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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 14, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PST

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another grim update on the camp fire as the death toll increases to 48. >> we are now on day six of poor air quality in the area. drone view 7 on the left of san francisco city hall. on the right is what it looked like before the fire. quite the difference. >> yeah. that is going to continue today on this wednesday, november 14th. alexis is tracking breaking news for us this morning. a fully loaded u.p.s. truck caught fire in the north bay. we'll get to that in a second. >> but first let's talk about the poor air quality. mike, this is the sixth day. >> sixth consecutive day. three more thursday, friday,
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maybe two more. how about that. look at what's going on. the latest data shows red, unhealthy in a lot of neighborhoods or orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups. if you want green, you actually have to go down, way down around san luis owe pweus pa. here's a look at what's going on. my accuweather 12-hour planner. temperatures in the mid-30s to mid-40s by 7:00. a little more sunshine. high clouds are gone. upper 60s in most neighborhoods this afternoon. bring alexis in and talk about that accident. what's going on? >> a major problem in the north bay. 101 shut down at railroad avenue. we had a u.p.s. truck, double trailer semi filled with packages flipped over and took out a lot of guardrail with it and caught fire just before 4:00
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this morning. crews are on the scene, as you can imagine. this is a big mess. everyone being forced off at railroad avenue. use old redwood highway to get around that and back on northbound 101. not seeing a huge backup because it is 5:00 a.m. if there is any good news, it is that. this will be part of the entire morning commute. out to jobina fortson. what can you tell us?ood mornin. we just learned a lot of new information from highway patrol. i want to show you this. we talked about those packages that were inside of this semi. look at that. they are all burned and on the ground here. firefighters still surrounding this area, trying to see what they might be able to sexual vag here. i talked with highway patrol. they told me that the driver of the semi, amazingly, was able to walk away from this with just a broken arm.
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he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. he gave a great statement to them. what happened is the semi was coming over the hill down here northbound on 101. and before he arrived here, we're going to take around the corner because we have to show you what else was involved here. there is a vehicle back here. the vehicle hit the mangled guardrail i was talking about earlier, crashed, and ended up in the middle of the roadway, lights off. and no driver in sight. when that semi came over the hill, it crashed into the vehicle, spun out, tipped over, and that's when it caught fire. that's why we saw officers surrounding the vehicle. when i talked with highway patrol they thought maybe they had someone that could be the driver. that person was not it. at this point they are still looking for the person
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responsible for this. we have not gotten any information for that. we might have another update for you when we come back. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> we will check in with you shortly. developing news, the campfire, 48 people are confirmed dead. the fire does continue to tpwhurpb butte county. we're getting our first aerial look at the devastation as well. >> through the smoke, you can see plots are they once stood. this entire neighborhood is gone. there is now a lawsuit against pg&e on behalf of the camp fire victims. more on that at 5:30. >> here's perspective on howie e y. as we mentioned, it has killed 48 people. it is also the most destructive. more than 8,800 buildings have
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been stroye7,700 are homes. part of the problem it's been 212 days since lower elevation in the paradise area received a half inch of rain. here's a look at where that fire is still burning. it has grown to 130,000 acres. the cause remains under investigation. and this new video shows a parking lot where some evacuees were staying. now, that was a safe area until the embers started fires all around them. >> kate larson talked with the man who filmed this video. he explains how the drugstore and firefighters saved their lives. >> people are just panicking right now. this guy is going flying. >> shawn documented his family as the camp fire climbed towards their home in magalia last thursday. >> i have half a tank of diesel. so i'm not going to sit around in traffic and lose fuel. >> shawn didn't think he had
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enough fuel to safely go out of town so he evacuated to a nearby rite aid. >> it was a brick building. there were no trees around. >> a fire woke them up. >> it's 1:00 were a.m. embers are coming down. >> every ember that was coming our heads, over rite aid was starting fires across the street and mobile homes. i mean, every single ember was starting an acre fire >> firefighters showed up and broke into the rite aid so 30 people could shelter inside while firefighters made sure the drugstore didn't catch fire. >> many of the people inside rite aid lived across the street. they were literally seeing their houses burn in front of them. >> after a 3:00 a.m. meeting, firefighters told evacuees how to safely dritown. >> magalia is gone. >> wow. that was kate larson reporting. this is video of the rite aid from yesterday morning right
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here. >> so you can see even though there is wreckage all around the mily is trying to figure out if they are going to rebuild. >> stunning. >> we have a new tool that lets you check the current air quality conditions in your area. find the map on the front page of it updates every five minutes. we have not heard of any school closures yet because of the bad area. as soon as we get word, of course we will pass that along. we have seen help from companies. >> up to four applications the extension. >> we got all the patients out of the hospital and headed down the road. >> allen pearce showed pictures of truck on social media. toyota offered a new truck.
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pearce lost his home in the fire and the hospital where he worked was also damaged in the blaze. >> seems like the right thing to do. and abc 7 parent company, walt disney company, committing half a million dollars to support relief and recovery efforts for california wildfires. part of the money will go to the california community foundation's wildlife relief fund which provides assistance to wildfire survivors. another portion will go to the california fire foundation which helps firefighters and their families. united airlines offering award miles if you donate to their crowd funding page. united says anyone who donates $50 or more will receive 1,000 award miles. you can find that link along with other ways to help victims. all the resources at >> we have an interactive map on our website that identifies the damage and destroyed structures from the camp fire and cal fire is constantly updating that.
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lake per second th the spot spot at 50 to 55 for the rest of us this morning. we have 37 in palo alto. santa clara, 35 along with pleasanton, walnut creek. flirting with frost in hills burg, petaluma, 33 to 34 there. a lot of temperature changes out there. the constant, smoke, unhealthy air. it remains. even on a ferry, limited visibility. down to 2 miles at times because of the thickness of the smoke. all right. let's go through our neighborhoods and microclimates. 49 at 8:00 on the peninsula. 66 at noon. upper 60s from about 1:00 to 5:00. down to 53 at 8:00. notice the lack of clouds. just slightly warmer temperatures today. 42 this morning east bay valleys. 67 at 8:00.
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quickly falling to 51 at 8:00. and east bay shoreline, 48 this morning. not as warm. 65 at noon. upper 60s in the afternoon hours. down to 55 at 8:00. now thanksgiving is next week. i'm going to give you something to be thankful for. two chances of rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast s. let's send it over to alexis. big accident to start mor proem. i want to take a live look from the scene. jobina and her photographer for us. this is a flipped big rig double trailer u.p.s. truck, flipped over and caught fire 3:55 this morning. if you look in the middle of your screen, you can see the underside of that truck. they have a long way to go before this is cleared. a lot of new information from jobina just a few minutes ago. great news about the driver of the semi walking away with just a broken arm.
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so we are certainly glad to hear that. also, see the sedan off on your right. that was possibly in the middle of the roadway which likely caused this collision. we are still waiting for the it sounds like there was another vehicle involved in all lanes remain closed. you'll be forced off on railroad avenue. detours coming up next. >> i can't believe someone walked away from that. alexis, thank you. several people are recovering after a fiery crash involving a big rig and 20 cars on highway 1 in santa cruz. these viewer photos show the chaos yelled. the cause may have been faulty brakes on the tractor trailer. almost a dozen people were hurt, some critically. this morning we continue tracking several fires. we told you about the hill and woolsey fires. a new one popped up in countit winds. still a major issue there.
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so far no structures have been damaged. it spread into malibu. it has burned nearly 100,000 acres and is 40% contained this morning. another bay area city approved a pilot program for electric scooters. and e-cigarette maker making big changes to keep its products out of the hands of kids. and the battle over bringing and the battle over bringing ikea in the east bay is welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you... ...with over 3,500 channels of entertainment, including the latest movies and box sets from around the world. ( ♪ ) we even have live sports and news channels. ( ♪ ) and your free wi-fi will start shortly.
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>> it's hard to call it the rain season, but we are a month and a half into it. look at this. 31%. that's the that's santa rosa. the rest of us 2% to 10% in san jose and livermore. that will change in less than three minutes. i'll show you. here's reggie. >> mike, thank you. have you seen this man identified as ian powers? santa clara police say he went to the 49ers game monday night with his girlfriend. he went to the bathroom, and he never came back. powers was traveling from spokane to l.a. but stopped in the bay area to visit his family in antioch and to go to the game. he was last seen wearing this red 49ers shirt, the red niners hat and blue jeans. if you have any information, call police. in today's gma first look, the first lady is publicly calling for the dismissal of a
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senior white house official. >> here's abc's jonathan carl. >> in that trump is known for being notoriously private. but on tuesday, the first lady publicly asserted herself in a way that she never has before, taking aim at a key player on the president's west wing staff, the first lady called for the firing deputy national security adviser mira ricardel. it's the position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. the first lady's spokesperson said in a written statement. the statement came in an hour after ricardel was seen smiling over the president's shoulder at a white house event. the first lady being irritated over the planning of her month ricardel treated her staff with disrespect. with your gma first look, i'm jonathan carl, abc news, washington.
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hate crimes are on the rise in san francisco and all across the country. >> a new report from the fbi found a 17% increase nationwide. in 2016, there were about 6,000 reported hate crimes. that number rose to more than 7,000 in 2017. this attributed to more racial and anti-semitic attacks. 43 reported hate crimes in san francisco last year. d.a. gascon blames president trump. america's elected president has mocked the disabled, called message cans rapists and murderers, executed a muslim travel ban, disparaging remarks about women and african-americans. it should be a surprise to no one but should be alarming to all. popular e-cigarette maker juul unveiled new plans to keep products out of the hands of kids. it comes in the middle of an fda crackdown on companies and its
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marketing. juul ceo said they will stop supplying tens of thousands of retail stores with flavored pods. it will restrict sales on its website to people 21 or over. juul will shut down facebook and instagram accounts if you have a tesla model s or model x, sorry, you are no longer going to get credit for free charging at supercharger stations. tesla continued the perk earlier this month. a tesla representative says the automaker offers six months of free charging if you buy one with a referral code from another customer. previously model s and x got charged credits of 1,000 miles of range every year. in the east bay, new developments involving the new ikea store coming to dublin. according to the east bay times, the store is three years.
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it won't be painted traditional bright yellow and blue. it will be the only one with gray and glass coloring. ikea agreed to reduce the blue and yellow by 75% because of community feedback. >> it still looks pretty blue and yellow. all right. in the east bay, ledge e scooters and bikes are coming to fremont starting next year. our media partner east bay times than lousily approved a one-year pilot program with lyme last night. it will provide quarterly updates for future permit requirements. after that one year pilot, fremont will likely take applications from other companies like bird, skip, scoot. if you're out on a scooter, bike, you're walking, it's just another day of that bad air. >> not only do you want to protect your head with the helmet but the mask as well. it is unhealthy for everybody
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across about all neighborhoods. take a look and see how things will change. first, walnut creek. don't let the fact that you will be able to see a little bit better today trick you into thinking the air quality is better. healthy air arrives starting friday. you will notice it bigger saturday and sunday. we will be giving thanks for the chance of rain even though it does fall on thanksgiving. at least one chance. 70s today in san rafael. napa, ukiah, livermore. the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s. 66 to 69. tonight just as cool as this morning. temperatures in the low to mid-30s in our deepest north bay valleys. d uer 3 ots elsewhere. san francisco the warm spot at 50. jump ahead to noon wednesday. i know. trying to get out of town. possibly getting off work early. the rain stays away at noon. as we head up into the evening
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hours and overnight, the first lighter wave moves through. thanksgiving day it tapers at least during the day. at night, some of you may be shopping. look what you're in store for. light to moderate rain through friday morning. then it's just about over. the snow in the sierra, this will definitely suppress our poor air quality and definitely help put out or contain some of those fires around the state. it will drop temperatures out in the 70s. good morning, mike. a major traffic alert this morning. all lanes northbound 101 shut down at railroad avenue due to a flipped double trailer u.p.s. semi. we are not seeing major delays ailroad t ea
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watcit looks like they are star to put cones up and sweep the roadway. i'm hopeful to get lanes open shortly. bay bridge toll plaza starting to fill in. of i don't believe we have the metering lights on.
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then you were correct. and that was a really good guess. nice job. time now is 5:25. here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, we have a major sig-alert in the north bay this morning. this is northbound 101 at railroad avenue. double trailer u.p.s. semi flipped over, caught fire in a crash that happened just before 4:00 a.m. it does look like we're getting closer to opening up lanes. thankfully the driver wki away with just a broken arm. the latest at 5:30. the death toll has climbed to 48 after the remains of six more victims were discovered in paradise yesterday. the smoke and fire bringing us our sixth consecutive day of hazardous air quality. we have the san mattei co bridge on the peninsula where the air is cleaner.
5:26 am
students will be back in school today. sonoma county office of education september new guidelines yesterday. they will cancel classes at 5:00 a.m. if there was an air quality inn decks on 275. most areas are in the 170s. number five, firefighters are battling another wildfire this morning. it started last night. it has burned at least 20 acres. >> have you seen this man? number six. santa clara h went woowers. never returned.numberars. he turns 70 toda new to. see the entire royal family. i love this photo. super sweet. and cheers to the royal family. >> that's right. and to all of us really.
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it's 5:00 somewhere. p.m. >> and 5:26 a.m. >> not the time you want to use this machine. >> no. we are talking about a new machine that's changing the game for how you make a drink at home. >> it is basic live a keurig for cocktai cocktails. it costs about 300 bucks. cocktail pods cost about $4 each. right now t ofouan preorder online. they will be delivered starting next year. yes, the alcohol is in the pod. >> we were saying earlier when we were talking between ourselves, i wonder if it tastes good? > yeah. >> if it's going to be the same thing you would buy at a bar. we're happy to test it out if our station wants to test it out. >> is there a top shelf upgrade?
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fully loaded u.p.s. big rig crashes and catches fire. we have an update this half hour. another smoke with day in the bay area. i'll show you how unhealthy it will get as you head out the door. >> imagine the bay bridge without the toll plaza. >> that sounds great but where is everybody going to go when five highways come together as stpwhupb. >> it pushes you to the metering lights but faster, right? >> exactly. >> what if there were no
5:31 am
metering lights? that's a whole other ball of wax. >> you have my attention. very much so. someone who uses it every single day. you know what else has my attention? >> the air quality. >> the way some of us sound, our eyes turning watery and red. sixth consecutive day for unhealthy air for all of us. you can see the red and the orange dots. only palo alto and fremont do we have yellow, which are moderate. you want green, you have to head down around l.a. right now. maybe those sensors are broken. they have had pretty unhealthy air also. look at the concentration of hazardous air up to the campfire. exploratorium, hanging in the air all day. waking up a little bit cooler, upper 30s. mid to upper 60s at noon through 4:00. a few isolated areas of 70. so slightly warmer. alexis, how is it going out there? >> we have a major problem. up to the north bay, that is really where we have been
5:32 am
focused since we went on the air at 4:30. just before 4:00 a.m., a serious crash involving a big rig. double trailer u.p.s. semi filled with packages flipped over and caught fire. so both trailers and the cab caught fire. let's get out to jobina fortson live at the scene for us. a few vehicles are starting to get through the area. >> reporter: yes, alexis. our latest update. they have just now opened one lane here. it is moving slowly, but you can get through now.ewt information here. you can see this vehicle disabled on the side of the road. according to highway patrol, that vehicle hit the guardrail crashed early, stalled out in the middle of the highway here.
5:33 am
they did not get a call about a disabled vehicle. that is what they tell me. there was no driver inside this morning when the semi came over the hill and crashed into that vehicle. it spun out, tipped over, and caught fire. that is the information from the highway patrol. you can see coming up shortly that the tow truck has arrived. this has been a big issue all morning. the opposite side of the truck, several packages are sprawled out all over the ground and burned. there were firefighters out here trying to see if anything could be savaged. ts int it does not like they were able to do that. you can see here now they are trying to position theowruck ofhere.hey can this out and also i did learn that the driver of the semi walked away with a broken arm. he was taken to the hospital and
5:34 am
was able to give police a statement on what took place this morning. so this is clearly still an ongoing investigation as to who the driver of this black vehicle here is. we have not been given an update on who they are looking for. as soon as we get additional information on that, we will be sure to alert the newsroom. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. developing news this morning, the death toll is climbing amid the grim search for victims of the camp fire in butte county. found in paradise yesterday. that brings the death toll to 48. 8800 structures have been destroyed. governor brown and ryan zinke will meet in chico at noon to survey the devastation left biff the inferno. here's a look at where that fire is still burning. it has grown to 130,000 acres and is 35% contained.
5:35 am
cal fire says record levels of fuel dryness are feeding the flames. >> and families waiting to hear the fate of missing relatives. they are going through burned out vehicles in paradise looking for any signs of human remains. neighbors realized some of their family and friends had almost no chance to escape the flames. >> a lot of my friends died in their cars, in their homes because they couldn't get out. >> the wind coming across her was 50 miles per hour. flames were straight across. it was incredible. like a monster coming down off the hill. it came to destroy. >> and california governor brown plans to meet with the fire victims when he touarrom first meeting on the campus of chico state university. the meeting was essentially an encore of the press briefing that was held earlier in the evening. some of those that lost their homes in dare dice already say they want to rebuild. >> we're all in this together.
5:36 am
and hopefully they do. b in peo. so the community can be alive. >> one woman says she doesn't expect to be home before thanksgiving. >> six people are in custody for crimes related to the campfire, including looting. >> take a look. mug shots released by butte county sheriff's department. two found in an evacuated home with items believed to be stolen. two others found with drugs and a laptop that didn't belong to them. the other two found in a motor home reported stolen. authorities say they have gotten 208 reports of suspicious evacuated areas so far. >> that is so is frustrating. the fire is not even a week old and lawsuits are already beginning. a group of lawyers is suing pg&e
5:37 am
claiming it was negligent. pg&e told state regulators it experienced the problem on a transmission line in the area of the fire just before it erupted. the company says it's too soon to determine if sparks ignited the fire. >> santa rosa and petaluma city schools will be open this morning. the announcement was made just motels ago. classes were canceled friday and yesterday because of the poor air quality. other school districts are expected to decide by 6:00 this morning if t again beus that bir iv andl hold classes today and we'll he post any new closures on as soon as they're announced. if you would like to help the victims of the fire we have resources on you can make a $10 donation to the red cross. text red cross to the number
5:38 am
90999. abc 7 is teaming up with vitalent for a blood drive today in san francisco to benefit wildfire victims. you can go to the san francisco irwin center atsonic from 11:30 to 6:30 to donate blood. michael finney will be there today. focus on his live reports on preparedness, disaster relief, and helping sraoeufrs. >> firefighters are battling to protect homes from a new wildfire this morning. >> it is called the sierra fire. it broke out in rialto,bernardi. it burned dangerously close to t had be mad. slowed the fire's progression overnight. it has burned at least 20 acres the biggest fire of course is the woolsey fire.
5:39 am
it started to flare-up again last night. flames rose from peaks in the santa monica mountains. it has burned 150 acres in ventura and los angeles counties. it is 40% contained. officials are blaming the fire for two deaths. some see evacuated families have begun returning to their families. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. highest fire danger continus to socal. we are getting close to frosty conditions in the san ramon valley. walnut creek, pleasanton, 34. i've seen some other readings in i oaklse,ek around 30 to san franciscwee got windain 17n ga.
5:40 am
if you have to get outside and exercise, make sure you wear that n-95 mask. we are in our sixth day. the cumulative effects of the smoke, you are probably starting to feel it. maybe a little run down at the least. 50 in stphrapb. 62 at noon. mid-60s this afternoon. back to 54 at 8:00. the north bay, 44 at 8:00. sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s to 70s this afternoon. 47 at 8:00. our last stop the south bay. also starting off 46 at 8:00. total sunshine, 67 at noon to 70 at 2:00. back down to the 50s by 7:00 and 8:00. so take a look at the high fire danger. and a chance of rain. you've got an update on that accident. >> i do. getting a lot of information from jobina fortson. she is talking to chp right now. we will have the latest at 6:00 this morning. for now, though, i do want to show you where this is on our
5:41 am
traffic maps. 101 at railroad avenue. it is still showing purple. we are waiting for it to update. we have the tow trucks at the scene trying to upright the flipped double trailer u.p.s. semi that caught fire just before 4:00. that is still our biggest issue. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza e. metering lights on 5:23 this morning. ace 1 and 3 out on time. normal service no delays for muni. >> eight years in the making. the major makeover just approved for somma. aouper and lyft about to get new driverless competition. my favorite story of the day, monopoly came out with a day, monopoly came out with a new version of its mrs. walker. day, monopoly came out with a new version of its michael vasquez! come over here.
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harlem globetrotters always put a smile on my face. used to love the cartoon. milli down to san diego in a higher fire danger, red flag warning.a tomorrow morning at least.
5:45 am
both of those will be extended. upper 60s, low 70s through the central valley. mid to upper 70s in southern california. yosemite, 67. 59, eureka. tahoe will be smoky today. temperatures above average. 60, friday. they will taper next week. tuesday, our last dry day, the snow that's on the way there will produce rain for us. i'll have that coming up. >> mike, thank you. happening today, a possible way to eventually speed up your commute. >> a meeting could determine if the bay area gets rid of all of its bridge toll plazas. abc 7 news reporter matt kel ser live at the dumbarton bridge. matt? >> reporter: hi, jessica and reggie. three cash lanes at the dumbarton bridge. aruising. this morning. why not drop the cash lanes altogether? the bay area toll oversight committee is looking at that possibility. they are looking to make the seven state-owned open road
5:46 am
tolling. all electronic is like the golden gate. no toll collectors but you have the booths. open road tolling would take away the booths like the venetian bridge. open road tolling would cost more up front but save 5 million annually once implemented.% it would increase safety, decrease delays and lower vehicle emissions. the negatives, according to the study, would be trying to retrain toll collectors and finding new positions for them and require up front costs up to $55 million and hiring more customer service representatives. if approved, the earliest we would see changes would be in spring 2021. live at the dumbarton bridge and fremont, matt keller, abc 7 news. this just into the newsroom. a school closure. tkpwraeuben stein will be closed today because of the poor air quality. sit a small district of two schools. we will continue to update you
5:47 am
if other schools decide they are going to close >> meanwhile, a new warning about ride-hailing services about uber and lyft. a teen tells her story about being nearly kidnapped by an uber driver. >> they took a close look at possible dangers for kids who are riding by themselves. you should note uber and lyft have policies against minors riding alone e. they will suspend the accounts of users who violate it. still, parents are using ride-hailing services to shuttle their kids around. one mom says parents may want to think twice after her 15-year-old daughter was nearly kidnapped. >> i texted i'm in the uber and i feel uncomfortable. a man put his hand on the lock and said, no, you're coming with me. >> she began crying. i was crying. i said get out of the car. she said i can't. i said what do you mean you can't? she said her hand is on the lock
5:48 am
button. >> she was eventually able to escape and the driver was arrested. you can watch a full report on good morning america at 7:00. a plan to redevelop the somma neighborhood finally gets the green light. according to the chronicle, the board of supervisors unanimously approved. central somma plan yesterday. this map shows which part will get an upgrade between 2nd street and 6th street to the east and west and stevenson and townsend to the north and south. redevelopment calls for 8800 housing units and is expected to create 31,000 jobs. the board will take a final vote on the plan at its next meeting. meanwhile, happening today in the south bay, santa clara central park library will debut central park library will debut -- kiosk. kiosk
5:49 am
a kickoff event at central park library on homestead road at 2:00 p.m. day, monopoly came out with a new version of its game, specifically mocking millennials. >> to quote the tag line on the box, you can't afford to buy it anyway. experiences including dining at a vegan bistro or attending a three-day music festival. mr. monopoly is cupping a >> he has the ear back seat there are a lot of millennials who are coming out and protesting the game. they say they're upset. i say protesting a millennial monopoly game is the most millennial thing that has ever happened. >> who will be the first one to
5:50 am
buy one? that would be fun playing that around the christmas tree and all of that. let's talk about what's going on. i can just see it now. it makes me laugh even more. here's a lookcaranot quite as t as it was yesterday. it's just as dangerous. our sixth consecutive day of unhealthy air. cooler. a lot like what we are dealing with this morning. there you go. that's what you want to hear about. tracking clean air and rain. but before we get to that, let's talk about this afternoon. mid to upper 60s at the coast. san francisco around the bay. upper 60s to low 70s inland. tonight, yeah, low to mid-30s in the north bay valleys. tproflt like we are dealing with. low to mid-40s around the bay to 50 in san francisco. let's jump ahead to wednesday at noon. trying the get out of town, getting off work early, it will be dry. wednesday night into thursday morning, thanksgiving morning, the storm coming through. thursday night into friday, a
5:51 am
stronger storm comes through with possibly moderate rain. friday afternoon, it will taper to down to showers. that will for sure clean out the air even more than the wind shift that will bring us cleaner air. low to upper 60s after that. alexis. >> good morning, mike. i want to take you back to our major traffic alert this morning. a live look from the scene. you can see we have one lane getting by northbound 101 at railroad avenue. this all started just before 4:00 this morning. double trailer u.p.s. semi filled with packages. unfortunately hit another vehicle that was in the middle of the roadway. it sounds like no driver was in that vehicle. the big rig flipped over and caught fire. this is what remains. we have a big presence here. the big rig tow truck on the scene. they are working on getting that uprighted. you are able to get through the area. i'm not seeing a huge backup
5:52 am
since it is counter commute direction. we'll talk a little bit more about alternates coming up before 6:00 a.m. >> thanks, alexis. new at 6:00, the record-breaking diamond you have to see. sit worth $50 million. but first just in time for the holidays, the the new report that unfe yse year. as we leave you fo commercial break, a live look outside. still the hazy skies out there. so unhealthy air.
5:53 am
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i was curious and thought you would be too. the conditions the firefighters are dealing with around the camp fire. 54 degrees. humidity still very, very low. winds are only 7 miles per hour.
5:55 am
where we do have critical fire conditions, even extreme, the red is around the mountains and hills in san diego. that will go all the way through tomorrow morning. by tomorrow evening, critical fire conditions across the entire state are over. thanks, mike. opponents of the proposed google mega campus are suing the city of san jose. first amendment coalition and working partnerships usa filed that lawsuit yesterday. they claim city officials signed unlawful nondisclosures agreements. the city attorney says city officials didn't violate the rules. he would the lawsuit is an effort to stop planned development from moving forward because of concerns over gentrification and lack of affordable housing. it is slated to be build would hold up to 20,000 google ployees. city council is expected to vote on that proposal next month. for all the parents out there, a consumer safety group is out with the worst toys for
5:56 am
the holiday season. they include this black panther slash claw. a pillow pat fpblgt cabbage patch and nerf gun. this is world against toys causing harm or watch. many of the toys represent safety hazards. but a trade group calls the list biased and inaccurate and claims watch doesn't actually test the toys. but the fact that we are thinking about christmas and toys already, alexis. >> oh, yeah, time to get shopping. it's going to be here before we know it. we have a major sig-alert in the north bay. northbound 101, one lane open at railroad avenue. a lot of foam on the roadway. crews had to get a big rig fire out just before 4:00 this morning. san mateo bridge, a crash reported in the left lane around the high rise. let's see what the sixth
5:57 am
consecutive day of bad air can do. headache, runny nose, tightness in your chief, especially people with asthma and copd may feel that more serious health effect. it gets better next week with a chance of rain. what you can do to help the survivors. breaking news in the north bay. crews working right now to fully reopen the northbound lanes of highway 101, sonoma county after this big rig crashed and caught this morning we are tracking a major problem in the north fire. we will go live to abc 7 bay. a fully loaded u.p.s. truck reporter jobina fortson. crashes on northbound highway the 101 and bursts into flames. >> abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live for us this morning. jobina? >> reporter: good morning. hearings the latest. behind me they are trying to get the semi out of here. this is the semi that has turned
5:58 am
over on its side. it caught on fire. smoke was billowing out. was ff u.p.s. packages. they are sprawled out, burned and on the ground, ruined. they tell me they have
5:59 am
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