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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 9, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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>> it's happened again. devastating wildfires across populate said areas of our state. tens of thousands of people are evacuated from their homes in butte county. we're also watching two destructive fires burning right now in ventura county. hundreds of homes likely destroyed near thousand oaks just a day after a mass shooting in the same area. >> listen to this. all cal fire says there are 16 fires burning across the state right now. thanks for joining us. it is friday, november 9th >> you will smell it this morning when you go out your door most likely. unless you live in the south bay. that is the decent air quality. >> let's talk about the air quality. red means it is unhealthy for all of us.
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it spends well into the east bay. san mateo southward, that's where some of the -- well, less dirty air, let's put it that way. moderate is okay to breathe. in the orange, what you are seeing around san jose, fremont, palo alto is unhealthy for those that are young, maybe the elderly, those who have asthma and such. red is unhealthy for everybody. it is more dangerous from ukiah, clear lake. look at the purple. that is something new that changed so far this morning. masks recommended. >> good morning, mike. we have a sig-alert north of sfo. you don't want to take southbound 101 if you have an early flight this morning. sig-alert southbound 101 before brant avenue a semi, pickup truck and two sedans involved. injuries as well. we haven't gotten many updates
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on that. take el camino real or 280 for an alternate. you can see all the broke and haziness under the lamps. out of control wildfire threatening chico. it has burned through paradise. >> and the camp myer on this map spread quickly yesterday and destroyed paradise. megalia, butte, creek county, butte valley under evacuation orders. 40,000 have been evacuated. the fire destroyed a thousand buildings. 20,000 acres have already burned. high winds are making the campfire even worse. >> take a look at this firenado. laura anthony captured it on
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camera. she said when the flames picked up, the flames were leaping hundreds of feet into the air. >> schools are canceled in santa rosa. we just got word a few minutes ago. the administration says it is canceling classes and activities because of that heavy smoke from the campfire. all campuses will be closed because of poor air quality. santa rosa junior college. 6 all schools in santa rosa being closed. >> it is the junior college you see on the screen. we have it updated on the map.
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and all public schools. we just got that three minutes ago. >> initially we thought it would be just the college and then it expanded. more breaking news. wildfires are not burning here near us but southern california. they are dealing with similar situations there. >> matt keller live with the details on that. matt? >> reporter: one of the fires burning near simi valley. the hill fire has burned 10,000 achers and forced mandatory evacuations. miles away, firefighters battling the woolsey fire. kabc with some breaking us. a few minutes ago we watched the fire jumped the 101 freeway near los hills. firefighters were in place, quickly got on top of it so it didn't go very wildly. >> an update to that.
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bad news as we take a live look above the fire. ventura county fire department reporting 101 is closed at liberty canyon road. the fire crossed and established the south side of the freeway. it is about three acres. woolsey fire has grown to 8,000 acres with zero containment. at least 15 homes have been destroyed in oak park. >> we tried to put up water curtains to stop the homes from -- when we came, there were certain homes because of the winds that were blowing fire from one home to the next. strong winds are expected to continue with gusts up to 50 miles per hour expected. no fatalities or severe injuries reported. matt keller, abc 7 news. we have updates on all of these fires are we are also sending out updates on abc 7 news app.
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let's talk about the mass shootig in thousand oaks. just a short distance from the fire as matt was just describing. investigators searching for the answer on a lot of people's minds. why did he do it? >> the lone shooter was 28-year-old ian david long, a u.s. marine corps. veteran. he killed himself after killing 12 people at the club's college night. >> we are learning a lot more about some of those victims. this is justin meek. he had recently graduated from nearby california lutheran university. the school praised him for saving lives during the shooting. and 22-year-old cody coffman loved baseball. he served as chief umpire for a youth league. he leaves behind two younger brothers. marine corps. veteran dan manrique helped with a group called team red white and blue. another victim, blake dingman. he played baseball in high school, grew up in thousand oaks.
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he died along with his friend jake dunham. sean adler worked as a bouncer. he had justlled a dream by opening his open coffee shop called rivalry rosters. and sergeant ron helus lost his life trying to take down the gunman. the 54-year-old was on the phone with his wife as those reports % of a shooting came in over the radio. he said i love you and then went to respond to that shooting. 21-year-old noel sparks was active in her church. a friend praising sparks for helping others and saying that she leaves a legacy of, quote, selfless serve attitude. >> and then 18-year-old alaina housely from the north bay. she was studying at pepperdine university. graduated from vintage high school in napa just last spring. last night family and friends lit candles at the yountville community center and held a
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vigil on the vintage high school soccer field. >> we pray for the families. we pray for the victims. >> she's the athlete that never stops trying. she's the student who never stops studying. >> if you ever needed a friend, she was the one to go to. if you ever had problems, she would be there for you. >> reporter: congressman mike >> reporter: the housely family said we want to honor alaina by focusing on how she lived her life. she would have insisted it be respectful with an eye towards solving senseless shootings. still ahead, relief will come a little bit later from metro riders crammed into packed trains. you're never more than seven were minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i want to give you a few tips before you head outside. obviously limit the time if you can. that's your outside today. bring your pits in. don't forget about them. heater, air conditioner on recirculate to keep the smoky
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air out. if you can find it i
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it's almost 6:12 friday. incredible 38 men row park. half moon bay, 64 degrees. let's see if they are crazy everywhere else. freezing cold in santa rosa, 31. oakland, 54. 45 in san jose. 41 right now in livermore. here's a look at the way the planner breaks down. you can see as we head throughout the day, haze will keep our temperatures down a little bit. still warmer than average with upper 60s at noon everywhere. mid-60s at the coast. low to mid-70s at 4:00. 7:00, back in the 50s and 60s. look at the smoke all the way down to santa cruz. danger everywhere because of the poor air quality outside. you just want to not do it today if you can. i know that he wants not the slogan, but don't do it. >> all right. southbound 101, they cleared the crash fairly quickly. just north of ffo, a crash
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right now we want to take you back to southern california. a live look at ventura county right now dealing with two wildfires burning in ventura county and forcing hundreds, if not thousands, of evacuations overnight. we just got word a few moments ago during our newscast, about a half hour or so ago, highway 101 is closed in both directions through ventura county. of course 101 in the bay area as well. in that particular area it connects ventura county eventually to did the los angeles. you can see the huge flames on the hillside there. ventura county where thousand oaks is located where the the mass shooting happened yesterday morning. we are keeping our eyes on this. we'll give you any new details as they come in. homes very close to the flames. because of the other big
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fire that we are monitoring out of the north of us in butte county, we want to reiterate santa rosa schools have just decided they are going to close this morning. they sent out this tweet that says all santa rosa city schools closed friday, november 9th. air quality is entering the hazardous range. remain indoors at home. smoke is drifting into the bay area making air quality bad for so many of us. especially bad in the north bay. i wouldn't be surprised, mike, if we see a lot of schools in oakland and san francisco limit outdoor activities today. >> they should. if they're thinking about it, just go ahead and do it. it's not going to change with the north easterly flow. even though it backs off a little bit, it is still pulling in more smoke from the fire that's out of control. it will continue pushing out
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particulate matter that is unhealthy for us. look at the sky over san jose. it looks like it is on fire. no fire close. trust me. 101 and 880. visibility as low as two miles at sfo. four miles at livermore due to the smoke. it has nothing to do with fog. this is the way it looks from san rafael. looking towards the golden gate bridge. oh, look, the fog is back. cooler weather is here. no, that is smoke. it will still be hot today. well, warm, put it that way. we're still going to hit the 70s in many areas. haze will large tonight. cooler tpbgs thanks to breezes. fire danger possible again saturday night, into sunday. a smaller wind with slightly slower winds. but still high fire dangerib le. 71 to 75 this afternoon.
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look at the mid-30s in the deepest valleys. 48 in san francisco tomorrow. my accuweather seven-day forecast is extremely dry and warmer than average once again. expect mid-60s to upper 60s at the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay. nothing to even get the smoke out of the air, alexis. >> hate to hear that, mike. southbound 101, out of san francisco, heading toward the airport. we are improving. we had a sig-alert here. we just flipped back into the green. that is bouncing back fairly quickly. certainly good news there. hearing about a crash involving a fatality eastbound 80, state route 12 in fairfield. we had the far right lane blocked. they might have to take away more lanes than that. i am working on confirming that with chp. a backup approaching the scene
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san francisco da thanks, alexis. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. >> amy rohrbach with a look attt what's ahead. >> great to be with you. coming up next we are following three major wildfires exploding in california, erupting in size overnight forcing tens of thousands to flee. first lady michelle obama opening up about her life with former president, their marriage, and their struggle to get pregnant. plus, new behind the scenes details from the royal wedding. prince harry sharing the moment he asked to walk meghan down don
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aisle. a disney super far teach ser in for a huge surprise. you're not going to want to miss this one. >> i thought ginger and i were tight, but i guess she decides to award someone else. >> she
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you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. unhealthy air is spreading. it is now over the south central bay. inland east bay, coast, central bay, north bay, only the santa clara valley has decent air right now. that could change because winds are blowing northeast to southwest pushing the smoke into the santa clara valley also. iisiday. all abo brisn't,het
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spot. we all know brunch is a thing on the mainland. but it also say thing here. we are at the hottest brunch spot and i'm hungry. let's eat. as soon as i walk in, i know there's something special cooking inside this super popular brunch house. i asked general manager justin young about the key ingredient. >> what do you think has been the secret to your success so far? >> it's definitely going to be the stuff. they come up with five to six specials daily of different things that are fresh, local, organic. and they put their own fun twist on everything too. >> cocod a locals and visitors alike. the staff feels like family. a seat at the counter feels like home. but if you have trouble deciding what to order, be prepared. >> i often tell my guests to just point at the menu and pick whatever their finger lands on. however, a corn flake french toast is our hands down best seller.
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now at 6:30, breaking news all across the state. thousands of homes likely destroyed in southern california as two raging fires tear across ventura county. >> four people trapped in the basement. it is surrounded by fire. >> terror in butte county. residents of an entire town running out. some trapped by walls of flames. right now that fire is headed toward the city of chico. >> smoke from butte county fire blowing into the bay area. east bay hills showing us the haze. a lot of us waking up to burning eyes, scratchy throats. changes at local schools are making in the wake of this. and i think everyone here on air and behind the scenes have really been suffering from the smoke. >> well, the smell is terrible. but starting to affect our breathing.
6:31 am
>> i have a mask over there in between traffic reports. the studio is one of the least bad areas. >> it is bad. you can see behind us as we look toward the bay bridge. >> we are doing something that we have turned off the air-conditioning so it doesn't pull in air from the outside. that's the only reason i think we are better than the rest of the building. that was a good call. recirculation button on my car absolutely needed. as soon as it turned off, i could feel the wave of smoke filling up the car. this is probably the most widespread of unhealthy air we have had in years. about 75 percent of the bay area is under that red. sonoma county, mendocino, lake counties, it is very unhealthy. it's just something you don't want to breathe in. thankfully it will relax in about a half hour now. it is the possibility that it may return saturday night. that's coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> good morning, mike. i have a few more details now on
6:32 am
this fatality. this is a collision on eastbound 80, fairfield, state route 12. it is a sig-alert. we confirmed with chp, only the far right lane blocked. that will likely be an extended closure. one lane blocked. we were in the red the last time we checked. now in the yellow. it has thinned out the last few minutes. haze and smoke southbound 680, our typical brake lights approaching the highway 24 split. thanks, alexis. a major wildfire in butte county called the camp tpaoeufrplt thousands of structures being threatened. >> we can feel the impact across the bay area. the smoke that you are smelling, waking up to. matt keller has more details on our breaking news. jessica, we have seen in the video it's been awful in paradi paradise. reports of fatalities. they have not vefied. th rr. ks
6:33 am
they still have 400 more to go as they tried to find people reported missing. check out this video of a car trying to drive out from paradise. people just trying to escape the flames. tens of thousands evacuated. so many homes are burning. estimated to be 1,000 structures as this raging inferno is wiping out a whole community. the weather is so dry and windy, creating a perfect storm for the flames. >> this actually the wind caused its own wind. all of a sudden you get whirlwinds. the dust and the dirt and the ash were getting in your eyes and just burning. it was really crazy wind. i've never been in that kind of wind before. scary. >> reporter: both lanes of neil road to the west of town were convertetion so people could evacuate the area. many only able to grab their loved ones, their pets and themselves. some people set their horses free hoping they would be able to find their own way out.
6:34 am
overnight, chico fire department evacuating several people in their area as well. some evacuation centers are full and they are being asked to go to other evacuation centers. matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. the campfire, let's talk a little bit more about this because of this stunning image. look at this photo from mcdonald's. before and after when it burned to the ground. the only thing standing was a sign in front of the restaurant. the photo was shared by the oakland firefighter strike team, one of the teams sent to butte county. >> strike teams from multiple fire departments are helping with the campfire. they sent out photos a video of trucks hitting the road. the strike teams are made up of five fire engines and 20 personn personnel.
6:35 am
>> airbnb is opening its open homes program. it allows people to get out of their homes for free. here is the look from space. the satellite image gives you a look at how bad it is in some areas. air quality is actually several times worse than it is this morning in beijing, which is in the good range this morning. here we are in an unhealthy range. i just checked. we actually are getting a little bit worse as the morning goes on. >> as the smoke starts to really hit the bay area and go south. >> right. >> sonoma county really smelling the smoke. we told you in the last half hour, all santa rosa city schools are closed. we have learned that rohnert da. >> in addition, more than two dozen other schools are closed today. we are working to get er at the bottom ofr lt screen.ertainly alist.
6:36 am
amy hollyfield is live with what other local school districts are doing to protect their kids. amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. good morning. they are responding here because look behind me. this is what the air quality looks like in the east bay as the sun comes up this morning. you can see there is an orange haze. they haven't canceled classes. i spoke to west contra kos extra. they put out the word that the kids will stay inside but there will be classes. that is 54 schools. other districts in the bay area, if not all of them, are having the same reaction. look at the smoky shot of the sun we saw in the east bay yesterday. school officials say it isn't safe to let kids run around outside in this. so p.e., lunch, recess all will be moved indoors today. this could change as the day goes on. we will be watching for any changes in the wind and air quality. >> we have put out a notice that
6:37 am
while the aircondition quality is in the unhealthy or sensitive to unhealthy group ranges we want to keep our students inside as much as possible. as the winds shift and as the air quality conditions change, we may put out new direction to our school sites. this time lapsed video shows what we're dealing with. a blanket of smoke moving into the bay area. parents should check with kids's doctors if they're worried and keep the kid doughs home if they do have concerns. this district has three football teams in the playoffs this weekend. so of course they would love to practice today and play those games tonight and a couple of them tomorrow night. they're going to wait and make that call as they watch the weather and see what the day holds. reporting live in hercules, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. it could really be unhealthy to have football practices. soutrncafornia t l wildfires are burning in ventura
6:38 am
county and forcing evacuations. >> the hill fire started yesterday afternoon and has burned 10,000 acres. this is new video of the heavy smoke and flames burning from overnight. the hill fire has forced a handful of communities to evacuate. it's also shut down part of highway 101. the second fire in ventura county is woolsey fire. within the hour, it's jumped highway 101, shutting down the freeway in both direction the. here's a live picture in l.a. flames heading out towards malibu. it has burned 8,000 acres. we have seen multiple homes destroyed. about 30,000 homes threatened. >> you can stay on top of the fires and the smoke with the abc 7 news app. free to download. enable push alerts to get breaking news updates >> the horrific mass shoot anything thousand oaks. >> this morning authorities are digging deeper into the suspect's background. they say 28-year-old ian david
6:39 am
long, a former marine, opened long had been cleared by mental health specialists after an incident at his home. sit once again raising concerns about mental health and gun control. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends. and he came home. he didn't come home last night. i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want god control and i hope nobody else sends me any more prayers. >> heartbreaking to hear that mother. hundreds of people gathered in thousand oaks last night to honor the 12 victims who were killed. >> one of the victims killed is an 18-year-old woman from napa. alaina housely was a freshman at pepperdine university. she graduated from vintage high school in napa earlier this year. family and friends remember her as a dedicated athlete and
6:40 am
student. >> meanwhile, democrats are promising action on gun lawsen house in january including expanded background checks, a ban on assault style weapons. it could win approval in the house next year but will face opposition from the republican-controlled senate and of course the white house. we have put together a list of resources to help you deal with violence is, mental health issues. go to to find your ally. >> we have microclimates this morning. never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. 45 in san jose. milpitas, low to mid-50s. 43 in newark. 64 in half moon bay. freezing cold in novato, 32. mid 30s in lafayette and danville. that's what the winds are doing. all ri look at this. thisu can tell that is not the right color for fog, is it? no.
6:41 am
that's all the smoke we are seeing as we look to the west along the san matteo bridge. the roads, mass transit, ferry, no rain or anything else to worry about. sfo delays because of the reduction in the visibility due to the smoke. make sure you check ahead. accuweather 12-hour planner. upper 60s. 63 at the coast. low 70s fort rest of us. the haze will keep the temperatures down a little bit. 51 to 60 at 7:00. let me show you what's going on as far as our humidity. look at that. 9 to 16% right now. our winds are tapering, 15 to 25, almost 30. but look what happens tonight at midnight through 7:00 sunday morning. the winds pick up once again. not as fast and not around as long. but that sll wind could prompt a red flag warning. you are keeping an eye on the roads. what are you seeing?
6:42 am
>> it is not exactly friday light. southbound 880, marina boulevard, suv and essential issy involved in a crash. far right lane blocked right now. we also have the on-ramp from davis blocked approaching that scene. definitely a little bit of a backup now. not as bad as if it was amon through thursday commute. there you go. pretty much any camera we look at at this point, the smoke and the haze. 101 looking okay. a quick check of drive times. highway 4 to the maze, yellow, 32 minutes. 15 minutes across the bay bridge. land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us...
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on a potato bun. it's a burger as american as bald eagles. i get it, i'm bald. fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. we have been on air for two hours. you can see where the northwest winds is starting to spread into the south central bay. santa clara valley right now has relatively healthy air. tomorrow hopefully that all changes. limit them until tomor good idea. 70s and 80s until you get in the hills and mountains. 50s and 60s.
6:46 am
more school closures. pelt lieu ma city schools we're told are now closed. >> that is due to the poor air quality from the wildfire in butte county. the list of schools adding up this morning. a full list on >> live to southern california. a live look from a gore ra hills in los angeles county. ventura county has two wildfires burning out of control. we have been telling you throughout it morning. you see the flames the hill sides. we're keeping an eye on the fires burning for you throughout our newscast. earlier this morning, speaking of those, veronica miracle with knbc in los angeles
6:47 am
was actually covering one of those fires, the woolsey fire in ventura county. >> you will see what happened after firefighters rescued a cat from a burning home. >> we just witnessed something possible tragic but heart warming. the truck was in tprofpblt this house. the firefighters took a cat out of the house. this kitty here is burned but is alive. from what i understand, yeah, the firefighters tell me they were trying to get it to safety. they tell us we can't save this cat. we need to get to work. can you help us? that's what we're working on here. we have the cat in the cage. very badly burned but alive. and out of that house. the firefighter told me that's his best friend's house. and this house on the corner that is all burned up is, a
6:48 am
firefighter owns that house. these firefighters are literally working on these homes that are their own. they ever working on their own homes that are burning down. what a horrible scene. veronica took the cat to a nearby vet. >> the cat in the icu with burns to the back leg. he will be monitored for the next 48 hours. the cat, good news, expected to be okay. okay. glad to see that. now we will take a look at our weather, which is so important today for firefighters but also for the amount of smoke that a lot of us are now being subjected to because of the fire blowing now smoke into the bay area. yeah. that's going to be a recurring theme all throughout today and possibly the next several days as the offshore winds, they will weaken a little bit. they will still be dominant. with the fire still out of control, it will bill low all the smoke and keep passing it our way. you can see right here as we look from the exploratorium camera, oh, man, it's just murky
6:49 am
out there. here's a look at our visibility. 4 in livermore, 3 in sfo. 2 in santa rosa due to the smoke. this is the way it looks from mt. tam. sure, it will make a gorgeous sunrise. that's not the point. the point is most of us have unhealthy air right now and will continue to have unhealthy air all day today. when you want to get outside, it will be warm. it will be hard to breathe. we talked about fire danger returning tomorrow night through sunday afternoon. just no chance of rain. we'll have the offshore breeze. upper '60s along the coast. and san francisco. 71 to 75 elsewhere. cooler tonight. but it will still be hazy out there. mid-30s to mid-40s. san francisco, 48. here's what i'm talking about. high and dry. no chance of rain. no chance of a sea breeze bringing in cleaner air either.
6:50 am
alexis >> all right. taking a look at the roads, a crash involving a motorcycle westbound 80, san pablo dan roadblocking the left lane. they are sending an ambulance to the scene but i have not heard how serious the injuries may be. we are seeing a backup a mile and a half, two miles. eastbound 80, state route 12, a sig-alert. we have a fatal crash. that investigation continues in the far right lane. one lane blocked. so it's not causing a huge backup. look at the smoke here. it has settled around the san mateo bridge. the fog and not. just very unhealthy air. yep, that's unfortunately going to be part of your commute today. >> alexis, thank you. new at 6:00, muni metro riders have a reason to celebrate. they are speeding up the purchase of new trains to help ease crowding. according to the examiner, 100 new trains will arrive four years earlier than expected. he that? they are a skwrufgt the layout
6:51 am
after some were complaining. 250 new trains over the next decade >> thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. happening today in the south bay, sacred heart community service is launching its annual holiday food program. the goal is to give out thousands of holiday food boxes to families in need. each contains a turkey and other ingredients for a thanksgiving meal. unfortunately the food drive off to a slow start. we stopped by sacred heart in san jose this morning. check out what we found >> our goal is to right now we have one. >> just one turkey. they need the help at sacred heart donation center. you can make a donation online if you don't want to drop off a turkey. find all the details on that one turkey is looking pretty lonely. i'm pretty sure we could do
6:52 am
better than that. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go >> but first a look at the huge wildfire in a gore ra hills, los
6:53 am
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6:54. if you're just joining us, here are the 7 things you need to know before you chico. butte county sheriff saying there have been reports of fatalities but they have not been verified. >> offshore breeze brought the smoke in yesterday afternoon. it keeps getting thicker and worse and spreading south. now 75% of the bay area breathing unhealthy air. sit heading into the south bay. you could be next on the spare the air day. number 3, smoke from the fire is forcing dozens of school closures in the bay area, including petaluma, santa rosa, row tphert park unified school district closed. this is all because of the poor air quality. >> wildfires burning in southern california. the more devastating is the the woolsey fire. it has jumped highway 101, moving towards malibu. homes have burned. 30,000 homesthreatened >> number five, last night
6:56 am
hundreds of people in thousand oaks mourned the 12 people killed in the mass shooting. one victim 18-year-old alaina housley. she graduated from vintage high school in napa earlier this year. >> number six, derrick almena's attorney will ask a judge to reconsider a plea bargain that was initially rejected. another judge rejected it. he said almena did not feel remorseful when the victims's families spoke in court. >> one crash. it has been pushed off to the shoulder. >> my first spot auto would be to get an n 95 mask. i have a feeling they will be sold out today. >> you can barely see the sun behind us. hazy everywhere. >> apocalyptic. >> yeah. >> unhealthy air for all of us. spare the air through midnight. >> please be
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, multiple wildfires burning out of control through california right now. >> go, go, go. >> one destroys a town called paradise, burning down homes, businesses, a preschool, even a hospital going up in flames. >> we lost everything. >> wind whips up this firenado as thousands race to escape. >> oh my god, the tree is burning right next to us. >> abandoning their cars, running on foot as flames close in on both sides. also this morning, the search for answers in that deadly mass shooting at a california bar. the video showing those moments of terror. what we're now learning about the 12 people who were killed, some as they were trying to save others. breaking overseas, terror attack. a car up in flames, a man going


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