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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 9, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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to federal assistance can be brought in. traveling like the wind. burning everything in its path, the campfire raced across highway 99 and jumped the freeway. california highway patrol stopped traffic in both directions. dozens of firefighting crews moved into position. the fire was too big and too fast. one after another, homes are burning. a scene as dark and horrific as any we have seen as another inferno wipes out another community. homes are burning despite the efforts of firefighters and residents who stayed behind. >> all of a sudden you get whirl winds. we're on so much dirt and the dust and the ash were getting in your eyes and burning. >> we saw our neighbor
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gentlemen's house go in flames. we decided to start pulling trucks, trailers. >> the horses were set free but left behind to try to find their own way out. many could ones, their pets, and themselves. could you take anything? >> barely us. >> you could hear explosions from gas tanks and stuff. >> how does it look to you now? >> pretty bleak. a tried calling the house. the machine didn't pick up. >> there are many homes burning up in the paradise area and some other communities nearby. we also saw the horses. other animals loose trying to fend for themselves. this is a devastating situation. laura anthony, abc 7 news. it certainly is devastating. take a look here. the campfire blew through paradise in just hours.
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this photo shows a mcdonald's before and after it burned to the ground. the only thing standing there is the sign in front of the restaurant. >> they sent out photos and videos of their trucks hitting the road. crews coming from alameda, marin, san francisco, solano counties. they are made up of five fire engines. >> airbnb is opening its open homes program. it allows people to get out of their homes for free. it's a great resource if you need it. >> back to breaking news about the air quality this morning. i adjustment checked before we went on the air. sit three times worse in san francisco and parts of oakland than beijing. of course that's a result from
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the smoke from butte county. >> it is thick. you can smell et nearly everywhere. amy hollyfield is live in hercules for us. amy >> reporter: hi. good morning, jessica. schools are adjusting. we are in hercules, one of many school districts, if not all school districts, in the bay area limiting the children's activities outside. just look at what the smoke did to the scene here in the east bay. air quality experts say it is probably a good idea. >> young kids tend to breathe more than adults. in that case they will be breathing in a lot more of the air that could be harmful. >> it felt like the other times
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that the california wildfires happened. that's about what it felt like. >> reporter: watch this time lapsed video. driving around you see people wearing masks to try and protect their lungs. also not a bad idea. you can definitely smell it out here this morning. in southern california, there are two large fires burning in ventura county. they are forcing evacuations. >> the hill fire started yesterday afternoon. it has burned 10,000 acres. this is new video of the heavy smoke and flames burning overnight. the hill fire has forced a handful of communities to evacuate and shut down part of highway 101. >> the second fire is in
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county. multiple structures like the homes you see here have been destroyed. about 30,000 homes are threatened. you can stay on top of the fires and the problems with the smoke with abc 7 news app. it is free. be sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news, updates as we get them. this morning authorities will continue to dig deeper into the suspect's background. stephanie ramos has more on what investigators is have learned. >> reporter: good morning. authorities have been scrubbing the alleged gunman's past looking for clues why he would open fire killing so many. police still trying to figure ow the motive.
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they learned he had recently been cleared after an incident at his home. a community shattered. hundreds coming together to remember the 12 people killed late wednesday when a gunman opened fire inside a packed southern california bar during college night.
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don't expect it to be the same this morning when you walk out as yesterday. i'm not only talking about the air quality but the temperatures. wild swings because of the winds opens 10 degrees warmer. san jose, 9 degrees cooler. napa is 23 degrees cooler.
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livermore, 11 degrees cooler. concord 11 degrees warmer. san francisco, beach, 48. mid to upper 50s until you get to the financial and ferry building.
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just about two-thirds of our neighborhoods under unhealthy air right now. >> yeah. i drove to work with my coat sleeve over my nose and mouth. it was just really terrible. so i'm sure you're probably going to experience something similar as you head out the door. good news is we don't have any major incidents to tell you about so far today. a live look at the bay bridge. some of that haziness here at the toll plaza as well, along with backup in the cash lanes, especially on that left-hand side. the right side is not looking too bad. no metering lights. 5:25, 5:30 on a friday. we are hoping for a friday light commute today as well. central valley, tracy to dublin, 1 hour 6 minutes for you. you're definitely heavy. road work slowing you down. 4 to concord, still in the green at 13. san rafael to san francisco in the green as well, 16 minutes.
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thanks, alexis. one of the two men charged in oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire is back in court today. the mistake he claims the judge made that he wants another judge to reverse. brick and mortar may not be dead in the age of
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh.
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the air quality is in two-thirds of you neighborhoods. the winds will back off temporarily during the day saturday. they will pick up saturday night. more than ike likely we will be under a red flag warning. hazy central valley. eureka, 61. 80 in los angeles. let's take a look at tahoe. we willing in the mid to upper 50s with the driest air i have seen in a long time friday and saturday. 48 sunday. mid to upper first monday. one of two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is back in court. they are expected to ask a judge to reconsider a plea bargain that was rejected. another judge rejected it because he felt almena did not appear remorseful when victims's families spoke in court.
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max harris plans to take his case to trial. the criminal trial is scheduled for next april >> engineers expected to get preliminary results of tests on the cracks that caused the salesforce transit center in san francisco to close. at a city hall meeting, samples are being examined from a lab in new york. they plan to determine a possible fix to the problem. it has been shut for 44 days now. that was as long as incident was open before the cracks were discovered. >> some malls are investing heavily to stay competitive. >> one of them is westfield valley fair in santa fe. how it is enticing shoppers with a major renovation and expansion >> reporter: it's a massive transformation shoppers this
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holiday season will start to enjoy. 14,000 mosaic tiles made of italian limestone. work continues on a major expansion for 100 more stores and a dozen new restaurants and third anchor store, bloomingdale's. >> it is constantly evolving. we need to keep up with the customer. you can't ever stand still or they will find other people to go to. >> reporter: a price tag of $1.1 billion. at a time when some malls are dying, these shoppers glad they are staying relevant. >> i figured they must have done some research to know people like to conjugate and come somewhere particularly at the holidays and feel good about spending money and having a sense of community as opposed to just staying home and ordering online. >> reporter: an important goal is to extend how long people stay at valley fair from the current 73 minutes to two hours.
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>> the longer people are in a shopping environment, the more money they will spend. they want to stay because they have exciting things to do and food. >> reporter: it should be completed next spring. retailers will need to start building out their space. david louie, abc 7 news. >> i would prefer to go to a mall any day besides online shopping. >> me too. i'm old fashion said that way. >> i feel i don't have time to anymore. >> you don't. >> i can't remember the last time we went to the wall. >> you have a little baby. >> >> sit and watch football twhaoeul you go shopping. other tips because we have nasty air. you can hear it from your voice for sure.
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>> a lot going on. >> i can't seem to drink enough water to keep the irritation down from the smoke that's out there. bring the pets indoors. put the heater on recirculate and wear a mask. make it has the 95 designation. it will filter the fine particulate matter. san jose, hazy. your air is a little bit cleaner than the rest of us. that may not be the case as the day unfolds. warmer temperatures, fire danger returns tomorrow night likely through sunday. dry the next seven days. upper 60s half moon bay and san francisco. everybody else low to mid-70s, including santa cruz. 78 in morgan hill. that would be the exception. tonight will be one of our coolest nights because the breezes taper.
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sky remains clear other than the smoke. low to mid-40s around the bay. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. low to mid-70s pretty much every day. mid to upper 60s. >> good morning, mike. taking a look at traffic maps. most live green at this early hour. things looking okay in that regard. we have been talking about the air quality all morning. the tri-valley, some of that showing up on our visibility layer. it is just really thick. unfortunately you are going to have to deal with this in your vehicle or using mass transit. tracy, westbound 205, 7 miles per hour. you are up to 9 miles per hour once you make it to 580. we do have road work slowing you down. no incidents along that route, though. san jose, 101, 880, slowly filling in. no significant issues for you.
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>> thanks, alexis. getting our first look at the deep discounts on black friday. >> facebook expanding its dating app. here's "tech bites". >> in today's "tech bites", black friday deals. >> black friday is still two weeks ago, but some retailers already unveiled their discounts. best buy will have deals on macbook pro, apple watch. and walmart already taufrg deals with tvs and laptops. facebook dating is rolling out in canada and thailand. no word if or when the facebook dating app will come to the u.s. the digital footprint for kids is getting started even before they're born. >> before a child becomes a teenager, their parents have posted 1,300 pictures and videos of them online, including the ultrasound. children get their first social media account by 11 years old. >> absolutely amazing. those are your "tech bites".
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>> it's just a different time. >> yikes. >> michelle obama reveals a serious medical issue she once faced. >> east behave congressman eric
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ snfle ] ♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪words, can't bring me down♪
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you're never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. something near and dear to me,
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the next person that survives alzheimer's will be the first person that survives alzheimer's. we are walking tomorrow at at&t park, thousands of us, to raise money. it will be a great day other than a little smoke in the air. 54 at registration. we finish up to 66 degrees. hope to see you there. >> thanks, mike. for the first time, former first lady michelle obama is opening up about the struggle to have kids, including a miscarriage she suffered 20 years ago. >> in an exclusive interview with robin roberts, she reveals why she decided to talk about it now. >> i felt lost and alone and that i failed because i didn't know how common miss carriages were because we don't talk about it. we is sit in our own pain thinking that somehow we're broken. so that's one of the reasons it's important to talk to young mothers about the fact that miscarriages happen. and the biological clock is
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real. egg production is limited. >> mrs. obama reveals to robin roberts she underwent in vitro fertilization in order to conceive her two daughters. you can watch more of the candid conversation in an abc news primetime special called "a first lady's journey, becoming michelle obama" this sunday at 9:00 p.m. only on abc 7. another local politician has his eyes set on the white house. eric swalwell tells fox news he is looking for a run for president in 2020. he wants to talk to his family about it over the holidays. earlier political reporter and a course close to swalwell says he's definitely running. he is a ranking member on the house intelligence committee and one of trump's most outspoken un clinics. they are asking witnesses of
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possible hate crimes to call 510-637-4283. messages left on the hotline will be reviewed daily. the city set up the hotline so residents have an easy and direct way to report hate crimes. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we have bone dry air that could mess with your sinuses. good news, look at the winds. 15 to 25 miles per hour. they will continue to taper. that's why the red flag warning expires at 7:00. midnight saturday night, you could see the winds developing once again. increasing as we head towards sunday morning, 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's getting close to critical fire conditions. i wouldn't be surprised if another red flag warning is issued for saturday night into sunday. during the day sunday, the winds will cool down. the events not as strong as the ones we're living through right
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now and they won't last quite as long. >> in the east bay, a disabled vehicle on southbound 880 just south of 238. part of the right lane blocked. emergency crews on the way to the scene. so far that is not a major issue. we have a pretty longanbachup in the cash lanes on either side of the hole plaza. no metering lights yet. at least 30 minutes to go until that happens. the carpool lane is not open yet either. pretty average commute crossing the bay bridge. a little bit longer than average here. tracy to dublin, especially for a friday, heavy 1 hour 3 minutes. 101, still in the green at 15 minutes. thanks, alexis. thanksgiving less than two weeks away. in the south bay, sacred heart is launching its annual holiday food program. the goal is to district 7,400
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food boxes to families who need a helping hand. each contains canned goods, fresh produce, cooking oil and a turkey. officials say they have received a few turkey donations from the community. they really need your help still to fill the freezer full of turkeys in time for thanksgiving. again, there's less than two weeks to go. next at 5:00, devastating wildfire destroys homes in northern and southern california. >> tens of thousands of people evacuated near chico as another firenado is caught on camera. we have watched home after home go up in flames near thousand oaks >> we are learning a lot more about the victims of wednesday night's mass shooting. a live look outside at 4:57. it's very smoky out there. you can smell the smoke even in san francisco. we will have a
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hundreds of homes gone. and the wildfire devastating butte county continues to burn. chances are you are going to smell the smoke this morning. it is bringing terrible air quality to the bay area. two wildfires in southern california destroying homes. strong winds making it even worse. so we don't have a lot of good news for you i'm sad to say on this friday morning, november 9th. >> we want to focus on the fire burning through butte county. let's check in with mike about the air quality. what does it mean for the bay area, mike? >> like you guys mentioned, it is just nasty out there. you can taste it. you can't get away from it unless you get


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