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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 7, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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sacramento. now to the u.s. senate. this was a democrat versus a democrat contest. as you can see, senator dianne feinstein easily winning against kevin de leon. 65% to 35%. she will now serve a fifth term. she said there is a lot of work to do still in washington. >> ywe need to do an immigratio bill, a health care bill to provide a public option and to enable people to buy into medicare at age 55. and i believe to allow medicare to negotiate the price of drugs. deleon lost despite the endorsement which was a clear message. new overnight democrats pick up a key seat in the senate. it appears jacky rosen will defeat dean heller in nevada.
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the close race is the only race where a republican senator was defending a seat that voted for hillary clinton in 2016. president trump is now responding to the midterm elections. despite republicans losing the house, the president is calling the results a big victory. received so many congratulations from so many on our big victory last night, including from foreign nations that were waiting me out, and hoping on trade deals. now we can all get back to work and get things done. >> the president referring to the republican gains in the senate. >> let's get more on this soon to be divided congress. stephanie ramos live in washington. stephanie >> reporter: president trump and control of congress were front and center throughout the midterm elections. and so many people got out there to vote. the total projected turnout right now is topping 100 million. votes are in and are still being counted in one of the most
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highly anticipated midterm elections in history. >> remember this feeling. know the power to win >> reporter: democrats winning control of the house with at least 25 seats. republicans maintaining control of the senate with wins in several states, including texas, missouri, and north dakota. in texas, senator ted cruz holding onto his seat, edging out democrat beto o'rourke. >> i want to thank this amazing campaign of people. not a dime from a single pac. all people, all the time, in every single part of texas. >> preliminary exit poll reports asking their motivating factors to vote. 38%, opposition to trump. 33% saying he wasn't a factor. overnight the president posting claiming tremendous success even as his party loses control of the house.
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for weeks democrats campaigned on a stronger check on the trump administration. >> anybody anticipating a blue wave tonight is not going to get it. maybe you get a ripple. >> reporter: republicans winning ohio and florida. andrew gillum seeking to be florida's first black governor conceded defeat to ron desantis. >> we recognize that, you know, we didn't win it tonight. we didn't win this transaction. >> reporter: the race for georgia governor still too close to call. a divided country with a divided outcome. president trump rejected in house voting but vindicated in the senate. now republicans and democrats are turning to the presidential election in 2020. on capitol hill, stephanie ramos, nabc 7 news. she addressed other house
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members and staffers in washington, d.c. shortly after the polls closed. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. it's about ending wealthy special interest free reign over washington. but more than anything, it's about what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hard working americans. >> as she was making that speech to the crowd, they chanted, speaker, speaker. >> we know the results this morning from many of the hotly contested state propositions. >> "the associated press" calling this race. let's take a look here. proposition 67. majority of voters saying no. this means california's 12 cents per gallon tax gas increase will remain in place. you see 55% voting no. 45% saying yes. and the money will fund road,
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highway, bridge and transit projects across the state. it will not be repealed. okay. and the associated press also calling this race, proposition 10, rent control laws will remain the same. majority of voters saying no to proposition 10. 62% to 38%. the proposition would have allowed state and local jurisdictions to impose their own rent control policies. so it wouldn't be a state law. it would be a little bit more localized where they would be able to do rent control. again, that did not pass. in san francisco, one of the host hotly contested measures was proposition c, which would add a tax to big businesses to fund homeless programs in the city. >> voters have said yes. as you can see right now, 60% to 40% with 99% of precincts reporting. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more on this measure. >> reporter: hi, reggie. it was considered one of the most hotly contested measures.
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it is known as our city, our home. that's what they were calling the initiative. but it really split city leaders. supporters sayictorythe homeles home and the help they need. it will charge big corporations that bring in more than $50 million a .5% tax. it will go entirely towards homeless programs. this is expected to double what the city spends on homeless services. salesforce ceo ben off was a huge supporter of this measure. >> my biggest surprise in this campaign for prop c is the people pushed back the most are the ones who understand the homeless the least. >> the measure also had big name opponents. twitter ceo jack dorsey was against it, along with scott wiener, and san francisco mayor london breed. prop c did not win two-thirds of the vote, so there is some talk
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that there will be legal challenges now. but while those play out in court, the thinking is the money will be collected from the businesses. but it will be saved, not spent, until this issue is finally resolved. >> so it's not over yet. amy, thank you. bay area residents are watching it allow tax on businesses per employee. it would cost google, the city's largest employer, more than $3 million a year. let's take a look at the results. measure p was overwhelmingly passed. 69% to 31%. 66% of precincts reporting. now to other races. two democrats battled to replace gavin newsom as lieutenant governor. "the associated press" has called the race for kounalakis.
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she won 56% to 44% against ed hernandez. >> and you likely saw the commercials. more than $50 million was spent on the state school superintendent race between marshall tuck and tony thurmond. the race was marked by attack ads on both sides. this morning the race still too close to call. the ap not ready to say yet. you see the numbers there, 51% to 49% with 92% of precincts reporting. >> in the east bay, libby schaaf will continue to serve as oakland's mayor. 56% in favor of libby schaaf. we spoke to the marat hyor and what she plans to do with her second term. >> i have gone tout set a homelessness and displacement prevention fun. keep oakland housed. as far as what i'm excited about doing for a second term is really approaching this on a
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regional basis as well as statewide. >> mayor schaaf beat nine challengers. >> take it on the south basement laurie smith is headed for re-election as santa clara county sheriff. 89% reporting. 57% of the vote going to laurie smith. she faced john hirokawa, once her second in command. >> and trying to impact the north bay wildfires with measure o. overwhelming amount of people voting yes for this, 94% to 6%. it will help post-fire recovery and support public safety, staffing, as well as infrastructure. and you can find complete election results on our website, abc7news.c >> and share your voting pride on social media. post your pictures with your i voted sticker using #abc7now.
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you might see them on air or online. all right. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here's a look at temperatures. east bay shore, fremont the cool spot. 44 degrees. union city, 46. castro valley and oakland, you're at 47. rest of us in the low to mid-50s. 41 in santa rosa, novato, napa. 40 in pleasanton. 50 in san jose. 48, san carlo. a cool morning. but you know it's not going to stay that way. the pattern unfolds once again. it will be very quiet on the roads, mass tran silt and the ferry. all dealing with light breezes. cool weather this morning, warm this afternoon. let's go to the peninsula and show you how it shakes out. 55 this morning. 67 already at noon. hanging in the low 70s. how nice is that to be outside? 56 by 8:00. east bay valleys, 52 this morning at 8:00 after being in the 30s and 40s most of the
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morning. we'll jump up into is the 70s biff noon. mid to upper 70s at noon. down to 59, quick cooling by 8:00. in the south bay, how about 53 at 8:00. mid-70s from noon through 4:00. down to about 65, 8:00. we'll take a look at the winds and the dry air and the reason we have the high fire danger coming up. now to alexis with the commute >> yeah. we're doing okay overall. 4:41 in the morning. pretty light. we had a carr fire that briefly had all lanes stopped northbound 680, martinez bridge, north of highway 4. that is tapped out. fire crews still on the scene and they are blocking the far right lane. seeing a little bit of yellow in the area. it's not causing a huge delay right now. san mateo bridge, westbound 92, nice and light. eastbound light as well. drive times coming up next. keeping a close eye on many races, including the fight for affordable housing. billions of dollars on the line. also, the days of springing forward and falling back may
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soon be numbered. that's ahead. but first the results of some of the bay area congressional races. take a look. hmm. [cell phone beeps]
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we will show you other areas under high fire danger. sacramento valley. 10:00 tonight through 7:00 friday morning. look at these temperatures. mid-70s through the central valley. 71, monterey. sunshine in eureka. 59. 70 around l.a. and sacramento. 60s in the mountains today. my forecast for tahoe, 60 today. 46 tomorrow. 50s friday and saturday. back down to the 40s sunday. back to the 50s. a roller coaster through the mountains. there are 11 statewide propositions on the ballot. >> measures would bring a lot more affordable housing to the state. proposition 1 would provide $4 billion for construction and home loans. the money is intended for veterans and low income californians. the race is still too close to call.
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right now more people voting in favor of proposition 1, 54% to 46%. 92% of precincts reporting. california proposition 2, the the ap is calling this as having passed. 61% to 39%. >> measure v would provide a $450 million bond to fund affordable housing in the city. and we do have this as passing at 60% to 40%. berkeley has its own affordable housing bond. measure o would authorize $135 million in bonds for housing aimed at low and middle income families. as you can see, we have very low precinct turnout. just 5%. so far it is leading 72% to 28%. voters in palo alto and livermore, could start a plan to control health care costs and
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prohibit hospitals from charging more than 50% above actual costs. let's look at measure f first. right now it is passing with 93% reporting. 78% to 22%. and measure u in livermore. it is also passing. overwhelmingly with 83% to 17%. only 6% reporting. san francisco voted measure a, which would strengthen the seawall on embarcadero. it needs a two-thirds majority to pass, not just a simple majority. right now almost all precincts reporting, 82% to 18%. so that looks like a go in san francisco. and measure t would fund upgrades to police and firestations and help with flood protection from the flood weg saw -- flooding we saw on coyote
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creek. voters like the idea of year-round daylight saving time. proposition 7 would give the go ahead of ending the annual springing forwards and falling back that we are so used to. and the ap is calling this one as passed. you see 60% of folks here in california with 92% reporting streeting in favor of proposition 7. it has drawn strong reaction from a lot of people discussing what it would be like to stay on the same time and be in sync with arizona. we wouldn't be in sync with other neighbors like oregon, washington, nevada. >> we would stay on daylight saving. what we went through is what would happen. you get the extra hour in the evening. maybe that's what everybody likes. >> there are many steps for it to become the law of the land. it's not as though this makes it appear. >> exactly.
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this is step one >> all right. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. no matter what daylight saving we're on, it is always less than 7 minutes. 4:49. sutro tower, sunny and mild. breezy at the coast. fire danger develops as pwraobr move into the hills. thanksgiving two weeks away. that's the only chance i see of rain. that will probably fade away, to be honest with you. but something we will watch. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. deep into morgan hill, low to mid-80s. santa cruz, sunshine and 77. 73 to 78 on the peninsula. a little bit warmer along the coast. mid to upper 60s. and mid 70s in downtown and sougtd san francisco. sausalito, 71. 76, san rafael, san . sausalito, 71. 76, san rafael, vallejo. 74 to 77 on the east bay shore.
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valleys, 78 to 81 degrees. warm once again after temperatures being in the 30s this morning. not quite as cool tonight. breezes will keep you in the 50s and 60s. a few 30s in the north bay. rest of us mainly in the 40s until you get to antioch, oakland, san mateo, san francisco, 50s. a slow retreat of the heat. but it still remains warmer than average and dry all the way through veterans day. have a good one. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we're looking at fairly quiet conditions here to get things going on this wednesday morning. here's a quick check of the south bay. 280 and 17, very light volumes on the northbound side. really not seeing anyone on the southbound side right now. drive times looking good westbound 580, tracy to dublin. letting up from earlier road work. dublin to mission boulevard, in the green at 15. 11 to cupertino, no issues there. in the green at 15 minutes. alexis, thanks.
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next, the history the midterm election made in races all around the country. >> and the bay area community cracking down on flavored tobacco and vaping. prop 8 would cap revenue for kidney dialysis centers. it overwhelmingly was shot down.
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all right. here's a live look center san jose. it's 48 under a clear sky. see where we end up this afternoon. anywhere from 8 to 11 degrees warmer than average. mid to upper 70s in about all of our neighborhoods. should be in the mid to upper 60s. this is just getting out of control warmth. are you getting used to it? all right. let's get more news. mike, thank you. the midterm election made some history across the country. >> the new york congressional candidate is the youngest woman to ever be elected to congress. colorado opened the first openly gay governor. and two muslim women in congress. and sharice davids and deb
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haaland are the first native americans elected. yesterday the county board of supervisors voted to ban sales at all retailers except specialty tobacco stores in july 2019. tobacco stores will follow suit in january 2020. health experts say flavored tobacco products are inappropriately marketed to teenagers, creating a gateway to tobacco and nicotine addiction. the giants will announce the new president of baseball operations. >> the team is hiring the dodgers general manager farhan zaidi. zaidi is considered to have one of the best minds in baseball. he has a b.a. in economics from m.i.t. and uc berkeley. he worked for the a's as assistant g.m. the safeway holiday ice rink
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opens today. the ice rink is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. probably a great way to cool down, right, mike? >> absolutely. probably a little soft at the beginning. also until we get the temperatures down a little bit during the afternoon hours. still, what a great time. the fire danger starts at 10:00 tonight. you can see bleeding into the north bay mountains. at 9:00 tomorrow morning, some of the fastest winds are hitting 40 miles per hour. they will taper a little bit during the day. once the sunsets at 6:00, the winds, they increase once again. this will coincide with relative humidity levels in the 10 to 20% across the board. even if it's not breezy in your neighborhood, it's still going to be very dry. >>etta on the wednesday morning drive. looking at a little bit of a stackup in the cash lanes on
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either side of the bay bridge toll plaza. we should be about 20, 25 minutes away from the metering lights flipping on. yesterday it was 5:23. mass transit looking good. 34 bart trains in service. ace 1 on time. and normal service on the san francisco bay ferry. alexis, thank you. a new warning from pg&e about power outages this weekend. throughout the morning we continue looking at election results. here's a look at more local races.
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gavin newsom, our new governor. democrats take back control of the house. the gas tax is here to stay. >> so many headlines from election night. we are covering it all for you this morning >> you didn't even have to stay up late. it is wednesday, november 7:00, 5:00 a.m. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. and meteorologist mike nicco is kicking things off for us. >> we have issues. high fire danger at 10:00 this evening and going through 7:00 friday. winds gusting 60 miles per hour. easily starting fires that could spread rapidly. 3 the to rest of us low to mid-70s. jacket weather is back.


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