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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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so you need people that it iyou're close to...r footing, to help guide you. i think about how important it was for me to have the role models i've had. oh, look at that! i wasn't able to get there alone. he essentially plucked me out of obscurity. he's the one who said, "hey man, this is your life, this is what you need to do." nobody can do it alone. the more help you can get along the way, the faster you can achieve your goals. i'm in it to fly. help people achieve their dreams. speak for those who can not.
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whatever you're in it for... ...we're in it together. this is still an active shooting scene, so we're in a safe location but keep all fire and ems apparatus in the area. >> an officer was attacked and rushed to the hospital. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. the attack happened just before 8:00 on deerfield drive and fawn hill way. >> cornell? >> reporter: the antioch police chief just gave us some good news. that officer will be okay but this remains an active situation, an active scene here in this neighborhood tonight. some neighbors evacuated, others told to shelter in police as police negotiate with a man who was apparently holed up inside a home on deerelddrive. this began just before 8:00 p.m.
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tonight. police say an officer responded to a defute. and an officer was injured in that exchange with that neighbor. >> when officers arrived they made contact with one of the subjects who brandished a weapon, assaulted the police officer and then ran back into the house where he barricaded himself. >> and all of a sudden i'm out on my patio with my cats and i hear this, come out with your hands up. >> reporter: now initially this was reported an officer who had been shot but the chief would not confirm that, only that the officer had been assaulted. we can tell you tonight that oficer wasated and released from the local hospital. now police are trying to convince the man who is in a home here on deerfield drive probably a block from where we
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are to can come out and surrender. the police presence here all around us has been immense. at least 40 to 50 police cars when we showed up tonight. >> good to know the officer will be okay. cornell, thank you. let's move now to politics. tomorrow's a huge day. your voice, your vote. we're just hours away from the crucial mid-term elections. all 435 seats in the house of representatives, 35 of the seats in the senate. voters in 36 states will elect governors including of course here in california. democrat gavin newsome and republican john cox made a final swing through the area. for the last several months that lead has been shrinking. today both candidates made a last ditch effort to get votes. kate? >> even though poll numbers are on gavin newsome's side, history
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may not be. a democrat will succeed a democrat for the first time since 1886 if newsome wins. >> what makes california great is at our best we don't tolerate that diversity, we celebrate that diversity. >> in his run for governor newsome's final stop was ought the chapel, the city where newsome was born and spent six years. he spent much of his time discussing immigration and the caravan of central americans which has become a divisive campaign issue across the country. >> just consider what this state has done in the last 15 years. this is state that's brought in 112,000 refugees. >> reporter: newsom's opponent john cox was in berkeley in
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sacramento monday encouraging supporters to go to the polls. he also spoke about immigration and said that he agrees with president trump, that the border needs to be protected. >> i won't hesitate to say something if the president does something i don't think is right. i happen to agree that we've got to make sure that we know who's coming into the country. >> reporter: but cox also said he does not want to quote, disturb people already working in california. >> i want to have a guest working program, but i want to get rid of criminals out of this state that would threaten us. so i'll take a back seat to no one in making sure this state has to be made secure. >> reporter: now, governor brown made a joke about newsom running for president in eight years and te crowd exploded into cheers as did newsome's wife. cox actually criticized newsome today for having presidential ambitions saying he, john cox, wants to fix california.
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>> okay, thanks. that's the governor's race here in california. across it country it's been an intense race campaigning as well. president trump is front and center not backing down from his controversial rhetoric. >> they want america to be a giant sanctuary city for drug deal, predators and bloodthirsty ms-13 killers. >> this is the real test. do we make democracy work without resorting to this constant -- because that's all trump is, fear, fear and more fear. >> abc news reporter has an update now. >> reporter: welcomed by a gwd missouri president trump made his last of three campaign stops in cape derado.
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also at the rally two of the country's leading conservative nnconomy and jobs while the president stokes his base with talk of border security. >> do you think we're letting that caravan come into this country, you can forget it. >> reporter: but democrats including former president obama are painting tuesday's mid-terms as a referendum on the trump white house. >> the character of this country is on the ballot. who we are is on the ballot. >> reporter: with the stakes sky high early voter turnout is way up. >> the local dynamics of the races whether in senate seats or house districts will probably matter a lot less to voters than whether they think trump is doing a good job or not. >> reporter: those dynamics vastly different from one state to the next. stacey abrams making no attempt to attract conservatives away from brian kemp. in deep red texas congressman
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beto o'rourke promising unity in his battle against incum a senator ted cruz. >> it's precisely in that moment democrats stand up as americans. > reporter: immigration remains a key issue going into tuesday. in fact, two democrats vying for senate seats in both arizona and missouri say they support president trump's plan for the border. abc news, capitol hill. >> the department of homeland security issued a statement tonight saying our government agencies have been working to keep elections secure but americans should be aware foreign actors and russia in particular continue to influence public sentiment. san mateo county is one of five counties in the state that has no polling place on election
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day. voters must vote by mail, drop off at an election center or early voting center. and in berkeley the drop off box in front of city hall was packed with ballots for a short time over the weekend but fully operational after workers cleared it out this morning. well, of course the rain can sometimes keep people away on election day. that's not going to be the case tomorrow it appears. meteorologist sandhya patel has your voting forecast. >> we need to rain but check out live doppler 7. it is all clear right now. we are not expecting rain. when you go to the poll tomorrow morning, bundle up. mostly in the low to mid-40s so you will feel the chill. sun will be out. it's going to be mild if you're voting around noon. and 4:00 p.m., low 60s to low 80s. and when those poll close clear skies. there's a system here in the pacific. i'll let you know if that might
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possibly bring us some rain here in the bay area when i come back. >> this sales force tower in san francisco displayed a message tonight. you can see on the giant board a looping video with the words vote for tomorrow. it was created by local artist jim campbell whose work has been featured on the tower in the past. ford go'bike will let you check out a bike for free tomorrow. their bikes are docked in san francisco, san jose and in the east bay as well. ride share provider lyft is giving 50% off all rides to the polls, and uber is giving a $10 discount to a single ride to our polling place. in san francisco scooter riders on skip get a $5 credit showing they scooted to the polls. and if you use scoot, you'll get a free ride. lime scooters and bikes can be ridden for free to and from the polls tomorrow.
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byrd scooters has not announced discount for voters. >> abc news will have coverage for the biggest races around the country beginning at 5:00 p.m. we'll have coverage throughout the night including on 20. and an related pursuit led officers to a man now suspected of a deadly shooting. detectives say that he gave them information tying him to the shooting at the center in san rafael. one man was killed there. two other victims are recovering. they're identified as anthony and brittany -- mccan had dated reed. and it's not known if the other victims worked there, too. it's a solution to a troubling problem, what's being done to respond to a rise of in sexual assault reports in silicon valley.
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and cracking down on airbnbs. >> here's a little something you can't sleep. >> be a movie star, honey. i am a movie star. i do it all but -- >> some of us feel okay (music throughout)
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let's go to south bay now with a potential solution to troubling trend. santa clara county and stanford university are looking to make a easier for sexual assault victims to get the help they
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need. abc 7 reporter amanda day custillo is live tonight with details. >> reporter: it will put a sex assault exam clinic in the northern part of the county. currently all victims are having to drive into san jose for testing at the only clinic in the south bay. advocates say more sex assault victims in santa clara county are reporting the crimes. what's not clear are whether more people are committing these crimes or if people are feeling more empowered to come forward. the county supervisor says with the growing need for sex assault exams comes great urgency. >> one of the things we've been pushing for is to see if we can't make that process a little less traumatic hopefully by providing those services in a more familiar environment closer to home. >> reporter: right now sexual assault forensic exams are performed only at the medical center in san jose. by early 2019 north county victims won't need to make that track. instead working with stamford
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university to open a new clinic for students and sexual assault victims in the northern part of the county. serving mountain view, los altos and others. >> more and more victims are reaching out and they're not just saying me too, but i need your help. >> reporter: she says it's projected there will be 400 sexual assault medical exams needed count awide in the coming year. >> i think there's a real opportunity here to be curious about can we expand the number of locations. >> reporter: and the university has identified space at the existing stamford hospital and clinics, but it is up to the county to make sure it has the right staff in place. >> amanda, thank you. a couple has agreed to pay $2.25 million. city officials say the landlord
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operate or manage properties across it city and illegally operate 14 of them as an airbnb. they staged the krunts to make it look like they were being lived in. they also staged units they were living in 2015 in a similar case. a gorgeous night outside. >> meteorologist sandhya pull tell is here with what weather we can expect tomorrow. >> the weather is going to cooperate for voting tomorrow. i know we need to rain. don't see on the horizon, at least not yet. this next storm in the pacific not going to make it. and the reason for that is there's this area of high pressure diverting the storm track well into the pacificnort. they've had days of rain. but i do want to tell you that november can be pretty wet here in the bay area. last time we had measurable rain for most of the region was october 3rd. this time around we're now obviously past the month this
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year. average rainfall for the month of november can range anywhere from 1 to just over 4 inches. santa rosa, 4.69. san jose, 1.88 inches. we're still hoping that that can turn around. until then dry vegetation combining with occasionally offshore winds means fire danger is elevated. high to very high shades in yellows and oranges there beginning tomorrow morning, continuing into tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., you will notice. so please stay vigilant especially in the pattern we're in. not much fluctuation in those numbers. concord upper 70s tomorrow and mid to upper 70s for the next several days. we're in this mild pattern. look at the numbers. they have really dropped from this afternoon. it is getting cool outside, a pretty good sign that it is autumn. 44 in napa right now. down to 48 degrees in danville. a live look from our sutro sower
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camera. and you're looking at city hall getting ready for election day. election day will be sunny and mild and that's what we're expecting to win. first thing tomorrow morning you will feel the chill. some of the coldest north bay valleys, and just lowered these numbers, will be in the upper 30s. if you're heading to the polls, definitely will need a light jacket or sweater. most of the areas in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon in the south bay 74, pretty mild in gilln gil 62 in pacifica. downto downtown san francisco, sunshine, 67 degrees. north bay temperatures 79. 75 degrees vallejo. east bay, sunny, mild, 70 in oakland and hayward. head inland and those temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s. a look at the fire weather watch
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that has been issued for wednesday night through friday morning for lake county and salono county. gusty winds and low humidity will raise that fire danger for that area beginning wednesday night, so keep that in mind. accuweather forecast sunny and mild tomorrow. temperatures about the same wednesday before we see a slight downward trend around the bay and inland thursday, but still mild at the coast. weekend is dry. we need to rain. looks like november 17th, 18 gts is our next opportunity. >> tomorrow on good morning america reality star
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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49ers legend jerry rice was in the south bay today for the
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first and bowl bowling challenge in cupertino. those that attended enjoyed complimentary food, drinks and a chance to take photos with team 5 jersey. >> he picked up a spare. >> tremendous athlete. on a team loaded with stars a key for the warriors a guy none of us knew of a month ago.
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four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress,
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and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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good evening. warriors kind of struggled tonight. memphis slowed the game down, steph was a little bit off until they blew the roof off the place with their eight consecutive win for the warriors. offense struggled in the first half. steph three plus the foul on a four point play. klei thompson for three, and we are tied at 58. play at a game high 27. how often do you see this, steph curry picked from behind? what? he had five turnovers. the grizzlies are up by one, and then the dubs, and three ball. 32-10 run. it's mckinney with authority. he had 14, warriors win 117. and look at steph dancing on the
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bench. steve kerr says get out of my chair, you don't belong over here, that's my spot. earlier today steph curry, look at him sprint over here to get a look at the u.s. open championship trophy. got to wear gloves to handle the hardware. the u.s. open will be played at pebble beach next year. monday night football, cowboys and titans. jack prescott, touch down pass. five receptions, 58 yards, 7-0 dallas. all titans from there. marcus threw for 2, ran for one. jerry jones about to smash the table and think maybe i better not break my hand here. cowboys fans frustrated. cowboys now 3 and 5. a's executive vp of operations named the 2018 executive of the
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year. first time this award has been given out. they had the lowest payroll in the game. one last bit with the warriors, national doughnut day. look at the size of the doughnut damian jones is eating. he's a 7 footer and the doughnut still looks enormous. the goal was to eat that whole thing in under 2 minutes. 1 minute, 59 seconds for damian jones. abc 7 sports sponsored by river
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and all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christmas, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event.
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we appreciate your time as always. >> for all of us here, thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- taraji p. henson. comedian sebastian maniscalco. and music from imagine dragons on hollywood boulevard. and now, stay put, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you. guillermo, hello. my goodness. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice. i'm glad you're in a good mood.
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