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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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change when we hear from authorities in a moment. you can see here just how much that is. we have overlayed the fire area on to the bay area. it covers north of elth of elthl down to hayward. >> more than 6,500 homes have been destroyed and the del toll stands at 42, making the camp fire already the deadliest fire in california history. keep in mind, a lot of people, maybe as many as 200 are still reported as missing and unaccounted for so the death toll is expected to rise. as we said here, in about 30 seconds we expect to get an update from cal fire. they do a 6:00 news briefing for us. we expect some of the numbers we just gave you to have changed in the last 24 hours or so, but we will find out in mere moments. the key thing to know is we're hoping that the wind will die down and give firefighters a little better chance to fight these flames. still not any significant rain in the forecast, which would help enormously as well, but
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they continue very tough work with thousands of firefighters on the line in butte county. >> and during these news conferences they usually have their meteorologists that are assigned to this incident talking about the weather conditions currently and the coming weather conditions so they know what firefighters are up against. it looks like we're about to start here. let's listen in live to the cal fire news conference in butte county. good evening. i am steve coffman and i serve as the public information officer. this is the fire update for the camp fire, november 13, 2018, 1801 hours, 6:01 p.m. i'm going to start off with the most current acreage. weare at 130,000 acres, 35%
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contained. total personnel assigned to the incident is 5,615. total citizens evacuated still holds at 52,000, and the total sheltered still holds i'm going to go over the numbers of our destroyed and damaged structures. single family residences damaged, 75. single family residences destroyed, 7,600. 7,600. multiple residences, damaged, 11. destroyed, 95. mixedidential, damaged zero. destroyed, three. non-residential commercial properties. damaged, 32.
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destroyed, 260. other minor structures. damaged, 30. destroyed, 859, which brings us a grand total of damaged structures to 148 and destroyed structures, 8,817. i would now like to bring up our operations section chief. >> good evening. josh bischoff, battalion chief in the riverside unit. i serve on incident management team four as an operational section chief. i'm going to go over the operational update from today and some of the plans going forward for tomorrow. first off, starting up at the hill of the fire on the northeast corner near the feather river, we were able to -- until the big bar area of the bear ranch, we were able to
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continue to build line coming off of that com tower and proceed down south through the big bar ranch area. we were able to not only start constructing primary line, but we were also able to construct secondary line in that area, utilizing dozers and masticators to try to bring those containment lines down towards the big ben area. we've been working very hard in the big ben area for several days, not only with structure defense but also perimeter control. we had a very successful day in the big ben area. for the first time in a couple of days we actually had good visibility where we were able to fly fixed-wing aircraft and delivehare working in that steep, inaccessible terrain, working down towards the river drainage. on the north side of big ben, we were almost able to tie in to the drainage. on the south side of the big ben, we were able to come within
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about 1,000 feet and are still progressing to tie into the drainage. in the bloomer mountain area, we also were able to fly fixed-wing aircraft and made good progress. our crews were able to cut handline down to the drainage on the north side there of bloomer mountain. we were able to plumb that with hose lays. on the south side, we have been using dozer line to push down, following an old burn scar down towards the river bottom, and we will be preparing for a burn operation to tie that bottom part of bloomer mountain in. we had a lot of success on the cherokee side today as well. we were able to tie in the direct and indirect containment lines, and we will be preparing for a small burn operation to tie that in to the river drainage bottom there. we continued our mop-up and patrol along the 99 corridor and up the 32 corridor. in the town of paradise, magalia, concow, there was a lot
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of work. we continue to find hot spots and dangerous, hazardous areas, but we continue to work hard and put a lot of equipment in there to try and mitigate those hazards. in the santos rank area, we also had a successful day, although we had poor visibility and were not able to fly any aircraft. we were able to make good progress. we have a burn operation planned in there for this evening that will tie in from hell town up to nimshoe and connect the area below magalia. above magalia moving towards sterling city, the fire did continue to progress. we were able to put secondary and primary dozer line around sterling city to kind of help guide the fire away from sterling city. we were successful in doing that, and we're continuing to build direct and indirect line across the top and working back down towards the river drainage. today was a very successful day,
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however, there were a lot of challenges. the swirling winds and the limited visibility in multiple areas along with the steep, inaccessible terrain were some of the main challenges for today. thank you. good evening. my name is eviva brawn. i am a meteorologist with the national weather service based out of cheyenne, wyoming. i am here serving as an incident meteorologist with cal fire incident management team four. so we're going to continue having dry conditions tonight, tomorrow and through the end of the week. but what will be different is that the winds will be slightly lighter overall. tonight we will have the development of northeast winds. they will be strongest along the ridges and through the feather river drainage. they're going to be around 10 to 15 miles per hour with gusts to 20. tomorrow, they will shift and become upslope, up valley, but light. now, what this means for you in
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terms of air quality is that the air quality will be poor as the light winds allow the smoke to settle every single morning. it will be worse in the morning, and with a little bit of mixing we'll have some better air quality by the afternoon. now, looking ahead, we are loking at conditions becoming more favorable for potential rain around thanksgiving. pyou.ll keep an eye on that for thank you. good evening. my name is jonathan pangburn, a forester. i am a fire behavior analyst for cal fire team four. fuels continue to be extraordinarily dry. it has been 212 days since the lower elevations here have received a half an inch of rain, and we are seeing record levels of fuel dryness and
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availability. so the area remains quite ready for continued fire growth, so we are not fully out of the woods yet but firefighters are doing their part to make sure that we are keeping communities safe. thank you. good evening. my name is lisa almaguer au and i'm the public information officer for butte county public health. i'm here to speak with you about how to safely return to your home and property. our intent is to provide this information to you in advance so you have time to receive the information and prepare. as access becomes available to the areas affected by the camp fire, there's important health and safety information that you need to be aware of. first and foremost, residents will be entering these residents at their own risk. affected areas will have limited to no resources. these include no power, no
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water, no phone or cell service, and no ability to call 911. there are four primary areas of concern. the first is hazardous fire debris. when everyday household items come in contact with extreme heat, they become hazardous materials. they are concentrated in the ash and the soil and are hazardous to you and your family. burned properties will have the following health and safety risks for residents. potential falling limbs and trees, potential collapsed walls and chimneys, entrapment hazards due to burned tree roots, collapsed or compromised septic tanks, missing septic tank covers or collapsed basements. well water may be contaminated. bottled drinking water should be used. lastly, an n-95 mask will not protect against asbestos. there are concerns about what you wear as you get access to
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these properties. make sure you have gloves and make sure you have long pants. make sure you have boots, no flip-flops, no shorts. if you do have helmet protection, that's recommended. use extreme caution when in and around what appears to be cold ash. it still may contain heat. the secondary of concern is property cleanup. butte county is working to secure assistance from state agencies that will ensure proper handling and disposal of debris and ash from the fire. in the meantime, in order to protect your health and the health of your neighbors and community, property owners may not remove any ash or debris without authorization from butte county environmental health. the third area of concern is tree damage. many trees have been identified as hazardous due to the fire and will be removed in the coming days. these trees may be on your property or near your property. upon return, you may see trees
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marked with white spray paint. they will have one of two codes. the first code is p-1. this is extreme hazard and they may fall at any time. the second code is p-2. these are hazardous and they're scheduled for removal. the final area of concern is food safety. the affected areas have not had power since the fire starte. food is considered unsafe after power loss of four or more hours. we are days into this emergency. if you have food remaining at your home or property, all food should be discarded. never taste food to determine safety. you can -- you can't rely on appearance or odor to determine food safety. if your refrigerator has been non-operational for an extended period of time, the food inside has gone bad. once you have discarded the contents, you should clean the inside of your refrigerator, rinse it with clean water,
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clean, soapy water, and then sanitize with a water and bleach solution. again, this is our intent to provide information to you in advance so you have time to prepare. thank good evening, everybody. my name is corey honey and i am the sheriff and coroner of butte county. as i've said in prior press briefings, the information that i have for you tonight is based on the best information i have available today. but as you know, this is an ever-changing situation and there may come a time when i need to update or correct information as new facts are developed. let's start off by telling you a bit of good news. last night we were able to lift the evacuation warning that had been issued for the thermolito
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area. those of you who are out of the area, who are not from here, that is near oroville, part of the greater oroville area. in addition to that, we have a number of camp fire related arrests and other significant events to tell you about. to date, we have had 208 suspicious incidents or calls of suspicious persons or circumstances within the evacuated areas. of those 208 incidents, 18 of them were specifically reported to be looting. our law enforcement assets in the area went out and ultimately investigated that. yesterday butte county sheriff's office deputies arrested two men. the first identified as jason burns, age 41, of chief chico.
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the second, michael salisbury, age 48, of reno. they were found inside a residence in the centerville area of butte county, which is inside one of the areas that is currently under an evacuation order. they were not supposed to be in that house. they were found to be in possession of a gun that was registered to a person who lives in paradise. they were ultimately arrested and booked into the butte county jail for being felons in possession of firearms, possession of an assault weapon, possession of controlled substances, and being a prohibited person of those items as well as being in an evacuated area where they shouldn't have been. in addition to that, earlier this morning deputies made contact with two men in the area
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of honey run road in chico, another area that is under investigation. during the course of that contact, an individual by the name of teddy king, age 27, of paradise, as well as a subject by the name of john brown, age 38, of oroville, were found to be in possession of a laptop computer that is suspected to be stolen. they were also in possession of drugs and they had a ski mask with them, which the investigators thought it was unusual and curious and suspected they might have been trying to conceal their identity. they were arrested and taken to the butte county jail. they were booked on charges of being in possession of controlled substances, possession of paraphernalia, and being in the area where they shouldn't have been. also this morning deputies spotted a motor home in the
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chico area that had been previously reported stolen out of magalia. deputies stopped that vehicle and arrested shane tinnel jr., age 22, from magalia, as well as tracie sizer, age 42, of magalia, and both were charged with vehicle theft, possession of stoly property and looting. after this press conference, my office will issue a press release with more details about those arrests as well as the correct spelling of their name and their booking photos. needless to say, i have warned people time and time again during the course of these press briefings that if you are in these evacuated areas when you shouldn't be and you are violating the law or taking advantage of these poor citizens who are displaced, we are going to stop you, we're going to investigate, and we're going to take you to jail if we find you
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are violating the law. this has been a fairly hectic day for us, a lot of activity, a lot of things have been going on. i spoke to you last night about some additional resources that we were bringing in to help us with our efforts, and those resources are beginning to arrive and be deployed. i don't have a lot of update on where we're at with that because, frankly, i wanted my staff to spend time doing the important work that they're doing as opposed to taking time away from that to provide me more information so that i could update you. i understand there's a need for information. i absolutely respect that and i want to do that, but i also think it is important to let my people do their job. so tomorrow we'll work on trying to update some of the information with regard to the resources that we have in play here. i will tell you that we continue
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in our effort to identify and locate people who have been reported missing or who are otherwise unaccounted for. in that vein, our detectives and the staff working with them spent time compiling a list from all of the calls we have been receiving of those people who are unaccounted for and suspected missing. we are going to publish that list once we get -- once we get it completed, and when we do we're going to ask members of the public to look at the list to determine whether or not they are on it. one of the things that we've found is that there are people out there who their loved ones suspect that they're missing or they're unaccounted for, they report them as missing and unaccounted for, but they don't, in fact, know that they're missing or that someone is looking for them. so in that regard, it will help us close the loop on that. look at that. if your name is on the list, it means that someone is looking for you. we would ask that you contact
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the butte county sheriff's office and our missing persons call center at the numbers that i have previously provided. i will provide them one more time. again, let us know that you are okay so that we can stop our search for you and start looking for someone else. again, the numbers to the call center are 538-7671. again, those are all 530 area code numbers. we know that people receiving busy signals and not getting through, we think we have corrected that problem. our staff is working diligently to answer all of those calls or return the messages. we have received a lot of calls. so there's been a lot of work being done in that regard. in addition to the resources i told you about last night, today we put in another order for 100
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national guard troops. they will work in conjunction with all of the other assets, the resources that we have who are searching for human remains. we have ordered those national guard troops because we want to be able to cover as much ground as quickly as we possibly can. we are hopeful that by doing that, when the time comes to allow people back into the area, once all of the other safety issues are addressed, then we can be reasonably sure that we have searched the area for human remains. i want to tell you though, this is a very, very difficult process. there is certainly the unfortunate possibility that even after we have searched an area, once people get back in there, it is possible that human remains could be found. i want you to understand, we're going to do everything we possibly can to diligently search for those remains, but this is a very difficult task.
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if that were to occur, we would certainly want whoever located those to contact our office immediately so we can get out there and begin a proper investigation. i know that that's a very difficult thing to think about, but that's the difficult situation that we find ourselves in today. in addition, we are working to expedite the process of identifying the remains so that we can notify the next of kin. we are going to be working -- the california department of justice dna lab is going to be working in conjunction with a private company that has volunteered to bring assets in to help us. that is andy, a-n-d-e, rapid dna identification system. they're bringing those assets in as we speak. what that will allow us to do is quickly generate dna
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identifications. the system performs dna processing in a fully automated manner, so it can be performed by our investigative teams, and this will allow us to identify those victims hopefully within days and bring closure to the grieving families. this is, as i understand it, cutting-edge technology. this is a monumental event, and i think it is appropriate to bring to bear as many resources as we possibly can. i want to remind people that due to the ongoing emergency here and the volume of work and our staff limitations, our main lobby will be closed again tomorrow, but you can come to the sheriff's office and go to the jail lobby to report crimes. my office remains on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. we will still respond to emergencies and deal with criminal matters including the efforts that we have dedicated towards the camp fire.
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as i close here, as i have said again and again, one of the hardest parts of this particular job is to provide you with an update on where we are at with the recovery of human remains. so today an additional six human remains were recovered, which brings the total to 48. all six of those remains were located in paradise and they were located within homes. that is the end of my report for tonight. as we go forward, i will try to get you more updates on some of the things we have talked about. but, again, i want my staff to be able to do as much work as they possibly can, and if that means that we have to wait a little while to get the updates, i think that's appropriate. thank you.
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i'm sorry, one other thing. michael ramsay, the district attorney of butte county, asked me to pass this along. he is taking an aggressive stance towards reported price gouging, if that is -- involves hotel rooms or gas or rents or anything of that nature. if you are a person who suspects that you are the victim of price gouging or being taken advantage of because of the situation, mr. ramsey, the district attorney, asks that you call 1-866-dafraud, or 1-866-323-7238. i think that price gougers are probably in the same category as looters. all right. that's butte county sheriff corey honia, wrapping up the press briefing. we will move on for a moment. the key numbers, given the grim
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number, six more bodies found today, all in the town of paradise, bringing the total number of confirmed dead now to 48 as a result of the camp l fire in butte county. our cover
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our coverage of the butte county fire continues. we have team coverage for you on the camp fire burning in butte county. >> abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian is tracking when the air quality in the bay area will improve. >> first, live to "abc 7 news" reporter laura anthony. she is in butte county for us tonight. laura. >> reporter: hi, dan. as we just heard the sheriff say in that press conference, the number one priority up here in the fire zone remains that search for human remains. it is that and dangerous conditions like these behind me that means that residents will have to wait a little bit longer before they can return home. with the death toll rising, police and evidence technicians in paradise aretimihe doze o b a abandoned cars left behind when the camp fire roared through just to make sure there are no human remains
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inside. >> priority 1 is still trying to contain the fire because it is not contained. the other is trying to find folks who have been reported missing through all of the means that we do, and in some cases it is finding remains and then trying to identify those remains. >> reporter: in the meantime, those who survived the fire are coming to grips with what they lost. >> i know that -- that it was -- it was going to be burnt down because i saw the first part. >> reporter: gracie harman just started kindergarten in magalia. now she knows she has no school to go back to. >> i'm hoping that it is still standing up so we could soon go back to school, and hoping all of the fire is put out and we could all go back and -- go back to what we were doing. >> concow matters. a lot of my friends are missing. >> reporter: carol campbell is from concow. she knows her house, her
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mother's and her daughter's have all burned to the ground, but what adds to her anguish is the feeling that her little community is being overlooked. >> a lot of us lost our homes and nobody cares. somebody has got to care about us, too. >> actually, there's about, oh, 20 homes left. >> reporter: carey green's property is the exception. his wife was able to escape at the height of the fire, but green stayed behind to help a neighbor. by the time he tried to leave, it was too late. >> the wind coming across here was about 50 miles an hour and the flames were straight across. it was incredible. it was like a monster coming down off the hill there from jarvo gap, and it came to destroy. >> reporter: green knows at least seven people who died in his town. carol campbell does, too. >> lots of my friends died in their cars, died in their homes because they couldn't get out. >> reporter: this is all that remains of the paradise elementary school. we have learned that governor
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jerry brown plans to come here on wednesday and tour the devastation. he and the u.s. interior secretary and fema representatives will then meet with fire victims down in chico. in paradise, laura anthony, "abc 7 news". >> just heartbreaking. thank you, laura. all right. "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian is track tinge our air quality. >> yes, spencer. any idea when it might get better? >> we are expecting some improvement over the weekend, but for the next three days we don't expect much improvement at all. here is a look at our air quality map. you see the red dots indicating the areas with the poorest air quality. you can see that covers virtually the entire bay area. here is our air quality forecast for wednesday, thursday and friday. we're calling for -- or expecting poor air quality for all regions of the bay area with moderate air quality on saturday. so the weekend will bring some improvement, we think, a change in the wind flow, some cleaner air. here is a look at the effects of this poor air quality. this affects everyone, even
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healthy people. we may have trouble breathing, itchy eyes, headache, runny nose, and of course the effects are more severe for people with respiratory ailments like asthma or copd. we need soaking rainstorms and higher rain containment, which is happening now. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast going into the weekend. continued dry, hazy sunshine. over the weekend a few extra clouds, a change in wind direction, cleaner air, and cooler conditions as well. maybe some rain by the middle of next week. dan and ama. >> spencer, thank you. drone 7 shows us how abysmal the air quality is throughout the bay area. we sent it up today near san francisco city hall to capture video of the hazy skies from today. that's the video on the left. the same shot on the right was taken a few weeks ago in the same spot before the camp fire. what a difference that short amount of time makes. >> boy, that is a dramatic difference, isn't it? well, a spare-the-air alert is in effect through friday. >> "abc 7 news" reporter melanie
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woodrow has advice for staying safe. >> reporter: dr. balm, a professor of medicine and environmental health scientist, says air quality in the bay area is comparable to a good day in delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world. >> if you are outside, you will be breathing it with every air breath. >> reporter: as air quality is down, call volume is up at the bay area air quality management district. individuals, schools and even counties are calling for advice. >> they want to know what they can do or what type of measures they can tattke to make sure they're safe. >> the dose is determined by the concentration of particles in the air and how long you are out. >> reporter: doctors say you definitely don't want to be exercising outdoors right now, especially because when you do you tend to breathe more through your mouth than your nose. >> you bypass the filtering mechanism of the nose. >> reporter: also, when exercising you tend to breathe in more so you get a greater dose of the particles.
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experts say wearing an n-95 mask helps if you have to be outside, but their best advice is to stay indoors as much as possible. melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." to abc 7, we're teaming up with talent for a blood drive tomorrow in san francisco to benefit wildfire victims. donors can go to the san francisco urban center, masonic and turk street, from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on donate bloody. "7 on your side" michael finney will be there all day. look for his reports on preparedness, disaster relief and helping survivors of the california wildfires. abc 7's parent company, the walt disney company, committed half a million dollars to support relief and recovery efforts for california wildfires. the money will go to the california community foundation's wildfire relief fund which provides assistance to wildfire survivors as well as the california fire foundation, which helps firefighters and their families. coming up on "abc 7 news" at 6:00, grid lock again.
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why aren't bay area freeways better? >> right. traffic affects our quality of life, so "abc 7 news" is spending more time on your commute. it is our commitment to building a better bay area. . a parking valet damages a customer's car
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you worry about this. a bay area woman's car sustained damage after being moved by a valet. >> the parking company delayed paying her claim for months, so she contacted "7 on your side's" michael finney to get some help. >> yeah. the claim's process started smoothly for this woman, but then she says the whole process took a wrong turn. licia collins drives to san francisco for work from her home. when she does, a valet parks her car in this parking garage run by impart. >> i these guys. these are a great group of guys. >> one day a valet told her he accidentally ran her car into a pole, leaving a scratch on her door. >> i would say it was probably about -- about this long. it was very obvious when you walk by it. >> she said the valet promised her impart's insurance would take care of it.
6:40 pm
in the incident reporting file, the employee admitted fault, i entering parking space hit post. within days she received this letter from impart requesting two repair estimates which she promptly gave them. alicia repaired her vehicle, confident she would quickly get reimbursed. >> i'm not one that likes to drive around with my car damaged because you never know what's going to happen to further damage the car. >> alicia's insurance company paid for her repair, but required alicia to pay the deductible. her insurance company then contacted impart to get alicia's claim paid out, hoping to refund her for the $500 deductible she paid. >> impart would not respond. it went from april to september that they did not respond. >> when her insurance company asked her what she wanted to do next, alicia decided to contact "7 on your side." >> that
6:41 pm
and left a message on my cellphone. >> the next day they paid her claim. >> thank you, michael. thank you so much. >> alicia says they apologized to her for the delay. m park did not return our numb ress requests for comment. i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open week days from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can reach me at my facebook page and through she is smart, not just for calling you, but you could get at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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"abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area, which means we are spending more time looking at issues that affect our quality of life, and we're trying to find solutions. >> that's right. we all know that traffic congestion is a huge problem. as you look live at one of our highways on i-80, just backed up as always. would building more highways actually help? that's a question the bay area has been asking for more than a century. >> and traffic reporter alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has a closer look at the bay area roadways that ul♪ >> reporter: as long as cars have been on our streets, california highway planners have seen the need for a network of roads to move cars faster and
6:45 pm
more efficiently around the bay area. decades later, a not of the network is in place, but many of the roads envisioned by planners years ago never got built. with traffic congestion growing at record levels, is it time to revisit some old ideas? as far back as the 1920s, state routes in our region have been eyed as potential fry ways and that would have meant roads like this one, el camino real, on the peninsula, could have eventually have become larger highways. plans for a bigger network of freeways only grew in the decades that followed. >> this is a plan that, you know, really started to germinate in the 1950s and flower in the 1960s and began withering in the 1970s. this goes back a long ways. >> reporter: john goodwin is with the metropolitan transportation commission, the agency that today oversees the bay area's long-term highway plans. he says anything could have been possible.
6:46 pm
scenic highway 1 along california's coast was once planned to be a major freeway. swaths of concrete could have been laid from san rafael to point reyes in the north bay, a multi-lane freeway would eliminate congestion along the path of highway 17 in the south bay, and another freeway would have linked brentwood to livermore. >> all around the east bay in particular there were a lot of plans for freeways that were not built. >> reporter: one plan would have started here at 680 in fremont, traveled along mission boulevard to connect at 238 and 580 in hey wear. caltrans brought land for exits and interchanges. the plan was on the books for nearly half a century, but in 2004 the idea officially died. >> it is a long history with a lot of different chapters, but i think ultimately there were community groups that just were not supportive of it and continued to fight the state and keep the freeway from happening. >> reporter: hayward deputy city manager jennifer ott says now that land for the freeway exits is being sold to the city to meet one of the region's other
6:47 pm
needs. >> addressing our housing crisis and building new houses near b.a.r.t and providing for affordable housing and amenities, new retail development, parks, trails. that's really more important to the city. >> reporter: if it were ever to be built, highway 238 would be the eighth bay area bridge, and it would have connected with highway 380 right here near sfo. and then continued along this route all the way to pacifica. under highway 280, you can still see the two overpasses that could carry cars all the way to rockaway beach in pacifica. that plan is not officially dead, but the construction is unlikely to resume any time soon. there have been a number of proposals to build another connection between the east bay and san francisco, some over the bay, others under it. >> one of the most outlandish in my opinion proposals was what was designated to be state route 61. >> reporter: that crossing would have started near golden gate fields in berkley and traveled parallel to interstate 80,
6:48 pm
filling in the bay, and then crossing over the bay bridge toll plaza. >> touchdown in alameda, cross alameda, and then get down into san leandro where there would be a connection to a new y-shaped bay bridge. >> reporter: that y-shaped bridge would have hooked up with highway 24 along the way and ended near hunters point where it could have connected to a network of urban freeways that crisscrossed san francisco. from drone view 7 you can still see the concrete stubs that were part of the plan. >> starting in the 1930s and really culminating in the '40s and '50s, a whole series of grand plans to build freeways throughout san francisco, a very comprehensive system of so-called traffic ways were proposed. >> panhandle to the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: benjamin grant is with spur, the san francisco bay area planning and urban research association. he says it wasn't until the freeways started going up that people realized the magnitude of all these plans.
6:49 pm
>> embarcadero freeway was really the one that woke people up. when people realized what it actually looked like to build these monstrous structures through the city -- >> reporter: the network of interchanges would go over and under the city, even running alongside both sides of golden gate park. >> starting in the 1960s, the freeway revolt turned the freeway planners back. >> reporter: with the earthquake struck in 1989, the bay area's feelings about highways changed even more. the cyprus freeway, a stretch of 880, collapsed, killing 42 people. that raised concerns about stretches of similar freeways in san francisco. both the embarcadero and central freeways, constructed as part of the crisscrossing network, were torn down. >> ultimately, a different philosophy prevailed, which is that thppnity t open ourater or to r
6:50 pm
the urban fabric as we see in hayes valley, creating some terrific public spaces for people. >> reporter: traffic planners are now looking toward the future. the mcc will start planning for 2050's traffic demand next year. the focus has shifted over the last 100 years. there will be changes, but don't look for these dramatic plans when it comes to our roadways. many of the proposals now involve improving public transportation. >> the number one thing that could be done and could be done easily and quickly is for folks to put somebody in the seat next to them in their car. our biggest underused transportation resource is the empty seats in people's cars. >> reporter: that means your next traffic jam might just be the fight over who gets the front seat. alexis smith, "abc 7 news." >> and we want you to be a part of this important conversation. how can we work on building a better bay area? share your ideas by adding the #betterbayarea on social media. we look forward to hearing from you. >> we certainly do.
6:51 pm
all right. the dubs are playing again tonight i think. >> i know, right? >> they are playing without one of their big players. >> really? oh, no. >> yeah, a little bit of adversity hitting the warriors. >> yeah, a little bit of drama for golden state. next, you will hear what bob myers had to say after you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. >> draymond green is known for his emotion on the court, but that emotion will cost him a game and more than $120,000
6:54 pm
tonight. the warriors have suspended the forward without pay for tonight's game for conduct detrimental to the team. the suspension is in response to a disagreement last night between green and kevin durant. the two exchanged words over green taking the ball in the final seconds against the clippers though durant clearly called for it. their argument escalated on the bench and intensified in the locker room after the overtime loss. espn reports the team believes green crossed the line when he lit into durant about his pending free agency during the altercation. steve kerr won't comment on specifics but insists durant's contract status is not an issue for the team. >> not the slightest bit. nobody ever talks about kevin's free agency. it doesn't bother any of us. >> you know, i think what probably will be the hardest thing for him is he can't play basketball tonight. >> things happen, bumps in the road. you got to move forward. it is all a part of coaching a
6:55 pm
team. it is all a part of being on a team. you have to get through the adversity, and there are some difficult times and you just -- you get through them. >> i think it is what you do after these things occur that separates the good organizations, and there's a lot of them out there. that's what we're trying to be. so how you handle things after they happen is the most important thing. >> we'll see how green and durant handle it as well. once again, bob melvin is the american league manager of the year. he was named so today. it is the skipper's second such honor with oakland and thirdo r overall. he is only the as second manager to win the award. oakland had the lower payroll in the a's this season. the a's 97 wins this year are 22 more than last season. the highlight of monday night football between the giants and 49ers actually came before the game.
6:56 pm
the 49ers marquise goodwin brought the giants' odell beckham over to the sideline to see his younger sister who has cerebral palsy. the two star receivers shared a big hug and had a dance-off. how fun is this? goodwin tweeted that the moment made his sister's whole year and thanked beckham jr.. something as simple as a dance. >> so many. not just his sister, millions retweeted that. >> that's cool. >> very cool. thank you, mindi. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20 and right here for "abc 7 news" at 11:00. we will have the latest from the fire where fire crews are making substantial progress now in containing this deadly blaze. >> then on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, they had just moved to paradise so her son could have a room of his own. hear one mother's heartbreaking story of losing everything in the fire. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 catch the connors followed by the kids are all right, "black-ish" and splitting up together.
6:57 pm
at 10:00 it is "the rookie" and stay with us for "abc 7 news" at 11:00. >> then "jimmy kimmel live." by the way, happy birthday, jimmy. he turns 51 today. >> happy birthday to him. >> that is this edition of "abc 7 news". look for breaking news any time on the "abc 7 news" app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for mindi bach, spencer christian, all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight. ♪ america. land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, ribeye burgers are back, america.
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