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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 2, 2018 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. two reported tornadoes just moments ago. the storm system slamming the east as we come on the air. news on those tornadoes, and the heavy rain and wind gusts, just as millions drive home from work. florida up through washington, d.c. philly, new york, boston, are next. also tonight, the final sprint. four days left. president trump, celebrating the new jobs, and defending what he said about taking aim at migrants who throw rocks. alec baldwin arrested in new york city. authorities say he got into a fight, punching a man. he was arguing over a parking spot. this isn-in making headlines on the streets of new york. the shuttle bus nightmare. passengers going to a haunted house, suddenly fearing they were being kidnapped when the driver allegedly refuses to stop.
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they start yelling. some of them climbing out of the windows. the other bus horror. the woman attacking the driver because he missed her stop. the bus then plunges over the side of the bridge. the science class experiment that suddenly goes wrong. the fireball igniting. news coming in on the teacher. and the one moment from the world series, and that young fan. can you guess, who is our person of the week? > good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with the severe storms, the two reported tornadoes. d.c., new york, boston, it's coming next. but already blasting the tampa bay area. heavy rain, wind, downed power lines. the storm stretching from florida into the northeast tonight, and continues into the
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weekend. let's get to rob marciano with the track. rob? >> reporter: hi, david. this has been a wide-reaching system that's been crawling east. let's go to florida, where it's been rough. across tampa, still ongoing, towards ft. myers, and through daytona. getting into d.c. now. the center is over roanoke, and will push through philly and new york by tomorrow morning. and that's when the wind gets cranking. in eastern massachusetts, they could gust 30, 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. could be dangerous across much of new england. david? >> rob, thank you. next, the final sprint. four crucial days until the midterms. democrats working to take control of the house, and republicans working just as hard to add on to the senate.
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and president trump talking about the new jobs report, and defending what he said about taking aim at migrants who throw rocks. here's terry moran. >> reporter: news of the booming economy came as a shot of adrenaline for president trump, heading into the final weekend of the campaign. >> and what job numbers we had today. did you hear? did you hear? well, we'll go into that. they all say, speak about the economy. speak about the economy. >> reporter: with just four days to go, today's jobs report gave the president something to talk about. 250,000 jobs added in october. wages rising at the fastest clip in nearly a decade. >> america now has the best economy in the history of our country and we want to keep it this way. >> reporter: the happy economic news allowed the president to pivot away from what had been his closing argument -- the politics of fear, stoking anxiety about that migrant caravan making its way through
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central america. >> this is an invasion, and nobody is even questioning that. >> reporter: but, there is no invasion. the migrants fleeing poverty and crime are 900 miles away from the border. still, the president says he's sending up to 15,000 military personnel to stop them. he even hinted the soldiers, who are in a logistical support role only, could use their weapons on the migrants. >> could you envision them firing upon any of these people? and could you see -- >> i hope not. i hope not. it's the military. i hope there won't be that, but i will tell you this. anybody throwing stones, rocks, we will consider that a firearm because there's not much difference. >> reporter: today, the president was pressed on that. >> are you really okay with the u.s. military firing on the caravan people? >> no, they won't have to fire. what i don't want is, i don't want these people throwing rocks. i didn't say shoot. i didn't say shoot. but they do that with us, they're going to be arrested for a long time. >> reporter: but when he was
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asked again -- >> can you promise that the military is not going to fire on foreign civilians? >> well, i hope they won't. we're gonna see. i hope they won't. >> reporter: and in florida today, former president obama called him out. >> they're telling you the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees 1,000 miles away. they're even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border. and the men and women of our military deserve better than that. >> and terry joins us live. the president is on the campaign trail nonstop between now and election day? >> reporter: that's right, david. the final blitz. when you look at the schedule, the president is basically targeting democrat senators he thinks are vulnerable. montana, florida, tennessee,
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ohio, back in indiana, then taking aim at claire mccaskill. >> i'll be joining george and our political team tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. but the news does continue. alec baldwin, arrested in new york today for an alleged fight over a parking spot. authorities say he punched a man. president trump is now weighing in. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, actor alec baldwin in trouble with the law. police say he punched a man who took a parking space being held for baldwin. the space, right outside his apartment building in new york's greenwich village. this "tmz" video showing the moments right after, when police took baldwin away. he's now charged with assault and harassment. the temperamental star, no stranger to scuffles heated confrontations with photographers outside his home. >> get out of here.
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>> reporter: baldwin's portrayal of the president on "saturday night live" has made headlines and often led to verbal jabs with trump. >> i find little rocket man -- >> who was arrested? >> alec baldwin. he punched somebody out during a parking dispute. >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: baldwin also has a new talk show on abc. the network saying it will air the show as scheduled this sunday night. david, those assault and harassment charges are considered misdemeanors. baldwin will go to court at the end of the month to respond. >> thank you. and remarkable video of the man accused of sending 16 pipe bombs in the mail to democrats and supporters. police had been called about a suspicious van with a man sleeping inside.
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victor oquendo with the video tonight, and the scene just today from court. he's in miami tonight. >> it's a white van, one person's inside. >> reporter: tonight, new body cam footage of boca raton police as they check out a white van in an l.a. fitness parking lot. the man inside, serial mail bomb suspect cesar sayoc. >> hey, you all right, buddy? >> yes, sir. >> listen, someone had called and they were concerned about you. >> i just got done working up at the ultra nightclub. >> reporter: the officers are there because it looked like sayoc was asleep in the driver's seat. >> yeah, i just got done. i mean, it was a long night. >> how do you like working at ultra, man? >> oh, i love it. i've been, you know, in the gentlemen's club for -- >> you d.j. over there? >> d.j., and i work as the front door. >> reporter: one officer noticing his van is covered in political stickers. >> i guess you're a trump supporter, is that what it is? >> yes, sir. >> okay. >> reporter: the encounter was on september 1st, nearly two months before sayoc was arrested for allegedly mailing 16 packages containing ieds to
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prominent critics of president trump who have also been criticized by him. that same white van, where authorities believe he may have made the bombs, covered and towed away on the day of his arrest. >> can you run a 29 pdl check. it's gonna be a on a white male. >> reporter: after checking sayoc's i.d., the officers send him on his way. >> come see me, i'm cesar. >> cesar, yeah, man. you're a good guy. >> yeah, you guys come down anytime. >> yeah, and don't kill yourself like that, man. like, you got to sleep -- make sure you're sleeping, dude, you know. >> reporter: sayoc appeared in the federal court in miami today. none of those packages exploded, but if convicted, he could face nearly 50 years in prison. >> victor, thank you. we turn to the scare for passengers on a shuttle bus. the driver apparently went the wrong way, and refused to let them out. here's will carr from california. >> reporter: watch this shuttle
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to a haunted house turn into the ride from hell. with at least 20 onboard, the shuttle was supposed to head to a halloween event onboard a cruise ship docked in long beach, california. but instead, went in the wrong direction, alarming some passengers because what should have been a short, two-mile ride from a pick-up parking lot to the floating haunted house turned into a terrifying 30-minute ride. the shuttle winding up in carson. >> he wouldn't stop. >> reporter: this man begging the driver. >> just open the door. >> open the door! >> he wasn't responding to anybody, and i was like, we're getting kidnapped. >> reporter: panicked, some passengers jumped out of the shuttle's windows while stopped at a traffic light. the driver, arrested not long after pulling over and letting the other passengers off. david, police tell us they believe the driver was disoriented and simply got lost.
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thankfully, no passengers were injured. we're told all received refunds. david? and two sisters discovered in the hudson river, duct-taped to one another. reports that they may have killed themselves. that a witne praying beside the river, and the investigation does continue. from pittsburgh tonight, the last of the funerals from the 11 killed at the tree of life synagogue. the "pittsburgh post-gazette" paid tribute. next tonight, one weekend left of the political ads. tonight, the democratic senators in states where donald trump won handily, many of them siding with the president with key
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issues. but one telling us breaking with him on brett kavanaugh may cost her her job. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: from west virginia, to north dakota, and missouri, in the states won by donald trump, senate democrats are now fighting to hold on to their jobs. for joe manchin, that means walking a fine line. >> i stand up and support him when it's good for west virginia. and when it's not, i stand up to him. >> reporter: in missouri, claire mccaskill is eager to show she's willing to take on her fellow democrats. just listen to her closing ad. >> claire is not afraid to stand up against her own party. >> yup. and claire is not one of those crazy democrats. >> reporter: but in north dakota, a state trump won by a whopping 36 points, heidi heitkamp broke with the president on a key issue just one month before the election -- voting against his supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh. >> this isn't a political decision. if this were a political decision for me, i certainly would be deciding this the other way.
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but, you know, there's an old saying, "history will judge you, but most importantly, you will judge yourself." and that's really what i'm saying. i can't get up in the morning and look at the life experience that i've had, and say yes to judge kavanaugh. >> reporter: it's a decision she knows could cost her her job. if it all comes down to that decision for some voters, was it worth it? >> yup. >> reporter: no regrets? >> no. i have no regrets. >> reporter: her republican opponent, kevin cramer, is banking on a kavanaugh bounce. >> we are fortunate that brett kavanaugh was confirmed even without one of our senators voting for him. >> reporter: but heitkamp says this race comes down to the issues that most impact the rural voters here, like health care and the economy. but now, in the fight of her political life, she told me this. >> millions of people in this country live without being a united states senator. it's not the end all and be all. i hope i'm given a chance to serve my country again. but if that service means that you compromise your principles
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or your values or what you believe is right, you know, it's time for somebody else in north dakota. >> mary, for heitkamp to have any shot at winning, many say she'll need to have the support of native american voters. but they may not be able to vote because of a new law that requires a street address? >> reporter: this fight has been playing out in the courts. and a federal judge says any 11th hour change will create as much confusion as it alleviates. and president trump taking new action against iran. reimposing the sanctions that had been lifted because of the nuclear deal.
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this being posted, saying sanctions are coming. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the fatal bus plunge. the woman attacking the driver because he missed her stop, and the bus losing control. and the teacher's experiment losing sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. next tonight, we turn
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overseas to the shocking and deadly bus crash in china. an argument between a passenger and driver turning physical. the driver losing control and plunging over the bridge. here's julia mack far -- macfarlane with the video, which
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we warn is disturbing. >> reporter: it's the astonishing bus crash, plunging off a bridge, caught on camera, that's shocked china. security camera footage from on board, just released by chinese authorities, shows the passenger shouting at the driver, smacking him with her cellphone, and the driver, fighting back. you can hear passengers amg dr left, into oncoming traffic. a driver's dashboard camera recording as that bus collides with passing car and falls 164 feet off a bridge over the yangtze river. there were 15 souls onboard, including the driver. no one survived. divers still searching for two missing passengers. it's a story that's shocked the whole country since it happened on sunday. authorities say they released these videos to help show what happened. david, officials say the fight started when the driver missed the woman's stop. officials tonight blaming both the driver and that passenger for this tragedy. david? >> thank you. when we come back, the powerful new painkiller just released. and the startling
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to the "index." and the science experiment scare. a teacher at duluth high school in georgia conducting an experiment on halloween using fire and a pumpkin when a fireball ignited, engulfing the teacher and setting her hair on fire. she suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. the fda has approved a powerful and controversial new painkiller. dsuvia is an opioid taken in pill form, ten times stronger than fentanyl, and up to 1,000 times stronger than morphine. many critics question why the government would approve the pill in the midst of an opioid epidemic. today, the dea reported opioid overdose deaths hit the highest level ever recorded in 2017 -- about 72,000 deaths. and maverick looking remarkably similar. 56-year-old tom cruise on the set of the "top gun" sequel in los angeles, back on the bike. his new love interest in the film, actress jennifer connelly, on the back. it was 32 years ago, the first
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finally tonight, the world series champs are back home in boston. but one champ is back home in wyoming. and he's our person of the week. this week, the red sox won the world series. >> we now welcome this year's essay contest winner jesse quist, a tenth grade student from cheyenne, wyoming. >> reporter: he was chosen from among 13,000 entries. he wrote about his hero, jackie robinson. >> respect for him that was he was able to stomach all that he handled, everything that was thrown at him. he stomached it and just went out and played baseball. and showed the world that he
3:57 pm
deserved to be in the mlb. >> reporter: adopted from korea by a loving family of ten. he does the chores like everyone else. >> my job is when i get up in the morning i just let the dog out, i feed her, i feed myself. do the dishes every day. >> reporter: he rides a bike, plays soccer, runs track, builds with legos and uses a laptop. and watch as jesse plays in his first ever basketball game with his team. he told us about his biggest challenge. >> definitely the way people react to seeing me. you don't usually see an armless kid every day. everywhere i go i'm going to get stared at, pointed at. >> reporter: jesse wrote about it in his essay. >> it can be very frustrating knowing that everywhere you go there will always be someone whispering about you. there's no doubt in my mind jackie robinson experienced the same thing. i have become adept in the last
3:58 pm
few years to ignoring the stares, but i still know they're there. i have a huge family with seven siblings to help me along. they have my back and i have theirs. >> reporter: and jesse, the other world series champ, left us with this. >> you can do anything you want to do as long as you're driven to do it. >> so
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