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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 15, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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now at 6:00, a look at the haze from our sutro tower camera. bad air quality hanging over the bay area. >> that's right. this has been seven days. we are not done with it yet. i'm sorry to say. good morning on this thursday, november 15th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco, it will be the same again today. >> exactly. one lone area, santa rosa, that has moderate air quality, which is as clean as it gets. ful like we have had the last couple days, the poor air quality or unhealthy air will spread across our neighborhoods. it's been very unhealthy to
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unhealthy, back and forth in livermore over the last 12 to possibly 18 hours. so if you're suffering, that's the reason why. you have had the worst air quality. temperature-wise, accuweather 12-hour planner, sky-wise, no changes. it's just the seventh day of dealing with this unhealthy air. here's alexis. good morning, mike. a couple of blocking issues to talk about. reported eastbound 92. partially blocked due to a crash. slowing down to take a look. we have not one but two collisions on westbound 80. one san pablo, in the hov lane. another blocking the middle lane in el cerrito. the drive time coming up in 10
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minutes. another tragic update. unfortunately crews found eight more victims in paradise. the total is now at 56 people confirmed dead. >> they are going to have a townhall at 7:00 tonight in chico at the laxson auditorium. everything from recovery information to debris removal. the fire has burned 138,000 acres. the latest update is 35% contained. they haven't moved much in the last couple of days. 52,000 people remain evacuated. more than 8,700 homes are destroyed. more than 5,400 personnel continue to fight the fire. >> and to add salt to the wound, a nurse tells abc 7 norovirus has broken out at a butte county fire shelter. an outbreak is expected at a an outbreak is expected at a second shelter.
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evacuees at oroville church on the nazarene showing symptoms. lab results aren't quite in yet. the list of those missing is 130. at one point it was more than 200 people. butte county sheriff's office is constantly updating it. >> in the face of tragedy comes stories of kindness and generosity as well. this photo behind us shows a couple who took in a 93-year-old couple who took in a 93-year-old world war ii veteran. >> lee left his home in paradise and drove to oroville, who was handing out burgers to wildfire evacuees. she invited him to live with her and her boyfriend. he refused and slept in his car the first night. then the sheriff evacuated the area where he was parked. grant gave him no choice but to come home with her and can stay as long as he likes. you can see smoke over the bay you can see smoke over the bay area. >> this is sutro cam. a thick layer of smoke over the
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city. san mateo bridge. a bit of haze over the lights. very similar situation at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is not fog. that is smoke. >> a shelter will stay open as long as it's needed. st. anthony's opened doors to people who suffer from respiratory problems. a total of 65 beds are available. the bad air is forcing schools to close. as of right now, the three campuses for cal state east bay are closed today. san jose state will not open today or tomorrow. san francisco state is closed through saturday. it's all because of that unhealthy air. if more schools close, we should hear about that within the next hour or so. another note, berkeley half marathon scheduled for this sunday is canceled because of the poor air quality. organizers say you can still go to the expo at sports basement and a portion of the sales will be donated to fire victims in butte county.
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>> north face endurance championships in marin county and san francisco also canceled this weekend. the $30,000 prize will be given to the camp fire evacuation relief fund. an easy way to check the air quality where you live is by going to we have this link on our front page. it takes you to a map. a map updates every five minutes and shows you the air where you live. you can get this on our map. mike will talk about this in just a few minutes. >> a lot of commuters are looking at this and keeping their fingers crossed. it looks like bart could be at least a little closer to planning for a second transbay tube. >> it may be considering 24-hour service. >> abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live. jobina, there are many steps before we get to this as a reality. >> reporter: yes. very many which will be shared at this board meeting today.
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a companion to the current transbay tube could bring to the area. we are talking 10 years. that's when construction could start if things go as planned. at the moment bart is referring to this as the transbay rail crossing. it would include standard with rail tracks, standard gauge, and the wider bart tracks. what does that mean exactly? bart says the standard gauge tracks would tie together the mega region, san francisco to the east bay, peninsula, silicon valley, sacramento and central valley. they believe it will better connect the bay area with projected housing growth in sacramento. bart believes despite the current plan to increase capacity throughout the existing transbay tube and some high-demand scenarios, it would outpace capacity by 2024. now, they are hoping that they will have some sort of
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feasibility contract done by mid 2019. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. what do you want for christmas? someone to give you a gift or their time? we have a poll up at a abc7news.c you can do it right from your phone. we will have the results in a few minutes. the search for the missing fan who disappeared during monday night's 49ers game. check this out. they just had snow at the white house. doesn't it look ugly? we're less than 10% of our average range everywhere except average range everywhere except for acr
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ microclimates showing up in the south bay. mid to upper 30s. mountain view, 42. same thing san jose. milpitas, 50. los gatos, 55. danville, frosty 31. novato, 32. san francisco the warm spot at 50. offshore breeze. and the reason why, if you're
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out and about, we have another spare the air wood burning ban. peninsula, 46 this morning. 65 at noon. mid to upper 60s through 5:00. we drop quickly into the mid-50s by 8:00. east bay, 40 this morning o. flirt with mid to upper 60s from noon to 4:00. down to a chilly 51 by 8:00. less than 7 minutes away from seeing an hour by hour look at our chance of rain. that's coming up next. thank you, mike. i want to head down to san mateo. i have an update from chp. it was westbound 92, not eastbound 92 before you get to the 101 merge. two-car crash. two right lanes blocked. that is backing things up onto the san mateo. beyond the high-rise towards the toll plaza. not a great spot to have a couple lanes taken away. also, we are up to three crashes now on westbound 80. really all through the richmond area. we have one near pinol, san pablo, and one near central
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avenue. westbound highway 4 to the maze, 42 minutes. just about 12 across the bay bridge. no delays southbound 101, san francisco to sfo. >> thanks, alexis. salesforce transit center has been closed 51 days. if you're driving this thanksgiving, you're going to want to get up really early. the best times to leave the bay area to avoid all that traffic. as we head to break at 6:12, abc 7 news now. 7 news now. weather and traffic on your
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welcome back. santa clara police will continue to search for a missing 49ers fan today. ian powers was last seen during monday night's football game. police say he went to the bathroom, sent a few texts and video chatted with his girlfriend. and then he disappeared. investigators gathered surveillance video from nearby businesses yesterday. they also dug into powers' financial background and social media profiles for clues. the problem with the cracked beams at the salesforce transit center is not a design flaw, at least that's what one expert is saying. the "chronicle" talked to the structural engineering professor on a peer review panel. if it were a design flaw, the center would have to undergo
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major reconstruction. he says there is zero evidence of that. again, this is just his opinion. the transit center has been closed for 51 days and will remain closed until lab results come back showing why the beams cracked. new at 6:00, what do you want this holiday season? gifts? or time with the family and friends. >> get out your phones and tell us what you think. we have a poll live right now at you can see the results are coming in. more people right now have taken our survey say 77% say time with friends and family over gifts. hmm. >> a new study shows 70% of americans don't want a gift this year. according to suntrust, we would rather have the gift of time. many say the move would spare them financial stress while making the holidays more meaningful. >> our viewers are fickle. time with friends is going down as we read the story.
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people saying they actually want gifts. going out to dinner. you're spending money on money but also time with them. >> so you want it all? >> i'm just greedy. i want it all. >> the economy basically hinges >> the economy basically hinges on people spending at christmas. >> there is the perfect gift for everybody. the time is so short to find it now too. >> getting a gift takes time. >> it is supposed to. >> it should be appreciated. >> it is supposed to be from your heart or signifies the reason you like them, enjoy them. we have about six or seven days until the rain rolls in. funny to see how that thing
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plays out. the models have been rather erratic if you will. the smoke from mt. tam. our seventh consecutive day. shifting winds are coming with cleaner and cooler air. the pattern change overall will bring it to a chances of rain next week. of today this looks exactly like yesterday. mid to upper 60s along the coast. san francisco, into the bay. upper 60s to low 70s. tonight is going to almost look like the last couple of mornings with freezing cold temperatures and frost, upper 30s to mid-40s. san francisco the warm spot, 51 degrees. i want to jump ahead to thursday. this is the problem. the models are coming in consistent. yes, it's going to rain. it's the hour-by-hour timing. right now most of thanksgiving morning is looking dry. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, the rain starts to come in. especially overnight. by friday morning, scattered
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showers as we're out shopping or watching football or whatever you'll be doing. saturday night into sunday, another potential push of a storm in rain. temperatures 2 to 6 above average. upper 60s to low 70s. low 60s to barely 70 friday. 70s are gone and we're in the low to mid-60s. we started off fairly quiet. westbound 92. very heavy traffic with a ton of smoke, unhealthy air. it is stretching back into the hayward side. two right lanes blocked before you get to 101. an suv may be partially up on the barrier. that could take a while to clear. chp on the scene. three crashes westbound 80. the crash in el cerrito in central avenue blocking all
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lanes while they try and move that. use surface streets to get around that. state route 123 is recommended. i'll let you know as soon as they open that back up. >> we will check in with alexis shortly. good morning america comes up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> rob marciano has a look at what's ahead on the show. hey, rob. good morning, reginald. hello, jess kafplt great to be with you on this thursday. we have a lot coming up. i know you have your smoke issues in the bay area. so many states under watches and advisories from heavy snow in our nation's capital, to heavy rain, ice in indiana and ohio and st. louis. way too much on this map for the middle of november. i'll give you an update on the fires as well. new details from monica lewinsky after her affair with president clinton. how they tried to keep it secret and the warning he gave her. the director of the bombshell
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documentary is here live with us. plus, parents listen up to this. are flip phones making a come back? why families are saying no to smartphones for their kids. and we have all the highlights from country music's biggest night. we're on the red carpet with all the big winners from the cma awards. back to nashville this morning with all that and much, much more. a lot of great performances last night. keith urban i believe winning perform performer of the year. >> i love keith urban. >> i can't see. is reggie wearing his cowboy hat? >> he's not. i'm just teaching him the two-step. baby steps here. >> i know you have your boots on. good luck with that, jessica. >> thanks, rob. only at abc 7, it's something like from a movie.
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thieves target shipments to a local louis vuitton store. and they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in products. don't miss that story. >> it was such an easy scam too. the go fund me controversy involving a couple and homeless involving a couple and homeless man.
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you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. livermore still with the poorest air quality. very unhealthy for you. the rest of us in red are unhealthy. reprior in santa rosa. all of us will be unhealthy at some point today. our seventh day in a row. a new twist in the go fund me story of a homeless story and a woman who ran out of gas. >> the question is, is the entire thing a scam? you may remember the fund quickly grew to more than $400,000.
6:26 am
the happy store began to crack when johnny bobbit accused the people of spending his money to fund lavish trips. a new report says the entire tale was a ruse conceived by all three of them in a get-rich-quick scheme. the couple has turned themselves in. bobbit is still at large. they will be charged with conspiracy and theft by deception. abc news reached out to the attorney for the couple. the attorney says no comment. watch the full report on good morning america at 7:00. i guess if there are charges, they are supposed to come down today. we will see if the agency makesen announcement. >> yeah. today marks five years since miles scott warmed our hearts as miles scott warmed our hearts as batkid.
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>> right now at 6:30, day seven of dangerous air quality conditions in the bay area. now that we have some light, this is bad. the smoke, the haze, it's actually gotten worse this morning. it has caused concerns for local schools. >> camp fire survivors are now living in a walmart parking lot. a heist targeting a san louis vuitton store. you're not going to believe how they ended up doing this. good morning on this thursday, november 15th. >> we have been talking about the air quality throughout the morning. a lot of us suffering from the cold. it seems to all mix together. people don't know what they're dealing with. >> as soon as you start to get over the cold, the smoke comes in and makes things worse.
6:31 am
i feel bad for the people who have to work outside for the seventh consecutive day. santa rosa is the only place that's yellow. that's moderate. livermore, very unhealthy just like you were yesterday afternoon. the rest of us, red. which means we are unhealthy. the cleanest air down in socal. that will become unhealthy as we head throughout the day. the roof camera in the air. 30s and 40s this morning. 60s this afternoon. alexis. good morning, mike. i have an update to one of the issues on westbound 80. the crash over an hour, central avenue. all lanes temporarily closed. just the far right lane is blocked. el cerrito, you are heavy but that is improving. all clear westbound 80, san pablo dam road. we have a crash in the backup near richard parkway. it is a mess from highway 4 to the toll plaza.
6:32 am
that smoke not good. of course the metering lights are on. alexis, thanks. bad air still lingering across the bay area as mike and alexis have pointed out. one of the worst places to breathe that in is livermore. >> driving is also difficult. the smoke acts like a thick fog. matt keller is live in livermore this morning. matt? good morning, reggie and jessica. yeah, it's gross out here. i was expecting to show you haze. the sunlight is being blocked by all the smoke. the smoke is blocking out some of the early sunlight we expect to see at this time. the smoke causing visibility issues. you'll want to slow down this morning when you hit the roads. >> when you come in on 580, you come down the grid, you can just tell the visibility has gone to a minimum now.
6:33 am
can't see very far ahead of you. it's gotten pretty bad. >> people noticed a change in >> people noticed a change in the air quality. the index read 272. at 300, it reaches hazardous levels. >> i look out the patio door. and it looks foggy. i know it's not fog, it's smoke. it's just terrible. >> livermore school district is monitoring the air quality. they plan on being open today. they will check into the readings and second an update by 7:30. live in livermore, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. meanwhile, san jose state and all three cal state east bay campuses will be closed because of the poor air quality. >> san francisco state closed today and tomorrow.
6:34 am
a full list of schools impact odd if any schools make changes this morning, you can bet we are going to be updated that site as soon as possible. >> today in oroville, dna testing specialists will help families accelerate the process of identifying loved ones missing. >> recovery crews found the remains of eight more victims in paradise, bringing the death toll to 56. the sheriff's office has released a list of 130 people still unaccounted for. that death toll could rise. the camp fire burned 138,000 acres and remains 35% caped. more than 10,000 buildings are destroyed. 8600 of those are homes. a townhall will be held for paradise community members. fire victims will get an update on debris removal, safety of the area, and recovery information. the meeting will be held at laxson auditorium in chico at 7:00 p.m. with so many evacuees left homeless, there is a new crisis
6:35 am
brewing in the surrounding communities. where will they stay and then for how long? >> hundreds of people are living at this makeshift relief center at a walmart parking lot in chico. organizers say they can't stay there for long. >> we really have no answers. >> we really have no answers. it's going to rain soon. norovirus is said to be out here. >> they have the capacity to hold 1,000 in permanent housing. >> this morning investors are watching to see if pg&e stock continues to slide. yesterday shares dropped almost 22% after pg&e indicated it could be in financial distress if investigators say it's to blame for the campfire. with back-to-back years of catastrophic events, commissioner catherine sandoval says action needs to be taken to provide reliable power and protect the public safety. the broad sweeps of wires and all of this vegetation isn't
6:36 am
mixing well. and so as we're looking at how do we have to change, there's going to be real questions about how do we figure out the financing so that we can keep the golden state's economy viable. >> among the possible safety improvements are removing all vegetation near power lines and systems to turn off smaller sections of the power grid during high winds. go fund me donating $150,000 of its own money to provide relief to fire victims. fund raisers hosted on the site have brought in $15 million for fire survivors. they're not alone in their generosi generosity. airbnb hosts are helping to house camp fire survivors. so far 300 have been housed. offers are coming in from santa rosa, yountville, vacavillevaca.
6:37 am
we have resources on you can also make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting red cross to 90999. check out the 25-degree spread from 33 in menlo park to pacifica. most of us in the 50s. there has to be frost on some of the yards there. san is ramon, 33. frost likely there. same thing at santa rosa, 32. san francisco, only area 50 or warmer. 2 miles in san jose. that's where the thickest smoke is. san mateo bridge. you can see it hanging in the air. mass transit, have the mask on. stay inside the ferry if you can. don't linger out on the deck and inhale all the smoke. 61 at noon. mid-60s. it's comfortable outside temperature-wise. air quality-wise, no.
6:38 am
you want to stay inside. 44 at 8:00 in the north bay. hang on to 66 at noon. spike at 70 at 2:00. a cool 48, almost chilly then, at 8:00. we look at our next chance of rain and when the wind shifts. of it may pull smoke from the fires in socal. it won't be as bad. here's alexis with a look at the morning commute. >> we have quite a few incidents to get to. heavy in san jose, northbound 101, 880. a crash north of here at trim bull. definitely heavy through the downtown stretch. westbound 92 before you get to 101. two right lanes blocked. the far right lane. heavy back to the hayward side essentially to 880.
6:39 am
a check check of drive times. three crashes are westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze. one is clear. two are still blocking. 46 minutes for you. you're in the yellow. 80, 9 minutes. 101, san francisco to sfo, in the green at 10 minutes. now, it looks like bart could be a step closer to a second transbay tube. officials will present their proposal today. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live. nobody should get too excited yet, though. this could still be more than a decade away. >> reporter: yes. save your celebrations and all that partying for people wore wh excited about this for 10 years from now. that's when construction could start, could being the key word. directors will be presenting a lot more on this today. for right now, bart isaying it's too early to call this a tube. so they are referring to this as the transbay rail crossing. this leaves open 24-hour
6:40 am
service, and more robust system to respond to any sort of disruptio disruptions. the second rail would provide crowd relief at market street stations. the goal is to provide a tie-in to the mega region connecting the peninsula, silicone, central valley communities, east bay and san francisco all with a san francisco all with a one-seat ride. firefighters are gaining grouped on the woolsey fire. amy hollyfield has a live report from southern california and what's happened overnight. a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are starting down this morning. check on how the markets are doing coming. new details on bad kid five
6:41 am
years after -- bat kid five years after he took over san francisco. as you get the day started at 6:40, a live look at the golden gate bridge. golden gate bridge. weather a
6:42 am
6:43 am
and depending where you live, you're an hour, or a few
6:44 am
minutes from santa rosa, our only health air reported right now. the rest of us are healthy to very unhealthy. san joaquin valley, air quality continues through the morning hours. it will probably be extended. mid-70s to 80 in socal. upper 70s. tahoe, 59 today. smoke is gone. it's going to be pretty quiet through tuesday. and then the first chance of rain rolls in. it will turn over to snow starting on thanksgiving. if you're traveling up there, best travel day will be tuesday. >> now to southern california where the large firefight continues this morning. >> the woolsey fire consumed 98,000 acres. it is 52% contained. the smaller hill fire is 96% contained. >> authorities say a firefighter was hit by a car and taken to a hospital in thousand oaks. >> that is where we find amy hollyfield. you have been on the fire lines
6:45 am
helping kabc all week long. so good to see you. how are things there. >> overnight, no one knew how he was doing, only that he had been airlifted to this hospital. we just got an update saying he does not have life-threatening injuries. that is the good news here in southern california. he was hit by a car last night. it happened just after midnight. it happened in malibu on the pacific coast highway. i spoke to the chp. it sounds like it was just is an accident. they didn't make any arrests. it was not a hit and run. a local driver did hit the firefighter. he was airlifted here in thousand oaks. he and his team were helping to fight the woolsey fire. we have the latest information on that fire. it has burned 98,300 acres. the new number that just came in moments ago, 57% contained. that's up from 52%. 504 structures destroyed. 94 damaged. that firefighter works in
6:46 am
washington. his fellow firefighters came to the hospital with him last night. the station put out a statement saying right now their focus is on the firefighters, his family, and their community. reporting live in thousand oaks, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> okay, amy, thank you. good to see you. i don't know if she can fully hear us. hurry home when you can. only on 7, this is a wild story. even investigators that have been around a long time say this is ingenius. it ended up with the theft of high luxury store items from a union store. >> the police department received a report from a local shipping company that some high-end merchandise that was destined for a union square retailer had been stolen. the u.p.s. center received a call from someone who said he was from the louis vuitton store. the caller reportedly asked to
6:47 am
stop deliveries temporarily because its basement storage area got flooded and someone would come by and pick up the shipments instead. for three days, this driver purporting to be from louis vuitton made the pickups. then guess what, disappeared with hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive louis vuitton products. by the end of the week, the store asked why deliveries had stopped. >> i could see how it would work, but there has to be protocol for u.p.s. to establish confirm that the caller is legitimate. >> both u.p.s. and louis vuitton declined comment. >> a self-driving car could soon be delivering your walmart order. >> they are teaming up with ford to develop a self-driving delivery service. it is far away from here. the pilot program is taking place in miami. initially it will use human-driven vehicles to deliver orders.
6:48 am
officials say that will help them figure out how customers interact with the vehicles and determine what items can be delivered successfully. here's your chance to own a piece of american history. levi straws is planning to go public again. they are aiming for an ipo early next year. they hope to debut for billion. the straws family took the company private in 1984. trading gets under way this morning. we are continue to go trend down this morning. 114 points. yesterday the dow closed down for the fourth day in a row because of fears over a global economic showdown. >> okay. so now some uplifting news hopefully. help make-a-wish foundation by sharing your ears. you can help make a wish foundation by sharing your ears from now until november 17th, in two days. take a picture showing your mickey mouse ears and post on social media with hashtag share your ears. it's quick. it's easy.
6:49 am
abc 7 has already done it. disney will donate $5 to make a wish for every single photo. up to $2 million. >> it's an easy way to make money for kids who need it. today marks five years since one of the biggest days in bay area history. >> november 15th, 2013, the day san francisco became gotham city so 5-year-old leukemia survivor could become batkid and save our city. the event started as a simple make a wish request. by the time the big day came, more than 16,000 volunteers were involved. who can forget how huge the crowds of people were cheering miles on. and now at 10 years old, he's in fifth grade and helps out on the family farm. we're happy to tell you that miles's cancer is in remission. >> a lot has changed but he still has that sweet smile. >> so glad he's doing well. >> i'm glad we followed up. people remember back to what an exciting time it was.
6:50 am
people lining the streets of san francisco. >> the whole country watched. >> that was pretty cool. that we could be the epicenter of something like that again. yucky air. unhealthy just about everywhere. pocket of yellow in the santa cruz mountains. it's moderate. it will fill in with unhealthy air. point your attention to livermore. it's purple. that means everyone may experience more serious health effects. it has been going on 12 hours in livermore. please be careful. don't forget our animals. they are outside breathing this air also. and we have delays again at sfo because of the reduction in visibility on this seventh day of unhealthy air. tonight, tomorrow, about the same. the rain a week away. hazy, smoky sunshine through the
6:51 am
bay. freezing cold in the valleys. the air is so dry. 30s and 40s elsewhere. 51 in san francisco. jump to this. this is the most promising that we're seeing featured in the forecast. notice it comes in thursday night, friday morning. and then we will have scattered showers friday, saturday. saturday night into sunday, a secondary system could bring us another soaking. one more day of 70-degree highs fiday. back in the 60s through wednesday. alexis. okay. good morning, mike. we have a lot of heavy traffic areas out there. so getting to a few of those right now. mid-span there you can't even see the rest of the vehicles. it is still so smoky. another day of poor air quality for your commute. a crash on the other side of the bridge still blocking the right lane before the 101 merge. that is really slowing you down. jammed back to 880. ripple effect on 880 as well.
6:52 am
richmond area has been a problem spot too. one lane blocked at central avenue. all clear at san pablo dam road. adding 10, 15 34eu7bs from highway 4. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580, okay. google wants beat the traffic. researchers analyze data from google map searches. the best time to leave is thanksgiving day around 6:00 a.m. good morning. the worst time is the day before thanksgiving around 4:00 p.m. the best time to return to san francisco again early would be sunday, november 25th, around 6:00 a.m. the worst time is the day after the worst time is the day after thanksgiving, around 4:00 p.m.
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday. 6:55. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are the 7 things to know before you go. number one, the death toll from 56 after eight more victims were found yesterday in paradise. the fire has scorched 138,000 acres and remains 35% contained. number two, everything about today will mirror yesterday
6:56 am
within a degree. the air quality will be unagenty for the seventh day in a row. >> number three, the livermore school district is even considering closing schools today because the air is so bad. they say they will make that announcement in about a half hour. >> number four, pg&e stock continues to drop. it fell 22% yesterday after the company suggested it could be in financial trouble if found responsible for the camp fire. >> number five, incredible heist at san francisco's u.p.s. facility. someone posing as a louis vuitton employee was able to pick up hundreds of thousands of packages meant for the retail store in union score. >> number six, heavy spot across san mateo. 56 minutes. >> number seven, bart presenting an update on a plan for a second transbay tube. the next step to award a contract for the study in the year 2019. still a long way to go.
6:57 am
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fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. good morning, america. deadly winter blast. an ice storm wreaking havoc across the midwest overnight. two killed when this tour bus flips over on icy roads in the south and now, 23 states from arkansas to maine on alert, as a dangerous nor'easter barrels up the coast. the new warnings for your morning commute. michael avenatti arrested. stormy daniels' attorney, a frequent critic of president trump, accused of domestic violence. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. >> he fires back overnight. cruise ship mystery. an american woman going overboard. now the fbi investigating. was she murdered?


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