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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 8, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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ones are safe or injured. mid-st the coast. the hotline is 805-465-6650. we will taper into the low to mid-70s saturday, sunday, for veterans day observed monday. we do know pepperdine and cal alexis >> take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. lutheran students frequent the one of our slower spots in the club. in addition to the deputy who cash lanes, especially on the died, we are hearing stories of others who rescued people inside. right-hand side. i'll have more stories in my next live report in about half an hour. >> the hotline is so important. a lot of folks here in the bay metering lights 5:20 to 5:25. area may have students that traveling through oakland, not attend school, university in southern california. seeing any closures of the nimitz. cal lutheran or pepperdine. 880 looking good, as is 580, we are keeping you up to the trying to get to or from the bay latest on this shooting. bridge. several people survived. next traffic update just before 5:00. >> thanks, alexis. obviously there were hundreds of people inside the bar in what's old is new again. thousand oaks. having to see what happens. amazon is mailing its first full catalog. in today's "tech bites", >> they are offering words of amazon goes low tech. comfort. one girl said she was dancing the online giant is mailing a with they heard printed toy clog to millions of customers. amazon hopes to get a piece of the market that toys "r" us once
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the shooting. >> i thought it was a joke. had. >> we couldn't get out because but it isn't all low tech. the shooting was on that side. it includes audio gear and game consoles. samsung unveiled its so our friends got the bar stools and started slamming them foldable screen smartphone. against the windows so we could using what it calls infinity escape. >> witnesses could not forget flex display technology. what they saw the gunman do. >> a father was at the bar with it will be able to start mass his stepson. production in a matter of they were about to leave when months. >> here's a way to save time in the gunman opened fire. >> here's what he told kabc the morning. a robot that can apply your earlier this morning. >> it was live. makeup. it was real. it made its debut in china, applying makeup to this my son thought it was a joke. mannequin. the robot's arm can use mascara, so i pulled him down and got brushes and various makeup tools. no word whether it will be for some cover. i looked up and he was moving to sale in the "tech bites". can you imagine just sitting the right. there and the robot does all of he shot the doorman, bouncer, your makeup. just a young man. that would be nice >> i think you're talking to the wrong person. >> yeah, that's omal t scooters you see everywhere he shot the cashier, just a dangerou young girl. then he started moving to the
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right. he wasn't looking at us. then he went into the office where all the cash and stuff is. he didn't say anything at all. 6th just started shooting. i should have stayed. i apologize to anybody who got hurt. i'm sorry. >> there is not much have done in a situation like that. >> they're all young. i'm 56. ive lived a life. they're all young. this shouldn't have happened. taking lives that shouldn't have been taken. >> how heartbreaking. the father heard the gunman pause and reload the gun. eventually he and his stepson left the bar. efldz he wishes he had stayed to help more people to he said he
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to help more people to safety. >> so many lives affected. everyone who had to see that horrific shooting. the scene still being processed right now. it is a lot of emotion everyone has to carry around. >> if you have the abc 7 news app, you were first alerted just after midnight. we sent out a push alert here. you can download the app and customize it and get breaking news where you live. >> 4:33. let's switch gears a little bit, talk to mike about the weather today. hi there, mike. >> hi, everybody. red flag warning. high fire danger until 7:00 tomorrow morning. we have northeast winds that are going to gust up to 60 miles per hour. that humidity is down. t santa mountains. it didn't yesterday, so that's an update. temperatures milder because of the breezes. mid-40s to mid-40s. upper 60s by noon. at 4:00, 70s from the coast.
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back to near 60 under the stars at 7:00. you can see the winds about 21 on tam. they will only get faster throughout the day. here's alexis. starting off quiet for the thursday morning drive. i want to zoom in to the central valley. heavy traffic 205, down to 35 miles per hour. 23 miles per hour once you make it to 580. road work scheduled eastbound 580. so far that's not causing any delays. still looking pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza. a little stack up in the cash lanes. no issues using fast track. we have a crash on the counter commute of 80 in emeryville all right. here's a look at what's going on area. we'll check that out next. from sutro tower this morning. alexis, thank you. i want to show you the numbers we want to take you back to our tday. an, me.out all of we are tracking breaking newano. breaking news story we have been 12 people dead in a nightclub shooting in thousand oaks. a ventura county sheriff's >> kabc, our sister station, has deputy and the suspect are among been there all night. the dead. let's check in with them. >> investigators say the gunman >> this is just off the 101 was killed inside the venue.
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freeway. i want to show you behind us, as of right now, they have no staff from the ventura county motive for the shaotding. medical examiner's office the fbi is assisting in the arrived 15 minutes ago. investigation. we have the ventura county the ventura county sheriff identified the deputy killed as sheriff, along with the fire sergeant ron helus, a 29-year department, remits from all the veteran of the department who agencies are here this morningment yes, we did get considered retiring within the next year. we continue to follow the story throughout the morning for you. confirmation this is where sergeant ron helus was brought. >> you see the lime scooters all this is where he passed away around. some call them a nuisance. after he was shot multiple times some say they're fun. in this active shooter situation but one woman says they're at the borderline bar & grill in dangerous. pat clayton has a lawyer and is thousand oaks. exploring her options after a and so clearly broken hearts tpaeft accident a few months here in ventura county. ago. the retiree and her husband were we have seen many of the in san diego when they rented sheriffs deputies who have been the lime scooters. on site leave the past 30 she said going downhill the minutes or so. suffered a broken hand which however, there is still a lot of activity going in and out of the er. not only law enforcement but what appears to be family required surgery. members. among the family members, i told she said lime could at least you about this during our last help with medical bills. >> i didn't want to sue. half hour. we heard from the uncle of one i am out of pocket $8,000. elis freshman aelenaho my surgery was $100,000, which kaiser paid for.
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pepperdine university. >> lime said in a written she was among those who was attending the borderline bar & statement the safety of our riders is our number one concern. grill, the music and dancing that's why we launched a that was under way last night. national safety campaign. she was with several of her roommates. she got separated from the group. her uncle was here at the hospital. a former reporter for fox news channel. he was here trying to learn a a chance to wipe down seats. little bit more about his niece. he did not know where she was, american says itoe't s cold not get a hold of her. he spoke to one of her but it can't guarantee that roommates. he said when the shooting passengers won't bring them on their own. wed happened, they simply lost track. everyone started running. down during general boarding. no one has heard from elena airlines say customer just have since then. to ask an attendant at the gate to board early. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather he said there wasn't going a lot going on and she was not there. he is trying to piece everything forecast. critical fire conditions in the hills and mountains. look at the humidity. together, trying to get good less than 20% in just about all news. we saw adam leave this location. neighborhoods. and the breezes are starting to unclear if that's good news or pick up. you can see them developing in bad news. he was just trying to locate the central valley. her. the reds and the oranges and the he was fearing the worst thinking she may be among the dead inside the borderline bar & purple are the faster winds.
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grill. he was certainly hoping that was not the case. our winds will accelerate as we he described her as a young head through the morning commute. 25 to 35 in the north bay. scholar, a bright girl, his east bay hills, 10 to 20. santa cruz mountains, about the niece and godchild. she was reporting on the las same. 6:00 this evening, another spike vegas shooting just over a year ago. so he's been on this side of it in the winds. that's when the fire danger will as a member of the media. spike for this go round because now to be here as a family the winds will taper through the member and to watch and wait for overnight hours. by 7:00 tomorrow, the threat is information, it is gut wrenching, heartbreaking for finally over.realexis. him. that's just a little peek into what a family member is going not a lot happening in the traffic department, which of through this morning as all of course is a good thing. us are waiting for answers, looking live atr cr truck and s waiting for more information. again here at los robos in the far right lane just hospital, he was hoping she was before you get to university. among the dozen or so victims i'm not sure what the new brought to this location. emergency response is. westbound side filling in. we know many people self-transported. they hopped in cars after the no bay bridge metering lights shooting and came here to this yet heading across the bay hospital to receive treatment. bridge. 205 to 580, slow, 16 and 15 many of them are recovering here at the hospital this morning. no clear indication of how many miles per hour respectively. actually showed up to los robos two-car crash on the shoulder closer to altamont pass. hospital. in the ballpark of 12 additional
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so far that is not slowing you victims, along with the 13 killed, became victims of this down too much. >> thanks, alexis. shooting. that is the very latest. we are continue to go follow breaking news in southern california. we are waiting for something more official at the hospital. a gunman shot and killed 12 people at a bar. if and when we get that, of another update next. course we will bring it to you. >> details on how you can but that is what we have seen, what we have gathered outside the er at los robos medical celebrate the life of willie center. back to you. that's our sister station kabc in los angeles. a harrowing story about a fellow reporter, one of my colleagues from a station i worked with at chico. i know adam housely. he's a proud pepperdine university graduate. he played baseball for them. he has a home here in napa. obv there is so many people in bay area with ties to pepperdine and the bay area. you mentioned your friend adam. it proves it's such a small
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world. so many people in the bay area are watching this this morning and thinking of their loved ones down in southern california that may have been affected by the shooting that happened late last night. >> so horrific to think about, you know, not knowing. that's a really difficult thing to go through right now during this time. of course a lot of people wondering if their family is safe or not. go online. we have all the numbers for people to call if they are looking for information. more on this breaking news throughout abc 7 news and our app abc 7 news. let's get to mike. good morning, everybody. i want to show you what temperatures. they are keeping them up in the east bay. we were in the 30s yesterday. low to mid 40s through san ramon, concord, pleasanton. mid t degrees. winds affecting you. same thing in napa, 56. novato, 39. 60 in san francisco.
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40s on the peninsula. down in the south bay, mid to upper 50s. here's a look at your commute. breezy hills. wide range of temperatures, mass transit, ferry, a little breezy north of the bay bridge through the dell attachment san francisco making a run at 70 after starting off at 60. back to 60 by 8:00. as we heads towards the east bay, looking at temperatures that will start off around 57. hit the 0-degree mark. mid-70s this afternoon. 61 at 8:00. our last stop will be the north bay where we will have 56. under the stars, 59 degrees this afternoon. when the winds will gust the fastest and how long the warm we becdve here twelve people are dead after for the seven-day forecast. let's bring in alexis and see a gunman walked into a southern california bar and opened fire. what she has new too a sheriff's deputy is among university. those killed. if you look in the middle of >> we learned law enforcement your screen, you can see the has identified the shooter. flashing lights. two vehicles crashed. that i.d. has not been publicly released. >> first reports of the shooting not causing much of a delay. came in 11:30 last night. no injuries yet.
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it happened at the borderline they were sending an ambulance to the scene. that sounded like a truck versus bar & grill in thousand oaks, 40 mills southwest of los angeles. a sedan. katie eutis has the latest that's pretty much the only blocking issue. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, development >> reporter: there are 13 total dead, including the deputy. 35 minutes. 680, dublin to mission. there is a reunification andcupertino, in the green at 15 minutes. breaking news in southern station. california where a gunman goes on a shooting rampage in a nightclub killing 12 people. one of the victims, a ventura county sheriffs deputy responding to the scene. we'll have details bldg a bette by changing
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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red flag warning until tomorrow morning. low to mid-70s in the central valley. 66 and sunshine. a lake wind advisory. calmer, extremely dry air for friday and sunday. mid-50s monday through wednesday next week. no sign of rain or snow. >> thanks, mike.
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breaking news out of southern california. 13 people dead in a mass shooting in thousand oaks. the shooter is among the dead. it happened last night at borderli borderline bar & grill. the gunman was killed inside the venue. they have no motive for the shooting. the fbi is on scene assisting in the investigation. the deputy killed is sergeant ron helus, a 29-year veteran of the department, who considered retiring within the neck year. we have an update. the president responding to the shooting just moments ago on twert saying, quote, i have been fully briefed on the terrible shooting in california. law enforcement and first responders, together with the fbi, are on scene. 13 people at this time have been reported dead. likewise, the shooter is dead, along with the first police officer to enter the bar. again, to recap, 13 people dead in thousand oaks, including the shooter. we will have updates on this breaking news throughout the
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morning. our continuing commitment to building a better bay area by focusing on stories that affect your quality of life. we revisit a homeless woman. >> she worked two jobs and still lived in her car. cornell bernard tells us she had generous abc 7 viewers that have changed all of that. >> four door, four seater. i love it. >> she is getting behind the wheel of her new life. this 2004 scion was a gift from an anonymous donor who saw her story on abc 7 news. >> i am blessed, truly blessed. this is my home. >> we first met her last night. still not making it. >> sometimes when you're in a situation like mine, you give up. and i was at that point. >> the owner of marin color service caught jane's story on abc 7 news and thought she looked familiar.
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>> i yelled on my wife, hey, i know that girl. >> tony remembered jane and once delivered paint supplies to the store. he offered her a full-time job with of benefits. >> she was deserving, the type of person i could feel she was. hey, man, we all deserve second chances. >> as luck would have it, wendy velasquez had a room to rent in san rafael. lucky the chihuahua was part of the deal. >> i w time t forward. >> you're deserving, you're great and you will be a great addition to our family. >> i want to thank everybody that donated and channel 7 news, which was part of this. >> a new job now giving jane an escape from homelessness. >> i will be making more money and i won't have to work two jobs. >> amen to that. good luck, jane. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. yes, good luck, jane. if you have an issue you would like us to focus on, use
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#betterbayarea. november 8th, mike. we have this serious warning today, red flag warning. winds and dry conditions. >> yeah. it will continue thrg.e another of this and 12 minutes or so. right now i wanted to show you -- let me get this on the east bay hind gusting 16 to 29 r hour. you can see them bouncing right there. for the the rest of us outside of the red flag warning, above 1,000 feet, it will be sunny. extremely dry air. fire danger will taper tomorrow. the highs on the warm side of average throughout my accuweather seven-day forecast. area of high pressure, low pressure, the flow squeezing between them. high elevation to lowell vacation. it compresses. when it comp iheats it dries. low to mid-70s everywhere else
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today. tonight in the
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