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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 19, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. i'm sure netflix is getting a workout in many homes. many universities, including contra costa community college district, san francisco state, and uc berkeley. a lot of schools are out simply because of the thanksgiving holiday. we have a complete list at we are updating that list as other schools decide whether to be open or closed today. it is 4:30. a check of weather and traffic. i'll start with mike. thank you very much, jessica. change the masks every eight hours if you can. two to three miles is the visibility. it gives you an idea how thick the smoke is. the winds are starting to blow a little bit offshore. the gains we made over the weekend, we're about to lose those. here's a look at the exploratorium, back at the
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embarcadero center. the lights on for the holidays. 30s and 40s this morning. low 60s at noon. upper 50s to mid-60s at 4:00. at 7:00, we'll be back in the low to mid-50s. widespread smoke all day. another spare the air day. let's get a check on the commute and see what else is lexis is watching. good morning, mike. looking at smoke too on all of our traffic cameras again today. a stackup in the were cash lanes, but that's about it. no metering lights. that should happen 5:20, or 5:25. we could see lighter volumes with people off for the thanksgiving week. tracy to dublin, in the yellow, 36 minutes. 15 minutes dublin to mission boulevard. 101 to cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. thank you, alexis. 1,000 people are still unaccounted for as the camp fire continues to burn in butte
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county. 77 people have died in the fire and the search continues for the 993 people unaccounted for. that number has been fluctuating as officials continue to track down the people who are missing. it has burned 150,000 acres, 65% contained. >> remembering the lives lost and those still unaccounted for in the camp fire. >> it's a big loss. it's very difficult to words. >> the community and the area will carry on. and it will be very hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> more than 10,000 homes were destroyed in a fire displacing thousands of people. we'll show you the effort to relocate evacuees who have been living in tents in the walmart parking lot at 5:00 this
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morning. the grim task of searching for fire victims. abc 7 news was in east palo alto as members of task force 3 loaded up their gear. it is made up of 45 team members. they are specially train respond to stkafedisasters like camp fire. te mission is straightforward. >> our primary purpose in going up there, we will assist with the effort to locate any individuals that are still missi missing. so essentially looking at 1,200 structures. >> one compared it to hurricane katrina. they will stand in butte county as long as needed. we will a full list of resources on you can make a $10 donation automatically by texting red cross to 90999. in the south bay, santa clara county investirking ntify.
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boaters made the discovery sunday afternoon. he was last seen leaving levi's stadium last month. his cell phone was tracked to a nearby parking lot and found his car abandoned. his disappearance is suspicious. in the east bay, investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that killed a 16-year-old. that fire started just before early yesterday morning on moraga way in orinda. the home was engulfed in flames when they arrived. they tried to rescue the people inside, but the fire was too intense and they had to get out. >> at approximately 10 feet in side, the fire converted to with what we call as flash. everything becomes combustible and was characterized by a dramatic change of conditions, including a significantnar a mae able to escape but suffered second-degree burns.
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a firefighter suffered burns to his shoulders and ears. topic of discussion in san mateo tonight. as part of the city council meeting, there will be a meeting on temporarily banning scooter businesses for three months in the city. according to the city council agenda, it's because of safety concerns. the city wants to do more studies. the meeting starts at 7:00 tonight at the san mateo city hall. thousands of central american migrants have arrived in tijuana, mexico, lead to go rising tensions. tijuana residents are calling this an invasion. my grants plan to cross the border and seek asylum in the u.s. but it could be a lengthy stay in tijuana with u.s. border inspectors processing about 100 claims a day. tijuana's mayor said the city isn't prepared to handle the
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number of people which could swell to 10,000. president trump is preparing to submit his answer on the russia investigation to special counsel robert muller. this comes as he defends his acting attorney general matthew whittaker. >> reporter: good morning. president trump says on his end he's ready for this russia investigation to wrap up. and should his new acting attorney general choose to limit the investigation in any way, the president says he's okay with that. special counsel robert muller has yet to reveal a timeline. but president trump says he has completed his written answers for muller. telling fox news, he wrote them himself. >> not my team. i'm preparing written answers. >> reporter: a sitdown with robert muller not likely. acting attorney general matthew whisker, he has the authority to limit the investigation. >> i would not get involved.
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>> reporter: adam schiff calls his appointment unconstitutional. >> ethically he should have nothing to do with the investigation. >> reporter: in response, president trump laughed at schiff on twitter calling his name an expletive and lashing out at retired admiral calling the president's attacks on the media the greatest threat to democracy. >> he's a navy s.e.a.l. >> it would have been nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner than that. >> reporter: he said he admires all presidents who, quote, unhold the dignity of the office. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. look at the calendar. this will be a 12th consecutive day with unhealthy air for just about all of us. one spot could slightly stay in the sensitive group. it would be poor.
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that is the south central bay, around the san mateo bridge, palo alto bridge. let's take a look. it will all change wednesday. dress fore temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in most of san francisco. when you get closer to the water, you will have low to mid-50s. excelsior 53. as we look west along the san mateo bridge, low visibility on the roads. mass transit, make sure you have a new mask. on the ferry, calm for now. when the rain comes in wednesday, it will start churning up the waters. south bay, 46 this morning. 64 by noon. hang out in the mid to upper 60s through 4:00. 55 at 8:00. all the cloud cover will be high cloudiness that will help dim the sunshine. today will be cooler than yesterday. 48 on the peninsula. 48 on the peninsula. mid-60s from 1:00 to 4:00.
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what else is going on with with the bay bridge, is it? >> reporter: a rollover crash on the san francisco side of the bay bridge. you can't see the actual crash. you can see the backup now at this point. it did take a little while to fill in. we are seeing that now. as far as i understand, vehicles are still able to get by. it is pretty slow right now. not sure about injuries. we don't have a lot of injuries other than it is a solo vehicle collision. we watched chp, along with the fire department, arrive. i would definitely not take fifth. take fremont or harrison. that way you can fully avoid that. that a little bit of backup is starting to form. mass transit, 20 bart trains in service. no delays. normal service no delays for
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capitol corridor. muni will not run cable cars. bus shuttles provided instead. next update in about 10 minutes. this morning, check your refrigerator. the recall under way this morning of a popular brand of ground turkey. tim cook has a warning for tech companies. what he says is coming whether what he says is coming whether they like it or
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and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
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healthy air is selenas. socal, not so much, l.a., santa barbara. a few spots of poor air quality around tahoe. look at this. san joaquin to 10:00 tomorrow morning. air quality warning. high clouds and temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. the coast, 61. let me show you what happens in tahoe. wednesday, snow showers. rain and snow thursday and more snow friday. health officials say there is no reason to skip thanksgiving dinner because of salmonella linked to jenny o turkey. a salmonella outbreak has killed
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a person and made 160 people sick. officials say whole birds are considered safe because of contamination very low. they said properly cooking your bird kills any salmonella that may be present. your voice, your vote. you're invited to watch francisco ballot counting to compare against results from voting equipment. the count is happening in the department's warehouse at pier 48 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the tally is open to the public to watch either in person or through a live stream. we have a link on one of the counties considered among the most conservative will be represented completely by democrats when the house reconvenes in january. sis narrows is a navy vet who
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used lottery jackpot to fund his campaign. orange county has not had at least one republican in the house since the great depression. the cleveland browns are denying reports they are considering condoleezza rice as their new head coach. the team wants to interview rice. rice is an avid football fan. but she dismissed the report. she posted on facebook that, quote, she's not ready to coach but would love to call a play or two if the team wanted. rice is a fellow institution. >> she could get stuff done. >> they don't have a very good record. >> well, they never have a very good record. >> there's nothing to lose then. >> head coach? that would be the first female head coach in the nfl. >> that would be amazing. >> she could do it.
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>> there's a collegiate female assistant coach. >> the browns already fired their head coach. they have already fired their offensive coordinator. bring her in. you know she gets things done. all right. must-see tv. the changes are finally coming. rain is finally on the way. rain is finally on the way. so the is the clean air. southbound 680. chances of rain wednesday. cooler and cleaner, the air will be, starting wednesday also. upper 50s along the coast into san francisco. richmond, san mateo, palo alto. everybody else 60 to 65 degrees this afternoon. so pretty comfortable. tonight we will be in the mid-30s, mid-40s until you get to san francisco in the upper 40s. the storm impact scale. yes, we pulled it out after 220 something days.
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it's back. it's a 2 fdndaweould have heavy gusty breezes. as we head tuesday night, your clock at 10:00. everything is looking okay. wednesday morning, 7:00 first round, light to moderate rain rolling in. another round during the evening hours. it just turns over to mainly showers if anything for thanksgiving. but the farther you head north, you can see lake port, ukiah, that's where some of the rain will be. by friday, it will slip down across us. the chances of rain will diminish. we have a 2 on wednesday. scattered thursday. a little bit more rain for friday. scattered showers saturday and sunday. alexis? i've never been so glad to see the storm impact scale, mike. thank you. a problem in san francisco. westbound 80, from the bay bridge onto fifth street, quite a backup. a rollover crash at harrison.
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that vehicle on its roof still, i believe. they are trying to get a tow truck to the scene. as far as i know the off-ramp wasn't fully blocked. earlier accident, fremont, or continue past. you don't want to sit in the back adjustment central valley, i think it is going to be lighter every day this week. 19 miles per hour on 205. and 15 miles per hour on 580. alexis, thank you. the days of tech giants getting a free rein could soon be over. >> apple ceo tim cook says regulations are likely coming. in today's "tech bites", is regulation coming to silicon valley? >> in an interview with hbo, apple ceo tim cook says regulation of big companies is now inevitable. he believes congress will pass some level of regulation because, as he puts its, the free market is not working when it comes to protecting user privacy. and you may want to change
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your instagram password. the company says a small number of people's passwords may have been exposed during a security bug. instagram said the problem has been fixed and they promise it won't happen >> running free movies. >> there's a catch. they come with free ads. there may eventually be exclusive screenings of new films. >> terminator 20, 30 years old? those are your tech bytes. brewing up a new way to help victims of the butte county wildfire. and some people get an early start on the holiday season by giving. the east bay feast where everyone was invited. this i
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i'm super excited to introduce my dad because he's my hero. when i was little, he was doing this really important work driving ambulances in iraq. now he's home. and he's still a hero because he tells the ambulances where to go when there's an emergency. i'm so proud of him. he's awesome. he's my dad! announcer: if your service-connected disability hinders your civilian career, vocrehab offers a variety of services to help prepare you for your next mission.
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welcome back. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. 13 spare the air alerts. 10 days we have exceeded healthy air as far as 2.5 microns particulate air. it gets into our lungs and causes irritation and sickness. we'll talk about the rain that's on the way in less than coming together to help of t camp fire. her and help a od cause. sierra nevada and several other companies will make a resilience
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and all profits will benefit a fire relief fund. a young lady involved in a serious traffic crash 16 years ago was finally able to say thank you so the chp officer who saved her. and this is the emotional reunion between officer tom mcguire and christine macintosh. she was involved in a horrific 2002 crash when she was an infa infant. he was first on the scene and found macintosh badly injured and then started cpr. >> i got you breathing again. and obviously eventually firefighters got there. and you're here today. so that's a good thing. >> amazing. she will be a biological sciences major. she said she wants to go into forensics and, get this, a career in law enforcement. members of an east bay church are keeping a holiday tradition of giving back to the
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community going strong. abc 7 news was in oakland where the taylor memorial united methodist church held a thanksgiving feast yesterday. community groups donated all the food. kitchen staff has been going nonstop getting turkey dinners ready. >> we give clothing and food out to the homeless. anybody. just somebody to come and have a home cooked meal. we have been cooking for two days. >> the church also handed out free bags of groceries. all right. check what i'm working on. the rainfall potential coming at us as we head towards thursda. and it looks like some areas, half an inch in the south bay, to an inch and a half in some other neighborhoods. that is pretty impressive rain. that's why it is a number 2. let's talk about your traveling. if you are traveling wednesday, look at that. from santa barbara northward, fresno, yosemite, rain and
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mountain snow. but if you can get out of california and you're not heading to washington oregon , pretty clear. whether you have to go through a hub in phoenix, denver, salt lake, looking good there. chicago, dallas, atlanta, it will be a little cold in some places but a lot dryer than what we're dealing with. so we have a little bit of rain for us. and then everybody else is good. so hopefully you can get on out of here. we'll talk more about that rain and how we will stop our consecutive air quality alerts at 13 tomorrow. here's alexis. thank you, mike. checking out our latest issues so far this morning. rollover crash at the bottom of the 5th street from westbound 580. we did talk to chp. we have quite the backup starting to form. two left lanes are open at the bottom of the ramp. excuse me, the two right lanes at the bottom of the ramp are blocked. use harrison, fremont or a later exit trying to get through that area. it hasn't had much of a ripple
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effect there. just a tiny bit of yellow getting into the city. not a huge backup across the bay bridge. southbound 101, santa rosa to petalu petaluma, 14 minutes. castro to the maze, 13 minutes. 280/680 to highway 85 in the green at 12 minutes. alexis, i know you're going to be excited about this as i am. "star wars" rides at disney. this is all part of the galaxy's he edge. this is the first time we are seing video from inside the ride. there's the millennium falcon smuggler's run. it allows you to pilot the space ship. and "star wars" rise of the resistance, a battle between the first order and the resistance. they are set to action first at disneyland and then at disney world. >> that's fun. >> it is. disney is the parent company of abc 7. you were at disneyland over the weekend. >> yes.
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i went down south to visit family. and i was able to go to disneyland. it was packed. it's the holidays. >> this time next year itl llbo >> i love "star wars". next at 5:00, the air quality continues to impact everything we do in the bay area. we have an update on closures from schools to several different attractions around the city as well. plus, a heart-stopping crash caught on camera. the teenage driver behind the wheel is tweeting an update after she went airborne into the wall. years after she's acquitted for murder, amanda knox getting married. and this was her proposal. them. we'll show you. we'll show you. >> okay.
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it's 5:00 a.m. you are looking at air quality conditions right now in the bay area. we saw some improvement over the weekend. most of us, we will still be breathing unhealthy air today. >> you can find the map on incident updates every five minutes. >> we are not out of the woods. we have a couple more days to go. you are he never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. mike, people still need to wear their masks? >> of course. unfortunately the gains we got over the weekend will be erased as another offshore wind will develop today and tomorrow. the red, unhealthy for all of us,


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