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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:59pm PST

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you can, in portland. tonight a somber vigil for the victims of the camp fire. residents paying tribute while still promising to rise from the ashes. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. the effects of the camp fire are still also being felt here in the bay area, and we begin with that story. >> smoke from the fire still lingering in our air. the sky a bit clearer in the past few days than some areas, but in other communities, not so much. >> drew tuma has been tracking the air quality and when we'll see some relief. >> for another day we have bine dealing with unhealthy air across the region. let's take oo look at the
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current air quality exactly where you live. unhealthy air quality, and over san francisco just a minor improvement right now to poor air quality, but still across the region in the north bay that smoke is lingering with us in our atmosphere. from santa rosa to san rafael over to vallejo we have unhealthy air quality. what will bring a major change to our air quality, rain. showers and wind will get this smoke out of here. we're going to detail that rain hour by hour, and that is not the only chance of wet weather. some schls have already announced they'll be closed tomorrow due to the air. that includes contra costa community college, san francisco state and uc berkeley, and we have a complete list of closures on >> some schools who have school
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tomorrow are not happy with the decision. school officials issued response to the petition tonight saying conditions are improving and they still discourage students from spending lalot of time outside. >> along with the schools being closed so are many beloved bay area attractions. >> it's a surprise for many traveling to the bay area as the holiday approaches. amanda. >> reporter: diane, eric, today we spoke with plenty of people who had holiday activities and agendas planned. all of those interrupted by the poor air quality, and they say all of those activit affected. this thanksgiving week it's holiday decorations were a sight in the bay area. poor air qualit is putting a dent in traditional family outings as public health officials continue to suggest we stay cautious about exposure.
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>> we were planning to go ice skating but it's closed due to the smoke. >> we were planning ongoing to alcatraz, but obviously that's not going to happen because of the air quality. > reporter: he had a list of activities planned through thanksgiving. >> originally we wanted to bike and scooter around the city, want tad do all these out doorsy activities, but we realized it it was making it difficult because we saw a lot of people wearing masks. >> reporter: offering an out of towners perspective on poor air quality he suggests a proactive approach. >> masks is one way to protect ourselves but really to tackles involved to stop these fires from happening so something like this doesn't continuously happen. >> reporter: the thick layer of smoke over san francisco is worrisome for most but for others it's a welcome site. >> we're coming from chico and the weather is really bad down
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there and we decided to come to san francisco because it looks better. >> reporter: would you complain about this air quality? >> i would not. no definitely it's better than up there. >> reporter: and we should mention the national park to suspend operations at altr, woods and fort point along with the golden gate welcoming center and other atracks which will remain closed through monday. >> amanda, thank you very much. again you can find a complete list of school closures and event cancellations on our website. developing news now from butte county where the camp fire death toll is now up to 77. >> nearly 1,000 people remain unaccounted for. cal fire now reports the 150,000 acre fire is 60% contained. the number of homes and
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apartments destroyed now stands at more than 10,600. officials say firefighters made good progress throughout the day. meantime a vigil was held tonight in chico to remember the lives lost in the camp fire devastation. >> a steady stream of people, residents, visitors and local officials were there to pay their respects. >> reporter: the town of paradise put on tonight's vigil here at this church in chico to remember the lives lost but also to pray for those who are still unaccounted for. the amount of devastation has taken its toll. >> it's a big loss, and it's very difficult to put into words. >> reporter: dozens of people came to chico's first christian church to pray, weep and mourn. >> what i'd like to do right now is to stop and have a moment of silence. >> reporter: in the tight-knit communities of butte county it's
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hard to find someone who's not been impacted by the camp fire. >> i know so many people who have lost homes. >> reporter: many are opening up irthe their hearts. donations keep pouring in including outside chico's wal-mart where many displaced fire victims have camped out. she finally got some good news. we're going to a shelter now and she was nice enough to find two beds to take my two little dogs. >> reporter: the tent city has been thinning out over fears it'll get shutdown ahead of this week's rainstorm. >> this has always flooded. always has been as long as i can remember. it just floods, and we can't have the people here. >> reporter: the goal now is to place evacuees in indoor shelters, a work in progress as a community tries to rise from the ashes. >> the community and the area will carry on, and it will be
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very hard, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: and being here this past week i've learned that this community is resilient. throughout town i've seen signs posted that says paradise strong, butte county strong, a sign of what's to come. abc 7 news. >> so much resilience, carlos, thanks to you. there are reports wal-mart had issued reports to evacuees to leave the parking lot this afternoon. wal-mart says it never issued a deadline. senator kamala harris visited the wildfire zone today. she met with firefighters, local officials and evacuees. firefighters and first responders briefed her on the current fire fight and about ongoing concerns about the fire
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season. harris said congress has a responsibility to give victims the federal support they need. president trump had a bit of a slip-up yesterday when he visited california to see the destruction from the wildfires. listen to what happened when he referred to paradise by another name. >> you don't see what's going on until you come here, and what we saw at pleasure, what a name, right now but what we just saw, we just left pleasure -- >> paradise. >> well, paradise. >> the president's remarks came as he toured malibu which has been hit hard by the woolsey fire. a school bus driver is sharing his story of how he got 22 students and some teachers from a paradise elementry school to safety. the bus slowly made its journey from the school last thursday as the fire erupted. a man saw the bus and stopped to give the people onboard a bottle of water and that bottle was put to use. the driver took his cotton shirt and tore it up. >> we started with just kind of
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doing this and it was like let's get a bunch of them. we have a finite about of water and we were able to get the kids each a cover. >> it took more than five hours for the bus to get to safety. nobody was hurt and all the students were reunited with their parents. >> if you'd like to help fire victims we have a full list of resources listed on our website on you can also make a donation to the red cross by texas the word red cross to 90999. still ahead, a former cake decorator at a bay area safeway wants to tell you what she saw
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hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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a former cake decorator of a
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local safeway store as filed a lawsuit claiming its managers failed to address health and safety problems she reported about a coworker and than retaliated against her. >> she was provided pictures to the i-team dan noise. and the company is providing their very own pictures. >> that's right. one key issue, was a sick coworker leaving blood on the bakery work surfaces? it wasn't just icing. i'll show you two sets of pictures from the former employee and the company and a warning here some people may find the images disturbing. this 23-year-old woman worked in the alamo safeway bakery until the end of the august. she's since been moved out-of-state. she's asked we not show her face. why is that important to you? why not show your face or use your name? >> because i don't want people blaming me because i'm trying to do right now by letting everyone know what was happening and making sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: her lawsuit says during her 10 months at the bakery a sick coworker had
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severe health issues that required dialysis four times a week and he was frequently unsanitary in his work habits dispersing his saliva, mucus, hair and bodily fluids into the bakery. the cake decorator showed me photos of what she said was blood on the work surfaces. >> this is the mixer, the machine, that's his blood, fingerprints right next to our start and stop buttons we use to operate the machines. >> reporter: the spokesperson for safeway's parent company questioned the feteo saying they appeared to our bakery and safety experts to be stains left by decorator ingredients. the company provided these pictures what they say are smears of icing, and food coloring at two other bakeries. let's compare, the company's pictures on right, the company's pictures from the safeway on the
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right. she tells me she saw first-hand the sick coworker bleeding including listed in the lawsuit june 20th in which she became extremely ill and emitted a large volume of bodily fluids including saliva and blood in the bakery and said she recorded the sick coworker that day. >> i took a video of him dry heaving on the table. >> reporter: her lawsuit says she repeated her reports to managers that the sick co worker was ill while working and was dispersing bodily fluids in the bakery. these managers did nothing to c. >> from the beginning i was wearing layers of gloves because i didn't want his germs, i had a attorney.dn't want any of that >> managers do the wrong thing and it looks to me that's what happened here. >> reporter: the company's spokesperson decline today be interviewed but sent statements that read in part, the health and safety of our customers is of the utmost safety to us.
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we dispute the claim of unsanitary conditions in the bakery. but the cake decorator alleges in her complaint two managers told her if the sick coworker had been working the night before they wouldn't eat the doughnuts produced in the bakery. so they wouldn't eat the food because he was baking it because of his bleeding and his nauseous. >> yeah. >> reporter: the company counters safeway management has never expressed concern about the safety of products prepared in the alamo's store's bakery and standby its high quality. after that interview and more than a month after the sick coworker went out on medical leave, i contacted the contra costa county health. county health director maryland underwood told me she found no reports of anyone getting sick from baked goods purchased from the alamo safeway during the time the cake decorator worked at the store. but she said in general the health of food preparers is an issue. >> that's one of most important things about preventing a
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foodburn illness to make sure people that are sick would not beinteracting with food. >> reporter: the cake decorator describes her time at the alamo safeway as a nightmare and tells me she remained there only for her young family. >> i knew i needed this job and worked with the my schedule and i didn't know what else to do. had those hours for me to boo with my son. >> the company says they won't comment on that allegation. i'm posting the full statements from safeway at all right, lots of angles to this. >> all right, well let's eget to the weather situation because we cannot wait for that rain. >> let's find out when it's kpg. here's drew. >> we'll see improving air quality in the week ahead and that coincides with the rain finally returning to the region after more than a month and a half of absence. live doppler 7 along with satellite. dry skies overhead right now but
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still a lot of smoke in our atmosphere. this continues to be the major story in the bay area. a majority of the region dealing with unhealthy air quality at this hour. a lone exception right now, san francisco has dropped out of the unhealthy category and unhealthy for sensitive groups category. this air mass is sitting overhead for the next 24 hours. so similar story for your monday as well. tomorrow pretty much the same setup we have right now. most spots reporting unhealthy air quality. tuesday a little bit of improvement. but where you will really notice it big time is coming on wednesday. air quality improves to the moderate category, and that's because rain will turn the forecast and help to cleanse our atmosphere of the smoke. right now it is chilly ensome spots. 30s in santa rosa. fairfield, 34 right now. overnight tonight here's accuweather, still hazy smoky skies overhead.
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30s and 40s. so as you step out the door tomorrow morning a chill in our atmosphere. you'll want to have that sweater and heavier jacket first thing in the morning. tomorrow afternoon again unhealthy air quality across the region. upper 50s to mid-60s for our afternoon highs. here's the setup we have. live doppler 7 along with satellite, this ridge of high pressure, this has been the maine factor for why we have been dealing with this smoke for several days now. it acts like a lid in our atmosphere. this robust cold front that's going to move in here on wednesday, bring out that smoke, clear our air and bring back the rain. so the storm impact scale, we have not used this in about six weeks. we rank our storms from 1 to 5 year exclusively here on abc 7. moderate at times and going to kick up the winds but will improve our air quality big time. wednesday morning, early in the morning likely some light showers in the north bay. it's likely after the sun gets
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up here on monday we start with the showers. across much of the region here's those parts of yellow and orange indicating the heavier downpours. and into wednesday afternoon we'll likely be tracking that rain through wednesday evening as well. about a quarter to three quarters of an inch a good estimate right now for most cities wednesday evening. winds will pick up as well. 11:00 on wednesday look at these winds. the combination of the wind and the rain is going to really improve our air quality. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. still unhealthy air quality tomorrow. smoky skies continue tuesday and then wednesday rain returns, our air quality improves. showers continue even into thanksgiving, even into black friday for shoppers. and guys a chance friday and saturday for showers in the forecast. hang in there two more days and then good air quality returns. >> nobody complaining about the
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rain this time. >> even though the rain is not going to stop anybody on black friday. still ahead on abc 7 news ♪ ♪
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star wars fans will soon be able to pilot the millennium falcon and participate in space battles of their own. disney announced today some details about attractions in the star wars galaxy edge land coming to disney land and disney world in 2019. the millennium falcon smugglers run allows guests to take scroll of the spaceship. star wars rise of the resistance offers battles of the first order and the resistance. okay, we're moving to football now. actually, i do like star wars. i can't pilot the millennium falcon, i can barely drive my own car. >> do you know who daniel carl
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stn is? you're not alone. you can't blame them. he wasn't even on the team a
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♪ ♪
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ finally, celebration in the raiders locker room. oakland's losing streak ends at five games and the silver and black left arizona today with a win. and rookie who wasn't even on the team more than a month ago was responsible. no injury report on this photographer and we certainly hope he's okay.
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carr five yards and brandon rufell tied at 14 at the half. david johnson in the fourth more than doubled that on one play. that's 53 yards and 137 on the ground in this game. and that led to josh rosen connecting to larry fitzgerald for a five yard score. and raiders got the ball back after a two minute warning. carr he had two touch down passes and he's undercardinal territory so the rookie daniel carlson it's good. that's his third field goal of the second half. the raiders get their second win, 23-21 the final. golden state has now lost four of their last five and steve kerr said this is the hardest stretch for the team since he's been head coach and they'll have to find a way out of it. they'll have to do so without draymond green or mckinney all
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out. draymond came off the bench. jones, though, wanted no part of this dunk. look at rudy gay throwing it down. gaye had 19 points in this game. klei thompson misses three, and that led to an easy two for patty mills. look at that. the warriors were down 18 at one point. cook would get the team into the single digits and then with 40 seconds left it's mills with the big three. and the spurs would hold onto win 104-92 the final. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. and we'll have more ereaction from steve kerr coming up in the next half-hour. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. why a local farmers market still had more vendors than usual
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though trying to sell today. and an emotional plea to find a girl abducted in hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, thgh winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. the death toll in the camp fire is now at 77. cal fire reported tonight there's now 65% containment on the flames but more destroyed homes have been found pushing the total to more than 10,600. >> a vigil was held in chico
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tonight. dozens of people came to remember the lives lost and pray for those still unaccounted for. there are nearly a thousand people on that list. and in accuweather, keeping a very close eye on our air quality. a little change in the next 24 hours, but throughout the next couple of days we'll see some better air quality on the horizon. air quality tomorrow fluctuating to unhealthy across the majority of the region and poor. tuesday a little bit of improvement in the poor category, but still you're going to notice that smoke and haze as that spare the air alert is in effect through tuesday. ia notice the change come wednesday. rain moves into the picture it and that will help to clear a lot of the smoke out of the atmosphere. the storm impact scale, a level times and winds gusting. well, today's unhealthy air wasn't enough to keep farmers from selling produce at local
11:37 pm
farmers markets. the sunday before thanksgiving is considered to be one of the busiest days of the year for california farmers. many could take a big financial hit if they choose not to sell their crops this weekend. >> farmers specifically target growing a lot of crops this time of year, so there is a lot of product to move, a lot of perishable product to move, and we just wanted to make sure we could provide farmers that outlet if they choose to come out, you know, with the air quality as it is. >> bad air wasn't enough to keep shoppers away either. the market at fort mason drew a pretty large crowd. several universities have canceled classes tomorrow due to bad air and several parks and atrac attractions across the bay area are also closed. 30 years ago tomorrow she was kidnapped from the bay area neighborhood. >> the case captivated with more
11:38 pm
than 5,000 leads and none of them panned out. michaela is still missing. >> wherever you are, if you could please just send me a message letting moo know you're okay i would be forever grateful. >> reporter: for 30 years sharon has been searching for answers about what happened to her little girl, michaela garret who was last seen in her hayward neighborhood on november 19, 1988. the day she came missing, they went inside to get some streets but when they came outside her scooter wasn't where she left it. when she bent down to get it a man grabbed her, threw her in his car and drove off. there was only one witness to the kidnapping. >> michaela, she might be just as much as i am. >> reporter: katrina hope was with her at the store when she
11:39 pm
was kidnapped. she's suffered survivors guilt over the years but carries hope for her childhood best friend. >> she might be somewhere and we might be able to find her. >> i would like for this to reach michaela if she's still alive. >> michaela's mom says she does not believe in age progressions but she dud believe there's someone out there that knows what happened and she'd like to know too. >> every possible terrible thing that could have happened to a child is in my head as a possibility. so if i could find out what did happen to her, at least it would eliminate everything else. >> reporter: hayward police say this case has never gone cold and they are still following up on leads. kate larson, abc 7 news. in the east bay a 16-year-old girl was kille in a house fire that started just before 4:00 a.m. fire officials say the home was fully involved in hot gases trapped inside ignited forcing firefighters to retreat. another teenager and a man were able to escape the home but
11:40 pm
suffered burns as did a firefighter. that firefighter has been released from the hospital. events were held in the bay area today to mark 40 years since jim jones ordered more than 900 members of the peoples temple to ingest a cyanide laced drink. abc 7 news was in s francisco's philmore neighborhood where people gathered to honor the victims. there are plans to build a memorial in the neighborhood where his victims were from. the remains of over 100 unclaimed or unidentified victims rest. today a memorial wall was dedicated to the 305 children who died. right before the murder and mass suicide congressman leo ryan and four other memberser killed.thi congresswoman jackie spear. she was shot five times. >> at one point i was placed on top of an anthill and ants are
11:41 pm
crawling over my body, and i always say you don't sweat the small stuff when you're dying. >> congresswoman spear has a new book out. california highway patrol officer from contra costa county was able to meet the young woman whose life he saved 16 years ago. this is the emotional reunion before officer tom mcgwire and the young woman, christine mac intosh. in 2002 when she was an infant she was involved in a horrific crash. he found her badly injured and began cpr. >> i got you breathing again and obviously eventually the fir a goodthin that's >> mac mackintosh will soo soo o
11:42 pm
transfer. >> love those happy tears. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 tomorrow kicks off the worst tranhanksgiving travel we in more than a decade. abc new stories in a weekly digital stories. this week meet the grandma gamer and her biggest fan. >> i'm shirley curry, i'm 82 years old and i'm the gaming grandma. oh, go, go. >> i'm joseph green, i'm 26 years old and i'm surely's number one grandson. >> how did you become the grandma gamer? >> my son gave me a computer and game and i became addicted. >> talk about your friendship with joseph. >> he just would comment and talk to me on my channel. >> so joseph, you've and
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playing video games. >> yeah, can you believe it? even though there's an age difference we have lots of things in common and obviously video games. >> gaming is an open world and it should be open to everybody and everybody should accept everybody into it. your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?e it's time yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. ryes for less.en better when you find it for less -
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thanksgiving travel this week could be the busiest in 12 years. >> according to aaa more than 54 million americans will drive, fly or travel at least 50 miles and it will be slow on the roads as well. one of the worst drives in the country according to the survey. >> sfo expects wednesday and next sunday to be one of the busiest years at the airport. san jose says they could see nearly half a million travels this week. this past week was very special for me. i got to be part of the best buddies champions of the year gala.
11:47 pm
the organization is the largest non-profit of its kind to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities make friends and find empowerment. we raised just about $50,000 for the cause. a big congratulations to everyone involved because collectively we mazed $150,000 which will go right back to helping those in the bay area. our biggest thanks to everyone who made the night a success. >> and your friends are some of the coolest people ever. >> totally. they've come to the station a few times. your friends are pretty cool, too. >> well, he's pretty cool, too. drew tuma has a look at the forecast. >> we're talking about rain coming into the forecast. across the u.s. look at that, the west cst d rain. everywhere else you've got good weather. a lot of sunshine, maybe some flurries around the great lakes, but really it's the west coast that will see the most travel delays on wednesday.
11:48 pm
we'll rank that system on wednesday, too. showers heavy at times, winds gusting 20 to 40 miles an hour. so early wednesday morning, perhaps a few light showers in the north bay. but after the sun gets up here, i think most of us will start to see the wet weather. there's pops of yellow on your screen indicating the heavier showers embedded in that cold front. so that rain is really going to help to improve our air quality. still most of us in the unhealthy category. wednesday when most are going to feel relief from the smoke. smoky skies on tuesday and rain returns, guys, starting on wednesday. >> drew, thanks. >> this is not the warriors we've seen before. >> no, it's kind of a crazy time, right. and steve kerr has some interesting things to say because the warriors are struggling and he says this is the toughest time he can remember as golden state's
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steve kerr says the warriors have had a charmed existence in his four and a half years as head coach and they're now experiencing what he calls the real nba. he made his comments after tonight's loss to the spurs. it's the warriors fourth loss over their last five games. damian jones coming off the bench for a second straight game. that was two of his five points. great dunk, but he wanted no part of this dunk. look at rudy gay get out of the way. gay has 19 points in this game. klei thompson hit the first three of the game.d quarter he o of 11 last night and three of 11 tonight. third quarter, though, klei is going to miss this 3, and that would lead to an easy bucket. the former st. mary's star also has range.
11:53 pm
here he hits the three. the warriors trail by 18 at one point. he gets it to single digits. he has 16 in this one. then in the fourth klei gets the lead down to one. he had 25 points total. kevin durant was the high points scorer, but with 40 seconds left mills hit the dagger and the warriors lose their third straight, 104-92 the final. >> it's a long year. we're in a tough spell right now, but we'll take tomorrow off and come in, have a good practice on tuesday and game wednesday night. >> three tough games against three great teams. obviously with the timing of everything we make no excuses. we want to come in here and try to win every one, and we've been right there. >> well, derek carr and john gruden didn't seem to be on the same page today in arizona. and once again the raiders blew a lead. ck daniel carlson who made
11:54 pm
it all okay. we know football is a collision sport and that also includes photography. no idea if this person ended up on the injury reserve list. lis. that's carr to brandon and then in the fourth quarter carr with only a five yard pasds on third and six. so they go at it again. gruden admitted he was wrong on this one. cardinals had 46 yards of offense in the second and third quarters. johnson onne playn the ground. so that play led to josh rosen's five yard touch down pass. cardinals up 1. raiders got the ball back after the two minute warning. carr right here.
11:55 pm
so they're into arizona territory. then on third and ten, the quick toss to setherob rts r in a 30-yard game. sets up a five yard field goal attempt for rookie carlson. it was good. that was his third field goal and it gives the raiders win. >> there's disagreements but that's part of this business. we're going to have times where we clash a little bit and we're also very supportive of one another, and i'm very proud of him. he's been through a lot this year and i'm glad he's our quarterback. >> it's not the first time him and i have been that way. we're both very fiery. a lot of people don't see that in me, right, all the time but we're both very fiery, both very competitive. minor disgree on something. >> well, the raiders get the
11:56 pm
ravens next week. the first nfl star jackson still out with a hip injury. he threw for 150 and ran for 117. remember he's a former heisman winner. another rookie pitched in 150 yards on the ground as well. the ravens will 24-21 there. they're currently five and five. 12 laps to go passes the raining champion on the outside, and he will take the checkered flag. so lagano is the new monster series champion at 28. he becomes the youngest champion in nearly 15 years. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. >> i have no idea what i was doing at 28. >> oh, i thought you were just saying you don't remember because you don't want to talk about what you did at 28. >> i'm perfectly capable of talking about it when i remember
11:57 pm
it. that's it for the night, folks. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news thank you so much for joining us. make sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 4:30 bright and early. >> for the entire abc 7 news team thanks for joining us. have a great evening and have an even better morning and let's hope the smoke does blow away when drew says it will.
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