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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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county. nearly 5,000 are rushing to help. the fire is 37% contained. 100,000 acres have burned. >> at least 42 people are dead and more than 4,200 are missing. those who survived are left scrambling to find a place to stay. good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. laura anthony has more. >> reporter: this is all that's left of paradise elementary school which looks like it basically imploded during the fire. now, this may be the largest town affected, but it's certainly not the only one. another town with just 700 residents was almost comet wiped t. con cow matters.
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>> reporter: she knows her mother's house and her daughter's has burned out. but what adds to the anguish is the community is being overlooked. >> a lot of us lost our home and nobody cares. >> reporter: throughout butte county the deaths are mounting. they're meticulously combing through it all. >> this devastation is unreal frankly. we thought we saw the worst of it in santa row stay and coffey park and that whole area. that was terrible and tragic. this is an order of magnitude? in places here, homes have been leveled except for a few. >> gary green's property is the exception. his wife was able to escape but green stayed behind to help a
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neighbor. by the time he tried to leash, it was too late. >> the witnesseds were coming at 50 miles an hour. it was incredible. it was a monster coming off the hill. it came to destroy. >> reporter: green knows at least seven people who died in his town. carol campbell does too. >> lots of my friends died in their cars and their homes because they couldn't get out. >> reporter: and we're expecting an update on the dealt toll in butte county. that's where the school officials, they're planning to meet tomorrow in chico to try to decide what to do with all the students who have been displaced from this community. live in paradise, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you. new video shows fire crews at work on the fire line in butte county. firefighters and bulldozers were on the ground as they continues.
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smoke is still billowing high in the air. >> this is one of a family's daring escape from a camp fire. mirk shell simmons posted this video on facebook. listen to this frightening account as she and her family drive the six to safety. >> breathe. breathe, breathe, breathe. >> put your shirt over your mouth and breathe. >> take little breaths? oh, my god. there's explosions everywhere. oh, my god, people's tires are popping. >> go, go, go. just go this way, baby. the wind is blowing so hard. >> you can just feel the tear and the tension. michelle says they get out with their clothes on their backs and only one of their animals and they're thankful toalive.
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>> some were forced to shelter in a rite aid. >> reporter: kate larson larsen has more. here's howet starts. >> paradise is burning now and the streets are too full to go anywhere. >> they say evacuees were forced to break into a rite aid as use it as an emergencyhes th fire burned over and around them. after the fire burned over, police in firefighters gave the stranded group a briefing in the cracker aisle and helped gude them out for safety. take a look. this is what the rite aid looks
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like now. incredibly that appears to bo the extent of the damage to the storm. i spoke to sean. he was visiting his family when the fire broke out. he tells me that his parents and higgs sister's homes have burned. we'll have his remarkable story of survival at 11:00 p.m. in the newsroom, i'm car larsen. we send it back to you. governor is believed to be one of the 42 people who died in the camp fire. the 66-year-old was born and raised in oakland. >> is daughter was with him. she made it out. >> reporter: wayne freedman spoke with her about her >> they haven't started counting bodies on honey run yet. >> reporter: fire burned homes and belodgings beyond
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recognition. anna and her dad had seen the smoke, heard the warnings. >>he was stubborn. >> reporter: gordon dice had linked in this neighborhood for 40 years. there had been other evacuations. he had never left. he wasn't leaving this fire either. then the fire was upon them. >> it was so fast. i didn't expect it to be that fast lr by the time anna and her father did decide to pack and leave, it was too late. and still something compelled gordon to enter the house one last time. anna wait behind the wheel of this car. >> i honged the horn and the kitchen collapsed. i tried to get in the car and drive out, but the tires had melted. >> she had to run. she would take refuge with the family dogs in a clearing. she kept wet in a neighbor's pond all night long. >> i could hear the trees going
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up and falling and propane tanks exploding. >> reporter: when the sun rose, so did anna. she has not been back. her mother died two years ago. now presumably her father. >> i'm not sure how to cope with both of them being gone. >> reporter: in butte creek canyon, abc 7. governor brown says today the state is just maxed out when it comes to responding to wildfires. >> when one reporter ask about preventing the fires, they did not mince words. >> i spent so much time last year with the conference committee and everything else, why wasn't that enough to prevented these disasters? >> are you serious? >> why not? we're doing everything we can and there will be new challenges. we don't even know what they are. and we will respond.
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we oil do as much as we can. this is awn precedent order what i call the new abnormal. >> now, let's take a live look outside for you as the new abnormal as the dwronch put it. look how the smoke is affecting the area. sandhya patel has been tracking the conditions. >> take look. it looks like an ashtray. it cease murky, traffic is obviously heavy because of the commute time. hard to see as they're still dealing with smoke and high clouds as well. you can see the hatzy skies. air quality, poor, unhealthy, spare the air alert and air advisories are up. as you take a look, poor air quality, but there's hope saturday we're going see a wind direction switch which means moderate air quality. everyone can feel the effects of
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smoke, runny nose. i'm experiencing it. people with as ma and co p.d. may have serious health effects. what do we need to get rid of the smoke? stronger onshore winds, a soaking rainstorm or higher fire containment. i'm happy to report we're going to see a change in the wind direction and the possibility of rain which will helply help with our air quality. >> that's encouraging. a bay area doctor says the air quality is equivalent to one of the most polluted cities in the world. >> reporter: as air quality around the bay airy is down, call volume is up at the bay area quality air management district. individual schools and even counties are calling for advice. >> they wham to know what they can do or what what type of measures they can take. >> this doctor is a professor of
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medicine and health sciences. he compares the air quality today to this of delhi. >> the air quality on a good day in delhi is like today. it's determined by the concentration of particles in the air and how long you're out breathing. >> doctors say you definitely don't want to be exercising outdoors because when you do, you tent to breathe more through your mouth than your nose. >> you bypass the filtering of the nose. >> you get a greater amount of particles. wearing an n-95 mask helps but the best advice is to stay inside as much as possible. all right. turning to other news, google's new campus and the public's right to know. there's a lawsuit and a charge of secret backroom negotiations.
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open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. in our commitment to building a better bay airy by focusing on your quality of life, we're looking at the topic of residential rvs and cars. san francisco is offering a new approach trying to offer social services as living in them instead of being an irritation. mountain view. it allows people living in their rvs and parking lots to park in church parking lots overnight and a city is working to open a city owned lot to establish a safe parking lot for rvs.
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let's bring in lyanne. >> it's always been a problem. it's known fact that most of the rvs in san francisco congregate in the southern districts of the city. on this one block just off caesar chavez street i counted nine. hello. hello. most people were not home. the man inside this rv said he was visiting from central america and that the owner wasn't home. we finally got someone to talk to us. >> we lost our place, and so that's how i ended up. but everybody's got a different story very residents in her district have complained and for a year now she has asked the department of homelessness and supportive houses to do
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something about the rvs, only to get the same response. >> it's not a priority and i don't have the resources. >> so when ronan threatened to introduce legislation to create a homeless center for people who live in these vehicles, this morning the mayor announced she was stepping in with a new plan, calling the issue one of her priorities. the plan is to include them in a database. >> we go into an area. we try to understand exactly, you know, the issues that people are facing. we try to get them into shelter, figure out ways to get them housing, and also we try to determine if they have other family members in other states. >> 313 were rvs and 119 were
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passenger cars. politics assize, supervisor ronan was glad the mayor intervened. >> i could care less. all i care about is that my constituents are going to get the services that they need. both the house constituents and people living in their veengs. >> robert thompson who lives in an rv welcomes the help. >> that would be great. they haven't shown much interest in helping us besides toeing our vehicles and wrietding us tickets, thaw haven't really done much. >> the city also knows there are people who with homes actually live far away from san francisco but they work here and they live in those rvs. now the city told me they're also cracking town on them. i'm live in san francisco. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> a complex issue. if you have an issue you'd like to focus on, share with us by
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adding the #betterbayarea on your social media post. together we're working to build a better bay airy. people are suing over the google mega campus. they claim the nondisclosure agreement that they previously sign ready unlawful. abc 7's chrstgis nguyen has mor >> reporter: they want more transparency and this all comes as the city council is set to vote on the proposal in early december. at san jose city hall this average demonstrators crashed the lobby of sam . >> they're being dub in a way that really makes it impossible for the community to really unsz the magnitude of the project and the impact of the project. >> the lawsuit was fired today
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in santa clara county by working partnerships usa and the first amendment coalition accusing them of negotiating the major details bhienlehind closed door sthoos they have an obligation to provide editions to the public. >> reporter: the allegations were called baseless? the most transparent process that we've ever had for any company coming to the city of san jose. >> reporter: some are skeptical about the possibility. they could hold up to 20,000 google employees. but the downtown business association figures they can talk more about the project if and when they go into development mode. >> it's exactly what all of the smart growthed a voe katds and the people have been talking
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about for decades. we now have a chance to actually deliver that. >> reporter: the city attorney dud not return a comment tonight. >> thanks so much. congratulations are in order for oakland a's manager bob melvin. he was just announced the american league's manager of the year. 22 wins more than last year despite having the lowest opening day payroll in major league baseball. congratulations to bob. nice work. hi, there, everyone. let's take a look at live pictures from our east bay camera. you will notice high clouds and smoky skies. temperatures, 61 in the city. 60 in san jose, morgan hill, upper 50s. the smoke holding the temperatures down this afternoon. it's been a little bit cooler than yesterday. you can barely see the sun as it
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is setting because of the smoke and the clouds. 50s right now from san to rosa to novato. currently concord is at 61 degrees. i want to show you the visibility. it's poor. down to 2 1/2 miles in napa. san car loesz, three miles. drive carefully as smoke is impacting our area. as you will notice all the way down, shark tank, a murky view. poor air quality the next few days. there is a chance of rain next week, which will hopefully clean out our air. we take a look at a wider picture here. if you're wondering why that smoke is just sitting here, we have down pressure where it is. underneath, an area of high pressure app you get sinking air. it traps that smoke right down near the surface, which is why we're still dealing with poor t
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many parts of the bay area. if you're looking for better air quality, perhaps blue sky, head to the sierra. you're seeing greens. this place is like taho. temperatures will range from the mid-30s to the mid-40s. we'll have high clouds around unfortunately rm tomorrow afternoon the hazy skies continue. temperature, 66 in oakland. coming up a little. 69 in concorde. 70 degrees in livermore. here's encouraging news. next week, wednesday 21st it looks like the first system comes through it brings the possibility of showers in the sierras and snowfall. a stronger system friday, and that one could bring rain to all of the state of california including some snow to the mtds which obviously we need in the state. you can download the accuweather app and track them ah long with
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doppler 7. smoky skies again tomorrow. the haze lingers with poor air quality through friday, but we're expecting improvement with a change in the wind direction saturday. higher humidity as we see more clouds coming in. and then as you will notice, ll not much of a change by monday. but by tuesday, we're tracking the possibility of rinne here in the bay area. so definitely coming closer, which would be great. yeah. >> thank you very much. it doesn't take very much. dressers tipping over and posing a h you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. a new warning about the possibilities of furniture in your house. >> this is one of those problems that keeps growing. that one too? that one too? in an ongoing report on the
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stability of dressers, a new release shows dressers 30 inches tall and under have been linked to death. just because a dresser is smaller doesn't make it less of a tipover risk to your children in your home. every 17 minutes an unsecured piece of appliance, furniture, or television tips oh and kills someone the u.s. most victims are children under six years old. during "consumer reports," ongoing investigation into the stability of dressers, newly released government data shows dressers 30 inches tall are linked to people's deaths. >> just because it seems stable, it can still pose a deadly tipover risk in your home. >> reporter: records released in
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june shoes at least five fatal tipovers were linked to dressers 30 irmgs and lower. "consumer reports" conducted three tipover tests on models marketed as 30 inches. only five passed a all of the tests including $150 ikea northwardly showi nordly showing that an affordable dresser can be stable. >> we found it's possible tooooo build a safe dresser. a safety standard is needed for all dressers. >> they're pushing for stan stan torrey measures and states all dressers should be properly anchored to the wall. there's a video showing how to
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anchor furniture to a wall. it's all on our website. the majority of us throughout had to be a higher one. 30 inches? >> that's heavy. listening to this. playing
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, we're expecting an update. we'll take you live for an update plaus the online tool that helps evacuees find out more on the status of their homes. plus building the bay area. some say more freeways would relieve our horrendous traffic problems. at 6:00 we investigate whether it's time to build the highways planners planned years ago. much more coming up. >> thank you. we'll see you then.
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finally tonight the future of artificial intelligence is here. >> and it could cut major strokes off your golf game, dan. >> like it. microsoft hosted an intelligence plan. they show how they're using ai technology. >> one was a virtual eye. >> after the ai software learns your game, it offers you advice the same way a professional caddie would. >> within milliseconds, i'm getting a recommendation on what club to use based on the weather, looking at other golfers similar to me. all of that is being processed. >> the interface works through your smartphone. >> of course, the ai caddie can't carry your clubs. but, hey, look at this way. there's no tipping either. it can't swing for you. you have to make the shot
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yourself. >> what can't it do. world news with david muir tonight, several developing stories. the potential nor'easter moving in. and the state of emergency in california. the wildfire roaring back to life today. the aerial assault. and firefighters on the ground. and to the north, the camp fire, now the deadliest, most destructive fire in california history. the families forced to drive through the flames just to survive. also, that other major weather story, the nor'easter expected to bring snow, ice and rain from raleigh to washington, new york city to boston. rob marciano standing by with the new track. out of control. the driver slamming into a social security office, up to 20 people hurt. several rushed to the hospital. a woman and children in the car. the c-130 plunging from the sky, killing nine. and tonight, what authorities have just revealed now in this case. the new interview with monica lewinsky making news tonight. why she breaks down.


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