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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> that's what i have heard, larry, from other people who have been to china during times of poor air quality. it's even worse here now than anywhere else they've seen. the areas of gray are not clouds. those areas of gray represent smoke that is just hovering over the bay area, a as you can see in this live view from our emeryville camera looking westward. here is a look at our curren air quality, very unhealthful. that's the poorest on the coast and central bay, that includes san francisco and oakland and poor in other locations as well. by the way, the spare the air alert extends through next tuesday now. here is another look at air quality. the fine particulate matter, those blocks in the purple in oakland and san francisco represent the very poorest air quality and the highest count of the particulate matter around the bay area. but all the other locations have poor air quality as well. the bottom line here is this pose as health hazard. as you can see, with these dots in red and purple representing the worst air quality in the region. you to go far outside the bay area to find good air quality right now. and we see no immediate change
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larry a right, spencer, thank yu so much. and the bad air is all across the bay area, as we've shown you. after some hesitation, this afternoon many colleges and public schools decided to cancel questions, some effective immediately, others tomorrow. >> lyanne melendez is live at usf where the call was made after the index level reached the number 200. lyanne? >> do you believe that? once the announcement was made here on campus at usf, students quickly cleared out of here, and i also want to mention that otomorrow all public schools in san francisco will be closed. usf students came to school wearing masks, or wore bandannas to protect themselves from the persistent smoke. >> the air is so bad, so bad. >> this morning the university did not want to cancel questions despite requests from students to close the campus. collin platt was one of those
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students. four days ago, he tweeted a graphic comparing the air quality last year during the sonoma fires on your left when classes were canceled. the air quality index then was lower than this week's numbers shown on your right. >> from there, people started making movements in the online community, and the pitching got started. in a matter of three days probably got 8,000 signatures. >> but just before 2:00 p.m. when the aqi went above 200, usf announced the campus was closing effective immediately through tomorrow. nearby san francisco state had already made that decision, sending students home early for the thanksgiving break. because of the extremely poor air quality and concern for health of faculty, staff and students. aiden mcfadden, a student said the college made the right choice. >> i think they did, because the air quality is pretty bad. so the students, like, you know, need the safety.
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>> this morning, uc berkeley was also monitoring their air quality, consulting with medical staff and the office of environment, health, and safety. a spokesperson said any decision was not going to be based on emotions, but on science and good fax. this cal student wasted no time buying masks on amazon. >> i had a midterm this morning, and i still had to take it. a lot of us came in with masks. so, yeah, overall, it's a concern, but we're just trying to deal with it. >> and once that index level reached 200 here at usf, we also saw campus security begin to hand out masks to those students who didn't have one. also closing, san jose state, santa clara university, and the list gets longer. i'm live at usf, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> all right, lyanne, thank you. late today a number of school districts around the bay area announce they'd are cancelling classes for tomorrow. san francisco unified and
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schools in the san francisco archdiocese are to be closed tomorrow. all districts in contra costa county have also canceled school, and livermore unified and all other public districts will not hold classes tomorrow. with doe have a complete list of school closures on the crawl at the bottom of your screen and on livermore unified was in session today. that area has been one of the worst spots in the bay area for air quality this week. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has a look at what parents and teachers are doing to try to keep their kids healthy. >> rain or shine or smoke, crossing guard barbara ruiz is helping kids in front of rancho las pass sitas in livermore. >> sure, i'm going to come to work. the kids need me. >> livermore has been the worse. very unhealthy levels means everyone may experience more health effect. >> sometimes i'm coughing.
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it's tight. but i'm okay. >> reporter: they have been dealing with the bad air since last friday. black tops are empty. kids are indoors. being outdoors is not an option. but parents can keep their kids at home if it makes them feel better. >> if they want to keep them at home, it's an excused absence. >> some decided it didn't matter if their kids were at home indoors or indoors at school so they might as well be at class. >> so they can pro thaek their nose so they didn't inhale the smoke that much. >> recess will be indoors which will be great. hopefully nice and safe. >> the hope is blue skies soon, but until then school officials will evaluate every day to make sure the air quality is okay for students to head outdoors. in livermore, matt keller, abc news. now a break in the weather has helped firefighters make progress on what is now the deadliest wildfire in state history. >> containment is now up to 40% on the camp fire. that's up from 35% yesterday. crews are throwing everything they can at it on the ground and
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in the air. the number of dead still stands at 56, with many more missing. >> that fire has burned 140,000 acres, all but wiping out the town of paradise. nearly 8800 homes have been destroyed, making this not only the deadliest, but also the most destructive wildfire on record in california. the white house announced today president trump will be visiting california this saturday. few details are available about the trip, but he is expected to meet with some of the wildfire victims. >> as crews continue to fight the fires and help evacuees, there was another problem today in the evacuation zone, an officer-involved shooting. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in butte county with those details. wayne? >> well, this is a strange one. it happened about three miles from here. deputies shot and killed a suspect. it turned out it is not related to the fires, but we thought it might be for a while. as we show you some video, we'll give you more of the details. it began a little bit before noon. the suspect is 48 years old. the butte county district attorney said he had been
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parole. he was wanted in connection with a double homicide a couple of years ago. law enforcement had been searching for him. they received a tip. they found him in yankee hill. there was a chase. he had told deputies they should have left him alone, that he would not go back to prison. they forced the suspect to stop with a strip in the road. butte district attorney michael ramsey said he left officers no choice when he moved on them. >> there was an indication of some movement of his hands. officers fired their guns. we have three shasta county sheriff's deputies, three butte county sheriff's deputies, and one california fish and wildlife officer or warden that fired their weapons. >> none of those officers were injured. the suspect died at the scene. there was a police dog, however, that was killed in this incident. as of now, that's all we know. again, it's not fire-related.
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it with us not related to looting of any kind. it's a separate incident, but it happened in the fire zone. a strange non sequitur. live in butte county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. hundreds of search and rescue workers, include manage from the bay area are up in the fire zone today. they're trying to locate any sign of the hundreds of people who remain on the butte county list of missing because of the camp fire. it has been exactly one week since that fire started. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joining us from the same neighborhood she was standing in last thursday. laura? >> well, hi, larry. this is the exact neighborhood that photographer randy davis and i were standing in on thursday afternoon. this house, all the houses behind me were the ones that were fully engulfed when we were doing our live reports, there were flames everywhere. the smoke was so thick, you could barely see. when the wind picked up, we decided to pack up and move, but one family stayed behind.
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the grim task of locating and recovering human remains is ramping up in paradise and surrounding communities. with the help of several bay area police and fire agencies. there are now nearly 500 searchers on scene, and nearly twodozen cadaver dog, working tirelessly in neighborhoods where hardly a home remains standing. >> we've got people from as far down as vista and san diego up here helping us out, just to kind of relieve some of the efforts and help out the citizens up here in the area. >> we saved what we could. >> that's not to save that every home here is lost. patrick knutsen and his family stayed behind last thursday to try to save as many as they could. >> they've been working their butt off on their house, and they lost it all. >> this inutsen at th heit of the fire, driving his neighb gu looking like midnight at 2:00 in the afternoon. >> it's tough. it's tough. i help everybody. that's my nature.
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i have two shattered ankles, and i still help. >> describe it. what was it like? >> flames coming from all directions, just heat. a lot of heat. a lot of embers. just -- and a lot of smoke. it was tough to see. >> kristen harvey and her daughters were out there too, even after their home burned. they tried feverishly to save others. >> ours was gone. we tried to fight it off. we just couldn't fight it off. it took ours. and then we seen there was cars in driveways. and it was pull them. and we just started pulling them out in the road. >> at one point ariane harvey and her sisters took refuge in a warehouse. >> all three of us were in there and we were crying and we were scared. and at one point the dog ran away and we couldn't go outside to get him and we were terrified. >> despite what they've been through, this family has no plans to leave paradise. >> it's going to be a tough rebuild, but i know the town will come together. we'll get all the support we need, i hope. and we'll be able to put
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paradise back to the way it was. >> i think we'll come back bigger and better. right now they've got paradise strong, ridge strong, and that's what we are. and i know there is a lot of people out there ready to come back. and let's get this done. let's make paradise again. >> patrick knutsen and his family have a generator, ample food and supplies, so they are okay. but as you can see, the vast majority of these neighborhoods, this entire area is uninhabitable. at this point we still have no timetable for when they might let people back in, even to see what's left of their homes. in paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. coming up at 4:30, a paramedic on the roof and a nurse who was clearing brush. the lengths that some workers went to in order to save the life of a woman who had just given birth. this as the camp fire hit. the c oe camp fitill uer in but what happens if pg&e i to he utilitieswouldn'to it mu
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od. well, as you know, the air quality from the fires, it's only getting worse in the bay area. the new look at the conditions from nasa. and the plans discussed today to
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back to our continuing coverage of the camp fire. the list of missing people released by the butte county sheriff is now nearing 300. yesterday the sheriff said 130 people were missing, but that number has gone up as people call three different hot lines. the sheriff's department starting to take dna samples from people who have reported a family member who is missing. >> there are a lot of people
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that want some answers. they are depending on us to find their loved one. >> we went all over town yesterday, and we did not see any neighborhood that wasn't devastated. >> hundreds of people and 22 cadaver dogs are searching through the town of paradise and nearby communities that were the hardest hit. >> four of the shelters being used for camp fire evacuees are dealing with norovirus outbreaks. butte county public health says 145 people have reported getting sick at neighborhood church, oroville church of the nazarene, east avenue church and the butte county fairgrounds. 25 people have been hospitalized. the sick people are being quarantined and extra medical staff is now at the shelt. >> norovirus the last thing they need right now. the cause of the fire still under investigation. it could take months to determine. despite that, pg&e may turn to its customers to help cover its potential liability costs. it might seek a rate increase, for example. however, abc 7 reporter david
4:16 pm
louie has learned it will not get any help from the new law that provides relief from last year's claims. >> a bill signed into law by governor brown may have been designed to help pg&e pay for catastrophic expenses, including liability claims from wildfires, but it doesn't cover fires in 2018. sb 901 by bill dodd allows pg&e and other utility companies to pass along those costs to rate payers by having the state finance that debt with long-term bonds. it's estimated $1 billion in bonds would cost the typical residential customer $5 per year. the new law covers last year's fires and those in 2019 and beyond, but wouldn't cover the camp fire. cal fire has not established responsibility for the camp fire. >> pg&e is looking for rate payers to pick up the bill. that's why they're going through all these theatrics. >> mark tony is executive director of turn. pg&e has disclosed in federal documents its potential
4:17 pm
liabilities from claims far exceed its $1.4 billion in insurance coverage, raising questis whohe $10 billion in claims from last year and the potential for billion morse if it's blamed for the camp fire. >> you still need somebody to maintain the utility infrastructure, including the transmission poles and wires and the distribution poles and wires. >> without repair help, pg&e options might include filing for bankruptcy or shifting the cost to shareholders. investors seem to be run away from that possibility as pg&e's stock dropped another 30% in trading today. pg&e says the bond option protects its customers from higher rates. however, critics say rate payers still foot the bill but over several decades. david louie, abc 7 news. >> pg&e already has state approval to track wildfire costs dating back to july of last year that are not covered by current utility rates. those numbers could be used later to support a future rate
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increase. now back to the beside air from the fires. the air quality has been bad all over the by area, and today, in some areas, like here in san francisco, it just got worse. >> here is the problem. take a look at this nasa image from last wednesday, the day before the fire started. and then you can see as we creep it across here, you look at it today. look how thick the smoke is all across the bay area. >> yeah, there is no escaping it. the berkeley half marathon that was schedule for this sunday has been canceled because of the poor air quality. organizers say you can still go to the expo. a portion of the sales at the event will be donated to fire victims. >> and throughout this newscast, we're going to continue to run the crawl so you can see school closures in your area. earlier we had lyanne melendez on from usf. they're closing. san francisco city college is closing. all over the bay area, the closures are happening because of the poor air quality. >> and if you can't wait for them to seibel through, it's also on our website. >> spencer here. >> the surface wind is so light, it's not strong enough to move
4:19 pm
the smoke out. this is going to last for a while. here is an image that might be helpful. we've had this strong high pressure over the bay area, nearly all this season, producing warmer than average and dryer than average conditions, and the circulation around this area of high pressure has been steering the smoke from the fires, right down into the bay area and sort of compressing the air and capping that stagnant air down at the surface, not allowing it to blow out of here. with that sinking air compressing and trapping the smoky air here, we've got declining air quality still. and the smoke has produced reduced visibility across the entire region, anywhere from about one mile to just about a mile and a half, right now in most bay area locations. and once again, the surface wind is in the single digits, five or six miles an hour. not strong enough to blow this out of here. so this is the view from almost every camera fewview we have right now. temperatures are int the upper 50 to low 60s in most bay area locations. so it's knotts very warm. in fact, it's seasonably cool. this is a view from the rooftop
4:20 pm
camera looking over the embarcadero. but the air is just unhealthful at the moment, and we should limit outdoor activity. this is a view of the golden gate where it's hazy and smoky, and our forecast features indicate that this haze will persist through tuesday, with only slight improvement, maybe over the weekend. if we get a little bit of a sea breeze on saturday, it's not expected to be very strong, though. next chance of rain is thanksgiving day. so as we look at our air quality forecasts tomorrow, poor in the north bay, unhealthful, even worse than poor in all other bay area locations. and over the weekend, we expect a poor air quality to persist in virtually every region in the bay area. overnight lows under hazy conditions mid to upper 30s in the inland valleys. low to mid-40s right around the bay and on the coast. and tomorrow we'll see high temperatures once again under smoky, hazy conditions ranging from low and mid-60s at the coast to mainly upper 60s around the bay shoreline, upper 60s to about 70 inland. when can we expect some rain? at the moment, models indicate
4:21 pm
next thursday, thanksgiving day is our next chance of rain. so this is the forecast animation for now showing the first frontal system moving in and producing rainfall on thursday into friday. and snow in the sierra, followed by a second wave or a second frontal system sweeping through early sunday. and that means we'll have maybe two or two and a half days of rainfall if that pattern holds up. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. so dry, mild and hazy through the weekend. a little bit of a cooldown next week. further cooling will occur middle of the week. but again, we expect no significant improvement in the wind flow until early next week. perhaps ahead of that approaching rainstorm, rain system. and on thursday, our next chance of rain. and if that model holds up, we'll be in much better shape because that will mean rain for two or three days. stronger wind move the smoke out of here, better air quality, and it won't be so dry. >> in the meantime, we're talking six more days of this. >> possibly six more days of this. that's exactly right. >> thank you, spencer. a second transbay tube,
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abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we're spending more time examining issues that affect our quality of life, which the growth of commuters using bart to get across the bay, there is discussion of a second bay crossing. >> jobina fort on the has the details. >> reporter: it's on its way. we're taking the beginning steps of making a second rail crossing a priority. >> bart's board got a presentation on a long talked about plan thursday. they're calling the second transbay crossing and tweeted out this photo, sparking some excitement.
4:25 pm
>> i think that's exciting and esy and good for the commuters. >> the plan would add additional track to streamline the rail system so you can take one train to your destination, doubling bart's bay crossing capacity, and provide major relief to stations along market street. it also tie toss sacramento, the valley communities, silicon valley, san francisco with the east bay. the catch is it would be somewhere around ten years before construction would start. >> that opens up the door to so many possibilities and funding partners. that's what is key here. how do we get enough stakeholders to make sure this is something that actually happens. >> even if it's ten years down the line, i think it will be used. >> it's better than never. >> in the short-term, bart hopes to award a feasibility study contract by mid 2019. bart anticipates the projected demand for transbay transit will outpace capacity by 2040. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. a burger joint that used to
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boast one of the best views in the world is no more. hundreds came to watch the demolition of the old observation post inside the presidio that housed a burger king for several years. the restaurant closed down in 2002. the space will be part of 14 acres of new parkland that will connect the main post to crissy field over the presidio parkway tunnels. warriors all star forward draymond green says if anyone thinks his confrontation with kevin durant will hurt the dubs, they are mistaken. green made his first public comments today about the shouting match that took place during the loss to the clippers. that led to a one-game suspension without pay. that's $120,000. green, by the way, is appealing that. green says he and durant, they talked, they cleared the air to some degree. he admit shed an emotional player and he says that is not going to change. >> you know, sometimes it get the best of me, and it doesn't work to my favor, li whhaec it works
4:27 pm
in my favor to the good as my resume speaks and this team resume speaks more so than it doesn't. >> draymond didn't say if he actually apologized. durant told reporters things will work out. we'll see what happens tonight because they're playing a rematch of the western conference finals against the houston rockets that game set to tip off in about a half hour. you've got to look at this a couple ways for the warriors. you have short-term goals, trying to patch thing up between draymond and kd, and focus on winning your third straight nba championship. but long-term, if you're warriors ownership, you got to think really about identifying the next star you may want to bring in, assuming kevin durant is not coming back. because if he was little iffy before this took place, and everybody in the organization on eggshells about his decision, this certainly is not going to help. >> not good. all right. when we return, an amazing story of survival. >> and i realized that i'm not
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going to make it, and i just told him on the phone that i was really sorry. >> the mom who wouldn't give up, and what the hospital staff did to help save her life. and the shocking new details about the couple. remember, they helped a homeless man with a gofundme account. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because ths us more connected california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news.
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>> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. smoke from the camp fire continues to choke the bay area. the air quality is so bad, many school districts are cancelling classes tomorrow. you can find an entire list of closures on our website, abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is in paradise and spotted crews going through debris, looking for remains. 56 people have died in the wildfire, and many more are missing. wayne freedman found victims flooding the butte county offices, looking to be allowed to go tend to their pets and other animals. as wayne explains in his tweet, many went away frustrated. in southern california, cooler weather is helping firefighters gain ground on the woolsey fire. maggie rulli joins us live from calabasas. >> weather conditions here are improving dramatically, but firefighters caution we are not out of the woods yet. they're still on high alert. just this morning they were battling another brushfire that erupted in ventura county.
4:32 pm
they were able to get that under control quickly, but it's another reminder that here in southern california, fire season is year-round. for the past week, this has been the reality for many of california. california's governor and secretary of the interior ryan zinke saw more of the extensive and heartbreaking damage up close today in southern california. >> next we got to recover, and that recovery will happen. we've got to get on the side of nature. we can't just fight it. >> it's unsustainable to have this happen year after year. >> we're now seeing the cleanup begin. many burned out cars are getting towed away, and homes that are checked for dangers like gas leaks. for many of the areas, it's going to take months if not years for them to fully rebuild that work feeling insurmountable in hard hit areas like paradise. >> yesterday is the worst fire i have seen. paradise unfortunately likely will not be the same city. >> the community now remembering the many lives taken. >> it's hard.
4:33 pm
it's too soon. 56 years old. >> and now thankfully, the winds here are dying down. we're expecting cooler, moister air tomorrow. and firefighters say they have the upper hand on that woolsey fire, that massive wildfire that was threatening us here in southern california. but for in the focus is simply on rebuilding or how to rebuild. new homes, new cars, and in many place, entirely new neighborhoods. in calabasas, california, maggie rulli, abc news. >> i can imagine how shocking it's going to be when people are able to go back to their homes. what have you been hearing from people? >> ama, just that people say they are shocked. and most notably, nearly everyone we've spoken to said they've lived here for years, if not decades. they've never experienced a fire like what they just went through. now as they start to come back, unfortunately, so many people, hundreds of people are coming back to scenes like this one. their homes just completely
4:34 pm
gutted, no longer there. the woman who lived in this home was here a little while ago. she was saying it would take three 2 years to fully rebuild her house. other people may be coming home to homes that look like they're fine on the outside. but inside they're still dealing with smoke damage, water damage. this is going to be a long time for places to recover. whether they're completely devastated or whether they look okay on the outside, this is many a year project here for so many people in california. >> all right, maggie rulli live from calabasas, thank you, maggie. you have heard many of the harrowing tales of survival. one story we're hearing about now defiance heroism. it involves nurses and paramedics doing all they could to save their patients. reporter liz kreutz shows what's happened. >> i just came to the realization this is how i was going to die. >> as the camp fire bore down on paradise's feather river hospital, tamara ferguson was one of the nurses who jumped into action and helping people get out. >> people were racing around saying let's go, let's go,
4:35 pm
wheelchairs were coming. >> one of the patients heather roebuck, a mother who had just given birth to her baby by c-section. >> sheer terror. like me, i'm in the middle of surgery. do we go -- us? they just stitch me up really quickly? >> heather was separated from her husband and newborn daughter so she could be taken by ambulance. >> we hopped in an ambulance with stranger, people we didn't know, a very critical patient. another patient was in the front seat. >> but after driving about a mile, heather's ambulance caught on fire. >> and i realized that i'm not going to make it. and i just told him on the phone that i was really sorry, and that i just loved him and i wouldn't going to be there with our kids. >> at that moment, a pediatrician came to the rescue. >> and dragged me out into the street, and it's pitch-black. >> with flames now encroaching all around, that pediatrician, tamara, and the other first responders decided everyone needed to get out of the vehicles and seek shelter in a nearby home. they moved all the patients into the garage.
4:36 pm
>> we were all doing our part to try to defend the house. >> these photos taken by tamara show how everyone was doing whatever they could to keep the fire away. >> i see the paramedic on the roof sprague off the roof. i see someone over here with a hose filling buckets. krissy is sweeping. someone has a shovel. and i just picked up piles and piles of brush, and i kept clearing them to the road. >> and you can see how close the fire got to that home. this is the home next door, completely reduced to ashes. and over here the fence that surrounds the perimeter of that house also partially destroyed. but their efforts life-saving. eventually the fire passed over. they were able to get back to the hospital, and from there to safety. >> she's the last baby born at feather river hospital. hopefully not forever. there were a lot of times that i thought that minute that i saw her was going to be the only time i ever saw her, that she would never know me. it was -- it was really, really tough. >> wow. what a story. liz kreutz reporting right
4:37 pm
there. for more amazing stories of survival from the camp fire, go to our website, >> that is emotional. last year when a new jersey woman said a homeless man gave her his last $20 after she ran out of gas, a crowd funding campaign raise in order than $400,000 for the man. authorities now say the whole story was a hoax. kate mcclure and her boyfriend launched a gofundme page in november of 2017 to help johnny bobbitt jr. but prosecutor says they found evidence the three knew each other at least a month before the alleged incident. >> she did not run out of gas on an i-95 offramp, and he did not spend his last $20 to help her. rather, d'amico bobbitt conspired to pass off a fake feel-good story that would compel others to contribute to their cause. >> the scheme started to unravel after bobbitt sued saying the couple was stealing his money. gofundme says it will refund all donations.
4:38 pm
>> unbelievable. stepping up and stepping out to help make a difference this holiday season. >> and more problems today for facebook. what the menlo park company is allegations of meddling first came out. i'm spencer christian from emeryville. you can see that the smoke and the haze persist, as do the the haze persist, as do the hazards to our welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you... ...with over 3,500 channels of entertainment, including the latest movies and box sets from around the world. ( ♪ ) we even have live sports and news channels. ( ♪ ) and your free wi-fi will start shortly. enjoy your flight mr. jones. world's best inflight entertainment. fly emirates. fly better.
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4:41 pm
joining me, the ceo of the mt. diablo silverado counselor and scout devon si uki. welcome to you both. tell me about the project you're working on. >> scouting for food is a national good turn that the boy scouts have been doing since 1988. here in the bay area last weekend, scouts went out and put out door hangers in every door in the bay area from santa rosa all that t way to monterey and the east bay, asking for food to be put out this saturday on the doorsteps with that tag stapled to it so that the scouts will come back into their neighborhoods. >> hold one of those up. >> there we go. and collect the food and be dropped off at area food pantries and food banks. >> so declan, tell me about your experiences in the scouts and what it's been like going door to door. >> so my experience in scouts, it's been great. i learn a lot when i go through scouting, especially when i learn to lead others and learn basic life skills that help me
4:42 pm
as an adult. through my experiences with putting these door hangers on, it's great, kind of rolling around, hanging all these door hangers, it's kind of like i even talk to people sometimes when they're out. talk to them about the scouting for food and the difference it makes in this whole community. >> what kind of responses have you gotten? >> for responses i'd say they say oh, when are they going to pick up. so i'm really glad that they want to help out with the community, especially with everything that's been going on, especially the fires and all. >> sure. >> it's a time where we need to help others. and it's a great time to do that. >> john, let's talk about the pickup and the timetable for that. you collected 535,000 pounds of food last year. >> right. >> what are the goals this year? >> we hope to exceed that we know with the fires we have extra need north and south. and we know we'll probably be donating foods to that areas. we hope to exceed that we hope to get up to 550 or 600,000 pounds of food.
4:43 pm
>> pickup starts when? >> pick up starts saturday morning. they'll be coming out probably by 9:00, put your food out on your doorstep. the scouts will start coming around by 9:00. >> all right. declan, you ready to start carrying some package here is? >> oh, yes, i'm ready. at least not me, it's the troop that's ready. and really, the entire mt. diablo silverado counscil that' ready to pick up food. >> what if you didn't get one of these door hangers? >> call your local boy scout council. all of our scouts probably didn't hit every door in the bay area, but if they want to call the local boy scout office, they'll have somebody come by and pick it up. >> john, declan, thank you so much. thanksgiving only a week away. help the scouts help others. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> okay, another look at why we have this declining air quality. we've had this persistent area of high pressure over us for virtually all of the season so far, bringing us warmer, dryer than average weather. but it's also been trapping the
4:44 pm
bad air at the surface, because it's compressing the air and circulation around that high has been steering the smoke into the bay area. the result is we have this persistent sinking air, trapping the smoke at the surface, and no strong surface winds to blow it out of here. so we still have poor air quality. forecast calls for poor air quality through the weekend and next week with very poor, unhealthful air quality in most regions tomorrow. tomorrow sunny, hazy. smoky conditions once again, relatively mild. highs ranging from low 60s at the coast to upper 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. there will be minor cooling, early to midweek next week, ahead of an advancing system that we expect to bring us rainfall on thanksgiving day. and that will be some welcome relief to the pattern we're stuck in right now. >> yeah, definitely. thanks, spencer. all right. a bombshell report just as facebook says it's making progress on detecting hate speech. it is too little too late? and our own plaque psoriasis can be relentless.
4:45 pm
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fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. ask your diabetes care specialist about tresiba®. facebook under fire yet again. a bombshell. "new york times" report reveals the lengths the menlo park-based company went to battling its critics amid allegations of privacy compromises and russian
4:48 pm
election meddling. abc news reporter natalie brunnel has details. >> delay, deny, deflect. that's how "the new york times" says facebook handled scrutiny over data misuse and russian election melding. "the new york times" alleges facebook went to great lengths to deflect blame and mask the extent of a problem allowing a firm linked to president trump's campaign to access the data of tens of millions of people. when that didn't work and facebook shares drop, the company, quote, went on attack, hiring a republican opposition firm to discredit critics and even spread negative stories about competitors like apple and google. facebook has since cut ties with that firm. the expose also claims facebook lobbied politicians on both sides of the aisle, and repeat lid downplayed russian activity and hacking on the platform leading up to the 2016 election. in a phone call zuckerberg
4:49 pm
defended facebook. >> to suggest that we weren't interested in knowing the truth or that we wanted to hide what we knew or that we wanted to prevent investigations is still untrue. >> the social media giant put out a statement thursday saying "the new york times" report contained inaccuracies, and quote, while we still have a long way to go, we're proud of the progress we have made in fighting misinformation, removing bad content, and preventing foreign actors from manipulating our platform. ceo mark zuckerberg and coo cheryl sandberg famous enormous pressure, but neither likely to step down. natalie brunnel, abc news, los angeles. leave yft is rolling out ne perks to retain drivers. six new driver friendly features today, including new tipping methods and ways for drivers to protect their ratings. lyft says it's committed to rolling out at least one new feature or enhancement for its driver community every month. all right. if you're planning for the weekend, our partners at hoodline suggest a new show under the big top. >> abc 7 mornings reggie aqui
4:50 pm
jumped through some hoops to meet a san francisco native, now performing for circus circus du soleil. >> backstage is even more incredible. they push their bodies to the limit so that when it's show time, their five-minute act is easy by comparison. >> my name is bradley henderson. i'm 34 years old, from here, san francisco, california. i'm one of the shape divers in the show volta. ♪ i did gymnastics at 8 years old, and that was only two years, and then i joined a circus program circus center in san francisco. it's across from the stadium. did other circus, worked with seven fingers of the hand for a long time and finally got a chance to work for cirque du soleil. >> are you ready to teach me this? >> definitely. >> i'm going to be a mess. >> the main thing you're going to do is aim for the center of
4:51 pm
the hoop. you jump and do a dive roll through the hoop and that's the basic mo. and the mats are -- nothing hurts. >> yes! yes! that's it, that's it! perfect. >> and i have told all my friends and family back home, just going to show them, because i've been traveling for the past 15 years. so this one is really special for me. yes! >> volta place under the big top next to at&t park through february 3rd and then it goes to san jose for performance there's through march. >> that was impressive. i mean, reggie, the dive, the somersault? >> stuck the landing. >> goodness. who knew? what do you want this holiday season? you want gifts or time with family and friends? a new study shows 70% of americans are in favor of skipping the gift giving if their friends and family agree
4:52 pm
to it. in fact, most people surveyed said they would rather attend gatherings or parties with their family and friends. many said the move would spare them financial stress while making the holidays more meaningful. i believe we had this conversation a couple of years ago. >> we've done it. we've done it at my house. we just want to be together. i just want to hang out with you guys too. no gift necessary. it's all things mickey mouse. >> there is mickey everywhere. >> i think people are going to be overwhelmed. i think there is a lot of history here. >> the new exhibit that celebrates 90 years of the iconic character. >> right now kristen is here with what's ahead on abc news at 5:00. >> thanks, larry and ama. new at 5:00 -- >> i know what it's like not to have the feed when the fire burns. >> folks are opening their hearts and their hay lifts. the local volunteers paying it forward. plus, remembering a silicon valley pioneer. computers.hanged how we look at and a genius, two brothers and the fake heads, and
4:53 pm
protecting evidence in the escape from alcatraz. those sto
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's "grey's anatomy." at 9, station 19 followed by "how to get away murder." stay with us for abc news at 11:00. localish is sharing stories and places that you may nott know about. >> today a celebration of all things mickey from the past 90 years. ♪
4:56 pm
>> the mickey true original exhibition is a 16,000-square-foot fully immersive experience where we have a nice balance between classic mickey mouse archives that we sourced in tandem with disney and really unique one-of-a-kind site specific contemporary artworks that we commission from true originals in their own right. we really look to inspire our guests, and we wanted to tap in to older mickey mouse memories and create new memories. and i think the exhibition is really an exhibition. it's an experience, but there is elevated art throughout the rooms, and there is a threaded moment of celebrating mickey's 90 years as one of the most timeless icons if not the most timeless icon of our time. when they come into the exhibit, they're going to see this neon wall and their mouth is going to drop. a there and are so many fun surprises, and also several hidden mickeys in the museum which will be a fun thing to
4:57 pm
look for. >> one of the things i worked on was the steamboat willie redux. well took the original 1928 animated short. w chopped it up into about 35 different scenes, and we saw in each one of those scenes to a different artist or group of artist. but we asked each to be as graphically imaginative as they wanted to be. >> at this exhibit i crocheted a huge mural all made of yarn. it's about 20 feet by 10 feet tall, and it's inspired by color and mickey being created in color in the cartoon "bandstand." mickey to me is just a classic. he is iconic. he is brave. he is fun. he is powerful. he means so much. and i can't believe each room how much thought, how much time, how much has just been put into it, making this experience so much bigger than i ever could have dreamed of. >> there is mickey everywhere! >> i like that he is enjoying it so much. i didn't think he was going to be going for a museum kind of thing. >> every day we watch mickey. >> grew up on him.
4:58 pm
>> it's a tradition. and he is going to continue with it. >> like a happy character. positive. >> it makes you a kid again. >> it was really exciting for us to bring mickey mouse back to new york city. walt premiered steamboat willie here. and it felt fitting to create this moment here under the highline. for all we know, walt's train stop right above us. and we're excited about new yorkers getting to experience mickey in this capacity. >> i think people are going to be overwhelmed. i think there is a lot of history here, but there is also a lot of contemporary art. there is a whole room filled with archival products. it brings the whole culture together. >> happy anniversary for mickey. he is 90 years old. >> happy 90th, mickey. >> happy birthday, mickey! >> happy 90th, mickey. >> happy birthday, mickey! >> so please come. and i hope you enjoy the exhibition. happy anniversary, mickey.
4:59 pm
>> and check out abc's new brand at disney, a parent company of abc 7. >> thank you for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. news at 5:00 starts now. >> visibility one mile in livermore because of how thick the smoke. >> oh, it is thick and it's dangerous. in fact, the air has gone from bad to worse all over the bay area, and schools are shutting down as a result. plus -- >> we're trying to act like we have glorified camping, but it's -- it's lonely out here. >> lonely and littered with memories. practically the only other folks in the fire zone are first responders with the grim task of looking for those on the mission list. plus -- >> i know what it's like not to have the feed when the fire burns. >> people are opening their hearts and their hay lifts. the local volunteers paying it forward. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> smoke from the camp fire is
5:00 pm
hanging in the air creating unhealthy conditions that are just as bad, maybe even worse than when the fire started a week ago. this is walnut creek late today, smoke so thick, look at, this you can barely see 680. it is still so bad out there. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's give you four more views of the unhealthy air all across the bay area today. you can see bad everywhere. san francisco, sfo, san rafael and san mateo. >> terrible. no relief here. let's get the latest on air quality right now from abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian. spencerer? >> live doppler 7. the gray areas represent smoke, not clouds. let me give you a look at current air quality. it is poor all across the bay area, or unhealthful. but very poor, especially in the coast and central bay, which includes san francisco and oakland. and by the way, we're expected to extend this -- have this air -- spare the air alert extended through next tuesday. now this graphic shows you the measure of fine particulate
5:01 pm
matter in the


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