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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 7, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. this special edition of "nightline," your voice, your vote, continues. >> for many of you our midterm election coverage continues on a
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live from abc7 knowing i will have the incredible privilege of serving as your next governor. >> this is such a great country. and it's been factlized and trivialized with rhetoric. we must stop that. we must come together as the great power that we are for the good of the nation, and i think of mankind into thanks to you tomorrow will be a new day in america. >> americans and californians have special coverage of the midterm elections of reporter all over
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bay area and southern california covering all the major races. >> the race to lead california maybe the biggest of all. abc news called the race for gavin newsom over john cox. the results, 57% for governor newsom. 43% for john cox. the projected winner by the "associated press" and abc news, gavin newsom will be our next governor. john cox has already conceded. >> live to news reporter dion lim is at a gavin newsom watch party. hi. >> hey there, even though the crowds dispersed the message was loud and clear. gavin newsom saying an the hard work begins tomorrow. but for now they celebrate. he took the stage and called his wife jennifer a wonder woman after she took the podium and thanked the crowd. he thanked his campaign and the crowd of 1,000 supporters who gathered here tonight. he didn't use trump's name but
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spoke directly to him, touting the california dream and importance of inclusiveness. >> the true genius of california isn't the value we work for. it's the values we fight for. this is a state where we don't criminalize diversity. we celebrate diversity. we don't reject, we protect the most vulnerable. we don't put profit and loss ahead of clean d't putt aos asi. we don't regulate a woman's body more than we regulate assault weapons on our streets. we don't demean, we don't discriminate and we don't demoralize. we don't separate families and we don't lock kids in cages. >> a historic moment, as well since 1886, california now has
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back-to-back democratic governors. gavin newsom tonight saying the best is yet to come. reporting live from downtown los angeles, dion him, abc7 news. >> thank you. republican businessman john cox ran on a plan to fix the state's high home prices and rent and called out special interests in sacramento and had a message for his opponent gavin newsom. >> i hope the lieutenant governor has a success but you know what? he's not going to have that much success unless he deals with the influence peddlers and the people that would bend policy for their own profit. >> john koch tonight. senator dianne feinstein has won her race against kevin deleon. the numbers coming in tonight, 57% for her. she is the projected winner. abc news projected that. 43% for deleon. >> let's go to abc7 news reporter kate larsson live at p
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feinstein tonight. kate in. >> dan, am marks apologies for my voice. we are at the fers club in the presidio. senator feinstein was here tonight, extremely humbled saying she was surprised after so many elections how many people showed up to her event. the crowd treated her like a rock star. look at this former san francisco mayor willie brown was here at the event. he's a long-time friend of the senator's. her grabbed daughter was also here and introduced her. when senator feinstein took the stage, she spoke about joe biden asking her to be the first woman on the senate judiciary committee after the anita hill hearings and she also spoke about barbara boxer and "how they both broke the lock on power for women in the senate." i asked her a few questions myself including what bay area residents can expect when she heads back to washington. >> you need to do an immigration bill. we need to do a health care
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bill. particularly to provide a public option and to enable people to buy into medicare at age 55. and i believe to allow medicare tore negotiate request the price of drugs. those are three things in health care i'd like to get done. >> what about homelessness which is a problem across california. >> yeah, i think that will we're trying to put together legislation that would provide federal monies for therapeutic homeless communities that had necessary therapy. >> now, when asked if she had anything to say to president trump tonight, she said she did not but did say she would like the divees ibanez any washington to end. i'm kate larsson, abc news. >> kate, thank you very much. feinstein's challenger was california senate senator kevin
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de lee xwron. >> he lost despite the endorsement of the state democratic party which is a clear mess and, they wanted a more combative approach to handling the trump administration. he spokes minutes ago. >> day one, this was a grass roots, people powered effort. we knew it would be an uphill battle. i don't have the personal riches nor do i have an incumbent's name i.d. and i've faced long odds all of my life. >> now to other races for donald trump governor, the race between two democrats, elenny kuhn lack kiss and ed hernandez. here are the results. you saw that you kuhn lack kiss was well in the lead. >> more than $50 million was spent on the state school superintendent race between marshall tuck and tony thurmond. you see the two men there. 572% are voting for marshall tuck, 48% for tony thurmond. relatively close with 34% of precincts reporting.
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>> the race for insurance commissioner, saw advertising about this one. if steve poisener gets his old job back, he could become the first state independent elected officials. his of opponent is the ricardo l app ra. steve poisener has 52% of the vote with about a third of the precincts now reporting. >> alex padilla facing mark user. padilla has 59% of the >> javier becerra is the incumbent with 58% of the precincts -- 5% of the vote, 35% of the precincts reporting over steven bailey his chaler. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf is expected to keep her job. rank choice voting could delay the outcome for days. >> cat brooks and pamela price are contends in the race.
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libby schaaf is the projected winner and that was the expectation going in. rank choice voting tends to throw a monkey wrench into the system. cat brooks and pamela price have 16% of the vote and 11% respectively to incumbent mayor libby schaaf's 65% of the vote with 17% of precincts now reporting. > lyanne melendez has more. >> repak han as a feisty city. but i can also tell you that voters here will have no problems letting her know whether or not she has done a good job when it comes to two major issues here which are the homeless issue and, of course, affordable housing. what mayor schaff have voters told you? >> absolutely. homelessness has been the number one issue i've heard about on the campaign trail this year.
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and while we traditionally count on the county to take care of it, we can't do that anymore as steps i was proud to get together with my mother big city mayers in california, 11 of us went up to sacramento and got for the first time direct allocations to cities to deal with the emergency crisis of getting people off the streets and into safety and services. but long-term it, the ultimate solution to homelessness is permanent affordable housing. that is what everyone in the bay area needs. >> they go hand in hand. you've dealt with these two issues for the past four years. what you do differently this time if you win? >> absolutely. first of all, we finally have some resources to do the emergency interventions on a much bigger scale. we just got our check from the state. the city council just approved a series of interventions that we propose that should take nearly
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1,000 people off of the streets over the next three months. but i'm also really proud that i've gone out to philanthropy to set up a homelessness and displacement prevention fund, keep oakland housed. as far as what i'm excited about doing for a second term is really approaching this on a regional basis as well as statewide. there's no public funding to actually prevent homelessness. and we've seen just in the first ten days of keep open house, 60 families were saved from becoming homeless. that is something i believe the state or federal government should be doing. >> as you say a long-term issue. i have to ask you this because you confronted trump and you gave -- people were talking about you. is this something that helped your campaign in oakland as people -- did they see you in a
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different light? >> you know, i definitely heard on the campaign trail a lot of gratitude and pride that as an oakland native, somebody born and raised who has lived in this community all my life, that the pride and fierceness that we oaklanders have about the diversity of our community, about our belief in justice, that really did resonate with people. and so i was so proud to stand up for my city and our values. >> thank you mayor schaff. if she wins, she will be the first mayor since jerry brown to be elected for a second term. live in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> you thank you so much. now to san francisco's proposition c. it would impose a new tax on hundreds of san francisco businesses to pay for homeless services. right now, taking a look at the
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measure, you can see it is projected a yes win. 60% of the vote, no 40%. right now 99% of precincts reporting on this proposition c. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee is live in the mission district with more on this tonight. vic? >> reporter: well, as you can see and hear, people here very optimistic they will win this particular -- especially after hearing an the early returns you. might say the party is in full swing here at the supper club in the mission. i think it's safe to say that prop c was probably the most hotly contested and watched ballot measure in san francisco. it would take big business and use that money to fund homeless and mental health programs and salesforce's marc benioff was among the supporters. he gave millions to the
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proposition and he spoke to abc7 news earlier this evening. > my biggest surprise in this campaign for prop c is that the people who have pushed back the most are the ones who understand the homeless the least. >> well, twitter's yak dempsey, dorsey, excuse me, twitter's jack dorsey, another tech biggie was as opposed to this ballot measure saying that he thought better policy rather than spending more money would be more effective. also against this ballot measure mayor london breed and state senator scott weiner. prop c if it passes would raise about $300 million a year. and that's actually doubling what san francisco spends a year on the homeless. that's the very latest from the yes on c party here in the mission. vic lee, abc7 news. >> quite the party there.
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>> definitely. >> now to proposition 6 the effort to overturn last year's 12 cent gas tax increase. >> prop c, proposition 6 i should say 55% of the vote is the projected winner. . % of the precincts have been counted. 55% of the vote now going to proposition 6, the repeal after the gas tax. it is projected to win tonight. >> news reporter amanda del cas teeio has more on that. amanda? >>. >> reporter: we're watching as california's gas tax repeal is slipping in the polls. you'll remember that will senate bill 18 passed last year increasing california's gas tax by 12 cents per gallon and increasing registration fees by about $50 per vehicle. these taxes and fees have paid for the construction and improvement of thousands road, highway, bridge and repairs. at stake tonight wasn't just the
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estimated $5.4 billion a year from sb1 money but also how california could raise money to pay for future transportation improvements. prop 6 supporters told us while it's easy to see the price at the pump has increased it's harder to identify where any of that money is going. gas tax support others have noticed a difference and maintain sb1 is the answer to repairing the state's crumbling roads and bridges. we spoke with voters on both sides of the gas tax debate. >> i didn't see any reason to repeal what was already approved by the voters, what was it, just a year ago. >> i have seen no change at all. i mean, i'm driving my car and i'm going bumping down the road. where did the money go? >> the state's transportation commission has already approved than 9200 projects across the state funded by the money.
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6500 are already under way with half the projects at risk of being delayed or even dee funded if prop 6 passes. that does not seem to be the case tonight. reporting live in walnut creek, amanda del castillo, abc news. >> stay with us. the control of congress is at stake tonight. a look at some of the key races next. >> plus, will california help flip the house? we are live with the critical races being watched right now. >> forget location. it's urnout, turnout, turnout. we're live with the latest numbers and what it means for both democrats and weren'ts. >> and the latest on the bralt measure to get rid hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me.
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uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. your voice, your vote, live from abc7 news. >> tonight the balance of power in the house has shifted with democrats declaring victory. >> republicans have held onto the senate but as expected, democrats made gains in the house right now the taking 219 seats. republicans have 196.
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>> news anchor kristen sze has a look at some of the key races. >> about 20 seats are still undeclared. democrats needed to pick up 23 seats to win the majority tonight. they picked up it says 27 seats already, 32 is the projection. look at this election results map on abc 7 democrats have 219 lined up . republicans 196 races. now, house democratic lead area nancy pelosi says tomorrow will be a new day in america. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution's collectionance balances to the trump administration. >> democrats were able to take control without final results from california where we had six republican seats, democrats were hoping to flip. let's look at a few. district 10 in stan i slaw and san joaquin counties jeff denham and democrat josh carter locked in a tie right now, 51-41%.
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district 25g covers parts after l.a. and ventura. 50/50 for katy hill and steve knight the republican. orange county, republican incumbent retiring. young kim currently leads we 54% over gill cisneros the democrat. it covers can orange and san diego counties. republican incumbent retiring there. republican. >> dean: harkey is trailing right now with 48% and mike 11:has 5%. that's a real opportunity tore democrats to pick up a seat that was previously republican. i'm going to zoom in for you on the california map we have on our website. that is district 42, can yo remember republican. as more get populated you can see kap may yield one or two more seats to the democrats. it's not going to cause a difference in terms of whether or not the house is flipped because democrats have already
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done that even without california. it could expand the democrats' lead. >> interesting. kristen, thanksrump called nanc pelosi congratulating her on what will become a democratic house majority. >> we want to talk more where this and california's influence on it. political science professor dr. melinda jackman. does nancy pelosi have a mandate here if she resumes leadership in the house? >> she does have to be re-elected as speaker. that he looks very likely. the democrats would have liked to have an even bigger wave tonight. they did what they set out to do which was gain a majority in the house. she's very likely to be the next speaker again. >> whether it was a wave or a ripping, they still got it done. >> they goit it done. >> talk a little bit about the net gain. 30 or more seats wat the projection. california democrats account for
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one in five seats in the new caucus. >> it's interesting because president trump was demon mizing it california running against california setting up california as you know, the of heart of the resistan resistance. and california's congressional delegation has a chance to push back now. they have some power now to perhaps push back against the president and lead that would resistance. >> but then let's go two years down the line. what are the odds that thinging will swing back the other way republican? >> well,ing that all depends on the presidential race, as you know, in a presidential election, a lot of that has to do with presidential coat tails. i'm sure there will be some strong challengers on the democratic side. we'll see how that plays out. >> let's talk about the presidential race. obviously the incumbent has an advantage but he's a treschel incumbent if he doesn't run again as expected. look at the democratic potential
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front-runners cam ma lahair ris, our new governor gavin newsom. everyone expects him to be very interested in the presidential front. what do you think will happen? >> california will be a big part of the story, whether it's harris or newsom or both of them, are are other strong candidates from the east coast, cory booker, we don't know yet what the field will look like. >> it will be rebust. >> it will be rebust. we might see a challenger or two take on president trump. and as kristen mentioned democrats took back control of the house but republicans held on to the senate. >> one of the closest races was in thames. ted cruz, former presidential
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your voice, your vote, live from abc 7 news. >> good evening once again. glad you're with us. i'm dan ashley. polls are now closed in california and it's time for some results as they begin it's "gaming with america's best internet provider" internet. just any internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet.
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feinstein will retain her senate seat. polls closed at 8:00, just about 25 minutes ago, but voters are still in line and if you're in line before 8:00, you get to vote. david louis is in san jose tonight. david? >> reporter: that is right, dan. you know, the scene has changed here dramatically at the registrar's voter's office.
1:41 am
the conveyor belt has been set up and sheriff's deputies are here because the ballots will be coming in from 198 precincts. but look over here. they moved the people in line who are doing late registration into a porch area and the lighting's not very good, but you can see there are several hundred people still in line here. they are -- the line was cut off officially at 8:00. anybody who was in line at that point will still get to register to vote and cast their ballot tonight. the line continues to snake through the double doors and down into the registrar's office. people say that it's still maybe about an hour or longer wait to get to the registrar's office to do that. but the staff is there, ready for them. so it's going to be a lot of late votes tonight and they say they'll have the tabulations maybe done at 10:00 tomorrow morning. we're live in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> david, thanks very much. and that's what we've heard all over the bay area, all over california and the country, just a huge number of voters turning out to participate in these midterm elections. here's a live look in, oakland. this is the site of the campaign
1:42 am
party for libby shaft. there you see libby shaft is hoping to beat nine challengers and win a second term. that always makes things a little interesting. we'll follow that one closely. now to cal proposition 6. that's the effort to overturn last year's 12 cent gas tax increase. yes, 51% to overturn. again, early precincts, 3% reporting. proposition 10 would change state law to let local jurisdictions impose their own rent control policies. right now this measure is going down in defeat, 69% saying "no." prop 11 would require private sector emergency ambulance employees to remain on call during work breaks. you've seen some advertising about that one. 66% say "yes." some of the early returns coming in. a lot more to bring you. stay with abc 7 news for election night results. we'll be sending out the latest information through the abc 7 news app. i'm dan ashley. we'll see you later tonight.


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