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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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unhealthy conditions that are just as bad, maybe even worse than when the fire started a week ago. this is walnut creek late today, smoke so thick, look at, this you can barely see 680. it is still so bad out there. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's give you four more views of the unhealthy air all across the bay area today. you can see bad everywhere. san francisco, sfo, san rafael and san mateo. >> terrible. no relief here. let's get the latest on air quality right now from abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian. spencerer? >> live doppler 7. the gray areas represent smoke, not clouds. let me give you a look at current air quality. it is poor all across the bay area, or unhealthful. but very poor, especially in the coast and central bay, which includes san francisco and oakland. and by the way, we're expected to extend this -- have this air -- spare the air alert extended through next tuesday. now this graphic shows you the measure of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere. that's what makes the air look
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hazy and smoky and pose as hazard to our health. san francisco, oakland and redwood city are in the very unhealthful categories with the purple boxes. everyone else is in the red meaning a poor air quality. that's going to persist for a while because wind at the surface is calm. well don't have a strong enough wind flow to mix the air out of here. the forecast for the next three days calls for little improvement, poor air quality through the weekend, at least. christian? >> spencer, thank you. meantime, smoke from the camp fire is still visible from space. these are pictures from the university of wisconsin. and due to the poor air quality, san francisco cable cars are getting pulled off the streets. sfmta says bus shuttles will be providing service for the rest of the day and tomorrow. also tomorrow, muni service will be operating on a nonschool day schedule. >> schools in san francisco and many other bay area counties will be closed tomorrow. >> alameda county schools, contra costa, marin and solano county schools have made that
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decision. san francisco public schools and schools in the archdiocese of san francisco will be closed. but not all in the district of san mateo will be closed though some will be. >> san francisco state, usf, cal state east bay, san jose state and santa clara university have also canceled classes. they don't want students walking across campus. we have a complete list of all the closures running across the bottom of your screen now. it is also posted on our website, >> i know. a lot of parents scrambling for child care when school is closed. the smoke is also making it tough on parents of kids who have not yet reached school age. >> live in walnut creek with that part of our coverage, eric? >> a typical fall day like this where it's crisp outside, parents might bring their kids to a playground like this one and let them work off excess energy. with the air so unhealthy, a lot
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of them are choosing to play indoors. parent after parent after parent headed in. that's what we saw when we pulled up outside the kids gym location in berkeley. and for one main reason. >> it's very smoky outside, and not smoky in here. so it's nice. >> the filtered air inside ensured that the youngsters could use their lungs to the fullest without breathing in a chest full of smoke. >> good job, honey. >> that's why jonathan brought his daughter lucia here. >> we're trying find a place better than home with good air for her to play in, because she needs to bounce around. >> when they're bouncing around here, they're not bouncing off the walls at home. >> i'm going stir crazy. >> they charge $15 a day for the toddlers and 12 dollars for their siblings, and business has been booming. >> the busy days would be like 300 kids. and on a normal day would be 100 kids. and then today, you know, this last few days we're averaging about 750 kids, not including their parents. >> that's just the opposite of
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what you'll find at many outdoor playgrounds in the bay area. there were just three kids playing at this walnut creek play structure when we arrived. mom blamed the smoke. >> we cannot stay long. we have to stay just a few minutes and go back. >> otherwise their health can suffer. >> she has been coughing a little bit more than usual. i'm not sure if it's the smoke or if it's a cold. but i definitely -- it definitely makes me nervous. >> kids whose parents haven't shown any sensitivity to the smoke are just as nervous. >> we don't know and we better not find out. >> the owner says the only comparable time is when we run into the rainy season. a lot of parents will want to bring their kids indoors for that. ironically, that's what they're hoping for. they're hoping for rain to wash some of the pollution out of the air. if they get some extra business because of, that so be it. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> thanks. here is why our air is so bad. the camp fire is still burning in butte county.
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140,000 acres burned. that's 2,000 acres more than yesterday. it is 40% contained. >> and the death toll stands at 56, by far the deadliest fire in state's history, and that number is expected to grow. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from paradise, which was just wiped out as you know with more on the search for victims. laura? >> well, hi, dan. i'm actually standing in a neighborhood to the west of town. last thursday the fire didn't get here until about midday. when we arrived last thursday about 2:00 in the afternoon, there were flames everywhere. the skies were dark, and there was a man driving around on his atv frantically trying to save his neighbors' homes. >> they've been working their butt off in their house. and they lost it all. >> this is patrick knutsen, a resident of paradise at the height of the camp fire last thursday, driving his atv through his neighborhood, one
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engulfed in flames looking like midnight at 2:00 in the afternoon. and this is knutsen today, riding that same atv through the same neighborhood, one week later. >> we saved what we could. couldn't save it all. but we saved plenty. i'm sure people will be pleased. it was a rough ride, but i made it through it. the tractor didn't quite make it through it. >> knutsen showed us his tractor still lying in a ditch when he tried to cut a firebreak but couldn't see in the thick smoke. kristen harvey and her daughters were out there too, even after their home burned. they tried feverishly to save others. >> ours was gone. we tried to fight it off. we couldn't fight it off. it took ours. there was cars in driveways and we started pulling them mount the road. >> at one point ariane harvey and her sisters took refuge in a metal warehouse. >> all three were in there and crying and scared. and at one point the dog ran
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away and we couldn't go outside to get him and we were terrified. >> despite what they've been through, this family has no plans to leave paradise. and they know they're the lucky ones, because everyone in their family survived. the grim task of locating and recovering human remains is ramping up in paradise and surrounding communities, with the help of several bay area police and fire agencies. there are now nearly 500 searchers on scene and nearly two dozen cadaver dogs working tirelessly in neighborhoods where hardly a home remains standing. >> even for myself coming up here, i've been a firefighter for 20 years, it took my breath away with the devastation up here. just how bad things actually were. and i think that's what we're trying to express to the people who want back in so bad how terrible conditions are up here right now. >> now as we speak, the official list of those unaccounted for stands at 130, but i can tell
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you that some of those folks may be okay. i was able to reach a couple, joe and patricia glenn. he is a pastor in paradise. his church burned to the ground, and i was able the reach his wife patricia on her cell phone. they have safely evacuated to williams. we're expecting an update at 6:00 as to how many folks are still on that list. in paradise, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> we'll carry that update live. laura, thank you. the white house announced today that president trump will travel to california to get a firsthand look at the fire damage. he'll come on saturday. no word yet on the itinerary for the president. the visit comes as the president has toned down his rhetoric on the fires. last weekend, mr. trump scolded state officials on twitter and blamed and threatened californians for what he called gross mismanagement of the forest. he has since backed off that -- those kinds of comments. a lot of anger and frustration as people try to get to their properties to tend to their animals.
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>> it's been a week. now wayne freedman has that part of our coverage from butte county. do. >> not ask how she made it this far behind the fire line. she will not disclose her connections. >> thousands are in jeopardy. >> thousands in stock and pets left stranded behind the fire lines. the owners have been in a panic because they can't get through to them. >> i don't need to stay there. i just want to make sure i can get in and out to feed. >> their owners had one hope which is why dozens showed up at county agriculture offices in oroville. many did not leave happy. >> we've had two horses and four dogs and five cats, and we got them all out. but i can't get the chickens. >> they had hoped for a letter that would allow passage through roadblocks. one small problem. the press release emease oh mil word, commercial. >> why is commercial livestock mother important than our livestock? >> because -- >> because why? >> agricultural commissioner lou
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mend do mendoza decide not write the policy. >> we're trying to get that language out so people understand it is for commercial. >> what is the difference between having commercial and livestock? >> their next heart attack hamburger. >> frustration and tempers building in the fire zone. >> i've had to break into houses to get dogs and cats because people couldn't get to them. we have permission from people to break into their houses to get their animals out. >> she never did find the cow here, nor a cat. she did leave food. >> if you don't do it? >> it might not get done. another call. i told you. >> and they keep coming. in paradise, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. and this series of satellite images put together by uc berkeley showing the rapid spread and devastation from the camp fire. take a look. it started near the town of pulga at 6:30 a.m. last
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thursday. there is a blue line on the map that indicates power lines. within four hours of starting, satellite images show the flames burned through about half of paradise. >> there is another stunning image of how fast the fire spread. the flames appear to leap about 2 1/2 miles ahead of the front line of the fire. expert says this is due to embers flying through the air. remember, at one point it was flying at something like 80 football fields a minute. >> communities are coming together with donations to help those affected by the camp fire. this was the scene inside the oroville municipal stadium. people in sonoma are also helping out. >> and for that let's go to abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard live in sonoma tonight. cornell? >> dan and christian, tons of hay bales on their way to butte county to help feed hungry horses and cattle. sonoma county got help after last year's wildfires. tonight many are paying it forward, and abc 7 viewers are helping out too. >> baby wipes.
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these backpacks for kids. >> mike shows us some of the donations collected this week by the sonoma rotary club. >> shocks, brushes. >> this trailer full of items now heading to the fire zone in butte county to help so many people in need. >> this is just how this valley is wired. this is how we do things. we like to help each other out. >> down the road, more than 100 donated hay bales are being loaded into a semi at old barn feed store to feed horses and cattle orphaned or displaced by the firestorm. >> i just want to make sure that these guys are taken care of. that's what we're all about. >> the community has been amazing. they've really reach outstanding out to the people in butte. >> barbara started this humanitarian relief effort to pay it forward, the same way she was help affidavit the north bay wildfires destroyed her horse barn last year. >> i can imagine what they're going through. i know others can't, but here in sonoma, we can. so we have the resources to help them. so we're going to do it.
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>> abc 7 news was here last sunday when the small donation drive began. our viewers saw it and stepped up in a big way to help. >> thank you to all the channel 7 viewers. you're really making a big impact. >> just in the last four days, the donation drive has collected more than $10,000 in cash and supplies to help butte county. >> because of you guys coming out, we were able to reach them, and i really appreciate them, cornell. i really do. you're my new best friend. one more hug. >> thank you. >> and we applaud barbara for her efforts and for everyone else who has stepped up to help. she says the donation drive will continue as long as the need is there. in sonoma county, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> thank you. if you want the help victims of the camp fire, we have information on how to do so on our website, there are opportunities to donate money and supplies. we also have information about volunteering if that's the way you would like to help out.
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wildfires, pg&e, and what happens next. >> pg&e is looking for rate payers to pick up the bill. that's why they're going through all these theatrics. >> an in-depth look at how all of us might be impacted. plus, the death of a silicon valley pioneer and how his work
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like it for the camp fire won't be known for months, but claims could be astronomical, 10s of billions of dollar, and pg&e already said it doesn't have enough insurance to cover that if it's found at fault. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks into the exposure that rate payers might have. >> one way or another, critics of pg&e believe rate payers will be bearing the cost of billions of dollars in liability claims if the state's largest utility
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is found responsible for the camp fire. it already has approval from state regulators to track wildland fire costs. it might seek a rate increase, for example. it allows pg&e to recover a cost by having the state issue long-term bonds that repairs would have to pay back over 20 or more years. it's estimated $1 billion in bonds could cost the average customer $5 per year. that rankles critics like mark tony of the utility watchdog group turn. >> i don't understand why people keep talking about saving pg&e when they're not doing their job of protecting the public safety like we're paying them to already. >> tony says pitting rate payers against shareholders to recover billions of dollars in claims needs to be reexamined. investors sold off pg&e's stock again today with shares falling another 30%. >> we simply can't have a
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situation where every year they come in and say we need a bailout. we need another bailout. we need a bigger bailout. that's not sustainable. >> the state public utilities commission is in the process of getting pg&e and other utilities to create plans to mitigate wildland fire hazards. >> it is time to think and do things differently. and that's what the puc should be looking at in these mitigation plans. >> the advocacy group turn also believes a state insurance fund should be created to compensate wildland fire victims regardless of fault. david louie, abc 7 news. >> the camp fire took the life of a silicon valley pioneer. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen looks at his legacy in personal computing. >> happier moments captured on this gofundme page show one of the here trophy's personal computer revolution, a friend and ally to many who would go on
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to help change as we know it. >> bill helped define a five-year period of computing. >> a look at some of the microcomputing devices that bill godbaut had a part of. a silicon valley legend died last week at his home in concow during the camp fire. >> bill was straight shooter. he told you what he thought, and he made sure he followed through with what he was promising. >> godbout was instrumental in streamlining a communication system that transferred data between components inside a computer, in this case the atair. he also created a successful computer parts company which for years made its home at the oakland airport. >> he provided a service, a business through which other people who could design things could bring products to market and where they could get the parts they needed to build the products they were designing. >> personal computer pioneer and
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inventor lee felsenstein worked with bill. >> the best example is a kind of hobbyist business person that built the industry for the first several years and set the direction of the industry. >> bill godbout, a man who left his mark in more ways that one. many mountain view, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we're going to start with a look at why the smoky air is lingering in the bay area. here is a look at the big, strong persistent weather system. bringing us warmer and dryer than average weather, but it's also capping or compressing and putting a lid on the air here at the surface. and the clockwise circulation around the center of high pressure is steering the smoke from the fires right down into the bay area. and as long as the air at the surface is trapped like that, its movement is inhibited and thus it lingers. the smoke and of course the declining air quality. right now we have visibility
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reduced to about one mile in most parts of the bay area. below a mile, just 3/4 at hayward. that's how thick the smoke is in the atmosphere right now. and the wind is generally calm or very, very light. so we don't have a strong enough wind to start to move that smoke out of here. thus we have these conditions. this is the view from sutro tower. and right now we have temperature readings on the seasonal side, but a little bit cool from upper 50s to about 60 degrees in most locations. a little cooler at half moon bay where it's 52 degrees right now. and as we look out from our rooftop camera, we see another location, napa, novato, livermore from mid 50s to about 60. but even cooler in vacaville where it's down to 46 degrees. it's cooling down early parts of solano county. hazy and smoky. these are our forecast featurers. the haze will linger through next tuesday with only slight improvement likely over the weekend as a sea breeze develops on saturday. at the moment it doesn't look like it's going to be a very strong breeze. we'll have a chance of rain next
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thursday, thanksgiving day. that may bring some welcome relief. but for the next three days we have poor air quality in store. that's saturday and sunday. tomorrow unhealthful. very poor air quality in the coast and central bay, inland east bay, south central bay and the santa clara valley. but this spare the air alert is likely to last through intersection tuesday. overnight, hazy once again. low temperatures will drop into the mid- to upper 30s in the inland valleys where it has been relatively schilly. right around the bay shoreline and on the coast. hazy sunshine, smoky conditions once again, poor air quality is expected once again. schools will be closed in many areas tomorrow. highs will range from low and mid-60s a the coast to upper 60s around the bay. upper 60s to about 70 in the inland areas. let's talk about the chance of rain next week. thursday, thanksgiving day, this is when we're starting our forecast animation, 7:00 in the morning next thursday. we'll see that first wave of rain come in and produce snow in
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the sierra followed by a second wave on saturday and sunday producing more rain and snow in the sierra. the seven-day forecast, we don't get any significant cooling until midweek next week just before that rain arrives. at that point, we can probably expect some stronger wind as well. but for the immediate forecast future, next few days, we see very little change. and maybe some slight improvement, but not enough to say we're going have clean air. >> okay, sorry. >> long stretch. >> thanks, spencer, very much. new video of man who has been missing ever since monday night san francisco 49ers game. you'll see it next and on world news with david muir. >> coming up, cars off highways. the images coming in as a deadly nor'easter hits several states. we'll go live. and the fbi now on the case. the american wife who reportedly
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released this new video showing 32-year-old ian powers leaving the stadium at about 8:50 monday night, more than a half hour after the game ended. cameras lost sight of him just after 9:00 near great america parkway. powers was visiting from spokane, washington. investigators say he sent a few texts and video chatted with his girlfriend, who attended the game with him before he just vanished. ground searchers have so far turned up nothing. as we approach the holiday season, abc 7 news and our parent company disney are committed to helping bay area food banks. >> abc 7 is proud to present to you a $15,000 check to benefit the alameda county community food bank so you can continue the outstanding work that you do for people in the bay area. >> thank you so much. this will go a long way towards ending hunger. we're grateful. >> at the food bank today, executive director susan baitsman told me each dollar really stretches far there they buy discounted food, goodies
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counted food in bulk, think vegetables. perfectly fresh and good for you. because of that, each dollar donated to the food bank covers what would be normally $7 worth of food. if you want to help out, you can donate or participate in local food drives. and dan that. >> serve 100,000 people a month and the need is growing. >> i've been to that food bank. it's an unbelievable facility. they do such good work. coming up next, a genius, two brothers and the fake heads. >> and the effor
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i'm ama daetz. coming up on abc 7 news at sick, we're going the take you back live to butte county. we're expecting important new information about the camp fire. plus, we're going let you know if there are any local school closures because of the smoke. and the bay bridge double whammy. the toll plaza and the metering lights. did you know the ride into san francisco is controlled by 1980s technology? wait until you see how the antiquated system works. it's part of our commitment to
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build a better bay area. all that plus much more coming up in just a half an hour on abc news at 6:00. dan, kristen? >> thanks a lot. see you then. visitors to alcatraz will soon get a better picture of how three convicts pulled off what some considered the most famous prison escape ever. >> today the fbi unveiled replicas of fake heads that frank morris and brothers made. the bank robbers placed them on their beds each night to fool guards while they were building a tunnel out of alcatraz. that was in 1962. >> fbi agent says the original masks are too fragile to be displayed but they wanted the public to be able to experience this part of history. >> the masks are 3-d printed but the hair and the paint on here is exactly what the prisoners did. the hair is from fbi employees a the laboratory. they were kind enough to donate so there is original human hair on here again. and this is what the original masks looked like. >> the prisoners were never found after their escape,
5:30 pm
despite a rigorous investigation. the mist continues. >> did they drown or did they make it? "world news tonight" with tonight, tracking a h tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly nor'easter. snow and ice from d.c. to philadelphia, new york to boston. cars off highways tonight. the images coming in now. thousands of flights delayed or canceled. the women coming forward tonight. what they say their professors allowed them to do. claims of hot tub parties, calling it a predator's club. the attorney who took on president trump, michael avenatti, arrested. now defending himself. >> i have never struck a woman, i never will strike a woman. > . >> what his ex-wife is now saying, and the woman he's now married to. the 911


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