wow. >> and then it was summer, i was sweating and terrified and smiling. >> jimmy: and you have to act happy, right. how long were you up there hanging on the side like that? >> they let me down and i would change and they'd take me back up. >> jimmy: that's very --
12:01 am
>> it was pretty cool. >> jimmy: did it in any way cure your fear of height? >> dit did not. >> jimmy: did it raise them or they're right at the same level they were earlier? >> i think they're the same but i did have a sense of pride. >> jimmy: you did, for accomplishing that. yeah, sure. how high up were you ? it's hard to tell. >> that is -- you caught on. >> jimmy: were you not that high? >> i was as high as i could get and the photographer, my friend, was about as low as he could get. so we were kind of -- >> jimmy: you were about four and a half feet off the ground in this shot. >> it's not like -- the ground wasn't here. >> jimmy: it makes it seem and i guess that's a testament to the photograph, it does make it seem like you were clinging on for your life but really you'd just get a strained ankle, right? >> might have chipped a tooth. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back, julia roberts is on television now, kind of. >> i'm on television right now. >> jimmy: you're on televiegs right now. new show called "homecoming."
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we'll be right back. we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by downey unstoppables. stoppables. but let's start by finding some reindeer. we've hit the motherload. oh, hey there. [ screaming ] [ bahh ] [ sigh ] well, santa had eight. he looks like he ate the other seven. the grinch. rated pg. fred? what are you doing? okay. giat kohl's!t joy... with an extra 20% off! give jammies give flannel for the family... and soft, cozy throws - just $23.99! plus - only at kohl's - you get kohl's cash to spend later!... the more you give, the more you get! give joy, get joy - at kohl's.
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>> you got out of that town and found a calling and you're helping these guys and it's finally happening for you. >> i inspire you? >> i'm sorry. >> what do inspire you to do? >> just make a fresh start. you know? leave the past behind, like you're doing, but together. >> jimmy: that is julia roberts and dermot t mulroney in "homecoming," as of midnight tonight, it started streaming on amazon prime video. for you to do a television show, you must have been very interested in this. >> i was very interested and i, at first, i didn't think of it as a television show. i just thought this incredible man, sam, who created "mr. robot" and he's an incredible person and super smart and interesting, and when he talked to me about it to begin with, i didn't assume it would be television.
12:08 am
but i think that this story, based on the two different timelines and stuff, it's just served better to be in these pieces. >> jimmy: it started as a podcast. >> it was a podcast. >> jimmy: it was a podcast that was very well received. did you listen to that? >> i did listen to it. >> jimmy: did you listen it before sam came and said, maybe we should make a show out of it. >> i listened to it before it came out, it was sent to me to listen to, and i had never heard a podcast like this, that was just one continuous story. >> jimmy: scripted story. >> a scripted story. >> jimmy: unlike a lot of podcasts. >> played by some of my favorite actors, and it was great and then a few months later, i think i heard from sam to talk about it, and here it is. >> jimmy: can you say anything about what is happening on the show, or do you prefer to keep it mysterious? >> well, it's hard to talk about. >> jimmy: yeah, i was thinking about it, how i would explain it, and i don't think i can. >> really? do you want to try? >> jimmy: i can try but i'm worried that i'm going to give
12:09 am
something away and you're going to get mad at me. >> don't try. >> jimmy: okay. >> i mean, well, there's dermott. >> jimmy: that, we can say. >> dermott is in it. >> jimmy: bobby canavale is in it. >> stephan james, sissy spacek plays my mother. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. >> these are all good reasons. >> jimmy: is that -- when you're executive producer of a show like this, do you say, like, wow, you know what would be great, i would love for sissy spacek to play my mom. >> i would have said that but sam had the brilliant idea before i did, so i just -- you know, i found my creative relationship with sam involves a lot of this. oh, that's a great idea! so, that's -- >> jimmy: he did a great job directing that show too. >> it's really good. just trust me. it's so good. it really is. >> jimmy: it has 100% with the top critics on rotten tomatoes. did you know that? >> well, okay. >> jimmy: that's kind of -- so
12:10 am
they don't really -- they don't have to trust you. >> okay. >> jimmy: they can trust rotten tomatoes. do you look at that sort of thing? >> is rotten tomatoes more trustworthy than i am? >> jimmy: yeah, it is. yeah. >> okay. >> jimmy: in this case, yes. usually, no, but in this case, it's totally unbiased. >> god, what if it was, like, 12% or something. >> jimmy: i wouldn't bring it up. i wouldn't have brought it up. i would have said, it's funny you say that. trust me, it's great, because rotten tomatoes says otherwise. that wouldn't have been the way we did it. that would have been a totally different scenario. the show's fantastic. i really enjoyed it. secondly and most importantly, i'm glad you finally collected that money from guillermo for your kids. and believe me, i'm going to keep an eye on him to make sure it doesn't happen again. julia roberts, "homecoming" is streaming now on amazon prime video. we'll be right back with science bob. ♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon.
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hi, we're back. still to come, tenacious d. our next guest is a dedicated educator who will let nothing stand in the way of his vision
12:17 am
to excite us about science, not even our safety. from boston, massachusetts, please welcome real life teacher and tinkerer too, science bob pflugfelder. >> i'm great. >> jimmy: wonderful. science bob, thank you for being here, first of all. you came out from boston. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to ask you one teacher question. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is it -- to be a teacher the day after halloween, do the kids go nuts because of all the candy? >> yeah, it's a beast. and then we had the world series so they were up all night and then we had the candy, so here i am in l.a. >> jimmy: that's why you took the week off. you did the right thing. they've got a sub right now. they must be really bummed when they have a sub with all the fun stuff you do. what do we have in store tonight? >> we're going to do a little they we thermodynamics. here's a little bit about thermodynamics is that as
12:18 am
things -- something that's hot and something that's cold is just how hot the molecules are moving so we have water boiling in here but that heats up the air and the air expands and the air then comes out of it because it needs room to move around. we turn the heat off, the air comes back in. >> jimmy: yes, we all have stoves. >> right. so i've got a little demo here which i think will help us appreciate just how much air leaves the contain eer because it's very hard to tell. i'm going to take this off the heat but then i'm going to turn it upside down and put it in this container of room temperature water and we should see a vacuum and maybe get some of this water to move up into the flask, which will show us how spread out the air is. >> jimmy: is this the water from the toilet in the -- why is it blue? is there a reason for that? >> it's the blue of science, yeah. >> jimmy: i see. it's science blue. it's the blue you have tie dyed your lab coat with. >> here we go. remove that top, turn it upside
12:19 am
down. keep an eye on it. keep an eye on it. here it comes, rising. >> jimmy: whoa! okay. i got alarmed there. look at that. >> yeah. but wait. >> jimmy: it's kind of beautiful. >> here's what this means. >> jimmy: what does this mean? >> the amount of air that you see in there, when it was on the heat, was taking up the entire container. that's how much it spreads out. >> jimmy: to me, the explosion part was more interesting. >> all right. >> jimmy: all right. >> we're going to do a little physics demo. >> jimmy: all right. >> so normally i come out and do a littleemstplatn. j:right.>> i'm going to do a l demonstration but no explanation because i don't know how it works. >> jimmy: you don't know how this particular project works. >> i don't but i don't feel bad about that because i've shown it to fphysicists who have given m different answers. >> jimmy: you're science bob. if you don't know how it works,
12:20 am
you're just bob. >> you're right. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so, it's really simple set-up. i've got two wheels that i picked up at a hobby store. a little tube here, copper tube. those are connected to some dc motors and then i have a loop of string here which is running through the wheels. >> jimmy: this is what you thought of? >> it was actually based on a toy that i came across years ago. >> jimmy: okay. >> so i'm going to turn this on and we'll see what happens to the string. check it out. >> jimmy: oh. >> so we get that. it's kind of cool. that's cool. and then you start interacting with it, and you get these kind of weird shapes, but it gets even kind of weirder. if i interact with it down here, you see how that wave moves up. the string is going this way. we don't know why the wave moves up. >> jimmy: really? you guys have studied this and nobody seems to know. >> i have asked many, many people and i get different opinions. try this out. it's kind of cool.
12:21 am
just move it back and forth. >> jimmy: all right. >> you can step out. >> jimmy: what if somebody touches it? does it go down? i can lasso guillermo with this thing. what if we cross the streams like "ghostbusters"? will we all be sent to another dimension? >> wiggle it around and move it. it gets really weird. >> jimmy: that didn't sound great, bob. what if you put a spaghetti noodle in here? this would be a great way to feed the kid, wouldn't it? >> isn't that weird? it's totally weird. >> jimmy: it's weird. >> i'm going to actually give the instruction so people can build this. i'll put it on my website. >> jimmy: people can build this at home. i wonder if anybody will actually do that. >> i hope so. they're going to do it. all right. >> jimmy: they are, in scientific terms, we call that being full of [ bleep ]. i feel like this is going to be an olympic event in about ten years.
12:22 am
oh, it's fun, though. >> it is fun. >> jimmy: build one at home. oh, now it's dead. all right. what else do we have, science bob? >> sometimes if you're scientifically illiterate, you can exploit science just to entertain yourself so we're going to do a little bit of that today. it's after halloween and that means that pumpkins are, like, half price, so we took advantage of that and we're actually going to do a little bit of a classic chemical reaction. actually, the very first demonstration we ever did together on this show. and here's how it works. we've got some pumpkins and inside of the pumpkin is a little contraption that looks like this, and we're going to have two chemicals in this contraption. one is going to be hydrogen peroxide. the other is going to be sodium iodide. when we pull this string, the two will mix together. >> jimmy: and we'll all be killed. >> that will create an exothermic decomposition reaction, basically, we're going to break apart molecules. it creates a lot of oxygen very quickly. we're going to put a little bit of dish soap in there.
12:23 am
we should create some nice foam together. the other thing we've done is put holes in the top of these pumpkins to give the foam a place to leave. >> jimmy: okay. all right. >> so come over here, very carefully, watch out for these strings. step up on the platform here. and we're going to -- >> jimmy: why are we so far away? is this dangerous? >> we've never done it with this many before. >> jimmy: okay. >> all right. here's what we're going to do. we'll do a countdown and then we're just going the pull the strings right out of the pumpkin. are you ready? >> jimmy: yeah. >> three, two, one, pull, and trust the science. trust the science. there we go. >> wow. kind of beautiful. can we look at that again in slow motion? wow. oh, wow. that is -- >> beautiful. >> jimmy: that -- wow, that's pretty great. that's something i'd love to set up in front of my aunt chippy's house.
12:24 am
when we come back, you have built, what, science bob? >> i was built a ping-pong ball blaster. >> jimmy: a giant ping-pong balk ball cannon when we come back. e come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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12:29 am
>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. i'm here with science bob pflugfelder who has constructed this monstrosity. what do you call this thing? >> it's a venturi effect ping-pong ball blaster. >> jimmy: did you take, like, parts from, like, a dyson vacuum? >> yeah, basically. i prototyped it with a bouncy castle blow e actually. it was a little too powerful. >> jimmy: this would be a good way to get kids out of a chuck e. cheese. >> let me explain what you've got here. this uses something called the venturi effect. when you put your finger over the end of a hose and it increases the flow. >> jimmy: i love doing that. >> so, turns out when you do that within a container, you actually get a pressure differential. we've actually got a little
12:30 am
animation here. >> jimmy: oh, we do? >> so, if you do that inside, you can see where it gets narrow, but we've added an extra tube. that creates a little bit of a vacuum, which in this case creates a feed system for these balls. >> jimmy: oh. >> so we've hacked into a leaf blower. >> jimmy: oh. >> and a couple of water jugs we found in your office. and we've reduced it so you can see where it was reduced here, and then we've added this. so the mechanical mechanism from the screwdriver will actually put the balls in the tube, but the venturi effect will pull them up and turn them into a blaster. >> jimmy: let's fire this thing up. >> let's get it going. all right. >> jimmy: so, here we go. oh no! oh no! >> guillermo: yes, yes!
12:31 am
>> jimmy: that's >> jimmy: oh, look at that. wow, that's great. you learn about these science demos and much more on we'll be right back with music from tenacious d. enacious d. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. or nothing.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank julia roberts and science bob apologies to matt damon. nightline is next, but first, their album is called "post-apocalypto" here with the song "colors" tenacious d! ♪ what was i thinking all this rage it's the end of the world spreading my hatred ♪ ♪ i mus to every boy and every girl ♪ ♪ colors are the thing that make the world better i've been seeing things in black and white ♪
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tonight. with five day with five days until the midterms, bernie sanders crisscrossing the nation with purpose. >> with your help, we're going to have the highest voter turnout. >> the vermont senator visiting 30 states, endorsing nearly 90 candidates, and fueling efforts to shift the political tide left. the big question, will he take a second swing at the oval office in 2020? plus, the native american community fighting back. >> we're going to mobilize our people like we've never mobilized before. >> north dakota once again thrust into the national limelight on the heels of the pipeline controversy. now, a voter i.d. law that some say is suppressing voters, and the stars standing with them. >> the s


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