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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 3, 2018 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. happening now, deadly storms. one person killed at this amazon facility. the roof damaged at this store. cars submerged. people rescued. >> right there, look at it. >> as tornadoes tear through the south. the severe weather threat ahead. midterm sprint. presidents trump and obama rallying voters focusing on immigration. >> they want these caravans full of illegal aliens to flood into our country. >> they're telling you the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. >> with early voting at record
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numbers, a look at what's at stake in some critical tight races. and a bizarre and disturbing story. breaking overnight, a shooting at a yoga studio. a gunman opening fire in florida killing two people then himself. >> of all places to be at a yoga studio is crazy. >> what we're learning about the victims this morning. the game gone wrong. parents caught on camera throwing punches. the latest in a string of incidents. what authorities are considering doing to try to keep the peace. and alec baldwin arrested. >> trust me, i know things. >> the star known for playing president trump facing charges for an alleged altercation outside his apartment building. what may have started it. hey, good morning. we are now really firmly in the final countdown. >> we sure are.
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>> t-minus three days until election day in america. >> and in the feverish run-up to tuesday, we are watching something extraordinary. a campaign battle between the current president donald trump and the former president barack obama who is being unusually critical of his successor. >> we'll have full coverage of the midterms coming up. we want to start with the breaking news. severe weather hitting the east coast right now. look at these submerged cars in pennsylvania. also there, a transformer exploding in the middle of the storm. rob is with us covering it all. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, whit. it has been a rough week with this very slow-moving front but yesterday finally getting an upper level push of energy to kick it off to the east producing yet another line of damaging storms. this morning, extreme weather striking the east coast. killing two people in baltimore. gusting winds and heavy rain causing a building to partially collapse at this amazon facility. also in maryland, strong winds doing damage to the roof of this t.j. maxx store, and overnight in pennsylvania torrential rains
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causing flash flooding. cars submerged in high waters prompting rescues like this. an elderly woman helped from her stranded car and this couple from a flooded park. severetos riing thugrida, four the bay area bringing damaging winds that toppled trees and knocked out power. >> right there look at it. it's right there. >> a resident near tampa capturing this video of a tornado spinning nearby a parking lot. debris flying in all directions. more dramatic cell phone video of a fast-moving twister making its way across a busy road and this car driving right into it. barely got through that one. dangerous stuff, no doubt about that. the threat for severe thunderstorms today at least is diminishing. across eastern new england we're seeing some of that rough weather with heavy rain. fall rates, 1 to 2 inches per hour of rainfall. flooding will continue to be an issue over the next few hours.
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but then windy conditions. high wind warnings up for eastern massachusetts and parts of coastal new england as this low will actually intensify as it heads up into canada and wind gusts later this afternoon and evening will gust to over 20, 30, 40 miles per hour from philly to albany especially through boston and portland, maine, and that will be enough to take some tree limbs and potentially power lines down and yet another couple of systems that will bring more severe weather later in the week. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> robert, thank you. we'll be back to you in just a few minutes. back now to the midterms. just three days away. the president had two rallies yesterday, two more today, and he plans to keep this pace up. >> he has some big name competition out on the stump with former president obama hitting the trail hard as well as former vp joe biden and oprah winfrey. we have team coverage this morning to kick things off with terry moran who is in indiana where trump rallied last night. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, eva and, guys, you know, midterm elections are usually pretty
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low-key affairs, but this one feels like a presidential campaign out here, and for awhile, democrats thought they had the enthusiasm advantage, but if there is a blue wave t t president obama are both out on the campaign trail stumping for their parties, and both are stressing the gravity of tuesday's vote. >> this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've unleashed or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress. >> the stakes this time really are that high. the consequences of any of us staying home are profound. >> reporter: news of the booming economy came as a shot of adrenaline for president trump and the republicans. >> and, by the way, how were
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those jobs numbers today? how were they? >> reporter: friday's jobs report shows 250,000 jobs were added in october and wages are now rising at the fastest clip in nearly a decade. once reluctant to speak out against his successor, former president obama is now responding to those record numbers trying to claim credit for them in georgia. >> when the republicans start talking now about, oh, look how great the economy is, where did you think that started? >> reporter: trump and obama are sparring on immigration too as trump continues to leverage the central american caravan as a way to stoke fear prior to the election. and they want these caravans full of illegal aliens to flood into our country, overwhelming your schools, depleting your resources and endangering your communities. >> they're telling you that the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away.
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>> reporter: back now with terry live, and, terry, looking at these ra obama versus trump, this isn't something we normally see, a former president taking on a sitting president so aggressively. will this help or hurt democrats? >> reporter: well, that's the $64,000 question. it's not unprecedented. harry truman was pretty ferocious about eisenhower. but it's rare. the problem for democrats is there's no other leader that really captures the party's enthusiasm like barack obama and so they're using him to motivate the base but he also alienates some voters and there's this, america is a tomorrow country. president obama is yesterday's man and so there are risks for democrats in doing this, eva. >> terry moran in indianapolis, thank you so much. as the president talks tough on immigration, several caravans of migrants are slowing trying to make their way to the u.s. border. abc's marcus moore is in mexico speaking with those migrants about their long journey. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: well, whit, good morning. the members of this caravan have
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now started the next leg of their trip to the north and this morning we see men, women and children who you see just behind me here are part of this caravan that's been going on now for several weeks and they were up early this morning and have now begun the journey to a town 50 miles from where we are right now they arrive in the small mexican town of sayula. members of this so-called caravan are about to begin the next leg of their journey to the north. >> this is the only way they can be heard. >> reporter: president trump ordered 5,000 troops to the mexico border. >> if it was an invasion i don't
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think kids are invading. the majority is hard working people. >> reporter: for many their goal is to reach the u.s. where immigration has been made a central issue just days before the midterm election, perhaps driving scores of early voters to the polls and prompting strong rhetoric on all sides. >> now, they're sending our brave troops, they're sending them down there for a political stunt. >> reporter: after a second caravan clashed with mexican border patrol agents near guatemala throwing rocks, president trump appeared to threaten that similar activity along the u.s. border might be met with gunfire. >> we're not going to put up with that. they want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back. we're going to consider -- and i told them to consider it a rifle. >> reporter: but then the president seemed to back away from those comments. >> i didn't say shoot, but they do that with us, they're going to be arrested for a long time. >> reporter: cindy ramirez of honduras tells me she and her sister cry every night hoping they'll be allowed into the u.s. and with tears in her eyes she
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says all she wants is the best life possible for her kids. and she is just one of the many caravan that are trying to get a better life for their children, and you can see this caravan as it works its way down the road here in veracruz. there's not been, though, a lot of organization. no single leader telling this o. but certainly you get a sense that many here are simply determined to make it to the north. eva. >> marcus moore in mexico this morning, thank you. immigration one of the big campaign talkers as voters get ready to cast their ballots in these midterm elections. >> and large crowds are already lining up to vote early. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri has more. >> reporter: this morning, early voting for the midterm elections is shattering records. more than 30 million people have already cast votes as of november 2nd. at this point four years ago, just 17 million people had already voted. celebrities making the late push like leonardo dicaprio and brad
7:11 am
pitt unveiling last-minute ads about what's at stake. >> all of these races and ballot measures are a chance to decide on the direction of our country. >> hello! >> reporter: even oprah out in georgia campaigning for democrat stacey abrams. >> hi, oprah. >> how are you? >> reporter: if elected abrams would be the first black woman to hold the office of governor. there are a record number of women running. 16 on the ballot for governor, 237 for the house and 23 for the senate. the turnout on track to make history. at least 4 million people have already voted in texas, surpassing the state's total turnout in 2014. in the battleground state of florida, democrats and republicans are casting their ballots at nearly equal rates. the president on a final campaign blitz and feeling optimistic. >> if your party loses the house, will you change your agenda? >> well, we're going to see. i think we're doing well. certainly we're doing very well on the senate, and i think we'll also do well in the house. we're going to see.
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>> reporter: just a few hours later the president was already changing his tune admitting for the first time at a rally in west virginia that the republicans could lose the house. dan. >> that's a really interesting admission. tara palmeri, thank you for joining us from the white house. joining us now in the flesh for a change, abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> usually you're via satellite. >> from wimberley, texas. >> a hot state in terms of the campaign right now. you just heard donald trump said for the first time apparently that it's possible the republicans could lose the house. that's what the polls are indicating. the polls also indicate the republicans are likely to retain the senate, however, in 2016 the polls were not super reliable in some ways. so what should we believe? >> yeah, i said in 2016 that hillary clinton had a 90% chance of being president of the united states, so we know how that goes. i think, first of all, they should watch abc news on tuesday. that's the first thing people should do. i think the thing to pay attention to in 2016 the national polls were right.
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they basically said hillary would win the popular vote and she won the popular vote. so those were right. i think state by state and district by state we have no idea. and as tara just said, the early voting is setting all kinds of records. texas, where i just came from, has already voted more people early than voted in the entire election in 2014, and all the numbers that are up seem to be among young voters, latino voters, and women are setting records in voting in this election, so i think it's going to be a long night. i don't think we'll know for sure. but nobody has any idea how to set a model for this type of election turnout. >> so just to put a fine point on this, we do have models show it's likely but not guaranteed the republicans keep the senate. the democrats take the house but you're saying anything goes. >> well, anything goes because i think that because of this turnout that we're seeing, it -- we could be off in many, many different polls by 3%, 4%, 5%. >> very quickly, the president has these new economic numbers. really impressive economic numbers that he can justifiably tout, and yet he seems to be
7:14 am
putting most of his emphasis on the caravan. why do you think that is? >> he has the best economy going in the first midterm in 60 years the best economy for a president going in 60 years, and they're not talking about it. i think this president goes to rallies and understands when he talks about the economy, his crowd doesn't get all ginned up. when he talks about immigration and when he talks about the caravan and when he talks about the democrats, they get very excited, and the reason is, we talked about it earlier, is immigration is the number one issue for republicans. it's not among all voters but among republicans it is and so i think the president is going to keep pushing this. i think he thinks fear is more of a motivator than success in this. i disagree with this because i think this election is going to be decided by independent voters who have decided all the elections in the last 25 years and independent voters i think would be much more key to say, oh, yeah, the economy is going well. why should we change things at this point, but this
7:15 am
president has appealed to his base since he got into office since his inaugural address and has done it every single day and doesn't seem to be giving up on it in the last 72 hours. >> matt dowd. always great to see you in person. >> great to be here. >> excellent, and we should say as matt said, be sure to join us for full coverage on election night. george stephanopoulos, our chief anchor, will be anchoring, and he'll be joined by our team including matt and david muir and others at 8:00 eastern right here on abc. matt, thanks again. >> great to be here. we have an update on the case against the man sending pipe bombs to leaders. cesar sayoc appearing in court and agreeing to be transferred from florida to new york to face criminal charges as another suspicious package is found. and also this this morning, newly released body cam footage show police in boca raton questioning the alleged serial mail bomber two months ago in the same white van where authorities believe he made those bombs. police say sayoc's i.d. checked
7:16 am
out when they stopped him so they sent him on his way. turning now to a deadly shooting in florida. >> a gunman opening fire inside a yoga studio killing two people and injuring several others before turning the gun on himself. abc's zachary kiesch is here with that story. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: whit, dan, eva, good morning to you. it's a terrible story. last night during class the shooter walked in. many of the students inside that yoga studio tried to fight back, and now police are looking for a motive. overnight a chaotic scene inside that hot yoga class when the shooter opened fire. first responders racing to the scene. >> this is the worst. it is random. there's no way to bring sense to a senseless crime. >> reporter: authorities say it all unfolded just after 5:30 p.m. when 40-year-old scott paul beierle walked into the studio with a gun killing two women and injuring several others. >> we are working diligently to try to make a connection between him and any of the victims. >> reporter: police are now saying that people in the class fought back trying not only to
7:17 am
save themselves but other people. one man was pistol whipped. victims ran to nearby businesses desperate for help. >> the gentleman who came in apparently tried to fight off the attacker, and he had quite a few wounds on his face, i guess, from trying to help. >> reporter: the two who were killed connected to florida state university. faculty member 61-year-old dr. nancy van vessem and student, 21-year-old maura binkley. community members who witnessed the aftermath in shock. >> you don't expect it, especially being such a calming place and for that to happen of all places to be a yoga studio is crazy. >> police are working the crime scene and continue to collect evidence. so far they've interviewed dozens of witnesses and, you know, if you guys have ever been to one of these hot yoga classes, it's about growth, it's about coming toget's tditionall real se zone. >> i think we've all been to hot yoga classes at least here and
7:18 am
it's incredible to think that this would happen there. thank you very much. morning. authorities looking into the crash of an indonesian airliner announcing new progress in their investigation. abc's julia mcfarlane joins us from london and our bureau there with the very latest. julia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. yes, divers have told indonesian authorities that two engines and more landing gear have been spotted on the sea floor. that plane crashed in more than 100 feet of water and strong currents have really complicated the search for clues. earlier this week, however, there was a breakthrough. the flight data recorder was recovered on thursday, and now a low ping signal has been detected by sonar. now, officials believe that this could be the black box voice recorder, and it may have audio from inside the cockpit. now, officials hope that as more discoveries are made, it may explain why the jet crashed on monday. 189 people were on board that
7:19 am
aircraft, all of whom were killed. let's get it back over to rob marciano who is taking a look at what we talked about at the top of the show, the next threat of severe weather coming now for central and southern u.s. hey, rob. >> hi, dan. that's exactly right. we're in november. the jet stream is getting stronger, so this system already into the plains will come together in the next 24 hours and by tomorrow morning this time in through little rock, memphis, up through chicago could see strong thunderstorms and pushes off towards the east into nashville and atlanta, georgia, and the one behind that looks to be even stronger coming in monday, early tuesday and an enhanced risk of severe weather hera cross the midsouth in through nashville as well and we could see strong tornadoes out of t over. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen waking up to a lot of sunshine. and temperatures today well above average. we have the red flag warning in effect. norngt bay mountains east bay hills. fire danger. lots of warm temperatures around
7:20 am
even at the coast. we'll be looking at the extra daylight saving time ends. 81 degrees in fremont. 80 in richmond. 76 in san francisco. at the coast upper 60s. in the i ask you, ladies and gentlemen, have you seen dan harris' tie today? t. >> it is . >> it is. >> given to him by none other than whit johnson. >> yes. >> okay. >> trying to earn some points. >> yeah, well, i have given dan entire suits, so you have a long way to go. >> the brown suit? >> you came up to me last weekend accusing me of stealing your pocket square. >> i'm still looking for it. >> there you go. it's somewhere under one of the cushions of the couch. anyway -- >> they all blend together. nobody notices. >> i love the tie. thank you, whit. video this morning, check this out, a science experiment gone young. you see a teacher at duluth high school conducting an experiment on halloween using fire and,
7:21 am
whoa. the fireball ignited. that's screaming you hear. it literally engulfed the teacher setting her hair on fire while terrified students watched. the teacher suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. video glad to hear that on a happier note, check this out. it's the story about people in california helping out the owner of a doughnut shop. his name is john chan, and he's been selling doughnuts for 30 years but when the customers heard his wife was ill, they rallied and started buying up the doughnuts by the dozens forcing the store to sell out and close early. also so that chan could get home and spend more time with his wife. it's really sweet and i think it's a win/win. >> everybody gets the doughnuts. >> and, you know, you get to know the people that you get your coffee and doughnuts from every morning. >> yes, absolutely. not super unfriendly like rob. >> not a big doughnut guy. are you kidding? who doesn't love doughnuts? i love that story. tsk t peoe atheughnut sre if thy stole your pocket sq w get youi,
7:22 am
ll gou a ngn "gma alec baldw and ment c. what police say was behind the dispute that allegedly turned violent. plus, the latest in a string of incidents of parents gone wild caught on camera brawling at their kids' football game. >> this is an incredible story. also this morning, warnings of a powerful new painkiller. this is 500 times stronger than morphine. dr. jen ashton here with the latest. keep it here. "good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. more on car insurance. telling pe that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing) motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning. (laughs) ah...
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, final push. with just three days left before the midterm elections, presidents trump and obama hitting the campaign trail rallying voters across the country, both speaking out on immigration and the economy and stressing the importance of tuesday's vote. already early voting at record numbers. also right now, solidarity shabbat. synagogues across the country encouraging jews and non-jews alike to participate in services this morning, one week after a gunman killed 11 people who were attending the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. the show up for shabbat movement calling for an end to
7:31 am
anti-semitism. and an important reminder on a much lighter note this morning, it is time to fall back. daylight saving time coming to an end at 2:00 a.m. sunday, so do not forget to turn back your clocks before you go to bed tonight and enjoy that extra hour of sleep. >> can we applaud that on this shift? is that all right? >> it's the best morning of the year if you work in morning television. >> on sunday. >> the whole thing of turning back the clocks, though, i mean, if you have a phone, it just updates naturally. >> not my microwave. it blinks forever. >> that's not what's waking you up in the morning unless you have a really weird sleeping schedule. >> he sleeps at the counter. >> theoretically, we'll all be an hour more rested tomorrow. >> no, i plan to stay up late. >> party! >> are you? >> you know i'm a huge partyer. coming up on the show this half hour, this is a really strange story. police are determining possible charges after fists go flying at a youth football game. how they plan to remedy this situation coming up. >> we've seen so many cases like that as well. more on that still ahead. first alec baldwin arrested
7:32 am
on misdemeanor assault and harassment charges. >> the "30 rock" star allegedly involved in an altercation near his new york city apartment building, and abc's erielle reshef joins us from that scene with what allegedly led up to it. erielle. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we all know that parking in the city can be limited and even contentious, but police say a scuffle over a parking spot went too far. alec baldwin arrested. his impersonations of the president -- >> trust me, i know things are as the locals say despacito. >> reporter: -- thrusting actor alec baldwin into the spotlight on "snl." >> and live from new york, it's saturday night. >> reporter: but it's an alleged altercation outside his new york city home friday now making headlines. this tmz video showing the moments police take baldwin away after they say he punched a person near his east village apartment building. the dispute reportedly sparked
7:33 am
the 60-year-old actor now charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment. later seen here exiting a new york city police precinct. it's not the first time baldwin behavior seen here in a heated confrontation with photographers outside his home. >> i asked you a question. >> get out of here. >> reporter: on friday a measured response from president trump, often the punch line of baldwin's satirical sketches. >> who was arrested? >> alec baldwin. he pumped somebody after a parking dispute. >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: baldwin also has a new talk show on abc. the network saying it will air the show as scheduled this sunday night. and overnight the actor took to twitter to vehemently deny the allegations against him saying the assertion he punched anyone over a parking spot is false. he's still due in court on november 26th. guys. >>he semi comment from the president, priceless. >> he held back a little. >> he held back, yes. but the expression on his face
7:34 am
said it all. >> yep. >> all right, erielle reshef, thank you very much for your reporting this morning. let's get it back to rob. what's cooking in the weather department? >> speaking of fireballs, we have a meteor. >> did fireballs come up? >> yes, well, if you could use this. look at this, guys. point your attention here. >> keep it moving. >> great balls of fire. this was a shot out of arkansas. we've seen it in oklahoma, alabama. a huge meteorite coming through the sky there and folks getting out the cell phones to fire that up. likely didn't reach the ground but who knows, maybe in a farm field it did touch down, but that would be a treat, the ultimate shooting star. look, it's raining heavily in etngepts in that warwick, rhode island, area seeing flooding and eastern mass approaching 4 inches of rainfall this morning alone. so we'll try to get the back edge of this through, but the bad news is as that happens,
7:35 am
this low will wind up, and the winds will start to crank this afternoon and we have a number of wind warnings and advisories up for much of the northeastern chunk through midnight tonight. the northwestern corner of the u.s. where it's been pretty active the past week or so will continue to be active with more in the way of fronts coming through, rain down and snow at the higher elevation good saturday morning. red flag warning in effect today. it will be brozy in the hills. temperatures are going to warm up quickly. by noontime upper 70s inland. low 70s around the bay. and look at the h h h h h h h hh >> this weather report is sponsored by expedia. thank you, expedia. >> can you say great balls of fire? >> great balls of fire. i was trying to think who sang that. it was a '50s -- >> gary lee lewis. >> jerry lewis. >> jerry lee lewis. >> jerry lee lewis. >> yes. >> it was a lewis. >> there was a lewis involved. not to be confused with lewis
7:36 am
and clark. >> that's the power of love. >> yes. got it. >> i can't believe i know that. >> nice work, dan. >> moving along. >> i can believe you know that actually. >> yes. coming up on "good morning america," the football brawl breaking out. check this out during a school game. police getting involved when parents behave badly. and another story from my era, which apparently is a long time ago, the famous sitcom home in the '70s starring in a new series. the story coming up in "pop news" with eva doing "pop news" today. news" with eva doing "pop news" today. g "pop news." , a new way to save on travel. now when you book a flight you unlock discounts on select hotels that you can use up until your trip starts. so whether you want to go out, stay in, or be in the middle of it all... add the perfect hotel when you're ready, and save. add on advantage. only with expedia.
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yeah, not an example of great parenting here. a football game turning into chaos on the field. >> an altercation between parents, coaches and players ending in a brawl. people throwing punches. abc's will carr joins us with the details. will. >> reporter: good morning, guys. once again we're seeing parents cross that literal line rushing the field to attack each other
7:41 am
in front of their kids. this brawl between parents in front of their kids at a youth football game in forest park, georgia, under investigation after two were sent to the hospital. the situation so dire authorities now considering officers on the sidelines. >> i'm glad my kids weren't out there to witness it. you know, kids, they're out there to play sports, be competitive. >> reporter: police now asking the public to help identify the people involved. this gridiron clash just the latest in a string of incidents involving angry parents at sporting events. last month you could see adults shoving each other while their kids watched helplessly nearby. >> unfortunately, i think the heat of the battle, if that's what you want to call it, just kind of got the best of a few on each side. >> reporter: in florida two coaches turning a little league field into a boxing ring. incidents like those caught on camera has promoted some school systems across the nation to take action. just last year the largest youth soccer league in south carolina said enough was enough
7:42 am
implementing a rule that banned all cheering and jeering at soccer games so that parents could no longer interfere with the game their kids love. >> we just felt as a board that it was time in a leadership way to do something to get people's attention. >> reporter: we saw another case recently in texas where a police officer was hurt trying to break up a large fight at a middle school game. whit. >> all right. will carr for us. unbelievable. i remember when i was a kid, my dad actually stepped in at a soccer game and told another parent to calm down, and i thought that was like the coolest thing ever. the other parent was surprised, didn't know what to do. but we just see so many of these cases time and time again. >> i get it. it's easy to get worked up. it's your kid but we got to model some good behavior. >> fighting, throwing punches. i mean, come on. >> never a good look. >> exactly. coming up here on "good morning america," the fda approving a powerful new opioid. dr. jen ashton with all you need to know when we come back. morning america," the fda approving a powerful new opioid. dr. jen ashton with all you need to know when we come back. if you're turning 65,
7:43 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma," and in today's "weekend download" a powerful new opioid hitting the market. the fda just approved a drug called dsuvia acknowledging the opioid crisis in the nation but saying the drug fills an important but limited unmet medical need. joining us now with more is abc's chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton. always great to have you with us. >> good to be here, whit. >> there's been so much controversy over this drug even within the fda. >> yeah. >> what can you tell us about dsuvia? >> well, let me tell you about this drug. it's small, it's strong, it's about a thousand times more powerful than morphine. it's in the opioid class of
7:47 am
medication, and it's really designed for use in acute pain settings, so makers of the drug saying battlefield situation, emergency room situation, short-term use and in medically supervised settings. projected annual sales of this, whit, $1.1 billion. >> wow. so people stand to make a lot of money off this. we talked about the controversy but the risks and benefits to a strong opioid like this. >> well, first of all, let's start with proposed benefits. it's important to treat pain both acute and chronic. when you talk about this medication, it comes in oral form, something called odt, so you don't have to swallow a pill. it literally dissolves in your mouth and has a more rapid route of administration than, let's say, intravenous or iv drugs. risks? any drug in the opioid class suppresses respiration and can stop your breathing. that can happen the first time. it can be fatal. that's how people die of opioid overdoses, so when you talk about a new drug like this, potential for abuse is there. >> you talked about the safety concerns.
7:48 am
specifically for patients and doctors, though, with the drug this strong? >> listen, it's important to treat pain. that is key. but it's important to treat it safely. right now many people in this area of pain management are thinking that we need to investigate other classes of pain medications to make it safer. you know, a lot of people are saying this is adding gasoline to the fire of a major opioid epidemic. >> people need to do their homework and the epidemic impacting thousands across this country. >> absolutely. yep. >> dr. jen ashton, always a pleasure. really appreciate it. >> you bet, whit. we'll be back here on "gma" with "pop news" right after this. l be back here on "gma" with "pop news" right after this. you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections
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"good morning america" is sponsored by cosequin joint health supplements available at your veterinarian, online and most stores nationwide. time for "pop news." adrienne is out, so we brought in a ringer. her name is eva pilgrim. >> >> i guess so. >> very exciting. >> no pressure. >> we'll see how this goes.
7:53 am
tom hanks says get the hankies out for "toy story 4" as if you didn't cry enough for this they hintn oy story "toy story 4" is going to be even more of a tear jerker. tom hanks returning to play woody told the bbc, the emotional range of the movies has become more and more deep and profound and affecting. like a true friend, tim allen who is the voice of buzz lightyear, backs up his pal hanks and told "e.t." in canada that the end is so emotional he couldn't even get through the last scene. get ready, guys. >> rob's already got the pocket square out. >> he found the pocket square. >> don't give it to her. you would accuse her of stealing it too. >> any excuse to buy more hankies. >> we're there for you to infinity and bz. thank you, buzz. >> dad joke. >> exactly. >> alert. speaking of whit and the dad jokes, now to the story of a house named brady, which apparently whit used to live --
7:54 am
>> i lived right around the corner from this house. yeah. >> you know how the song goes. well, we've got an update on the home made famous by the hit '70s tv show "the brady bunch." hgtv announced a new series called "a very brady renovation" and the kids are all grown up along with gma's lara spencer who also stars on "flea market flip" as well as a bunch of other hgtv stars and the network bought it for $3.5 million, over double the asking price. they have big, big plans for the home. the series premieres next september. >> here's my only complaint. i wish i sold my house after that house sold because my property value would have been way higher. so, but instead, you know, we just -- it's all like old '70s homes and stuff like that in that neighborhood. it's pretty cool. >> did your house have the beads hanging from the doorway? >> we added that with the lava lamp and the disco light. yeah. >> all right. well, dog competition.
7:55 am
>> a dad joke. i wrote that. >> for what could be the world's best internship. seriously, kids, if you're llas-based restaurant and dog park called mutts cane $100 an hour to play with dogs. the job involves greeting furry friends and their owners and then offering to play with them. that would be the dogs, not the owners. the intern also gets free food. that is reason enough, right? applications will be accepted through november 12th. and in front of you, everyone, can see some food. it's national sandwich day. these delicious creations are provided by which witch this morning. >> oh, wait, which witch? >> which witch? >> there are 500 locations across the globe and they even brought vegan and gluten-free options. >> yes! >> so you can actually eat the sandwich. >> i can eat today. >> according to the list americans eat 300 million sandwiches a day. the average american will eat 1500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the time they
7:56 am
graduate high school. and do you know how we got a sandwich? >> how?>> legend is the earl of sandwich was so busy gambling, he asked a servant to put his meal between two slices of bread so he could use his hands. >> that's efficient. >> there's an earl of sandwich? >> yes. >> wow. >> it's a real story. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. great job. >> great job, eva. good morning, america. >> great job, eva. angles now from abc 7, live breaking news. good morning, he were. i'm chris nguyen. breaking news out of oakland where the northbound lanes of 880 are closed. the chp says a 28-year-old woman was spee and
7:57 am
crashed into the support beams. she has been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. those people's wereland holding steel girders which fell across the northbound lanes. it's unclear how long the closure will last. happening today an annual pr the tradition celebrating dia de los muertos. hundreds of people are expected to attend the festival at skyline memorial park in san mateo. a presentation of the altars, ramblings service, live music and dancing and decorating. day of the dead the pays tribute to those passed away. the this is meant to help support the spiritual journey in the after life turning to weather in the forecast with lisa argen frmts we see the sun behind you. a clear start from the east bay hills camera. we have gusty winds in the upper elevations. a red flag warning in effect for east bay hills and north bay
7:58 am
mountains. 54 in san jose. 57 in san franisco and the exploratorium camera, nice a sunny a warm day. 48 in santa rosa. vacaville, that's correct, 73 degrees. a north wind at 15 has been blowing by the delta. that's why we have the red flag warning throughout the day today and early morning tomorrow. the winds continue to gust and temperatures will be above average today. details in a for you minutes. >> thanks. up next more on the closure of northbound 880 in oakland. we have a live update from the chp. abc 7 news at 8:00
7:59 am
8:00 am
zbrs now from abc 7, live breaking news. good morning, earn. i'm chris nguyen. breaking news out of oakland where the northbound lanes much 8807 near 23rd avenue are closed. you can see why here. a 28-year-old woman from hayward was speeding, lost control and crashed into support beams. she has been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. the beams were holding girders of the new overpass being constructed. the girders fell across all four northbound lanes of interstate 880. the woman suffered non-life threatening injuries. officers matthew hammer joins us on the phone. this happened at re almosthoammer th
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