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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 16, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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they're kids. >> their lungs aren't developing and all that. >> are you sad school is closed tomorrow? >> no. i'm real excited. >> reporter: you knew that was coming. best advice, stay indoors, keep your windows and doors shut if you can. if you have to be outside, limit your exposure. by all means, keep wearing that mask. we have ours. core knowingly bernard, abc 7 news. cornell, thank you. some school districts won't decide until this morning whether they will be closed or not. >> we have a full list on the crawl at the bottom of your screen and as soon as we get any additional word of closures, we will let you know. we have a list of events being canceled because of the bad air quality. but still happening tomorrow is the big game between cal and stanford. and the holiday lighting ceremony in san francisco
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happening this evening but the fireworks portion of the event is canceled. 4:30. here's mike nicco with a look at your smoky forecast. >> i have the going to show you the air quality. there. it popped up. you can see purple towards vallejo, fairfield. look at all the red. all of us are breathing unhealthy or very unhealthy air this morning. if you want clean air, head up to the sierra or southern california. all right. you can see how much haze is out there. you saw the flags blowing out toward the ocean. ain. it will keep pumping the smoke in. temperatures the same as it was yesterday. upper 30s to mid-40s at 7:00.
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mid-60s at 4:00. take a look at the roads this morning. very smoky, hazy bay bridge toll plaza. you can see a little stack up in the cash lanes on the left. that's about it. no metering lights yet. it is friday. a lot of folks not going to be going to school or work today due to these hazardous conditions. i think we will see light volumes. so far drive times are reflecting that. tracy to dublin, 29 minutes. dublin to mission in the green at 16. 101 to cupertino, still in the green at 16 minutes. alexis, thank you. the numbers from the camp fire are astonishing. the numbers continue to rise. and those unaccounted for increased exponentially. >> it stands at 63 killed the number unaccounted for has risen dramatically, up to 631.
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many people on the list may not know their names are on it. we have learned 9,700 homes have been destroyed, 1,000 more than officials reported yesterday. the fire has now burned 141,000 acres. it is 40% caped. >> evacuees are living in a tent city outside a walmart are being told they will have to leave soon. they will move to the butte county fairgrounds where the american red cross will have an indoor shelter. >> i don't really know what to think. i just know my home is gone. there's not enough shelters for everybody. they make it sound like there is enough shelters. there is not enough shelters available. >> the red cross does say that it has space at other shelters. the walmart encampment will be closed sunday at 1:00 p.m. the white house said
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president trump will travel to california to get a firsthand look at the fires tomorrow. no word when he will be here exactly and what his he will travel to paradise. the visit comes as the president has toned down his rhetoric on the fires. last weekend he scolded state officials on twitter and blamed californians for what he called gross mismanagement of forrests. three hotlines are taking calls from people reporting family and friends they vice president heard from sin the fire broke out. the sheriff's department is now taking dna samples as well from people who have reported those missing family members. hundreds of people and 22 cadaver dogs are searching paradise and nearby communities for those victims. certificate regulators are expanding an investigation into pg&e safety operation all balls of these recent wildfires. >> they reported an issue with the transmission in the lean.
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some are already suing pg&e. they can pass liability claims to rate payers. but the law won't take effect until next year. pg&e has lost $15 billion in market value since the camp fire. it has potential liabilities from claims exceed its insurance coverage. look at your screens. a series of satellite images put together by uc berkeley show the rapid spread and the devastation from the camp fire. it started 6:30 a.m. last thursday. that thin little line indicated the power lines. this other map, within four hours, showing the flames burning through half of paradise. the burned area was there in red. the image showing how fast the fire spread. this third image shows the flames appearing to leap for two and a half miles ahead of the fire front. experts say this is due to
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embers flying through the air. volunteers in the north bay are stepping up in a big way to help survivors of the camp fire. this is them paying it forward, the same way they were hepllped. baby wipes, backpacks, socks, and brushes were packed into a trailer and driven up to butte county. we have information on our website. there are opportunities to donate money and supplies. we also have information about volunteeri volunteering. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's take a look at temperatures where some of our worst air quality is, san leandro, oakland. 50 in el cebrante where some of the worst air quality is in in the entire state. everybody else low to mid-40s
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albany, san francisco, pacifica, where it is upper 40s to 50. northbound on 87 towards, yeah, san jose international. caution on the roads. mass transit. recirculate the air in your car. wear the n-95 mask if you have to be outside. 50 at 8:00 in san francisco. 64 at noon. north bay, 44 at 8:00. 66 at noon.70 at 2:00. down to 47 by 8:00. and here's a look at the south bay. 46 at 8:00. 67 at noon. down to about 55 at 8:00. so a little bit of a roller coaster in temperatures. i want to bring in alexis and ask her a question. we have kids off school. >> yeah. >> poor air quality. so maybe people working from home. friday light possibly? >> i think so. and the holiday next week too. so folks heading out a little bit early. i guess if there is any good news for your commute it will be
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likely lighter than average. live at the san mateo bridge. boy, we can see all the smoke and the haze lingering under the streetlights. it's really obvious there. as mike mentioned, put your venting system on recirculating that air throughout your vehicle so you are not breathing in fresh smoke. wear a mask. bart, 24 trains in service, no delays. vta, offering free rides today to just offer some breaks from the air quality. muni also offering free rides. definitely check before you go. those are options for you today. back to you guys. alexis, thank you. we are all coping with the smoke from the camp fire in butte county. for parents with young children, it's a special challenge. . . pay your toll and inch your
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities.
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[ crowd cheering ] cleaner air in socal. if you have to drive-through the central valley to get to it, the air quality will be unhealthy through tomorrow afternoon. low to mid-70s in san diego. 80s in palm springs. 66 in yosemite. tahoe, 59 today with sunshine. 54 and dry tuesday. look at the rain changing to snow wednesday. and snow for thanksgiving.
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mike, thank you. in the east bay, hayward police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. a man who police say had a weapon was hurt and taken to the hospital near sycamore avenue. this is a residential neighborhood. police have not said what led to the shooting. they would only say the man was armed with an edged weapon. returning to the wildfire >> a lot of us have been stuck indoors. it is hard for parents with restless toddlers. they are turning to indoor locations like this to release pent up energy. it allows kids to run around without breathing in a chestful of smoke. >> we're trying to find a place other than home with good air for her to play in. she needs to bounce around. >> busy day would be 300 kids. a normal day 100 kids. the last few days, we are
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averaging 750 kids, not including their parents. well, that tells the story, doesn't it? parents who let their children play outside are cutting play time short. some noticed their kids coughing more than normal because of the smoke. >> san francisco cable cars have been pulled off the streets to bus shuttles will be used. and muni operating on a non-school weekday schedule. there will be no service to and from schools. as part of the abc 7 news commitment to building a better bay area, we are looking to issues that affect our quality of life, like the commute. the most challenging is getting to and through the bay bridge toll plaza. let's take a look look at that now. usually you pay your toll and end up in a slow crawl to the metering lights. they are supposed to be repla d replaced, but when? welcome to commuter hell.
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from drone view 7 you can see how bad the morning commute is on interstate 80 to san francisco. once you get through the toll plaza, you slowly make your way to the dreaded metering lights. >> we're looking at a system that at best is approaching 40 years ago. >> the agency that manages bay area highways says the bay bridge can handle 10,000 vehicles an hour. so those metering lights are necessary. but he agrees the current metering lights need to go. >> it really needs to be completely rebuilt. >> the metering lights were added in 1974 to keep the bay bridge from being gridlocked. since then the bay area added 2.3 million people. there's only been one significant change to the lights. that was a software update in 1980. >> the metering lights are determined by the flow of traffic and the total number of cars on the highway that are accessing the highway. and at that point, once that
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determination has been made, they turn the metering lights on. >> two years ago we took you inside the caltrans traffic management center where that happens. when traffic increases on the bay bridge, they turn on the lights. manually. the mtc was supposed to start work on a new high-tech metering system last year. the $7 million upgrade will take advantage of the smart metering technology and move traffic more smoothly on the bay bridge. some is of the technology are already in place. sensors imbedded on onramps talk to others. signs turn on to warn drivers ahead. and direct them around collisions. >> so far, since it's been active, we have activated it 712 times. >> those signs have been in place since 2016. >> caltrans is continue to go monitor and fine-tune the system. the system is growing with traffic. sit not going to eliminate it
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but it helps us better judge what's happening on the highways. >> the bay bridge commute is expected to move a little smoother. don't expect the cash lanes to go away any time soon. >> it won't happen at the bay bridge for certain until we have a new metering light system in place and proven. >> expect the new metering lights to be fully operational by may of 2020. and we want you to be part of this conversation, how we can work on building a better bay area and making it easier to get where you want to go. share your ideas by adding the #betterbayarea on social media. >> i guess i assumed when we got the new span of the bay bridge they would have upgraded the system past 1980. >> i think a lot of people would have assumed that. stunning they have been there since '74. and the one upgrade was almost
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40 years ago. >> atari days. thanks, alexis. >> yeah. a lot of people just waking up and wondering if it's going to get any better today. >> it's not. >> no, it's not. >> i'm sorry, no. >> it's worse today, actually. >> it is in some areas. 335 in walnut creek. 352 in vallejo. above 200 in san francisco. it is very unhealthy. 196 in pleasanton. 187, santa rosa. if you look at the red, that's unhealthy. there's no clean air anywhere for us to breathe. walnut creek, looking south on 680. normally we can see a little bit more than three-quarters to a mile. we are on our eighth consecutive day of unhealthy air. the wind shifting a little bit tomorrow. it is not going to completely clear us out. if we can pull back to poor levels, that would be an
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improvement. the chance of rain six days away. still looking at thanksgiving. highs, mid to upper 70s save for a few 70s. 40s around the bay. 50 in san francisco. this is a wind shift starting tomorrow that will take some of the very unhealthy quality of our air away. it will still be unhealthy for a lot of us. thursday, most of the day, wet. friday night -- thursday night, friday morning, the rain rolls in. most of saturday is going to be quiet. most of sunday will be quiet. sunday night into monday, that's when our next chance of rain comes in after thanksgiving. my accuweather seven-day forecast. today is our last day of 70 except for sunday, barely. good morning, mike. overall, we're looking at a quiet morning on the roads. visibility layer showing all the smoke on our traffic maps today. we do have a closure of 880 at 23rd.
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however, the backup improving in the last few minutes. i'm wondering if caltrans wraps that up ahead of the 5:00 a.m. deadline. i will confirm with you in a few minutes. right now the bay bridge toll plaza, boy, it is really hazy this morning. we don't have metering lights on yet. that usually happens 5:20, 5:25. it is friday. a lot of folks are off school and off of work due to this terrible air qualitiment the drive times is really our gauge for whether or not it is friday light. tracy to dublin route is in the green at 30 minutes. that tells you what you need to know right there. antioch to concord, in the green at 13. and san rafael to san francisco, also in the green at 16 minutes. thanks, alexis. facebook fighting back after a bombshell article in the "new york times" accusing it of hiring a pr firm to discredit opponents. facebook's damage control. >> facebook executive sheryl
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sandberg is denying allegations that she stood in the way of investigators looking into election. facebook has cut ties with a pr fire to discredit critics. tkpwaps gps is getting bett. >> accessing a powerful european satellite system that will help with improving timing and accuracy just in time for your accuracy just in time for your thanksgiving traffic google maps ranked the top locations for each day and gives advice on when to go. the most popular search
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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vallejo and walnut creek, hazardous. that is as unhealthy as the air can get in your neighborhoods right now. i'll look at the four-day forecast and the promises of a little bit of relief. >> anything we will take. south bay, police have released video that will lead them to a 49ers fan who went missing. this video shows ian powers leaving the stadium 8:50 monday night. that's more than a half hour after the game ended. cameras lost site after 9:00 near great america parkway. powers was visiting from
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spokane, washington. santa clara police investigators say he sent a few texts and video chatted with his girlfriend before he vanished. democrats from flipped another congressional seat. katie porter will take the seat held by walters. democrats will control at least 44 of the state's 53 seats in 44 of the state's 53 seats in the house. onenaid if anyone thinks his confrontation with kevin durant will hurt the team, they're wrong. this happened after the warriors he said they have cleared the
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air. he admits he is an emotional player, and that is not going to change. >> sometimes you get the best of me. i'm going to live w that. it works in my favor to the good as my resume speaks more so than it does. >> the shouting match cost a one-game suspension without pay. that's $120,000, by the way. green didn't say if he apologized. durant said things will work out in the end and don't ask me about that again. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. and here it is. slightly cleaner air. still a spare the air alert through at least tuesday for the most sensitive and those with copd and the such. the rest of us it could be the
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cumulative effects that make us feel bad. 62 at 4:30, dropping down to 52 and a spare the air too tomorrow. i do want to update you on the situation in oakland. caltrans giving the thumbs up. all lanes back open before the 5:00 a.m. deadline. east bound 580 at 24, a vehicle lost control, spun out in the middle of the road. a truck hit it after that. not sure about injuries yet. emergency crews are headed to the scene right now. traffic into san francisco okay. a disabled vehicle on the upper deck there right around treasure island. another traffic update coming up around 5:00. thanks, alexis. a burger joint that used to boast one of the best views of the world is just a memory this morning.
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>> there it went. hundreds of people came to watch the demolition of the old observation post yesterday. it housed a it close indeed 2002. it will be part of 14 acres of new parkland that will connect chrissy park. >> i think i'll take the park over what was there for good. >> cable cars, alcatraz tours, schools all shut down because of the smoke. next where you can go to find blue skies. former president barack obama announced he is coming to the bay area and we have all the details. ho, ho -- hold on a minute. you can't cancel christmas but you can cancel santacon. a live look at 4:57 this morning. it is smoky out the
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the number of people killed from the camp fire increased in 63. and those unaccounted for jumped dramatically to 631. authorities say that spike is partly because the office is still going through dispatch logs. >> and the number of homes destroyed by the fires is up to 9,700. and president trump will be in paradise to look at the damage tomorrow. all of this as the air quality in the bay area has moved to the very unhealthy level. that's causing so many problems, including a massive amount of school closures. good morning on this friday, november 16th. wish we had better news to report to you this morning. >> yeah. it has been tough all around not


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