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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the number of people killed from the camp fire increased in 63. and those unaccounted for jumped dramatically to 631. authorities say that spike is partly because the office is still going through dispatch logs. >> and the number of homes destroyed by the fires is up to 9,700. and president trump will be in paradise to look at the damage tomorrow. all of this as the air quality in the bay area has moved to the very unhealthy level. that's causing so many problems, including a massive amount of school closures. good morning on this friday, november 16th. wish we had better news to report to you this morning. >> yeah. it has been tough all around not only for the fire victims in
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paradise but the rest of the bay area dealing with the bad air quality. mike, when will we get relief? it's worse. >> relief going from very unhealthy or unhealthy down to just poor or unsafe for sensitive groups. that will happen over the weekend. we won't get down to yellow and green until wednesday and when the rain arrives thursday. we are red and purple right now. everybody is very unhealthy or unhealthy. so none of us are breathing quality air this morning. all right. we'll turn it over to alexis and find out about the commute. all right. thank you, mike. trying to hold in the coffee. we are looking at the visibility layer on top of traffic maps. terrible air quality. justify so dense there. it is picking it up as if it were fog. of course it's not. state route 24 in oakland, that transition ramp is closed right now. both lanes of that due to a crash. a sedan lost control.
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it was facing the wrong way in the middle of the roadway. a truck hit that. i know the lanes are temporarily stopped in the area. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, a stack up on the cash lanes. next traffic update in 10 minutes. alexis, thank you. once again, let's talk about that bad air quality all across the bay area. >> it is forcing school districts to give kids an early start to their weekend. we don't have time to read all of them, they are that numerous. they are posted on abc 7 and our news app and they are scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we are constantly updating this page. check it out before you go to school this morning. >> the air is so bad even delivery services are limited. alameda p.d. is handing out n-95 masks to the homeless.
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it handed out 60 filtered masks last night. the cdc is emphasizing a very important note. most of those n-95 masks are only good for about eight hours. make sure you have several on hand. muni, vta and offer free rides. >> one thing you will not see today is cable cars. they stopped service yesterday. the cars won't be rolling around san francisco today. instead, they're going to replace it with bus service. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan is reporting on how it is having an impact. >> reporter: a group of tourists waited in line for the cable cars which they didn't know weren't coming. they were sent back to the barn as air quality throughout san francisco reached dangerously high levels. the decision was made to pull them off the streets. a big downer for some foreign tourists. >> it is different.
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not like new zealand. >> reporter: they are standing in line not for tickets but refunds. the night tours all canceled. >> i was excited. finally get to go explore alcatraz. yeah, bummer. >> reporter: in all, 11 daily tours for friday also canceled once again due to the poor air quality. >> it is not ideal. we don't want to cancel our tours. but we want to make sure it's a little bit safer for both our crew and visitors alike. >> reporter: it is lights out at the union scare ice rink. they are closed until further notice. it is not just the big tourist attractis. norgian tourists had to cancel lunch. >> it is the cafe close to the bridge where we were supposed to have our lurch, and it was closed. >> because of the weather? >> because of the weather, the air quality. >> reporter: the poor air may be an in convenience but it's nothing compared to the suffering of those devastated by these wildfires. not everything is closed. museums will be open today. in fact, some are offering
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discounts, even free admission for those looking to do something indoors. anser hassan, nbc 7 news. tourists are having a tough time in the bay area, but some locals are just getting out of here to avoid the smoke. >> tourism season usually ends in november but hotels are filling up. it is moderate levels. dean owns a restaurant in santa cruz. he said there's fresher air the farther south you go. >> i had another couple who came through today. they came from monterey. they said down there it was beautiful. >> it certainly looks like that. the photos show blueish skies where an east bay family got a break from smoke. some hotels have openings but they maisel out closer to tomorrow. >> it almosteesei to see a picture of blue skies. we haven't seen them in so long.
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>> let's check how things are going with mike and when the air will finally get out of here. >> great question. it's what everybody is talking about. let me show you monterey right now and the reason why they are dealing with such good air. they have yellow, moderate air. a hard time climbing over the hills and mountains to the east. it is making it to capitola. you are likely to run into red in the bay area. purple is very unhealthy, stretching out to modesto, yuba city and chico where it's hazardous right now, the worst it can be. the western slope, into the machines you can see yellow and green all up and down the spine of the sierra. and look at that. if you wanted to go to socal, do it. cheap flight. 95 one. six-hour drive and you're into the fresh air once again. we will talk about when ours will clear out, and it will be a slow go, coming up. on that note, mike, a lot of
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people heading down to santa cruz or monterey. but people are taking it one step further and getting a flight out of the bay area. >> today will be one of the busiest days because of thanksgiving travel season next week at sfo. that's where we find jobina fortson right now. jobina? >> reporter: good morning. a quarter of all flights were delayed here yesterday because of the poor air quality. ihave a little bit of good news. i just checked the board. so far things are running smoothly this morning. behind me the security line is starting to stack up here. around this same time yesterday, smoke was blanketing the airport. the national service tweeted out visibility was around three miles. this is expected to be a busy travel day for people who take all thanksgiving week off. others are just trying to get out of town for the weekend to breathe in clean air. vacationers from north carolina, texas, and washington. many of them had their trips skpwab
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impacted by smoke? some form and seemed excited to get back home >> i tried to be careful while i was here. i usually go hiking. it was disappointing to be in all weekend. >> it's different definitely. it looked like flying into los angeles. >> i'm excited to be getting my flight, to be back in seattle and be like in the rainy city with fresh air. >> reporter: right now it is still smoky outside the airport. i did check the air quality inn decks on my phone. it shows it is 217 here. for now reporting live at the san francisco international airport, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i want to reiterate something reggie said. those masks only last eight hours. wow. we have been in this eight days. let's see, there's three eight-hour inclements thinin de
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day. we have 31, rohnert. napa, 35. the closer you get to the water, tiburon, mid to upper 40s. 50, el cebrante. mid to upper 40s for daly city, alameda. san jose, 41. the rest of us in the mid to upper 30s. even frost in san ramon. gold especialen gate bridge, th hanging out. if you can wait to be out and about doing anything today, the air will be dangerous for all of us. if you have to be out, i will give you the forecast. that's what i'm here to do. we will pretty much stay in the upper 30s to mid-40s. towards noon, all the hazy sunshine and hazardous air and temperatures around 63 to 66. we'll cool off at the he coast. rest of us in the mid to upper 60s. this evening, hanging out 50 to 56 degrees.
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take a look at the weekend forecast and the chance of rain. all right. good morning, mike. i want to take you back into the oakland area. not a lot of details. eastbound 580, a crash on the connector to state route 24. it is closed right now. a sedan lost control and it was facing the wrong way when it was hit by a vehicle. emergency crews are just arriving. we should get more information shortly. eastbound 580, heavy due to road work. 7 miles per hour through altamont pass. westbound side still pretty light. that's coming in 17 miles per hour. all clear on the bay bridge into san francisco. a disabled vehicle around treasure island. that has been pushed off to the right shoulder. thanks, alexis. in the east bay, oakland police are offering a reward to help solve a homicide that happened earlier this year. surveillance video shows three suspects on international boulevard around 2:00 in the morning, august 11th. all of a sudden you see gunshots being fired.
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those three suspects then run past the camera. christian valdez negretti was shot and killed. oakland police says $20,000 will go to whoever helps identify the shooter and the other suspects you can help camp fire victims. the fund raiser that is happening right now. new details about this couple and homeless man accused of running a viral go fund me scam that raised nearly half a million dollars. you don't want to miss rand random animals spot indeed snowstorms. >> is that a new segment now? >> it is. a live look out there right now. steu still smoky.
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isn't the anticipation of the upcoming rain really getting to you? especially in this unhealthy air. it is still fire season. that's why we are so looking forward to that rain. i will show you that coming up in less than 7 minutes. first, reggie teased it and i'm going to bring it to you. random animals caught in snowstorms. look what someone spotted yesterday on the road in pennsylvania. that's right. that's a camel. that's not snow. that's not a desert. it is tied to a van along the
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highway because the his name is einstein. the van got stuck. he never made it to the event. instead, he went back to the petting zoo. >> i love how that is the explanation. oh, they're having an event for the camel. >> ask no more questions. just accept that as a reality. >> camel caught in a snowstorm. i'm questioning the name einstein. >> very good, jess. new details on the heart warming tale of paying it forward that authorities now say is a total lie.
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happening now, the warriors launched a benefit relief effort for the camp fire. the team will be matching all donations up to $25,000.
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the warriors are auctioning off six signed jerseys. they are all available, including one from steph curry. all the proceeds from the jersey auction and the online donation page will go to the north valley community foundation. community foundation. we posted links to both wells fargo announcing it is cutting 1,000 jobs across the u.s., including eight in the bay area. most of the layoffs are in the home lending division because there's been a decline in mortgage applications. affected employees are available for benefits through january 13th. launching thousands of satellites into orbit to provide earth with wireless internet access. it was approved yesterday. it will take spacex several
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years to build 12,000 satellites. a san mateo man who collects lime scooters is suing the company. he is classified and other workers as inspect contractors. lime calls them juicers. they collect them, recharge them and return them to designated parking designations. the man said he makes $2 to $5 an hour after expenses. he climbs lime should treat them as employees and pay minimum wage and expense reimburse manies. lime has not yet comment on the suit. >> the man who organized a san francisco santacon said the party will go on. he posted on the event page yesterday saying city officials plan to shut down the event december 8th because it is a safety issue. so i guess it won't go on. he said he can't stop people from dressing up as santa and coming to union square to drink at bars. it will be an unofficial
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santacon, if you will. hundreds of people participate every year. we will see if it's going to be the same turnout if it is not such an organized event. seems to be a little conflict there. if you want to run down the embarcade embarcadero in your santa outfit, you can do that any day of the year. >> and they do. >> in all seriousness, i've been talking about it the last couple of days. yesterday and today the worst days. winds will shift tomorrow. here's the forecast. it will take us from very unhealthy down to four. that means the most sensitive groups will have issues. you may too after being out in the smoke eight days in a row. air quality will improve slowly over the weekend, stay poor through tuesday. once the rain comes in, the wind shift wednesday before the rain,
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weill go back again, some delays because of the smoke. day eight of unhealthy air. chilly don't. the smoke will linger. the rainy holiday weekend is coming at us. about seven, eight days from now. let's talk about today's temperatures. 70, santa rosa. ukiah, fairfield, santa cruz. everybody else in the 60s. 32, santa rosa tonight. frost in the san ramon valley. san francisco at 50. 7:00 thanksgiving morning, still dry. the first system swoops from the north and brings us rain. showers for saturday morning. a little clearing saturday afternoon through sunday afternoon. sunday night, the next chance of rain comes in. watch our temperatures. we're still going to have one more day of 70s sunday. low to mid-60s next week with
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the rain and clean air. boy, are we going to soak it in. alexis. oh, man, cannot wait for that, mike. we are looking at traffic maps with fairly light volumes. it's friday. a lot of jobs and schools are shutting down. due to the poor air quality. extra light volumes today. eastbound 580 at state route 24, crash blocking the connector. a little bit of backup in the air. good us, though, i heard we don't have any injuries due to the two-vehicle collision. bay bridge toll plaza, no official word that the metering lights are on, but it is starting to fill in maybe a little bit earlier than i anticipated with the volumes being lighter here today. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, 6 minutes. wall creek to highway 13, 8 minutes. tracy to dublin, 36 minutes. thanks, alexis. in today's gma first look, four of the military's most highly trained fighters are charged in
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the death of an army green beret. in this morning's gma first look, four members of the military's most elite units charged with murdering a green beret. the two accused navy s.e.a.l.s were members of the most revered elite team in the navy, s.e.a.l. team 6. they are now charged with murder, along with two marines, also elite special operators. it happened last year while the men were deployed to the african country of mali. the four operators broke down the door to melgar's sleeping quarters. he was restrained with duct tape and in a choke hold. they tried to cover their tracks. more on the motive at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm martha rad its, abc news,
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washington. next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. >> a woman falls hundreds of feet to her death on a cruise ship. notorious escape from
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all right. it is 5:25. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are 7 things to know before you go. there you go. red and purple. two of the worst air qualities that we can have right now are sitting right on top of us. i do have a new forecast model that will show a little bit of relief come this weekend. i'll have that coming up. >> number two, the smoke hazard is forcing many schools across the bay area to close today. oakland unified and other districts canceled classes after getting complaints from students and staff about headaches and breathing problems. >> number three, due to the poor air, the sfmta stopped cable car service. instead, there will be bus
5:26 am
service. >> number four, expect flight delays at sfo again today because of the smoke. a live look at the airport. today is supposed to be a busy travel day for people leaving early for thanksgiving. some people are just trying to leave the bay area to get away from the smoke. >> it's all because of the camp fire. number five, at least 63 people have been killed in butte county in the camp fire. that has gone up. the fire has burned 141,000 acres. 40% contained. the white house says president trump will travel to california to get a firsthand look at the fire damage tomorrow. >> number seven, overall, we're fairly quiet on the roads here this morning. we have had one incident to talk about, and that is a crash in the east bay, eastbound 580 to 24 is closed. no injuries involved. thank you, alexis. alcatraz will soon get a better
5:27 am
and creepier picture of how three convicts pulled off the most famous prison escape ever. >> the fake heads made by frank morris and brothers john and clarence anglin. they placed them on their beds each night while they were building out a tunnel. the original masks are too fragile to be displayed. but they wanted them to experience this part of history. the prisoners were never found after their escape despite a rigorous investigation. >> fascinating. >> alcatraz will be closed. no ferries to get there because of the smoke. >> and of course the folks operating the tours want their crews to be safe. of course the tourists as well. >> coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the truckl donations heading to butte county fire victims. you pay your bay bridge toll and inch your way to
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pick a live shot, any live shot. because no matter where we show you, smoke will appear. >> from the bay bridge toll plaza, to san rafael, he unhealthy air is everywhere in the bay area. >> now we will take a look at what it looks like from our station along the embarcadero. if it feels like this is the worst it's been, it's because this is the worst its been. >> it is really noticeable from the last few days. >> the winds will start to shift tomorrow. that will clean things up. we were talking about filter systems. i put a merv 13, it is an acronym for filters. if you get 8 or better, that will filter the smoke in your house. the cracks in your windows or
5:31 am
door jambs it will let a little in. but that will really help. my house is pretty comfortable. >> good tip. >> come over and breathe the fresh air. or if you have an air purifier, obviously run it. you need it. as you mentioned, there is no clean air anywhere in the bay area. we are healthy, unhealthy or very unhealthy. that is red or purple. there's the new forecast model. you can see this morning. look the at the red and purple over top of us. it will hang through midnight. notice the southeasterly winds kick in. it is blowing some of the heavier smoke away from us as we head through the day saturday, into sunday. we are still going to have a spare the air alert. but the unhealthy air may be gone tomorrow. fingers crossed. >> got everything crossed over here, mike. the bay bridge toll plaza. yes, it's smoky. the metering lights on early.
5:32 am
5:20 the official time. we have pretty light volumes with it being friday. a lot of employers saying stay home. we want you to stay out of the hazardous air. tracy to dublin, slowly starting to fill in. 37 minutes. you're in the yellow. dublin to mission, in the green, at 15. northbound 85, 101 to couper team know, 15 minutes. alexis, thanks. once again schools are closed in various districts. >> all over the bay area. cornell bernard live at vista point on the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: hey, guys. when will it end? another tough day from all of that choking smoke. i can definitely feel it and smell it in the air. check this out. the smoky haze here on the golden gate bridge. as for the skyline of san francisco, it is totally shrouded from vista point. you can't even see the beacon
5:33 am
either. because of that, most schools in the bay area canceled classes due to the smoke hazard. on thursday afternoon, the smoke was heavy in berkeley. according to, the air quality was 334, which is totally unhealthy for everyone. oakland unified and other districts canceled school today after getting complaints students from headaches. >> we have heard of some people having headaches, things like that. >> there are things to do at home. color, legos. after a while they get agitated, want to go outside and play around. >> reporter: lots of indoor activities today. the best advice, stay indoors if you can. keep your doors, keep your windows shut. if you plan to be outside, experts say limit your exposure.
5:34 am
by all means, keep wearing that mask. we certainly have ours today. live at vista point in marin county, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> in idea, cornell. thank you. some school districts won't decide whether they will be open or not until later this morning. >> we have a complete list on the crawl at the bottom of your screen. you can also throughout the day check we are updating both as we get word of any additional closures. we have a list for you of events being canceled today and this weekend because of the bad air quality. it is not just the schools. still happening tonight is the embark the darrow holiday lighting ceremony but the fireworks portion is canceled. the big game between stanford and cal will still happen tomorrow as of now. if you are going to that, you're still in the clear. still happening, top golf crush at at&t park, they are monitoring the air quality but
5:35 am
say the event will still going on. things are progressively getting worse, though. we will let you know if any of that changes. >> this is a product of the real tragedy to the north of us, the camp fire. the number of confirmed dead continues to go up. and the list of those unaccounted for has increased exponenti exponentially. >> the official death toll is at 63 killed. the number unaccounted for has risen dramatically, up to 631. many people on the list may not know their names are on it. we have learned 9,700 homes have been destroyed, 1,000 more than officials reported yesterday. the fire has now burned 141,000 acres. it is 40% contained. all right displaced people will be displaced again. some evacuees are living in a tent city outside a walmart are being told they will have to
5:36 am
leave soon. they will move to the butte county fairgrounds where the american red cross will have an indoor shelter. >> i don't really know what to think. i just know my home is gone. there's not enough shelters for everybody. they make it sound like there is enough shelters. there is not enough shelters available. >> they have to do it. >> the red cross does say that it has space at other shelters. the walmart encampment will be closed sunday at 1:00 p.m. the white house said president trump will travel to california to get a firsthand on his itinerary.tomorrow. he will land in yuba county and la weekend he scolded state officials on twitter and blamed californians for what he called gross mismanagement of forests.
5:37 am
three hotlines are taking calls from people reporting family and friends they haven't heard from since the fire broke out. the sheriff's department is now taking dna samples as well from people who have reported those missing family members. hundreds of people and 22 cadaver dogs are searching paradise and nearby communities for those victims. state regulators say they are expanding an investigation into pg&e safety operations because of these recent wildfires. >> they reported an issue with the transmission in the line. some are already suing pg&e. they can pass liability claims to rate payers. but the law won't take effect until next year. pg&e has lost $15 billion in market value since the camp fire. it says potential liabilities from claims exceed its insurance
5:38 am
coverage. look at this. a series of satellite images put together by uc berkeley show the rapid spread and the devastation from the camp fire. it started 6:30 a.m. last thursday. that thin little line indicated the power lines. this other map, within four hours, showing the flames burning through half of paradise. the burned area was there in red. the image showing how fast the fire spread. this third image shows the flames appearing to leap for two and a half miles ahead of the fire front. experts say this is due to embers flying through the air. volunteers in the north bay are stepping up in a big way to help survivors of the camp fire. many say this is paying it forward, the same way they were helped after the north bay wildfires. sonoma rotary club collected donations this week. items like baby wipes, if you want to help victims of information on how you can do it on our website,
5:39 am
there are opportunities to donate money and supplies. we also have information about volunteering. you are never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. a in at least three reporting stations are at our worst level for air quality. hazardous air in walnut creek, san francisco, and vallejo right now. very unhealthy, oakland, san mateo, san jose. unhealthy in pleasanton, santa rosa. you cannot find clean air anywhere in the bay area. cool temperatures in menlo park. 40s along the peninsula. pacifica, 54. 37 there in half moon bay. we have 30s and 40s just about everywhere else. freezing cold in san ramon. 51 in san francisco. look at the visibility. that's how thick the smoke is this morning. you can see it hanging in the air. westbound across the san mateo
5:40 am
bridge. recirculate the air in your cars. wear the n-95 mask. something reggie mentioned and i didn't know, it only lofts eight hours. limited visibility on the ferry because of what you're seeing here from our roof camera. a look at our accuweather 12-hour planner. temperatures and conditions mirror yesterday. yesterday and today will be our worst days for air quality. we're going to have temperatures that will be pretty comfortable if you are venue customering outside. low to mid-60s at noon. 67 at 4:00. evening activities, pick the best. low to mid-50s. trying to be a little humorous. it is really draining when this is the eighth consecutive day of unhealthy air. there are improvements coming and rain. i'll bring in alexis to talk about the commute. is everybody going to work or school? >> that's the story. a lot of folks are not. a lot of schools are closed
5:41 am
today. a lot of employers are saying stay home, stay out of this unhealthy air. you can see the smoke and haze on the richmond-san rafael bridge. carpool lanes fine. a little bit of wait to get through the toll plaza. mass transit agencies also hoping to make things a little bit easier for you. 42 bart trains in service, no delays. self of them, vta, muni and san trans all offering free rides to offer a little bit of refuge from that terrible air quality. as far as abc 7 news commitment to building a better bay area, we are looking for solutions to issues that affect our quality of life like the commute. one of the most challenging is getting to and through the bay bridge toll plaza. of course those dreaded metering lights. they were installed in 1974 to keep the bay bridge from being gridlocked. mtc was supposed to start work on a new high-tech metering system last year, but that got delayed. the $7 million upgrade will take
5:42 am
advantage of the latest smart metering technology and hopefully move traffic more smoothly on the bay bridge. don't expect those cash toll lanes to go away any time soon. >> it's not a matter of if we go to all electronic toll collection, but really a matter of when. it won't happen at the bay bridge for certain until we have a new metering light system in place and proven. >> and you can expect those metering lights to be fully operational by may of 2020. we want you to be part of this conversation. how can we work on building a better bay area and making it easier to get where we want to go? share your ideas by adding #betterbayarea on social media. >> 2020 seems so far away. but that's only a year and a half. >> we're at the end of 2018 now. that's crazy to believe. hopefully that part will make it a little bit better. reggie, i know you perked up. i thought we were getting rid of all the toll booths.
5:43 am
so that can't happen until they change the metering light system for the bay bridge. other bridges may change before that. >> progress is being made. slowly. >> yeah. we'll take any progress we can get, though. >> thanks, alexis. what is up with the warriors? draymond green and coach steve kerr are talking about the infamous incident this week as they lose again. crackin down you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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67 monterey. sacramento, 68. 66 in yosemite. look at this. yeah, look at wednesday and thursday. that's when the rain changes over to snow and accumulation for thanksgiving. if you're leaving, head up tuesday. >> this morning the fbi is investigating the death of an american woman on a cruise ship. >> this morning it's still unclear how she went overboard. the 52-year-old was on a princess cruise with her husband in the caribbean.
5:47 am
on tuesday she fell 14 stories from the upper deck onto a life boat and died. an autopsy done in aruba shows she died of unnatural causes. the prosecutor is looking at every angle, including possible homicide. authorities say the husband is not a suspect at this time. more action to curb teenage smoking. the fda is looking to ban menthol cigarettes. menthol hides the harshness of smoke which makes smoking more appealing to young people. according to the wall street journal, menthol accounts for roughly a third of cigarettes sold in the u.s. the fda also wanting to restrict flavored e-cigarettes. take a look at these numbers from the fda. over the past year, there's been a 78% increase in the number of high school students who vape. the number of middle school students who vape rose 48%. the fda wants to ban sales at gas stations and require age
5:48 am
verification for online sales. now to the warriors drama. all-star dre mopped green says if anyone thinks his confrontation with kevin durant will hurt the team, they're wrong. green made his first blacklick comments about monday night's shouting watch after the warriors lost to the clippers. he said he and durant have cleared the air. he admits he's an emotional player and that is not going to change. >> sometimes you get the best of me. it doesn't work to my favor. i'm going to live with that because it works in my favor to the good. as my resume speaks and this team resume speaks more so than it does -- >> the shouting match caused green a one-game suspension without pay, which amounts to $120,000, by the way. green didn't say if he apologized. durant says things will work out. steve kerr after their loss
5:49 am
we are banged up spiritually. no getting around that. so it's not in the past like a ponytail, right? yahoo! reports green told durant something along the lines of we don't need you. we won without you. leave. >> yikes! i can't say anything about their on-court performance. if reality tv is any indication, i think more fans will turn up for the drama. >> oh, yeah. a little more interesting, right? >> this is housewives flip the table kind of moments here. ? the food table in the locker room. absolutely. you know, it's going to be steve kerr's best coaching job if he can get back to another championship. he will have to manage the egos and every bit of that salary. when you break that chemistry in the locker room like that, man,
5:50 am
things can go south fast. good luck, guys. we'll be watching and rooting you on. 5:50 on a friday. never more than 7 minutes away from unhealthy air quality. yeah, there it is. purple and red. unhealthy to very unhealthy. some areas peaking in the hazardous in places like san francisco and walnut creek. it doesn't get any worse than that. health warnings of emergency conditions. that's what we are seeing in san francisco and walnut creek with those hazardous readings that we are seeing in some of the neighborhoods. smoke hanging in the air from emeryville day eight. hopefully monday we won't be on day 11. we'll see. chilly. smoke lingers tonight. rainy through the holiday weekend. let's look at temperatures. pretty much the same the last couple of days because nothing is changing. that's why the air has gotten worse the last two days. a few 70s inland. tonight, change, clouds developing, marine layer trying to develop. temper in the 30s and 40s
5:51 am
in most neighborhoods. thanksgiving morning, 7:00, a few sprinkles, a little drizzle. then thursday night, friday morning, the first wave of rain rolls through. most of saturday and sunday will be rain-free, maybe a slight shower here or there. sunday at 7:00, another chance of rain rolls in. temperatures will cool to the low to mid-60s by monday. pairly into the mid-60s for thanksgiving with that rain. alexis? all right. good morning, mike. we haven't had a lot of major problems. our biggest issue was a crash eastbound 580 at the connector to 24. that was closed for 30 minutes. giving you the thumbs up. residual delays cleared out quickly. metering lights on here at the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:20. pretty early honestly for a friday. pretty light volumes. a lot of folks out of work and school today. highway 4 to the maze, a new
5:52 am
crash near university. working on getting more details there. you're in the green still at 19 minutes. 9-minute drive across the bay bridge through the toll plaza. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo. if you are getting out this morning, you shouldn't have delays getting to the airport anyway. still in the green at 9 minutes. thanks, alexis. "american idol" returns in a couple months. a contestant hollywoo hollywood. new details about the 49ers
5:53 am
5:54 am
in the south bay, police went missing after monday
5:55 am
night's game at levi's stadium. this video shows ian powers leaving the stadium 8:50 monday night. that's more than a half hour after the game ended. cameras lost site after 9:00 near great america parkway. powers was visiting from spokane, washington. santa clara police investigators say he sent a few texts and video chatted with his girlfriend before he vanished. ground searches so far have turned up nothing. facebook is in full damage control mode after the publication of a bombshell story in the "new york times". in this story, they are accused of going to great lengths to initial or distort its part of the data analytics scandal.
5:56 am
accusing it of hiring a pr firm to discredit opponents. >> facebook executive sheryl sandberg is denying allegations that she stood in the way of investigators looking into election. switching over to traffic. we are looking at a fairly light day. of course you are dealing with that hazardous air on your commute once again. looking live at south bay. no significant issues. starting to see inbound 101 fill in. a quick check of mass transit. i have one note to pass along. parking lot tells us there is a 10-minute delay at bay fair station due to equipment problem with the train. that is all directions. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let me give you the forecast you were hoping to see. hazardouserhealyouality. ok at our new forecasting
5:57 am
tool. this is the smoke this morning. you can see is the reds and the oranges out there from sacramento towards us. this is going to sit on top of us all day today. here we are at midnight. you can see the wind shift start to move in and blow the most unhealthy air away from us start saturday morning. pockets of unhealthy air. look at the reds and orange and purples are gone by sunday. today is the peak of the most unhealthy air. good to know, mike. thank you. the cdc is warning people about more cases of salmonella tainted beef from an arizona come. 66 cases in california and 246 nationwide linked to jbs tollsome. the company recalled 7 million pounds in early october. a total of 59 people have been hospitalized. next at 6:00, the dange bay area. many of us wearing specialized masks. but the cdc isng warning
5:58 am
this morning
5:59 am
6:00 am
i feel unhealthy. >> for the eighth straight day, air quality in the bay area is he bad. i'm talking about really, really bad. it was the worst in the world. even worse than delhi, india, one of the most polluted cities in the world. >> when i saw that, it blew me away. still picking up the haze like san rafael to san jose. >> we're not kidding. a lot of people


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