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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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when you bundle both, and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile click, call or visit a store today. i grabbed basically whatever i could around me. >> a bay area woman is among the dozen people killed at a southern california bar. dozens gathered to remember her tonight. >> we grabbed our animals and some food and clothes and we're getting the heck out of here. >> thousands of residents grabbing what they can and making a run for ief fles devour their homes. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. the camp fire is getting close to the city of chico. >> wiping out much of the city of paradise.
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>> at last check the fire was up to 20,000 acres. about 1,000 structures have been destroyed and we know from video many of them are homes. >> the fire has injured a number of people, including two firefighters. today acting governor newsom is asking president trump to declare a state of emergency so government assistance can be brought in. >> reporter: well, i am standing just about two miles outside of downtown chico. this is where they are now doing voluntary evacuations, evacuation warnings. and the reason for this is this fire ridge behind me. if you can see that is neighborhood called little chico creek estates. it is in chico, according to the address. and those folks back there are actually being asked to evacuate. they have been given a warning because the fire, unfortunately, is moving this way.
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traveling like the wind, burning everything in its path, the camp fire raced across highway 99 and jumped the freeway. california highway patrol officers stopped traffic in both directions while dozens of fire fighting crews tried to move into position, but the fire was too big and too fast. one after another homes in paradise are burning. a scene as dark and horrific as any we've seen as yet another raging inferno wipes out a whole community. one resident gave us a ride on his atv. >> friends of mine, they lost it all. >> reporter: homes are burning despite the efforts of firefighters and some residents who stayed behind to try to save theirs or failing that, one of their neighbors. >> all of a sudden you get whirl winds, and i mean we're on so much dirt and the dust and ash were getting in your eyes and just burning. >> and we saw our neighbor joe's house go up in flames, we checked the rest of the street
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and started pulling trucks, trailers, anything we could save from the houses. >> reporter: these horses were set free but left behind to try to find their own way out. both lanes to the west of town were diverted to the outgoing direction to accommodate all of those who evacuated. many who could only grab their loved ones, their pets and themselves. could you take anything? >> barely us. >> you could hear explosions from like gas tanks and stuff. >> reporter: how's it look to you now? >> pretty bleak. i tried calling the house and she didn't pick up. >> reporter: and we're back live here just east of downtown chico. for those familiar with the area the warning -- the evacuation warnings are going out for the area south of highway 32 and east of bruce road. at this point according to chico police there are actually homes they're trying to save down the road from where i am standing. now, earlier today we were up in
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paradise. it was devastating up there and we took this video. i took it on my cellphone actually of a fire tornado. it was like something i've never seen before. we were a safe distance back but as you can see rather frightening the forces at work here with this fire. and still nowhere even close to being contained. at this point i can tell you there are many, many homes burning up in that paradise area and some other communities nearby. we also saw those forces, other animals loose just trying to fend for themselves. this is devastating situation. near chico, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> it is obviously, laura. thank you very much. now, the camp fire blew through paradise. this photo showing mcdonald's before and after it burned completely to the ground. the sign just remains. the photo was shared by the oakland firefighters strike team sent in order to help out. >> now, the bay area has sent
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strike teams from all over including alameda county. firefighters are already on the lines fighting the flames tonight. >> the skies out here are filled with the smoke burning from butte county. no matter where you looked there was haze and smoke in the air. >> kate, by midafternoon you could really smell the smoke today. >> reporter: absolutely. and you know i have spoken to people in oakland at day cares through high schools, all of whom had to keep their students inside this afternoon because of the poor air quality. and then late tonight the west contra costa unified school district announced because of the smoke in the air they are also making adjustments to their classrooms tomorrow. time lapse video from atlas peak in napa shows a thick roll of smoke rolling into the bay area. and in the east bay the sunsetting through all the haze created a dark orange glow. walter wallace with the air management quality district says because of the smoke burning in
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butte county air quality warning is in effect. >> young kids tend to breathe in more than the adults. >> so at the times the california wildfires happened -- >> reporter: because of the smoke he says that school officials ask that everyone stay inside after lunch. >> kids were like getting water constantly because the smoke was hurting their throat. >> reporter: many people in downtown oakland were wearing surgical masks to protect themselves from the smoke. this young woman says the fire has exacerbated her breathing problems. >> the smoke is really bad for my health. >> reporter: now, a reminder that only these n-95 masks, it says it right on the side, will protect your lungs from wildfire smoke. you can easily find these online and at a lot of hardware stores. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> kate, thank you so much. well, it was very windy
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today which of course fueled the fire in butte county and wind is always a major factor in these things. >> as you take a look here the winds near that fire line have increased. they're now out of the north-northeast gusting at 39 miles an hour. they had briefly eased, but they're picking up geb. not good news for the firefighters there. a spare the air alert has been issued through friday and also an air quality advisory. moderate air quality for the bay area. look at the satellite picture just coming into our area as a north wind blew it in. this is video sent to be twitter by one of my followers. another in dublin. and this one from the berkeley marina. red flag warning remains up for the hills, lake and salono counties until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour, along with low humidity still a
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danger. knoxville creek gusting to 45 miles an hour. so don't let your guards down just yet. now to our other top story in southern california, that horrific mass shooting last night at a nightclub has shaken the entire country. a gunman tossed a smoke bomb and opened fire. 12 people were killed celebrating at the club's college night. a witness posted video on social media while shots were being fired before they escaped. watch. >> our friends got the barstools and started flinging them against the windows so we could get out. >> a lone shooter was 28-year-old ian david long, a marine corp u.s. veteran. he killed himself. >> in thousand oaks tonight people are trying to come to grips with the violence that has rocked a normally very quiet community. >> at city hall where people
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turned out to remember the victims tonight. >> reporter: that's right, dan and ama. here at city hall so many people showed up. spilled onto a courtyard and onto a nearby lawn. all over town you will see flags like this flying at half staff, just a showing how this tight-knit community of about 130,000 people are mourning tonight. >> you might not know everybody's name but you're there for everyone. we're thousand oaks strong tonight. >> reporter: heads bound, arms locked thousands outside city hall, processing how this could happen to the city they fiercely love, a city known as one of the safest in the tragic turn of events at the bord line bar and gll last
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night almost too much to bear of the shooter who opened fire on revelers at the country western club last night. >> i heard pop, mop, pop i look up, the security guard is dead. >> reporter: that security guard like many a dear friend. >> i also know of many people that were involved, so it's devastating. this is thousand oaks. this is middle america. this is -- it just shouldn't happen here. it shouldn't happen anywhere. >> reporter: as thousands packed the performing arts center in the vigil hundreds more overflowed into the courtyard nearby. the comfort of being together is what this community needs. >> everyone is gathered here tonight, and my heart is broken. i'm one of those, you know, peace, love. i chose to wear this hat tonight because i got to believe that we are going to somehow figure out a way to stop this. >> reporter: this is thousand oaks strong. it is hard not to shed some
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tears covering this story. we should mention we tried to attend shawn adler's vigil but because of nearby wildfires the 101 was shutdown. we were not able to access it. already more vigils are planned for tomorrow. i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. well, we have more coverage of the deadly shooting in ventura county for you. >> yes, one of the victims a young woman from the bay area, how her family (music throughout)
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in the north bay tonight there were moving tributes to a recent graduate of the high
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school in napa. she was gunned down in that thousand oaks massacre. >> she is the niece of actor tumara housely. abc 7 reporter cornell bernard says it's left a community mourning and searching for answers. >> reporter: candles to remember elena housely. her family owns a long time grocery store here and most agree she was a teenager that was going places. >> she was the most amazing person and she had such a future ahead of her. >> reporter: she and her friends were at a bar in thousand oaks when a gunman opened fire. elena was among the 12 victims killed. hundreds filled the soccer field in napa for elena graduated last spring. >> we pray for the families. we pray for the victims. >> she's the athlete that never stops trying. she's the student who never
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stops studying. >> if you ever needed a friend, she was the one to go to. if you ever had problems, she was the one who would be there for you. >> reporter: congressman mike thompson made this call to action. >> and to resolve, we'll be everything in our power to put an end to the senseless violence. >> reporter: the housely family issued this statement saying we want to honor elena by focusing how she lived her life. she would have enjoyed the public debate that would be certain to happen after this tragedy. elena's grandfather told me off camera he was deeply moved by the service here at the high school. the loss of his granddaughter is just too deep to describe. >> again, 12 people lost their lives during last night's shooting. and this evening we're learning more about them. their dreams, and their impact on others. >> justin meek recently graduated from nearby california
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lutheran university. the school praised the 23-year-old for saving lives during the shooting. 22-year-old cody coffman loved baseball and served as the chief umpire for a youth league. he leaves behind two younger brothers. marine corp veteran dan monrique. both young men enjoyed off-road vehicles. shawn adler worked as a bouncer at borderline. a friend told abc 7 news adler had just fulfilled a dream by opening his own coffee shop called rivalry roasters. 20-year-old sparks active in her church. a friend praised how noel help others and
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faces and stories with the name as that will never be forgotten. yesterday we were talking a lot about the fire danger, and of course today we saw it explode. >> yesterday we were worried about the fire danger and now fire and real danger happening in butte county tonight. >> we have been seeing the impacts from that fire in butte county here in the bay area. take a look at the sunset from our emeriville camera. when that sun went down you can see the heavy smoke, dark skies, a little orangish as well when the sun went down at 5:03. i do have some safety tips to share with you. limit the amount of outdoor time you spend, make sure to bring your pets inside, if you do have ac, put it on recirculate or if you're in your car. or if necessary where you're in
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an area where the smoke is so bad where n-95 masks to protect yourself and also make sure you stay hydrated and your kids are hydrated as well if you have children. i do want to show you the highlights. we're basically looking at high fire danger into tomorrow morning, spare the air alert and do expect hazy smoky skies, sunny dry pattern through midweek next week. a live picture from our sutro tower camera and it is not crystal clear because of that smoke still coming through. live doppler 7 showing you clear skies. temperatures at this hour really a wide variety. from places in ucaya to 60s in places like clear lake. visibility is running low in places like santa rosa to 2 mis. 8 miles in hheke is goto connue to impact our visibility. hour by hour we go, midnight tonight still breezy in some of
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our hills and lower elevations. winds do die down tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. when that fire danger does ease. watch what happens to the winds. they were out of the northeast through tomorrow morning, but then they switch direction. that tomorrow afternoon should help to push some of that smoke out of our area from the camp fires. so that is at least encouraging, something to look forward to. freeze warnings in effect for mendocino county until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. definitely protect your plants, bring your pets inside. mid-to upper 30s in the north bay valleys. most of you in the 40s and 50s. and tomorrow afternoon hazy skies, sunshine for you, mild weather. today we were all in the 70s tomorrow, some 60s and 70s. the accuweather seven day forecast does feature hazy skies, gusty in the hills as we head towards veterans day.
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that pattern will continue right on through the workweek next week. i don't know about you too, dan and ama, and i know i stepped outside briefly tonight and i can already feel that smoke irritating my eyes, my nose. so stay inside if you can and avoid that smoke. tomorrow on good morning
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protesters gathered at civic center in san francisco. a billionaire activist tom strider made an appearance. he's been calling to impeach president trump for the past year. >> the protesters were organized by move and took place at 5:00 local time across the country. onto sports and not great news from the warriors tonight.
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>> we need to top find out what happened with steph. >> steph curry got hurt. double whammy
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i didn't really know you know,anyone here. a., i didn't know any architects. so it was kind of like, building that all over again. i've made lots of connections on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another, either by sharing information or thoughts. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it. i'm in it to make beautiful things.
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good evening, stunner tonight at oracle arena. the warriors got smoked by the milwaukee bucks and steph curry limped off with an injury. klei thompson, he got hot, but he was the only warrior with double figures. went for 26 points and yoenis, the greek freak, 24 points. just no stopping him.
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pat conoton, he had 13 off the bench. steph turns it over to malcolm, and steve kerr said his team played with mindless intent. but watch steph right here. strained run on the play. did not return as he left the game there, and mri tomorrow. tr ending an eight game win streak. playing his 1,500 career game. only 19 players have done so in history. able to redirect it. and then in the third vander kaine with a whiff on the shot that somehow goes look, it was so bad it was a good shot. that tied it up at three apiece. scores, dallas up 4-3. with a buck ten remain, thornton with a chance to tie it.
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he gets denied right here by an ton and stars win 4-3. sharks in st. louis 20 yard touch down on the opening drive, 7-0 panthers in a flash. great start, right? but the first offensive play for the steelers, 75 yards. that tied it at 7. and cam newton under pressure avoids a safety, throws a pick six. the steelers scores 13 points in 15 seconds. and abc 7 sports s
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that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm >> dickey: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- anthony anderson -- from "destroyer", sebastian stan -- this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from jeff goldblum and the mildred snitzer orchestra featuring haley reinhart -- and now, hold fast, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] zbli thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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