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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 10, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. >> it's saturday, november 10th. good morning and thank you for waking up with us i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the look at the accuweather forecast. here our meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. we are still under the stagnant air mass. a dome much high pressure pushing to the north. live doppler 7 showing fudge fog. visibility less than two miles in concord as well as livermore due to the haze and smoke and upper levels of atmosphere. the frost advisory for pet lump and sand rafael going for another hours where temperatures bottom out below freezing. 43 in oakland and san jose. with 32 in morgan hill. at the boech, 51 in santa cruz. so that smoke ob securing the sun. it's chilly, even cooler this afternoon with 60s and 70s.
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a spare the air alert for unhealthy air today. chris. >> thanks. this morning tens of thousands of people are out of homes in butte county as the most destructive wildfire in california history continues to spread. >> we're just hoping right now that our home is going to be okay. >> the campfire has destroyed nearly 6,500 homes and more than to a businesses. nine people have died and nearly three dozen remain missing. the for has grown to 100,000 acres. containment at 20%. president trump is responding to the fires burning in california right now. overnight he threatened to stop federal funding. this is what he tweeted after midnight there is no reason for the massive deadly and costly forest fires in california. except that forest management is poor. billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. remedy now or no more fed payments. this comes as we learn more
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about what may have started the deadly fire in butte county. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has the story. >> calfire radio transmission suggests the utility giant pg&e may be responsible for the deadly campfire. 15 minutes before the deadly campfire began turning paradise into an apocalyptic scene, pg&e detected a transmission line outage across the feather river from poe dam. >> possible power lines down. >> that resulted in a power outage at 6:15 a.m. calfire says the fire started near the area at 6:33. >> these are things that should not be happening. >> jerry hill has remained critical of pg&e. he authored sb 819 meant to protect customers from pg&e related rate hikes. this year calfire found equipment owned and operated by the utility started at least 12 wildfires in the october 2017 fire storm. investigators found pg&e
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violated state code in eight of the fires. including the devastating and deadly adobe and atlas fires which torched the north bay. attorney frank pitre is representing victims of the north bay wildfires against the utility giant. >> at this point in time, morp questions than answers. however, because i've been through -- i've seen this movie now -- this is the fourth time that i've seen this movie. i think i know how it's going to end. >> but there is still a long way to go when this campfire firefighter. >> we have potential for a major incident. request a 15 additional engine zblos pg&e e-mailed a statement saying the cause of the campfire has not been determined and process pg&e will fully cooperate with any investigations. pg&e warned customers it might shut down power to parts of butte county two days before the kampa fire ig noted we know that was never the case. i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7
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news. ee vacancy centers are filled with residents. the red cross opened four sheltners butte county. our reporter carlos salcedo brings s the update from chico. >> outdoor lamp posts illuminates the thick smoke-filled air. the rage willing campfire forced tens of thousands of residents to evacuate and overwhelmed several shelters. red cross volunteers brought in extra beds at this shelter in chico to km date more evacuees. >> we slept in the car overnight here probably do that tonight. >> nicole reardon packed up precious belonging in her mom's car forced to leave her vehicle behind. >> we got as much as we can. my car was left hipped because of not enough gas. >> nicole's main concern no you is what's left of her paradise home sfla i know ace hardware burned down we were right below. it had to go through us to get to them and our side of the hill
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is complete. we're about 95% sure ou house is gone. >> for those still standing looting is a concern. the sheriff with a stern wagener. >> loot something a despicable crime. if you go into an area people people have been displaced and steal from them that is the lowest form of thievery. and we take it seriously. >> officials asking for patience from residents during uncertain times. many praying for the best. >> we are just hoping right now that our home will be okay. >> others preparing for the worst. >> we might rebuild. we might move out of state. we might move somewhere else. we just don't know. >> officials do not have a time line on when evacuees will be allowed to return to paradise to see for themselves the damage that's been left behind. in the meantime there are still 35 people who have been reported missing. officials say that those individuals might not be
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missing, but haven't been able to make contact with loved ones. in chico, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> and in the nearby town of paradise, officials estimate only 10 to 20% of homes are still standing. our news reporter laura anthony has a closer look. >> we are in downtown paradise, a town that 26,000 people called home. that is before the fire. now it's a town that's been virtually destroyed in less than 24 hours. the road through paradise is now lined with scenes of apocalyptic destruction. and jarring signs of sheer terror and panic. abandoned cars line the roadways. there are trucks, even a school bus among them. some even ran off the road or smashed into one another as drivers tried to escape the wall of flames. now we know at least 5 people here didn't make it out.
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m through, wt' left devastatin. in every direction left and right, street after street the homes are gone and so are most of the businesses. the. >> the town is devastated. it's devastated. we are grateful to have gotten people out as quickly as we did yesterday. but we have a lot to do to rebuild. >> paradise mayor jody jones and councilman steve crowder surveys what was left of the town, trying to keep an eye toward the future, amid so much darkness. >> about 80% of the houses in town are gone. and our downtown is devastated. this fire took everything. it wasn't a section. it was townwide. >> this is just one of more than 200 businesses that burned here
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in paradise, probably in a matter of minutes. it will now take this community many years to recover. in paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the smoke from the campfire is drifting into the bay area. the -- a spare the air alert in effect through monday. lisa argen is back with more about that. and lisa, this is problematic especially for sensitive groups. >> that's right, chris. it hasn't been this bad since last october. in fact it's worse in some areas from the wildfires in santa rosa. and we are looking at this to continue, even sliding further south along the central coast skies yesterday. today, tomorrow and monday, a spare the air alert. you notice the reds have taken out from sunday and monday. we get wind tonight and the wind will mix out the atmosphere a bit. but unfortunately you've heard it's a red flag warning from the wrong direction. right now surface winds are calm. but they are already turning to an offshore component.
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so we are frosty in the north bay with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. and we are smoky elsewhere with the haze around the bay area, the fire just 20% contained right now. we'll talk more in detail with the forecast for the rest of the we could and next week coming up. chris. with the concern over the smoke and the air quality across the bay, some play it safe by staying inside. but others venture out. here is coronell bernhard. >> delasalle high school hosted rivals pittsburgh are pittsburg on the fried iron. >> it's a big rivalry. but sam had some concerns about his son playing with unhealthy air, smoke from the campfire. >> seems okay right now. >> some schools were cancelled. >> the assist principal connie spinnato said the poor air quality forced some games to be rescheduled but not this one. even though you could see smoke particles falling. >> they kept going on the air quality app and looking at that.
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it was at 77. has to be 100 before they decide they are not playing. so we were in the safe category still. >> reporter: a few skaters bundled up and came out for the debut of walnut creek on ice. >> i wanted to ice skate with my friend. >> christopher daniel from clayton had a tough day at school with all the smoke. >> some of my friends at school -- they had like sore throats and stuff. we stayed in. >> the kid wanted to come out we decided to come out. >> we found lots of empty outdoor tables at downtown restaurants. the owner of 1515 restaurant lounge said he has lost business. but ms. munson and her friends decided to brave it by the fire. >> i walked outside this evening, very smoky. i could barely breathe walking outside. and i just immediately headache inducing. >> she said the air quality was improving. now at 16 high school football games in the north and east bay have been rescheduled, most played on monday.
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for the veterans day holiday. in concord, coronell bernhard, abc 7 news. two massive fires in southern california, last night fire crews from alameda, alameda county and oakland headed out to help fight proclaims. the hill and woolsey fires are burning in the greater los angeles region. so far scorching nearly 75,000 acres combined. two bodies were found where the woolsey fire is burr burning. investigators are working to determine if those deaths are fire related. more than 250,000 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders this morning. we have new video showin the frantic moments as one woman escaped. >> please, god. please. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> an incredible scene. this is video from malibu. you can hear the young woman terrified as she drives through the embers. she was able to make it to safety. at least 100 homes have been
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destroyed including caitlyn jenner's malbow home. other celebrity evacuees include lady gaga. kim kardashian west and melissa earth ridge. >> still ahead on abc 7 morning president trump takes part in world war i ceremonies in france after a confrontational q and a, the questions about his acting attorney general. here a live look outside from the emeryville camera. you can see the smoke and haze across the
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president trump is in -- president trump is in france this weekend celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. the president rashad out at french president emmanuel macron as he arrived in paris. here is abc news chief correspondent terrie moran. >> this morning a french fan a as he arrived at the palace in pair toys meet with the frermg president. their world famous bromance a bill chillier after trump blasted macron about military spending as soon as he landed in france but all smiles this morning. the spt here with other wormed leaders for solemn kmem rakes of
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the end of world war i. but the forgot from his naming of his staunch loyalist matt whitaker to be the new attorney general has followed him here. yesterday before he left washington trump told reporters he doesn't even know the man. >> what do you say to all the criticism of matt whitaker and the calls for him to recuse himself given what. >> matt whitaker. i don't know matt whitaker. he worked for jeff sessions and he was always extremely highly thought of. and he still is. but i didn't know matt whitaker. >> but listen to what the president said just last month. >> well i never talked about that with you i can tell you matt whitaker is a great guy. i know matt whitaker. >> but friday the opposite. >> about the mule probe. >> i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. >> whitaker visited the olave office several times and he is now under fire on multiple fronts, including for his strong criticism of the mueller probe which he now oversees. >> the truth is there was no
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collusion with the russians in the trump campaign. >> terrie moran, abc news. in san francisco police will increase patrols in parts of golden gate park after a total of three fires there. flames burned trees and dry brush near the polo fields just after 5:30 last night. another fire fire breck out near the casting pools. dozens of firefighters responded and got both fires under control in about 30 minutes. and just this morning firefighters put out a third fire in the park. crews got the call just before 6:45 this morning in polo all three fires now under investigation. many people wonder how the smoke in the air will impact their pets? abc 7 news met with a medical director at pinnacle animal hospital in san jose she tells fuss the air quality can harm you it can harm your cat or dog. >> you really want to have yar are your dogs at home. you don't want to be especially running around at the dog park. dogs can be sensitive and cats
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too. >> and if you have an outdoor cat consider keeping it indoors. if the smoke persists you can try to keep the dog occupied with special toys treats and maybe television. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning to you. here a live look at live doppler 7, the ridge of high pressure doesn't want to give way to the track to the norg. the blue is the frost advisory expiring in the next 45 minutes. certainly cold temperatures in the north bay valley. then a red flag warning into effect later on today through sunday and tons of people impacted with this. most of northern california right on threw monday morning. so we are dealing with the frost and ice this morning. and look at that. the haze, the smoke, the east bay hills camera. awful there. 43 in oakland. good to you mountain view. hazy sunshine on the peninsula.
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35 in morgan hill. pacifica, 55 degrees. you have an east wind at 19 miles an hour. so most of the grad yents are turning offshore. right now very light except if you are right at the shoreline. 29 in santa rosa. 33 in napa. 43 in nofta. upper 30s in concord and vacaville. the radiation alcooling everywhere cooling. oejd readings in 30s. visibility, you can't see much out there. about two miles for most of you out by the delta. a little bit of improvement now. and that's the way the next several days will go. it looks like a little bit better. not smelling as smoky and then back into it. this drifts further south today. keeps us in the high fire danger through the weekend as the system drops east it's going to increase the offshore flow. smoky skies, poor air quality, no rain in sight the next seven days. we had the heavy rain october
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paternity mainly in the morgt bay. hasn't rained since. all throughout the month of november process. next weekend and perhaps even further out we hope to break through that storm door -- open that storm door and allow for precip. the red flag warning 10:00 tonight. 4:00 tomorrow morning. the winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. pan the relative humidity could be in the single digits. and that of course is how our fires start. as we go through the evening tonight, look at how the winds ramp up. the direction out of the northeast, 1:00 overnight. . calistoga fairfield, the deebla range even more ramped newspaper sunday morning. by sunday afternoon things quiet down. but still locking at the offshore wind component. with the haze and smoke blocking the sun we are not as warm today. 66 san francisco. we weren't there yesterday either. 72 in napa and san jose. if you don't have to go outside
8:21 am
i would advise against it. and the lows tonight not as cold due to the mixing with wind. although the offshore flow. the accuweather seven-day forecast. smoky sunshine. high fire danger. download the app and through veterans day it's a little bit better. but notice temperatures stay the same. sky cover -- next weekend we hope to mix it up but not any time soon. >> the bay bridge behind us, combination, smoke, haze and fog. >> exactly. >> thak you, lisa. just ahead, brush up on skating skills. where you can get a hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers,
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it's never too herl to get into hot the holiday spirit. jessica castro has ideas for the week from our partners at hoodline. >> when it comes to the weather it may not feel like the holidays yet but it's never too early to enjoy a cup of cider. . check out the fall cider festival at sparks social sf in mission bay. dripping in the crispness of fall from noon until 5:00 p.m. and you may know that the ice rink in union square is opening this weekend. but did you know that every weekend until late january you leon t place every gro saturday and sunday morning but you have to get there early from 8:30 until 9:30 a.m. all ages welcome and and early
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birds a lot of national and state parks offer free entry for veterans day. including muir woods. if you are looking for a special experience try a sunrise guided tour at 6:30 a.m. a three-mile stroll. we show you the park like never before. it's free. make sure to bring a warm drink and bundle up. for other great weekend ideas go to abc 7 i'm jessica castro for abc 7 news. have a great weekend. in the east bay, the new 23rd avenue bridge above interstate 880 in oakland opens this afternoon. one week ago a driver crashed into a support beam for the project causing temporary giant steel girders to fall on the caltrans says the crash didn't impact the safety of the bridge. work began in 2015 on the estimated $102 million project including the 29th avenue overcrossing. still to come on abc 7 mornings, the latest on the
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. >> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc mornings. >> thank you for joining us. i'm chris nice. . we start with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. chris, good morning to you. a sad look at sand rafael where it's hazy, smoky, the spare the air alert and freezing in some spots. san francisco though, 50 degrees warmer there.
8:29 am
and you go down the line, 40s elbow. mountain view. 36 in morgan hill. pacifica an east wind and here in walnut creek my goodness another day with very bad air. 29 santa rosa. 33 in napa. and 39 in concord. this is san jose. it's just awful everywhere, the smoke drifting further south. spare the air alert today and tomorrow. unhealthy air in the north bay, inland east by. you can see from the city it's like this throughout the day and throughout the weekend. chris. >> thanks. this morning, tens of thousands of people are out of homes in butte county as the most destructive wildfire in california history kins to spread. calfire deputy chief scott mcclain joins us live. what's the situation in terms of containment and what's the strategy for today. >> well the campfire. looking at 100,000 acres grew about 10,000 acres last night which is good because it started
8:30 am
to slow down dramatically. it's up to 20%. even the red flag warnings are were cancelled yesterday and gave us an opportunity. red flag warnings come into effect later on this evening and will probably last into and through monday. >> and evacuations remain in effect. scott, calfire emphasizing the importance of those orders as crews focus on doing their job. >> it's just a myriad of different things. keep in mind on the first day when firefighters continued to arrive from throughout the state they were in the rescue mode, trying to provide the public, the individuals that were trapped safety -- a safe route to get out of the town of paradise. that took all day. these men and women putng they the safety of these folks up here. for today, as well as yesterday, we were able to get some aircraft up as far as the tankers. but due to the smoky conditions it was kind of a hit and miss
8:31 am
situation. we will continue to do the same today prior to the winds -- or yeah prior to the winds coming in. so, again, all resources are coming to bear and concentrating on the north, northeast portion of the fire, predominantly up in the miguela area. >> folks from all over california in in butte account, also the fires burning to the south. certainly a major strain on the system right now, scott? >> right. you know, the good news -- if there can be any at this point, at the hill fire it seems to be holding in check. at this point it's at 4531 acres. but 80s 25% containment i expect to see those numbers climb. however, on the wolsy fire grew to 70,000 acres and still at zero percent contained. keep this in mind over 253,000 individuals that have been evacuated just on these three
8:32 am
fires. >> all right. that was scott mcclain from calfire. scott thank you for your time we appreciate it and will continue to check back in with you throughout the day as we update abc 7 the time is 8:32. the oakland a's are adopting $10,000 to the campfire relief efforts. the team set up a gofundme page asking meme to raise an additional $so thousand. the moep will go to the red cross to provide critical services including emergency food distribution. shelter and health care. so far more than 11,000 of the $20,000 goal have have been raised. monday fight football could be in jeopardy if the air quality doesn't improve. the sacramento bee reports league officials will likely decide tomorrow whether or not to move the location of the monday's game between the 49ers and giants to anothergo o as pl stadium. smoke from the fire forced the 49ers to change practice hours yesterday. you can watch the niners take on
8:33 am
the giants monday night here on abc 7 at 5:00 p.m. a warning if you plan to spend time outside this week. abc 7 news spoke to an professor of a environmental sciences from uc berkeley. he said breathing in wildfire smoke may be nearly as bad as diesel exhaust and with lasting consequences. >> what we're breathing in are small particles that can get into the deep running and generate injury and inflammation. and in the airways and lungs. but it can also affect people with cardiovascular disease, heart disease. >> the professor space the risk of heart attack or stroke increases when the air quality is this poor. a few things you can do. close windows to homes and do not circulate air from outside unless you have a hepa filter. >> in southern california, the woolsey fire has grown to 70,000 acres and is at zero percent containment and conditions are not expected to improve soon to help firefighters get a handle
8:34 am
on it. here is a live look. the fire -- the fire is devastating the malibu area, leaving it looking like a war zone. abc news reporter mat gutman has more. >> overnight the fires ousting hundreds of thousands of residents from homes. >> reported three people trapped in a house. >> people trapped in cars. there might be some injuries. >> a line of fires in southern california turning homes to cindy erps, racing across the landscape, faster than firefighters can contain them. residents like rebecca hack et desperate to outrun the flames filming on instagram as embers pelted her god. >> please, god, please let me out. >> earlier officials ordering residents to evacuate in advance of the fires. >> mandatory evacuation in this area. >> so much chaos that pepper dine university apparently given mixed messages leaving 3500 students in the fire zone. all of them okay this morning.
8:35 am
but the aftermath here is apocalyptic. >> we stayed long enough to see the flame almost encircle the house. >> chaos, fire engines everywhere. the houses near me burning. embers flowing krs my house. >> fires forcing evacuations of star studded neighborhoods like cal bass as and malibu. with many posting their status like caitlyn jenner on instagram posting to her 9 million followerers after news her malibu home likely burned down in the fire. >> don't know if the house made it or not. >> and president trump criticizing containment of the fires tweeting, there is no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california. except that forest management is so poor. and that was matt gutman reporting. we have set up a page you will full of resources on our website. can you find more about
8:36 am
evacuations road closures and how you can help the fire victims. it's all online at abc 7 in other news president trump is responding to comments made by michelle obama. the former first lady is explaining why sme will never forgive him. and now he has something to say about it. good morning america coanchor eva pilgrim has the details. >> our motto is when they go low we go high. >> michelle obama opening up in her new book becoming, talking about the toll elections took on her personally saying she will never forgive president trump for his birther comments about her husband. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate. >> the so-called birther movement accuseding then president obama of lying about his united states citizenship becoming a ke part of trump's early forra in politics but the former first lady confessing she worried the campaign trail comments could endanger her family. >> what if someone with an
8:37 am
unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to washington? what if that person went looking for our girls? donald trump with his loud and reckless innuendo was putting my family's safety at risk. and for in i'd never forgive him. >> the president firing back, first suggesting the former first lady's words were financially motivated. >> well michelle obama said that i said -- i guess she wrote a become she got paid a lot to write a book. >> pivoting to her husband former president obama. >> i'll never forgive him for what he did to our united states military by not funding it properly. >> eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. michelle obama sat down for an exclusive interview with good morning america anchor robin roberts. can you watch the candid conversation in an abc news primetime special. it's called a first lady's journey, becoming michelle obama
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happening today, high school
8:41 am
students from silicon valley will hold a summit for peers to learn more about claimant chiemt change. hundreds of students are expected to show up at the youth climate action summit starting at 9:00 this morning at the tech mutual of innovation in san jose. the event is sold out but you can watch the sessions online. mayor sam liccardo gichg closing remarks. the time is 8:41. lisa argen has been tracking the forecast for us. we just got an alert about the air quality here in san francisco now in the red zone. >> that's right, chris. you can see from behind us, it's awful out there. a live look from the exploratorium camera. nothing is moving at all not a puff of wind. in fact 50 degrees in san francisco. it's breezy along the coast. and the exact opposite happens we are seeing a wind from an offshore direction. frost in the north bay and high fire danger for most of us through the rest of the weekend. so a detailed look about what you should be concerned about and a look at the weather for
8:42 am
the week ahead coming up. >> lee see we will see you soon tp also kevin durant gets a look at his maybe ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ so you need people that it iyou're close to...r footing, to help guide you. i think about how important it was for me
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the time is 8:44. looking out from the san mateo bridge camera. you can see the smoke from the campfire out of butte county impacting all of the bay area right now. lisa argen will have the full ac
8:45 am
wrkt forecast in a few moments but in sports all three bay area schools in action. san jose state faces utah at 1:00 p.m. the cardinal stakes on oregon state at 6:00 p.m. and cal battles ucsc at l.a. memorial stadium you can watch it on espn at 7:30. tonight the warriors try to rebound from thursday night's blowout loss. golden state plays the nets at oracle arena at 5:30. yesterday the dubs got good news on steph curry's groin injury. larry beil has the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors got the best possible news on steph curry an mri revealed no serious damage but won be a surprise if curry misses the next few games as that groin injury heals up. steph got hurt in the third quarter thursday night in the buck's surprising win at oerk. arena. you see in the circle there. knew it right away as he came down and grabbed the leg. curry is not playing against brooklyn tonight.
8:46 am
remember the war yes, sir play monday and tuesday. ment steph will miss the games with quinn cook starting in miss place. here is the coach. >> i think the mri was basically good news. so you know, this doesn't look like it's going to be a long-term injury. so he is disappointed. but it could have been a lot worse. >> how about the only good things the sharks say about the mini road trip it was dwik. thursday night a loss in dallas. last night losing in st. louis. but the sharks had that in st. louis. sharks just no luck. down 1-0 in the second. logan on the break away. justin brawn, right on the doorstep and he can't put it in. so close yet so far. later, arundel in goal. where is the puck? behind the back of the net. ryan o'reilly bangs it it 2-0 blews. jayden schwartz bare the power of the schwartz.
8:47 am
sharks blanked 4-0. back hope for a long sick-game home stand stuart starring sunday. college football. stanford figures to get back on track hoefting oregon state tonight. it's an emotional night on senior night. the final game for bryce love. hopefully the ankle holds up. coach shaw hoping the seniors take it all in. >> i try to remind the guys -- and for some they don't think about it until this woke, try to tell them this college experience goes really fast. it goes really fast. sometimes the days are long with you the years are short. you remember moments. >> got to play the game right now. >> already ready when you are. >> exited about this. >> sick! >> it is sick. look who likes the chase center. warrior star kevin durant gotn . k.d. non-kmilgts about his future as in kevin would you like this to be your parking
8:48 am
space over here? he want say one way or the other but it's beautiful and he looked impressed. it's a wrap on morning sports have a agreed weekend. i'm larry beil. now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good morning to you. we're looking at the golden gate bridge. we can see that hazy smoky sky. another spare the air alert. we have layers of smoke in the atmosphere. the upper layers and then trapped underneath a big ridge of high pressure. no wind at all right now. we are looking at the offshore wind coming into play later today into sunday, meaning high fire danger. air quality is poor in the north bay in the inland east bay in san francisco. the red zone. and elsewhere as well. we are not looking at any real changes. from time to time it may seem a little bit better. here in santa cruz. but actually we are looking at dangerous conditions over the we can. spare the air alert likely until monday. now, live doppler 7 showing you the pockets of fog as well. we have haze, smoke, fog.
8:49 am
and the storm track which doesn't want to budge, up to north. but we are seeing signs prap of that changing. i'll show you that in just a moment. the frost advisory for the north bay valleys about to expire but still frosty there. and looking at in red flag warning encompassing a huge amount of northern california, over 2 million people from 10:00 to 7:00 tomorrow morning. the because the smoky conditions obscure the sun. we are cold. sutro, an awful picture. 43 in oakland. mountain view, 45. 39 in morgan hill. above pacifica offshore winds already blowing. unless you rp right down at the coast the winds are already turning to the dryer component. here is mount tam. and you can see the haze and the smoke. not a great day to be outside. 29 degrees still in santa rosa. hasn't budged. 33 in napa. we've had the radiation alcooling, the cold air draining
8:50 am
into the valleys. upper 30s in condition cord and livermore. a chilly day and colder than yesterday at this hour. 10 to 3 degrees colder. not only do we have the frost we have the fire to be concerned about as that smoke continues to drift down along into central california. visibility, a mile to two miles at best. 48-minute delays at sfo due to poor air quality. you can see there not much change except for colder in the past 12 hours high fire danger this we can. smoky skies, poor air quality and within the next seven days we're looking at subtle changes. let's take knew next weekend. because i talked about the little change we have. new as we go into next friday, notice the ridge is just trying to break through. the rain is trying to break through the ridge because as we get into saturday, it looks like it's close to northern california. we can hope thap we see a big change in weather by next weekend. but the short term energy bay
8:51 am
mounsens east bay hills. and look at those gusty winds, 20 to 30 miles an hour winds north bay, diablo range, and we're looking at conditions really not improving much until we get through the next several days. we will be looking at -- my maps stalled sorry about that. 60s and 70s. try to stay in if you can. >> download the app if you haven't done so. >> good advise. >> thank you. abc's new brand localish is sharing places and stories about things you ma i not know about. today you take you inside roof top reds in brooklyn new york. >> we listen to our vines. and our vines listen to drake ♪ >> we are on the world's first commercially viable roof top vinyard system, about 200 gram vineses in this urban box
8:52 am
vineyard. they're all red bordet and i love reclaiming this space. it's sustainable. and it's also beautifying unused blanc spaces. it's a non-stuffy approach to the wine industry where people can experience a vinyard and learn about local productions at their leisure. >> everyone is going apple picking right now. we got to harvest some grapes. who else gets to do that in new york city in the brooklyn navyyard. >> when i got the text message saying harvest is happening this morning, i made my way over and got to help out. it's incredible and shows the potential of all types of growing that can be done on rooftops, not just small gardens but actual farms. >> it's off the beaten path but once you find it it's a beautiful oasis in the middle of the industrial area. >> we have brought the age altar in the urban world and to take
8:53 am
the mta and come up to a roof top in the brooklyn navyyard and actually do a full-fledged grape harvest, only an experience you get here at roof top reds. >> and you can check out abc's new brand at it's also on facebook and insanity grimme. coming up, the fight against alzheimer's disease. the major event raising m
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happening today in san francisco it's the world's largest event raising money for alzheimer's care, support and research. the walk to end alzheimer's is held every year in more than 600 communities throughout the country. today's walk starts at 9:30 this morning at at&t park. meteorologist mike nicco will be there with other members of the abc 7 news team. and now a final weather check with our lisa argen it is cold out there. in fact, a lot of folks tweeting me saying that they turn the heat on the first time. mid-30s santa rosa. nofta 50. in san francisco and oakland, the winds already turning offshore but overall it's still out there. and we have a red flag warning tonight with wind out of the northeast. 15 to 25 miles an hour. and gusts up to 60. a look at the wind profile getting gusty throughout the evening hours tonight. and into tomorrow. through nexweek jus a 70s
8:57 am
it's going to be stagnant until we see some rain move in. and today cool, 60s out there in the city. if you don't have to go outside i would say stay in. >> good information, lisa. thank you and thanks for joining us on abc 7. i'm chris nguyen this is lisa argen. a full day of college football ahead on abc 7 next at 9:00 a.m. wisconsin takes on penn state at beaver stadium. oklahoma state faces number 6 oklahoma in norman. that's followed by abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. . then at 5:00 second ranked uncle clemsons bamgtss boston college. followed by cache creek after the game. stay connected online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. as always we appreciate your time. make it a great day, everybody. >> announcer: let's take on the
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