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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 14, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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>> the governor will meet with fire victims when he tours the area today. if any schools will be closed today because of the bad air quality, sonoma state university and uc davis will have classes today. we will post closures on our website, as soon as those are announced. on the left is san francisco city hall seen from drone view 7 yesterday. the shot on the right was taken a few weeks ago. >> let's check weather and traffic again. >> that should pop up in a second. it is giving you the latest up-to-date information fpldist had to repopulate. oregon orange. th iealthi right now, as was the case yesterday.
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unhealthy air will spread along all of our neighborhoods as we head throughout the afternoon hours. not quite as hazy. don't let that fool you. without the canopy of high clouds, temperatures should bump up a little bit today. starting off cooler because of the lack of clouds. more 30s out there. mid to upper 60s at noon. mid to upper 60s, 70s, isolated at 4:00. into the 50s heading out at 7:00. all right. take a look at your activity planner if you decide to venue venture outside. here's alexis. >> back to northbound 101 in the north bay, this is a sig-alert. all lanes are currently shut down at railroad avenue. that's where traffic is bng forc of it is 30morning, huge backup. it sounds like they will be able to open one lane shortly. we have a semi that flipped over
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shortly after 4:00 this morning. unfortunately it caught fire. we have major injuries as well. we have jobina fortson arriving on scene as well. they should be able to give us more information. it sounds like a delivery truck, double trailer delivery truck, semi full of packages. this will likely be here sometime this morning. good news, that's our only major problem. westbound 580, we are filling in through the central valley. tracy into dublin. that's our first one in the yellow. 41 minutes. central valley, 680, dublin to mission. fi v got chance to hear from first responders on the campus of chico state university. stkpheut was an encore of the press briefing held earlier in the evening. we're all in this tll out stro.
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>> it's an opportunity for the town to modernize. hopefully they do and bring people up here. so the community can be alive. >> some asked when they would be back in. cal fire stk hasn't responded. a group of bay area lawyers is suing pg&e claiming it was negligent tphrepbt. >> proper managing and inspecting its power lines. investigators haven't determined how that fire started. the company says it's too soon to determine if sparks from the
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transition line ignited the fire. >> rebuilding is under way. caltrans tweeted pictures of crewsef burdng 191 near paradise. abc is teaming up with vitalent to benefit those wildfire victims. you can go to the irwin center from 11:30 this morning until 6:30 tonight to donate blood. 7 on your side michael finney will be there all day. look for his live reports focusing on preparedness, disaster relief and helping survivors of the california wildfires. >> if you would like to help fire victims in other ways, we have resources on make a $10 donation by texting red cross to 90999. now, southern california. firefighters are battling to protect homes from a new wildfire this morning.
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>> the sierra fire broke out in mi evacuated as power lines and some backyards went up in flames. as of midnight, no structures have been damaged. our sister station kabc said the fire burned 20 acres. hot, dry winds caused the woolsey fire to flare-up. it scorched 150 square miles of land in ventura and los angeles counties. it is 40% contained. officials blame the fire for two deaths. some have begun returning to their homes. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's look at the temperatures along the east bay shore. fremont, 41. oakland, 42. 46 in el cebrante.
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mid-30s to upper 30s in the upper valleys until you get to brentwood. 52 in san francisco. freezing cold right now in santa rosa, 32 degrees. watch out for smoky frost there. smoke hanging in the air from the exploratorium at pier 15. limit outdoor activities if you can. some of you will go out and exercise. i saw it yesterday. take a look at the temperatures today. they will bump up a little bit. that's the difference from yesterday. it will be a little bit brighter. it will be hazy.50 in sanfranci. 66 at noon. spike around 70. we will drop down 46 at 8:00. we start off with sunshine at 46 degrees. a comfortable 67 at noon. 70 this afternoon. back down to 61 at 6:00.
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and a cool 55 degrees at 8:00. all right. still tracking the big wind shift that will bring us cleaner air and a chance for rain in the next 10 minutes. first, you have a big accident already. >> we sure do. the official time it was called in was 3:55. so going on about 40 minutes now. this has been happening in the north bay. it's northbound 101, railroad avenue. this is a sig-alert. all lanes shut down right now. it is a double trailer semi that somehow lost control, went off on the shoulder, flipped over. both cab and trailers. all of that caught on fire. crews on the scene. still working to clear that out. being forced off at railroad avenue. you can take old railroad north to get around into rohnert park. we're not seeing a huge backup for a couple of reasons. one, it's just after 4:30 in the
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morning. the counter commute direction as well. that's all the details i have right now. chp is hoping to get more lanes open shortly. they will at least be able to get one open here. jobina is live at the scene this morning. actually, i'm hearing she's not quite ready to go. as soon as she is available, we will check in and get a few more details. right now we will head back to jessica. >> she is just working to get set up on the scene. again, we will get to her in just a moment. right now, happening today, it's possible way to speed up your commute for everyone on the roads. >> that's right. a meeting to determine if an area gets rid of all of its toll plazas. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. this suspect just about the cash, taking in fact, the cash lanes would not save much money. but they hope it will save drivers time. they are looking into the possibility of taking away the cash lanes at the seven
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state-owned bridges and making them all electronic or open road tolling. that is like the golden gate bridge. no toll collectors, but you still have the booths. open road tolling would be like the venetian bridge. it would save $5 million once implemented. both options would result in more efficient tolling, increased safety, decreased delays, lower vehicle emissions. the negative would be to retrain toll collectors and finding new positions for them. this morning's meeting starts at 9:30. okay, matt, thank you. cashless tolls could help relieve traffic congestion, but it is only one solution. we will look at whether
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good morning and welcome back. i want to get you caught up on a major sig-alert in the north bay. all lanes of northbound 101 are closed due to a flipped big rig that caught fire. right out to our crew. jobina fortson is live. what can you tell us? >> repr: alexis, we will take you right back to where everything is going on right now. we can see several officers surrounding a vehicle that does appear to be involved here.
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the big rig tipped on its side. lots of smoke was pouring out. of you c out and obviously caught fire. we watched an ambulance roll through here just a few moments before you came to us. we can tell at least one person was injured here. we cannot tell the extent of the injuries at the moment. we have not been updated on that. cal fire did just arrive here as well. crews are still arriving here as first responders continue to pull up. all lanes are blocked on 101 northbound near the railroad avenue on-ramp. you can see the guardrail is bend in several directions. at some point the crash did appear to start there. pieces of debris drag all along the highway out to the bigger
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portion of the scene here. no point when this will reopen. traffic is being diverted at this moment. light traffic at the moment that we can see headed up this direction. after the accident as it gets later into the morning, we know that will pick up here. as soon as we get another update on injuries or anything else that is going to be happening here and when things may reopen, we will alert the newsroom. >> jobina, thank you. santa clara central park library will debut a dmv kiosk to help people avoid the long lines. >> the self-service kiosk allows people to complete their registration, renewal or apply for non-operation status. a kickoff event at central park
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library on homestead road at 2:00 p.m. >>owra constn problthe bay area. we're asking would more highways help. it's a question people have been asking for years. as long as cars have been on our streets, california highway planners have seen the need for a network of roads to faster and more efficiently around the bay area. >> this is a plan that started to germinate in the 1950s. and flower in the 1960s and began withering in the 1970s. >> john goodwin is with the metropolitan transportation commission. he says anything could have been possible. scenic highway 1 along california's coast is planned to be a major freeway.
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another would have linked livermore to brentwood. >> a lot of plans for freeways that were not built. >> traveling along mission boulevard and connects at 258 and interchanges. the plans were on the books half a century. in 2004, the idea officially died. if they were to be built, 238 would be the eighth bay area bridge. it would have connected right here near sfo. and then continued along with route all the way to pacifica. under 280 you can still see the two overpasses that could carry cars to rockaway n officially dead, but the construction is unlikely to resume any time soon.
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there have been a number of proposals to build a connection between the east bay and san francisco. some over the bay. others under it. >> one of the most outlandish was state route 61. >> it would have started in berkeley and traveled parallel to interstate 80, filling in the bay, then crossing over the bay bridge toll plaza and ended near hunters point. >> he says it wasn't until the freeways started going up that people realized the magnitude of all of these plans. >> embarcadero was the one that woke people up. when they realized what it looked like. >> it changed even more. >> ultimately a different philosophy prevailed, which is that cities are really meant for
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people. >> traffic planners are now looking toward the future. ed focus has shifted the last 150 years. don't look for these when it comes to our roadways. many proposals include improving public transportation. >> of course we want you to be part of this conversation. what are your ideas are reducing congestion. share thoughts by adding hashtag better bay area on social media. what a fascinating story, what would have been. >> i know. we could have had freeways all over san francisco. >> this morning we were talking about getting rid of the toll plazas, creating cashless lanes. it sounds like a solution that doesn't involve any construction. actually, i involves deconstruction. al exis. ghway 1 would be if it was an
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of lovely o-ne >> i wldookuch >> wtherot mhferent here. a promise of it changing. hi, everybody. we are on day 6. six consecutive days of unhealthy air. can you feel it? eyes watering. my chest is tight. i don't know if that's the reason why. i have been staying inside as much as possible. clear air and rain in the extended forecast. mid-60s along the coast into san francisco. upper 60s around the bay. upper 60s to low 70s in our inland neighborhoods. so 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. tonight a cool one with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys. east bay valleys, low to mid-40s elsewhere until san francisco, 50 degrees.
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let's jump ahead. the rain. the clean air comes in. here we are at noon wednesday. and you can see green. light rain. another push comes in thanksgiving evening through friday morning. and then by saturday and sunday it's out of here hopefully leaving us with a nice healthy amount of rain. notice the temperatures in the 60s and 70s through friday. the wind shift will bring us back into the 50s and 60s starting saturday. alexis. good morning, mike. a major is sig-alert in the north bay. northbound 101 shut down. railroad avenue due to that huge mess right now. a double trailer semi, u.p.s. truck, full of packages. it flipped over and caught fire at 4:00 this morning. jobina fortson is there. we will get the latest at 5:00 a.m. for now, know on the roadway is
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closed. you will be forced off. use surface streets to get around that. not seeing a huge backup. everyone else still fairly quiet. looking at a lot of smoke and unhealthy air. folks heading into san francisco dealing with that, no major slowdowns. alexis, thanks. way mow could be one step closer to launching its own ride-hailing service >> and amon nonly for millennials. >> in today's "tech bites", uber and lyft may be soon facing waymo transportation. >> it is co-owned with google. bloomberg news reports it is planning its own ride-hailing service using driverless cars. the service will get a new name and begin operating early next month. it's official. police in dubai are now training on hover bikes. >> they are made by a california company. dubai police hope to deploy the
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hover over the next two years. hasbro is out with amon nonly for millennials with a tech twist. >> a selfie on the cover, game pieces including a hashtag. sit not about who wins the most money. >> no. >> you racup
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey!
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orange to extreme. by 10:00 tomorrow night, finally the all clear as far as the fire danger goes. take a look at our air quality coming up next. thanks, mike. opponent of the google mega campus are suing the city of san jose. first amendment coalition and working partnerships usa filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming city officials signed unlawful nondisclosure agreements. the city attorney says city officials didn't violate the rules. he would the lawsuit is an effort to stop planned development from moving forward because of concerns over gentrification and lack of affordabl housing. it would hold up to 20,000 google employees. city council is expected to vote on that proposal next month.
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one of the oldest and most has gotten a new face lift with the help from the city. the lantern sign has been restored on grant avenue in lep. the bar owner thanked for the new project to restore old signs in historical neighborhoods. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. sixth consecutive day of unhealthy air. are you feeling the affects? headache, runny nose, tightness in your chief, especially people with asthma and copd may feel that more serious health effect. i have good news. we have a couple more days to go through. we still have thursday and friday. by saturday the wind shift comes in. we start to moderate the air and get it out for good. >> oh, man. that cannot come soon enough.
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unfortunately, we have a major issue on the roads today. northbound 101 still closed in kotadi railroad avenue. a double semi flipped over and caught fire 3:55 this morning. jobina fortson confirmed with authorities that it is a truck, full of packages. it is still smoldering. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. 46 minutes. n delays for south 101 from the north bay. new at 5:00, the fbi says reported hate crimes are on the rise. a local leader is pointing the finger at one person. a search for a person who went to the bathroom at the 49ers game. the camp fire coverag
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another grim update on the camp fire as the death toll increases to 48. >> we are now on day six of poor air quality in the area. drone view 7 on the left of san francisco city hall. on the right is what it looked like before the fire. quite the difference. >> yeah. that is going to continue today on this wednesday, november 14th. alexis is tracking breaking news for us this morning. a fully loaded u.p.s. truck caught fire in the north bay. we'll get to that in a second. >> but first let's talk about the poor air quality. mike, this is the sixth day. >> sixth consecutive day.


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