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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 18, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> the air is unhealthy and expected to stay that way for a few more days. we have team coverage. cornell bernard is looking how people are dealing with the lousy air. >> first, we start with meteorologist drew tuma who has air quality levels and when we'll see relief, drew? >> that is the big question, guys, when we'll get relief from the bad air quality. no matter where you live, the air is still unhealthy. we'll zoom in to street level from san jose to fremont to the peninsula, san francisco, oakland and inland east bay. you see the red dots, unhealthy air quality. a similar story from santa rosa to napa and san rafaerafael, we dealing with unhealthy air quality. what will bring rain in the forecast. this will arrive on wednesday. on the storm impact scale, this is a level two moderate system we're tracking moving in the day
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before thanksgiving. we'll go hour by hour, time-out this rain and show you the improving air quality because of course, wednesday a heavy travel day. we'll have details in the accuweather forecast. the smoke made for a spectacular sunrise. this time lapse was taken. you can see the sun come up over the haze but the smoke isn't going anywhere and rolls in. >> after more than a week of historic unhealthy air the bay area is struggling to return to normal life outside. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with how people are handling it, cornell. >> reporter: guys, it's a good sign locals and visitors are returning to vista point. why? because there is something to see here now. air quality remains unhealthy but visibility improved slightly. the bridge and city are visible tonight but on friday, we couldn't see anything from here. and today, folks decided it was time to venture out.
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>> 10% good and 90% bad. >> reporter: that's how some described air quality in the bay area. anita was in desperate need of walk. >> it's surreal. we have a 14-year-old son bouncing off the walls at home. >> reporter: the farmers market was bustling with mask-wearing customers that needed a break from indoors. >> cliche of getting fresh air. it's impossible but you feel like you're able to breathe outside. >> reporter: organizers didn't cancel the air market due to poor quality because so many farmers depended on it. the sunday before thanksgiving is considered their busiest day of the year. >> we got a lot of requested farmers and we found spaces for them to make sure they had a place to sell their produce on this important day. >> reporter: the poor air quality forced golden gate recreational area to close in marin county and the welcome center at the golden gate bridge
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including all concessions. the bridge was in a mixed bag of smoke and fog. >> we came to see the bridge. we can't hardly see it. >> reporter: they imp vised by grabbing this site at the visitors kiosk. >> picture of a picture, that's it. >> reporter: most of fort point was closed, too. the iconic cable caroline shut down. but plenty of bikes for rent at bay city bikes on bay street. the smoky air chased many customers away. >> people left the city to be honest. so we waiting to be better, maybe like next week. we'll see. >> reporter: now we just got word from the san francisco mta cable cars will not run again tomorrow and the golden gate recreation area has suspended visitor services on monday, as well, and that includes alcatraalcatraz and fort point.
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>> we appreciate it, thank you. now due to the poor air quality, the cal women's basketball game against the university of pacific was played at stanford today. it was relocated because the smoke inside of the pavilion. admission was free and anyone that purchased tickets can exchange them for tickets to another game. by the way, cal beat pacific 81-69. the game went on but classes will not. u.c. berkeley announced it was cancelling class for monday and tuesday but should resume after the thanksgiving break. san francisco state announced it was cancelling classes for monday, as well. there are lots of school closures because of the bad air and we are constantly updating the list so you can find it by going to the camp fire is 60% contained tonight. 149,500 acres are burned. the death toll remains at 76. more than 9700 homes have been destroyed.
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cal fire is investigating two sites where the fire may have begun but no cause is determined. pg&e informed the public utilities commission about two high voltage line outages the morning the fire started. and for those who survived the fire but lost their homes, they are trying to figure out what is next. abc 7 news reporter carlos joins us live where a vigil for the victims is taking place right now, carlos? >> reporter: yeah, this vigil is being put on by paradise officials and we've already seen dozens of people make their way inside to pay their respects this as fire victims are still in need of help. >> anybody hungry? want a piece? >> reporter: fire victims displaced by the camp fire called this lot home for a week. >> me, my husband and two dogs and day by day. i want to cry but can't. >> reporter: she said her paradise home is no more. getting into a long-term shelter has been difficult with pets. today. >> i'll be back. i want to get her in a bed.
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>> reporter: christi got the help she's been waiting for. >> we're going to a shelter now. she was nice enough to find one with two beds because my dogs and husband are my normalcy right now. >> reporter: the volunteer services are run on a grass roofs effort in chicco's walmart parking lot. people of all ages hoping to make a difference. >> they lost all their stuff and some lost animals. it's sad to see their houses burned down. >> reporter: city officials want the evacuees moved because of sanitary issues. the tent city has been thinning out over fears it will get shut down. >> you want a bun? >> reporter: volunteers remain determined. >> we're not going to leave anywhere. there will be people tented up so we'll stay wherever as long as we can here. >> reporter: the main concern heading into the week, the coming rainstorm. >> well, see how the land goes down like this, this is always flooded. as long as i can remember. it just floods. and we can't have the people
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here. >> reporter: the goal now is to relocate these evacuees by getting them inside shelters. now that's easier said than done as there are thousand of people who lost everything. now tonight's vigil will go on until 7:00. we'll have much more tonight at 11:00. carlos, abc 7 news. when president trump visited boo butte county yesterday, he said california should clean the forests to avoid wildfires. southern california congressman adam schiff said no single fire has any same cause. >> forest management is one piece of it but there are lots of other pieces and i think the president needs to listen to the experts because clearly, he isn't one of them. >> in that same interview, adam schiff suggested the appointment of matthew whitaker is unconstitutional and democrats are concerned about him overseeing the mueller
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investigation and says he should be subject to senate approval and president trump said mueller did not need to be confirmed by the senate to his position as special prosecutor. if you'd like to help fire victims, we have a full list of resources listed at our website, and also, you can make a $10 donation to the red cross by texting red cross to 90999. still ahead on abc 7 news, we'll take you to a colorful r ceremony to remember the jonestown massacre. scooters
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today marks 40 years since the jonestown massacre where jim jones ordered more than 900 remembers to drink a cyanide-laced drink. >> there was a memorial event called homecoming. most of jones' followers were prom t from the neighborhood and the event was held a few blocks from the site. >> we are putting the ghosts of jonestown to bed by giving them
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our respects, the people lost here and having a celebration of a new beginning. >> there are efforts underway to built a jonestown memorial. >> scooters made their official return to san francisco streets last month but the head of one company is noticing an alarming trend. in a blog post, the ceo says in the first two weeks of operation, over 200 scooters were stolen or damaged beyond repair. the company does have a fix. they are developing a special cable lock that will be put into use to lock up the scooters to cut down on vandalism. >> a home invasion caught on video. >> but we should mention it was a deer that came crashing into a house. how the homeowners and police got the animal out. and drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. >> the warriors were fighting to avoid the third straight loss. we'll check in in san antonio.
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a rookie delivers the second win of the season.
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police in the houston area were called to a home invasion,
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the perpetrator had four legs. >> a deer crashed through a window in a bedroom and became confused. the family with officers rearranged the furniture to help guide that deer out of the home after a few minutes, it ran away. >> oh, deer. >> abc is sharing inspiring stories in a digital series called more in common. >> meet the grandma gamer and her biggest fan, they prove friendship has no age limit. >> i'm shirley curry, i'm 82 years old and i'm the gaming grandma. go, go, go, go. >> i'm joseph green, i'm 26 years old and i'm shirley's number one grandson. >> how did you become the grandma gamer? >> my son gave me a computer and game and started me in both, and i became addicted. >> talk about your friendship with joseph. >> he just would comment and talk to me on my channel. >> so joseph, you got a friend
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who is 82 years old and playing video games. >> yeah, can you believe it? >> boo. >> ah! >> oh my gosh. >> even though there is an age difference, we have a lot in common and a lot is in video games. >> gaming is an open world and should be opened to everybody, and everybody should accept everybody into it. we continue to monitor the unhealthy air quality tonight but better air quality is in the forecast as rain returns this week. good news is on the horizon. not only smoke in the atmosph e atmosphere, high clouds, as well from time to time. again, the big story continues to be our unhealthy air quality. current levels no matter where you live on this map from san francisco oakland, san jose, napa and north bay and inland
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east bay are all dealing with unhealthy air quality at this hour and it's not going to get much better over the next 24 hours. we'll look at the air quality forecast over the next couple days. most of us will stay in the unhealthy air quality in the next 24 hours. into tuesday we go and actually poor it's better air quality than unhealthy but we'll still be dealing with smoke. that's really why we have the spare the air alert through tuesday. by wednesday, we'll see big relief as rain returns to the forecast. right now 40s and 50s the name of the game this evening so a chill in the atmosphere and tonight, the coldest spots will drop into the 30s once again with the hazy skies up above. 43 in san francisco tonight and 40 and oakland tomorrow it's another day of mainly unhealthy air across the region. that smoke is not going anywhere tomorrow and temperature-wise under hazy sunshine upper 50s to mid 60s but we want to know when better air quality will return.
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that will happen on wednesday as rain returns to the forecast. so the storm impact scale, this is a level two moderate storm on wednesday with showers heavy at times and bring wind gusts 20 to 40 miles an hour and that combination will help to clear some of the smoke out of the atmosphere. tuesday night we're dry and early wednesday morning by 4:00, 5:00 in the morning here comes the rain moving in from east to west fashion. these deep greens indicating some more moderate to heavy showers moving through and showers do continue even into the afternon and evening on wednesday. so the rainfall potential with this storm system moving in here the day before thanksgiving with storms that move through from west to east fashion, we tend to get more uniform rain totals instead of a north to south fashion. so wednesday, i think a pretty good bet would be from half of an inch to an inch of rainfall and that will bring about much cleaner air. the accuweather seven-day forecast, unhealthy air quality
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with smoky skies on tuesday. rain returns on wednesday, better air quality can breathe easier by thanksgiving on thursday. we're tracking rain for friday but scattered showers but even into saturday and sunday for the holiday weekend. didn't seem to be on the same page today and the raiders blew a second half lead but on the road, rookie kicker carlson made it all okay. football is a collision sport and that includes photographers and no injury report on this camera guy. we wish him well. the raiders' defense came down with two interceptions. second quarter, derek carr five yards and tied at 14 at the half. emotions fly when a team isn't winning on third and five. pass incomplete and he and gruden get into it on the sideline. then in the fourth, carr with a five-yard pass on third and sixth. the two go at it again. gruden admitted he was wrong on this one. cardinals had just 46 yards of
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offense in the second and third quarters. midway through the fourth, david johnson more than doubled that in one play. he escaped for a 53-yard game. he had 137 yards on the ground. that led to josh rosen connecting five yards with larry fitzgerald. the cardinals go up by one. 19-31 and 192 yards and two scores. 32 yards there and they are in cardinals' territory. the quick toss to to to to to tt sets up to daniel carlson with seconds to go, he delivers. he's been with the team less than a month and he gives the oakland raiders the second win of the season. >> had a mild disagreement. but you know what? that's part of this business. we're going to have times where we clash a little bit. we're also very supportive of
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one another and i'm proud of him. he's been through a lot this year and i'm glad he's our quarter back. i'm surprised it's the first time they caught us. it's not the first time him and i have been that way. we're both very fiery. a lot of people don't see that in me, right? all the time. we're both very fiery and competitive minor disagreement on something. >> well, the raiders get the ravins next week. ravins facing the bengals today. first nfl start for lamar jackson. jackson threw for 150 yards, ran for 117. remember, he's the heisman trophy winner. edward pitched in 115 yards on the ground and a touchdown. the ravins win 24-21. they are now 5-5. well, the warriors are in san antonio for game two of the fourth back to back this season. golden state is 1-3 in the first game and tonight drop to 3-1 in the second.
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they lose their third straight. stephon curry, draymond green and mckinney out for this one. damian jones off the bench for a second straight night. here are two of five points. that's about what he added to this one and he gets out of the way of rudy gay. look at him throw it down. this was kind of the intensity the spurs brought. klay thompson hits a first three of the game in the second quarter. he was 2 of 11 from distance and 3 of 11 third quarter, klay another thr three. he had two three-pointers on this one. down 18 at one point. cook to single digits and pitched in 16 off the bench and in the fourth, klay gets the lead to one. he had 25 points on the night but with 40 seconds left, mills second three, the dagger. the spurs go on to win 104-92.
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the warriors 5-26 on three-point range tonight. they have been off the past couple games and need to figure it out getting klay -- sorry, steph curry and draymond green back will bring more emotion to the court. >> and they bring their mojo with then. >> the team has to find it without them, as well. >> thank you. >> who says final is dead? we'll take you to one of th
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tonight at 11:00, an emotional plea to find a girl abducted. >> police speaking tonight to shine a light on the case that has never been solved. >> plus, tomorrow kicks off the worst thanksgiving travel week in more than a decade. we're pinpointing which days you want to avoid the roads and the airports. >> music lovers found their nirvanna today in one of the largest ever record fairs. >> we'll roll with that one. abc 7 news w at the rock and swap record fair at the university of san francisco campus. vendors from all over the country came to sell and swap lots of vinyl and other music related memorabilia. for many, it was a treasure hunt looking for old favorites and hard to find rarities. proceeds benefit kusv, the
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campus online radio station. >> speaking of vinyl, hold your hand up if you have a turntable at home. >> do you? >> i know, i thought i was the only one. >> it's the new thing. it's coming back. you're actually not alone. >> hip. >> a little bit of a stretch. >> 90s, okay? that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> what? [ laughter ]
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyles, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, solving social challenges with tech. >> we basically went out to the 22 million developers in the world and asked them to use ibm technology to help with the problems and the challenges of natural disaster. >> then a a college that's making an impact. >> college of adaptive arts is one of the best colleges i've been to, because they treated me like a normal student. >> plus, a dream kitchen in the making. >> american kitchen company is not just kitchens. structural, engineering, design. >> and a new approach to working out. >> so now everything is engaged. legs are straight. we're nice and tight. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪


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