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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 15, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. good morning, america. deadly winter blast. an ice storm wreaking havoc across the midwest overnight. two killed when this tour bus flips over on icy roads in the south and now, 23 states from arkansas to maine on alert, as a dangerous nor'easter barrels up the coast. the new warnings for your morning commute. michael avenatti arrested. stormy daniels' attorney, a frequent critic of president trump, accused of domestic violence. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. >> he fires back overnight. cruise ship mystery. an american woman going overboard. now the fbi investigating. was she murdered? abc news exclusive.
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how monica lewinsky tried to keep her affair with president clinton a secret and the warning he gave her about speaking to the fbi. what she asked when they confronted her. >> i kept asking, could i call my mom? they kept saying no. he said, you're 24. you don't need to call your mommy. >> the director of that documentary here live. inside the story that nearly destroyed a presidency, only on "gma." thanksgiving warning. a week before the holiday, the deadly salmonella outbreak in turkey meat. ♪ what makes you country and big surprises on country music's biggest night. carrie underwood taking home one of the top prizes and her big reveal. chris stapleton with a huge night. ♪ and keith urban walking away with the night's biggest award. we are backstage for all the big moments only on "gma" this morning. >> both: good morning, america. ♪ can you feel it
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and good morning, garth and trisha. good morning, america. >> there were so many incredible performances. garth actually surprised trisha with a new song, and wait until you hear what he has to say about it. >> that's right. he was backstage with lara and she even got a chance to present one of the top awards of the night and she's taking us behind the scenes in music city. that's coming up just ahead. >> she did a great job. >> oh yeah. but first, that nasty already deadly winter storm. millions waking up in a deep freeze this morning and the rain, snow and dangerous icy conditions are moving up the east coast. whit johnson starts us off there in washington, d.c. good morning, whit. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. it is shaping up to be a miserable morning commute. take a look at 395 behind me in d.c. it's that awful mix of rain, sleet and the snow just starting to pick up. this will be heading up the east coast, the first widespread major winter storm of the season already having a deadly impact on the roads.
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this morning, the wintry conditions creating slick and dangerous roads in mississippi. a car losing control, plowing into a bus with 50 people on board. >> the bus started swerving. then it spinned around like two times, hit the rail and flipped over. it's scary. >> reporter: the bus flipping on its side, killing two people and injuring 40 more. the streets littered with luggage and personal belongings and in arkansas, this interstate turned into an ice rink, a mess of wrecked cars scattered across the road. this jeep losing control and nearly plunging off a bridge. now, to give you an idea of how dynamic this storm is, here in d.c., they are under a winter weather advisory in the morning, but by the afternoon it will be a flood watch, highlighting that mix that we've been talking about. schools in d.c. and in new york changing their hours today and flights are already canceled. robin. >> they want everybody to stay safe.
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okay, whit, thank you. rob is tracking the storm. it's ugly commute for many. millions more are going to have trouble getting home this evening, isn't that right, rob? >> absolutely, robin, and whit nailed it. it is a dynamic storm with a fast-moving low and ever-changing conditions for 23 states now under advisories of either winter advisories or flood watches and we begin with what happened in st. louis. over four inches of snow fell there overnight and big-time accidents and slide-outs there and in indianapolis you're under an ice storm warning. look at this. roll down the window and there is another window, boom, full of ice and you have to break that just to see out the window. cincinnati also, they're scraping the ice off the windshields there. so looking for bright colors on the map. it's never a good thing. snow and sleet in philly and new york eventually by the evening rush here along i-95. we'll see a fair amount of snow, at least a start and coastal lows take over and we'll change to rain but a fair amount of snow in the inland areas there.
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locally over 8 inches and for the middle of november that is just way too much white on the map, my friend. >> any time there is snow it's always too much for me, rob. thank you so much. and out west, new concerns are growing that the death toll could climb even higher from those devastating wildfires in california. officials fear there could be more than 100 people dead. abc's eva pilgrim is in paradise with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: michael, this fire just completely devastated this community. more than a hundred people are still missing. 10,000-plus buildings like this one reduced to rubble, just gutted by the fire. from our second camera, you can see what's left of this building. so many of these buildings were people's homes and this is what they're waking up to this morning. this morning, new images of the camp fire just north of sacramento still burning. >> i did not think we were going to make it off the mountain. it was a miracle that we got out of there. >> reporter: the deadliest fire in california history covering the area hours away with smoke.
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more than 130 people are missing, at least 56 dead. members of the national guard combing more than 60 square miles looking for the missing. >> there are potentially over 100 people killed in butte, potentially. >> reporter: we're on camp creek road. this is where authorities think the fire started. you can see this is blocked off. melody and her family panicked trying for 36 hours to get from their home to safety. >> we were on the missing persons list when we got here. it was nice to write that we were found. >> reporter: thankful for her new temporary home. >> we all got out. >> reporter: in southern california, those evacuated because of the woolsey fire now able to return. donations to help those who lost their homes brought in by boat. still no word when the people here in paradise will be allowed to re-enter this area for the first time. to see what's left. we have spoken to so many people
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who say, even though they know that there's not much left they still want to see it with tear own eyes and start the rebuilding process. >> i can understand that. eva, thanks very much. we move to that new legal battle for stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti, arrested by the lapd wednesday, accused of domestic violence. of course, avenatti has been one of president trump's most high-profile critics. paula faris has the details. he is not taking it lightly. >> no, he's not, george. according to the booking documents there were injuries involved. the case will now be presented to the l.a. district attorney and this morning, avenatti is out to clear his name. overnight, michael avenatti firing back after being arrested wednesday afternoon on felony domestic violence charges. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. >> reporter: the lapd confirming his arrest, tweeting, this is an ongoing investigation, and we will provide more details as they become available. avenatti was released on $50,000 bond wednesday night. the alleged victim is
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unidentified, but police say the alleged incident occurred on tuesday. avenatti then arrested on wednesday. best known for representing stormy daniels and his scathing criticism of president trump, avenatti is out to clear his name, saying he will continue to be an advocate for women's rights. >> i am a father to two beautiful, smart daughters. i would never disrespect them by touching a woman inappropriately or striking a woman. i am looking forward to a full investigation at which point i am confident that i will be fully exonerated. >> reporter: avenatti's first wife and mother of his two daughters releasing this statement overnight. i've known michael for the last 26 years. we met when he was 21 years old and we were married for 13 years. he has never been abusive to me or anyone else. he is a very good man.
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now, avenatti has openly talked about a 2020 presidential run, he was planning on appearing at events with the vermont democratic party this coming weekend. those have now been canceled but avenatti says this won't intimidate, it won't stop him. he is due in court december 5th. >> okay, thank you, paula. we're going to move on to breaking news in the murder of "washington post" writer jamal khashoggi. saudi arabia's top prosecutors announced indictments of 11 individuals, 6 could face the death penalty. our chief white house correspondent jon karl tracking the story. turkey said saudi rulers ordered the killing but this pins the blame on much lower ranking individuals. >> reporter: these are relatively low-level officials. the top among them is the deputy head of saudi intelligence. all told as you mentioned it's 11 indictments, five of those face the death penalty. the announcement comes six weeks after khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. the saudis' story has of course been all over the place on this. at first, they claimed that
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khashoggi left the consulate alive and it is hard to imagine, george, that an operation of this kind coming from saudi arabia could have taken place without the knowledge or approval of the saudi crown prince, but his name is mentioned nowhere in this indictment. >> such a tightly controlled kingdom. meanwhile, on the another front, in the white house, the top national security official who had drawn fire from the first lady now leaving the white house. >> reporter: yeah, it took a full day, george, but it looks like the first lady has had her way, although mira ricardel, who you see there, is leaving the white house. she is apparently not leaving the administration and the statement. announcing it, sarah sanders, the press secretary, said mira ricardel will continue to support the president as she departs the white house to transition to a new role within the administration. unclear, george, what that new role will be or where. >> okay, jon, get inside. we see the snow coming down behind you. thank you. michael. >> thank you, george.
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now to that frightening shootout in arkansas all caught on dash cam video. a police officer pulling over a driver when suddenly the driver gets out of the car and opens fire. abc's steve osunsami joins us now. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. this was in northwest arkansas on sunday and this morning police tell us that this accused gunman was determined to cause serious injury. this is a routine traffic stop in arkansas and what this officer doesn't know is that it's about to turn violent. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: all of a sudden the driver starts shooting at the officer round after round in broad daylight. >> sheriff in a gunfight out here with somebody. he needs backup. >> reporter: he gets closer to the police vehicle. another camera catches the gunfight. that's corporal brett thompson shooting back, fighting for his life behind his suv. police say the shooter is 29-year-old luis cobos-cenobio. he's shooting from his hood and then gets back in the car and takes off.
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>> i need units now! county, he's fleeing in a vehicle. >> reporter: but then a short bit down the road the alleged shooter's vehicle stops and someone steps out. police say that woman is his girlfriend. >> that's my boyfriend but i knew nothing about it. i'm sorry. >> why did he pull a gun on me? >> i have no clue. i don't know. i sweai have no clue. >> reporter: corporal thompson was unharmed, but his vehicle and windshield, specifically the driver's side, are filled with bullet holes. the accused gunman appeared in court. he is charged with attempted murder but has not yet entered a plea. police say he was shot in the shoulder but was treated at a local hospital and released. the officer was unhurt. robin. >> good to know that. all right, steve, thank you. now to a bombshell "new york times" report about facebook and the lengths it went to to battle critics while the company was under fire over data misuse and
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russian election meddling. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with more on all that. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin, that's right. some of the biggest jaw droppers in "the new york times" report that when facebook faced increased scrutiny over russian election manipulation and privacy concerns, the company took multiple steps to diminish or distort its responsibility. this included hiring a republican opposition research firm to discredit critics and spread negative stories about competitors like apple and google. they've now cut ties with that firm according to "the new york times." and in order to shut down critiques of the company, facebook also allegedly lobbied and gained support of politicians on both sides of the aisle including democratic senator chuck schumer. facebook says this has been a tough time at facebook and our entire management team has been focused on tackling the issues we face. ceo mark zuckerberg and coo sheryl sandberg certainly under a lot of pressure from both investors and the public. neither is likely to step down
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but the company will almost certainly attract more regulatory scrutiny and, robin, it can't be good for employee morale eiither. >> it cannot. certainly a challenging time. rebecca, thank you. we're going to turn now to a warning for thanksgiving about a deadly salmonella outbreak in turkeys. abc's linsey davis has the latest. we still don't know which brands are contaminated. >> reporter: we don't, and the timing couldn't be worse. the warning comes as millions of americans across the country prepare for thanksgiving, and "consumer reports" says this is putting anyone planning to eat turkey at risk. there is an outbreak of a drug resistant strain of salmonella that is linked to raw turkey products. since the outbreak began last year the strain has been associated with the illnesses of 164 people in 35 states including one death in california. now, "consumer reports" is calling on the usda to name the brands involved in the outbreak, george. >> so, what is the usda saying? >> they're saying, look, we don't know. they released a statement to abc news saying they have not identified a source or supplier of the product or products that are making consumers ill.
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if we had specific products that we could alert consumers with a public health alert, we would issue one. >> we will be watching for it. okay, linsey, thanks very much. >> sure changes some turkey plans. >> thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving, big time. thank you. and now to country music's big night, the cmas delivering big performances from the top stars and some surprises including a baby gender announcement. well, lara was there for it all and, lara, you had a chance to do a big job. you got to present on stage. >> reporter: i did, i did, michael. what an honor it was for me to present the award for male vocalist of the year and speaking of vocals, the cmas this year, packed with performances that were big, they were bright, and the star power even brighter. on country music's biggest night, luke bryan got the crowd going with the opening number. ♪ what makes you country >> reporter: the song, "what makes you country." accompanied by some special
7:16 am
friends like luke combs who took home new artist of the year, co-hosts brad paisley and carrie underwood back for the 11th straight year quickly turning on the fun paying tribute to one of the year's biggest movies. ♪ carrie, look, a star is born >> reporter: the crowd loved their spoof on "a star is born." ♪ keith just nodded off on nicole's shoulder ♪ >> reporter: underwood even revealing she's carrying a boy. >> no. >> come on. we all want to know. just tell us. >> no. oh, my gosh, willie. it's a willie. ♪ we won't always see eye to eye ♪ >> reporter: the most nominated artist of the night, chris stapleton, cleaned up winning single of the year, song of the year and male vocalist of the year.
7:17 am
>> i want to thank my kids who put up with me not getting to be as good of a dad as i would always like to be. you shared me with all these people and i appreciate it. >> reporter: when it came time for album of the year -- ♪ it'll be all right >> reporter: kacey musgraves shut out the me-dominated field. >> country music is full of historically like great women. >> reporter: garth brooks who earlier in the night called for a moment of silence earlier for the borderline shooting victims performed "stronger than me," a tribute to his wife trisha yearwood, which left her in tears, and nicole kidman also visibly emotional after her husband keith urban brought home entertainer of the year. >> everybody who voted for this, thank you so much. i just feel very, very blessed, very grateful that i get to do what i do and god bless country music. god bless you all. thank you. >> reporter: so the theme of family omnipresent at the show, whether it was the feeling of love for fellow country artists who have become family, or the real deal like with kacey musgraves. she even brought her nana along as her date, her grandmother insisting on driving all the way from texas to be there to watch
7:18 am
her little girl and later she told me it was well worth it to watch kacey beat all those boys for album of the year. guys, back to you from nashville. >> i can just hear her grandma saying that. you were fantastic last night. we're going to hear more from you coming up. thank you, lara. but let's go back to rob with more on the first widespread winter storm hitting the east coast. >> check out this live picture of the capital. it's swirling down and accumulating. this will change to rain in the next hour or two. certainly a slick go, not as slick as just outside louisville and lexington. where we had ice accumulating and ice storm warnings. schools are delayed or closed and this across the appalachians will continue.
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good morning welcome east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. and the bad air still lingers across the bay area. and one of the worst places to breathe in that air is in livermore. yesterday, smoke from the camp fire settled into the valley, which made for the increased air pollution. at 4:00 p.m., the air quality index read 272 and at 300 air quality reaches hazardous levels. some schools in the bay area are closed today because of the poor air quality. and we have a full list at >> yep, and we can see that on all of our traffic cameras here, too. here's the san mateo bridge, westbound 92, finally starting to move again. we had an earlier crash, just before 101, that was there for about an hour.
7:24 am
so delays lingering there, all the way back to 880, also a tough morning westbound 80, between highway 4 and the maze, four separate crashes. two out of the four are clear, but you're still in the red at one hour, one minute. jessica? >> thanks, you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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7:26 am find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> got a little grumbling in our system right now. while i try to fix it, let me tell you about the temperatures out there. we're freezing cold in our inland valleys right now. san ramon valley, up along 101, we've also got some thick -- there you go. some small hints of frost out there. let's get to the real stuff, though. let's talk about the air quality. only santa rosa has semi-healthy air now. the rest of us are red to even orange, still in livermore. and that's going to continue today, with the best air quality down to our south. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll start to see a change saturday.
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jessica? >> mike, thanks. coming up, an abc news exclusive. monica lewinsky describing in
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♪ so come on ride with me ride with me see where this thing goes ♪ ♪ so come on ride with me back on "gma," that, of course, florida georgia line and bebe rexha rocking the cma awards last night with their huge hit "meant to be." there were so many powerhouse performances last night. lara went backstage with all the artists from chris stapleton. he had a huge night, kacey musgraves and her grandma there with her. garth brooks. wait until you hear what they're all saying about the night and you'll see it only here on "gma." >> it was a really great show. a lot of fun to watch.
7:31 am
we're going to turn now to that cruise ship mystery. an american woman going overboard off the coast of aruba and now the fbi is investigating. abc's victor oquendo has the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. police in aruba launching a full investigation as well as this cruise through the caribbean took a deadly turn. mystery aboard a princess cruise ship. the fbi investigating after an american woman fell to her death. this morning, police investigating it as a possible murder. according to reports in the aruban press, the woman plunged from an upper deck of the 3600-passenger royal princess, falling onto a lifeboat after struggling with a man who was choking her. the ship was sailing between the islands of curacao and aruba at the time. princess cruises said in a statement, we are deeply saddened by this incident and offer our sincere condolences to the family and those affected. the ship was on a seven-day round trip southern caribbean cruise which left port everglades friday and is due back on saturday. police have not released the victim's name or where she was from.
7:32 am
we just know she was 52 years old. the official cause of death has not been released either. there are still a lot of questions here. michael. >> i'm sure there are. thank you so much, victor. george. we have more now of that exclusive interview with monica lewinsky from the a&e documentary "the clinton affair." we're going to speak with director blair foster but first, amy is here with new footage from the documentary. >> in this new footage monica lewinsky goes into great detail about her secret affair with president clinton and she says she was prepared to do just about anything to keep it that way, secret. it's the bombshell story of sex, deception and betrayal that nearly destroyed a presidency. >> there were always narratives of secrecy in this relationship. >> reporter: and this morning, in newly released clips exclusive to abc news, monica lewinsky describes in detail her affair with president bill clinton when she was a 22-year-old intern. >> no monkey business happened inside the oval office proper. we would talk. maybe flirt here and there but
7:33 am
no sexual activity happened in the oval office. he has a private personal office that's off to the side and that consists of a back study, a dining room, a little pantry and a bathroom. that's where every intimate encounter took place. as things went on we got to know each other better, and the encounters blossomed into a relationship. at that point he was in touch or i saw him almost weekly. >> reporter: lewinsky detailing how she and the president tried to keep the affair a secret. >> there were always ways we talked about it. how do we be careful? of course, you're going to deny this. we were both cautious but not cautious enough. >> reporter: she says she received late-night phone calls and gifts from the president and says that it was clinton who told her she was being dragged into an unrelated lawsuit against him involving another
7:34 am
woman's claims of sexual harassment and that the president warned her she could face questions about their relationship. >> i was petrified. i was frantic about my family and this becoming public. thankfully, bill helped me walk myself back from that. he said i could probably sign an affidavit to get out of it and he didn't even know if 100% i would be subpoenaed. he did not say, now, listen, you're going to have to lie here, but on the flip side he also didn't say, listen, honey, this is going to be really awful. we're going to have to tell the truth. >> reporter: fearing she would be exposed, lewinsky gave a false statement, signing an affidavit denying the affair. >> i did feel uncomfortable about it, but i felt it was the right thing to do, ironically, right, so the right thing to do, to break the law. >> reporter: confiding in her co-worker linda tripp, she was unaware that tripp secretly
7:35 am
began recording their conversations. >> monica, there's so much at stake. my job is at stake -- >> i know it all is worse on you, believe me, i do know that. >> do you want the honest truth? do you want me to tell the honest truth? >> yes. >> i have fear about one thing and that's you saying something. i'm on the precipice of this legal nightmare and there is one person who, if she just agrees to do what she said she always would do, which was protect my secret, it would maybe all be okay. >> now, when the fbi did eventually talk to monica lewinsky she asked to speak to her mom. she says the agent told her, you're 24 and don't need to call your mommy and that she needed to make a decision about what to do for herself, george. >> okay, amy, thanks very much. we're here with the director, blair foster. thanks for coming in this morning. you know, monica is so reflective in the bites we've shown so far. why do you think she chose to speak out now? >> well, it's the 20th
7:36 am
anniversary of the impeachment this year and i think she knew a lot of people were going to be talking about it and we're also in the middle of a national discussion i think about issues around sexual harassment, issues around workplace relationships, and she's been, i think, reflecting on this now for 20 years. >> based on that it's pretty hard to imagine this story ending the same way today. >> it's very hard to imagine that. i think one of the questions we've been asking ourselves too, is what if president clinton had told the truth right from the start. how would things have played out? i think it would have been very different. >> very, very -- i think one of the things that dick morris, his adviser, said he feared had he told the truth he would have been pushed out of office immediately. how is the story you heard from monica different from the one you expected to hear? >> i thought of monica, i'll be honest, in a very kind of one-dimensional way and i thought about everyone i interviewed i think in this very simplistic way and going back and speaking to her and
7:37 am
everyone, judge starr, paula jones, i got a much more complex picture of who they are. i think we see everything through the lens of politics and i wanted to see everyone just through the lens of being human. >> her views have evolved. for years and years she said this was consensual, now she calls it an abuse of power. >> i think she still maintains that it's consensual but she was young. one of the interesting things to me is there are a lot of people i spoke to who said, well, she was very young, she was just a kid, and other people say she was an adult. i think a lot of people can relate to being 22 and maybe making some very unwise choices when it comes to romance. >> right, but everything we've seen in the workplace now tells us something like that just can never happen -- should never happen. >> it's true. i mean, the workplace has changed dramatically i think in the 20 years and the culture has changed so dramatically and the way monica was treated and the way we reacted. a lot of people thought this was a very private affair and no one needed to know about it. as long as the president was doing his job, that was fine. >> she paid a very heavy price.
7:38 am
do you think of her as a victim? >> i think that she suffered disproportionately for what she did. she's very remorseful. there are no heroes in this story and she's very clear that what she did was wrong but when you go back and look at how she was treated by the media i think it's a very disproportionate response to what she did. >> blair foster, thanks very much for comes in this morning. the six-part series "the clinton affair" starts on sunday. it airs for three nights on a&e. robin. was it go fund me or go scam me? a new twist in the story of a homeless man who supposedly gave his last dollars to help a woman who ran out of gas and people donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, but was it all a scam? come on back. scam? come on back. we are back now with that ♪ ♪
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we are back now with that new twist in that gofundme story involving a homeless man and a woman who needed help when her car ran out of gas. well, now, the big question, was the entire thing a scam? gio benitez is here with the latest on that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey robin, good morning. yeah, if true, that would mean this was a plot to take advantage of our better nature, the side of us that is charitable and moved by stories of kindness. this morning, a new report says there was nothing charitable about this. the story sounded almost too good to be true. johnny bobbitt, a homeless man, gave kate mcclure, a total stranger, his last $20 for gas after she became stranded on an interstate in philadelphia.
7:43 am
mcclure and her boyfriend went public about what happened because they wanted to help bobbitt. >> we were thinking what if we started a gofundme for this guy, just to get him, you know, to get him off of the streets even for a weekend. >> reporter: the fund quickly grew to more than $400,000 with donations from more than 14,000 people. >> it's like winning the lottery. >> reporter: but the happy story began to crack when bobbitt accused the couple of stealing his money using it to fund lavish trips to vegas, the grand canyon and new york city. local law enforcement zeroed in on them raiding their home, towing away their car, an arrest seemed imminent. but this morning a bombshell, according to a new report, authorities believe the entire tale was a ruse conceived by all three of them in a get rich quick scheme. according to an nbc affiliate, mcclure and d'amico have turned themselves in but bobbitt is still at large. the three are expected to be charged with conspiracy and
7:44 am
theft by deception for working together to concoct the story. d'amico and mcclure always denied spending bobbitt's money themselves saying they were managing the money for him because of his drug habit. and that report also says the three deliberately prevented donors from gaining any additional information about that gofundme campaign. you know, we reached out to the attorney for the couple and he said no comment. >> getting more and more unbelievable. >> i know. there's so many people who are on there for the right reasons in needing help and so now you're leery and it hurts your heart that those people who do benefit, now you're going to have second thoughts about reaching out. >> now you just got to keep checking and checking. >> and vetting and vetting. it's a shame. >> it is a shame. thank you so much. coming up, the mystery winner of part of that big powerball prize is now stepping forward for the first time. we're going to hear what he's saying about it all when we come back. >> he said, i'm going to vegas.
7:45 am
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oh, boy. we're back now with the newly revealed winner of that massive powerball drawing coming forward to claim his prize. he's a former government worker, splitting the $688 million jackpot. you see him there getting that giant check. he's excited as he should be. but he revealed how he picked his numbers and, t.j., you are here with more. >> after taxes his account
7:49 am
balance has gone up $125,396,690, robert bailey is his name. you can call him lucky or call him persistent. played the same lottery numbers every week for 25 years. and they finally hit. there he is at the announcement. got his shades on. he was cool before he got the money, y'all. so don't get it twisted, okay? he says, you better believe his life is about to be different. >> my life has changed since i'm on this kind of platform this afternoon. how will my life -- i'll be on youtube probably minutes after this. i need a bodyguard. >> he's right. >> the first thing people do usually when they win they quit their job. he doesn't have to. he's already retired. >> good for him. didn't he win 30,000 on a scratch-off? >> once before. he plays it every week. >> what will he do with the money? >> he's going to help his family out. he's going to help out the person who dropped him off to pick up the ticket and who gave him a ride. he's going to buy his mom a
7:50 am
house. god bless her. she's still around. i'm worried about him. his first trip is going to be to vegas. >> but he said he always wanted to go to vegas. >> no job. he's single and rich. look, i've gone single to vegas and almost didn't make it out of there and i was poor. >> isn't that the definition of pushing your luck? >> he did say he consulted with a lawyer and a financial adviser before he claimed the prize. right? >> yes. that was smart. >> the other winner from iowa? >> lerynne west making a big donation to a veterans group. >> congrats. >> differences. nothing wrong with that. coming up, are flip phones making a comeback? why some families are saying no to smartphones for their kids. our experiment is next. or their kids. our experiment is next. our experiment is next.
7:51 am
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is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. welcome back to "gma." the woolsey fire in southern california now over 50% contained. folks are slowly being allowed to get back in there. you see some of the damage there. there is now a chance at least for some moisture coming in. there may be some rain but not until late next week and a lot of burn areas might see mud slides unfortunately but can certainly use the rain. this weathercast sponsor
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by the lincoln motor company. company.
7:56 am
hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. hard to believe it's not fog out there, mike, and it's the smoke. >> and it's worse than it has been. it started about 2:00 yesterday in livermore. and it's still very unhealthy out there. while the rest of us are red to even a little bit of orange showing up, which is a little healthier. but if you look at the guide right here, everyone should be experiencing what we're seeing out there, because we can't get out of being outside. make sure you wear a mask or put off what you can. saturday is the day for clearer air. >> all right. cannot wait for that, mike. we are taking a look at our traffic maps to check out that visibility layer, just the entire area. that is all smoke, showing up. we also have a crash northbound highway 17, past hamilton avenue
7:57 am
in the campbell area. you're backed up to state route 85. and a quick check of a smoky bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights still on. that's the norm there. jessica? >> thanks, alexis. and coming up on "gma," why some families are opting for flip phones instead of smartphones to give to their kids. and we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. be careful out
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. major winter blast. millions waking up in a deep freeze. 23 states from the northeast to the south on alert at this hour with winter storm and ice warnings. heavy bursts of snow expected from new york to boston into pennsylvania. the new warnings for your morning commute right now. cracking the kid code. why some families are dropping smartphones opting for flip phones as a tool for safety and staying in touch. our "gma" experiment as one family tries it out. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ thriver thursday. my one-on-one with the remarkable winnie harlow. the trailblazing model in a
8:01 am
revealing interview about dealing with vit ally go, setting an example for so many others. ♪ i'm still standing final stretch. ginger and patrice on a race through all the disney parks. it's the final 24 hours on their worldwide adventure, the moment you have to see to believe. just wait till we reveal where they are this morning. ♪ and never coming down from country's biggest night. >> good evening, america. >> lara presenting on stage with martina mcbride before going backstage with all the wners, adam rippon on the red carpet and nicole kidman jamming along as her husband performs and lara talking to him backstage after his big win and look who is saying -- >> hi, everyone. keith urban here. good morning, america. ♪ >> lara said good evening. we say good morning, america. it was a great night at the cma awards.
8:02 am
there were so many incredible, uplifting, just exciting performances. >> and lara and adam rippon, they were there for it all and in nashville and, lara, you even got a chance to present the award for male vocalist of the year. how was that? >> it was a night of firsts, michael, right, for both of us. >> for both of us. >> we'll get to that. good morning, america, from kid rock's honky-tonk. this is one of the many country venues right here on broadway in nashville holding parties for the cmas last night and this morning, and let's talk about last night, shall we? as you guys know i did get to do that first, something i have never done, and with none other than country music legend martina mcbride. i was so nervous. martina held my hand literally and figuratively. i will share all the behind-the-scenes moments from that and so much more, robin, coming up. >> you were great, per usual. per usual, lara. adam, speaking of firsts, this was the first time at the cma awards. what did you think?
8:03 am
>> you know, at first, robin, i was a little nervous, but then as the night got going, now i feel like a country boy and i have this weird craving for sweet tea and hot chicken. >> well, that hat that you had on on the red carpet, you looked right at home there, adam. right at home. >> oh, the hat, yeah, the hat really sold it. i think, yeah, the hat sold it. >> yep. >> best investment i've ever made. >> we might lose him to nashville, guys. >> we'll get back to you in just a little bit. >> all these new environments. fun to watch. >> we do that. >> more on that ahead. first we begin with the deadly winter storm right now. a dangerous norre es'easter is g in, 23 states from arkansas to maine on alert right now. rob tracking all the latest. hey, rob. >> good morning, george. winter-like air mass with fall-like moisture coming in and dealing with a thumping of snow across d.c. look george, that's your old office. it's coated in white on the
8:04 am
grass there, heavy snow coming down in d.c. right now, pushing in through baltimore and philadelphia and new york at some point and 23 states now under a winter advisory or flood watch, as a matter of fact, d.c. goes from a winter advisory to a flood watch this afternoon so a dynamic situation including an ice storm through parts of indiana. by the way, if we get an inch of snow in new york which is possible, last time we did that this early was 2012, shortly after superstorm sandy, adding insult to injury there. let's time it out as far as what we're looking at after the ice comes through indianapolis, through louisville and cincinnati, it will push off toward the east, wintry mix of precipitation and schools delayed or closed across this area. a slow go for sure. any time you see pink on the map, that's not good. so snow coming into new york late in the day throughout i-95. we may see an accumulation. see the rain changing over with a coastal influence but interior areas could easily see six inches, maybe eight inches of snow here in the middle of november.
8:05 am
certainly an unusual event. after a prolonged winter last year getting an early start to it, it looks like, this year. like it or not. >> november 15th. here we go. rob, thank you. coming up, we're live in nashville backstage at the cma awards. lara, one-on-one with kacey musgraves, garth brooks, keith urban and so many more. people are putting away their smartphones, why flip phones are making a comeback for some families. plus, lux for less. tory is here with "deals & steals." up to 70% off and we've got a priceless audience upstairs and we can not wait to join them. heading up. [ applause ] ♪ yeah you know that this is really love ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪
8:10 am
we do welcome you back to "gma" and this wonderful audience we have here on thursday morning. [ applause ] and what a night as we were talking about at the cma awards. viewers even got to vote on the first contestant to make it to hollywood on the new season of "american idol." tomorrow morning last year's winner maddie poppe will be here to reveal who viewers picked. that's tomorrow morning. let's head back to nashville. lara backstage with the stars of country music's biggest night. good morning again there, lara. >> good morning, robin. wish you were here. we are at a very cool place, kid rock's honky-tonk bar in nashville. this place and all the country bars along here filled to the gills. as the award show ended we were packing up to get our three delicious hours of sleep. for them, the night had only just begun.
8:11 am
on country music's biggest night the stars came out to play. ♪ see eye to eye >> reporter: it was chris stapleton who was all business taking home the most awards of the night. country legend garth brooks debuting his brand-new song "stronger than me" inspired by his wife. ♪ she lifts the weight of this old world off my shoulder ♪ >> were you nervous? >> yeah, i was scared to death. she hadn't heard the song so this was going to be the first time and the when i looked at her before they introduced me i started getting choked up and i thought, crap, i won't be able to look at her so it was tough but it was great. the crowd pulled me through. >> reporter: old dominion taking home their first cma for vocal group of the year. >> holding this beautiful award, what does it mean to you? >> it means legitimacy.
8:12 am
>> ah. >> that's what it means. >> we've loved you for a long time. you've been legit for a long time. >> thank you. ♪ tell me what got you ♪ i just got to know >> reporter: the cmas hosted by brad paisley and the very pregnant carrie underwood. ♪ country music's biggest night is here in nashville ♪ ♪ yeah >> this cannot be easy. >> no, i can't imagine what is like. >> talk to me as an artist, a singer using your diaphragm, when there is a baby almost ready to come out sitting on your -- what you need to sing, how is she pulling that off tonight? >> i toured when i was pregnant. i made a record when i was pregnant. there's something about -- something about it that's freeing as well. you feel so confident and so like mother earth and like strong and there's something about it that has that side of it too. >> she doesn't have to suck it in. >> there you go. >> martina mcbride and i, forging a special bond. >> here we go. >> good evening, america. >> reporter: tasked with presenting male vocalist of the year.
8:13 am
>> what a treat the first time i get to present at an awards show i just love, what do the cmas mean to you, martina? >> i've watched them ever since i was a little girl. just to be part of this family is a dream come true. >> and the cma award for male vocalist of the year goes to -- >> chris stapleton. >> do you feel pressure going into a night like tonight when you are the most nominated artist going into the cmas? >> i feel fortunate to be the most nominated because there are all kinds of men and women out there that deserve it just as much if not more than i do. >> i just want you to know it was a real treat for me to present you with male vocalist of the year. >> thank you. >> i won't forget that. >> for me to have you give it to me, for sure. >> it was really special. thank you. >> reporter: kasey musgraves winning album of
8:14 am
the year, the only female nominee in the category. >> album of the year. you were the only woman. can i give you a high-five on behalf of all the girls. >> i am very proud to have the female perspective and to be able to share that and i think that it's a special one, the female, you know, the female outlook. ♪ if i had >> and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to keith urban. >> your reaction when you heard your name announced was priceless. >> well, it's the real thing. i've been nominated quite a few times and i was fortunate to win it 13 years ago and that's a long time between drinks, as they say. >> yes. >> yeah. >> so was the drink just delicious tonight? >> it's nectar. >> and just moments before keith was named entertainer of the year, last year's entertainer of
8:15 am
the year, garth brooks, was backstage with me. he told me he wants that title back so, guys, you heard it here first, garth brooks gunning for entertainer of the year 2019, but i got to say only in the nicest way possible, that's the thing here, garth and all of these artists, they want to win but they're just as happy to see their friends get the accolades. it is that feeling, robin, i know you know that makes this awards show, this community so special. >> it is so genuine, you're not just saying it. they truly are happy for one year. we're happy for you being up on that big stage last night. way to represent. way to represent. you go, girl. [ applause ] >> it was exciting. i'm volunteering for next year. >> okay. thank you, lara. we turn to our series "cracking the kid code." this morning we're going to take a look at the comeback of the flip phone. some families are going for flip phones instead of smartphones and becky worley met up with one family trying it out. hey, becky. >> good morning, george. remember these?
8:16 am
flip phones, simple communication tools that don't offer all the distractions and obsessions of smartphones and as we try to avoid the potential mine fields of handing one of these, a smartphone, to a kid, flip phones are making a comeback. meet the malans. eva, elena, and moms mona and sarah. like so many working parents, pickups and drop-offs are a stressor, but now that elena is 10, there could be a new option. >> live close to school, a mile away. >> reporter: the plan is for the girls to start walking and while a cell phone seems like a smart tool for safety -- >> why not just give them your old smartphone. >> i think that's one more battle. one more thing to deal with. >> reporter: enter the dumb phone. >> the dumber the phone, the better for me. >> reporter: "the wall street journal's" david pearce says these types of phones are making a comeback. >> they used to be call flip phones and then some people call them dumb phones. i kind of think of them as slightly smartphones.
8:17 am
>> reporter: the screens are small. no social media, but they make calls and you can text. >> the beauty of these things is not costing $1,000. >> i don't imagine a lot of these screens will get cracked either. >> luckily, no. >> reporter: the battery charge can last a week. it may be the perfect tool for someone wanting independence. >> what do you think? >> reporter: her moms teach her how to dial and hang up. >> this is so great. kids learning how to use old technology. i love this! >> reporter: but she learning quick. >> hi, mommy. we're almost home. >> reporter: the girls walked home the next day and sporadically for the next two weeks. >> we're home. >> so how did it go? >> i actually couldn't believe it. it was super cool. >> elena and eva seemed to like it too. >> i felt like we accomplished it and i was so happy. >> reporter: happyids, connected family and just enough technology without opening the pandora's box of kids and smartphones. manufacturers are making new
8:18 am
versions of these phones because they're basically tools, not toys, and they just don't suck kids in the way smartphones do, george. >> another bonus, you talked about price. these flip phones can be a lot cheaper. >> reporter: oh, much cheaper. phones start for as little as 25 bucks. they can be added to a family plan or you can get a pay as you go sim card. one feature, many of the cell carriers also can add gps tracking to the phones so you know where your kid is at all times, and my favorite thing especially for kids, these things are almost indestructible. >> you sold me on that one. okay, becky, thanks very much. let's go over to michael. ginger actually. we're going to ginger and super fan patrice. where are you guys this morning? >> oh, boy, that looks like fun. >> mickey, we're on tv. look at the camera. >> sorry, pals. i forgot the camera. >> i don't think he can hear you. >> mickey, right over there. look at the camera. >> oh, hi, everybody.
8:19 am
good morning, america. welcome to shanghai. >> say hi, we made it. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] it is time now for "deals & steals."
8:20 am
tory johnson here with lux for less. hi end brands up to 70% off, tory. got a lot of people excited and first thing i said to you when i walked over here, real diamonds. >> real diamonds, baby. >> we'll start off right. >> amelia rose so a lot of people know her earrings she makes but maybe you don't realize she makes this gorgeous diamond initial collection. little initials on each one. you can wear your own, wear a loved one. they're also really fun to do a couple of them. >> a mix. >> a mix, exactly. they're beautiful. they're beautiful and they're timeless so this is a piece that doesn't go out of style. normally $159. today they're slashed by 63%, so $58. >> real diamonds. blinking for 58 bucks. >> real diamonds blinging. okay, next up faux fur. i've got this special -- isn't it -- how soft is that? >> very soft. >> on a softness scale this might be the softest scarf i have ever brought to the show. it looks good on you. also check out -- check out our models.
8:21 am
we have enlisted our audience to help us out there. how fabulous do they look? [ applause ] >> i got to say, their modeling skills are making mine look bad. i got to learn how to do -- >> exactly. you've got to learn to strut your stuff. so soft, the inside is velvet. look at this. velvet lined. faux fur. unbelievably soft. great for t-shirt or a suit like this. normally $45, these are slashed by 55%, 20 bucks. >> 20 bucks. [ applause ] that's really great. >> i'm going to take that home. >> all right. so next up, brouk. this is a little test for you. we have a mix right here. one is vegan leather. one is genuine leather. which of these two do you think is which? tough one. >> genuine leather. >> yes. you got it. >> that was a lucky guess. >> i think that we had a little piece of tape on here. i think that psyched you out. look how gorgeous they are.
8:22 am
these are really spectacular. we've got jeremiah and chad over there. they've each got a genuine and a vegan also so all of these up here are genuine leather. we have genuine leather passport holders and wallets. look at this backpack. this backpack is vegan and isn't that gorgeous? >> really, i can't tell the differen. >> the detail on these pieces -- >> mixed up colors. >> yes. every piece is great. just really great gifts for men too. normally $48 to up to $600 on these but today these are slashed by up to 70%. every piece you see here is $15 to $175. the big one, genuine, $175. >> great job by our models. >> more models now with carmen and coco. these are omg jeans. the cool thing about these jeans is they hold you in, lift you up. that's the deal with these. there's some sort of -- there's a little special feature on the jeans. they look gorgeous in them but one of the magical things is the
8:23 am
inside here, it's got this thick waistband that is for comfort so somebody was saying these are your thanksgiving jeans. these are quite frankly your any day jeans. they give the comfort of leggings but they're diane anymore. these are jeans. they look gorgeous. you look so good. >> are you comfortable? >> yeah. normally $62. these are slashed by 51%. 30 bucks. >> for a good pair of jeans. can't beat that. >> most luxurious thing of all is love. so this is the love is project. every one is made by an artisan around the world so they provide jobs for artisans and allow you to spread the message of love and also have the easy kind of easy tie you knee on the back, the easy tie so it's super easy on and off. these range -- and come in just cute pouchs that say fun things like this, love you, boo. really fun things. $18 to $40. everything is slashed in half. huge assortment on our website,
8:24 am
$9 to $20 for a little love. these are great. >> love you too, boo. >> love you too, boo. finally i'm obsessed with this. this is our november deal box. we've got 11 brands that are in here. it's a mix of deluxe samples, full size products. you'll get a mantra band, a product from it cosmetics, one of my favorites paraffin treatments, big, big assortment of 11 great items on these. it's $36.99 and free shipping, limited time on these. [ applause ] really great one. >> all right. great job, tory. and just in case you guys were wondering, everyone here is going home with products from love is project. amelia rose, plus a discover the deals box. you all are going home with that. we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. get them on our website. make sure you check it up. coming up, oscar winner mahershala ali is here live. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
you "gma's" "deals & steals" sponsored by target. this saturday save 20% on kids' gifts. onsored by target. this saturday save 20% on kids' gifts.
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8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. it's 8:27. and that bad air, as you can see, still lingering across the bay area. and one of the worst places to breathe it in is in livermore. yesterday, smoke from the camp fire settled into the valley, which made for that increased air pollution. at 4:00 p.m., the air quality index read 272. once it gets to 300, air quality reaches hazardous levels. that's the highest number i've seen. >> yeah, it's brutal. that's the bottom line here this morning. and we can see all of that smoke and haze here on our camera, as well. so westbound 580, richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge, about 20 minutes longer
8:28 am
than usual. really no rhyme or reason for that. heavy volume in that area. and northbound highway 17 in the campbell stretch, just past hamilton avenue, giving you the thumbs up now. earlier crash has cleared. you are backed up, however, south of state route 75. that has a long way to go you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. (music throughout)
8:29 am
and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> as reggie mentioned, livermore, since about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, very unhealthy air means that your affects -- affects on your body
8:30 am
are going to be even more extreme there than the rest of us that are dealing with poor to unhealthy air. let's take a look at your commute. and you can see, windows up, if you're on the roads, masks on if ♪ 24 karat magic in the air see that view of the monitor. i kind of like that. welcome back to "gma," everybody. we have a terrific audience here on this thursday morning. [ applause ] friday eve and we are thrilled to have our next guest joining us. he is an oscar winner for his role in "moonlight." >> love that movie. >> great movie. now starring in another great movie already getting oscar buzz called "green book." please welcome mahershala ali. [ applause ] ♪ 24 karat magic in the air
8:31 am
[ applause ] >> i love this look. i love this look. how are you? [ applause ] >> i love this look. >> trying to impress you. trying to keep up with you guys. >> mission accomplished. >> happy early thanksgiving to you and your family. >> happy thanksgiving. i'm grateful to be here. >> just a week away so you and the family have any holiday plans? >> oh, we're going to have a little get-together. you know, we have been so fortunate to get our first house together and have a few friends together and keep it low key but looking forward to breaking bread with some folks. >> speaking of your family, we know that before in 2017 when know that before -- and congratulations again for that. [ applause ] you had just become a dad. >> yeah. >> how's your little girl? >> she's great. she's great, amazing, it's just -- she's the grounding force in my life. my family is, you know, my wife but my daughter, things get a little hectic and crazy in all of our lives but i can turn
8:32 am
right at her. she doesn't know anything that's going on and she's like, a-boo or daddy and everything is better so i'm just so happy to have her. >> i can't wait to take my kids to see "green book." it sounds like such a great story. it's a true story. a pianist down in the south going on tour and needs a bodyguard. >> yes. >> so many layers. >> there are, and i think just what's so beautiful. these two gentlemen are so different. they couldn't be more different and they actually remain different, but there's so much that is revealed about themselves and they're so open and they listen to each other and such a wonderful way that they end up becoming like really close friends and allies and died within three months of each other in 2010. >> oh, wow. >> yeah, yeah.
8:33 am
>> viggo mortensen who's your co-star in the movie plays your driver, tony lip. he had a chance to spend time with the family of tony to research his role. you didn't have that opportunity so how did you get into character? >> one thing i did, he's in a documentary called "little bohemia" about the artists that lived above carnegie hall and they were shutting down those artists' lofts and he appears in that several times and so i was able to pull from that and sort of get a sense of his gestures and his rhythm and this speech and posture and how he played the piano, so i had that to lean on a bit. i had the stories of tony vallelonga, which are all on tape, nick vallelonga, his son that wrote the screenplay spoke at length with don shirley. i immersed myself in his music. i read whatever i could read so i equipped myself as best i could with the materials that i needed in order to really try to capture his essence and do justice to this moment in time. >> well, you are about to see that he did all of that. >> oh, yes. >> okay. here it is.
8:34 am
"green book." >> it is my feeling that your diction, however charming it may be in the tri-state area, could use some finessing. >> you mean diction like in what way? >> like in the only way the word is ever used. >> okay. >> your intonation, inflection, your choice of words. >> yeah, i got my own problems. now i got to worry about what people think about the way i talk? >> the way i talk? >> the way i talk. >> you worked so well together. but during the movie your character helps tony write love letters, romantic letters to his wife. we know you're a man of words in real life because you're a rapper -- >> very retired. very retired. >> we actually have a little video. >> oh, no. no. [ applause ] oh.
8:35 am
>> when you have a little free time you're not hanging out with the baby or you're not working, are you still writing rhymes? >> i've been working on something for a project associated specifically with a film so in terms of like pursuing a career and doing it and releasing music on a regular basis, no. but for my work as an actor, i'm working on something, i have been working on it for two years. >> you were always a fashion plate. >> there you go. >> mahershala, congratulations. another great movie. make sure you guys go check it out. it is "green book." it will be in select cities tomorrow and in theaters everywhere next wednesday. mahershala ali, everybody. and coming up, adam rippon is taking on the cma awards' red carpet when we come back.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
[ applause ] we are back now live here in times square and lara and adam are having fun in nashville with more on the cma awards. hey there, again, guys. strike a pose there, adam. that's right. >> good morning, you guys. go ahead, adam. strike a pose. >> i'm feeling very southern now. >> i mean, this guy has enjoyed it just a little bit too much. he fit in so well. and speaking of fitting in well, country music style as you all
8:39 am
know is its own beautiful thing. individuality is everywhere. you were on the red carpet. you saw it up close and personal. >> i did. i didn't know what to expect but i put on my bolo tie and gave it my best shot. ♪ sun goes down ♪ stars come out >> reporter: it's the biggest night in country music and i got a closeup look at the glitz, glamour and southern charm. >> this is my first time at the cmas. >> mine too. >> no way. what's been the most fun part about being at the cmas so far? >> meeting trisha yearwood and her telling me she's going to make me fried chicken. >> i spoke to bebe and she said that you're going to make her fried chicken? >> we're going to have a fried chicken day. she might come over. we might do the sequins and hair and makeup -- >> boy, i hope so. >> i'm sure you do. >> can i come over too? >> why not. >> reporter: it was a parade of stars all night long. >> how are you? >> here's the thing, lionel, i won "dancing with the stars," do you think i have a shot at winning "american idol"? >> i don't know.
8:40 am
can you sing? okay. that's all right. i don't know. took too long. >> reporter: superstar luke bryan decided to join the fun. >> ready? >> both: good -- >> two, three. >> both: good morning, america. mwah. >> reporter: the stars loving my look. >> you look awesome. i'm not even just saying that. you look awesome. >> you look fantastic. >> this jacket is amazing. >> i like that bolo, man. >> thank you so much. this is my first time at the cmas and i'm trying to blend in. >> you're doing good. >> you're killing it. horse.? >> like you have a dude ranch. ready to go. >> i need to get in this guy's closet, the bolo tie, right off the bat screams country. >> but just as my head was getting a little too big for my ten gallon -- since it's my first time here in nashville, first time at the cmas, i got a hat and i feel like -- >> no, no, no. >> no, no, no? >> there you go.
8:41 am
>> it's beautiful. >> it's just great. >> i like it. >> do i look like a country music star? >> you look like a cowboy. >> reporter: i was afraid of tonight but now i'm really embracing it because i just wore garth brooks' hat and trisha yearwood said she'd make me fried chicken so this is going really well. there was even a message for our very own michael strahan. >> good morning, america. mwah. hi, michael. i got a big old crush on him. >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" bobby bones and sharna burgess took a break from the dance floor. >> what do you think will win it all? >> how about that? how about that? is that going to do it? >> i feel like you're going to get a 10. >> reporter: for this cowboy's first cmas, a big old 10. >> you know, this isn't garth's hat but i'm really feeling it. i just feel like i'm home now. >> i'm going to have to pull him out of here, you guys. >> she is. this is my new home. i'm from nashville. i'm a new person. what can i say? >> it's sad but it's time for us
8:42 am
to go. [ laughter ] >> thank you both very, very much. you made us feel like we were right there with you. [ applause ] we appreciate that. safe travels home, guys. let's go over now to rob. >> cowboy hat and earmuffs wouldn't have been a bad call this morning with temperatures feeling like they're in the 20s. you all brought your snow gear, right? it's coming here in the next couple of hours. we already had a fair amount, smugglers' notch with the selfie stick, cutting some trash, flashing some powder and you'll get more in the way of it today. it's november 15th and this is the kind of snowfall we're talking about away from i-95 although it will accumulate on i-95 briefly like in d.c. most significant accumulation far inland and then another arctic blast coming. if you guys are staying for the weekend, keep the winter gear
8:43 am
>> let's get it over to >> let's get it over to robin and her beautiful winter white. >> all right, rob. thank you very much. it is not only thankful thursday but thriver thursday and these are thrivers from our audience. both from breast cancer and pancreatic cancer and it's exactly world pancreatic cancer awareness day. you have to keep that in mind. i am so delighted my production company, rocking robin productions, is launching a new digital series called thriver thursday. it features the stories of remarkable thrivers like here, that we have here and also winnie harlow who overcame immense challenges and they are tackling life head-on. >> it's actually insane to me. by just being yourself the things you can achieve. it's so crazy. i'm going to be the first model with vitiligo walking for
8:44 am
victoria's secret. >> hey, winnie. >> hi. >> i have so been looking forward to spending some time with you and just -- >> i'm so grateful. thank you for having me. >> absolutely. >> i'm really honored. >> thank you for your grace. >> thank you. >> thank you for your style. thank you for your strength. >> it takes a village, for sure. >> you didn't wake up like that? what? come on. >> nobody wakes up like this. >> nobody. >> no one. >> tell me about your childhood. what was it like growing up? >> a many from a little town right outside of the city of toronto called malten. i was raised real close to my grandparents. my dad is from jamaica. my mom was born in london so i was able to have, like, access to a lot of places in the world. >> when did you realize that, huh, i don't quite look like everybody else? >> i think i switched schools in about grade 2.
8:45 am
i remember i ended up making friends with these two girls. one day they like -- they were running away from me during recess and i caught up with them. i was like, why are you running away from me? they're like our parents say not to play with you because we're going to get your skin. that was the first time i actually heard it and i was like, whoa. >> how did that impact you as a young child have to deal with that? >> growing up i was always so into what someone else thought of me, about my clothes, about my hair, about everything about me. >> how do you describe vitiligo? >> vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where your skin thinks your melanin is a common cold, the same way your body would fight off a cold to keep you healthy, it fights off the melanin in your skin because it thinks its sick. >> is it frustrating to you sometimes because sometimes people want to talk about the vitiligo? >> so, so frustrating.
8:46 am
especially there's certain things like i remember going to europe when i first started doing interviews and this woman, one of her questions was how do you feel beautiful? like why do you feel beautiful? i just had to look at her and i was like, you're so ignorant. >> girl, you're walking in the victoria's secret fashion show. ♪ >> blows my mind. i can't even believe it. >> to know that you are in many ways changing what some people might think of being in that type of show. >> yeah. i'm a trailblazer. >> own it, girl. >> it's insane. it's actually insane to me. by just being yourself the things you can achieve, it's so crazy. i'm going to be the first model with vitiligo walking for victoria's secret. it's a door opening for like everyone. we are all the same because
8:47 am
we're all different. people always ask me what would you like to say to little girls with vitiligo? it's bigger than that. it's so much bigger than that. it's those little girls with vitiligo, it's that little girl who didn't like her hair. it's that little girl who had freckles. it's that little boy who got teased because his lips were too big. it's everything. [ applause ] >> and that is just a portion of winnie's story. for more be sure to check out my facebook page after the show and i'll be doing a facebook live and you can watch two new thriver thursday episodes and the thriver thursday digital series will be sponsored by bristol-myers squibb. so appreciative to them. if you know someone that you would like to submit and it's somebody who has overcome great odds, it can be a health issue, it could be unemployment, divorce, it doesn't matter, check it out at please submit somebody so we can profile them and let them know. we'll be right back.
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[ applause ] back now to our dynamic disney duo, ginger and patrice at shanghai airport racing to get to that last park. ginger. >> we are about to board our seventh of eight flights in just a week. we're feeling it. it's a lot. but you know what, overall it almost feels like a dream. ♪ >> wow. >> look at this. >> look at that. >> so beautiful. ♪ ♪ >> ah. >> wow. how glorious. good morning, shanghai. >> oh, hi, mickey. >> hi ya, pals. time to get going. it's going to be a magical day. ♪
8:51 am
>> niihau. should we join him? >> yes. >> how does it feel? >> it's feeling good. >> got to get our bodies warmed up for a day around the park. >> looks like someone remembered your birthday. >> gosh, if that's the party hat, i can't wait for the party. >> me too. >> have a good time! oh gee, they're gone. >> thanks, mickey. >> thank you. >> see you later. >> hi. welcome to the walt disney theater. >> thank you. it's beautiful. >> so nice. >> so nice, it's home to a production of "beauty and the beast." so i know your dream is being a princess. >> yes. >> would you like to be our guest and join us for the dress rehearsal now? >> i'd love to. ♪
8:52 am
♪ >> oh, my gosh, mickey, that was so amazing. >> that's great. you're a hit. >> oh, say, don't have you a flight to catch? >> oh, my goodness, yes. >> we got to go. >> thanks, mickey. >> we want to send a big thank you to disney theatrical productions for letting us be part of that rehearsal which was so much fun. a little fun fact, that's the same director and creative team that put on the original broadway show. >> wow. >> we worked with them. >> we were in it. >> i'll put these on. it's a clue to where we're going next. if you've been playing along you know it's the place that patrice got married. >> walt disney world. >> yes, yes. >> we're going to florida. >> we hope.
8:53 am
we hope because it's a tight connection. hoping we see you this time tomorrow, robin. [ applause ] >> you're going to make it. take a look, ginger and mickey took a photo on top of the matterhorn. ginger wearing her mickey ears with a mouse himself all for disney's big share your ears campaign. for every picture you publicly post wearing mickey ears like we're doing right #shareyourears, disney will donate $5 to make-a-wish up to donate $5 to make-a-wish up to $2 million. >> nice. so, thank you. >> you look beautiful. bedazzled. we love it. ginger, patrice are racing off to their final disney destiny nation and we'll be right back. mickey's worldwide birthday bash sponsored by google home mini. help at a glance.
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ we appreciate you being with us on thankful thursday. guess what, mariah carey is here on monday. [ applause ] thanks for watching. [ applause ] thanks for watching.
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. and mike nicco says we have another day of all sorts of smoke in the air. >> i mean, look at this reggie. hi, everybody. our visibility down to one mile in hayward and livermore. that's how thick the smoke is. and from livermore, since 2:00 yesterday, all the way up until now, you've had very unhealthy air, which means the effects are going to hit you harder and they're going to linger longer, while the rest of us are still under the unhealthy air moniker. it will start to clear out a little bit this weekend, but more so next week. alexis? >> all right. definitely looking forward to that, mike. you can see on the visibility layer on the traffic maps, too, looks like fog. it's not. that is all smoke. we have a new crash blocking one lane, westbound highway 4 at bailey road, heading into bay point area. definitely expect some delays there and terrible air quality
9:00 am
right now in walnut creek, southbound 680, just crawling along. >> time now for "live with kelly & ryan." we'll see you again at 11:00 a.m. for the abc >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, two-time academy award winner michael douglas. and, from the new film "widows," brian tyree henry. plus, kelly's dad joe ripa is in the kitchen as we continue our "live's thanksgiving feast: family edition." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hello!


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