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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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one degree better into the category of sensitive for oakland, san francisco and redwood city but overall, we're looking at minimal changes. the heavy smoke and fog has lifted to the north since yesterday but notice, here is today, we're still under that shade of light green and blue and that means we've got the haze, spare the air alert and poor air quality through tomorrow but i think even as we go into tuesday, notice the darker blue, we'll see a stronger on shore push and that's going to maybe better air. here is the next four days. unhealthy for most today, tomorrow and tuesday slight improvements and wednesday moderate air quality. there is fog and cold temperatures in the north bay. 28 right now. 51 downtown. so today another day with hazy afternoon sun and we're looking at wintery weather arriving midweek matt? >> thanks. while air quality is slowly improving, many are still wearing masks. in some places, they are getting harder and harder to come by.
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cornell bernard shows us the mad dash for masks. >> reporter: the line is long at ace hardware in p almost every customer in search of the same thing. >> 95 masks. >> reporter: parent gail sherman can't wait for the masks s ordered on amazon to arrive. >> it's serious and gone on for days and i want to guard my family's health. >> reporter: how many are you buying? >> five. >> reporter: five is the limit per customer and they posted a sign telling customers the store has gone to great lengths to keep the masks in stock. >> one of our employees drove to bakersfield to acquire more masks. >> reporter: finding masks wasn't easy for jerry anderson and his wife betty. >> we went out last night and cvs askand walgreens sold out. >> reporter: the unhealthy air remains smoky and thick in most parts. >> we want everybody to hang in there and protect yourself, protect your children and protect your pets by staying inside. >> reporter: santa clara county
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made clean air centers availa e available, mostly libraries where there is bigger crowds than usual for a saturday. monica brought her kids. >> we're having cabin fever being stuck indoors. >> reporter: most outdoor activities from football games to festivals have been cancelled across the bay area. >> it's impacting people in interesting ways and reminding us how little control we have in life. >> reporter: cornell bernard. some bay area students will have unexpected days off this week. santa clara university cancelled classes because of the air quality. the school plans to stay closed through next sunday. ross school will be closed and mills college will be closed through tuesday. we're constantly updating the list of closures on our website as they come in. you can find updates at >> happening today, camilla harris will visit the areas affected. she'll meet with firefighters, local officials and e videocasset --
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evacuees. some evacuees in the walmart parking lot in chicco may have to find a new place to go. walmart gave them a 1:00 p.m. deadline to leave. the company says the parking lot is not a viable long-term solution. one organization called making change at walmart is fighting back and asking the company to help the families. walmart says it's working with the red cross to get them indoors. >> this comes one day after president trump visited. the president started in butte county touring areas like this devastated by the camp fire. the death toll increased to 76 with the expectation it could rise again. nearly 130 oc0 people remain ren unaccounted for. the list keeps going because some names are on the list twice due to spelling variations. they haven't checked in with family. the fire burned 149,000 acres. it's now 55% contained. president trump saw the devastation up close with governor jerry brown and
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governor-elect gavin newsome. >> you have a lot of factors. you have the management factor i know jerry has been up on and very well and gloven avin, we'l looking at it together. >> federal aid is coming in. something not lost on governor bro brown. >> thanks to the firefighters and first responders and the federal government. fema is terrific and i appreciate the president himself being here. >> the cal fire hopes to have it fully contained by the end of the month. >> there were some that did not approve of the president's visit to butte county. he was met withrters a >> reporter: seeing president trump along with governor brown
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and governor-elect gavin newsom was significant. the gesture not lost on the sheriff, part of the his community decimated. >> people come together for what is important and what is important is taking care of my people. >> reporter: it was on victims and first responders. as the president's motorcade made his way to the incident base on chicco, trump wavered to the dozens that lined the street, many supporters. >> we love trump. >> reporter: there were a few proteste protesters. >> i don't see any reason for him to come here. all these resources are sent here to try to protect him. >> no, i'm not going to walk away. >> reporter: growing tensions led to shouting matches between both sides. >> i will knock you out. say something way from me, man. >> caught in the middle. fire victims.
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>> luckily, my daughter and my family, we're all off the hill including myself, my zest siste >> reporter: dan is a supporter but thinks the president could have scaled back his criticism. >> i'm a little concerned that sometimes a lot of this is just though theater. >> reporter: the priority he says should be on recovery efforts. >> just because the president has left does not mean that those recovery efforts stop. fema continues to help fire victims rebuild their lives but that will take time. reporting in chicco, abc 7 news. president trump also got a firsthand look at areas devastated in the woolsey fire. it was more than 150 square miles. president walked through the neighborhood in malibu. that's one of the impacted communities. at least three people have died. it destroyed more than 830 buildings. >> devastating to see it. i have to say, the government officials have done an
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incredible job. when you look at this devastation and i guess at this moment, there are, in this area, there are three deaths so far. three deaths. pretty incredible. horrible. >> president trump said the federal government will speed up the permitting process to help communities rebuild. the woolsey fire is more than 80% contained. if you want to help fire victims, we have a full list of resources at and make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting the words red cross to 90999. nearly 30 years ago to this day a man abducted 9-year-old michaela garrett in hayward. the police department and her family will hold a remembrance today. her family, friends and police have not stopped looking for her. her mother will speak at tonight's event. it starts at 5:30 on montgomery street. in the south bay, officials are working to identify a body
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recovered from marina in san jose where one fan disappeared. katy reports police were notified right away. reporting a fully clothed male face down. >> reporter: they made the gruesome 'tsome discovery. sheriff's office, divers recovered the body. >> i believe the body was visible because of the low tide and they recovered the body before the tide came in right now. >> reporter: the marina san jose police jurisdiction, but a call was made promptly to santa clara police. >> this may be a missing person related to one of their events. >> reporter: a high-profile missing person's case in santa clara now is 32-year-old ian powers. he's a 49ers fan, an army veteran that lives in spokane, washington. this is powers last seen on surveillance footage leaving lee
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vi levi stadium. he attended the game with his girlfriend and their children. she said they were separated during the game. >> went to the bathroom and got lost or something happened. >> reporter: santa clara police tracked powers' cell phone to a nearby parking lot. his car was abandoned and none of his credit cards have been used since. police called his disappearance suspicious. >> it's incredibly unlike him. i said this before, he's probably the most responsible person in my family. >> reporter: a witness told abc 7 that powers' family was handing out flyers at the marina this afternoon. i reached out to them and they had no update at this time. the coroner's office is working to positive identify the body that's been found. in the newsroom, katy, abc 7 news. you can see the flames inside the building. the fire broke out near sonoma
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around 6:30 last night. that houses businesses on the ground floor and apartments. the first firefighters on the scene called for extra crews to help them battle crews were able to get it under control. >> we're talking about relief coming for the middle of the week but we got a couple more days. >> subtle changes around the bay and the peninsula, san francisco getting reports of seeing stars out there and slightly better air quality. 51 but overall, we are still very unhealthy across the bay. the on shore push not doing a lot for us now. we will have haze and smoke once again today but as we get into the middle of the week, we're going to see some much bigger changes. stay tuned. it's straight ahead in the accuweather seven-day forecast. thanks. coming up, an event that calls attention to something that happens on the streets of san francisco multiple times a day. the signs organizer haves been hanging around the city all week. helping pets injured in the campfire. why a little money could go a long way. the former first couple
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. good morning. here is a live look from emeryville. so much fog and haze, it's tough to see anything out there. you can see some lights but as far as haze and fog, it's thick this morning. abc 7 news is committed to a
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better bay area. we're looking at issues that affect our quality of life. one of those issues is traffic deaths. in san francisco, vehicles hit three pedestrians on average every day. the lives of those injured or killed will be remembered. here is a brks krrbc 7 news anc daetz. >> reporter: the sign says it all, a 57-year-old person walking died after getting hit here, here is the corner of elvis and jones street, similar signs have been going up all week. >> we are putting up signs around the city to killed in 2018. >> reporter: these people were killed or seriously injured walking across a street. kathy from walk s.f. put up this sign in memory of russell prank lynn ki -- franklin killed by a car. >> we call them accidents. we act like they are a normal part of getting around the city but they are not. it was a predictable crash. >> reporter: predictable in that this corner was identified as a
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high-energy corridor. the city installed a yield sign and painted the crosswalk. san francisco initiated similar ways. it's a ten-year plan to help eliminate traffic deaths. other projects are the instillation of speed humps, protected bike lanes. the goal is to slow motorists down and seeps to ms to be work. last year there were 20 traffic deaths in the city. that's the lowest in the history and a 50% drop since 2015 when there were 31 deaths. amanda lamb was almost the 32nd death that year. >> my the >> a car making a left turn crashed into her. she finds it difficult to come back but came back to post a
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sign marking the crash. >> to see i'm one of the people who did survive makes me feel really fortunate but also makes me think about the other people we're putting signs up for that they aren't putting up their own sign. >> reporter: am bar daa daetz, news. >> there will be a memorial vigil at 3:00 p.m. the walk is cancelled. a search and rescue team is headed to the campfire. the crew loaded up their gear, task forces made up of 45 team members specially trained to respond to disasters like this one. their mission is straightforward. >> so our primary purpose in going up there, we'll assist with the effort to locate any individuals that are still missing so essentially we're looking at 1200 streak >> one compared this mission to
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hurricane katrina. the san francisco spca is asking for help identifying several pets county. the organization posted a gallery on the facebook page. they tracked down four owners. the spca is encouraging people to donate. an anonymous donor is matching gifts up to $1 million. ⌞>> showcasing talents to help raise money for those impacted by california wildfires, news was at fremont. all of them were planning to participate in bakersfield but the event was cancelled due to air quality. >> knowing it affected us all and we can't perform on the field, we thought this was a great way to give back and still
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get that performing experience and get the kids that opportunity to play in front of people. >> last night's show featured band bands. >> good morning. fog over the bay area reducing visibility and haze and smoke. some subtle changes with the on shore push. looks like the peninsula, san francisco and parts of the bay closest to it in the east bay, maybe looking at better air quality. the overall big picture has not changed a big blocking ridge of high pressure with very light winds overhead and on the backside of that, we have those gusty easterly winds. a red flag warning for the sierra foothills through 4:00 today. northeasterly winds up to 45 miles an hour. dropping the relativeumity below about 25%. so we'll watch that for you but it's also pretty cold in the north bay with upper 20s, santa
6:19 am
rosa and 38 concord and 51 in san francisco. slightly milder here around the bay with a push of that on shore marine air. it won't make much of an impact. the fog at 7:00 this morning pulls back and hazy afternoon sun and once again, very little change for monday. the changes come into tuesday. monday night increasing clouds, tuesday air quality better. you can see how the atmosphere being pushed down from the ridge of high pressure trapping the matter at the surface, we've lived it for over a week now and we're looking at rain arriving wednesday as soon as tuesday night in parts of the north bay and we'll look for that wind shift looking at the wetter pattern more winter-like. so here is what i mean. around the bay, this is the past hour, just slight improvements. so we're in the orange here and we have been in the red but it looks like we'll stay in the red for much of the day as those
6:20 am
winds begin to back off. so it's the stronger winds that are helping us out and then they back off and then get stronger again tomorrow morning with the ebb and flow of the fog. you can see much worse air quality by sacramento and look for the winds to help us out as well as we look for tuesday afternoon, the winds begin to gust out of the south ahead of this system and then they get quite breezy up to 30 miles an hour with the front bringing the rain and it will be a winter-like scene and looking at a break. we're bringing in the storm impact scale wednesday through friday, 1 to 2 inches of rain for wet weather and cleaner air and tuesday night is offshore overnight we're beginning see the rain push in through wednesday, thursday morning thanksgiving it's going to begin to end and then by friday, we're looking at another push. this brings more snow, brings us to about two inches in the north bay. a break, it looks like, into next weekend but looks like more is going to come in the following week.
6:21 am
the final week of november. so very good news. a quarter of an inch in san francisco through wednesday morning. taking you through wednesday night we're about a half inch over in concord. here is our little break on thanksgiving and then by friday, this is the next system that wants to bring an inch and a half to two inches in the north bay. over an inch in fremont. highs today, spare the air, hazy conditions upper 50s. low 60s in oakland. the seven-day forecast unhealthy today and tomorrow but subtle shift here and there with that stronger on shore push but overall, it's late tuesday into wednesday when things really change. download the accuweather app and notice it's several days of rain there wednesday, thursday, thanksgiving, friday and saturday and i'm thinking everyone is liking this. >> yeah. glad to see it. >abc' lal caedorncommon." meet the grandma gamer and her biggest fan. they prove friendship has no age limit. >> i'm shirly curry.
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i'm 8 two years old and i'm the gaming grandma. >> how did you become the grandma gamer? >> my son gave me a computer and a game and started me in both and i became addicted. >> talk about your friendship with joseph. >> he just would comment and talk to me on my channel. >> so joseph, you got a friend who is 82 years old and playing video games? >> yeah. can you believe it? >> boo. >> ah! >> oh my gosh. >> even though there is an age difference, we have a lot in common and lots in video games. >> gaming is an open world and should be opened accep into it.
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she's on a book tour. she makes one stop in the bay area and in san jose on december 14th. the former vice president is welcoming a new family member. joe and dr. jill biden adopted a dog named major. the delaware humane association shared videos and pictures of the dog. major is used to living with the bidens, the family was previously fostering him. still to come on abc 7 mornings, check your fridge. the recall impacting 91,000 pounds of ground meat. also ahead, remembering a napa native killed in the thousand oaks shooting. the service
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good morning. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> good morning to you. as we look at the mountains, you can see the atmosphere is trapping the surface. this is walnut creek. you can see the colors with the smog and haze. 28 santa rosa and 38 concord and livermore at 35. the heaviest smoke and hayes is lifted to the north but we're still in it with green and
6:30 am
yellow. this is 8:00 and monday very little change. this high pressure ridge is slow to leave and will stay with us through the start of the week but late monday into tuesday, the winds will shift and we'll be looking at stronger winds and better air quality. today and tomorrow unhealthy, tuesday poor. wednesday is when we get the rain and there is a couple rounds headed our way. 44 hayward, it is 48 in san mateo and 45 and 50s for everyone at 10:00 and as we go through the afternoon, it is the same old story. a different day but we've got our sights on some much bet wwe and cleaner weather. many are spending more time inside with the bad weather outside. some patrons wore masks. the librarians suggested contacting the fire department. they did tell us the building's
6:31 am
air is filtered. alameda's library will be open 1:00 to 5:00. smoky air led to a long list of cancellations. alcatraz is closed and the oakland zoo. today's annual half marathon will be rescheduled for february or march and the golden heart run has been cancelled. you can check the air quality where you live any time. we posted this map on and automatically updates every five minutes. today senator camilla harris will visit the areas affected and meet with firefighters, local officials and evacuees that fire burned 149,000 acres. it's 55% contained and 76 people have died, more than 1,000 people are unaccounted for. the woolsey fire burned more than 98,000 acres and conta containment at 84%. three people have died. yesterday president trump saw the destruction in both areas
6:32 am
firsthand. here is a brks krrbc 7 news rep hernandez. >> reporter: president trump touching down in northern california. his first stop on a tour of the fire ravaged state. the president flanked by jerry brown and gavin newsom looking at the charred ruins of what was once paradise. the death toll continues to rise as families search for missing lover loved ones. more than 1200 homes and buildings burned to the ground. the president pledged the full support of the government. >> we want to take care of the people so badly hurt. >> trump visit an operation center. thousands of fire personnel battling the campfire just over 50% contained. this visit coming in the wake of repeated criticism from the president of the state's wildfire management.
6:33 am
>> right now it seems to be a great big problem. >>. >> reporter: just days into the disaster he threatened to take away federal funding saying there is no reason for these costly and deadly forest fire except poor rest mana management is poor. the woolsey fire claiming three lives and scorching tens of thousands of acres. friends, family and the community will come together in napa today to remember a young woman killed in the thousand oaks bar shooting. the service for alaina housley will take place today. she was one of a dozen people killed when a gunman opened fire at the borderline bar and grill in month. services will start at noon in the vintage high school gym. attendees are asked to wear brightly colored clothing in her
6:34 am
honor. during his visit, president trump met with families and victims of the shooting. many were younger. a venture ray doa county sherif deputy was killed. >> the families, what do you say other than -- it's so sad to see. these are great people, great families. they are torn apart. it's a tragic event. >> the gunman was 28-year-old ian long, a marine corps veteran. investigators say long died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. president trump says his administration will release a full report by tuesday who is responsible for the death on washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. he said the cia concluded the saudi crown prince ordered the killing. he says the report was very premature. he was killed inside the saudi chan consulate in istanbul. two key members of the house
6:35 am
and snenate communities will discuss khashoggi's death. you can watch interviews here on abc 7. today marks the 40th anniversary of the jonestown massacre. more than 900 people died when people's temple leader jill jones ordered the killing in november 1978. jones was an evangelist and chose it as a site to get away from scrutiny. an event will commemorate the event. because of the air quality, it was moved inside to the heritage center at 3:00 this afternoon. san mateo congresswoman jackie spear was shot five times. she was with congressman leo ryan's delegation to help people escape jim jones. the congresswoman wrote a book titled "undaunted." it was released this month. today she will be signing the book starting at noon. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a serious recall
6:36 am
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6:38 am find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. that's yes for less. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. good morning, here is a live look. we have the sea lions out there and haze and fog here in san francisco this morning. it will stick around for a
6:39 am
little while. good news, changes coming later this week. happening today, an east bay church will host a prethanksgiving meal for the homeless. the methodist church will hold the fourth annual meal today. clothing and grocery bags will be given away. you can donate items and volunteer for today's meal from 9:00 until 3:00 at the church. san francisco's winter shelter program for the homeless opens today. spaces are available for single men. tickets are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. gusts can stay up to seven days and will get two meals a day. those interested in a space can go to the church on golden gate aven avenue. other churches will roll out shelter space. the program ends on march 30th. good to know that the smoke, all of that outside is going to ends soon, as well. >> exactly. we see an end in sight. a stronger on shore push allowing for the fog to push
6:40 am
into the bay. here is a live look. can't see much out there. we have delays of 37 minutes at sfo. 51 downtown. the high was only in the upper 50s yesterday in san francisco and another cool, hazy day on the way with the bad air. things are changing within the next 48 hours. we'll begin to feel the effects of that. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. the warriors have a winnable game in dallas. why steve kerr is pleased despite the outcome.
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good morning. you can see the fog and haze. the smoke just sitting there on the buildings there as it's going to stick around. the smoke will stick around for a few more days. it will clear up midweek. the south bay, people showed up to watch a college football game in the haze. abc 7 was in san jose where san jose state hosted nevada. popular for fans to go with blue and gold and air masks to pro s protect themselves. this wasn't postponed or cancelled. one family came to support a relative playing in a game and decided not to wear masks. >> for us to come out here in san jose and see this, there is concern but we figure it's only for an hour so we'll be okay, although, long term, we don't know what the impact will be. >> yesterday was seniore it jos
6:44 am
home game of the season. >> also in sports this afternoon, the raider wills try to snap a five-game losing streak. silver and black face the arizona cardinals. kick off is at 1:05. 49ers have a buy this weekend. also this afternoon, the warrior wills try to salvage the final game through texas. last night golden state lost back to back games for the first time this season. mindy balk has the highlights. good morning, i never thought i'd say this but the warriors are trying to find themselves right now. stephon curry and draymond green are both hurt. the aftermath of the green kevin durant dustup lingers and steve kerr even says the warriors are hurting physically and spiritually. saturday night dallas, curry missed the fifth straight game with the groin injury. damion lee only the second game calling the splash brother-in-law. leok at that,
6:45 am
head thr threes in the first the warriors up 44-37. final minute of the half. durant driving for a tough finish beat harrison barns on this play. then barns went on with klay thompson. he hit the step back three with 20 in the game. the warriors faltered down the stretch. durant misses a short jumper with the last five shots coming back. finney-smith gives the mavs the lead. 11 seconds to go. clay had a descent look but missed it and lonn looney tippe ball to no one. durant misses the free throw. gets the rebound and puts up the shot instead of kicking it out for three and a chance to tie. the warriors fall 112-109. thompson and durant 4 o 1n theuarterveke didee se posiuy t them. tough loss but turn around, play
6:46 am
another i think this is a really good first step for us to kind of get our groove back and we played well enough to win and didn't quite pull it out. >> these little guys looking for a shutout of the blues like st. louis did to the sharks a week ago. guess what, they got it. logan couture denied in the second but look at the rebound for erik karlsson, the first goal as a shark. three minutes later, team ocho myer stopped but joe pavelski put it in. he had two on the night and six goals in his last four games. 115 after that. high glove side. the seventh of the year. aaron dell made 30 saves in net. he picked up the shutout. the sharks win 4-0 like the blues shut them out 4- st. louis. the air quality in san jose is okay enough for san jose state to play nevada and though the kick off was moved up two hours
6:47 am
on saturday to takeonditions th started at noon. first quarter, tye is picked off. a 27-yard return. he takes it to the one yard line. that set up a spartan touchdown. san jose state trailed 14-6 in the third. michael threw for 168 yards and two touchdowns with 22 yards there to packer. 14-12 after missed two-point conversion. in the fourth quarter, ran for 121 yards, nine yards there for the score. nevada won 21-12. the spartans are now 1-10. they have only one game left against fresno state. the warriors second game of a back to back in san antonio tonight and the raiders kick off at 1:05 in arizona. we will bring you-all of those highlights today at 5:00. until then, have a great morning. good sunday morning to you. here is a view from the
6:48 am
mountain. it hasn't changed in over a week. we got the matter we're dealing with, haze, bad air, poor quality and stagnant air mass. the stronger push lets me know some of you think the air quality is better. it may for now but very unhealthy air except perhaps santa clara today and we're looking at this to continue into your monday but changes come on tuesday. here is a live look from santa cruz where you can see some of the fog, temperatures have been cool all over the bay. in fact, didn't make it out of the 50s yesterday in san francisco. here sis a look at the fog footprint, visibility three to four miles. the big picture showing we don't see any rain in sight but this will be changing. the area of high pressure pushing down allowing things to be very stagnant is beginning to shift to the east. because of that, we have a red
6:49 am
flag warning and that means winds are kicking up. easterly winds, sierra foothills throughout the day today. 20 to 45 mile an hour gusts dropping humidity into the 20% range. maybe 15% range. it's in the 20s in the north bay, 30s in our inland east bay, 51 in san francisco, 37-minute delays and the visibility impacted at the coast. we've got the fog around the bay so about two to three miles here. six miles by the delta. it clears but will be hazy again but that stronger on shore push from the morning hours, overnight hours allowing for at times slightly better air quality but overall, we need a big pattern shift. it's coming monday night. we've got increasing clouds. the winds begin to shift on tuesday. and by tuesday, i think you'll see a little bit better air but we'll see more clouds around. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, smog, haze and smoke through tuesday but by tuesday night, rain knocking on
6:50 am
your door in the north bay and by wednesday, a wet day by next weekend, though, it looks like we'll see dry weather. this is what i mean with the stronger on shore flow, we're in the orange. unhealthy but at least less red buzz th but that will change throughout the day. in the mountains, we're looking at the cleaner air. temperatures in the teens and highs in the 50s with snow on the way. so with the front coming in on wednesday, we're looking at breezy winds starting along the coast on tuesday. wednesday morning, the winds are gusting to near 40 miles an hour at the coast. this systems moves through the first one and a second one on the way. wednesday through friday, we got rain each day, one on the storm impact scale, half inch to an inch for most, maybe two inches in the forth bay and here is a look at tuesday, 10:00. you can see the rain offshore but by wednesday, everyone getting wet making for a tricky travel day as we head out of town perhaps or get out of work early and then by thanksgiving,
6:51 am
a bit of a break. the next system comes in thanksgiving night into friday. with another round of rain this will bring us up over to about two inches in the north bay. so let's look at those totals as we go through wednesday. the first wave into wednesday morning just a tenth around the bay with about two tenths in santa rosa, wednesday night three quarters of an inch by thursday a break, friday check it out. this forecast model wants to bring wide spread two-inch rainfall total. low 60s hazy today, very little change. the winds will back off in the accuweather forecast. increasing clouds by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, even lingering into saturday. download the accuweather app and stay up to date on the air quality and the rain. >> yes, all right. thank you. the smoke from the campfire is creating problems for firefighters in sacramento. they say it's triggering false alarms. smoke is thick enough to set off fire alarms and smoke detectors. firefighters say the alarms and detectors are functioning like
6:52 am
they should but at the same time, not an actual fire setting them off. many firefighters are working over time. the extra calls are putting additional strain on staff. >> they are doing what they were designed and meant to do. with this kind of drift smoke going throughout the whole valley, it's putting us to work for a lot of extra false alarms. >> crews cannot ignore the calls even though it can be a tedious process to determine there is no emergency. new this morning, more than 91,000 pounds of ground turkey have been recalled. the turkey may be linked to a salmonella products. taco seasons, italian seasons, 83% lean and 93% lean. more than 160 people in 35 states reported an illness. one death has been linked to the products. more products could be recalled. dan harris joins us to tell us what is coming up at 7:00. >> coming up, president trump on the disaster zone in california
6:53 am
seeing the devastation firsthand and doubling down on his claim forest management is to claim for these historic and deadly wildfires. coming up, a mysterious death on a cruise ship, a woman falling from the upper deck, allegedly pushed. finally black friday shopping, we got the expert advice who strategy is best for retail preparation. it's coming up on "gma," see you
6:54 am
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here with the winning numbers for the $124 million drawing. drawing. >> last night's drawing, 20, 23, 34, 45, 46, mega number one. wednesday's jackpot increases to $24 million. >> a final chance to do this at at&t park today. top golf crush allows people to stand high in the ballpark and tee off aiming for glowing targets on the field. tickets start at $50. mickey mouse turns 90 today. he appeared in 1928 in steamboat willie.
6:57 am
micky has appeared in more than 100 big-screen tar ccartoons in last anyone decades. disney parks and resorts will celebrate with special events celebration honors micky and minnie who also made her debut 90 days ago today. if only we could all be cartoons and look that good at 90. >> what are their secrets? >> good morning. looking at dense fog on the peninsula. around the bay, delays, 37 minutes, low to mid 60s out there with hazy conditions. the winds will back off, you're seeing a stronger on shore push now for perhaps somewhat better air quality but overall, it's poor. today, tomorrow, tuesday gets a little better. wednesday the rain comes and a little break, midday thursday, more rain on friday. mountain snow, rain lingers into saturday. >> best news. thank you. thanks for joining us. the news continues online.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. this morning, surveying the damage. donald trump's firsthand look at the wildfire's devastation. >> this is very sad to see. >> the death toll rising, the number missing nearly 1,300 as the 11th hour approaches for residents of a tent city told to pack up. recount chaos. the deadline hours away for the high stakes recount in florida as officials reveal their hunt for missing ballots. >> the ballots are in this building. >> a new concession brings the heated governor's race in the sunshine state to an end. y ship. our first look inside the ship turned crime scene after a woman plunges to her death. >> i would never expect that
7:01 am
would happen to know a cruise. >> passenger


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