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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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more than 7,500 homes. the fire has torn through towns including paradise and meg gail yeah. the smaller cities of sterling city and paradise pines are still threatened. president trump got an update over the phone from federal officials on the ground in california. in a tweet he said he's with the people of california, quote, all the way. >> we have team coverage on the devastation. abc 7's wayne freedman talks with an elderly couple who lost their home to the flames. >> we'll begin with laura anthony who was with the governor today. >> reporter: we were with the governor for a portion of his tour, where he saw images like these behind me close up. this is what's left of an apartment building. like we felt when we first arrived, we could see the scope of the tragedy. the reality of it leaves one searching for the right words. >> this was our worst nightmare
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are. the disseminated paradise elementary school in the heart a town virtually wiped out by the campfire. the governor asked a few questions. after driving past hundreds of fire-ravaged homes, he talked about what's the latest and worst example of what brown calls california's new normal. >> we're in for very difficult times. we'll never be the same. i think now is the time for solidarity and understanding. >> reporter: despite tweets earlier this week from president trump threatening to cut off federal funding to california, fema administrator brock long said he and others heard a different message from the president today. >> about an hour ago, president trump spoke with both me and secretary zen key with the department of interior his message is to take care of people. that's exactly what we're here
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today. >> reporter: the secretary deflected questions regarding the mismanagement of forests predominantly opened by the fire department. >> i don't want to finger point. what i want to do is how we go from here. >> with the daunting images of so much destruction fresh in his mind, the governor did not want to discuss allegations that a pg&e transmission line might have started the campfire. >> i'm not going to talk about -- that's a legal matter that we have the most expensive lawyers in the world that will argue it out in exquisite detail. >> reporter: one of the big concerns that the fema administrator and other officials couldn't immediately answer is how to house all of the people who have dn displaced by this disaster. many are in shelters and homes. but we have seen many also just sleeping in tents, in their cars in parking lots and places like chico and orville. it's not clear what the plan is
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to house them in the short term and beyond. in paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the devastation just unbelievable. a lot of people have shared videos of their escape from the camp fire last friday. here is a different perspective from brian andrews, a former frig firefighter. he titled this video leaving lel paradise as the last man. >> heading southbound, everything is burnt, i mean everything. i've been in fire service almost 25 years. and now what i get what it's like for your own town to burn. it's not a good feeling. >> horrifying video. at the time brian posted this, he didn't know if his house had survived or not. he wrote, fingers crossed.
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sadly it did not. he's not alone. reports say 50% of the buildings in paradise are all gone. >> just devastating. at this point everyone in and around butte county has a fire story, maybe loss, survival or escape. >> abc 7's wayne freedman joining us from the butte creek canyon area. >> reporter: behind me is the roadblock on the main road into paradise. roughly ten miles from here to there. on that day and on that night of the fire it took roughly six hours to travel that distance. today we met with a couple who were fortunate to get that far. they owe it to a good neighbor -- make that a great neighbor. burned shoes, abandoned by the side of the road, a not-so-subtle sign warning looters about guns on a backhoe. the main road out of town after thursday's flames and chaos. >> there were flames on both sides of the road, hot embers
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blowing over us and propane tanks popping all around us. >> reporter: marilyn and her husband have found safe haven in chico at her sister's house. the place they used to live in is all gone. >> this is where i started life. i started out life in paradise. >> reporter: they moved back after living much of their lives in san jose, came back figuring to stay. >> it wasn't the house we loved so much as the people. >> reporter: many of whom are elderly and retired, more than 25% of the population which makes this fire unique. >> the fact there's so many elderly people that can't move as fast as the younger people, you know. it took a while for some of them to move -- leave their homes. >> reporter: ralph and marilyn had no idea there was a fire on thursday morning. they received warning calls from the fire department, but somehow those calls didn't register. street who came over and banged on what used to be this door, they might not have gotten out
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alive. >> he came to our front door and he beat like heck on the front door. and i went to the front door to see who it is, and boy, oh, boy, he said you got to get out of here right now! >> reporter: they had to leave behind their precious cats. either stay there and die with them or leave because the flames were already in our back yard and starting to surround the house. >> reporter: which led to the harrowing drive and escape. not only did their home vanish, so did that of their neighbor jim burnett. they haven't even said a proper thank you. so -- >> i'll tell him, i just love you. he saved our life. thank you so much for being a fantastic neighbor. >> reporter: so jim burnett, the neighbor, if you're watching, now you know how much they appreciate you, and their children and their children's friends, anyone connected with them. live in chico, wayne freedman,
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abc 7 news. >> still about 100 people still missing. the national guard is helping search through the paradise area, hoping to get finality to the question of did my loved one survive? >> there are posting boards in the search for the missing. kristen sze has more on that. >> reporter: the butte county sheriff released this 100 names of the missing. they emphasize this is not necessarily a complete list. there are other resources, a facebook page that allows the public to post pictures or share information. this is the paradise camp fire missing person's page. you can also click on people who are missing and people who are just found. sadly, found doesn't mean alive. this afternoon i saw a few new posts of people saying that their loved ones who were previously classified as missing, now confirmed dead by the coroner, such as this gentleman right here.
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also the search for loved ones has been long and excruciating for many reasons. many people evacuated without grabbing their phones. some older residents don't have smart phones and can't easily connect with family to let them know they got out safely. the american red cross which has several shelters has a privacy policy that doesn't allow officials to poub lick lib identify people who are there or mark themselves as safe on the website. the butte county sheriff's department has numbers where people can call. one number 530-538-7671. all these resources are on our website, airbnb says 13 o 03 o 03 o 0 have offered their homes. the generous hosts are all over the region marked on this map in the bottom right corner.
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let's get some forecast. is there any relief in site for the firefighters? as you can see behind us in the bay area, thick, smoky conditions, it's hard to breathe as you can tell from the sound of my voice. let's bring in spencer christian. >> air quality is certainly poor. the wind is calm, but it doesn't help move out the stagnant air. a quick look at our air quality. particulate matter, any measure of 150 or above means unhealthful. the entire bay area has very poor air quality, a measurement of 254. look at hazy, smokey conditions at sfo, right now visibility is reduced significantly because of the buildup of the fine tar tick lat matter, down to .75 mile, very poor. right now we're looking at very calm wind generally across the bay area. we could use stronger wind to improve our air quality. again, the calm wind is helpful
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to containment of the fires. meteorologist drew tomb ma will be along. hundreds of ups packages were destroyed after a crash on 101 near railroad avenue. the chp says this started with one car crashing just before 4:00 a.m. it came to a stop in the slow lane and the driver left. the ups truck crashed into the car abandoned on the highway. we're told almost all of the packages in at least one of the trailers are destroyed. the ups driver walked away with a broken arm. chp is still looking for the driver of that car. a mysterious disappearance. a 49ers fan who goes missing in the middle of a game at levi's stadium. now the search is under way to try to find him. >> we return to the coverage of the devastating fires in butte county. up next, the effect the fires are having on our air and what students in the bay area are doing to find out just what's in all that smoke.
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another bad air day across the bay area. take a look at this video from our sutro camera. you can see how bad it was saturday, monday and today. that looks like a gray screen on the right there. >> it's awful. proof is in the pudding. in this case it's the petri dish. we've been told how bad the air quality is. students decided to see for themselves what we eerl breathing. >> lee ann millen dez is live with the results of their
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experiment. >> reporter: that says it all behind me. the oakland we cannot see from san francisco. the smoke is made up of billions of particles and students from one high school decided to take a closer look. dozens of petre dishes were used over four daws to capture stuff, bad stuff found in our air. >> we had t petri dishes and one was the control. so we had the lid over it with the vaseline so no particles got in. we had a different one where we didn't have the lid on. >> reporter: using a grid, students picked three random boxes and averaged the number of particles. >> we saw many yellow particles. >> that tells you that? >> the air is really not clean. a lot of smoke in the air. it's unhealthy. >> the size of particles are usually described in microns. one micron is equal to 1-millionth of a meter.
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>> to give you an idea how small that is, take a human hair, between 60 and 80 microns. particles less than ten microns are breathable and can settle deep into the lunges causing health problems. >> that fire has burned downtown, burnt cars, burnt forest down. that's all part of that smoke. yes, this will be chemicals involved in that. >> yesterday i was getting headaches. i think it's from that. >> reporter: the teacher told us what we learned from that experiment will hopefully give them a different outlook on catastrophic situations affecting the state. >> as our fires continue to get more intense, more frequent, our droughts get worse, students can think about prevention and start thinking of maybe solutions, because this is going to be the generation of solutions. >> reporter: of course solutions
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to problems many will argue created by previous generations. live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. we have a new tool that lets you check the current air quality conditions in your area. >> abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma has a look at that. >> reporter: you can go to any time and see this map update so you can check the air quality hour-by-hour. right now we'll zoom in to a couple of locations. i want to take you to the southern half of the bay area, the red dots from the east bay, san francisco, into the south bay, we're breathing in unhealthy air at this hour. i take you over to livermore. look at that, very unhealthy air has settled into much of the inland east bay. in fact, the past week, this is the worst it has been the past seven days right now. that air outside is certainly
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hard on those with respiratory issues and those without respiratory issues. we'll take you into the north bay as well, still unhealthy air quality. a lot of folks want to know this weekend where could they potentially go to kind of escape some of the smoke we have here locally. the best bet is going to tahoe right now. it looks like we have good air quality across much of the region up there. go to and check out this map any time you want. the "7 on your side" team is getting involved in wildfire relief. today we're hosting a blood drive which was booked up before it even began. >> "7 on your side's" michael finney live from the blood drive with information to help survivors of these disasters. michael? >> reporter: we're at the vitalic blood bank in san francisco. they have places you can donate all over the bay area, throughout the state and elsewhere. what we're really doing is running a virtual blood drive. what we want to do is send you to our website.
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you'll see all the information on how you're going to be able to help. we'll talk more about that in a little bit. right now i want to talk to trevor from the american red cross. people have been so worried up at the cam fire about who is missing, who is found and you have software everyone is using, right? >> it is. a tragic loss of life. right now there's hundreds still missing in addition to those that perished that we know about. we have a website called safe and well that people can go on to and register that they're safe. it's a secure website where friends and family can search for you if they know detailed information about you. you can leave a message for family and friends to say i'm at a shelter, staying at a friend's, i'm going to this hotel. they can get that message securely. we've had over 6,500 registrations since the outbreak of the fire. >> reporter: these huge flt.
4:19 pm
i've been in a lot of disasters with you. people tend to contact each other through fookd and phone. not this time. >> it was so fast. we were able to work with those that came to the shelters and those seeking services to register people and spread the word. the state and county were great about getting the word out, cal fire. we've had over 1200 matches. 1200 people looked for someone they thought was missing and were able to make the match through the website. you can't say enough about that kind of story. that's what we want to have happen. there are many more. we encourage people to go on the website. you can go to people are still searching every day for loved ones. we want to make sure if you're safe, your family and friends know you are. >> you have about a dozen centers open right now. what are the needs? >> we have shelters at the camp fire and down at the woolsey and hill fire, just over 1,000 people in those shelters. no one stays in a shelter unless
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they need to. so there's really two big needs. we always are looking for more volunteers. we always need volunteers both supporting those disasters but here at home. yesterday we had 11 fires here in the bay area we responded to, 11 house fires. those are volunteers going out and helping people. sign up to be a red cross volunteer. help us respond to the disasters. >> >> go to the website, take a few basic trainings and joan the mission. the other thing is donate. you can donate there as well. >> thank you very much. we're going to be here at the blood center for quite some time. we'll be checking back in a couple minutes. michael finney, "7 on your side." >> thanks, michael. let's get to the forecast now. we knoit's pretty smoky outside here in the bay area. i can only imagine what it is up in butte county. >> even smokeyer there. the wind is calm which is good for fire con tanlt, but not good
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for air quality. we were hoping for a little bit of an increase in the wind by the weekend to improve the air quality. that's looking iffy at the moment. this is the few from the south camera, san francisco, 65 degrees, oakland, mountain view, san jose, mid to upper 60s at morgan hill and pacifica and at sfo, significantly reduced visibility which is affecting the air schedules there, the arrivals and departures. low 60s in napa and novato. if you're looking west from emeryville, these are our forecast features, smoke will linger the next few days. air quality may improve by the weekend, but that's questionable right now because we're not seeing the increase in the wind that we expected yesterday. rain moving in the middle of next week. that will be helpful. back to the reduced visibility at sfo and our air quality, unhealthful across the entire
4:22 pm
region, this spare-the-air alert and air quality advisory will remain in effect through friday at least. looking at projection -- forecast for air quality, next few days, unhealthful in the north bay, coast and central bay tomorrow and inland east bay tomorrow. poor everywhere else and we expect air quality to be poor for all regions through the weekend. once again, that could change if we get an increase in the wind flow and change in wind direction. overnight lows under hazy skies will be mainly in the mid to upper 30s in our inland valleys. those will be the chilly locations. we'll see lows in the low 40s. tomorrow, another relatively mild day, a hazy one with light wind. highs will range from mid 60s to the coast to upper 60s around the bay and 70 inland. rainfall potential, according to our two models which are not in agreement, gfs model says no rainfall or very little. if you look at the european model it's calling for
4:23 pm
accumulation of over an inch in most bay area locations next week. we'll see. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast showing dry conditions through next wednesday with a slight dip in temperatures over the weekend and into early next week. pretty much a steady dry pattern. the rain that may materialize is likely to come in late next wednesday and thursday which is thanksgiving day. the fight over gun control heads to the hospital. how doctors are fighting back on social media after being told to stay in their lane. it is country music's biggest night.
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it's country music's biggest night and the stars are out. the cma awards air tonight here on abc. >> gloria rodriguez live on the red carpet in nashville with a preview of the awards. >> reporter: country music's biggest night, and it's really
4:26 pm
starting to get exciting on the red carpet. we already talked to several big country music stars, luke holmes just walked by, nominated for two awards. we talked to scotty mccreery, a lot of other artists you may see perform tonight. it's time tore the 52nd annual cma awards going on at the bridgestone arena in downtown nashville. we had a chance to get a sneak peek at the big award show during rehearsals. laurng alina is nominated for new artist of the year. dierks bentley is also performing and nominated for male vocalist of the yearment when it comes to the coveted etertainer of the year, jason aldean, kenny chesney, chris stapleton, keith urban and luke bryan. luke bryan already won in 2014 and 2015. >> winning the entertainer of the year twice in a decade, it's
4:27 pm
pretty -- i don't know how i did it. i just went out there and did my thing. that's what you have to do in this business. i don't view to be yourself, be true to what you are and go out there and carve out your own little lane and have fun with it. >> reporter: have fun with it. that's exactly what we're doing tonight on the red carpet. talking to the artists and, of course, the cma awards airing tonight right here on abc 7. live in nashville, gloria rodriguez, abc 7 news. >> gloria, thank you so much. you can catch the cmas at 8:00 he
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ask your doctor about tremfya®. tremfya®. because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the camp fire continues to burn outside of chico. cooler weather and weakening winds have helped firefighters some today. that fire still scorched more than 135,000 ache rs and still only 35% contained. abc 7 reporter laura anthony was there as governor jerry brown and federal officials toured the destruction. several said this is the worst disas center they've ever seen. so far 48 people have died and more than 100 more are missing. thousands forced to flee their homes. we have a photo by abc 7's wayne
4:31 pm
freedman showing how frantic this must have been. meanwhile, wildfires continue to rage on in southern california. abc 7's maggie rulli with more on what firefighters are facing there. >> reporter: larry, a non-stop challenge for the entire state of california. you drive along the freeways here in l.a. if you look on either side, you see the charred remains of the hills of calabasas. they come all the way up to the edge of that road. you come across scenes like this one and neighborhoods where it's home after home that are destroyed. up and down the coast of california what used to be neighborhoods are still smoldering. in the south flames lashed near the ocean in malibu and burning through an area roughly the size of denver. >> the only other incident back then to this magnitude was
4:32 pm
hurricane katrina in 2005. >> reporter: firefighters remain in an all-out aerial assault in any new flames in the woolsey fire. side by side drone videos shows buildings in nearby san francisco literally covered by smog. thousands are facing a new battle, how to recover from the devastation. the town of paradise, once on fre, is now just plot after plot of charred remnants showing where a house once stood. dozens have died. and hundreds are still unaccounted for. >> i think that there's hope also we have to prepare four selves for the worst. >> reporter: hundreds of students who lost everything reunited for the first time. their families left questioning their few fewer. >> the whole town is flattened? where are you going to live to go to the schools? paradise is fairly isolated. >> reporter: the town is promising to stand together. >> please don't give up on us. we're not giving up on you.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the winds here are finally starting to die down, but throughout southern california, we're still seeing gusts of 30 miles per hour and higher. you add that to this low humidity. firefighters say the fire danger here is critical. in oak park, mali rulely, abc 7 news. >> some of the damage appears to be so random. any clue as to what caused some homes to be spared? >> reporter: it's so jarring behind me, you have this home leveled, but around us there are plenty of homes in this neighborhood still standing. we're told one of the reasons why a home like this remains relatively unscathed is simply because when the fire comes through, it has hurricane-force winds. sometimes a spark will fly off the hill, land on a certain house and that's the house that goes up in flames. this is sort of a jarring reminder of how random this devastation can be for some families. >> maggie, thank you so much. you can hear the wind on her
4:34 pm
microphone. still dangerous conditions there. if you want to help fire victims, we have resources on web beb, and you can also make a $10 donation to the red cross. text red cross to the number 90999. an extensive search is under way for a 49ers fan who disappeared after attending monday night's football game at levi's stadium. ian powers left his seat during the fourth quarter, but never came back to his family. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live in santa clara with the latest. so bizarre. >> reporter: that's right, ama. santa clara police set up this command center behind me, inside the, paing lot at the stadium. tonight they're searching the area trying to piece together what may have happened after the game. just off great america parkway, dozens of law enforcement officers are conducting a search for 32-year-old ian powers of spokane, washington. the antioch native and army veteran was at monday's game
4:35 pm
against the giants as part of the salute to service night, but went missing. >> incredibly unlike him. i've said this before. he's probably the most responsible person in my family. >> reporter: this afternoon ian's uncle sean powers was one of the family members who came to santa clara to help with the search. >> didn't get much sleep, probably four hours if i was lucky. got up, i got to get moving, got to get out and look for him while the sun is out. >> reporter: this picture provided by sclera police shows powers at his seat at the game before he left his gifrl friend and two kids to use the restroom. he sent texts to her outside the stadium but they never connected in person. police are calling the disappearance suspicious. >> hoping we can find some evidence. we plan on being back out here tomorrow to continue this search. >> reporter: the 49ers provided
4:36 pm
video showing powers kpis itting the stadium and walking through the parking lot. this is where powers' car was found and where the last ping on his cell phone came through. multiple law enforcement agencies are helping with the search. they plan to stay out here until it gets dark. live tonight in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> chris, thank you. cash lanes in bay area bridges could be a thing of the past. today the metropolitan transportation commission heard recommendations to remove existing toll booths and workers on most toll plazas in the bay area, replaced with license plate and fast track scanners. the commission seemed interested in this plan, wanting staffers to come up with a more detailed schedule proposal. >> the first candidate would be the carquinez bridge. so we could expect to see an implementation of an open road tolling system beginning at the carquinez bridge likely in the
4:37 pm
summer of 2022. >> officials say changes would result in more efficient tolling, increased safety, decreased delays as well as lower vehicle emissions. possible downsides include trying to retrain all those toll collectors and finding new positions for them. get ready for a busy thanksgiving week. the holiday travel season is gearing up. but just how busy will it be? >> reporter: the fires have caused a huge need for blood, but not for the reason you think. i'm michael finney. that story straight ahead. i'm spencer christian from emeryville. looking at the haze continuing to plague the bay area. we can see the setting sun. i'll have the accuwea
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
today we're live at a blood drive in san francisco. >> back to "7 on your side's" michael finney. michael? >> reporter: it's like a virtual blood drive. it's not just today and not just here. it's all over the bay area. all over california as a matte of fact. i'm at -- the old pacific -- blood centers of the pacific. you've heard about them. they changed their name a couple months ago, in september i think. with me is fred mcfadden. he's telling me something that i think is amazingly interesting. there is a need for blood but not for the reason people think. it's not that it's being used,
4:41 pm
it's that it's not coming in. >> exactly. particularly as we move into the holiday period, thanksgiving coming up, christmas, new year's, hanukkah holidays, folks get busy. many regular blood donors go on vacation and they're not able to donate. we need a continuous flow of blood donors even during the holidays. we ask people to look at their calendars, go to website, make the donation appointment. it's the blood on the shelf that saves lives today. we need a continuous supply of blood donors. >> when you throw in the huge fires in northern and southern california, folks there aren't donating blood. >> absolutely. we're seeing that there. we're also seeing that here because of the poor air quality. weave had some blood drives canceled just this week where we were in for protections of 20, 30 people able to donate blood. those taken off the calendar in very short notice.
4:42 pm
we still have to replenish that blood strie. we are asking those who are in earshot or the viewing of this to come in, make their appointment and donate blood. help save lives in our community. >> they can do all that online. go to we have all the websites you need. reporting live in san francisco, michael finney. >> thanks, michael. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> a look at the air quality in the bay area. tomorrow, unhealthful, in the north bay, coast and central bay, inland and east bay, poor. it's expected to be poor in all regions of the bay area friday, saturday and sunday. it will be a while before we can expect to breathe in clean air. overnight lows chilly in the inland valleys where temperatures drop into the upper 30s. on the coastline, tomorrow, another smoky, hazy day and mild one with highs ranging from mid 60s at the coast, upper 60s around the bay and low 70s
4:43 pm
inland. looking ahead to the accuweather seven-day forecast, we can expect a steady pattern of dry and relatively mild weather, although minor cooling over the weekend and we're hoping for improving air quality over the weekend. if we're lucky, a shift in the wind and stronger winds to mix out the particulate matter. wednesday of next week, the eve of thanksgiving, we see the make kings of a system that might bring us some rainfall. looks like late wednesday, through thursday and possibly into friday. >> let's get this started. thanks, spencer. as you probably heard, levi's stadium will play host to college football's national championship. today organizers held a special presentation announcing the performers in what they're calling the at&t playoff playlist, a series of free concerts the weekend before the big game. >> ellie golden. ♪
4:44 pm
>> alessia cara. ♪ >> one republic. ♪ >> you don't even have to like the football game. the concerts are going to be great. the free concerts begin january 4th. they'll be held at discovery meadow in san jose. also performing, brit elliot, j. rock, leon bridges and logic. a star-studded lineup before the national championship game on january 7th. from poverty to the upper east side. how one man turned obstacles into success. a busy
4:45 pm
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. how do you go from the depths of despair -- inner demons, describing his life from east oakland to new york city. let me start off, inner demons, blazing a pattern to happiness. it seemed like a lot of the demons would be on the outside. >> everyone has their issues and their problems. we're sort of -- we're taught
4:48 pm
these things are bad and we need to get rid of these things. what i found is that these very things that are supposed to be negative are the things that helped me achieve all the success i have, just buckling down and tackling the problems as they came along. >> what specifics are you talking about? >> obviously growing up in east oakland in the '80s, a lot of violence, a lot of drugs. my stepfather wasn't the kindest man. it's in the book. losing friends, trying to figure out if i had what it took to become the person i always wanted to be. >> a lot of self-doubt? >> absolutely, absolutely. people like me from the time i was growing up, we weren't supposed to win. at least that was the narrative that we were constantly told. i rejected that because i felt my life deserved more, and i was going to use whatever resource at my disposal to achieve the life that i wanted.
4:49 pm
>> how did you go from east oakland, let's say, to getting your mba and working with a bunch of fortune 500 companies and now to a published author? >> i started at morehouse college in atlanta, mid '90s. a lot of soul searching, obstacles and adversities and dedicating myself to trying to figure out the best that i could be. i'm a very competitive person. i really like the challenge of pitting myself against the best, and that has taken me to all sorts of places. i started at enron. i worked at pacific bell. now i'm at pfizer in new york. it's been a great journey. >> one of the things that struck me is you faced a situation, in corporate america, these challenges and things weren't necessarily going great and you decided, if i'm going to gout other hoorks i'm going out my way. >> going out on my own terms. >> talk about that a little bit. >> again, being confronted with a lot of doubt, doubt from the
4:50 pm
outside, doubt from the inside, and i just realized i have nothing to lose. if i'm going to get fired, i'm going to get fired doing what i want to do. i'm not going to listen to anyone else. i'm not going to try to find into someone else's narrative of who i'm going to be. i'm going to put my best foot forward and it's going to be good or it's not. turned out it worked out fine. i haven't turned zblback. >> so what message would you have for kids who look at the obstacles they face on a daily basis and they say, i'm just not going to win here? >> the very first thing i'd tell kids is you're not alone. every person alive has gone through adversity, gone through that self doubt. just knowing that they're not alone, that's very, very sell ful. two, believe in yourself. we all wake up in the morning and say, today is going to be the day. keep saying today is going to be the day. have some compassion. it may not actually happen
4:51 pm
today. you may not achieve everything you want, but it's just trying. if you're trying to put the best foot forward every day, it works out. it turns out. >> almost like speaking it into existence. >> that's exactly what it is. >> you can catch rock tuesday, november 16th at the barnes & noble in emeryville. you'll see him there at 10:00 in the morning. best of luck with the book. thanks for coming in. >> great, thanks for having me. get ready for company if you plan to travel for thanksgiving. a record 30.6 million people expected to fly for the holiday. the busy stretch will last 12 days. it starts this friday, november 16th and runs through november 27th. the tsa says it's ready to make sure you get through security as quickly as possible. we are going to be fully staffed. we'll be using over time to ensure that the checkpoints are fully staffed. we'll be using other resources at many airports including our
4:52 pm
explosive detective canines to make sure none of that comes through the security checkpoint. >> i know you don't want to hear this. experts suggest getting to the airport an hour and a half or even two hours before your flight. >> can't do it, ama. >> tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of a truly memorable day in bay area history. november 15th, 2013, was the day san francisco became gotham city. 5-year-old leukemia survivor miles, it started as a similar make a wish request from miles but became so much more when some 16,000 volunteers joined the effort to help make that little boy's wish come true. miles is now ten. we're told he's a thriving fifth grader helping out on the family farm. his cancer is in remission. a new study out "today" shows make a wish makes a difference. according to research from the
4:53 pm
nationwide children'hospital in columbus, patients who received a wish, were 2 1/2 times less likely to have unplanned hospital admissions and two times less liky to have unplanned emergency department visits. that's compared to patients of similar age, sex, disease category and disease complexity who would also qualify for a wish but didn't receive one. you can help the make-a-wish foundation by sharing your ears. from now until november 17th, take a picture in your mickey mouse ears, for every photo disney will donate $5.00 up to $2 million. gun control. nothing new on social media. one bay area doctor took it personally when the nra told her to stay in her lane. kristen is here with what's coming up next on abc 7 news at
4:54 pm
5:00. an officer just started his shift when this happened. >> we got the call of a woman screaming for help. >> and her baby was in big trouble. fortunately the officer knew just what to do. a top retailer, a top shipping company and incredible heist. what sounds like a movie plot is what sounds like a movie plot is a story you'll see only on abc 7 at at&t, we believe in access. what sounds like a movie plot is a story you'll see only on abc 7 the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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#thisismanylane was created by a group of doctors after the nra responded to a medical paper on reducing gun violence by tweeting, quote, someone should tell self-important anti gun doctors to stay in their lane. >> one san francisco doctor responded, this isn't just my lane. it's my highway. >> the entrance wound which is over here -- >> as a forensic pathologist in the bay area, dr. julie sees how a single bullet has killed somebody. she decided to let the world know how many shootings death she's seen. >> i said do you know how many bullets i pull out of cadavers weekly. this isn't just my lane, this is my f'ing highway. >> the group was angered after the american college of physicians issued guidelines to help protect patients from gun violence.
4:58 pm
the timing of the nra's warning could not have been more explosive. just hours after the post, a gunman opened fire at a bar in thousand oaks killing a dozen people. the doctor was heading into an autopsy and thought enough is enough. >> america needs to hear from doctors. it's the emergency room physicians and the trauma surgeons and forensic pathologists who bear the brunt. >> reporter: plenty of people are hearing loud and clear. her post went viral with more than a half million likes. other doctors joined in under the #thisisourlane. she believes the power of doctors speaking out about the toll they see daily from gun violence could help drive the campaign for safer gun laws, even if it means standing up to the politically powerful nra. >> i'm not afraid of the nra. i'm afraid of guns. >> impactful. >> the size of those bullets was impactful as well.
4:59 pm
the doctor has performed more than 300 autopsies on gunshot victims and plans to keep speaking out on safer gun laws. that will do it for us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> this is going to be a very long and frustrating event. >> right now paradise is littered with the remnants of what it used to be, the death toll in the region has risen sadly, but so has the containment. >> wildfires are threatening the financial future of pg&e. their stock is tanking and there's real concern about who is going to pay all the potential claims. >> i'm wayne freedman in paradise, this is the remains of a front door. if not from a knock by a neighbor, the people who lived here would not have survived. that's coming up. the air outside, for some of the bay area, it's only getting worse. >> we all share the same grief.
5:00 pm
we're going to make sure that within our power it's not going to happen again. but we have to work together to do it. >> that's interior secretary ryan zen key, neither hee or the governor can believe what they're seeing firsthand zbloops this is so devastating that i don't really have the words to describe it. it looks like a war zone. it is. >> as the governor tours the fire zone for the first time, answers are coming slowly for the 100 or so people officially listed as missing. right now the death toll is 48. >> weakening winds give firefighters a slight reprieve today. the fire is now 35% contained. it's burned 135,000 acres. several areas are still under evacuation orders. good evening to you. i'm dan ashley. i'm kristen sze. we begin with the camp fire. just a few minutes ago we got video of national guard finding


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