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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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thousands have escaped from the inferno. they left scenes like this, walls of fires, consuming homes and everything else in the fire's path. >> strong winds have pushed flames. at least two firefighters hurt along with several civilians. >> let's show you a map to show you where the camp is burning, east of chico. people escaping the fire have clogged many of the roads trying to get out of harm's way. >> you probably smelled or inhaled some of the smoke that's difficult drifted into the bay area. take a look at what it looked like from our camera. this is 140 miles from the fire earlier this afternoon. >> we have live team coverage. spencer christian will have the latest on the conditions. >> but first, we'll join laura anthony, who is live for us. laura? >> reporter: if you saw us earlier at 5:00 today, we were
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reporting from paradise, just a few miles up the road. things got a little too hairy in terms of the wind, so we thought we would move here down the road. before we left, we can show you video that i shot, it's called a fire double. i tweeted it just a short time ago. i mean, this was incredible, just watching this, just a small sign of the power of the ferocity, the destructiveness of the fire. one after another, homes in paradise are burning. a scene is dark and horrific as any we've seen, as another raging inferno wipes out another community. >> my friends moved from southern california, their backya backyard, they've been working on it and they lost it all. >> reporter: some residents stayed behind to try to save their home or failing that, one
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of their neighbor's. >> it was like nothing on the oher side. and it started going down towards the skyway. and then it just whipped around and came back and just -- it was scary. i've been in a few fires, and this was scary. >> it's tough, it's tough. i help everybody, that's my nature. i have two shattered ankles, and i still help. >> reporter: driven by winds in excess of 50 miles per hour, the campfire went to more than 18,000 acres, forcing the evacuation of entire towns, including paradise just north of chico. these horses were set free but left behind to find their own way out. both lanes were converted to the outgoing direction to accommodate all of those who evacuated. many could only grab their loved ones, pets and themselves. did you take anything >> barely us. >> you could hear explosions from gas tanks and stuff.
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you could hear -- we could feel one, too. >> how does it look now? >> pretty bleak. i tried calling the house and the machine didn't pick up. >> reporter: she was worried about her answering machine not answering. i think that's going to be a lot of people from that area who are going to find that their homes have been destroyed. we saw dozens of them ourselves. this school behind me is about four or five miles away. we've seen flames at different points, when the wind whips up, it looks like the flames are leaping hundreds of feet into the air. it does seem like the winds are picking up. finally among the heartbreaking scenes up there, we showed you those horses. we also saw pets, coyotes, other animals, running loose, you know, they've obviously had to be left behind by their owners. they're just trying to figure out how to get out of there. laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> tragic. thank you, laura.
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we'll turn to spencer christian, with a check on the conditions. red flag, air quality advisories and more, spencer. >> that's true. there's a tremendous amount of smoke right now. you can see it on live doppler 7. it looks like clouds, but it's a massive plume of smoke pushing through our area and offshore. let me give you a look at current weather conditions near the fire. temperatures down to 58 degrees, relative humidity still very low, only 11%. although the surface wind is not so strong, the gusts from the higher elevations are quite strong, up to 23 miles per hour and higher. red flag remains in effect for much of the bay area, especially the north bay mountains, santa cruz mountains, winds gusting 40 to 60 miles per hour. you can see just how thick the smoke is, even though it's dark right now, looking down onto san
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francisco, and despite the air qualitiedy ed advisory issued f tomorrow, we expect it to be moderate for tomorrow. it certainly is declining. >> spencer, thank you for that update. smoke from the fire drifted into the bay area today. our network of tower cameras captured a lot of hazy skies from the north bay to the east bay. >> you could see it and smell it. our reporter continues our live team coverage from oakland where the smoky smell is intense and the fire danger is high. >> reporter: just before we interviewed oakland's deputy fire chief, he learned at some points that winds clocked in at 50 miles per hour. i want you to check out the red flag here outside of the firestation. it's dangling now, but whipping in the wind earlier, and the community is not totally in the clear here yet. bumper to but eer to bumper tra
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many feared during a red flag warning. >> people need to be prepared. 91 hill fire is fresh in our mind. >> reporter: that's what was running through his mind as they rushed to grab hoses. >> there was smoke billowing all over across the road. >> reporter: fast-moving winds pulled the grass fire up this hill, threatening the community. >> when you live up in the hills with the dry vegetation, it's scary sometimes. >> reporter: crews were able to get things under control, but then embers blue into th s blew. >> this is a true red flag event we're having. >> reporter: her husband spotted the flames. >> i wish all our neighbors would make sure that the grasses were cleared out, the dead trees were removed. >> reporter: she said this home is used as a rental. >> we know when we're in a
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stress area -- >> reporter: they have a plan and firefighters say that's critical. because of the strong, smoky smell out here, first responders are asking people to keep your windows closed this evening and stay inside. reporting live, "abc7 news." >> thank you very much. it's not just here in northern california, but in southern california, about 10,000 acres burned in just over four hours. in ventura county, 1200 homes have been evacuated. people are being told to evacuate in the point la gu naval base, as well. that fire is not burning from the nightclub in thousand oaks where a dozen people were shot. >> one victim was sergeant ron helus, among the first to arrive at the borderline bar and grill. and exchanged gunfire with the
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suspect, but later died at the hospital. >> police identified the suspect as 28-year-old ian david long. they believe he took his own life after the shooting. people as young as 18 were inside the bar. the fbi and atf or helping process the scene and looking into the suspect. >> the evidence response team is in place. it's going to be a thorough and pain staking process that will take as long as it takes quite frankly. >> the bar was a popular hangout for country music fans. some of the people who were there were survivors of the mass shooting at the music festival in las vegas last year. >> we have team coverage tonight on the local connections to one victim, and in southern california. >> let's begin with dion in thousand oaks tonight where a vigil is getting under way. >> reporter: thousand oaks is considered one of the safest
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cities in america. it is extremely tight knit, comprised of only about 130,000 people. even though that vigil inside city hall is under way, if you can take a look behind me, you can s hundreds of people still gathered in various prayer and support groups, holding hands and also holding signs, saying thousand oaks strong. moments ago, i met a woman named karen, and she provided me the photo. this is her friend, shawn adler. he recently opened his own coffee shop. he was the bouncer last night at the club. he was one of the victims. now, even though many people do not know shawn, but are in attendance at this vigil tonight, they stopped me and they said they wanted to share with the community what thousand oaks is all about. >> the joke that we live in a bubble, but you can see where it bursts, we connect and we --
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it's been my home since i can remember. and i'm so grateful we live in this type of community that holds each other up when we are falling apart. >> reporter: it's hard not to tear up yourself listening to her and how much she cares about her community. there are more vigils planned throughout the next day or two. we plan to go inside here at city hall. we'll bring you the latest of what happens later on, on "abc7 news" a 9:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> thank you. elena housley is among the confirmed victims, she's a recent high school graduate. >> wayne freedman joins us live. >> reporter: it seems everyone knew her. i'm going to step out of the frame. there is another vigil going on here. her family owned a local store and everyone knew her, everyone
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liked her, everyone said she was a perfect kind of student. these are parents, these are friends, people who never imagined something like this could happen. in a county all too familiar and wary from mass murders, the news from southern california reopened wounds and cut deep. >> she is an incredible person. >> reporter: when rumors became fact that elena housley died last night, grief descended on napa, especially on the campus of vintage high school. she graduated in june, a model honor student and athlete, a member of student council, whose mother also teaches there. the principal sarah o'connor spoke to the school. >> i don't think this is something that people can make sense of. >> reporter: out of respect, we stay away from friends and fellow students. they wore their emotions on faces. >> i cannot believe this. i'm just shaking like a leaf. i cannot believe it. >> reporter: marsha taught elena piano beginning at 5 years old.
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loved her so much that she still has keepsakes. >> a dpem gem of a girl, beauti girl. >> reporter: march 9th, a gunman killed three clinicians, including dr. jennifer gonzalez, who was three months pregnant. she, too, had been one of her piano students. >> music brings people together in many, many ways. but you don't want this to be one of those ways. >> reporter: residents around here tell us it's just all too much at this point. from her uncle, reporter adam housley and wife, this was a statement today. "our hearts are broken. she was an incredible young woman with so much life ahead of her, we're devastated her life was cut short." this was the first candle light vigil. there's another in an hour. this is not go fog go away any time soon. wayne freedman, "abc7 news."
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>> wayne, thank you very much. do you know what to do if someone starts shooting? these days it's really a question of when, not if. >> the i-team's dan noise has more, next. see what that beaut county see what that beaut county wildfire see what that beaut county wildfire (music throughout)
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we are taking a live look from thousand oaks tonight. hundreds of people have gathered inside and outside city hall for a vigil for the victims of the border hoo borderline bar and grill. a shooter killed 12 people last night, including a sheriff's
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sergeant, a young woman from napa, a recent college graduate and the bar's bouncer. >> the tragedy is another example how mass shootings are becoming more frequent and deadly and all of us are having to come to some difficult decisions. >> how can we protect ourselves, our children. dan noyes is here with some advice from the experts. >> dan, ama, just this past weekend, my teenage son was heading to an all-age concert in berkeley. i felt i had to remind him, check for the fire exits, have an escape plan. if a fight breaks out, a fire or even a shooting. that's our world now. >> you kind of freeze, it's like firecrackers. >> reporter: college night, shattered by gunfire, a mass sooting. the type of event for which the police chief trains teachers and supervisors.
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this is the session from february of this year. >> are you saying every time i go outside my door i have to be paranoid? i'm not saying that, but you need a plan. >> reporter: no matter where you go, know your exits and be prepared to run, hide, or as a last resort, fight if something terrible happens. >> it is a sad commentary in the world when you have to go up to your 3-year-old and say listen, if someone tries to kill you, this is what i want you to do. that's the world we live in. >> you heard the stories of heroism coming out of the shooting, how a few people saved many lives. >> my friend tried to help me get out of the window so we could get out. that's how we were able to get out, he broke the window. >> reporter: the experts say we should prepare ourselves mentally by doing the research. much of it is available online. >> when startled by a gunshot,
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it's natural to freeze. >> reporter: but freezing heaves you vulnerable according to this video published by the department of homeland security in august. it says most active shooter events last between 90 seconds and three minutes. so actions you take may make just as big a difference as those of law enforcement. >> if you are confronted by the shooter, you have to assume that your actions are all that stand between yourself, your colleagues, and grave harm. fight for your life. >> reporter: the chief tells us he's working on active shooter training for students to make age appropriate videos. this is now a conversation that we just can't avoid. >> no. >> so frightening. >> and none of us know how we'll react under the gun like this. we just don't know. >> it can happen any time, any place. >> and you may think you may do one thing, but not. >> exactly. let's turn back to our coverage of the campfire in
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butte county. videos of people escaping the flames are being posted. >> kristen sze has a look at a few of those images. >> reporter: i don't know how people are able to shoot video when their lives are in danger, but you have to see this one man's harrowing escape. take a close look. he woke up at a friend's house. he jumped in his pickup truck. he was hard to see. around him, are massive flames. look at that right there. did you see that? a tree branch crashed onto his hood and windshield. colton made it out through a meadow that's maintained just for people to gather in case of fires. i want you to look at this one. this is a family escaping paradi paradise, ironically the name.
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the panicked wife there. they too are okay. these videos give you a sense of just the unimaginable terror for the evacuees. >> so many gripping stories. smell smoke, you're being impacted if you have asthma,is can be exacerbated. young kids tend to breathe more than adults, so they'll breathe in more of the harmful air. and please don't burn your fireplaces while the air quality advisory is in effect. >> so let's get a check on the weather. >> spencer christian is tracking the conditions out there. >> we can see the smoke most of the day. here's a look at live doppler seven. what appears to be clouds here is the approaching smoke, the continuing approaching smoke
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moving through the bay area from the fire in butte county. you can see the haze here from the exploratorium camera. oakland, upper 60s. morgan hill 54. here's the view at emeryville. 63 degrees, napa 61. 57 in navaro. 56 in livermore. a live view from sutro tower. high fire dangers through tomorrow morning, as the red flag warning drops. smoky skies and we'll have the sunny, dry pattern through at least the middle of next week, and it's going to be a cold morning. a freeze warning is in effect from midnight to 9:00 a.m. low temperatures into the upper temperatures. ukiah, and areas around ukiah under a frost advisory. most of the remainder of the
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immediate bay area will see lows in the inland valleys dropping into the upper 30s and near the coast and the bay, overnight lows in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow's highs, another dry, mild day. upper 60s to near 70 on the coast. low 70s and the bayshoreline. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have sunny and dry and mild conditions, all the way through the seven-day period. so beyond midweek and late next week, and byhe way, we observed veterans day on monday. looks like it's going to be a lovely day, sunny, mild, still dry and there's still a concern about fire danger as long as it's so super dry out there. and so mild for this time of the year. >> the winds will die down. >> still breezy in the higher elevations, but won't have the powerful gusts. >> thank you, spencer. two days after the election, and we're still you work hard for every dollar.
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a handful of local races are still too close to call following tuesday's election. in san jose city council district seven, wen led by 13 votes yesterday, and now sparza is in the lead with 55% of the ballots counted so far. in the alameda mayor's race, challenger marilyn ashcroft is
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pulling away from her opponent. ashcroft is in the lead with 46% of the vote. superintendent of education, tuck is currently leading with 50.7% of the vote. the insurance commissioner, latta is ahead with 50.8% of the vote. and you can find election results on our website, we've made it really easy to look up results for specific races or areas depending on where you live. former attorney general jeff sessions' resignation at the request of president trump sparked nationwide protests today. our reporter was in san jose where protesters gathered at city hall. congresswoman zoloft was there questioning the legitimacy of the new acting attorney general matthew whitaker.
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>> this violates the constitution. we're not going to take this lying down. >> move organized these protests that took place at 5:00 local time at cities across the time. next on "abc7 news" at 6:00, we'll go back live to butte county. just this morning, a wildfire has burned more than a thousand acres per hour. lives are at risk. >> as we face another mass shooting tragedy at a nightclub in southern california, you'll
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now, live, breaking news. >> fast and terrifying. those words sum up the fury of a wildfire that's charred 26 square miles of butte county. you'll hear the voice of first responders while they race to save lives. listen. >> four people trapped in the basement. surrounded by fire, they're safe underneath, but they can't get out.
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>> we've got both sides of the road engulfed. >> the fire is starting to surround us. >> county units be advised, a woman in labor, she's in a beige honda pilot. she needs a deputy. >> you heard her say a woman in labor in need of help. at least two firefighters have been injured along with several civilians. the sheriff's department says it's received reports of fatalities. winds whipped flames since the campfire ignited about 12 hours ago and spread so quickly. >> let's get back live to laura anthony with the latest. she's been right there on the sidelines. laura. >> reporter: right non, if you recall where i was half hour ago standing right here, and the fire was way in the distance, probably several miles away. check out where it is now. it's right behind us actually. there are no structures back there. but this fire came right over
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this hill, and probably traveled about a half mile. it's headed predominantly west and south, driven by the high winds. it's incredible to see how quickly this has moved. it's moving towards highway 99, which was only a couple of miles away. so it will be interesting to see how that is handled once it gets there. the other thing is we would like to show you what it looked like up at paradise, right in paradise, just a short time ago. we saw a home after home burning with abandon. this wasn't a lot of wind up there when we first got there, so it seemed that things were somewhat contained. we saw residents who chose not to evacuate, which is a mandatory evacuate at this point, but there were still some people up there. they were trying to protect their own homes and maybe save some others. this was heartbreaking, because there were four or five horses who their owner let them loose,
6:33 pm
but couldn't put them in a trailer or get them out quickly enough, so we saw these horses going up and down across the road, trying to figure out how to get out of there. we saw dogs, coyotes. it was quite a scene up there, as the wind picked up, we decided to get out of there, as well. ky tell you in the last half hour or so, we've also seen a steady stream of emergency vehicles, sheriffs and fire department personnel making their way down this road, as well, on neil road toward highway 99. i don't know for certain, but i'm guessing they too are making a decision that it's unsafe for their personnel to be up there in paradise at this point. this fire is incredible. i've been to several fires, or many fires in my career, and to see the swiftness with which this is moving, the destruction, the black cloud that was hanging over this town as we were approaching the area, it's just
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uncredible. dan and ama, back to you guys. >> stay safe up there. 80 football fields a just impossible to get a handle on. the san francisco home sharing website lets people rent their homes at no cost. a vigil is under way for the 12 people killed by a gunman and bar last night. the bar was hosting college night, and people as young as 18 were inside. one person started recording on a cell phone after the first shots were heard. [ gunfire ]
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>> come out the door! >> terrifying. police believe the gunman took his own life. some of the victims have been identified as a sheriff sergeant, a young woman who grew up in napa, a youth baseball umpire, a recent college graduate and the bar's bouncer. >> our incoming governor gavin newsom has been a staunch advocate for gun control. >> and today, he spoke about the shooting and what we can expect from his administration once he's sworn in. >> here's leeann melendez. >> you can't go to a bar or a nightclub, or a church? >> reporter: he's never held back on gun violence. today he criticized lawmakers in washington for not doing enough when it comes to gun control. given his track record, we can
6:36 pm
speculate that he will have an aggressive agenda as the next governor. >> in the absence of that, california will lead. california will raise the bar. >> reporter: he led the message of proposition 63, a 2016 voter approved measure, which imposed background checks on ambition purchases. that goes into effect in january. but that proposition also calls for banning high capacity magazines, limiting them to ten rounds. that is being challenged in court. the gun used in the thousand oaks shooting at a high capacity magazine that could hold more than ten rounds. under governor jerry brown, california has led the nation when it comes to gun control. newsom is expected to be even more assertive. so when he was elected mayor of san francisco, that idea of same-sex marriages was not on his radar. but after listening to then president bush talk about preventing gay couples from getting married in 2004, newsom
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suddenly had a plan. now, will gun control be his next big endefer? who knows? but he said whatever it is, he will lean in aggressively. >> leeann, thank you. and head coach steve kerr is an advocate for gun control, as well. he was asked about the shooting before tonight's game. >> we're going to have a moment of silence tonight. we had one last week and will probably have one next week. it's the reality until we do something about it. so it's beyond sad. it's devastating. >> coach kerr has spoken out after past mass shootings. in 1984, his father was president of the american university in beirut was killed. >> and we are here to help you take action. at, we have put together resources to
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help you deal with topics. that's at stay here with us. a week ago, google employees worked out of work in protest. today, we're seeing what changes they helped accomplish. from air quality advisories to red flag warnings, spencer is
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(music throughout)
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google is changing its sexual misconduct policies one week after an employee walkout. the will make arbitration optional and will provide more information to staff about investigations and outcomes. employees walked out briefly to protest big payouts for executives as well as other misbehavior. we've been keeping track of this for the last 44 days. since the discovery of cracked steel beams shut down that $2 billion project. at a meeting at city hall today, project managers said they hope to get test results back this month.
6:42 pm
samples from the steel beams have been sent to a specialized lab in new york. several teams of expert also meet there to review the preliminary analysis of those tests. if they can pin down the definitive cause, engineers would draw up plans for repairs. today marked a very special celebration in san francisco. >> honoring the life and legacy of
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in our continuing commitment to building a better baby focusing on stories that affect your quality of life, we revisit a homeless woman we first met here last month. >> she worked two jobs and lived in her car with a failing transmission, until some viewers changed all that. >> an anonymous viewer saw this and gave her this 2011 vehicle. >> and another person recognized her as a woman that once delivered payment supplies to her store, so he offered her a full-time job with benefits. >> she was the deserving type of person, i could feel that she was. and hey, man, we all deserve second chances. >> a fellow employee has an
6:46 pm
extra room to rent. lucky the chihuahua is part of this deal. jane says now that she's making more, she won't have to work two jobs. today, the u.s. drought monitor released the newest maps and there's bad news for california. >> the entire state is in a drought. just last week, the number was 85%. and a year ago, less than a quarter of the state was in drought. >> the only good news, california has not reached the worst drought category called exceptional. most areas are in the abnormally dry category. >> spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> i'm sorry to report that abnormally dry spell is going to continue for a while. dry conditions now, a buildup of smoke, because of the wildfires in butte county, red flag warning. low humidity and gusty winds
6:47 pm
with that red flag warning. overnight lows in the mid to upper 30s. inland chilly, up to 28. we'll see lows in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow's highs, dry conditions, upper 60s on the coast. low 70s around the bay, and mid 70s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast with little change through next thursday. sunny days, dry conditions, low to mid 70s. mid to upper 60s on the coast, and monday, we observe veterans day under sunny and mild conditions. dry pattern persists. >> the red is extreme drought. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. baseball fans and players gathered at at&t park to celebrate the life of giants hall of famer willie mccovey who died on halloween. >> eric thomas was at the ballpark. >> he was my first baseball
6:48 pm
hero. >> reporter: scores of youngsters in the bay area and around the country felt the same way about the giants' hall of fame first baseman. today, several thousand fans filled the seats at at&t park to say goodbye to willie mccovey. one of them was barry bonds. >> i idolized willie mays, but i was born left-handed. and my first glove was a first baseman glove. so as much as i always wanted to be like mays, i always had to stretch like mac. >> reporter: the 6'4" left-handed could pull a smoking fastball down the right field line. this fan remembers his first game when he went 4 for 4. >> we were excited. when he got to four hits, he became everybody i knew's favorite player. >> reporter: he adopted the bay area as his home. >> he became to be a fixture in our community.
6:49 pm
the 20 years he played for the giants, it's just part of the story. >> reporter: gaylord perry say mccovey was quiet but meant what he said. >> even though he had a special pick-off play with me, with a man on first base, he would say, hey, they're getting too big a lead, dummy. >> reporter: he wanted to play like big mac. >> i didn't like him, but i wanted to be hike him. i started hitting whifle balls left-handed because i wanted to be like mccovey. >> reporter: he never played in this stadium, but as you know, just on the other side of that wall is mccovey cove. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> mccovey cove, such a fitting tribute to a great man in our community. >> this is a really touching and emotional day. there's that realization that comes over you when you see the
6:50 pm
pictures and you realize you're not going to see willie mccovey in this ballpark again. it was a touching scene when you had all the willie mac awardawad winners. you see old-time giants going back to dave trabeki and the w nonew comers like buster posey and next year they'll give out the award without mac. but you can see the love and admi ed admiration that everybody has. rest of sports is coming up. the warriors taking on one of the rising powers in the east, and
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good evening. the warriors going to keep their winning streak going against the bucks. the ws have won eight in a row. they feature one of the nba's rising stars. bucks coming off a loss to portland. they scored a season low, 103 points. yeah, that's the low these days. they trail the warriors in average points at 120. golden state is at 123. still early in the season, bucks trying to let the league to know they're going to be a force to contend with. and steph curry can see it.
6:54 pm
>> they're taking care of business like they should. it's important when you have that much potential to get off to a good start. umm, but the season will shape out as it's supposed to. >> they're having a phenomenal start to the season. one of the best teams in the league. >> after going from undrafted third stringer to now verified on twitter, 49ers starting quarterback -- that's a big deal -- nick mullins has a chance to go 2-0 monday night. niners will host the giants monday night. the kickoff is at 5:15. mullins tossed three touchdowns, no picks in his debut in a 34-3 blowout of the raiders. his biggest challenge in that debut game was getting his head coach kyle shanahan to keep quiet. >> that's always a dilemma for coaches and quarterbacks. so it's funny, because i know if i was the quarterback and someone was yelling in my ears,
6:55 pm
i would handle it much worse than those guys would. and sometimes i think they didn't hear it and i would repeat it again and they're just trying to call it. so i wish there was a two-way talk on it. it would be easier. >> former raider bruce irvin joined the atlanta falcons on the field today. he could be heard yelling as he was going out to practice "i'm free, i'm free." the raiders released him, and he's glad to be playing in his home up to, atlanta. >> there was no comparison. my family is here. my wife is from here. you know, like i said, it was a childhood dream. so as soon as i got the next opportunity to be able to be here with y'all, you know, i took advantage of it. >> the sharks are in dallas. they announced they had traded for superstar joe thornton in 2005. today, number 19 becomes just the 19th player in nhl history to reach 1500 career games. this is the start of a two games
6:56 pm
in two days midwest road trip for the sharks. first period, here comes the stars, a little snapshot past martin jones. that gives dallas a 1-0 lead. later in the period, kevin la bank, myer tied for the nhl league lead with his 12th of the season. 1-1 game, but the stars put up a couple of goals and right now in the second period and dallas leads 3-1. it will be fun to see dallas -- not dallas, but milwaukee and the warriors tonight and yonnis. he is a freak of nature. they call him the greek freak. >> join us homes destroyed, hospitals and schools evacuated. we'll have the latest on this huge fire burning in bui ing ii county. and we remember a young woman that lost her life in a mass shooting.
6:57 pm
join us for shoou sho"abc7 news and 11:00. >> and here's the lineup tonight. we'll be back for you with "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> and after us, it's "jimmy kimmel live." >> that's all tonight for you. that's this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news. >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us. have a nice evening. here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers,
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and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt
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covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. ♪ this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament! [ cheers and applause ] let's meet today's contestants. a senior from peachtree city, georgia... [ cheers and applause ] a junior from austin, texas... [ cheers and applause ] and a junior from owings mills, maryland... [ cheers and applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. hi, everyone, and welcome to my favorite tournament of the year. yesterday, we all went out and voted
7:00 pm
for the leaders of our country. i'm gonna spend the next two weeks with the future leaders of our country. maya, anish, emma, good luck. here we go! ♪ let's take a look at the categories... next... then... [ laughter ] [ laughter ] "snow" in quotation marks. emma, start. on the calendar for $200, please. anish. - what is flag day? - good. on the calendar for $400. anish. - what is memorial day? - no. - maya. - what is mother's day? - you got it. - on the calendar, $600.


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