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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  November 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7. >> i'm matt keller and let's look at the weather with lisa argen. >> hello, matt. and here is a live look at doppler 7 with the fog and the onshore push allow norg lower visibility with the smog and the smoke with a mile around the bay, but it has helped out some of you around the peninsula, and over in oakland with better air quality, and you can see san francisco over the 150 threshold and you were below it for the last couple of hours, but the air quality is worst for nap a -- napa, concord and livermore.
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as we go into the next 24 hour, you are under the shades of red and yellow here, and that is meaning that we will deal with the hayes air condition. we will have more coming up. >> in some places people are wearing masks, and they are getting harder and harder to come by. we look for the mad dash for masks. >> reporter: the line is long at the hasset ace hardware. most of the cust p momers are i char line for the same thing. >> i want my masks they got from amazon. >> i am buying five. >> five is the limit for the customers, and the sign is goneo great lengths to keep the masks
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in stock. >> one of our employees drove to bakersfield to get the masks. >> reporter: but it was not easy for jerry and betty. >> we went to cvs and walgreens and they said they would not have any until next tuesday. >> the thick heavy smoke is still hanging over. >> and you can oprotect kwours and your pet bis staying inside. >> santa clara has made clean a air centers mostly in libraries, and a bigger koud than most. >> we are having cabin fever aftering have been stuck indoors and trying to find the options. >> most of the activities from the football games to festivals have been canceled across the bay ar area. >> it is impacting people in interesting ways, and showing how little control we have in life. >> cornell bernard. and due to poor air quality
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the basketball game with cal and stanford will be are to stanford. there will nott be any concession, but you can bring your own concessions. tip-off at 2:00. and because of the air quality, some schools will be closed through next sunday and ross is going to be closed and mills college. and we are constantly updating the school s as they come in. the town of paradise has been in peril, and mental health experts will be there starting today at 4:00 at the first christian church at chico. ma mau la harris -- kamala
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harris is going to be meeting with evacuees. but in this parking lot at walmart, if you are going to shop, you may have to go around them. wa walmart asked them to leave by today. one said finding a solution from walmart is fighting back, and asking walmart to help them. they are working to get the people into the shelters. this is one day after president trump came to visit both areas of the state. he toured butte fire, and the death toll is up to 76 and the expectation that it could rise again the sheriff says they are making progress tracking people down, but some of the people are on the list twice because of the spelling variations or they have not touched in with family. the cal fire has burned 149,50%
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and the president saw the damage up close with governor jerry brown and governor elect gavin newsom. >> well, there are a number of fac tooshs and the management factor that jerry is very well up on and very well. gavin going to be looking at this together. >> federal aid is coming in, and not lost on governor brown. >> thanks to the firefighters and the federal government, because fema has been terrific and i a appreciate the himself being here. >> they hope to have the fire controlled by the end of the month. the president is criticized by saying that they need to rake like in finland and also suggested that poor fire management led to the fires. >> you have the take care of the forests, and looking at the
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other countries where they do it differently, and sit is a different story. i was with the president of finland and he said that we have a different, and he called it the forest nation. they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing thing, and when they have a probl problem, it is a small problem. >> democratic congressmen from southern california adam schiff says that the president's comments about finland don't make any sense to him. >> the reality is that every fire has a different cause, and camp fire would not be the same problem solved in malibu. we need to take steps to reduce the frequency and the severity with climate change, and forest management is one piece of it, but the president needses to lis phone the experts, because clearly he is not one of the.
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>> congressman shif says that he is glad that the president spent time in the disaster zone. while some put their differencessdifferences aside some did not approve of the president there in butte county. he was met with both supporters and protesters. >> reporter: the gathering of figures from both ends of the spectrum following a disaster is common, but seeing president trump with governor brown and governor-elect newson is symbolic. it is not lost on the county sheriff, as part of his community is decimated by the camp fire. >> people come together to take care of what is important, and what is important is my people. >> and the first responders. as if president's motorcade made its way to chico, trump waved to the dozens lining the street, and many of them supporters.
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>> we love trump. >> reporter: but there were a few protesters. >> i don't see any reason for him to come here. the whole town is trying to mobilize to help people to evacuate. >> reporter: and the tensions led to both sides. caught in the middle fire victims. >> luckily, my daughter and my family were all off of the hill, including myself. my sister, but we all lost our homes. >> reporter: dan is a trump supporter, but he believes that the president could have have scaled back the criticism of forest management. >> a lot of this is theatrics, and the priority should be on recovery efforts. and just because the president has left it does not mean that the recovery efforts stopped and fema continues to help the fire
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victims rebuild their lives, but it is going to take time. reporting in chico, carlos, abc 7 news. >> and president trump got a firsthand look of the woolsey fire that has burned more than 500 acres in los angeles. and he walked through the neighborhood in malibu, one of the impacted communities. the woolsey fire has destroyed more than 38 buildings and it is more than 88% contained. if you want to help the the fire victims, we have a full list of places, and also you can text are red cross tot 9999 to make donati donation. >> and we have heard from some of you about the dense air quality due to the on air push, but it is temporary as the winds will lighten up, and the
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stagnant air is hanging over us, and the golden bridge is 58 %-p the seven-day outlook than dry and i will have it for you next. >> and next, the event happening op on the streets of san francisco multiple times a day, and the signs that organizers have been hanging around the city all week. the former first couple surprises fans and michell
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nearly 30 years ago to th th day, a man abducted mikayla hayward and the police department and family will hold a remembrance today. she was kidnapped in front of mission boulevard, and the family and police have not stopped looking for her. her mother is going to speak at the event at 5:30 on new hope fellowship church. today, the officials are working to recover a body that was found in the san jose maria not far from levi's stadium where one of the fans disappeared. santa clara police were notified right away. >> a fully clothed male is face down. >> reporter: boaters made the gruesome discovery of the man near the maria saturday afternoon. >> i was told it was a mile out from the boat ramp. >> reporter: the sheriff office divers recovered the body. >> the body was visible because
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of the low tide, and they recovered the body before the tide coming in right now. >> reporter: a call was made promptly to santa clara police. this is maybe one of the missing people related to their event. >> reporter: it is identified as a 32-year-old ian powers who is a army veteran and 49ers fan, and this is him last seen leaving levi's stadium monday night. he attended the game with chelsea robbins and her with two children. she said that the two were separated at the game. i went to the bathroom, and then got lost or something >> reporter: santa clara police tracked the cell phone to the nearby parking lot, and it was abandoned and none of the credit cards have been used since. police have called it suspicious. >> it is incredibly unlike imh. i have said it before, he is
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probably the most responsible person in my family. >> reporter: a witness said that the powers family was handing out fliers afternoon, and the coroner's a office is work with iing to positively identify the body. abc 7 news. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area, and that means that we are committed to spending time to try to find solutions to things that affect our life n. san francisco, vehicles hit three pedestrians everyday. today, the lives of those killed on the street will be remembered. this is alma dietz. >> a sign says it all, a person walking died after being hit here on ellis and jones street. similar signs all over san francisco. >> we are putting up signs around the city to honor the people who have been killed in se people were killed or
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seriously injured while walking across the street or riding a bicycle. and kathy dlu e-luka put up thi sign. >> we call them accidents and act like they are a normal part of getting around the city, but it is not. it is predictable. >> reporter: predictable, because this corner is identified as a high injury corridor. after the death, they repainted the yield sign on the sidewalk. there is now a 10-year plan to eliminate traffic deaths in the city. and othis projects are the installation of speed humps, and protected bike lane, and extending the crosswalks with white plastic panel, and the goal is to slow the motorists down, and it seems to be working. last year 20 traffic deaths in the city which is the lowest in san francisco's history and a
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50% drop from 2015 when there were 31 deaths. amanda lamb was almost the 32nd death. >> my body somersaulted throue >> reporter: amanda was crossing webster street when a car crashed into her. she finds it difficult to come back to the intersection, but she came back this week to post a sign to mark the crash. >> to see that i am one of the people who did survive. it makes me feel fortunate, but it also makes me think of the other people that we are putting up sign, and they are not putting up their own sign. >> alma dietz, abc 7 news. and this afternoon, at the sfra san francisco public library, the walk has been canceled due to poor air quality. yesterday, the crew was in
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palo alto to help fight the fire and leaving tomorrow. >> our purpose is to assist with the effort to locate any individuals who are still missing. so essentially 1,200 structures. >> one of the members compared it to when they were called into hurricane katrina and they say they will be in butte county as long as it is needed. the san francisco mspca is asking for help to the identify many of the animals they recovered. many of the animals are recovering from the fire. and so far they have tracked down four owners. the spca is also asking people to donate money, because an anonymous donor is matching donations up to $100.
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the cleaner air has made a difference for many of you. we had the fog and the haze and the smoke reducing the visibility to a mile in livermore, and looking at the north bay, very, very reduced visibility. better on the coast, and we will look at it to begin to thin out. the overall big picture is showing that we are lock ed ed the dry pressure, and pushing it down and trapping the parti particulate matter to create the unhealthy air conditions for us. we are looking for the red flag warnings today, and the blue canyon, and the wind gusts oup to 45 miles per hour out of the east, and that is going to reduce the relative humidity for perhaps less than 18%. this is mt. tam, and not looking too bad out there. chilly with the warmer numbers by the water, and 50 in san francisco, and 51 in oakland and 48 in morgan hill.
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and you can see from the east bay camera some smog and hayes. liver momore is still in the mid-30s in santa rosa with 32 in napa, and lake tahoe is going for the high of 55, and certainly better air quality in the mountains. back home, smoky and hazy air for us, and tomorrow, a little bit of change as we get the stronger on shore push in the morning, and then with the fog over night, but overall, it is not making a difference, because the winds are light, and we are looking for the poor air quality and the smoke coming in, and the rain arrives wednesday, and things will change tuesday with the better air quality, and this is really a different story around here. so notice around the peninsula, and the east bay here with the orange, a slightly better air quality, and then around oakland and san francisco and elsewhere, it is bad in the sacramento valley, and better to get towards the mountain, and further south.
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so we are looking at the subtle changes here and there with the stronger on shore push, and into the near future tuesday, the winds will begin to build and looking at the southerly winds out of the system wednesday. 25 to 30 miles per hour, and as it is pushing through, the winds will dial back, but there is another system on the heels of that one. so with the impact scale, we gin with 1/3 to 2 inches of rain expected friday. generous amounts in the north bay to begin to dry out as we hit the south bay. but looking at the rain here on thursday mornings, it starts on wednesday, and then a break for thanksgiving, and the next round is thanksgiving night into the friday, and these are both snowmakers a and this is good news. the rainfall totals are running the gamut of over an inch with t the first system, and over an inch in the second system, and now as we go to the south bay, a
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half inch there. and hopefully that is going to change, but we will take anything that we can get. the hazy conditions, and the seven-day forecast which is dry into the unhealthy air and the storm impact scale brings in the rain, and the rilive tracking a doppler 7 will bring improvements. >> yes. and now, we are talking about the grandma gamer and her biggest fan. these two prove age has no limit. >> i'm 82 years old and "tem gaming grandma. go, go, go. >> i'm joseph green, and i'm 26 years old, and i'm shirley's number one grandson. >> reporter: how did you become the grandma gamer? >> my son gave me a computer and i became addicted.
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good morning, southwest. let's get up and get going.
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this is "abc7 mornings." good morning and we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather, and here is meteorologist lisa argen. hello, lisa. >> good morning the you, matt. and people have had reports of the air quality better, but we are in the thick of it with unhealthy air in the inland east bay and more areas than not in the north bay, and san francisco is over the 53 threshold and slighter better in oakland and red city, and some are a saying that it is not smelling as bad, but looking at the 48-hour forecast, you can see the light shade of green there over us. that means bringing the smoke from the camp fire through today and by tuesday, it begins to lift out, and we will get a wind shift. good news behind it, because the wind is in advance of a cold front. a look outside of the hazy condition, and for the most part
9:31 am
of everyone with the wednesday moderate, but you can see the fog, and more days than not, it will be satisfactory. >> more and more people are spending time inside due to the poor air quality. yesterday, patrons wore mask, and the librarians sung contacting alameda fire department for mask. they say that the building's duct ducts are circulate and better than outdoor. alameda says their open. and there are many cancellations. and the 49ers heart gold run which was supposed to happen in santa clara has been canceled. while the smoke is krcreati problems for those in sacramento, it is setting off a
9:32 am
number of false al the firefighters say that it is normal, but it is not the smoke that is ett issing them off. this is putting a train on stress >> they are designed what they are supposed to do and the ambient smoke going throughout the whole valley, it is putting us to work for a awful lot of false report. >> and even though it can be a tedious emergency to document. you can always go to our website for the latest. it updates every five minutes. >> this fire is burning more than 149,000 acres and 60% contained and 76 people died. 113 people are still unexpected for. this morning they talked about the list. >> you have thousands of people
9:33 am
who are displaced. so ask the people of the community the look at that listk and if you are on this that list, contact the offices to make sure they are safe. if friends or family knows the information, we would like to know it as well. it is a daunting task, and we are trying to bring order for the entire chaos this fire has burned. >> in the woolsey fire is containment at 88%. yesterday president trump saw the destruction of both areas firsthand. this is marcus moore. >> president trump touring fire ravaged zone seeing firsthand the devastation left overnight. and overnight, the camp fire rising to 76, and the president rising to northern california fir first and flanked by the governor-electavin new sosome, and governor jerry brown. there were support rs on the
9:34 am
roadside near the town of paradise. >> it is very sad to see it. >> he is saying that he is stand big the comments about the forest. >> i was spending time with the president of finland and he said that they spend time raking, and cleaning, and they don't have problems. >> reporter: in chico, the president taking in the gravity of this damage. >> in california, we have never seen anything like this, jerry, it is like total devastation. >> outside trump protesters and supporters gathered. >> the whole town is trying to mobilize people who had to evacuate. now all of the resources are sent here to protect him. >> i will knock you out. >> you are stupid. >> reporter: nearby, the 11th hour for tent city outside of a lcal walmart where the residents who lost their homes were told they cannot stay and they have the leave by the afternoon. with thick smoke in the region,
9:35 am
a air quality and public health conconcerns and masks are of short supply. the president also traveled to where the woolsey fire leveled homes and buildings in the malibu area. trump said that seeing the devastation in person is crucial. >> you are watching from new york or d.c., and you don't see the gravity of it until you come here. >> marcus moore, abc los angeles. president trump also met with the victims of the mass shooting, and many of them were younger. and ventura sergeant was killed when he intervened to help, and the president was moved. >> no the families, what can you say that it is so sad to see. these are great people, and great families. they are torn apart. tragic event. >> the gunman is ian long
9:36 am
marine corps gunman, and he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> a friend and family is coming together to remember a woman killed in the oaks bar and grill. housley was a freshman at pepperdine university. she is one of the people who was killed at the borderline bar and grill earlier this month. the services start at the high school gym, and attendees are asked to wear bright colored clothing in her honor. and now, there is a new sense of the president looking into the death of khashoggi, and the reports show that he was killed inside of the consulate last month. and now sh, the associated
9:37 am
press is projected that cisnernos victory over young kim, and the latest numbers show him ahead of he says that his interest in congress is an extension of his time in the military and he said it is about a public service. when you see the region shift from red to blue over what was originally a stronghole. this is the cur key ground product, and a look at the kwi tems that you should not eat. >> a
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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him. expert care for every new beginning. well, today massacre and more than 900
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people died when jim jones ordered the massacre november 1998. he was cse guyana to get a wway from the scrutiny, and a film will be dedicated this afternoon, and because of the air quality it is moved inside of the heritage fillmore center. jackie spierer was shot five time, and she was trying to help people escape jim jones. she wrote a book titled "uncounted." it was released earlier in the -- "undaunted" and she going to be signing today in madera. and today, a prethanksgiving meal for the homeless. the taylor church will serve turkey, ham, green beans and pie, and you can still volunteer for the meal that runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the shelter program for the homeless is open today and
9:41 am
spaces available for men and the tickets are reserved for a first come and first serve basis. the guests will get two meals a day, and those interest ed ed ie space can go to the bonaventure boulevard. and other churches will roll out shelter space in them ocoing weeks, and it ends march 30th. >> good timing with the rain coming out. >> and folks are asking if that is all fog out there, and we have a stronger on shore push, but it is mixed in with the smoke. we are see a gray and hazy afternoon with the temperatures on the cooler side, but we are seeing the end to this in the seven-day outlook, and things will be switching around, and stay tuned, but a i have a nice soggy weatherca>> aalla lg two a
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good morning. this is a live look from the san jose camera and normally you can see the runway there at san jose's airport, but you can see the fog and the smoke causing some foggy conditions and some low visibility there. i checked flight, and there are 17 delays in and out of san jose this morning. a final chance to do this at
9:45 am
at&t park today. top golf crush allows the people to stand high in the ball park and tee off. and they put glowing targets on the field. >> we have 24 bays lined up here on the club level of at&t park, and six startings on the field, and fun for golfers and nongolfers alike. fun to be as come ppetitive as want to be with the ticket system. >> the ticket is $50 and runs through today. in sports, the raiders are going going to try to the snap a five-game losing streak. kickoff at 1:05. the 49ers have a bye this weekend. the warriors are going to salvage the final game through the houston team. team. team.. mip di ba mindi bach has the highlights and the sports. >> i never thought they would say this, but the warriors are trying the find themselves.
9:46 am
stephen green and draymond green are hurting. and kevin durant says many players are hurting mentally and socially. and damyean lee, his b brother-in-law, the second game, and call him the splash brother-in-law, and corner three, and nice move and another three from lee. three had 3 threes in the first ha half, and durant is drivinge fi he beat barnes here on this play, and barnes one-on-one with klay thompson, and he had hit the step-back three, and he had 21. the warriors faulted down the stretch. he made the next five shots going to other way. rd had a decent look, but it was tripped. warriors last chance trailing by
9:47 am
three. durant missing the free throws and jonas are jer are remember coe takes it up for the shot instead of firing it out for the tie. but steve kerr did see some positives. >> the guys competed the whole way through. i am really proud of them. tough lost, but the turn around and you play another one, and really happy, because it was a good first step for us to kind of get the glove back, and you know, we played well enough to win, but we did not pull it out. >> these little guys are looking for the shutout of the blues on home iceb and gist like st. louis did to the sharks, and they got it saturday night. logan cuettttttttt and joe pavelski with two on the
9:48 am
night, and then carlson to evander cain for the seventh glove save this year. aaron dell made 30 saves in net to pick up the shutout, and t win shooting them out. and though the kickoff was moved up two hours on sat to take advantage of more favorable conditions that started at noon. and nathan is picked off that set up a spartan touchdown. and michael carrillo threw for 161 yards and two touchdowns. and 14-12 after a missed two-point conversion, and of the fourth quarter, nine yards there for the score. nevada won. the spartans are 1-10 and only
9:49 am
one game left against fresno state. the warrior s s in the seco game of the back-to-back, and they are in san antonio tonight. they kick off in arizona, and we will bring you the highlights. until then, have a great morning. >> the forecast with lisa argen. >> check this out, we have the haze and the fog from the east hills camera, and we have had 11 smoky days and seven clear days in the month of november. we have several a rainy days coming forward and today, spare the air alert, and looking at the air quality advisory for the day today, and the rain arrives on wednesday, and certainly some fog out there, and reducing the visibility in combination of the hayes and t haze and delays. we are looking at sfo, and it is
9:50 am
a murky look here, and they are picking up on thing to the footprint which is inside of the bay, and allowing for slightly better visibility at times, and better air quality in and around the coast, and the peninsula, and you can see 5-mile visibility from half moon bay here. we are still under the stagnant a air pressure that is keeping the stagnant air overhead us. in the sierra nevadas at red rock and blue canyon, the wind is going to gust up to 40 miles per hour, and the humidity is going the continue to plummet. you can see the fog and the temperatures this morning from mt. tam. and 55 in half moon bay, and 50s in san francisco, and 48 in san jose, and look at the foggy picture from the roof camera. it is still out there, and we
9:51 am
had the stronger win flow as the sun began to shine, and the wind s are flat again. 36 in santa rosa, and 42 in livermore, and as we check out t the area, notice that we have the red and the orange so that the orange is better from san mateo to freemont, and looking at oakland and san francisco, and this is last hour. as we are looking at the valley, and yes, all in the red for sacramento, and better as we get to the sierra nevadas. and the wind is pick up ahead of the next system monday afternoon, and you see it arriving with higher elevations, and as the rain began, we have 25 to 30-mile-an-hour winds cleaning the atmosphere, and taking a break for thanksgiving and picking up again friday. rainfall amounts from one-third of an inch to upwards to 2 inches, so a wide variety of rain amounts, and here it is on
9:52 am
thanksgiving. it is ending the first system. then the next system on friday, and looks like a dry weekend and a few morning leftover showers from the second system. the amounts are a tough call, and so far we more rain into the north bay, and taking the break into thursday, this is the second phase coming into the north bay. and looking through the south bay, almost a half inch in mountain view. high in the 60ed and it is hazy and foggy and smoky out there. and the forecast today, unhealthy air today and tomorrow, and the air quality improves tuesday and still looking at the spare the air alert. you can download the accuweather app and keep up with the changes. >> thank goodness those are changing. turkey may be linked to a
9:53 am
salmonella products including taco meet and turkey meet. the food inspector people say that 135 people in 35 states have reported an illness. more products could be recalled. >>s dozens of drugs including 41 at all, and the majority is a five percent increase. they have offered rebates to the insurance companies and offsets the agreements, and this is after pfizer agreed to look at falling prices as the urging of president trump.
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mickey mouse turns 90 today. he turned on screen 98 years ago at colony theater. he has appeared in more than 100 cartoons and starring roles and animated tv series in the past nine decades. disney parks and resorts will celebrate the 90th birthday with special events to honor mickey and minnie who made her debut 90 years ago today. disney is the parent company of abc 7. and still popular as ever. >> and yes, we are looking at air quality this morning which is just nudged out of the unhealthy range for oakland and redwood city, but it is knotting the write home about. it is due to the stronger onward push, and a look at the rain that we are anticipating for early morning thursday. wet commute, and it is going to take us throughout the day, and ends late, and then a much of thanksgiving, and thanksgiving night, more rain and snow in
9:57 am
sier sierra. the two system wes are tracking, and the weekend is looking dry, and the starting out from 1 to 1 1/2. and this is in the north bay maybe a miss of a half inch. hazy and afternoon sun, and spare the air alert with the accuweather forecast coming your way. we are transitioning to different air quality, and the rain for the rest of the week. that is to be thankful for sure. >> we need a transition out of the current weather. thank you, lisa. >> reporter: the rest of us, thank you for joining us for more news after the golf. here is a live look at the bridge coming up. have a great day everyone.
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on a on the guy with the camera? that is not going the go well. >> great drama in naples florida. the cme group tour championship final round coverage plus the culmination of the trail to the globe. andy north, billy kratzert are with us. the second shot coming up for lexi. andy north is out there with the final group. >> lexi coming off birdie on the last hole. 172 yards. a little bit downwind. just have to be a littl


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