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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 12, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> these are challenging investigations and autopsies because you are dealing with the remains of humans who have been burned. in some cases you may only have bones. >> reporter: which makes identification that much more challenging. >> there is nothing left. all my neighbors except one is gone. >> reporter: gary green stayed behind to protect his home in comical. one of those dead is his friend. >> she lived up the street from me and went to church with us. yeah, she didn't get out. >> reporter: they spent the day working to contain the fire. >> making sure that things are completely extinguished. we don't want any new flare-ups. >> reporter: dozens belonging to firefighters and officers themselves. >> i was talking to one deputy. he lost his house, lost everything. and he said i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. i need to be out here helping. >> despite these difficult circumstances, this community is resilient. >> eporter: but with more than
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200 people still missing, there's fear that that death toll could rise even higher. report anything chico, carlos saucedo, abc 7 news. a quick update on weather and traffic where you live. you are never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> thank very much, mike. we'll talk about where the thickest smoke is right now. sit around livermore and hey worth. streublt is 3 millions. sfo at about 4. this is sutro tower. air quality is unhealthy everywhere except one reporting station in redwood city, which is poor. elderly and the young are most susceptible. let's turn it over to alexis. we are looking at fairly quiet start to the monday morning commute. a live look at walnut creek, southbound 680. cruising along without any issues. so enjoying that before that really starts to fill in.
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overall, drive times looking good too. check out southbound 580, no significant delays. still in the green, 27 minutes. 680, dublin to mission boulevard, looking good, in the green at 15. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, wide open at 16 minutes. full closure of 880 in oakland for road work. we'll talk about that next. >> thank you. as mike and alexis pointed out this morning, we have the smoky air still sitting over the bay area as the camp fire continues to burn. >> the current air quality is considered unhealthy in most places. jobina fortson has a hazy view of the season and a message from officials. jobina. >> reporter: two big warnings from officials this morning. the first is wood burning is banned right now. the other, if you are planning to spend time outside you should be wearing one of these masks. they have been difficult to find. we were traveling the around trying to find stores that had
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them. cole hardware had a few in stock. they have stores in san francisco and oakland. six stores across the bay area. 95% of the mold and dust in the air if worn. they should be new and clean. they are not suitable for men with beards or young children. still, they are selling out all over. >> i think people halfway gave up and they are surprise thad we actually have them. we have plenty in. >> reporter: because of the current weather conditions, smoke coming from butte county is supposed to be sticking around here through tomorrow. for now, reporting live, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. the smoky air from the time camp fire didn't stop raiders fans from tailgating against the chargers yesterday. fans and security personnel wore masks, which the team was handing out. raiders lost to the chargers,
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20-6 >> more stories of people desperately trying to escape as flames from the camp fire approached. more than five shelters have filled up with evacuees who don't know what's next. many left their homes without minutes to spare. >> scary trying to go through the fire when it's all around you. so is it's very scary. you have fire on the left, fire on the right, ash falling on you. >> just sitting there, we thought we were going to die. if we would have waited five more minutes, we wouldn't be here today. >> according to cal fire when the camp fire broke out, it tore across 5,000 acres of land in just three hours. that is one football field every three seconds. with residents still being kept away from the fire zone, many do not know what to speck when they return. will carr spoke to one man who wasn't sure if his home still
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standing. you see the before and after. will delivered the unfortunate news. >> phone trilling. >> we are up at your house. im sorry to say it didn't make it. >> you could see one single green coffee mug stands out in the rubble. will brought imback to the homeowner who said he's thankful for all the people helping the community. sadly, some people have had to leave pets behind as they have evacuated. redwood city fire department posted these photos on twitter after one of their crews found seven dogs and a litter of cats in the fire zone. they gathered the pets together and made sure that they are safe. governor brown is still waiting for word on whether president trump will honor his request for a major disaster declaration. >> we are requesting presidential declaration funding coming from the federal government. of course there will be efforts from the state government as well. it's a time to pull together and
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work through this tragedy. >> the governor's request yesterday came a day safr president trump blamed gross mismanagement for on the wildfires. the president said there was no reason for the fires except for poor forest management. they said our focus is on the californians impacted by responders. they are working to save lives and property not on the president inane and uninformed tweets stkpwhraofplt firefighters are concerned about strong winds fueling two wildfires. take a look at this video showing flames approaching a home in bell canyon. 50,000 homes are still under threat by the woolsey fire. sit 15% contained. 177 buildings have been destroyed. >> allstate, federal, and local
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agencies are don't go everything they can to deal with these fires. sadly, with these winds, it's not over yet. so please be careful. >> two people have been killed in southern california. their bodies were found in a driveway in malibu. a reminder to stay on top of the wildfires with the abc 7 news mobile app. sit free to download. be sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news updates. all right. never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's take a look at nearly freezing temperatures. walnut creek, danville, dublin, pleasanton, san ramon, 33 to 37 degrees right now. concord about 40. upper 30s on highway 4. 37 in liver moore and lafayette. let's take a look at what's going on with your commute at least weather-wise. smoke hanging in the eras we look from south beach. spare the air e. wood burning. pretty obvious but still have to mention it. for the roads, mass transit, ferry, they will be pretty good.
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remember to have your recirculation on. it will be calmer but still smoky out on the water. the air quality district, i'm sure there will be a sprinkling in red in some neighborhoods today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, even into friday. the upper level winds keep blowing from the north and northeast right at us. that will keep pumping all the smoke into our neighborhoods. there is no relief any time soon. a look at what's going on with your accuweather 12-hour planner. need the heater, need a coat. we feel hang out in the mid-to upper 60s by noon. same at 4:00. mid to upper 50s by 7:00. if this haze is doing one thing, it is keeping our temperatures out of the 70s and into the 60s closer to where they would be.
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i think we would rather have them in the 70s and have the smoke move out. >> i'm so disappointed it's hanging on until friday. >> people need to be prepared. >> i know i'm certainly not alone in that regard. very smoky conditions. check out the visibility layer on our traffic map once again spp that is not fog, unfortunately that is smoke that is showing up. we have the full closure of 880 in oakland here this morning. it's the southbound side at 23rd avenue. that is due to the overpass demoliti demolition. should be fully wrapped up by 5:00 today. in the meantime use 580 as long you're not? a big rig. cruising along at 60 miles per hour. the backup continues to grow as more folks hit the road today. take 580 if that's an option for you. south bay, nice and quiet so far this morning. 101 and 880, northbound side slowly starting to fill in but that's about it.
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next traffic update in 10 minutes. a north baytown warms a victim of the shooting rampage. what's happening today to honor her. the bitter strike that has come to an end. >> he's one of the special giants. >> giants mark the life and legacy of
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i want to show you one of the area understand a prolonged red flag warning, high fire danger until 5:00 this evening down across souther california. 8.7 million people under that high fire danger. look at these temperatures. today, 66 in monterey and eureka. mid-70s in socal. 53 in tahoe. if you look at tahoe, bone dry. temperatures above afternoon in the afternoon. with the teens and 20s at night, they are still making snow. a march planned for later this morning will honor the napa native killed in the bothered line bar and grill shooting last week. >> 18-year-old alaina housley graduated from vintage high school earlier this year and is the niece of actress tamera mowry. here's abc 7 news reporter kate larson. >> reporter: spread love everywhere. that's how friends of alaina
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housley said she lived her life. signs are posted across the street from the cemetery where she will be buried on wednesday. with fires raging north and south, these firefighters stayed back in napa and raised the flag into a smoke-filled sky for alaina housley. the 18-year-olds body was escorted by family and friends from southern california to her hometown of napa where hundreds of friends and admirers lined the streets to pay their respects to a life taken too young and too soon. >> knowing the way she passed away to me is really hard. >> bailey stone was close friends with housley. they made a pact to go to prom together when they didn't have dates. housley was shot and killed in thousand oaks when a gunman opened fire at the borderline bar & grill where housley was line dancing with friends from nearby pepperdine university where she was a freshman.
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>> that is such a terrible way to end her life this early. >> reporter: as the procession neared the cemetery, the crowd clapped for the vintage high honor student, athlete, and friend to all. friends were talking about what steps to take to ensure a mass shooting doesn't happen again. >> there needs to be new laws or things put in place to ensure people who have guns shouldn't have them if they're not mentally stable. >> i think just showing compassion, love, empathy is what we need to focus doing. i don't know that there's any sort of legislation that we can impose more than what we have that will solve the issue. >> reporter: kate larson, abc 7 news. stphraot hero foundation is honoring a foundation in honor of alaina housley. it is scheduled for 10:00 at memorial stadium. striking marriott workers have reached an agreement to end their labor dispute.
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details of the agreement have not been made public. they were demanding higher pay, smaller workloads. they came to an agreement and went back to work earlier this month. san francisco giants are honoring the life and legacy of the legendary willie they vote for most inspirational teammate ased the willie mccovey award winner. he talked about mccovey's impact. >> he lived a life that was more than just being a baseball player. he was not just a giant, but he was a giant of a man. it is more about the people around us than always putting ourselves front and center. >> mccovey died last month. proceeds from the lunchon benefit. some junior giants had a chance
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to meet the form her willie mack award winner. what a great honor for them. let's turn to weather and get another check. people are waking up, worried about the air quality. >> it is unhealthy for all of us except for one reporting station in redwood city, which and it's orange which means it is poor. people with asthma, the young, the elderly. it will turn red at some point for them today too. let me show you temperatures. out and about, it will be comfortable throughout the afternoon hours with 68 in half moon bay and lake port, napa. 67, ukiah, the cool spot. a lot of low 70s. 70 to 72 degrees. if you are going to turn the heater on to filter smoke, there is a reading merv. you want 13 or higher. that will filter ow the smoke in
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your furnace. make sure you change the heater or filter furnaces. look at these. a lot of mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys and east bay also. a lot of haze hanging out once again. i want to jump ahead to monday of next week. i know it's a big travel week. a lot of people have the entire week off. but we need to is rain. we may get some. at 7:00, it's coming at us from the south. as we head tuesday into wednesday, it looks like a pretty good rainfall for us and a little bit of snow in the sierra. until we get to them, look at this. more days of 60s at the coast. low to mid-70s. air quality issues until saturday, maybe sunday. alexis. overall, looking okay.
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we are seeing the smoke and haze on all of our traffic cameras. bay bridge toll plaza. a lineup in the cash lanes. no metering lights. that happens 5:25 or so. we have one issue on southbound 880. full closure at 23rd for the overpass demolition. a collision southbound 880 near washington avenue. not seeing much of a backup next update before 5:00. >> electric scooter maker lime has issued a global recall after fears its scooters might break apart. believe it or not, some british companies are micro chipping their staff. in today's "tech bites", lime electric scooters may be lemons. >> lime is taking some of its electric scooters out of service because it could break apart while in use. that may have contributed to two deaths. others were recalled last month because of a fire risk. the world's biggest online shopping day shattered records.
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>> singles day is china's version of cyber monday. alibaba racked up $30 billion in sales. in the u.s., it topped $6 billion for all online sales. british workers may be implanted with micro chips for security but it is raising concerns about privacy. >> it would allow a person to open doors and access offices with the wave of a hand. those are your "tech bites". yikes. a little too far for me. >> yeah, probably. >> a multimillion dollar battle is brewing in the beer industry. the feud is spilling over into a courtroom now. also, election
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to santa clara, levi's stadium. 5:15. the giants from new york are in town to take on the niners. 66 at kickoff. 56 at the end of the game. of course it will be smoky. mike, thank you. the crew of a u.s. navy jet is safe after their aircraft crashed into the sea near the philippines. the f/a-18 hornet was conducting operations when the crash happened. the two aviators were pulled by a rescue aircraft. they are in good condition. it is attached to the uss ronald
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regan. the fight for a senate seat is intensifying in florida. the state is in the middle of recounting the vote because of razor-thin margins in both races. they have until thursday to recount 8 million ballots. there is a concern they won't be able to get it done. both republicans and democrats are accusing each other of voter fraud and suppression a caravan of central american immigrants is on the move heading to the u.s. border. 5500 people is about 450 miles from the border. they say they are trying to escape the violence and starvatin in their homelands. president trump has ordered the deployment of over 5,000 military troops to the border to fend off the migrants. happening today, the trial begins in a beer battle pitting pabst against miller coors. pabst is suing for more than
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$400 million. miller coors brews all the legacy beers, including the pbr. and that agreement is set to expire the year 2020. miller says it might not have the capacity to continue the relationship. pabst claims miller is attempting to force it out of business so it can grab a bigger share of the cheap beer market. this will quench your thirst and throat, wouldn't it? winds are gusting 30 miles per hour. it is bone dry over our neighborhoods and hills. we don't have the winds anymore. that's why technically our fire danger is down even though we gust to 30 in st. hell ian. here's good news. our winds never really get fast again. here we are through monday evening at 8:00. we go into tuesday morning, we're still below 15 miles per hour.
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same thing tuesday afternoon and evening, through wednesdy. the thing you will notice is they keep blowing out of the northeast. they are not fast enough to create a fire danger here burr they are still blowing out of the northeast, which means they are dragging more smoke into our neighborhoods. alexis. hate to hear that, mike. taking a look at the roads. 880 is our focus. the nasty nimitz living up to its names. a full closure southbound at 23rd avenue. should last a few more minutes where the overpass demolition. definitely a couple heavy miles approaching that. as long as you're not in a big rig, take east bound 580 instead. near washington, we have a couple different reports of crashes in the area. i did want to move that sensor off to the side to check out the trash flows in the area. no delays from 238 southward. can keeping an eye on the stretch. so far does not look like that is a major issue. this could be a factor. a lot of americans have the day off in honor of veterans day.
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the. >> official holiday was yesterday. a new memorial to remember the 4.7 million veterans who served in the wars in washington, d.c. it would be a central part of the memorial. it depicts the emotions at home, the horror of the battlefield, and the sense of loss afterwards. >> i think everyone who has been in the military service comes and see the sculpture. they get it instantly. >> officials hope to have the world war i memorial ready by veterans day 2021. next, how the bay area is honoring those who served and the freebies veterans can get as we observe today. plus,
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we're hearing and seeing stories about families escaping through the flames of the camp fire. an update as it is among the deadliest in california history >> the national weather service tweeted this out yesterday morning. smoke from the fire covering the bay area. you can expect poor air quality to continue again today. good morning. it's monday, november 12th. >> let's check in with mike. mike, is that air quality improving at all? if not, when will it? >> that's great. good questions. first one, no, it's not improving at all. it's unhealthy about everywhere again this morning as you can see from sfo. that is all the smoke hanging in the air. we will probably have arrival delays once again. when will it change?


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